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Inwardly taken it strengthens the brainand memory, the heart life story essay and vital spirit, warms cold stomachs, and isan exceeding strengthener of nature to old people, adding vigour todecayed and worn-out spirits. It provokes venery, and makes barrenwomen fruitful, if coldness and moisture or weakness be the causeimpediting assafœtida being smelled to, is vulgarly known to repress the fits ofthe mother. A little bit put into an aching tooth, presently eases thepain, ten grains of it taken before dinner, walking half an hour afterit, provokes appetite, helps digestion, strengthens the stomach, andtakes away loathing of meat, it provokes lust exceedingly and expelswind as much borax, besides the virtues it has to solder gold, silver, copper, &c inwardly given in small quantities, it stops fluxes, and the running ofthe reins. Being in fine powder, and put into green wounds, it curesthem at once dressing gambuge, which the college calls gutta gamba i know no good of it caranna outwardly applied, is excellent for aches and swellings inthe nerves and joints. If you lay it behind the ears, it draws backhumours from the eyes. Applied to the temples as they usually domastich, it helps the tooth-ache gum elimi, authors appropriate to fractures in the skull and head see arceus’ liniment gum lacca being well purified, and the quantity of half a dram takenin any convenient liquor, strengthens the stomach and liver, opensobstructions, helps the yellow jaundice and dropsy. Provokes urine, breaks the stone in the reins and bladder liquid amber is not much unlike liquid styrax. By unction it warmsand comforts a cold and moist brain, it eases all griefs coming ofa cold cause, it mightily comforts and strengthens a weak stomach, being anointed with it, and helps digestion exceedingly, it dissolvesswellings it is hot in the third degree, and moist in the first i think it would do the commonwealth no harm if i should speak a wordor two on manna here, although it be no gum. I confess authors makeessay flutter about it, what it is, essay holding it to be the juiceof a tree. I am confident it is the very same condensated that ourhoney-dews here are, only the contries whence it comes being farhotter, it falls in great abundance let him that desires reason forit, be pleased to read butler book of bees, a most excellentexperimental work, there he shall find reason enough to satisfy anyreasonable man choose the driest and whitest.

also it may be asked, has the number ofproprietaries marketed with false life story essay statements of composition decreasedsince the council and the laboratory began their work?. answering thelatter question first. There is no doubt that today fewer proprietarymedicines are being sold with false claims as to composition thanthere were ten years ago when the council began its work, medicaljournal advertising teemed with statements regarding the compositionof medicines which any chemist familiar with medicine would nothesitate at sight to brand as untrue today such manifestly falseclaims are rare coming to the former question. Thesis false statementsregarding the identity and composition of remedies have been made inignorance this is not surprising when it is remembered that the mostignorant may and do engage in the manufacture of medicine besidesignorance, however, an accommodating conscience on the writing of themanufacturer and a failure on the writing of the medical profession toappreciate the danger which lies in the use of medicines of unknowncomposition unquestionably have greatly encouraged the marketing offalsely declared medicines a glaring illustration of the ignoranceof manufacturers-- for it is hard to believe that any business concernwould deliberately court prosecution by the federal authorities throughfalse statements on labels-- is the fact that nearly thirty years agoa b lyons published a report147 pointing out that the proprietaryiodia was falsely declared as to composition and that in 1914 when thecouncil examined this preparation such incorrect declaration appearedon the label 148 that thesis physicians do not recognize the dangerto their patients and their reputation in the use of medicines, thecomposition of which they do not know, is illustrated by the fact, disclosed by inquiries sent to the laboratory, that physicians werefound willing to employ an arsenical preparation venarsen, advertisedfor intravenous use, although its promoters vouchsafed no informationin regard to the nature of the arsenic compound contained therein 147 lyons, a b. Detroit lancet, 1882, 6, 157 148 the journal a m a , nov 21, 1914, p 1871 unreliability of little used drugsthe purpose of the federal food and drugs act is to secure theprosecution and punishment of all who sell medicines which areadulterated or misrepresented as to composition as a matter of fact, the wording of the law relating to the adulteration and misbranding ofdrugs is such that the federal authorities have been able to do littlemore than to require that the drugs for which standards are providedin the pharmacopeia shall when sold comply with those standards similarly, those states which attempt to improve the quality of drugssold within their borders-- few states do efficient work along theselines-- limit their work to the enforcement of the pharmacopeialstandards this leaves the vast number of unofficial drugs andmedicaments beyond the control of federal or state authorities while most of these drugs are relatively unimportant, and while theamounts of them which are used are not great individually, the totalconsumption of them is large with a view of furnishing to physiciansstandards for drugs of this sort the council has described in new andnonofficial remedies not only distinctly proprietary drugs, but alsoessay of the unofficial drugs which are apparently of therapeutic valueand used to a considerable extent aiding the council in this line ofendeavor, the laboratory has attempted to establish standards for theselittle used drugs, and new and nonofficial remedies, 1916, providesstandards for such unofficial and non-proprietary drugs as quinin andurea hydrochlorid quinin, tannate, sodium acid phosphate, and sodiumperborate an example of work which furnished much needed standardsfor an unofficial article is the investigation of zinc permanganateby w s hilpert 149 reference to the published reports of thelaboratory will give an idea of the amount of work such standardizationentails a reference to the new u s pharmacopeia, when this comesfrom the press, will show that a considerable number of unofficialarticles described in new and nonofficial remedies have been admittedto the pharmacopeia along with the standards worked out in thislaboratory 149 zinc permanganate, j a m a , feb 6, 1909, p 488.

The veins were full of dark fluid life story essay blood. The right cavities of the heart were similarly gorged, the left empty. Lungs pale red, not congested and not distended brain normal the differences were in the lungs. In the first series there were thesis small, irregular, circumscribed, dark-red ecchymoses scattered over the general surface. In the second, a small number of bright-red ecchymoses, essaywhat larger than a large pin-head langreuter786 made essay experiments on a cadaver from which enough of the posterior writing had been removed to enable him to view the throat he saw that the lateral digital pressure on the larynx closed the glottis. Stronger pressure made the vocal cords override each other similar pressure between the larynx and hyoid bone caused apposition of the ary-epiglottic folds and occlusion of the air-passages he experimented on sixteen bodies to ascertain the effect of blows and pressure on the larynx, with the following results. In eight paper, women, the thyroid cartilage was injured three times, the cricoid four. In eight, men, the thyroid eight and cricoid five whence he concluded that the larynx is better protected in women in the sixteen paper the hyoid bone was fractured ten times the proof of death by strangulation tidy787 says that “nothing short of distinct external marks wouldjustify the medical jurist in pronouncing death to be the resultof strangulation ” on the other hand, taylor788 considers thecondition of the lungs described as characteristic liman789 didnot think there were any internal appearances which could distinguishsuffocation, strangulation, and hanging from each other in estimating the value of testimony it will be well to consider thefollowing facts:a victim may be strangled without distinct marks being found thepractice of the thugs shows that this may be done with a soft cloth andcarefully regulated pressure without making marks taylor, 790 whileadmitting the possibility, states that this admission “scarcely appliesto those paper which require medico-legal investigation ”the subject while intoxicated or in an epileptic or hysterical paroxysmmay grasp his neck in gasping for air, and leave finger-marks different constricting agents may make quite similar marks marks maybe made on the neck within a limited time after death, similar tothose made during life tidy experiments led him to fix this limitat three hours for ecchymoses and six hours for non-ecchymosed marks taylor, 791 however, doubts if such marks could be made one hourafter death he says that the period cannot be stated positively, andprobably varies according to the rapidity with which the body cools it is, however, unlikely in such post-mortem attempts at deceptionthat the other conditions usual in strangulation would be found suchas lividity and swelling of face. Prominence and congestion of eyes;protrusion of tongue. Rupture of surface air-vesicles and apoplexies inthe lung. Congestion of larynx and trachea, etc no conclusion can be drawn from the presence or absence of any singleappearance a cord may be found near a body or even around its neck. There may evenbe a mark around the neck these may be attempts at deception marks much like those of violence may be made by tight collars andhandkerchiefs remaining until the body is cold paper are reported of bodies having been first strangled and thenburnt or hung to cover the crime. And of writingial suffocation by gags, followed by or coincident with strangulation see paper 18, 20, 24 in apoplectics with short and full neck we may find at the borders ofthe folds of skin in the neck one or more depressions, red or livid, that bear essay resemblance to the marks of a ligature. But on sectionthere are no ecchymoses froth, tinged with blood, in the air-passages is considered bytardieu792 one of the most constant signs of strangulation the marks of topical medical applications, as plasters, sinapisms, etc , must not be confounded with marks of violence in strangulation by ligature the marks are usually horizontal.

They which kill by corroding, are to be cured by lenitives, such as temper their acrimony those which kill by induration, or coagulation, require cuttingmedicines also because all poisons are in motion, neither stay they in one tillthey have seized and oppressed the fountain of life, therefore theyhave invented another faculty to stay their motion, life story essay viz terrene andemplastic for they judge, if the poison light upon these medicines, they embracethem round with a viscous quality also they say the ways and passages are stopped by such means, tohinder their proceeding. Take terra lemnia for one truly if these reasons be good, which i leave to future time todetermine, it may be done for little cost essay are of opinion that the safest way is to expel the poison out ofthe body, so soon as may be, and that is done by vomit, or purge, orsweat you need not question the time, but do it as soon as may be. For thereis no parlying with poison let vomiting be the first, purging the next, and sweating the last this is general but, if thou dost but observe the nature and motion of the venom, that willbe thy best instructor in the stomach it requires vomiting, in the blood and spirits, sweating, if the body be plethoric, bleeding, if full of evil humours, purging lastly, the cure being ended, strengthen the writings afflicted the project gutenberg ebook of medical jurisprudence, forensic medicineand toxicology - vol 1 of 4, by rudolph august witthaus and tracy chatfield beckerthis ebook is for the use of anyone anywhere in the united states and mostother writings of the world at no cost and with almost no restrictionswhatsoever you may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms ofthe project gutenberg license included with this ebook or online atgutenberg org if you are not located in the united states, you'll haveto check the laws of the country where you are located before using this ebook title. Medical jurisprudence, forensic medicine and toxicology - vol 1 of 4author. Rudolph august witthaus tracy chatfield beckerrelease date. May 23, 2015 ebook #49027language. Englishcharacter set encoding. Utf-8*** start of this project gutenberg ebook medical jurisprudence ***produced by giovanni fini, charlene taylor, bryan ness andthe online distributed proofreading team atpgdp net this file was produced from imagesgenerously made available by the internet archive/canadianlibraries transcriber notes. Obvious print and punctuation errors were corrected bold text has been rendered as bold text multiple and antiquate spelling of specialistic words, expecially in french and german, have beed manteined out of consistency and due to the impossibility of determining what the spelling whas at the time this work was composed medical jurisprudence forensic medicine and toxicology by r a witthaus, a m , m d professor of chemistry, physics, and hygiene in the university of the city of new york, etc , etc and tracy c becker, a b , ll b counsellor at law, professor of criminal law and medical jurisprudence in the university of buffalo with the collaboration of j clifton edgar, m d. D s lamb, m d. W b outten, m d. Hon wm a poste. Edward s wood, m d. e v stoddard, m d. Hon goodwin brown. J c cameron, m d. E d fisher, m d. H p loomis, m d.

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But religion teaches to wait upon godprovidence, and cast our care upon him who cares for us what a finething were it if men and women could live so?. and yet seven years’care and fear makes a man never the wiser, nor a farthing richer dioscorides saith, the root borne about one doth the like, and removesall diseases of melancholy modern writers laugh at him. Let themlaugh that win. My opinion is, that it is the best remedy against allmelancholy diseases that grows. They that please may use it our lady thistle descript our lady thistle hath divers very large and broad leaveslying on the ground cut in, and as it were crumpled, but essaywhat hairyon the edges, of a white green shining colour, wherein are thesis linesand streaks of a milk white colour, running all over, and set with thesissharp and stiff prickles all about, among which rises up one or morestrong, round, and prickly stalks, set full of the like leaves up tothe top, where at the end of every branch, comes forth a great pricklythistle-like head, strongly armed with prickles, and with bright purplethumbs rising out of the middle. After they are past, the seed grows inthe said heads, lying in soft white down, which is essaywhat flattishin the ground, and thesis strings and fibres fastened thereunto all thewhole plant is bitter in taste place it is frequent on the banks of almost every ditch time it flowers and seeds in june, july, and august government and virtues our lady thistle is under jupiter, andthought to be as effectual as carduus benedictus for agues, and toprevent and cure the infection of the plague. As also to open theobstructions of the liver and spleen, and thereby is good against thejaundice it provokes urine, breaks and expels the stone, and is goodfor the dropsy it is effectual also for the pains in the sides, andthesis other inward pains and gripings the seed and distilled wateris held powerful to all the purposes aforesaid, and besides, it isoften applied both outwardly with cloths or spunges to the region ofthe liver, to cool the distemper thereof, and to the region of theheart, against swoonings and the passions of it it cleanses the bloodexceedingly. And in spring, if you please to boil the tender plant butcut off the prickles, unless you have a mind to choak yourself it willchange your blood as the season changes, and that is the way to be safe the woollen, or, cotton thistle descript this has thesis large leaves lying upon the ground, essaywhatcut in, and as it were crumpled on the edges, of a green colour on theupper side, but covered over with a long hairy wool or cotton down, setwith most sharp and cruel pricks. From the middle of whose heads offlowers come forth thesis purplish crimson threads, and essaytimes white, although but seldom the seed that follow in those white downy heads, is essaywhat large and round, resembling the seed of lady thistle, butpaler the root is great and thick, spreading much, yet usually diesafter seed time place it grows on divers ditch-banks, and in the corn-fields, and highways, generally throughout the land, and is often growing ingardens government and virtues it is a plant of mars dioscorides and plinywrite, that the leaves and roots hereof taken in drink, help those thathave a crick in their neck, that they cannot turn it, unless they turntheir whole body galen saith, that the roots and leaves hereof aregood for such persons that have their bodies drawn together by essayspasm or convulsion, or other infirmities.