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Menthol, eucalyptol sander, ichthyol, white vaseline “v-e-m with stearate of zinc. Menthol, eucalyptol sander, stearate of zinc, white vaseline “v-e-m with camphor. Camphor, eucalyptol sander, white vaseline “v-e-m with boric acid. Pulv boric acid, eucalyptol sander, white vaseline “for local application in the treatment of affections of the nose and throat “the efficacy of these combinations of remedial agents is so well established as to preclude the necessity of more than passing mention what is obvious is that in acute coryza, in chronic and acute nasal catarrh, in dry catarrhal conditions especially, in both forms of chronic rhinitis-- atrophic and hypertrophic-- in the latter stages of the prevailing grippe colds, and even in hay fever, v-e-m unguentum eucalyptol compound affords pronounced relief and proves a most grateful application ”though the identity and purity of eucalyptol are provided for by thestandards of the u s pharmacopeia, the claim is made that the productcontained in these preparations “transcends in purity and efficiencyall other brands ”a package of v-e-m unguentum eucalyptol compound, recently sent to aphysician, contains the following. “if your head is all stuffed up to-night, or you feel a cold coming on, use v-e-m just before going to bed it will break up the cold, and you’ll wake up in the morning, with your head clear and feeling fine all over “if you suffer with chronic or acute catarrh, use v-e-m regularly night and morning you’ll be agreeably surprised at the relief it will give you in a short time “there is nothing quicker, nothing surer to alleviate rhinitis, grippe-colds, or hay fever “in a word-- v-e-m is the best antiseptic ointment for all diseased conditions of the nose ”the council declared these preparations in conflict with its rulesbecause unwarranted therapeutic claims were made for them rule 6;because the public was advised to depend on them in the treatment ofdiseases rule 4, and because these combinations of ingredients, infixed proportions, under proprietary names, are irrational rules 8and 10 -- from reports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 163 hemo-therapin report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe following report on hemo-therapin has been adopted by the council, and its publication authorized w a puckner, secretary according to the hemo-therapin laboratories of new york city. “hemo-therapin is a combination of highly refined creosols and phenols which have been detoxicated by special processes with salts of iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and calcium in minute but physiologic proportions-- the solution as a whole being designed to approximately closely in various fundamental details the chemistry of the blood ”no statement is made as to the quantities of the several ingredients, nor is any information given as to the identity of the “creosols”and “phenols, ” nor the nature of the processes whereby these are“detoxicated ” it is further claimed that it is. “ the composite character of hemo-therapin, the relative proportion and balance of its several ingredients, and the action of the compound as a whole, to which its potency is due ”and it is suggested that. “it will be apparent that the ingredients which enter into the composition of hemo-therapin, a remedy used intravenously exclusively, have been selected with the utmost care with the object of assuring not only maximum therapeutic potency but also absolute safety and freedom from all dangers of toxic or other unpleasant or harmful action ” italics in the original the advertising does not explain, however, why the complex preparationshould be therapeutically efficient or why the intravenousadministration of this mixture should be absolutely safe and free fromtoxic or harmful action of the origin of hemo-therapin it is said.

And well it may, being a plant ofsaturn the birch tree descript this grows a goodly tall straight tree, fraught with thesisboughs, and slender mla format essay outline branches bending downward. The old being coveredwith discoloured chapped bark, and the younger being browner by much the leaves at the first breaking out are crumpled, and afterwardslike the beech leaves, but smaller and greener, and dented about theedges it bears small short cat-skins, essaywhat like those of thehazelnut-tree, which abide on the branches a long time, until growingripe, they fall on the ground and their seed with them place it usually grows in woods government and virtues it is a tree of venus. The juice of theleaves, while they are young, or the distilled water of them, or thewater that comes from the tree being bored with an auger, and distilledafterwards.

As alsofor any of the purposes before spoken of, and is very good to wash anyrunning sores or ulcers the decoction of the root in wine mla format essay outline being drank, hinders abortion or miscarriage in child-bearing the leaves alsokill the worms in children, and is a great help to them that cannotkeep their water. If the juice of plaintain be added thereto, andoutwardly applied, much helps the ghonorrhea, or running of the reins a dram of the powder of the root, taken in water thereof, wherein essayred hot iron or steel hath been quenched, is also an admirable helpthereto, so as the body be first prepared and purged from the offensivehumours the leaves, seed, or roots, are all very good in decoction, drinks, or lotions, for inward or outward wounds, or other sores and the powder, strewed upon any cut or wound in a vein, stays theimmoderate bleeding thereof the decoction of the root in water, whereunto essay pomegranate peels and flowers are added, injected into thematrix, stays the immoderate flux of the courses the root thereof, with pelitory of spain and burnt alum, of each a little quantity, beaten small and into paste with essay honey, and a little piece thereofput into a hollow tooth, or held between the teeth, if there be nohollowness in them, stays the defluction of rheum upon them whichcauses pains, and helps to cleanse the head, and void much offensivewater the distilled water is very effectual to wash sores or cankersin the nose, or any other writing. If the powder of the root be appliedthereunto afterwards it is good also to fasten the gums, and to takeaway the heat and inflammations that happen in the jaws, almonds ofthe throat, or mouth, if the decoction of the leaves, roots, or seedsbruised, or the juice of them, be applied.

Alabama, arizona, connecticut, delaware, district of columbia, florida, georgia, illinois, kentucky, louisiana, maine, maryland, massachusetts, mississippi, new hampshire, new jersey, new mexico, pennsylvania, rhode island, south carolina, tennessee, texas, vermont, virginia, and west virginia 217states and territories in which there are restrictive statutes - thefollowing states and territories have statutes restricting disclosuresby physicians. Arkansas, california, colorado, idaho, indiana, indianterritory, iowa, kansas, michigan, minnesota, missouri, montana, nebraska, nevada, new york, north carolina, north dakota, ohio, oklahoma, oregon, south dakota, utah, washington, wisconsin, andwyoming 218the rule in united states courts - in trials at common law in thecourts of the united states, the laws of the several states, exceptwhere the constitution, treaties, or statutes of the united statesotherwise require or provide, are regarded as rules of decision 219section 858 of the revised statutes of the united states prescribesrules with reference to competency notwithstanding color and interestof witnesses, and in actions by or against executors, administrators, or guardians, and then provides that “in all other respects the laws ofthe state in which the court is held shall be the rules of decision asto the competency of witnesses in the courts of the united states intrials at common law, and in equity and admiralty ” accordinglyit has been held by the supreme court of the united states that inan action in the circuit court of the united states for the southerndistrict of new york, on a policy of life insurance, the evidence of aphysician, inadmissible under section 834 of the new york code of civilprocedure, was properly excluded 220 but in criminal prosecutions inunited states courts, the privilege secured by state statutes does notavail 221the statutes as the effect of these statutes depends largely upon their language, the construction put upon the law in one state is chiefly serviceablein interpreting that of another state in those writingiculars where thetwo are similar statutory declarations of policy - a comparative view of the severallaws shows that in the following states and territory there aredeclarations of policy prefixed to the prohibition of disclosures, that show the reason of the enactment, namely. California, colorado, idaho, minnesota, montana, north dakota, oregon, south dakota, andutah 222 the declaration is to the effect that there are writingicularrelations in which it is the policy of the law to encourage confidenceand to preserve it inviolate, and that therefore the prohibition of thestatute is laid analysis of the statutes the common purpose of the statutes is to restrict the rule compellingdisclosures so as to protect communications with a physician in hisprofessional capacity. But the limit to which the protection isextended differs in the various states an analytic comparison of thestatutes tends to show how far the interpretation of one is useful inconstruing another i nature of the exclusion - in california, idaho, minnesota, montana, north dakota, oregon, south dakota, utah, and washington thestatutes apply only to testimony in civil actions 223 the otherstatutes make no distinction between civil and criminal proceedings the active words are of course different in the several statutes, butthey indicate a purpose to extend a privilege that the person entitledto it may insist upon maintaining, with the single exception of thelaw of north carolina, which provides that the presiding judge of asuperior court may compel a disclosure, if in his opinion the same isnecessary to a proper administration of justice essay of the statutes show clearly that it is the patient privilege, and suffer the patient or his representatives to waive it, eitherexpressly or by conduct which the law declares to amount to awaiver 224 others are silent on this subject in california, colorado, idaho, iowa, minnesota, montana, nebraska, nevada, new york, north dakota, ohio, oregon, south dakota, utah, washington, and wyoming, it is expressly provided that the patientconsent is necessary before a disclosure will be permitted in colorado, kansas, oklahoma, and oregon, if the patient offer himselfor a physician or surgeon as a witness, that is to be deemed a consent in nevada, in any suit or prosecution for malpractice, if the patientor writingy suing or prosecuting shall require or give consent, and anyphysician or surgeon shall give testimony, then the defendant may callany other physicians or surgeons as witnesses without the consent ofthe patient or writingy suing or prosecuting in ohio and wyoming, if the patient voluntarily testify the physicianmay be compelled to testify on the same subject ii the witness - in indiana, ohio, and wyoming the privilegedwitness is termed a physician. In the other states and territories, the privilege extends to a physician or surgeon in arkansas and indian territory the privilege is secured to a personauthorized to practise physic or surgery. In california, montana, and nevada, to a licensed physician or surgeon. In colorado, to aphysician or surgeon duly authorized to practise his professionunder the laws of the state. In michigan, new york, north carolina, and wisconsin, to a person duly authorized to practise physic orsurgery. In minnesota, oregon, and washington, to a regular physicianor surgeon. In iowa and nebraska, to a practising physician orsurgeon. In the remaining states and territories, these statutes do notin terms distinguish between licensed and unlicensed practitioners 225in new york, by the amendment of 1893 to sec 836 of the code of civilprocedure it is provided that in an action for the recovery of damagesfor a personal injury the testimony of a physician or surgeon attachedto any hospital, dispensary, or other charitable institution, as toinformation which he acquired in attending a patient in a professionalcapacity in such institution, shall be taken before a referee itdoes not appear whether this amendment is intended to take away theprivilege, or merely to regulate the manner of taking such testimonywhen it is otherwise admissible 226iii the evidence - the character of the communications whichare privileged differs under the several statutes in arkansas, california, colorado, idaho, indian territory, michigan, minnesota, missouri, montana, nevada, new york, north carolina, north dakota, oregon, south dakota, utah, washington, and wisconsin, they arecharacterized as information. In indiana, as matter committed. Iniowa and nebraska, as confidential communications. In kansas, ohio, oklahoma, and wyoming, as communications. In iowa and nebraska, itis further provided that they be properly intrusted. And in kansasand oklahoma, that they be with reference to a physical or supposedphysical disease in kansas and oklahoma, any knowledge obtained by a personalexamination of a patient is also expressly privileged in indiana, ohio, and wyoming, advice given by the physician iscovered by the protection in arkansas, indian territory, and missouri, the privilege is limitedto information acquired from the patient. And in kansas and oklahoma, to communications made by the patient the statutes of arkansas, california, colorado, idaho, indianterritory, indiana, michigan, minnesota, missouri, montana, nevada, new york, north carolina, north dakota, oregon, south dakota, utah, washington, and wisconsin expressly limit the protection to matteracquired while attending in a professional capacity. And all of these, save indiana, as well as iowa and nebraska, confine the privilege toinformation necessary to enable the witness to prescribe or act for thepatient in new york it is provided that “a physician or surgeon may upon atrial or examination disclose any information as to the mental orphysical condition of a patient who is deceased, which he acquiredin attending such patient professionally, except confidentialcommunications and such facts as would tend to disgrace the memory ofthe patient, when the protection has been expressly waived on suchtrial or examination by the personal representatives of the deceasedpatient, or if the validity of the last will and testament of suchdeceased patient is in question, by the executor or executors namedin said will, or the surviving husband, widow, or any heir at law, or any of the next of kin of such deceased, or any other writingy ininterest ”227the notable characteristics of the several statutes which thus farhave been pointed out are discernible in the express language of theacts in writing or using any treatise or compilation on privilegedcommunications between physician and patient, it is to be constantlyborne in mind that the privilege is of statutory origin. That thestatutes are often dissimilar.

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923 march 301918 bracken, l l. Federal trade commission requests use of officialnames, ibid 70. 558 feb 23 1918 the new american names are:arsphenamin224 contracted from the scientific name arsenphenolaminfor salvarsan, arsenobenzol, diarsanol, arsaminol 224 the testing and standardizing of arsphenamin is being done by thehygienic laboratory, u s public health service for chemical testssee reprint 472, public health reports for a review of the patentliterature see article by h f lewis, j indust engin chem , feb 1, 1919, p 141 barbital contracted from the scientific name diethyl-barbituric acidfor veronal barbital-sodium the sodium salt of barbital for “veronal-sodium” and“medinal ”cinchophen for atophan or phenylcinchoninic acid the u s p ix name procain for novocain hydrochlorid from “pro” and “ cocaine” procain nitrate for novocain nitrate examination of synthetic drugsin testing chemically the products which had been submitted to thefederal trade commission, the aims were that the product should conformto a high degree of purity. At the same time the candidate for licenseshould not be inflicted with undue hardships in making the product, such as an unnecessarily high degree of purity it was insisted thatthe purity of the drugs should be equal to, if not greater than, thatof the respective former german-made products, in order to uphold thename and reputation of the american manufacturers in the after-the-warcompetition consequently, in the chemical work the american productwas always examined parallel with the german-made product, authenticsamples of the latter of which the laboratory had in its possession whenever possible, the tests described in books of standards werecarried out barbital veronalbarbital was introduced into medicine under the proprietary name“veronal, ” and was manufactured in gerthesis by friedr bayer &co , leverkusen, and e merck & co , darmstadt, gerthesis barbitalis described in new and nonofficial remedies, 1919, 225 asdiethylbarbituric acid diethylmalonyl urea having the formula. nh co c₂h₅ / \ / oc c \ / \ nh co c₂h₅225 new and nonofficial remedies, 1919, published by the council onpharmacy and chemistry of the american medical association, p 82 it is official in the british pharmacopeia under the name“barbitone, ” and in the german pharmacopeia as “acidumdiethylbarbituricum ” barbital “may be prepared by the interactionof esters of diethylmalonic acid with urea in the presence ofmetallic alcoholates it is also obtained by condensation ofdiethylcyanacetic ester with urea by means of sodium alcoholate ”barbital is used in medicine chiefly as a hypnotic the different brands of barbital which were submitted to the laboratorywere subjected to the tests given in the books referred to above 226the products were:226 the pharmaceutic monograph on barbital has been omitted it waspublished in the 1918 edition of the annual reports of the chemicallaboratory of the american medical association 1 barbital abbott sample a, to federal trade commission 2 barbital abbott sample b, to federal trade commission 3 barbital abbott sample c, to red cross 4 barbital antoine chiris, to federal trade commission 5 barbital v halter, to federal trade commission 6 barbital rector chemical company to federal trade commission 7 diethylbarbituric acid merck, to council 8 “veronal, ” manufactured by farb vorm fried bayer & co , gerthesis all responded satisfactorily to the tests in table 1 are given therespective melting points and percentages of ash found the meltingpoint of a mixture of the sample with the original “veronal” was alwaystaken table 1 -- melting point ash ash 1 188 5-189 0 0 01 5 188 0-188 5 0 01 2 188 5-189 0 0 01 6 188 0-188 5 0 01 3 188 0-188 5 0 01 7 188 0-188 5 0 01 4 188 0-188 5 0 04 8 188 0-188 5 0 02barbital does not seem to form an insoluble salt with chlorplatinicacid. Nor an ether-insoluble hydrochlorid or oxalate. Nor an insolublebarium salt it does not respond to thesis urea tests, and is notaffected by urease as would be expected in light of the extensiveinvestigations made on this enzyme by van slyke and cullen as barbital is also sold in the form of tablets or mixtures, a reliablemethod for its quantitative determination in the presence of othersubstances is needed essay experiments in this direction were made, butthe press of other work did not permit their continuation when timepermits, this work will be resumed at the time of writing this article, licenses for manufacture had beengranted by the federal trade commission to the abbott laboratories, toantoine chiris company, and to the rector chemical company barbital sodium medinal or veronal-sodiumbarbital sodium, formerly sold under the proprietary names“veronal-sodium” and “medinal, ” is, as the former name suggests, thesodium salt of diethylbarbituric acid its therapeutic advantagesare stated to be that more rapid results are obtained because ofits increased solubility over barbital alone 227 barbital sodiumshould yield, according to theory, 11 19 per cent of sodium and 89 31per cent of diethylbarbituric acid a number of years ago, when“veronal-sodium” and “medinal” were being introduced, puckner andhilpert228 found that these products yielded results correspondingclosely to the theoretical amounts of sodium and diethylbarbituricacid a recent examination of veronal-sodium, merck, made for thecouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, showed it to be of the samecomposition as that previously reported 227 new and nonofficial remedies, 1918, p 96 228 puckner, w a , and hilpert, w s.