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Proprietary products iodin in liquid petrolatum 367 american-made synthetic drugs-- ii 369 nostrums in retrospect 379 bell-ans pa-pay-ans bell 380 anasarcin and anedemin 383 pepto-mangan 387 cactina pillets 391 ammonol and phenalgin 393 fellows’ syrup, and other preparations of the hypophosphites 395 shotgun nostrums 398 tyree antiseptic and aseptinol 401 neurosine and the original package evil 404 anasarcin advertising 407 antimeristem-schmidt 408 antiphlogistine 409 “auto-hemic serum” 409 “autolysin” advertising 413 “basic cancer research” and “cosmopolitan cancer research society” 414 seleni-bascca 416 bell-ans papayans, bell 418 campho-phenique 418 “cinchophen”. Formerly “atophan” 419 “collosols”. An uncritical english endorsement 420 cotton process ether 421 dionol 422 the eli products of eli h dunn 424 glover cancer serum 425 glyco-thymoline and poliomyelitis 427 glykeron. Cold storage testimonials 428 gray glycerine tonic. “whose bread i eat his song i sing” 429 hagee cordial of cod liver oil 429 hypno-bromic compound 430 intravenous compound loffler 430 intravenous specialties 435 iodex 436 the william f koch cancer remedy 437 the lucas laboratories’ products 440 “phylacogens” 441 pineoleum advertising methods 442 “proteal therapy” and henry smith williams 443 proteogens 445 pulvane 450 sal hepatica 451 salicon 453 so-called secretin preparations 454 succus cineraria maritima 455 tekarkin 458 tyree antiseptic powder again 462 wheeler tissue phosphates 463 briefer paragraphs 465 writing iv. Contributions from the journal. Miscellany albert abrams, a m , m d , ll d , f r m s 472 acetylsalicylic acid, not aspirin 480 the allied medical associations of america 486 “arsenicals” 491 beer and cancer cures 494 biologic therapeutics and its commercial domination 496 capell uroluetic test 497 chemotherapy and tumors 499 the direct sales company 510 discoveries and discoverers 511 “drug reform” 513 drug therapy. The fallibility of textbooks 515 thomas webster edgar 515 glycerophosphates 520 influenza vaccine 520 intravenous therapy 522 iodin fumes 523 italian physico-chemical company 524 what is liquid petrolatum?. 526 the lowenthal postgraduate course 527 medical society of the united states 531 the national formulary-- a review of the fourth edition 535 nonspecific protein therapy 536 willard ealon ogden 538 “patents” 542 pharmaceutical barnums 545 the pharmacopeia 546 physician stock in prescription products 548 pituitary gland preparations 549 proprietorship in medicine 550 philip rahtjen and his discoveries 553 sodium cacodylate in syphilis 555 tablets.

That fact alone is not enough for the inference of a special contract;” and see sellen v norman, 4 carr & p , 284 still less where there has been no special request by the father to the physician, and no more than acquiescence in his calls as it would be unnatural for the parent of an invalid child, though legally emancipated, or for an intimate and confidential friend of hers, not to know the rise and course of her malady, not to be interested in the state of it as disclosed at any time to skilled inspection, not to be so anxious as to be in waiting when scientific skill was to be applied for its cure, not to be ready to receive directions for treatment in the intervals. So it is not to be implied in the one case more than in the other that, from these manifestations, because unaccompanied with an express repudiation of liability, a liability may be implied they are to be referred to natural affection and friendly sympathy, rather than to an acquiescence in the rendition of a personal benefit, or counted as acts done under a sense of legal obligation ” the court further said that “even if it should be assumed that the usage exists that the physician called to consult with him who is in attendance, with the consent of the person who has employed the latter, is in contemplation of law in the hire of that person, still the assent of the defendant to the calling in of the consulting physician, and his expression of desire to be present when he came until he is shown to have employed the plaintiff is a basis too weak for an implication of law, that he promised to pay his consultation fees still less it is a fact from which to imply a promise to pay the plaintiff ” this case is, however, close to the border line, and it may be well criticised and denied its apparent full weight of authority, notwithstanding the very great learning and ability of the learned judge folger, who wrote the opinion, upon the ground that it appears that the father had as a witness expressly denied calling in the plaintiff or authorizing anybody to call him in, or authorizing the employment of a consulting physician, and that on the trial the court had found upon the whole testimony in the case that the defendant had never employed the plaintiff taking the decision as a whole it cannot be regarded as determining that upon such a set of circumstances as is there disclosed, the father could not in any event have been held liable, but rather that the trial court having found upon the whole testimony that the defendant was not liable, having witnesses before it fully able to judge of their capability, the appellate court could not say as a matter of law that a finding in favor of the defendant should be overruled this case is considered here at essay length chiefly for the purpose of affording an illustration to physicians and surgeons which will suggest to them the advisability of care in ascertaining in all paper who is responsible for their charge for services see also bradley v dodge, 45 how pr n y , 57. Smith v riddick, 5 jones n c , 42 liability of third persons calling a physician general rule as to liability for services rendered, when the medical man is calledby one person to attend another, it may be stated as a general rulethat in order to create such a liability it must appear that the personcalling either actually intended to become responsible, or acted insuch a manner that the physician was led to suppose that he so intended liability of railway company calling physician in case of accidentto employees, etc - another more troubleessay question has arisenwhere physicians and surgeons have been called in by employees of arailway company in case of sudden accident or injury in one case innew york, the superior court of new york city held, that although thegeneral superintendent of a railroad company testified that he hadgeneral authority to hire and discharge men, and that he had employed aphysician, the railroad company was not liable 169 this doctrine seems to be opposed to the weight of authority see paper collated in vol 18, “am and eng cyclopædia of law, ” p 434 et seq , essay of which are. Toledo, etc , r r co v rodrigues, 47 ill , 188. Same v prince, 50 ill , 26. Indianapolis, etc , r r v morris, 67 ill , 295. Cairo, etc , r r co v mahoney, 82 ill , 73. Atchison, etc , r r v beecher, 24 kansas, 228 same rule does not prevail in united states in case of accidents to passengers - the paper just noted were all paper of employees in the paper of injured passengers it has been doubted whether the same rule applied, essay state courts holding that in that case there is no obligation to furnish medical and surgical attendance, but that the physician attending must look to the persons whom they attended union pacific r r co v beatty, 35 kansas, 265. Brown v missouri, 67 missouri, 122 different in england - in england a different rule prevails one more humane and in consonance with the moral obligation imposed by the relationship of the writingies in walker v the great western r r co , a recent case law reports, 2 exch , 228, chief-justice kelley, in the course of the argument, made this remark.

The eyes were fixedand glassy it was essay time before he regained consciousness and fortwo days there was malaise hofmann says that the compression irritates and, in a higher degree, paralyzes the pneumogastric nerves and causes disturbance of the actionof the heart faure810 denies that the constriction of the vessels of the neck hasany effect in the production of symptoms811 coutagne believes that the pressure on the pneumogastric nerve is a factor in causing death he hung two dogs. In one the pneumogastric nerves were dissected out and placed in front of the ligature. This dog no 1 lived a quarter of an hour and died of pure asphyxia with efforts at inspiration continued to the end the other dog no 2, in which the nerves were compressed, died in five minutes in both, the abdominal organs were congested and the cavities of the heart were full the lungs of the first were dry and uniformly red. Of the second were resisting, crepitant, and quite œdematous no subpleural ecchymoses in either the experiments on animals by corin812 led him to conclude that pressure on the pneumogastrics caused increased frequency of the heart-beat and slowing of respiration pellier813 considers the subject quite fully it would appear that the pressure on the pneumogastrics disposes to stop the action of the heart and cause rapid, perhaps instant death the pressure on the carotids causes cerebral anæmia and is then only a secondary cause levy814 does not think the action of the pneumogastrics is sufficiently well known tidy states that a dog lived for three hours suspended by a rope placedabove an opening in the windpipe. And that smith815 mentions the caseof a criminal who was hung. Chovet tried to save the man by making anopening in the trachea before the execution and introducing a smalltube the man was alive forty-five minutes after the drop, but couldnot be resuscitated, although the surgeon bled him in a small proportion of paper of hanging, homicidal and judicial, death occurs by dislocation of the spine this is said to have beenfirst noticed by the celebrated louis, who states that the parisexecutioner was in the habit of giving a violent rotary movement tothe body of the convict as the trap was sprung, causing a dislocationof the odontoid process and compression of the cord and almost instantdeath taylor816 says that for dislocation the body must be heavy andthe fall long and sudden devergie817 found this to occur in abouttwo per cent of paper it is said that the paris hangman placed theslip-knot under the chin in front, which is as dr haughton suggests death may occur from secondary causes after apparent recovery. Fromcongestion of brain and other lesions of the nervous system. These mayprove fatal at remote periods fracture of the odontoid process according to m de fosse is morecommon than dislocation, and the giving away of the intervertebralsubstance more likely than either of the others the phrenic andother respiratory nerves are likely to be paralyzed.

Massa ferri carbonates fe per dose 042 gm pilulae ferri carbonates " 058 gm tinctura ferri chloride " 022 gm ferri et ammonii citrae " 042 gm “the approximate amount of arsenic in iron cacodylate in the commonly recommended doses varies from 012 gm to 0 024 gm , while the amount of arsenic in sodium cacodylate in the recommended doses varies between 021 and 35 gms it would seem that a much more rational method of administration of these two drugs would be separately, in which case a better control over the dosage is possible “3 the referee has been unable to secure reliable clinical evidence that iron cacodylate is a serviceable preparation a search of the available literature for the past fifteen years has been made, also drs edsall, longcope, stengel, hoover, phillips and miller have been consulted these physicians know nothing of its use “4 in view of the above, it appears to the referee that iron cacodylate is an irrational and useless method of the administration of iron and arsenic ”the council adopted the report of the referee and directed that ironcacodylate be omitted from the 1921 edition of new and nonofficialremedies -- from reports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1920, p 62 libradol report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized for publication the following report whichexplains why libradol was found ineligible for new and nonofficialremedies w a puckner, secretary libradol is manufactured by lloyd bros , cincinnati according to acircular a “readily removable” label which accompanies the tradepackage, its “uses” are. “in colds, croup and acute bronchitis inlocal congestions. In lung trouble, in acute inflammations of this orany other organ, especially if pain or soreness be present in lumbago, sciatica, or in rheumatic pains of the joints or muscles applied tothe forehead, it induces sleep ”libradol is offered in two forms, “libradol mild” for infants andsupersensitive persons which is said to be “destitute of drug energy”and libradol “regular” which is “highly medicated, ” the “constituents”being “dracontium, sanguinaria, cephaelis, melaleuca, lobelia, laurus, capsicum, tobacco ”according to a circular, “the sanitary plasma libradol” is a“homogeneous, highly medicated, and exceedingly potent compound, inplastic form, ” which “carries the energies of its drug constituentsand the high antiseptic qualities of laurus camphora and melaleuca ”it is stated. “the drug influence of libradol is necessarily differentfrom that of any known single member of the materia medica but yet, no mystery either in medicine or of pharmacy is claimed as a writing ofits composition or process of manufacture it is a thing peculiar toitself, the result of the study of the drugs from which it is derivedand compounded these drugs may be studied at leisure by whoever caresto do so ”the following information bearing on the composition of libradol wasfurnished by lloyd brothers in response to a request from the councilto aid in the consideration of the preparation.

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Guinea-pigs 1 and 2 did not show any appreciable disturbance guinea-pig 3 microbiology case study help was sick for four days, after which it gradually recovered but it became sick again after one week and died ten days after the injection guinea-pig 4 died over night guinea-pig 5 died six hours after injection guinea-pig 5 was injected at 11:30 with 5 c c chlorlyptus ten minutes after the injection it was lying relaxed, respiration and heart normal, conjunctive reflex present one hour after the injection the animal seemed to present symptoms resembling those of narcosis. Respiration and heart were normal after four hours there was no change in the condition of the guinea-pig except that the respiration was irregular five and a half hours after it showed prostration with irregular respiration and heart action six hours after injection the animal was dead autopsy. The peritoneum showed a congestion and a fibrinous exudation, amount of liquid increased, essay writing of which was probably chlorlyptus unabsorbed spleen about normal, liver congested, kidney about normal, suprarenal glands about normal, lungs normal, pleural cavity obtained no exudation, heart soft, flabby and congested experiment 15 -- toxic and irritant action of chlorlyptus when injected into the pleural cavity -- six normal guinea-pigs used for the experiment chlorlyptus was injected in the pleural cavity as follows. Guinea-pig 1, 0 5 c c. Guinea-pig 2, 1 c c. Guinea-pig 3, 2 c c. Guinea-pig 4, 3 c c , and guinea-pig 5, 4 c c guinea-pig 6 was used as a control result. Guinea-pigs 1 and 2 recovered about four hours after injection guinea-pig 3 died three days after and guinea-pigs 4 and 5 four and two hours after, respectively conclusions.