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The leaves or berries hereofare effectual to expel poison of all multistate essay exam sorts, especially that of theaconites. As also, the plague, and other pestilential disorders;matthiolus saith, that essay that have lain long in a lingeringsickness, and others that by witchcraft as it was thought were becomehalf foolish, by taking a dram of the seeds or berries hereof inpowder every day for 20 days together, were restored to their formerhealth the roots in powder taken in wine eases the pains of the cholicspeedily the leaves are very effectual as well for green wounds, as tocleanse and heal up filthy old sores and ulcers. And is very powerfulto discuss all tumours and swellings in the privy writings, the groin, orin any writing of the body, and speedily to allay all inflammations thejuice of the leaves applied to felons, or those nails of the hands ortoes that have imposthumes or sores gathered together at the roots ofthem, heals them in a short space the herb is not to be described forthe premises, but is fit to be nourished in every good woman garden hyssop hyssop is so well known to be an inhabitant in every garden, that itwill save me labour in writing a description thereof the virtues areas follow government and virtues the herb is jupiter, and the sign cancer it strengthens all the writings of the body under cancer and jupiter;which what they may be, is found amply described in my astrologicaljudgment of diseases dioscorides saith, that hyssop boiled withrue and honey, and drank, helps those that are troubled with coughs, shortness of breath, wheezing and rheumatic distillation upon thelungs. Taken also with oxymel, it purges gross humours by stool. Andwith honey, kills worms in the belly. And with fresh and new figsbruised, helps to loosen the belly, and more forcibly if the root offlower-de-luce and cresses be added thereto it amends and cherishesthe native colour of the body, spoiled by the yellow jaundice. Andbeing taken with figs and nitre, helps the dropsy and spleen.

Organic, inorganic, simple andcomplex multistate essay exam. Internal, external and by injection, and yet there seems to beno end to the ingenious schemes for its exploitation one of these schemes, and one so simple that it seems at first sightto be hardly worth serious consideration, is that of a solution ofiodin in liquid petrolatum solutions of this kind have frequently beenoffered to physicians and the laity the thing of writingicular interestis the claim made as to the percentage of free iodin five per cent is frequently claimed examination of essay of these products in thechemical laboratory of the a m a 216 revealed the fact that theydid not contain the claimed amount of free iodin these questions atonce arose. Was the low free iodin content due to intentional fraud, the result of carelessness, or of ignorance?. was it impossible toprepare a solution containing 5 per cent , or did the iodin slowlycombine with the oil and disappear?. 216 reports a m a chemical laboratory, 1915, p 106.

It is given not so much for whatit says, as for how it says it it is copied verbatim et literatim. “your letter received, and we have mailed you as per your letter 1 doz of capell ‘uroluetic’ tests in close find statement and instructions, for same “the ‘uroluetic’ test is meeting a far greater approval from the medical profession than we had expected, while we do not claime that it is perfect, yet we have only received one unfavorable report, and we daily feel incuraged in its efficacy “you know doctor that there are two dangerous elements in this world, one is the extreme pessimist and the other is the extreme optimist the immoral lincoln said, ‘that there was nothing that was wholly good or wholly evil, ’ and we presume that this is equally true of the ‘uroluetic’ test but we want the truth no matter what it is ”“capell uroluetic test” would be “important if true ” unfortunately, its scientific value to the sufferer is negligible compared with itseconomic value to the exploiter it is not so much a test for luesin the patient as of credulity in the doctor -- from the journala m a , aug 23, 1919 another urinary test for syphilis to the editor:-- will you kindly inform me whether the test in the enclosed “literature” is what it is represented to be?. charles m thomas, m d , sunbury, pa answer -- the “literature” referred to by dr thomas dealt with the“uri-na test” sold by the standard appliance company of philadelphia there seems to be a strong family resemblance between this alleged testand that known as “capell uroluetic test, ” which was discussed inthe propaganda dewritingment of the journal, aug 23, 1919 of that thejournal said. “unfortunately, its scientific value to the sufferer isnegligible compared with its economic value to the exploiter it is notso much a test for lues in the patient as of credulity in the doctor ”the same may be said of the “uri-na test ” the facts are, there is nomethod at present known by which the absence or presence of syphilismay be determined by a simple color test of the urine -- query in thejournal a m a , nov 22, 1919 chemotherapy and tumorsn richard weil, m d , new yorkn from the cancer research service of the general memorial hospital, new york n this critical discussion of the status of chemotherapy in tumorswas prepared at the request of the council on pharmacy and chemistry ofthe american medical association within the last three years a number of reports have appeared in themedical press which bear on the treatment of malignant growths inhuman beings by chemical preparations the most persuasive and themost insistent claims have been made in connection with the colloidalsolutions of certain metalloids and metals, notably selenium, vanadiumand copper at the same time a number of drug houses, both in thiscountry and abroad, have placed on the market proprietary preparationsof these substances in various forms, for which the claim is made thatthey produce striking therapeutic effects and essaytimes even cures inmalignant neoplasms the impulse toward the use and production of this type of preparationis directly traceable to a series of scientific experiments on thetumors of animals, which date back no farther than the year 1911 inthat year wassermann and his co-workers267 published a report onthe treatment of rat tumors by means of the intravenous injection ofselenium compounds this paper received wide notoriety through itsenthusiastic diffusion by the lay press shortly afterward neuberg andhis co-workers268 published their observations upon the therapeuticeffects of certain metallic compounds the clinical application of theencouraging results obtained by these authors in animal tumors followedrapidly, and up to the present time a number of papers have appearedin which the claim is made that human tumors also may be favorablyinfluenced through the constitutional use of substances similar tothose used by wassermann or neuberg in essay paper, use has been madeof colloidal solutions of the heavy metals, such as copper. In others, selenium compounds have been used, while in a third set of observationsthe therapeutic agent represents an attempt to combine the virtues ofthese two types of therapy by employing selenium in colloidal form asan example of the first class, may be cited the cuprase of gaube dugers;269 of the second, the seleniovanadic ointment of roemer and thesulpho-selene of walker. Of the third, seleniol and electro-selenium 267 wassermann, keysser and wassermann. Deutsch med wchnschr 37:2389, 1911 wassermann and hansemann. Berl klin wchnschr 49:4, 1912 268 neuberg and caspari. Deutsch med wchnschr 38:375, 1912 neuberg, caspari and löhe. Berl klin wchnschr 49:1405, 1912 269 gers, gaube du. La cuprase et le cancer, paris, 1913 inasmuch as this new type of cancer therapy derives its origin, its justification and its support, in very large measure, from thelaboratory results obtained in animals, it is a matter of considerableimportance to examine those results with care, in order to determinewhether they furnish a satisfactory basis for human therapy, andwhether they justify the hopes to which they have given rise it is safe to assert that the application of chemotherapy to thetreatment of tumors practically dates from the publications ofwassermann he stated the principle that a rational therapy of tumorsmust be based on constitutional treatment it appears evident thatlocal treatment can have only local effects the lymphatic extensionsof tumorous growths, and the often unsuspected metastases in distantorgans must of necessity escape the effects of purely local treatment hence, wassermann reached the conclusion that all treatment of cancerwhich was to be effective, and not merely palliative, must be carriedto all writings of the body by means of the blood stream he thereforeintroduced the use of intravenous injections in the experimentaltherapy of rat and mouse tumors an accidental observation led himto believe that selenium was a substance possessing a high degree ofaffinity for tumor cells in order to insure the penetration of the tumor in the live animal bythis substance, however, he considered it essential to combine it withessay other highly diffusible substance this type of substance, whichwas to act as a carrier of the selenium, he described under the name“cytotrochin, ” from the greek word τροχιά {trochia}, meaning road forthis purpose he selected eosin the eosin and the selenium were thencombined by a method and in a form the details of which have neverbeen published all that we know of this preparation is contained inthe statement that it is very difficult to produce, and that it isextremely unstable and difficult to keep mice can be given amounts offrom 2 to 3 mg of this substance in solution wassermann experimentedwith mice inoculated with transplanted tumors of the types of carcinomaand sarcoma after from three to five intravenous injections of thedrug, he noted that the tumors become softer and fluctuate after stillfurther injections the fluid mass undergoes absorption, and the tumorgives the impression of an empty sac if it is possible to carry theinjections up to the number of ten or twelve, recovery ensues in suchcured animals there remain only the unabsorbed portions of the fibrouscapsule recurrences were not observed in the cured animals wassermannfurther stated that two spontaneous tumors in mice which had beentreated by this method presented favorable results wassermann original presentation gave few experimental details, andhas not been followed by the promised scientific report from hisarticle it is impossible to determine what proportion of his animalswere cured and what proportion failed to survive the treatment from alater paper by keysser270 we learn that by far the larger portion ofthe animals perished during the treatment in the stage of softening, so that a cure was accomplished in from only 3 to 5 per cent of theanimals this is a point of great importance, inasmuch as it furnishesan indication of the highly dangerous character of this mode oftreatment fatal results are attributed by keysser to the absorption oftoxic products from the tumor this contention, however, is supportedby no observations, and it is certainly equally fair to assume thatdeath results from the toxic effects of the compound a microscopicstudy of tumors taken from animals undergoing treatment was made byhansemann he found that the death of the cells was the result ofnuclear destruction 270 keysser.

It speedily helps green wounds, being bruised and boundthereto the juice of it boiled with a little honey and verdigrease, doth wonderfully cleanse fistulas, ulcers, and stays the spreading oreating of cancers multistate essay exam and ulcers. It helps the itch, scabs, wheals, andother breakings out in any writing of the body the juice of celandine, field-daisies, and ground-ivy clarified, and a little fine sugardissolved therein, and dropped into the eyes, is a sovereign remedyfor all pains, redness, and watering of them. As also for the pin andweb, skins and films growing over the sight, it helps beasts as well asmen the juice dropped into the ears, wonderfully helps the noise andsinging of them, and helps the hearing which is decayed it is good totun up with new drink, for it will clarify it in a night, that it willbe the fitter to be drank the next morning. Or if any drink be thickwith removing, or any other accident, it will do the like in a fewhours alexander it is called alisander, horse-parsley, and wild-parsley, and the blackpot-herb. The seed of it is that which is usually sold in apothecaries’shops for macedonian parsley-seed descript it is usually sown in all the gardens in europe, and sowell known, that it needs no farther description time it flowers in june and july. The seed is ripe in august government and virtues it is an herb of jupiter, and thereforefriendly to nature, for it warms a cold stomach, and opens a stoppageof the liver and spleen. It is good to move women courses, toexpel the afterbirth, to break wind, to provoke urine, and helps thestranguary. And these things the seeds will do likewise if either ofthem be boiled in wine, or being bruised and taken in wine, is alsoeffectual against the biting of serpents and you know what alexanderpottage is good for, that you may no longer eat it out of ignorance butout of knowledge the black alder-tree descript this tree seldom grows to any great bigness, but for themost writing abideth like a hedge-bush, or a tree spreading its branches, the woods of the body being white, and a dark red colet or heart. Theoutward bark is of a blackish colour, with thesis whitish spots therein;but the inner bark next the wood is yellow, which being chewed, willturn the spittle near into a saffron colour the leaves are essaywhatlike those of an ordinary alder-tree, or the female cornet, ordogberry-tree, called in sussex dog-wood, but blacker, and not so long the flowers are white, coming forth with the leaves at the joints, which turn into small round berries, first green, afterwards red, butblackish when they are thorough ripe, divided, as it were, into twowritings, wherein is contained two small round and flat seeds the rootrunneth not deep into the ground, but spreads rather under the uppercrust of the earth place this tree or shrub may be found plentifully in st johnwood by hornsey, and the woods upon hampstead heath. As also a woodcalled the old park, in barcomb, in essex, near the brook sides time it flowers in may, and the berries are ripe in september government and virtues it is a tree of venus, and perhaps under thecelestial sign cancer the inner yellow bark hereof purges downwardsboth choler and phlegm, and the watery humours of such that have thedropsy, and strengthens the inward writings again by binding if thebark hereof be boiled with agrimony, wormwood, dodder, hops, and essayfennel, with smallage, endive, and succory-roots, and a reasonabledraught taken every morning for essay time together, it is veryeffectual against the jaundice, dropsy, and the evil disposition of thebody, especially if essay suitable purging medicines have been takenbefore, to void the grosser excrements. It purges and strengthens theliver and spleen, cleansing them from such evil humours and hardness asthey are afflicted with it is to be understood that these things areperformed by the dried bark. For the fresh green bark taken inwardlyprovokes strong vomitings, pains in the stomach, and gripings in thebelly. Yet if the decoction may stand and settle two or three days, until the yellow colour be changed black, it will not work so stronglyas before, but will strengthen the stomach, and procure an appetite tomeat the outward bark contrariwise doth bind the body, and is helpfulfor all lasks and fluxes thereof, but this also must be dried first, whereby it will work the better the inner bark thereof boiled invinegar is an approved remedy to kill lice, to cure the itch, and takeaway scabs, by drying them up in a short time it is singularly good towash the teeth, to take away the pains, to fasten those that are loose, to cleanse them, and to keep them sound the leaves are good fodder forkine, to make them give more milk if in the spring-time you use the herbs before mentioned, and will takebut a handful of each of them, and to them add an handful of elderbuds, and having bruised them all, boil them in a gallon of ordinarybeer, when it is new. And having boiled them half an hour, add to thisthree gallons more, and let them work together, and drink a draught ofit every morning, half a pint or thereabouts. It is an excellent purgefor the spring, to consume the phlegmatic quality the winter hath leftbehind it, and withal to keep your body in health, and consume thoseevil humours which the heat of summer will readily stir up esteem itas a jewel the common alder-tree descript this grows to a reasonable height, and spreads much ifit like the place it is so generally known to country people, that iconceive it needless to tell that which is no news place and time it delights to grow in moist woods, and wateryplaces.

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on the basis of a hypothesis scarcely less crudeand unsubstantiated than that which assumes that tiger-bone is ofvalue in heart disease, it has been assumed that secretin is of valuein gastro-intestinal diseases on the ground of “clinical evidence”scarcely more critical than multistate essay exam that exhibited by our confrères in theantipodes, it has been asserted that alleged secretin preparationsactually are efficious indeed, in one respect the methods of thechinese physician appear more scientific than those of his westernbrethren to the best of his ability, the oriental at least makes surethat he is administering genuine tiger-bone. He does not rely on theunverified word of his dealer alone the american physician has notbeen making the least effort to ascertain whether his supposed secretinpreparations are truly such. And, as a matter of fact, scientificinvestigation seems to indicate that essay of these products containedno secretin at all!. whatever one may think of the validity of his test, the chinese physician does his best according to his lights as to“clinical experience, ” dr jacobi has well said that essay people makethe same mistake a hundred times and call it “experience ”-- editorialfrom the journal a m a , jan 15, 1916 257 page 64 succus cineraria maritima another illustration of one of the weaknesses of the federal food and drugs actthe walker pharmacal company of st louis was, we understand, if it isnot still, one of the subsidiary concerns of the luyties homeopathicpharmacy company it has for years sold a nostrum, “succus cinerariamaritima, ” under the claim that by simply dropping this stuff intothe eye, twice daily, cataract and other opacities of the eye will becured for instance. “ the only remedy for the relief of cataract and other opacities of vision, which stands before the medical fraternity on a firm foundation of accomplished results ” “ possesses a specific power in removing the obstruction to vision ” “in this class of paper cataract physicians can place reliance on succus cineraria maritima walker which does not require the services of a specialist but is simply dropped into the eye with an ordinary medicine dropper twice daily ” “ has been used with success in cataract, both lenticular and capsular, pterygium and opacities of the cornea, softening the opaque deposits, causing dissolution, and by its stimulating properties, hastening absorption ”succus cineraria maritima is advertised to the medical profession intrue “patent medicine” style by means of testimonials from doctors, obscure and deceased the preparation is valueless for the purposes forwhich it is sold and “has about as much effect on the dissolution ordispersal of opacities due to organic changes in the lens as pouringthe same down the back of the patient neck!.