Match Each Essay Summary With The Most Likely Organizational Structure

These rootsalter every year by course, when the one rises and waxes full, theother waxes lank, and perishes now, it is that which is full which isto be used in medicines, the other being either of no use at all, match each essay summary with the most likely organizational structure orelse, according to the humour of essay, it destroys and disannuls thevirtues of the other, quite undoing what that doth time one or other of them may be found in flower from the beginningof april to the latter end of august government and virtues they are hot and moist in operation, underthe dominion of dame venus, and provoke lust exceedingly, which, theysay, the dried and withered roots do restrain they are held to killworms in children. As also, being bruised and applied to the place, toheal the king evil onions they are so well known, that i need not spend time about writing adescription of them government and virtues mars owns them, and they have gotten thisquality, to draw any corruption to them, for if you peel one, andlay it upon a dunghill, you shall find it rotten in half a day, bydrawing putrefaction to it. Then, being bruised and applied to a plaguesore, it is very probable it will do the like onions are flatulent, or windy. Yet they do essaywhat provoke appetite, increase thirst, ease the belly and bowels, provoke women courses, help the bitingof a mad dog, and of other venomous creatures, to be used with honeyand rue, increase sperm, especially the seed of them they also killworms in children if they drink the water fasting wherein they havebeen steeped all night being roasted under the embers, and eatenwith honey or sugar and oil, they much conduce to help an inveteratecough, and expectorate the cough phlegm the juice being snuffed upinto the nostrils, purges the head, and helps the lethargy, yet theoften eating them is said to procure pains in the head it hath beenheld by divers country people a great preservative against infection, to eat onions fasting with bread and salt. As also to make a greatonion hollow, filling the place with good treacle, and after to roastit well under the embers, which, after taking away the outermost skinthereof, being beaten together, is a sovereign salve for either plagueor sore, or any other putrefied ulcer the juice of onions is good foreither scalding or burning by fire, water, or gunpowder, and used withvinegar, takes away all blemishes, spots and marks in the skin. Anddropped in the ears, eases the pains and noise of them applied alsowith figs beaten together, helps to ripen and break imposthumes, andother sores leeks are as like them in quality, as the pome-water is like an apple:they are a remedy against a surfeit of mushrooms, being baked underthe embers and taken, and being boiled and applied very warm, helpthe piles in other things they have the same property as the onions, although not so effectual orpine descript common orpine rises up with divers rough brittle stalks, thick set with fat and fleshy leaves, without any order, and littleor nothing dented about the edges, of a green colour. The flowers arewhite, or whitish, growing in tufts, after which come small chaffyhusks, with seeds like dust in them the roots are divers thick, round, white tuberous clogs. And the plant grows not so big in essay places asin others where it is found place it is frequent in almost every county of this land, and ischerished in gardens with us, where it grows greater than that which iswild, and grows in shadowy sides of fields and woods time it flowers about july, and the seed is ripe in august government and virtues the moon owns the herb, and he that knowsbut her exaltaration, knows what i say is true orpine is seldom usedin inward medicines with us, although tragus saith from experience ingerthesis, that the distilled water thereof is profitable for gnawingsor excoriations in the stomach or bowels, or for ulcers in the lungs, liver, or other inward writings, as also in the matrix, and helps allthose diseases, being drank for certain days together it stays thesharpness of humours in the bloody-flux, and other fluxes in the body, or in wounds the root thereof also performs the like effect it isused outwardly to cool any heat or inflammation upon any hurt or wound, and eases the pains of them.

On left side a line of discoloration due to direct action ofrope soft writings above and below the line much swollen, writingicularly onright side larynx and hyoid bone unnaturally mobile right trapeziusmuscle torn. Sterno-mastoid divided transversely, leaving an intervalof two inches slight ecchymoses between muscle and larynx ecchymoseson ligamentum nuchæ hyoid bone, both greater cornua fractured anddislocated from body. Lesions more marked on right side several smallecchymoses in vicinity larynx not injured brain normal no bloodyor frothy mucus in air-passages lungs not congested one drachm ofstraw-colored serum in pericardium heart empty abdominal organsnormal bladder essaywhat distended with urine see also tidy, “med juris , ” paper 1 to 4 and 60 accident 97 harvey. Indian med gaz , 1876, xi , p 3 - boy, age 1½ years;was swinging by two ropes attached to two posts. The ropes becametwisted around his neck necroscopy showed mark of very small rope infront of neck from ear to ear. Mucous membrane of larynx dark. Lungsmuch congested 98 hackel.

If not married woman, onnearest of kin who is an adult and has sufficient means stat , sec 2, 195 refusal to bury by one on whom duty rests, is a misdemeanor stat , sec 2, 196 oregon coroner to hold inquest, match each essay summary with the most likely organizational structure etc crim code, sec 453 et seq and bury body if not claimed by friends crim code, sec 462 unmarried woman concealing birth of child so that it may not be knownwhether it was born alive or not, is punishable crim code, sec 649 bodies of criminals executed, those dying in hospitals, insane asylums, alms-houses, or penitentiaries, may be delivered to medical college orphysician for dissection, etc , unless they shall have been interred, or claimed by relatives, or relatives and friends do not consent, ordeceased expressed a wish to be buried. And they shall be used for suchpurpose only and in this state hill am laws, sec 3, 730 et seq removal of body without authority, etc , is punishable crim code, sec 656 pennsylvania coroner to hold inquest in philadelphia county only in case of aviolent death bright pen dig , 1536, sec 37 and may in berks and lancaster counties order a post mortem brightpen dig , 1536, sec 38 concealing death of child which, if born alive, would be a bastard, ispunishable bright pen dig , 431, sec 158 removal of body from grave without authority is a misdemeanor brightpen dig , 229, sec 11 bodies of those dying in alms-house, hospital, prison, or publicinstitution, or those in morgue, which are required to be buried atpublic expense, shall be delivered to medical college, physician, etc , to be used for scientific purposes only, unless claimed by relativesor deceased was a traveller, and trafficking in such bodies is amisdemeanor bright pen dig , p 9, sec 1 et seq rhode island concealing death of child which, if born alive, would be a bastard, sothat it may not be known, etc , is punishable pub stat , ch 244, sec 8 seizing dead body under execution is punishable pub stat , ch 223, sec 2 bodies of those dying in jail shall, if not claimed by relatives, beburied at public expense pub stat , ch 201, sec 30 medical examiner to make autopsy pub stat , 1884, ch 420 and bury body of stranger at state expense if necessary pub laws, 1884, ch 420, sec 24 coroner to hold inquest if, in opinion of medical examiner, death wascaused by act of essay one other than deceased pub laws, 1884, ch 420, sec 17 south carolina coroner to hold inquest, etc r l , secs 711, 2, 664 et seq and may have body disinterred for inquisition r l , sec 2, 687 tennessee coroner to hold inquest, etc code, sec 6, 139 et seq and may order a chemical analysis of remains, etc code, sec 6, 150 body to be buried, if not claimed by relatives, etc , at public expenseif necessary code, sec 6, 160 wilfully and improperly exposing or abandoning a dead body is amisdemeanor code, sec 5, 658 removing or purchasing dead bodies without authority is a misdemeanor code, secs 5, 659, 5, 660 body of deceased convict to be buried unless claimed by friends code, sec 6, 402 texas justice of the peace to hold inquest, etc code crim p , art 988 etseq and may disinter the body for such inquisition code crim p , art 989 removal, etc , of dead body from grave without authority is punishable code, art 345 bodies of convicts to be buried rev c stat , art 3, 561 vermont justice of the peace to hold inquest, etc rev laws, sec 3, 934 etseq removal, etc , of dead body without authority, is punishable rev laws, secs 4, 194, 4, 196 bodies of those dying in poor-house or other public institution, whichare required to be buried at public expense, may be delivered to anyphysician for dissection, etc , unless deceased requested to be buried, or friends or relations request burial, or deceased was a stranger ortraveller such body shall not be removed from state, and shall be usedfor scientific purposes only laws, 1884, ch 85 virginia coroner to hold inquest, etc code, sec 3, 938 et seq and to bury the body at public expense code, sec 3, 946 removal, etc , of dead body from grave without authority, is punishable code, sec 3, 794 bodies of those dying on vessels in state, shall be buried by master onthe shore above high-water mark code, sec 2, 002 bodies of those dying in alms-house, prison, morgue, hospital, jail, or other public institution, which are required to be buried at publicexpense, and bodies of criminals executed for crime shall be deliveredto medical college, etc , and physician or surgeon for anatomicalstudy, unless except criminals relatives and friends claim the bodyor deceased was a stranger or traveller. And such bodies shall not besent out of the state code, ch 80 washington coroner to hold inquest, etc hill am stat , vol 1, sec 245 etseq and bury body, if not claimed by friends, at public expense hill am stat , vol 1, sec 257 bodies of those dying in poor-house, public hospital, county jail, state prison, etc , which are required to be buried at public expense, shall be delivered to medical college, physician, surgeon, etc , forstudy, unless deceased requested to be buried, or it is claimed byfriends or relatives, or deceased was a stranger or traveller.

It opens also the obstructions of thespleen, and diminishes the melancholy humour it is available for thepalsy and sciatica, and effectual for bruises inward and outward, andis therefore much used in vulnerary drinks the root for all thoseaforesaid purposes, is to be boiled in wine or water, as the causerequires, and essay honey and sugar put thereunto afterwards the seedhereof taken in vinegar and honey, helps the swelling and hardnessof the spleen the decoction of the leaves and branches is a goodfomentation for women that have not their courses the leaves and rootsbeaten and applied to any writing that is discoloured with freckles, morphew, the white scurf, or any such deformity of the skin, cleansesthoroughly, and takes them away maiden hair descript our common maiden-hair doth, from a number of hard blackfibres, send forth a great thesis blackish shining brittle stalks, hardlya span long, in thesis not half so long, on each side set very thick withsmall, round, dark green leaves, and spitted on the back of them like afern place it grows upon old stone walls in the west writings in kent, and divers other places of this land. It delights likewise to grow bysprings, wells, and rocky moist and shady places, and is always green wall rue, or, white maiden-hair descript this has very fine, pale green stalks, almost as fine ashairs, set confusedly with divers pale green leaves on every shortfoot stalk, essaywhat near unto the colour of garden rue, and not muchdiffering in form but more diversly cut in on the edges, and thicker, smooth on the upper writing, and spotted finely underneath place it grows in thesis places of this land, at dartford, and thebridge at ashford in kent, at beaconsfield in buckinghamshire, at wollyin huntingtonshire, on framlingham castle in suffolk, on the churchwalls at mayfield in sussex, in essayrsetshire, and divers other placesof this land. And is green in winter as well as summer government and virtues both this and the former are under thedominion of mercury, and so is that also which follows after, and thevirtue of both are so near alike, that though i have described them andtheir places of growing severally, yet i shall in writing the virtuesof them, join them both together as follows the decoction of the herb maiden-hair being drank, helps those that aretroubled with the cough, shortness of breath, the yellow jaundice, diseases of the spleen, stopping of urine, and helps exceedingly tobreak the stone in the kidneys, in all which diseases the wall rueis also very effectual it provokes women courses, and stays bothbleedings and fluxes of the stomach and belly, especially when theherb is dry. For being green, it loosens the belly, and voids cholerand phlegm from the stomach and liver. It cleanses the lungs, and byrectifying the blood, causes a good colour to the whole body the herbboiled in oil of camomile, dissolves knots, allays swellings, and driesup moist ulcers the lye made thereof is singularly good to cleansethe head from scurf, and from dry and running sores, stays the fallingor shedding of the hair, and causes it to grow thick, fair, and wellcoloured. For which purpose essay boil it in wine, putting essay smallageseed thereto, and afterwards essay oil the wall rue is as effectual asmaiden-hair, in all diseases of the head, or falling and recovering ofthe hair again, and generally for all the aforementioned diseases. Andbesides, the powder of it taken in drink for forty days together, helpsthe burstings in children golden maiden hairto the former give me leave to add this, and i shall say no more butonly describe it to you, and for the virtues refer you to the former, since whatever is said of them, may be also said of this descript it has thesis small, brownish, red hairs, to make up theform of leaves growing about the ground from the root. And in themiddle of them, in summer, rise small stalks of the same colour, setwith very fine yellowish green hairs on them, and bearing a small gold, yellow head, less than a wheat corn, standing in a great husk the rootis very small and thready place it grows in bogs and moorish places, and also on dry shadyplaces, as hampstead heath, and elsewhere mallows and marshmallows common mallows are generally so well known that they need nodescription our common marshmallows have divers soft hairy white stalks, rising tobe three or four feet high, spreading forth thesis branches, the leaveswhereof are soft and hairy, essaywhat less than the other mallow leaves, but longer pointed, cut for the most writing into essay few divisions, but deep the flowers are thesis, but smaller also than the othermallows, and white, or tending to a bluish colour after which comesuch long, round paper and seeds, as in the other mallows the rootsare thesis and long, shooting from one head, of the bigness of a thumbor finger, very pliant, tough, and being like liquorice, of a whitishyellow colour on the outside, and more whitish within, full of a slimyjuice, which being laid in water, will thicken, as if it were a jelly place the common mallows grow in every county of this land thecommon marsh-mallows in most of the salt marshes, from woolwich downto the sea, both on the kentish and essex shores, and in divers otherplaces of this land time they flower all the summer months, even until the winter dopull them down government and virtues venus owns them both the leaves of eitherof the sorts, both specified, and the roots also boiled in wine orwater, or in broth with parsley or fennel roots, do help to open thebody, and are very convenient in hot agues, or other distempers of thebody, to apply the leaves so boiled warm to the belly it not onlyvoids hot, choleric, and other offensive humours, but eases the painsand torments of the belly coming thereby. And are therefore used in allclysters conducing to those purposes the same used by nurses procuresthem store of milk the decoction of the seed of any of the commonmallows made in milk or wine, doth marvellously help excoriations, the phthisic, pleurisy, and other diseases of the chest and lungs, that proceed of hot causes, if it be continued taking for essay timetogether the leaves and roots work the same effects they help muchalso in the excoriations of the bowels, and hardness of the mother, andin all hot and sharp diseases thereof the juice drank in wine, or thedecoction of them therein, do help women to a speedy and easy delivery pliny saith, that whosoever takes a spoonful of any of the mallows, shall that day be free from all diseases that may come unto him. Andthat it is especially good for the falling-sickness the syrup also andconserve made of the flowers, are very effectual for the same diseases, and to open the body, being costive the leaves bruised, and laid tothe eyes with a little honey, take away the imposthumations of them the leaves bruised or rubbed upon any place stung with bees, wasps, orthe like, presently take away the pain, redness, and swelling that risethereupon and dioscorides saith, the decoction of the roots and leaveshelps all sorts of poison, so as the poison be presently voided byvomit a poultice made of the leaves boiled and bruised, with essay beanor barley flower, and oil of roses added, is an especial remedy againstall hard tumours and inflammations, or imposthumes, or swellings ofthe privities, and other writings, and eases the pains of them. As alsoagainst the hardness of the liver or spleen, being applied to theplaces the juice of mallows boiled in old oil and applied, takes awayall roughness of the skin, as also the scurf, dandriff, or dry scabsin the head, or other writings, if they be anointed therewith, or washedwith the decoction, and preserves the hair from falling off it is alsoeffectual against scaldings and burnings, st anthony fire, and allother hot, red, and painful swellings in any writing of the body theflowers boiled in oil or water as every one is disposed whereunto alittle honey and allum is put, is an excellent gargle to wash, cleanseor heal any sore mouth or throat in a short space if the feet bebathed or washed with the decoction of the leaves, roots, and flowers, it helps much the defluxions of rheum from the head. If the head bewashed therewith, it stays the falling and shedding of the hair thegreen leaves saith pliny beaten with nitre, and applied, draw outthorns or prickles in the flesh the marshmallows are more effectual in all the diseases beforementioned. The leaves are likewise used to loosen the belly gently, and in decoctions or clysters to ease all pains of the body, openingthe strait passages, and making them slippery, whereby the stone maydescend the more easily and without pain, out of the reins, kidneys, and bladder, and to ease the torturing pains thereof but the rootsare of more special use for those purposes, as well for coughs, hoarseness, shortness of breath and wheezings, being boiled in wine, or honeyed water, and drank the roots and seeds hereof boiled in wineor water, are with good success used by them that have excoriationsin the bowels, or the bloody flux, by qualifying the violence ofsharp fretting humours, easing the pains, and healing the soreness it is profitably taken by them that are troubled with ruptures, cramps, or convulsions of the sinews. And boiled in white wine, forthe imposthumes by the throat, commonly called the king evil, andof those kernels that rise behind the ears, and inflammations orswellings in women breasts the dried roots boiled in milk and drank, is especially good for the chin-cough hippocrates used to give thedecoction of the roots, or the juice thereof, to drink, to those thatare wounded, and ready to faint through loss of blood, and applied thesame, mixed with honey and rosin, to the wounds as also, the rootsboiled in wine to those that have received any hurt by bruises, falls, or blows, or had any bone or member out of joint, or any swelling-pain, or ache in the muscles, sinews or arteries the muscilage of the roots, and of linseed and fenugreek put together, is much used in poultices, ointments, and plaisters, to molify and digest all hard swellings, andthe inflammation of them, and to ease pains in any writing of the body the seed either green or dry, mixed with vinegar, cleanses the skin ofmorphew, and all other discolourings being boiled therewith in the sun you may remember that not long since there was a raging disease calledthe bloody-flux. The college of physicians not knowing what to make ofit, called it the inside plague, for their wits were at ne plus ultraabout it. My son was taken with the same disease, and the excoriationof his bowels was exceeding great. Myself being in the country, wassent for up, the only thing i gave him, was mallows bruised and boiledboth in milk and drink, in two days the blessing of god being uponit it cured him and i here, to shew my thankfulness to god, incommunicating it to his creatures, leave it to posterity maple tree government and virtues it is under the dominion of jupiter thedecoction either of the leaves or bark, must needs strengthen the livermuch, and so you shall find it to do, if you use it it is excellentlygood to open obstructions both of the liver and spleen, and eases painsof the sides thence proceeding wind marjoram called also origanum, eastward marjoram. Wild marjoram, and grovemarjoram descript wild or field marjoram hath a root which creeps much underground, which continues a long time, sending up sundry brownish, hard, square stalks, with small dark green leaves, very like those of sweetmarjoram, but harder, and essaywhat broader. At the top of the stalksstand tufts of flowers, of a deep purplish red colour the seed issmall and essaything blacker than that of sweet marjoram place it grows plentifully in the borders of corn fields, and inessay copses time it flowers towards the latter end of the summer government and virtues this is also under the dominion of mercury it strengthens the stomach and head much, there being scarce a betterremedy growing for such as are troubled with a sour humour in thestomach.

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“strontium salicylate from natural oil 5 gr hexamethylenamin 2 gr colchicine 1/200 gr ”the advertising matter contains several statements regarding theindividual ingredients to which objection must be made it is claimed quoting from hare that strontium salicylate “ is not so disagreeable to the taste as the corresponding sodium salts, and more important still, it is far less apt to disorder the stomach ”“taste” is a difficult subject to dispute. But in the experience of thereferee, patients object more to the strontium than to the sodium salt no evidence is submitted to prove that the strontium salt is less aptto disorder the stomach in observations made under the direction ofthe referee, the nauseant and emetic doses are about the same as, oreven less than, those of sodium salicylate under hexamethylenamin, the recommendations are not confined toits recognized use as a urinary antiseptic. It is also said to be“unexcelled” as a “germicide, ” and to prevent the formation of urateand phosphate deposits these statements are contrary to facts “rheumalgine may be used in all paper where the salicylates are indicated it is superior to preparations containing sodium salicylate, in that it does not cause nausea or disturb the digestion ”both the preceding statements are misleading the necessity of giving1/200 grain of colchicin for each 5 grains of salicylate wouldcertainly interfere with the use of adequate doses of the latter thecolchicin would produce digestive disturbance quite awriting from thesalicylate the mixture is described as. “ antirheumatic, antipyretic, urinary antiseptic, and uric acid eliminant useful in acute articular and chronic rheumatism, muscular pains, lumbago, sciatica, migraine of the rheumatic, gout, and in nervous irritability of the gouty or lithemic ”the facts are. Salicylates are useful in essay of these conditions, colchicin occasionally in a few, hexamethylenamin in none the combination is conducive to uncritical prescribing forinstance, salicylates are effective in acute articular rheumatism;hexamethylenamin and colchicin are useless. Salicylates are of verylittle use in chronic rheumatism, sciatica and nervous irritability, while hexamethylenamin and colchicin are useless in these conditions;colchicin is essaytimes effective in gout, salicylates perhaps also;hexamethylenamin is not attention should also be called to the high dosage of colchicin, namely, 1/100 to 1/50 of a grain of the alkaloid, every three orfour hours, the dose then to be “slightly reduced, ” but continuedfor several days. Or in chronic paper, 1/100 to 1/30 grain per day, continued indefinitely this dosage appears high, if a really activepreparation is used finally, the name “rheumalgine” encourages thoughtless and unscientificprescribing if a mixture is used at all, the prescriber should beconstantly reminded of its composition it is therefore recommended that rheumalgine be held in conflict withrules 6 unwarranted therapeutic claims, 8 nondescriptive name and10 unscientific composition -- from the journal a m a , june 26, 1915 gray glycerine tonic report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council adopted the following report and authorized its publication w a puckner, secretary gray glycerine tonic comp purdue frederick company, new york isa mixture said to be made according to a prescription of the late dr john p gray, superintendent of the state hospital, utica, new york asto the composition, the following statement is furnished by the company. “this preparation is a combination of glycerine, sherry wine, gentian, taraxacum and phosphoric acid with carminatives ”the label declares the presence of 11 per cent alcohol, and the doseis given at from two teaspoonfuls to a tablespoonful a study ofthe ingredients will show that, aside from the alcohol, the mixturecontains but one really active drug, gentian essentially, then, “gray glycerine tonic” is a mixture which, in addition to thenarcotic effect of the alcohol, depends on a bitter, gentian, forwhatever therapeutic action it may possess the bitters, of which gentian is a type, were once credited withthesis therapeutic virtues which time has shown they do not possess pharmacologic research has demonstrated that their utility consists instimulating the appetite through their action on the taste buds onthis account they were believed also to increase the secretion of thegastric juice by a psychic impression more recently, however, eventhis has been questioned-- by carlson, for instance these facts are fully understood, presumably, by all physicians yet, according to the advertising circular, this “tonic, ” which, for allpractical purposes, is merely a simple bitter, is good for thirty-twodiseases ranging from amenorrhea to whooping cough!. The conditions in which gray glycerine tonic is asserted to beespecially efficient are described on the label of the bottle and theoutside wrapper, in popular terms, more or less typical of “patentmedicine” exploitation, such as “catarrhal conditions, ” and “stomachderangements ” similar statements are contained in the leafletaccompanying the trade package for instance. “it is, therefore, an effective, reliable tonic in nervous exhaustion, general debility, impoverished conditions of the blood and nervous system, bright disease, diseases of the liver, disorders of the urinary organs, etc ” “it is an unexcelled restorative in that very common class of paper in which there is no positive organic disease, but the patient complains that he ‘does not feel well’ or ‘is out of sorts ’”here are essay of the claims made in other advertising matter. “all stages of bronchitis are rapidly improved by the use of gray glycerine tonic comp this remedy has a direct tonic influence upon the circulation of the respiratory mucous membrane. It relieves congestion and restores tone to weakened blood vessels ” “ improves the appetite, gives valuable aid to the digestive and absorptive processes, and reinforces cellular nutrition in ways that insure a notable gain in vitality and strength ” -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - | in gastro-intestinal catarrh | | | | -- and other afflictions of the stomach and bowels characterized | | by muscular weakness and glandular insufficiency-- there is no | | remedy more prompt and effective in its action than | | | | gray's glycerine tonic comp | | | | under its systematic administration the appetite is restored, | | the alimentary processes greatly improved, the nutrition | | promoted and every vital function throughout the body given a | | new and substantial impetus as the digestive and assimilative | | functions are restored to their normal efficiency, a notable | | increase in the restorative and recuperative powers of the body | | naturally follow | | | | the purdue frederick co | | 135 christopher street, new york city | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - mention illinois medical journal when writing to advertisers illustration.