Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

The use of bakers’ yeast in diseases of the skin andof the gastro-intestinal tract, the journal, oct 13, 1917, p 1243have recently called renewed attention to its laxative qualities when from one-half to one cake of yeast was given three times dailybefore meals, it produced regular bowel movements in a number ofpatients suffering from constipation that this result is not dueto any vital processes in the yeast is shown by the fact that yeastkilled by boiling water was employed with success it is suggested thatsuch yeast might be preferred for patients troubled with flatulence aside from the tendency of living yeast to produce diarrhea, and thepossibility that it may aggravate flatulence, no digestive disturbancehas been charged against it aaron, in his “diseases of the digestiveorgans, ” speaks favorably of its use in atonic constipation the much debated question whether yeast may serve as a food can beanswered in the affirmative in view of such work as that of the germanson “nährhefe”-- yeast food schottelius, deutsch med wchnschr , july8, 1915, p 817 and boruttau ibid , july 29, 1915, p 924 andof hawk and his associates there is no reason to assume that weightgained under its use would be more readily lost than weight gainedfrom any other food however, in view of its laxative action, theaverage individual can ingest only from 1 to 2 gm of nitrogen a day inthis form this obviously greatly limits its value as a food owing toits high nuclein content, it is contraindicated in gout as a source of water soluble growth promoting as well as antineuriticvitamin, yeast has become thoroughly established as the result ofthe recent works of numerous investigators however, as such commonfoods as milk, rice, wheat, oats and beans also contain such vitamin, there is little likelihood of its proving of therapeutic value on thataccount in other words, yeast and other vitamin containing foods havespecific growth promoting qualities only when the stunting is due tolack of vitamin a minute amount of this substance suffices to producemaximal results more is of no use hess proc soc exper biol &med 13:145, 1916 found yeast of no value in infantile scurvy the most important question in connection with yeast therapy is to whatextent it is endowed with “antibiotic” power, that is, to what degreeit is capable of inhibiting the legalization of marijuana essay growth of other organisms that thisfrequently occurs in cultures in vitro is shown by the fact that yeastcontamination may practically eradicate the growth of certain otherorganisms that, on the other hand, this is not true for all forms ofbacterial life is shown by the fact that there is definite symbiosisbetween yeast and lactic acid bacilli northrup. Soc tech bull 15, mich agr expa sta , 1912 that its “antiseptic power is, on the whole insignificant” hasbeen shown by palier diet & hyg gaz , march, 1906, who foundcommercial yeasts commonly contaminated with numerous bacteria, themost frequent being bacillus coli-communis or one of its congeners an antagonistic action by yeast is claimed against staphylococcuspyogenes, and on the strength of this, buchholtz ueber acne und eineneue erfolgreiche behandlung derselben, berl klin wchnschr , feb 2, 1914, p 215 employed it locally in the treatment of acne andobtained a positive but temporary effect he believes that the effectis improved by the combination of yeast with an equal quantity of boricacid he employed this as a dusting powder applied freely to the skinonce daily, after the application of a thin layer of a boric acid salve boric acid powder from 40 to 50, glycerin and water, of each 100 tomake it stick better in paper in which the nose was markedly involved, he also used this as a snuff yeast poultices have been employed withasserted great benefit in the treatment of wound infection of all kinds kempf, e j. Ind m j , september, 1904, p 97 the use in leukorrhea was recommended by hippocrates abraham mon geb sym , 1910 and thesis others report favorable results from yeastin the treatment of gonorrheal vaginitis in various gastro-intestinalinfections, yeast has been lauded by thesis, among others, thiercelin andchevrey it has been given by mouth, but most especially in high rectalenemas end of the project gutenberg ebook of the propaganda for reform inproprietary medicines, vol , by various*** end of this project gutenberg ebook reform-- proprietary medicines, vol 2 ******** this file should be named 47767-0 txt or 47767-0 zip *****this and all associated files of various formats will be found in. 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Says it ispresent legalization of marijuana essay only if the drop be considerable or the suspension continueafter death tidy says that the mark is, in a measure, independent ofthe ligature and duration of suspension, and does not usually acquireits color for essay hours after death. Essaytimes, however, it hasoccurred in a much shorter time it may be slight because the ligaturehas been placed over the clothing the longer a body hangs after death, the more the mark shows it can be produced upon the cadaver harvey834 says. “the characteristic mark is essaytimes found innon-fatal paper in eight instances in the present returns ofnearly 1, 500 paper of hanging there was a distinct mark ” coutagne, 835 in twenty-four necroscopies on subjects hung, found only slight or doubtful lesions in five paper. But of these, one was in a condition of advanced putrefaction, another was apparently weakened by loss of blood from wounds, and in the other three there were marks of violence in seventeen paper the lesions of the neck were plain. Hemorrhage in connective tissue or muscle the direction of the mark is usually oblique, following the line ofthe lower jaw upward and backward behind the mastoid processes.

Stops lasks, spitting of blood, andthe menses consolida major comfrey, i do not conceive the leaves to be sovirtuous as the roots consolida media bugles, of which before consolida minima daises consolida rubra golden rod. Hot and dry in the second degree, cleanses the reins, provokes urine, brings away the gravel. Anadmirable herb for wounded people to take inwardly, stops blood, &c consolida regalis, delphinium lark heels. Resist poison, help thebitings of venomous beasts saracenica solidago saracens confound helps inward wounds, soremouths, sore throats, wasting of the lungs, and liver coronepus buchorn plantane, or sea-plantain.

Fees to be collected and held until i arrive ”the letter that was legalization of marijuana essay intended only for the doctor eye declared. “you are to have $100 of the fee and $50 of the per diem ”it explained that the “complete outfit” referred to in the “patientletter” would “consist in writing of a tube of intravenous medication” anddoses of “restorative capsules” and “eli 606 capsules ”eli h dunn seems to have had a essaywhat varied and spectacular career after being graduated in 1885 he apparently started practice in orion, ill during the nineties he was practicing at elma, iowa, and about1900 he seems to have moved to kansas city, mo during 1906 and 1908, he also had an additional office at denver, col about this time he wasexploiting “dunn uterine evacuant” which was “a strictly legitimate”product which could “be injected within the uterus with perfect safetyand immediate effect ” this stuff was advertised both from the kansascity and the denver offices the “personal column” of a kansas citypaper in 1910 carried the message to “ladies” that “dr dunn” was a“regular physician for women only, ” dunn violation of the postal lawsin 1911 and of the federal food and drugs act in 1912 need not be goneinto at this time the journal would feel like apologizing for devoting space to such apreposterous scheme were it not for the fact that physicians, beinghuman, essaytimes “fall for” preposterous schemes essay, we know, havenibbled at dunn bait. Others may do so the gross commercialism thatpermeates the advertising matter sent out by dunn again emphasizesthe fact that the fad for intravenous medication offers an attractivefield for those who would exploit our profession -- from the journala m a , nov 22, 1919 glover cancer serumscores of letters have reached-- and are reaching-- the journal officesimilar in effect to the following. “i am enclosing ‘literature’ received from the ‘t j glover research laboratory ’ though purporting to come from toronto, where the $25 00 are to be sent, if you please, the envelope bears the 448 new york postmark ”the above is from new jersey while the two following are from michiganand illinois, respectively. “have you any information in regard to this writingy and his treatment for cancer?. this is the first i have heard of any such work having been done one wonders if it is presented in good faith or if the money god has overcome the gentleman scientific spirit ” “is this just one more of them?.

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It is an excellent purgefor the spring, to consume the phlegmatic quality the winter hath leftbehind it, and withal to keep your body in health, and consume thoseevil humours which the heat of summer will readily stir up esteem itas a jewel the common alder-tree descript this grows to a reasonable height, and spreads much ifit like the place it is so generally known to country people, that iconceive it needless to tell that which is no news place and time it delights to grow in moist woods, and wateryplaces. Flowering in april or may, and yielding ripe seed in september government and virtues it is a tree under the dominion of venus, and of essay watery sign or others, i suppose pisces. And thereforethe decoction, or distilled water of the leaves, is excellent againstburnings and inflammations, either with wounds or without, to bathe theplace grieved with, and especially for that inflammation in the breast, which the vulgar call an ague if you cannot get the leaves as in winter it is impossible make useof the bark in the same manner the leaves and bark of the alder-tree are cooling, drying, andbinding the fresh leaves, laid upon swellings, dissolve them, andstay the inflammation the leaves put under the bare feet galled withtravelling, are a great refreshing to them the said leaves, gatheredwhile the morning dew is on them, and brought into a chamber troubledwith fleas, will gather them thereunto, which being suddenly cast out, will rid the chamber of those troubleessay bed-fellows angelica to write a discription of that which is so well known to be growingalmost in every garden, i suppose is altogether needless. Yet for itsvirtue it is of admirable use in time of heathenism, when men had found out any excellent herb, they dedicated it to their gods. As the bay-tree to apollo, the oakto jupiter, the vine to bacchus, the poplar to hercules these theidolators following as the patriarchs they dedicate to their saints;as our lady thistle to the blessed virgin, st john wort to st john and another wort to st peter, &c our physicians must imitatelike apes though they cannot come off half so cleverly for theyblasphemously call phansies or hearts-ease, an herb of the trinity, because it is of three colours. And a certain ointment, an ointmentof the apostles, because it consists of twelve ingredients alas i amsorry for their folly, and grieved at their blasphemy, god send themwisdom the rest of their age, for they have their share of ignorancealready oh!.