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Alabama, arizona, connecticut, delaware, district of columbia, florida, georgia, illinois, kentucky, louisiana, maine, maryland, massachusetts, mississippi, new hampshire, new jersey, new mexico, pennsylvania, rhode island, south carolina, tennessee, texas, vermont, virginia, and west virginia 217states and territories in which there are restrictive statutes - thefollowing states and territories have statutes restricting disclosuresby physicians. Arkansas, california, colorado, idaho, indiana, indianterritory, iowa, kansas, michigan, minnesota, missouri, montana, nebraska, nevada, new york, north carolina, north dakota, ohio, oklahoma, oregon, south dakota, utah, washington, wisconsin, andwyoming 218the rule in united states courts - in trials at common law in thecourts of the united states, the laws of the several states, exceptwhere the constitution, treaties, or statutes of the united statesotherwise require or provide, are regarded as rules of decision 219section 858 of the revised statutes of the united states prescribesrules with reference to competency notwithstanding color and interestof witnesses, and in actions by or against executors, administrators, or guardians, and then provides that “in all other respects the laws ofthe state in which the court is held shall be the rules of decision asto the competency of witnesses in the courts of the united states intrials at common law, and in equity and admiralty ” accordinglyit has been held by the supreme court of the united states that inan action in the circuit court of the united states for the southerndistrict of new york, on a policy of life insurance, the evidence of aphysician, inadmissible under section 834 of the new york code of civilprocedure, was properly excluded 220 but in criminal prosecutions inunited states courts, the privilege secured by state statutes does notavail 221the statutes as the effect of these statutes depends largely upon their language, the construction put upon the law in one state is chiefly serviceablein interpreting that of another state in those writingiculars where thetwo are similar statutory declarations of policy - a comparative view of the severallaws shows that in the following states and territory there aredeclarations of policy prefixed to the prohibition of disclosures, that show the reason of the enactment, namely. California, colorado, idaho, minnesota, montana, north dakota, oregon, south dakota, andutah 222 the declaration is to the effect that there are writingicularrelations in which it is the policy of the law to encourage confidenceand to preserve it inviolate, and that therefore the prohibition of thestatute is laid analysis of the statutes the common purpose of the statutes is to restrict the rule compellingdisclosures so as to protect communications with a physician in hisprofessional capacity. But the limit to which the protection isextended differs in the various states an analytic comparison of thestatutes tends to show how far the interpretation of one is useful inconstruing another i nature of the exclusion - in california, idaho, minnesota, montana, north dakota, oregon, south dakota, utah, and washington thestatutes apply only to testimony in civil actions 223 the otherstatutes make no distinction between civil and criminal proceedings the active words are of course different in the several statutes, butthey indicate a purpose to extend a privilege that the person entitledto it may insist upon maintaining, with the single exception of thelaw of north carolina, which provides that the presiding judge of asuperior court may compel a disclosure, if in his opinion the same isnecessary to a proper administration of justice essay of the statutes show clearly that it is the patient privilege, and suffer the patient or his representatives to waive it, eitherexpressly or by conduct which the law declares to amount to awaiver 224 others are silent on this subject in california, colorado, idaho, iowa, minnesota, montana, nebraska, nevada, new york, north dakota, ohio, oregon, south dakota, utah, washington, and wyoming, it is expressly provided that the patientconsent is necessary before a disclosure will be permitted in colorado, kansas, oklahoma, and oregon, if the patient offer himselfor a physician or surgeon as a witness, that is to be deemed a consent in nevada, in any suit or prosecution for malpractice, if the patientor writingy suing or prosecuting shall require or give consent, and anyphysician or surgeon shall give testimony, then the defendant may callany other physicians or surgeons as witnesses without the consent ofthe patient or writingy suing or prosecuting in ohio and wyoming, if the patient voluntarily testify the physicianmay be compelled to testify on the same subject ii the witness - in indiana, ohio, and wyoming the privilegedwitness is termed a physician. In the other states and territories, the privilege extends to a physician or surgeon in arkansas and indian territory the privilege is secured to a personauthorized to practise physic or surgery. In california, montana, and nevada, to a licensed physician or surgeon. In colorado, to aphysician or surgeon duly authorized to practise his professionunder the laws of the state. In michigan, new york, north carolina, and wisconsin, to a person duly authorized to practise physic orsurgery. In minnesota, oregon, and washington, to a regular physicianor surgeon. In iowa and nebraska, to a practising physician orsurgeon.

h c dodge, m d , steamboat springs, colo to the editor:-- in my professional life i have been flooded withthe usual number of insults to intelligence both by mail and by thesoftspoken detail man as a result, i have no doubt, of the activepropaganda for reform carried on by the journal, these insults havelost a certain quality of “rawness” and become much more cleverly done one of these has just been perpetrated on the profession which willprobably hold the championship pennant for 1916, although i admit thatit is early in the year to begin prophecy a very modestly bound, wellprinted volume comes to my desk with the compliments of the publishers at the end of the volume is a group of highly ethical advertisementsof other books of the author so far, so good the last four pages, however, contain the advertisement of a forthcoming book on the“autolysin” treatment of inoperable cancer perhaps we might forgivethis were it not for the following paragraph. “this book tells howthe general practitioner may take an active hand in fighting themalady the weapons he requires are an ordinary hypodermic syringe andessay ampules of autolysin the syringe he already possesses autolysinhe may secure, if he is a legally qualified practitioner, by writing, ”etc incidentally, the book is advertised to the intelligent layman isn’t it beautiful?. too bad the lamented f f f with his mock turtlesor those prominent eugenists of scopolamin-morphin fame could not takea lesson in advertising it was not very long ago that we were invitedto come east and learn how to use “autolysin, ” or else pay the ratherheavy fee for an imported tutor now all we need is a “gun” and essay ofthe “dope ” all this is interesting in view of the recent article onthe failure of “autolysin” in mouse tumor it is a foregone conclusionthat a lot of “autolysin” will be used, so cancer patients, who havebeen told that they have cancer, will get better through suggestion, and a lot of enthusiastic reports will pour in from medical brethrenwho have never studied psychology then the thing will slump and weshall all be ready for the next fad nevertheless, each one of these things furnishes us with a text foranother sermon on ethics of medical advertising, so i suppose they donot live in vain j w force, m d , berkeley, calif assistant professor of epidemiology, university of california comment -- with each of the foregoing communications is a circularletter from the goodhue company, advertising dr henry smith williams’book on “the autolysin treatment of cancer ” with this circular is abooklet entitled “notes on the treatment of inoperable cancer withthe new remedy autolysin horowitz-beebe issued by the autolysinlaboratory ” similar circular letters and pamphlets have been sent tothe journal from various writings of the country the goodhue company, publishers, therefore are apparently killing two birds with onestone-- advertising the book as well as “autolysin ”the journal has been informed that henry smith williams in essay of hismagazine articles uses the pen name “stoddard goodhue, ” and that henrysmith williams is a writing owner of the goodhue publishing company articles on “autolysin” will be found in the journal, nov 6, 1915, pp 1641, 1647 and 1662 the article on “action of ‘autolysin’ on mousetumors, ” by dr francis carter wood, appeared in the journal, jan 8, 1916, p 94 -- ed -- correspondence in the journal a m a , jan 29, 1916 “basic cancer research” and “cosmopolitan cancer research society”medical journals, and essay other technical publications, havereceived recently what purport to be items of news value sent out bythe “medical news bureau, ” 77 seventh ave , brooklyn, new york the“manager” of this alleged bureau is given as d e woolley these “newsitems” are undated but are marked. “ for immediate release” one ofthese starts with the statement, attributed to mme curie, that cancercan be cured by radium and then continues. “cancer can be cured by the use of selenium and tellurium, more plentiful and less costly elements, ” says f w humphreys of brooklyn, an american born student of chemistry and science who has devoted years to the study of the cause of cancer and the discovery of methods for relief “for the purpose of further developing methods of control and treatment of disease by the use of selenium and tellurium discovered by a number of local scientists, chemists and physicians, the basic cancer research has been organized and an efficient laboratory established at 847 union street, brooklyn ” “through the education of the people and special instruction to physicians it is hoped it may soon be possible to gain control of and eradicate the disease which now appears so great a menace mr f w humphrey, one of the organizers of the new institution, estimates that within ten years, or perhaps less time, cancer will no longer be considered a fatal disease ”evidently the joker here is the “basic cancer research” of 847 unionstreet, brooklyn!. Newspapers are approached from a different angle they receive freepublicity matter on stationery reading “cosmopolitan cancer researchsociety” d e woolley, secretary, 847 union st , brooklyn, n y with this matter is a letter from woolley addressed to the editor ofthe paper to which the stuff is sent and asking. “in the interest of suffering humanity will you please give space to the enclosed?. “no object of greater importance has ever been presented for your helpful consideration thousands are dying whom you can help save ”according to the “news item” that accompanies this letter the“cosmopolitan cancer research society” has been founded for the purposeof “investigating and developing methods” by which cancer “may besuccessfully combated and eventually eradicated ” it states furtherthat the “society” will “disseminate information concerning symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and methods of prevention” of cancer furthermore, the membership of the society “includes physicians, scientists andchemists of prominence, laymen of means, and the sympatheticallyinclined from all walks of life ” nor is this all!. “doctor frederick klein the eminent authority on urinology and the chemistry of cancer, has evolved a new colorimetric test which is a most wonderful and valuable discovery in the diagnosis of cancer and various other diseases this test will be writingicularly valuable in all life extension work because it determines, even in children the possibility of predisposition toward any writingicular disease, whether tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes or any of the diseases which in later life may become fatal it determines also the vitality of the subject enabling the physician to accurately determine the condition of any of the vital organs ”we learn in closing that memberships in the “society” are “graduatedfrom $1 00 upwards according to the ability and disposition of thosewho may be interested ”located at 77 seventh avenue, from which the press agent material ofthe “medical news bureau” is sent, is the “basic chemical corporationof america ” according to such information as we have been able toget, the president of this concern is f w humphreys, the “student ofchemistry and science who has devoted years to the study of the causeof cancer and the discovery of methods of relief ” we are informed thatmr humphreys was for a while in the employ of a “chemical company” ofphiladelphia, and has been in the photographic line down in virginiaand later was connected with a real estate concern in brooklyn anotherofficer of the basic chemical corporation is said to have been in thegrocery line in a small village in missouri, selling out and latercoming to brooklyn and entering the insurance business still anotherofficer, it seems, was in the fish business in addition to these threeofficers, there are two directors, one of whom is in the fancy groceryline, and the other is a local practicing physician whose name we findin the propaganda dewritingment testimonial file under sanmetto andarsenauro the dr frederick klein, who is described as the “eminent authority onurinology and the chemistry of cancer, ” is not a physician but claimsa ph d from munich, bavaria klein claims to have developed certainurinary tests one of these, according to him, “indicates the bodyvitality with great accuracy, ” another proves the presence of cancer, a third is the “syphilis test” and a fourth is the “pregnancy test ”and these are not all!. Those who read the reports of the council on pharmacy and chemistry mayremember that frederick klein is the gentleman who made “sulfo-selene, ”which the council, in refusing it recognition, described as a “mixturecontaining a selenium compound of undetermined composition producedby reduction of nitro-selenous acid with sulphurous acid, mixed withbile salts and diluents ” sulfo-selene was widely exploited in thenewspapers in 1916 as a remedy for cancer, and klein got a good deal ofpublicity at that time just what product the basic chemical corporation of america isputting, or is about to put, on the market we do not know from therather vague talk about selenium and frederick klein marvelousdiagnostic discoveries, it might be inferred that “sulfo-selene” wasto be resurrected be that as it may, it seems fairly obvious that thematerial being sent out by d e woolley-- whether as “manager” of the“medical news bureau” or as “secretary” of the “cosmopolitan cancerresearch society”-- is advertising matter in the guise of news in this connection it is worth noting that the american newspaperpublishers’ association, in a special bulletin issued in 1909, published a very complete list of press agents and the interests theseagents represented this list contains the name d e woolley, who thenwas sending out press notices for the national association of pianodealers of america is this the gentleman who is now acting as pressagent for the basic chemical corporation of america?. if it is, it maybe that the slump in the piano trade has caused mr woolley to turnfrom musical instruments to cancer cures -- from the journal a m a , sept 3, 1921 seleni-basccain the issue of september 3 the journal called attention to a campaignof free publicity that was being instituted by a brooklyn concern that, apparently, had for sale an alleged remedy for cancer the press agentmaterial was of two kinds-- for medical journals and for newspapers that which went to the medical journals was sent out on the stationeryof the “medical news bureau, ” 77 seventh ave , brooklyn the “manager”of the bureau was given as d e woolley the items sent out to medicaljournals stated that the “basic cancer research” had been organized todevelop a treatment of cancer by the use of selenium and tellurium the material received by newspapers was sent out by the “cosmopolitancancer research society, ” 847 union st , brooklyn the same addressas the “basic cancer research” the “secretary” of the “cosmopolitancancer research” was d e woolley!. The name of one “dr frederick klein” loomed large in the matter sentout by the “cosmopolitan cancer research society ” klein, we were told, is “the eminent authority on urinology and the chemistry of cancer ”the journal called attention to the fact that frederick klein namewas not unknown in the propaganda files, as he was the gentleman whomanufactured “sulfo-selene, ” a product that was widely heralded in thenewspapers in 1916 as a remedy for cancer it was also brought outthat klein, who is not a physician, claims to have evolved certainremarkable urinary diagnostic tests whereby the presence of cancer, syphilis, etc , may be determined more than a month after the publication of the journal article, a letter was received october 8 from frederick klein to quoteliterally from writing of the letter.

Guinea-pig 1 died about three hours after injection, and guinea-pig 2 about two hours after the injection autopsy. Both guinea-pigs showed marked congestion and a moderate degree of exudate in the peritoneum experiment 17 -- toxic and virulent action of eucalyptus -- three normal guinea-pigs were selected for the experiment, as in experiment 16 the injection was made in the pleural cavity guinea-pig 1 was injected with 0 5 c c and guinea-pig 2 with 1 c c of eucalyptus oil result. Guinea-pig 1 died the following day, and guinea-pig 2 one hour after the injection experiment 18 -- toxic and irritant action of dichloramin-t, 0 5 per cent in chlorcozane -- one guinea-pig was used for each experiment guinea-pig 1 was injected with 0 5 c c and guinea-pig 2 with 1 c c of dichloramin-t peritoneally result. Both animals became restless immediately after the injection, and died twelve hours after of acute hemorrhagic peritonitis experiment 19 -- effect of chlorlyptus on staphylococcus suspended in salt solution and one of that solution injected into the peritoneum of the guinea-pig -- three guinea-pigs were used for the experiment guinea-pig 1 was injected with 0 5 c c of staphylococcus suspension as control guinea-pig 2 was given the same, and immediately after received 1 c c of chlorlyptus guinea-pig 3 was injected with the same amount, and chlorlyptus was injected twenty-four hours after injection results. Guinea-pig 1 was sick and weak with loss of appetite for essay days, but gradually recovered guinea-pig 2 died over night autopsy. There was a large amount of exudate in the peritoneal cavity, irritation of the intestine, and other signs of acute inflammation a moderate degree of congestion. Spleen not enlarged. Liver showed cloudy swelling and fibrinous exudate. Lungs and heart about normal except for a moderate degree of congestion but no exudate guinea-pig 3 was sick for essay days, but recovered gradually one week after experiment 20 -- effect of chlorlyptus in vivo on staphylococcus -- the experiment was conducted in the same way as in experiment 17, but 2 c c were used instead of 1 c c result. Guinea-pig 1 was injected with 2 c c staphylococcus suspension and died over night autopsy showed that the animal died of acute peritonitis the peritoneum showed essay fibrinous exudate and mesenteric vessels guinea-pig 2 was injected with 2 c c of staphylococcus, and eighteen hours after was injected with 1 c c of chlorlyptus the animal died two weeks after injection guinea-pig 3 was injected with 2 c c staphylococcus suspension, and twenty-four hours after with 1 c c of chlorlyptus the guinea-pig died ten days after autopsy revealed bronchopneumonia of the left lung and acute miliary abscess in the liver -- from the journal a m a , nov 27, 1920, with additions aquazone oxygen water report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryaquazone is stated by the aquazone laboratories, inc , los angeles, california, to be a supersaturated solution of oxygen in water, carrying approximately five and one-half times as much dissolved oxygenas ordinary water in an advertising booklet, it is suggested thataquazone is of value in the treatment of influenza, pneumonia, typhoid, bright disease and kindred disorders it was also stated thereinthat in the treatment of fevers it lowers the temperature, and thatthe administration of three bottles of aquazone representing 0 033gm -- 1-1/2 grain-- of oxygen is of value for “preventive and tonicpurposes ”the evidence which the aquazone laboratories submitted did not showthat the effects were other than those which might be obtained from theadministration of ordinary potable water the council declared aquazoneinadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies, because the therapeuticclaims made for it were unwarranted, and because its use is irrationalfor the reason that oxygen given by stomach in this way is of littleor no value -- abstracted from reports of council on pharmacy andchemistry, 1920, p 50 coagulen-ciba omitted from n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following reportannouncing the deletion of coagulen-ciba from new and nonofficialremedies w a puckner, secretary coagulen-ciba, a product of the society of chemical industry, basle, switzerland, was admitted to new and nonofficial remedies in 1915 it is stated to be an extract prepared from blood platelets and tocontain thromboplastic substances cytozym, thrombokinase, thrombozymmixed with lactose extensive clinical reports appeared to justify itsacceptance for new and nonofficial remedies with fibrin ferments andthromboplastic substances in 1918, dr arthur d hirschfelder reported to the council that ofa number of specimens of coagulen-ciba examined by him, failed toaccelerate the coagulation time of blood in view of dr hirschfelder findings, the therapeutic researchcommittee of the council invited dr p j hanzlik to undertake anexhaustive investigation of thromboplastic substances, the council, in the meantime temporarily retaining coagulen in new and nonofficialremedies until the investigation was completed the following report on the eligibility of coagulen-ciba was made tothe council by dr hanzlik. Object. To test the claims of thromboplastic and hemostatic activities claims.

But we speak not here ofthe writingicular properties of medicines, but of their joined properties, as they national honors society essay heat and moisten others, they question how they can be distinguished from such asmollify, seeing such as are loosening, and such as are emolient, areboth of them hot and moist to that, thus. Stretching and loosening are ascribed to the moveablewritings of the body, as to the muscles and their tendons, to theligaments and membranæ. But softness and hardness to such writingsof the body as may be felt with the hand. I shall make clear by asimilitude, wax is softened, being hard, but fiddle-strings areloosened being stretched and if you say that the difference lying onlyin the writings of the body is no true difference, then take notice, thatsuch medicines which loosen, are less hot, and more moistening, thansuch as soften, for they operate most by heat, these by moisture the truth is, i am of opinion the difference is not much, nay, scarcesensible, between emolient and loosening medicines. Only i quoted thisin a chapter by itself, not so much because essay authors do, as becauseit conduceth to the increase of knowledge in physic, for want of which, this poor nation is almost spoiled the chief use of loosening medicines is in convulsions and cramps, andsuch like infirmities which cause distention or stretching they are known by the very same marks and tokens that emolientmedicines are chapter iv of drawing medicines the opinion of physicians is, concerning these, as it is concerningother medicines, viz essay draw by a manifest quality, essay by ahidden, and so quoth they they draw to themselves both humours andthorns, or splinters that are gotten into the flesh. However this iscertain, they are all of them hot, and of thin writings. Hot because thenature of heat is to draw off thin writings that so they may penetrate tothe humours that are to to be drawn out their use is various, viz use 1 that the bowels may be disburdened of corrupt humours 2 outwardly used, by them the offending humour i should have said thepeccant humour, had i written only to scholars, is called from theinternal writings of the body to the superfices 3 by them the crisis of a disease is much helped forward 4 they are exceedingly profitable to draw forth poison out of the body 5 writings of the body over cooled are cured by these medicines, viz by applying them outwardly to the place, not only because they heat, but also because they draw the spirits by which life and heat arecherished, to the writing of the body which is destitute of them. Youcannot but know that thesis times writings of the body fall away in flesh, and their strength decays, as in essay persons arms or legs, or thelike, the usual reason is, because the vital spirit decays in thosewritings, to which use such plaisters or ointments as are attractive which is the physical term for drawing medicines for they do not onlycherish the writings by their own proper heat, but draw the vital andnatural spirits thither, whereby they are both quickened and nourished they are known almost by the same tokens that attenuating medicinesare, seeing heat.

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Of six drams of euphorbium, oil of wall-flowers, and sweet wine, of each five ounces, boiling it in a double vessel tillthe wine be consumed oil of ants. Of winged ants infused in four times their weight ofsweet oil, set in the sun in a glass forty days, and then strain it out oil, or balsam of st john wort simple, is made of the oil of seedsbeaten and pressed, and the flowers being added, and rightly set in thesun oil of jesmine, is made of the flowers of jesmine, put in clear oil, and set in the sun and afterwards pressed out oil of orris, made of the roots of orris florentine one pound, purple orris flowers half a pound. Boil them in a double vessel in asufficient quantity of decoction of orris florentine, and six pounds ofsweet oil, putting fresh roots and flowers again and again. The formerbeing cast away as in oil of roses oil of earthworms, is made of half a pound of earthworms washed inwhite wine, ripe oil two pounds, boiled in a double vessel with eightounces of good white wine till the wine be consumed oil of marjoram, is made with four ounces of the herb a littlebruised, white wine six ounces, ripe oil a pound, mixed together, letthem be set in the sun repeated three times. At last boiled to theconsumption of the wine oil of mastich, is made of oil of roses omphacine one pound, mastichthree ounces, wine four ounces. Boil them in a double vessel to theconsumption of the wine oil of melilot is made with the tops of the herb like oil of chamomel oil of mints is made of the herb and oil omphacine, as oil of roses oil of mirtles, is made of mirtle berries bruised and sprinkled withsharp wine one writing, oil omphacine three writings. Set it in the suntwenty-four days, and in the interim thrice renewed, boiled, and theberries pressed out oil of daffodils is made as oil of roses nard oil is made of three ounces of spikenard, sweet oil one pound andan half, sweet white wine and clear water, of each two ounces and anhalf, boiled to the consumption of the moisture oil of water-lilies, is made of fresh white water-lily flowers, onewriting, oil omphacine three writings, repeating the flowers as in oil ofroses oil of tobacco is made of the juice of tobacco, and common oil, of eachequal writings boiled in a bath oil of poppies, is made of the flowers, heads, and leaves of gardenpoppies, and oil omphacine, as oil of dill oil of poplars, is made of the buds of the poplar tree three writings, rich white wine four writings, sweet oil seven writings. First let the budsbe bruised, then infused in the wine and oil seven days, then boiled, then pressed out oil of rue, is made of the herb bruised, and ripe oil, like oil ofroses oil of savin is made in the same manner so also is oil of elder flowers made oil of scorpions, is made of thirty live scorpions, caught when the sunis in the lion. Oil of bitter almonds two pounds, let them be set inthe sun, and after forty days strained oleum cicyonium, is made of wild cucumber roots, and their juice, of each equal writings. With twice as much ripe oil, boil it to theconsumption of the juice oil of nightshade, is made of the berries of nightshade ripe, and onewriting boiled in ripe oil, or oil of roses three writings oil of styrax, is made of styrax and sweet white wine, of each onewriting, ripe oil four writings gently boiled till the wine be consumed oil of violets, is made of oil omphacine, and violet flowers, as oil ofroses oil of vervain, is made of the herb and oil, as oil of mints culpeper that most of these oils, if not all of them, are used onlyexternally, is certain. And as certain that they retain the virtues ofthe simples whereof they are made, therefore the ingenious might helpthemselves compound oils by infusion and decoction oleum benedictum or blessed oil college take of the roots of carduus and valerian, of each oneounce, the flowers of st john wort two ounces, wheat one ounceand an half, old oil four ounces, cypress turpentine eight ounces, frankincense in powder two ounces, infuse the roots and flowers, beingbruised, in so much white wine as is sufficient to cover them, aftertwo days’ infusion put in the oil with the wheat, bruised, boil themtogether till the wine be consumed. Then press it out, and add thefrankincense and turpentine, then boil them a little, and keep it culpeper it is appropriated to cleanse and consolidate wounds, especially in the head oleum de capparibus or, oil of capers college take of the bark of caper roots an ounce, bark of tamarisk, the leaves of the same, the seeds of agnus castus, cetrach, orspleenwort, cypress roots, of each two drams, rue one dram, oil ofripe olives one pound, white wine vinegar, and white wine, of each twoounces, cut them and steep them, and boil them two days being elapsedgently in a bath, then the wine and vinegar being consumed, strain it, and keep it culpeper the oil is opening, and heating, absolutely appropriatedto the spleen, hardness and pains thereof, and diseases coming ofstoppings there, as hypocondriac melancholy, the rickets, &c oil of castoreum compound college take of castoreum, styrax calamitis, galbanum, euphorbium, opopanax, cassia lignea, saffron, carpobalsamum or cubebs, spikenard, costus, of each two drams, cypress, squinanth, pepper long and black, savin, pellitory of spain, of each two drams and an half, ripe oilfour pounds, spanish wine two pounds, the five first excepted, let therest be prepared as they ought to be, and gently boiled in the oil andwine, until the wine be consumed, mean time the galbanum, opopanax, andeuphorbium beaten in fine powder, being dissolved in writing of the wine, and strained, let them be exquisitely mixed with it while the oil iswarm by often stirring.