Kwasi Enin Essay

Clear the sight winter-gilliflowers, or wall-flowers, help inflammation of the womb, provoke the menses, and help ulcers in the mouth honey-suckles, provoke urine, ease the pains of the spleen, and suchas can hardly fetch their breath mallows, help coughs red roses, cool, bind, strengthen both vital and animal virtue, restore such as are in consumptions, strengthen there are so thesiscompositions of them which makes me more brief in the simples violets, to wit, the blue ones, cool and moisten, provoke sleep, loosen the belly, resist fevers, help inflammations, correct the heatof choler, ease the pains in the head, help the roughness of thewind-pipe, diseases in the throat, inflammations in the breast andsides, plurisies, open stoppings of the liver, and help the yellowjaundice chicory, or succory as the vulgar call it cools and strengthens theliver, so doth endive water lilies, ease pains of the head coming of choler and heat, provoke sleep, cool inflammations, and the heat in fevers pomegranate-flowers, dry and bind, stop fluxes, and the menses cowslips, strengthen the brain, senses, and memory, exceedingly, resist all diseases there, as convulsions, falling-sickness, palsies, &c centaury, purges choler and gross humours, helps the yellow jaundice, opens obstructions of the liver, helps pains of the spleen, provokesthe menses, brings away birth and afterbirth elder flowers, help dropsies, cleanse the blood, clear the skin, openstoppings of the liver and spleen, and diseases arising therefrom bean-flowers, clear the skin, stop humours flowing into the eyes peach-tree flowers, purge choler gently broom-flowers, purge water, and are good in dropsies the temperature of all these differ either very little or not at allfrom the herbs the way of using the flowers i did forbear, because most of them may, and are usually made into conserves, of which you may take the quantityof a nutmeg in the morning. All of them may be kept dry a year, andboiled with other herbs conducing to the cures they do fruits and their buds green figs, are held to be of ill juice, but the best is, we are notmuch troubled with them in england. Dry figs help coughs, cleansethe breast, and help infirmities of the lungs, shortness of wind, theyloose the belly, purge the reins, help inflammations of the liver andspleen. Outwardly they dissolve swellings pine-nuts, restore such as are in consumptions, amend the failings ofthe lungs, concoct flegm, and yet are naught for such as are troubledwith the head-ache dates, are binding, stop eating ulcers being applied to them. Theyare very good for weak stomachs, for they soon digest, and breed goodnourishment, they help infirmities of the reins, bladder, and womb sebestens, cool choler, violent heat of the stomach, help roughnessof the tongue and wind-pipe, cool the reins and bladder raisins of the sun, help infirmities of the breast and liver, restoreconsumptions, gently cleanse and move to stool walnuts, kill worms, resist the pestilence, i mean the green ones, not the dry capers eaten before meals, provoke hunger nutmegs, strengthen the brain, stomach, and liver, provoke urine, ease the pains of the spleen, stop looseness, ease pains of the head, and pains in the joints, strengthen the body, take away weakness comingof cold, and cause a sweet breath cloves, help digestion, stop looseness, provoke lust, and quicken thesight pepper, binds, expels wind, helps the cholic, quickens digestionoppressed with cold, heats the stomach quinces see the compositions pears are grateful to the stomach, drying, and therefore help fluxes all plums that are sharp or sour, are binding, the sweet are loosening cucumbers, cool the stomach, and are good against ulcers in thebladder galls, are exceeding binding, help ulcers in the mouth, wasting ofthe gums, ease the pains of the teeth, help the falling out of the womband fundament, make the hair black pompions are a cold and moist fruit, of small nourishment, theyprovoke urine, outwardly applied. The flesh of them helps inflammationsand burnings. Applied to the forehead they help inflammations of theeyes melons, have few other virtues apricots, are very grateful to the stomach, and dry up the humoursthereof peaches are held to do the like cubebs, are hot and dry in the third degree, they expel wind, andcleanse the stomach of tough and viscous humours, they ease the painsof the spleen, and help cold diseases of the womb, they cleanse thehead of flegm and strengthen the brain, they heat the stomach andprovoke venery bitter almonds, are hot in the first degree and dry in the second, they cleanse and cut thick humours, cleanse the lungs, and eaten everymorning, they are held to preserve from drunkenness bay-berries, heat, expel wind, mitigate pain. Are excellent for coldinfirmities of the womb, and dropsies cherries, are of different qualities according to their differenttaste, the sweet are quickest of digestion, but the sour are morepleasing to a hot stomach, and procure appetite to one meat medlars, are strengthening to the stomach, binding, and the green aremore binding than the rotten, and the dry than the green olives, cool and bind english-currants, cool the stomach, and are profitable in acutefevers, they quench thirst, resist vomiting, cool the heat of choler, provoke appetite, and are good for hot complexions services, or chockers are of the nature of medlars, but essaythingweaker in operation barberries, quench thirst, cool the heat of choler, resist thepestilence, stay vomiting and fluxes, stop the menses, kill worms, helpspitting of blood, fasten the teeth, and strengthen the gums strawberries, cool the stomach, liver, and blood, but are veryhurtful for such as have agues winter-cherries, potently provoke urine, and break the stone cassia-fistula, is temperate in quality, gently purgeth choler andflegm, clarifies the blood, resists fevers, cleanses the breast andlungs, it cools the reins, and thereby resists the breeding of thestone, it provokes urine, and therefore is exceeding good for therunning of the reins in men, and the fluor albus in women all the sorts or myrobalans, purge the stomach.

The flowers arenot properly flowers, but tuffs, very beautiful to behold, but of nosmell, of reddish colour. If you bruise them, they yield juice of thesame colour, being gathered, they keep their beauty a long time. Theseed is of a shining black colour time they continue in flower from august till the time the frostnips them government and virtues it is under the dominion of saturn, and isan excellent qualifier of the unruly actions and passions of venus, though mars also should join with her the flowers dried and beateninto powder, stop the terms in women, and so do almost all other redthings and by the icon, or image of every herb, the ancients atfirst found out their virtues modern writers laugh at them for it;but i wonder in my heart, how the virtues of herbs came at first tobe known, if not by their signatures. The moderns have them from thewritings of the ancients. The ancients had no writings to have themfrom. But to proceed the flowers stop all fluxes of blood. Whether inman or woman, bleeding either at the nose or wound there is also asort of amaranthus that bears a white flower, which stops the whitesin women, and the running of the reins in men, and is a most gallantantivenereal, and a singular remedy for the french pox anemone called also wind flower, because they say the flowers never open butwhen the wind blows pliny is my author.

Inwardly it provokesvenery gentiana see the root genista brooms. Hot and dry in the second degree, cleanse and openthe stomach, break the stone in the reins and bladder, help the greensickness let such as are troubled with heart-qualms or faintings, forbear it, for it weakens the heart and spirit vital see the flowers geranium cranebill, the divers sorts of it, one of which is thatwhich is called muscata. It is thought to be cool and dry, helps hotswellings, and by its smell amends a hot brain geranium columbinum doves-foot. Helps the wind cholic, pains in thebelly, stone in the reins and bladder, and is good in ruptures, andinward wounds i suppose these are the general virtues of them all gramen grass. See the root gratiola hedge-hyssop, purges water and flegm, but works verychurlishly gesner commends it in dropsies asphodelus fœm see the root hepatica, lichen liverwort, cold and dry, good for inflammations ofthe liver, or any other inflammations, yellow jaundice hedera arborea, terrostris tree and ground-ivy tree-ivy helpsulcers, burnings, scaldings, the bad effects of the spleen.

One ascribed to kwasi enin essay krummacher and two ascribed to “b h m , kansas city, mo , ” and the following references. “a krummacher, m d , monthly review for obstetrics and gynecology, berlin, vol xlix, 4, and vol lii ” “h oppenheim, m d , medical clinic, berlin, 1920, 35 ”shepherd purse is a weed common in the united states and in europe like most other herbs, it has essay reputation as a folk medicine itis used by eclectics and homeopaths, being included in the homeopathicpharmacopeia of the united states shepherd purse receives noconsideration at the hands of the authors of standard works on materiamedica, pharmacology or therapeutics from an examination of recent german medical publications, it appearsthat the use of shepherd purse was proposed as a substitute forergot and hydrastis, when the latter drugs became scarce in gerthesis these publications, in the main, emanate from those in the employ ofpharmaceutical firms and deal with proprietary preparations or they arewritten by physicians who used these proprietary preparations at thesolicitation of the manufacturers for this reason the reported resultsmust be accepted with reserve one of the proprietary preparations discussed in the germanpublications is styptysate, manufactured by isalfabrik johannesbuerger, wernigerode it is said to be produced by submitting the juiceof fresh shepherd purse to dialysis and preserving the dialysateby the addition of alcohol there is no statement as to the drugstrength or the chemical or biological standards, if any, used inits manufacture. Hence, the preparation is essentially a secret one as first produced, the preparation seems to have been fortified bythe addition of cotarnin. The dose was then given as ten to fifteendrops later, as the cost of cotarnin went up, this drug was omitted, and the drug strength increased. The dose of the new preparation isgiven as twenty-five to thirty drops just what relation, if any, thestyptysate of ernst bischoff co , inc , bears to that of the isalfabrikjohannes buerger, wernigerode, cannot be determined from the bischoffadvertising if it has any relationship the announcement that nonarcotic order is required when ordering styptysate would indicatethat the new preparation is supplied. The old one with its additionof cotarnin would require a narcotic order on the other hand, therecommended dose of the cotarnin-free preparation is twenty-five tothirty-drops, whereas the product sold by bischoff and co is to begiven in doses of ten to fifteen drops-- that is, in the amount proposedfor the cotarnin-fortified product what justification is there for the claim that styptysate has beensubmitted to clinical tests by loewy, oppenheim and krummacher andfound to be a hemostatic par excellence and efficient even whereergot had failed to give satisfactory results?. loewy zentralblattfür gynäcologie 42:920, 1921 made essay pharmacologic tests onguinea-pigs with the cotarnin-containing preparation, but reported noclinical trials hans oppenheim medizinische klinik, aug 29, 1920, p 906 reported that he was agreeably surprised at the excellentresults vorzueglichem erfolg obtained with the drug but he did notassert that it is superior to ergot krummacher reported on thirteen paper of profuse menstruation inwhich the patients were treated with styptysate, using for a writing, the preparation containing cotarnin and for the other a preparationwithout cotarnin he reported as good results with the cotarnin-freepreparation in larger dosage, as with the cotarnin-containingpreparation in smaller dosage krummacher did not compare styptysatewith ergot essay of krummacher paper are quoted, with essaytypographical errors, in the bischoff circular on the assumption that the product discussed in german publicationsis the styptysate marketed in the united states, the best that can besaid for it is, that during a shortage of ergot it was used in placeof that established drug there is no evidence to warrant the use ofthis indefinite proprietary in place of the biologically standardizedfluidextract of ergot or other standardized ergot preparations styptysate ernst bischoff and co , inc is inadmissible to newand nonofficial remedies because its composition is semisecret andindefinite and there is no evidence that its uniformity and strengthis controlled rules 1 and 2.

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And such women ashave large breasts, causing them to grow less and hard, being bothdrank and outwardly applied. The distilled water drank for 20 daystogether helps conception, and to retain the birth. If the women doessaytimes also sit in a bath made of the decoction of the herb it isone of the most singular wound herbs that is, and therefore highlyprized and praised by the germans, who use it in all wounds inward andoutward, to drink a decoction thereof, and wash the wounds therewith, or dip tents therein, and put them into the wounds, which wonderfullydries up all humidity of the sores, and abates inflammations therein it quickly heals all green wounds, not suffering any corruption toremain behind, and cures all old sores, though fistulous and hollow lavender being an inhabitant almost in every garden, it is so well known, thatit needs no description time it flowers about the end of june, and beginning of july government and virtues mercury owns the herb. And it carries hiseffects very potently lavender is of a special good use for all thegriefs and pains of the head and brain that proceed of a cold cause, as the apoplexy, falling-sickness, the dropsy, or sluggish malady, cramps, convulsions, palsies, and often faintings it strengthens thestomach, and frees the liver and spleen from obstructions, provokeswomen courses, and expels the dead child and after-birth theflowers of lavender steeped in wine, helps them to make water thatare stopped, or are troubled with the wind or cholic, if the placebe bathed therewith a decoction made with the flowers of lavender, hore-hound, fennel and asparagus root, and a little cinnamon, is veryprofitably used to help the falling-sickness, and the giddiness orturning of the brain. To gargle the mouth with the decoction thereof isgood against the tooth-ache two spoonfuls of the distilled water ofthe flowers taken, helps them that have lost their voice, as also thetremblings and passions of the heart, and faintings and swooning, notonly being drank, but applied to the temples, or nostrils to be smelledunto. But it is not safe to use it where the body is replete with bloodand humours, because of the hot and subtile spirits wherewith it ispossessed the chymical oil drawn from lavender, usually called oil ofspike, is of so fierce and piercing a quality, that it is cautiouslyto be used, essay few drops being sufficient, to be given with otherthings, either for inward or outward griefs lavender-cotton it being a common garden herb, i shall forbear the description, onlytake notice, that it flowers in june and july government and virtues it is under the dominion of mercury itresists poison, putrefaction, and heals the biting of venomous beasts:a dram of the powder of the dried leaves taken every morning fasting, stops the running of the reins in men, and whites in women the seedbeaten into powder, and taken as worm-seed, kills the worms, not onlyin children, but also in people of riper years. The like doth the herbitself, being steeped in milk, and the milk drank.