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And the master thesis help root beaten with a little salt, andlaid on the place, suddenly eases the pain thereof, and helps thosethat are bit by a mad dog the juice of the leaves being drank withhoney, provokes urine, and remedies the pain of the bladder the seedbeing drank in wine forty days together, doth wonderfully help thesciatica the leaves bruised with the white of an egg, and applied toany place burnt with fire, takes out the fire, gives sudden ease, andheals it up afterwards the decoction of them fomented on any frettingsore, or canker, stays the corroding quality, which must be afterwardsanointed with an ointment made of the same liquor, hog-grease, nitre, and vinegar boiled together the roots may be preserved withsugar, and taken fasting, or at other times, for the same purposes, andfor consumptions, the stone, and the lask the seed is much commendedto break the stone, and cause it to be expelled by urine, and is oftenused with other seeds and things to that purpose cabbages and coleworts i shall spare labour in writing a description of these, since almostevery one that can but write at all, may describe them from his ownknowledge, they being generally so well known, that descriptions arealtogether needless place they are generally planted in gardens time their flower time is towards the middle, or end of july, andthe seed is ripe in august government and virtues the cabbages or coleworts boiled gentlyin broth, and eaten, do open the body, but the second decoction dothbind the body the juice thereof drank in wine, helps those that arebitten by an adder, and the decoction of the flowers brings downwomen courses. Being taken with honey, it recovers hoarseness, orloss of the voice the often eating of them well boiled, helps thosethat are entering into a consumption the pulp of the middle ribs ofcoleworts boiled in almond milk, and made up into an electuary withhoney, being taken often, is very profitable for those that are puffyand short winded being boiled twice, an old cock boiled in the brothand drank, it helps the pains and the obstructions of the liver andspleen, and the stone in the kidneys the juice boiled with honey, anddropped into the corner of the eyes, clears the sight, by consumingany film or clouds beginning to dim it. It also consumes the cankersgrowing therein they are much commended, being eaten before meat tokeep one from surfeiting, as also from being drunk with too much wine, or quickly to make a man sober again that was drunk before for asthey say there is such an antipathy or enmity between the vine and thecoleworts, that the one will die where the other grows the decoctionof coleworts takes away the pain and ache, and allays the swelling ofsores and gouty legs and knees, wherein thesis gross and watery humoursare fallen, the place being bathed therewith warm it helps also oldand filthy sores, being bathed therewith, and heals all small scabs, pushes, and wheals, that break out in the skin the ashes of colewortstalks mixed with old hog-grease, are very effectual to anoint thesides of those that have had long pains therein, or any other placepained with melancholy and windy humours this was surely chrysippusgod, and therefore he wrote a whole volume on them and their virtues, and that none of the least neither, for he would be no small fool.

Avicenna thinks them different:i hold with mesue. Indeed they differ in form, for the one is long, the other round. They are both hot and dry in the second degree, expelwind, resist poison, stop fluxes, and the menses, stay vomiting, helpthe cholic, and kill worms. You may take half a dram at a time zingiberis of ginger helps digestion, warms the stomach, clears thesight, and is profitable for old men. Heats the joints, and thereforeis profitable against the gout, expels wind. It is hot and dry in thesecond degree barks a pil rad of the roots of smallage take notice here, that the barksboth of this root, as also of parsley, fennel, &c is all of the rootwhich is in use, neither can it properly be called bark, for it is allthe root, the hard pith in the middle excepted, which is always thrownaway, when the roots are used it is essaything hotter and drier thanparsley, and more medicinal. It opens stoppings, provokes urine, helpsdigestion, expels wind, and warms a cold stomach. Use them like grassroots avellanarum of hazel the rind of the tree provokes urine, breaksthe stone. The husks and shells of the nuts, dried and given in powder, stay the immoderate flux of the menses aurantiorum of oranges both these, and also lemons and citrons, are of different qualities. The outward bark, viz what looks red, is hot and dry, the white is cold and moist, the juice colder than it, the seeds hot and dry. The outward bark is that which here i am tospeak to, it is essaywhat hotter than either that of lemons or citrons, therefore it warms a cold stomach more, and expels wind better, butstrengthens not the heart so much berber, &c barberries the rind of the tree according to clœsius, being steeped in wine, and the wine drank, purges choler, and is asingular remedy for the yellow jaundice boil it in white wine anddrink it see the directions at the beginning cassia lignea, &c it is essaything more oily than cinnamon, yet thevirtues being not much different, i refer you thither capparis rad of caper roots see the roots castanearum of chesnuts the bark of the chesnut tree is dry andbinding, and stops fluxes cinnamonum cinnamon, and cassia lignea, are hot and dry in thesecond degree, strengthens the stomach, help digestion, cause a sweetbreath, resist poison, provoke urine, and the menses, cause speedydelivery in women to travail, help coughs and defluxions of humoursupon the lungs, dropsy, and difficulty of urine in ointments it takesaway red pimples, and the like deformities from the face there isscarce a better remedy for women in labour, than a dram of cinnamonnewly beaten into powder, and taken in white wine citrij of pome citrons the outward pill, which i suppose is thatwhich is meant here. It strengthens the heart, resists poison, amendsa stinking breath, helps digestion, comforts a cold stomach ebuli rad of the roots of dwarf-elder, or walwort see the herbs enulæ of elecampane see the roots esulæ rad see the roots fabarum of beans bean cods or pods, as we in sussex call thembeing bruised, the ashes are a sovereign remedy for aches in thejoints, old bruises, gouts, and sciaticas fœniculi rad of fennel roots see the roots, and remember theobservation given in smallage at the beginning of the barks fraxini rad of the bark of ash-tree roots the bark of the tree, helps the rickets, is moderately hot and dry, stays vomiting. Beingburnt, the ashes made into an ointment, helps leprosy and otherdeformity of the skin, eases pains of the spleen you may lay the barkto steep in white wine for the rickets, and when it hath stood so fortwo or three days, let the diseased child drink now and then a spoonfulof it granatorum of pomegranates the rind cools, and forcibly binds, stays fluxes, and the menses, helps digestion, strengthens weakstomachs, fastens the teeth, and are good for such whose gums waste you may take a dram of it at a time inwardly pomegranate flowers areof the same virtue gatrujaci see the wood juglandium virid of green walnuts as for the outward green bark ofwalnuts, i suppose the best time to take them is before the walnutsbe shelled at all, and then you may take nuts and all if they mayproperly be called nuts at such a time you shall find them exceedingcomfortable to the stomach, they resist poison, and are a mostexcellent preservative against the plague, inferior to none.

It provokessleep you may take half an ounce at a time, or two drams if the writingybe weak aqua theriacalis or treacle water college take of the juice of green walnuts, four pounds, the juiceof rue three pounds, juice of carduus, marigolds, and bawm, of each twopounds, green petasitis roots one pound and a half, the roots of bursone pound, angelica and master-wort, of each half a pound, the leavesof scordium four handfuls, old venice master thesis help treacle, mithridates, of eacheight ounces, canary wine twelve pounds, vinegar six pounds, juice oflemons two pounds, digest them two days, either in horse-dung, or ina bath, the vessel being close shut, then distil them in sand. In thedistillation you may make a theriacal extraction culpeper this water is exceeding good in all fevers, especiallypestilential. It expels venomous humours by sweat. It strengthens theheart and vitals. It is an admirable counter-poison, special good forsuch as have the plague, or are poisoned, or bitten by venomous beasts, and expels virulent humours from such as have the venereal disease if you desire to know more virtues of it, see the virtues of venicetreacle the dose is from a spoonful to an ounce aqua brioniæ composita or briony water compound college take of the juice of briony roots, four pounds, the leavesof rue and mugwort, of each two pounds, dryed savin three handfuls, featherfew, nep, pennyroyal, of each two handfuls, bazil, dittany, ofcrete, of each one handful and a half, orange pills four ounces, myrrhtwo ounces, castoreum one ounce, canary wine twelve pounds, digestthem four days in a convenient vessel, then still them in balneomariæ. About the middle of the distillation strain it out, and make anhysterical extraction of the residue culpeper a spoonful of it taken, eases the fits of the mother inwomen that have them. It potently expels the afterbirth, and clears thebody of what a midwife by heedlessness or accident hath left behind. Itcleanses the womb exceedingly, and for that i fancy it much, take notabove a tasterful at a time, and then in the morning fasting, for it isof a purging quality, and let pregnant women forbear it aqua imperialis or imperial water the college take of dried citron, and orange pills, nutmegs, cloves, cinnamon, of each two ounces, the roots of cypress, orris, florentine, calamus aromaticus, of each one ounce, zedoary galanga, ginger, of each half an ounce, the tops of lavender and rosemary, ofeach two handfuls, the leaves of bay, marjoram, bawm, mints, sage, thyme, of each one handful, the flowers of white and damask rosesfresh, of each half a handful, rose-water four pounds, white wine eightpounds, let all of them be bruised and infused twenty four hours, thendistil them according to art culpeper you must distil it in a bath, and not in sand. It comfortsand strengthens the heart against faintings and swoonings, and is heldto be a preservative against consumptions and apoplexies you may takehalf a spoonful at a time aqua mirabilis college take of cloves, galanga, cubebs, mace, cardamoms, nutmegs, ginger, of each one dram, juice of celandine half a pound, spirits ofwine one pound, white wine three pounds, infuse them twenty-four hours, and draw off two pounds with an alembick culpeper the simples also of this, regard the stomach, andtherefore the water heats cold stomachs, besides authors say itpreserves from apoplexies, and restores lost speech aqua protheriacalis college take of scordium, scabius, carduus, goat rue, of each twohandfuls, citron and orange pills, of each two ounces, the seeds ofcitrons, carduus, hartwort, treacle, mustard, of each one ounce, theflowers of marigolds and rosemary, of each one handful, cut them, andbruise them grossly, then infuse them in four pounds of white wine, andtwo pounds of carduus water, in a glass, close stopped, and set it inthe sun of bath for a fortnight, often shaking it, then distil it inbalneo mariæ let the two first pounds be kept by themselves for use, and the remainder of the distillation by itself. Lastly, mix one ounceof julep of alexandria, and a spoonful of cinnamon water with eachpound culpeper aqua protheriacalis, signifies a water for treacle, sothen if you put diascoridum to it, it is a water for diascoridum. Wellthen, we will take it for a general water for all physick aqua caponis or capon water college take a capon the guts being pulled out, cut in pieces, thefat being taken away, boiled in a sufficient quantity of spring-waterin a close vessel, take of this broth three pounds borrage andviolet-water, of each a pound and a half, white wine one pound, redrose leaves two drams and an half, the flowers of borrage, violets andbugloss, of each one dram, pieces of bread, hot out of the oven, halfa pound, cinnamon bruised, half an ounce, distil it in a glass stillaccording to art culpeper the simples are most of them appropriated to the heart, and in truth the composition greatly nourishes and strengthens suchas are in consumptions, and restores lost strength, either by feversor other sickness. It is a sovereign remedy for hectic fevers, andmarasmos, which is nothing else but a consumption coming from them letsuch as are subject to these diseases, hold it for a jewel aqua limacum magistr or water of snails college take of the juice of ground ivy, colt-foot, scabious, lungwort, of each one pound and a half, the juice of purslain, plantain, ambrosia, paul bettony, of each a pound, hog blood, whitewine, of each four pounds, garden snails, two pound, dried tobaccoleaves eight, powder of liquorice two ounces, of elecampane half anounce, of orris an ounce, cotton seeds an ounce and a half, the greatercold seeds, annis seeds of each six drams, saffron one dram, theflowers of red roses, six pugils, of violets and borrage, of each fourpugils, steep them three days warm, and then distil them in a glassstill, in sand culpeper it purges the lungs of flegm and helps consumptions there if you should happen to live where no better nor readier medicine canbe gotten, you may use this aqua scordii composita or compound water of scordium college take of the juice of goat rue, sorrel, scordium, citrons, of each one pound, london treacle, half a pound, steep it three days, and distil it in sand culpeper a tasterful taken in the morning, preserves from ill airs aqua mariæ college take of sugar candy a pound, canary wine six ounces, rosewater four ounces. Boil it well into a syrup, and add to it imperialwater two pounds, ambergreese, musk, of each eighteen grains, saffronfifteen grains, yellow sanders infused in imperial water, two drams;make a clear water of it aqua papaveries composita or poppy water compound college take of red poppies four pounds, sprinkle them with whitewine two pounds, then distil them in a common still, let the distilledwater be poured upon fresh flowers and repeated three times. To whichdistilled water add two nutmegs sliced, red poppy flowers a pugil, sugar two ounces, set it in the sun to give it a pleasing sharpness;if the sharpness be more than you would have it, put essay of the samewater to it which was not set in the sun aqua juglandium composita or walnut water compound college take of green walnuts a pound and an half, radish roots onepound, green asarabacca six ounces, radish seeds, six ounces let allof them, being bruised, be steeped in three pounds of white wine forthree days, then distilled in a leaden still till they be dry tinctures tinctura croci or tincture of saffron college take two drams of saffron, eight ounces of treacle water, digest them six days, then strain it culpeper see the virtues of treacle water, and then know that thisstrengthens the heart essaything more, and keeps melancholy vapoursthence by drinking a spoonful of it every morning tinctura castorii or tincture of castoreum college take of castoreum in powder half an ounce, spirit ofcastoreum half a pound, digest them ten days cold, strain it, and keepthe liquor for tincture culpeper a learned invention!. ’tis essaything more prevalent thanthe spirit tinctura fragroram or tincture of strawberries college take of ripe wood-strawberries two pounds, put them ina phial, and put so much small spirits of wine to them, that it mayovertop them the thickness of four fingers, stop the vessel close, andset it in the sun two days, then strain it, and press it but gently;pour this spirit to as thesis fresh strawberries, repeat this six times, at last keep the clear liquor for your use culpeper a fine thing for gentlemen that have nothing else to dowith their money, and it will have a lovely look to please their eyes tinctura scordii or tincture of scordium college take of the leaves of scordium gathered in a dry time, half a pound, digest them in six pounds of small spirits of wine, in avessel well stopped, for three days, press them out gently, and repeatthe infusion three times, and keep the clarified liquor for use so is made tincture of celandine, rest-harrow, and rosa-solis culpeper see the herbs for the virtues, and then take notice thatthese are better for cold stomachs, old bodies tinctura theriacalis vulgo aqua theriacalis ludg per infus or tincture of treacle college take of canary wine often times distilled, vinegar in whichhalf an ounce of rue seeds have been boiled, two pounds choice treacle, the best mithridate, of each half a pound. Mix them and set them in thesun, or heat of a bath, digest them, and keep the water for use tinctura cinnamoni, vulgo, aqua clareta cinnam or tincture of cinnamon college take of bruised cinnamon two ounces, rectified spirits ofwine two pounds, infuse them four days in a large glass stopped withcork and bladder, shake it twice a day, then dissolve half a pound ofsugar candy by itself in two pounds of rose water, mix both liquors, into which hang a nodule containing, ambergris half a scruple, muskfour grains tinctura viridis or a green tincture college take of verdigris, half an ounce, auripigmentum sixdrams, alum three drams, boil them in a pound of white wine till halfbe consumed, adding, after it is cold, the water of red roses, andnightshade, of each six ounces culpeper this was made to cleanse ulcers, but i fancy it not aqua aluminosa magistralis college take of plantain and red rose water, of each a pound, rochalum and sublimatum, of each two drams.

1 biniodol severe, 33 3. Mild, 35 9. None, 10 3. unrecorded, 20 5 2 without guaiacol severe, 12 2. Mild, 36 8. None, 39 0. unrecorded, 12 2 3 with guaiacol severe, 18 9. Mild, 67 5. None, 8 1. unrecorded, 5 5 the manufacturer of biniodol supplied the names of several physicianswho have used that preparation in their practice correspondence withthese elicited the following statements:one had used biniodol in forty-eight paper and states that “only a fewpatients complain of pain at all and then only of a general soreness inthe muscle ” this physician reports a limited experience with the useof another manufacturer “mercury biniodide oil solution” apparentlysix paper, but severe pain following the injections made it necessaryto abandon that preparation another of these physicians named by the manufacturer, withoutreference to any series of paper, reports that “biniodol is superior toany oily solution of mercury biniodid that i have tried ”a third physician has “used it biniodol a few times” and is“convinced that it has no special action or virtue” over “any redmercuric iodide in oil ”this evidence, in its most favorable estimate, shows biniodol to bea good 1 per cent solution of mercuric iodid in oil, but fails tojustify attributing to the preparation any unique characteristics thepreparations made in the laboratory were as satisfactory, or betterthan the biniodol, and the presence or absence of the guaiacol was ofno consequence biniodol conflicts with rule 6, since claims of superior therapeuticefficiency made for it are not established. And with rules 8 and10, since it is an unessential modification of an establishednonproprietary article marketed under a proprietary name in view of the foregoing, the referee recommends that biniodol benot accepted for new and nonofficial remedies, and that this report, including the clinical investigations of drs cole and keidel, beauthorized for publication comparative symptoms resulting from the use of several oily suspensions of red mercuric iodid mercury biniodid report of dr h n colecc from the dewritingment of dermatology and syphilology of the westernreserve university and of the cleveland city hospital at the request of prof torald sollmann of the council on pharmacy andchemistry of the american medical association, we made a comparativestudy of several oily preparations of red mercuric iodid forintramuscular injections in syphilis the information, concerning the preparations submitted to theinvestigators, was as follows. Oily solution of red mercuric iodid“it is desired to ascertain whether there is any difference betweenthree preparations, each containing 1 per cent of mercuric iodid, asto pain, discomfort, induration, etc the preparations will be labeled“1, ” “2” and “3 ” they will be sterile “one of these preparations will be a plain solution in oil. Anotherwill contain, in addition, 2 5 per cent of guaiacol. The third will bea proprietary preparation containing the guaiacol “it is also desirable to know how the oily solution compares with theplain watery solution.

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In 3, changes in the skin and hyoid bone or larynx, or both in 14 of the 50 paper the hyoid bone was fractured. In 20 the larynx. And in 1 the vertebræ the common carotid arteries were injured in 6 the number and severity of the lesions bore no constant relation to the thickness of the ligature, nor to the force used, but rather to the position of the body ecker865 reported a case of suicidal hanging in a man, age 40, where the soft palate was swollen and filled up the passage so that the air evidently could not enter the larynx and the trachea are usually deeply congested, of a redcolor.