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She made her final dive and the hitachi maru, 1st class japanese passenger steamer, ceased to be there were a great thesis satisfied ah, ahs from the german crew as she disappeared, and a general feeling of satisfaction among them for myself, i am afraid there was a tear in my eye, and all that i can wish these destroyers of good honest ships is that may they essaytime think of how they smiled as they sank these ships, when they are standing around with empty bellies waiting for a chance to earn a living as sailors i can understand a landsman sinking a ship and thinking it a joke, but a sailor, to my mind, should feel sad at seeing the end of an honest vessel, may she belong to friend or enemy i know one german officer who told me that, when the wolf returned to gerthesis, he would never go in a raider again. That he made his living going to sea and could not stand seeing ships sunk from the chagos islands we steamed toward the cape of good hope, and on november 10th, at 6:30 a m , wolf captured the spanish steamer igotz mendi with a cargo of coal from delagoa bay to colombo for the british government this was a very tame capture, the captain stopping as soon as he was signalled, thinking possibly that he was immune because he was neutral no such luck lieutenant rose and his prize crew went on board and took command, all the spaniards staying on board the first official act of rose was to order captain uralda to vacate his room so that he, rose, could use it captain uralda answered temperamentally by throwing an inkstand at rose unfortunately capt uralda is no christie mathewson and the first one was a ball however, the spanish captain gave up his room both vessels now returned to the chagos group and tied up together there was weeping and wailing on the wolf that they did not hang on to the hitachi maru for a few more days if they had, and the wolf had captured igotz mendi, all three of us would have gone to gerthesis and the imperial government would very probably have been richer by thesis thousands of marks worth of valuable cargo that was sunk with the hitachi the germans transferred essay two thousand tons of coal from the igotz mendi to the wolf at this time on november 12th, the two australian medical officers and the major's wife, a british professor from siam and his wife, "father" cross an eminent british barrister from singapore and his wife, the technical mining man and his wife, one chinese woman and husband, one mauritian woman and a little black girl, and two male invalids were suddenly ordered on board the igotz just as they stood there was lots of excitement, as the wolf had picked up a wireless message from a cruiser which was within 30 miles of us, but which unfortunately kept right on going a couple of german sailors dumped everything in our room on the wolf into a couple of bed sheets and dumped them down on the deck of the igotz mendi for us our quarters here on the igotz mendi were fairly good, especially in warm weather, but later on in the cold regions they were far from livable "father" cross, the colonel and the two sick men were quartered aft under the poop in a room that had formerly been a boatswain locker. The rest of us were housed amidships in what was before the spanish officers' quarters the spanish deck officers doubled up with the engine room squad, thereby leaving their rooms vacant for us to occupy i wish to add here that at the time of the transfer of the prisoners from the s s metunga to the wolf, mrs x, steward of the metunga, was quartered on the top deck with the rest of the womenfolks mrs x was an australian woman of middle age and the widow of a chief engineer in the same company that owned the metunga after her transfer to the wolf, she was ordered by the german officers to take care of the ladies' quarters on account of the overbearing and insolent manners of essay of her fellow shipmates, she refused duty, stating that she was a british subject and a prisoner of war and entitled to the same treatment as the rest of the women prisoners in this she was perfectly justified and i am certain it was through lieut rose's influence that this demand of her services was made, as rose was very writingial to one of these ex-passengers later on when transferred to the hitachi maru mrs x was quartered aft in the second class, she being the only white woman there. And things were made generally disagreeable for her this no doubt was because she was brave enough to show her independence and stand up for her right when we were transferred from the wolf to the igotz mendi she asked to be kept on the wolf, rather than go on the igotz mendi under the charge of rose, stating that she would rather take the chances with the rest of them on the wolf than be treated as she felt she would be on the igotz mendi this permission was granted her.

there is no reliable evidence that they exert literary analysis essay outline a physiologic effect. It has not been demonstrated that they influence any pathologic process. They are not ‘foods ’ if they are of any use, that use has never been discovered ”the case seems to stand about like this. A nostrum maker spendsthousands of dollars to tell physicians that his cloudy preparation isnot like other preparations, and physicians are expected to acceptthat as convincing evidence that they should prescribe and theirpatients, perforce, take it this too, in spite of the evidence gainedby careful scientific investigators that the hypophosphites in fairlylarge doses contain less available phosphorus than half a glass ofmilk, and that there is no evidence available that they exert anytherapeutic effects at all should we take the meaningless statement of a nostrum maker, who doesnot submit evidence of any therapeutic value of his preparation-- unlessone can call certain careless habits of prescribing evidence-- andassume the responsibility of prescribing a nostrum that according toall scientific evidence available is useless, and of no more effectthan a few teaspoonfuls of milk, so far as its hypophosphite content isconcerned?.

Adults, 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls after meals and at bedtime children according to age ” it thus appears that adults are to takethis preparation as a “nutritive” in doses which represent from 3 to12 grains of sugar on the assumption that malt extract may contain asmuch as 50 per cent sugar and 8 to 30 minims of cod liver oil withunstated, but probably equally small, amounts of beef juice a consideration of the negligible food value of nutone as well asof the inefficiency of the other components and the claim that itis indicated in “malnutrition, ” “wasting diseases” and “incipientphthisis” classes nutone with that large group of shotgun mixtureswhich do harm in that dependence is placed on them in conditions inwhich the patient will probably be restored to health if proper medicaland hygienic measures are adopted in time the council declared nutone inadmissible to new and nonofficialremedies because it is an irrational shotgun mixture advertisedindirectly to the public with unwarranted therapeutic claims and anondescriptive therapeutically suggestive name -- from reports ofcouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 154 tri-arsenole, l o compound no 1 and l o compound no 2 report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrytri-arsenole -- according to the advertising of themedical supply company of atlanta, ga , “tri-arsenole” is“merco-arseno-benzo-chloride, ” and the claim is made. “this compound is the result of thesis years’ research the toxicity has been fully tested upon animals before using clinically, the latter having proven such complete success, we take pleasure in presenting it to the public ” “the manufacturers of tri-arsenol, before placing it upon the market, tested it biologically ”tri-arsenole is “recommended and suitable for the treatment of primary, secondary, tertiary and hereditary syphilis it has also been foundvery useful in pellagra and malaria ” the preparation is supplied inampules containing varying amounts of the dry substance it is to bedissolved in water and is to be administered intravenously in theadvertising attention is called to the yellow color of tri-arsenole;this, and the style of package suggest that it is a preparation similarto salvarsan in reply to a request sent the medical supply company for thequantitative composition and chemical formula of the compound“merco-arseno-benzo-chloride” and for the details of the biologic testby which its toxicity is claimed to have been determined and evidencefor its efficiency, the following statement was received. “tri-arsenole no 1 equals to each ampoule, gr sodium chlorid 4-1/2 hydrarg chlor -cor 1/4 arsenous acid 1/4 sodium benzoate 4 hydrastin resinoid 2 tri-arsenole no 2 equals to each ampoule, sodium chlorid 4 hydrarg chlor -cor 1/2 arsenous acid 1/2 sodium benzoate 4 hydrastin resinoid 2 tri-arsenole no 3 equals to each ampoule, sodium chlorid 3-1/2 hydrarg chlor -cor 3/4 arsenous acid 3/4 sodium benzoate 4 hydrastin resinoid 2 tri-arsenole no 4 equals to each ampoule, sodium chlorid 3 hydrarg chlor -cor 1 arsenous acid 1 sodium benzoate 4 hydrastin resinoid 2the request for information regarding the animal experiments said tohave determined the toxicity was ignored, nor were references suppliedto clinical reports demonstrating the value of the product the council declared tri-arsenole inadmissible to new and nonofficialremedies because of conflict with the rules as follows:in the absence of details of the method used, the claim that thepreparation has been tested biologically is in conflict with rule 2, which requires that for preparations claimed to be physiologicallystandardized the method of testing must be published so as to permit ofcontrol by independent investigators the claims that “merco-arseno-benzo-chloride” is “the result of thesisyears research, ” that its “toxicity has been fully tested upon animalsbefore using clinically” and that clinical use has “proven suchcomplete success” have not been substantiated by evidence and must beheld as unwarranted the name is in conflict with rule 8, which requires that pharmaceuticalmixtures shall bear names descriptive of their composition further, the name “tri-arsenole” by its similarity to diarsenol, the canadianbrand of arseno-phenolamin hydrochlorid, suggests that thispharmaceutical mixture is a chemical compound similar to salvarsan moreover, the danger of confusion is increased by the addition ofthe hydrastis preparation which imwritings a yellow color like that ofsalvarsan to the solution obtained when the colorless mercury andarsenic compounds of the mixture are dissolved again, the synonym“merco-arseno-benzo-chloride” conveys the false impression thattri-arsenole is a definite chemical compound the label does not declare the poisonous constituents claimed tobe contained in the mixture. Namely, “arsenous acid” and corrosivemercuric chlorid rule 7 there is no evidence that arsenous acid arsenic trioxid usedintravenously is efficient and safe as a spirocheticide, and theadministration of this drug in conjunction with mercuric chloridin fixed proportion is irrational and dangerous-- writingicularly sobecause of the implied similarity of tri-arsenole to arsenphenolaminhydrochlorid salvarsan, diarsenol rule 10 l o compound no 1 and l o compound no 2 -- in submitting thesepreparations to the council, the medical supply company stated that“no 1” was “composed of the following ingredients. Chloral, camphor, menthol, iodin, and oil of gualtheria, incorporated in a fatty base each ounce contains fifteen grains of chloral hydrate, nine grainsof resublimed iodine ” “no 2” was said to have the same compositionas “no 1” except that the oil of gaultheria had been omitted themedical supply company was informed that the rules of the councilrequired declaration of the amounts of each therapeutic constituentof pharmaceutical mixtures and that, therefore, in addition to theinformation furnished the amounts of camphor, menthol and oil ofgualtheria should be given for “no 1” and the amount of camphor andmenthol for “no 2 ” the following reply was received. “l o compound no 1 equals to each tube, chloral hydrate gr 15 camphor gr 22 menthol gr 7-1/2 iodin resublime gr 3-2/3 oil of gaultheria m 3 petrolatum, q s oz 1 l o compound no 2, the same as above formula for l o c no 1, except the oil of gaultheria which is omitted ”it should be noted that when the preparations were submitted each ounceof the preparation was claimed to contain 9 grains of iodin, whilein the subsequent letter the company declares that they contain only3-2/3 grains to the ounce if it be assumed that the unit intendedis the avoirdupois ounce, the preparation should contain 2 06 percent of iodin according to the first statement and 0 84 per cent ofiodin according to the second statement while the dark color of thepreparations suggested the presence of appreciable amounts of freeiodin, the a m a chemical laboratory reported that an examination ofthe specimens submitted by the medical supply company showed that “no 1” and “no 2” each contained but 0 033 per cent of free iodin. Henceboth preparations are in conflict with rule 1 for both preparations the labels suggest their use for the treatmentof “septic wounds, burns, pustular processes of all varieties, andespecially bronchial troubles ” this constitutes a conflict with rule4 regarding no 1 the advertising circular included with the tradepackage asserts. “its merits have been practically demonstrated in the following conditions we invite your especial attention to its use in diseases of the thoracic cavity, especially bronchitis and pneumonia, rheumatism, lumbago, migraine, neuralgia, orchitis, balanitis, enlarged glands or any disturbance of the lymphatic system, anti-galactagogue, or wherever analgesic action is required ”“no 2” is said to be especially adapted to the needs of the surgeon, it “can be applied in any wound either aseptic or infected ” it isasserted that the usual method of preparing patients for operation maybe discarded and that patients may be operated on after application ofthis ointment. “ we have no other preparation to-day which serves the purpose of l o compound in operative and post operative treatment “it is a powerful antiseptic and germicide combining anesthetic, analgesic and alterative properties ”after attempting to discredit the approved methods of preparing thefield for surgical operations, the advertising circular continues. “method of today. A liberal amount of l o compound no 2 is applied to the intended area of operation, massage thoroughly until absorption is complete patient is ready for operation ”both products are in conflict with rule 6 further, as the names ofthese pharmaceutical mixtures are not descriptive of their composition, they also conflict with rule 8 the use of complex mixtures such as these is irrational and leads tomisplaced confidence on the writing of the physician. Writingicularly when, as in this case, neither the label nor the advertising matter gives thenecessary information regarding the composition of the preparationsfurther than that, in accordance with the requirements of the federalfood and drugs act, the amount of chloral is declared rule 10 the council declared l o compound no 1 and l o compound no 2inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies for conflict with rules 1, 4, 6, 8 and 10 the council consideration of tri-arsenole, l o compound no 1 andl o compound no 2 was based on information received from the medicalsupply company, the correspondence being signed “medical supply co , per dr h e pontius ” the findings having been sent to the medicalsupply company, the following reply was received. june 27, 1917 “replying to your registered letter of this a m relative to the medical supply company products, will state that the writingy furnishing you with such information as you have in hand was misinformed he is no longer with this company and whereabouts unknown respectfully, medical supply company, signed w b lingo, president ”the medical supply company then was asked to point out any statementsoccurring in the report, as submitted, which the company consideredto be inaccurate. But no reply has been received to this request theadvertising sent out by the medical supply company during the lastwriting of august contained essentially the same statements and claims asthose to which reference is made in the preceding report a qualitativeexamination of tri-arsenole made in the a m a chemical laboratoryindicated the presence of sodium, mercury, arsenic, chlorid, benzoateand a hydrastis preparation quantitative determinations were not madeas there was no guarantee that an analysis of the present supply wouldindicate the composition of that marketed later on in view of the statement of the president of the company, that theinformation submitted in the letters from the medical supply companywas inaccurate, tri-arsenole and l o compound must definitely beplaced with preparations, the composition of which is not divulged bytheir owners. Hence tri-arsenole as well as l o compound no 1 andl o compound no 2 are in conflict with rule 1 -- from reports ofcouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 156 unctol report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryunctol, sold by the r r rogers chemical company, san francisco, is a paste stated to contain approximately 40 per cent of metallicmercury in a soap base it is claimed that a writing of the mercury is“precipitated mercury” and a writing “mechanically comminuted mercury ”unctol is sold as a substitute for mercurial ointment and is to berubbed into the skin with the aid of water the claim is made forunctol that “it is more active than blue ointment because the mercuryin it 40 per cent is more finely divided and the lathering stillfurther subdivides the mercury writingicles and hence promotes absorption ”no evidence was presented to the council in support of the claimedsuperior efficacy of mercury soap paste over the official mercurialointment on the other hand, a consultant of the council who hasstudied the absorption of mercury and mercury compounds, when appliedto the skin, reported that he had used mercury preparations in whichsoap was the base, and that in his opinion unctol could have noadvantage over the official mercurial ointment from the standpoint oftherapeutic effect moreover, the council is advised that essay trialswith unctol at the skin clinic of leland stanford university juniorschool of medicine did not confirm the claim that unctol is more activethan mercurial ointment the council declared unctol inadmissible to new and nonofficialremedies because. 1 the claim of superiority over mercurial ointmentis not substantiated, and constitutes an unwarranted therapeuticclaim rule 6 2 the name does not indicate the composition of thispharmaceutical mixture rule 8 3 the circular wrapped with the tradepackage advertises proprietary preparations not accepted by the council rule 4 -- from reports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 162 v-e-m schoonmaker laboratories, inc report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrybecause of inquiry received, the schoonmaker laboratories, inc , newyork, were requested to submit information in regard to the “v-e-m”products according to information received, these products have the followingcomposition.

And for the same reasonthe acceptance of an article which is so advertised as to infringe onthese limitations in any essential way as by naming diseases or bymaking false and exaggerated claims shall be summarily rescinded, and the reasons for such action may be published without notice tomanufacturer or agent a disinfectant, germicide or antiseptic willbe accepted for description in new and nonofficial remedies, and anarticle of this class which has already been accepted will continueto be included in new and nonofficial remedies only on the explicitunderstanding by the manufacturer and agent that such infringements ofthe rule will be followed by deletion of the article and by publicationof the facts as described foods -- we may divide the foods into three groups the first groupcontains the ordinary foods, including the well-known breakfastfoods these do not come under the supervision of the council inany way the second group includes a large and important class ofmanufactured products, such as invalid and infant foods, which in asense stand between the first and third groups the public has thesame interest in these foods that the physician has, and usually issupplied with full information concerning them while the primaryrecommendation of these articles should naturally come from thephysician, it cannot be expected that their continued use shoulddepend on repeated prescriptions information concerning this groupof foods would come naturally and properly from a physician, and thecollection and dissemination of this information may very properly beincluded in the work of this council as the products in this classare used extensively, it is not proper to limit their advertisingto medical journals, but the advertising should be permitted in thelay press so long as it is conducted in a manner compatible withthe rules of the council the third group includes medicinal foodsproper, such as predigested foods these have a relatively low foodvalue and are characterized by a high alcohol or preservativecontent they frequently contain strictly medicinal substances, orfood substances for which distinct therapeutic properties are claimed these products should be used only on the advice of the physician, andthe advertisements should be restricted as in the case of ordinarymedicines advertisements in foreign countries -- the council deals primarily, inthe interest of the public and of the medical profession, with articlesproposed for admission to new and nonofficial remedies, and, indetermining the status of any article, must take into consideration anystatements made regarding it or any method of advertising it employedby the manufacturer or his authorized agents or representatives, whether in this country or abroad the council will not regard aswithin its scope, however, questions concerning the marketing ofarticles except the matter of direct advertising to the laity andunwarranted claims or misrepresentations in any country which has apublic body corresponding to this council explanation of rule 4. Indirect advertisingmatter distributed solely to physicians -- it should be rememberedthat the sole intent of this rule is to protect the physician, sothat in prescribing a proprietary medicine he shall not unconsciouslyadvertise proprietary preparations the rule imposes no restriction onthe legitimate methods of bringing a remedy to the attention of theprofession, such as advertising in medical journals, circulars andother printed matter distributed solely to physicians the rule appliesonly to the package as it may reach the patient naming diseases on labels -- the naming of diseases on the labelor package is not necessary, as is shown by the very large numberof proprietary products which have been successfully introducedwithout resorting to this expedient this method of popularizing aproprietary remedy with the laity is most objectionable, and should notbe tolerated in any form in general, therapeutic indications shouldbe omitted from the label and package the council will not insiston this point, however, when such indications are so given as not topromote self-medication, writingicularly in diseases which require expertdiagnosis and supervision it will be considered an infringement ofthe rule if an article be marketed in bottles which have the name ofthe article blown into the glass, or if otherwise the name or initialsor other distinctive mark of the article is permanently stamped onthe container, on the article itself, or is on the stoppers or seals articles which are marketed in any of these ways are not acceptedfor new and nonofficial remedies readily removable labels are notobjectionable, nor is the permanent affixing of the firm initials orname to the trade package if such initials or name is not suggestive ofthe article the council does not countenance the use of an acceptedarticle for advertising other articles which have not been accepted bythe council explanation of rule 5. False claims as to originsource -- no false or misleading statement in regard to an article canbe permitted concerning the source of material from which it is made, or the persons by whom it is made essay glaring frauds of this naturehave been perpetrated in the past, and this rule is intended to preventsuch imposition explanation of rule 6. Unwarranted therapeutic claimstherapeutic questions -- this rule insists that the claims ofmanufacturers or agents concerning the therapeutic properties of theirproducts must be compatible with demonstrable facts manufacturerswill be held responsible for all statements made or quoted in theiradvertising “literature” regarding their products recognizing theexistence of honest differences of opinion on thesis therapeuticquestions, the council desires to be liberal in the application ofthis rule it is natural that a manufacturer should be writingial towardhis own product, and a moderate degree of emphasis in advertising maynot be objectionable the council, however, will not admit claims whichare neither in harmony with already accepted facts nor supported byacceptable evidence in doubtful paper the council considers thesequestions with the advice and cooperation of its staff of clinicalconsultants clinical evidence -- to be acceptable, the clinical evidence mustoffer objective data with such citation of authority as will enable thecouncil to confirm the facts and establish the scientific value of theconclusions drawn clinical data are worthless when the author is notcited the facts on which claims with regard to the value of a remedyare based must have been rendered accessible for investigation andconfirmation by disinterested observers, either through publication orthrough the records of a hospital or other institution explanation of rule 7. Poisonous substancespoisons -- for the information of the pharmacist or dispenser, and toenable him to safeguard the interests of the patient and the physician, all articles containing such potent agents as the poisonous alkaloidsand other organic substances and the salts of essay of the metals shouldhave the exact amount of these ingredients which is contained in theaverage adult dose stated on the label explanation of rule 8.

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Two had even taken out their first papers and all of these talked enthusiastically of going back to america as soon as the war was over i was very much interested in trying to find out just what the german opinion was of america coming into the war lieut rose used to stick his chest up in the air and say that the united states' coming in wouldn't make any difference in the ultimate outcome of the war, and that the only difference it would make was that the states would lose a lot of men and money just the same, i am of the opinion that rose knew that america's coming in spelled the finish of germania, though of course he wouldn't admit it one day at the table he said that the "star spangled banana, " as he loved to call our flag, was only a joke and that it looked like a gridiron to him i made the remark that possibly the stars and stripes would not prove the joke he imagined my retorts to sallies of this kind were very moderate, as i considered i was in no position to argue the point with him, and didn't want to lose any of my liberties i was always afraid to start an argument with him, as i am very hot-headed and knew that in the event of a row i was sure to get the worst of it eventually rose used to laugh at the american soldier, saying we were crazy to imagine that we could take a man and make a soldier out of him in a year, that at best these men would only be cannon fodder, that gerthesis had proved it takes three years to make a soldier, also that our submarines were mere toys, and that as for submarine defense, just as soon as we figured out essay yankee patent to protect our ships, they gerthesis would invent essay other way to destroy them rose believed that the submarine would eventually decide the war it was pretty hard to sit at the same table and hear an enemy slam the american government and not to be able to "hit back" or even "argue" the point on january 20th, in latitude 33 degrees north and longitude 40 degrees west, we again met the wolf, and, the weather being exceptionally fine and the sea very smooth, the wolf came alongside and we transferred essay 800 tons of coal to her each vessel's side was well supplied with large fenders or bumpers made of large coils of rope, so that when the vessels would bump together they would do as little damage as possible even under these favourable circumstances, however, the vessels rolled and tossed around a great deal, and occasionally essay very severe crashes were experienced. But commander nerger, realizing how great was his need for coal, and knowing it might be months before he would get as smooth sea again, held on and worked every man available despite the heavy bumping that was damaging both vessels the gang of men on the wolf trimming the coal in the bunkers could not handle the coal as fast as the other gang brought it to them, so, rather than delay the coaling, to save every minute, they dumped the coal on deck. And when the vessels were forced to writing owing to the increasing swells, both guns and both torpedo tubes on the after deck were covered with coal if a cruiser had happened along at that writingicular moment, the wolf's after battery would have been out of commission however, these conditions did not continue long, as all hands worked feverishly at the job until all the coal was under decks after the two vessels had writinged, we took stock of damages and found that several frames or ribs in the side of igotz mendi were broken, that essay plates on her side were badly stove in these flattened or stove-in places varied in size from six feet to forty feet in length luckily all our damage was above water line, and the vessel leaked only when rolling heavily, or when a big sea was running the wolf was also damaged, having several frames broken and four plates cracked she was leaking eleven tons of water per hour, while we averaged about one and one-half tons per hour from this point the two vessels separated after arranging another and final rendezvous at latitude 61 degrees north and longitude 33 degrees west, a point essay little distance southwest of iceland the weather from now commenced to get colder and we with our impoverished blood and scanty clothing commenced to feel the cold keenly then came another heartbreaking disappointment be it remembered that our daily prayer and hope was that we would meet a cruiser before we got into the extremely cold weather, where the suffering in the life-boats would be intense on january 24th the weather was very overcast, and drizzly, and inclined to be squally regular channel weather i was lying in my bunk reading a four months' old newspaper printed in africa, when at about five bells 2 30 p m my wife came to my door and said. "stan, there is a cruiser with four funnels just ahead of us " i thought she was kidding, and said. "all right, mamie, tell them to reserve an outside room for me " i then looked at her and saw she was white as a sheet i jumped up, knowing immediately there was "essaything doing " just as i hit the floor, the professor stuck his head in at the door and said.