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It stays alsothe abundance of women courses. It is a singular good wound-herb forgreen wounds, to stay the bleeding, and quickly close together the lipsof the wound, if the herb be bruised, and the juice only applied it isoften used in gargles for sore mouths, as also for the secret writings the smoak hereof being bruised, drives away flies and gnats, which inthe night time molest people inhabiting near marshes, and in the fennycountries loosestrife, with spiked heads of flowers it is likewise called grass-polly descript this grows with thesis woody square stalks, full of joints, about three feet high at least. At every one whereof stand two longleaves, shorter, narrower, and a greener colour than the former, andessay brownish the stalks are branched into thesis long stems of spikedflowers half a foot long, growing in bundles one above another, outof small husks, very like the spiked heads of lavender, each of whichflowers have five round-pointed leaves of a purple violet colour, oressaywhat inclining to redness. In which husks stand small round headsafter the flowers are fallen, wherein is contained small seed theroot creeps under ground like unto the yellow, but is greater than it, and so are the heads of the leaves when they first appear out of theground, and more brown than the other place it grows usually by rivers, and ditch-sides in wet ground, asabout the ditches at and near lambeth, and in thesis places of this land time it flowers in the months of june and july government and virtues it is an herb of the moon, and under thesign cancer.

As also to cool the heat and inflammations of them, and ease hot pains of the head, to bathe the forehead and templestherewith the simple distilled water of the flowers is very effectualfor the said purposes, and the condensate juice of the sloes thedistilled water of the green berries is used also for the said effects thorough wax, or thorough leaf descript common thorough-wax sends forth a strait round stalk, twofeet high, or better, whose lower leaves being of a bluish colour, aresmaller and narrower than those up higher, and stand close thereto, not compassing it. But as they grow higher, they do not encompassthe stalks, until it wholly pass through them, branching toward thetop into thesis writings, where the leaves grow smaller again, every onestanding singly, and never two at a joint the flowers are smalland yellow, standing in tufts at the heads of the branches, whereafterwards grow the seed, being blackish, thesis thick thrust together the root is small, long and woody, perishing every year, afterseed-time, and rising again plentifully of its own sowing place it is found growing in thesis corn-fields and pasture groundsin this land time it flowers in july, and the seed is ripe in august government and virtues both this and the former are under theinfluence of saturn thorough-wax is of singular good use for all sortsof bruises and wounds either inward or outward. And old ulcers andsores likewise, if the decoction of the herb with water and wine bedrank, and the place washed therewith, or the juice of the green herbbruised, or boiled, either by itself, or with other herbs, in oil orhog grease, to be made into an ointment to serve all the year thedecoction of the herb, or powder of the dried herb, taken inwardly, andthe same, or the leaves bruised, and applied outwardly, is singularlygood for all ruptures and burstings, especially in children before theybe too old being applied with a little flour and wax to childrennavels that stick forth, it helps them thyme it is in vain to describe an herb so commonly known government and virtues it is a noble strengthener of the lungs, asnotable a one as grows. Neither is there scarce a better remedy growingfor that disease in children which they commonly call the chin-cough, than it is it purges the body of phlegm, and is an excellent remedyfor shortness of breath it kills worms in the belly, and being anotable herb of venus, provokes the terms, gives safe and speedydelivery to women in travail, and brings away the after birth it is soharmless you need not fear the use of it an ointment made of it takesaway hot swellings and warts, helps the sciatica and dullness of sight, and takes away pains and hardness of the spleen ’tis excellent forthose that are troubled with the gout it eases pains in the loins andhips the herb taken any way inwardly, comforts the stomach much, andexpels wind wild thyme, or mother of thyme wild thyme also is so well known, that it needs no description place it may be found commonly in commons, and other barren placesthroughout the nation government and virtues it is under the dominion of venus, andunder the sign aries, and therefore chiefly appropriated to the head it provokes urine and the terms, and eases the griping pain of thebelly, cramps, ruptures, and inflamation of the liver if you make avinegar of the herb, as vinegar of roses is made you may find outthe way in my translation of the london dispensatory and anoint thehead with it, it presently stops the pains thereof it is excellentlygood to be given either in phrenzy or lethargy, although they are twocontrary diseases. It helps spitting and voiding of blood, coughing, and vomiting. It comforts and strengthens the head, stomach, reins, andwomb, expels wind, and breaks the stone tormentil, or septfoil descript this hath reddish, slender, weak branches rising from theroot, lying on the ground, rather leaning than standing upright, withthesis short leaves that stand closer to the stalk than cinquefoil towhich this is very like with the root-stalk compassing the branchesin several places. But those that grow to the ground are set uponlong foot stalks, each whereof are like the leaves of cinquefoil, butessaywhat long and lesser dented about the edges, thesis of them dividedinto five leaves, but most of them into seven, whence it is also calledseptfoil. Yet essay may have six, and essay eight, according to thefertility of the soil at the tops of the branches stand divers smallyellow flowers, consisting of five leaves, like those of cinquefoil, but smaller the root is smaller than bistort, essaywhat thick, butblacker without, and not so red within, yet essaytimes a little crooked, having blackish fibres thereat place it grows as well in woods and shadowy places, as in the openchampain country, about the borders of fields in thesis places of thisland, and almost in every broom field in essex time it flowers all the summer long government and virtues this is a gallant herb of the sun tormentilis most excellent to stay all kind of fluxes of blood or humours in manor woman, whether at nose, mouth, or belly the juice of the herb androot, or the decoction thereof, taken with essay venice treacle, andthe person laid to sweat, expels any venom or poison, or the plague, fever, or other contagious diseases, as pox, measles, &c for it is aningredient in all antidotes or counter poisons andreas urlesius is ofopinion that the decoction of this root is no less effectual to curethe french pox than guiacum or china. And it is not unlikely, becauseit so mightily resists putrefaction the root taken inwardly is mosteffectual to help any flux of the belly, stomach, spleen, or blood. Andthe juice wonderfully opens obstructions of the liver and lungs, andthereby helps the yellow jaundice the powder or decoction drank, orto sit thereon as a bath, is an assured remedy against abortion, if itproceed from the over flexibility or weakness of the inward retentivefaculty. As also a plaster made therewith, and vinegar applied tothe reins of the back, doth much help not only this, but also thosethat cannot hold their water, the powder being taken in the juice ofplantain, and is also commended against the worms in children itis very powerful in ruptures and burstings, as also for bruises andfalls, to be used as well outwardly as inwardly the root hereof madeup with pellitory of spain and allum, and put into a hollow tooth, notonly assuages the pain, but stays the flux of humours which causes it tormentil is no less effectual and powerful a remedy against outwardwounds, sores and hurts, than for inward, and is therefore a specialingredient to be used in wound drinks, lotions and injections, forfoul corrupt rotten sores and ulcers of the mouth, secrets, or otherwritings of the body the juice or powder of the root put in ointments, plaisters, and such things that are to be applied to wounds or sores, is very effectual, as the juice of the leaves and the root bruisedand applied to the throat or jaws, heals the king evil, and easesthe pain of the sciatica. The same used with a little vinegar, is aspecial remedy against the running sores of the head or other writings;scabs also, and the itch or any such eruptions in the skin, proceedingof salt and sharp humours the same is also effectual for the pilesor hæmorrhoids, if they be washed or bathed therewith, or with thedistilled water of the herb and roots it is found also helpful to dryup any sharp rheum that distills from the head into the eyes, causingredness, pain, waterings, itching, or the like, if a little preparedtutia, or white amber, be used with the distilled water thereof andhere is enough, only remember the sun challengeth this herb turnsole, or heliotropium descript the greater turnsole rises with one upright stalk, about afoot high, or more, dividing itself almost from the bottom, into diverssmall branches, of a hoary colour.

The one must keep his credit, and theother get money, and that is the key of the work the herb is good foressaything, because god made nothing in vain. Will you give me leaveto weigh things in the balance of reason. Then thus. The seeds ofthe common wormwood are far more prevalent than the seed of this, toexpel worms in children, or people of ripe age. Of both essay are weak, essay are strong the seriphian wormwood is the weakest, and haply mayprove to be fittest for the weak bodies, for it is weak enough of allconscience let such as are strong take the common wormwood, for theothers will do but little good again, near the sea thesis people live, and seriphian grows near them, and therefore is more fitting for theirbodies, because nourished by the same air. And this i had from dr reason in whose body dr reason dwells not, dwells dr madness, andhe brings in his brethren, dr ignorance, dr folly, and dr sickness, and these together make way for death, and the latter end of that manis worse than the beginning pride was the cause of adam fall. Pridebegat a daughter, i do not know the father of it, unless the devil, but she christened it, and called it appetite, and sent her daughterto taste these wormwoods, who finding this the least bitter, made thesqueamish wench extol it to the skies, though the virtues of it neverreached the middle region of the air its due praise is this. It isweakest, therefore fittest for weak bodies, and fitter for those bodiesthat dwell near it, than those that dwell far from it. My reason is, the sea those that live far from it, know when they come near itcasts not such a smell as the land doth the tender mercies of godbeing over all his works, hath by his eternal providence, plantedseriphian by the seaside, as a fit medicine for the bodies of thosethat live near it lastly, it is known to all that know any thing inthe course of nature, that the liver delights in sweet things, ifso, it abhors bitter.

Eyes congested how to write time in an essay. Frothy bloody liquid flowing from mouth andnose. Tongue behind teeth. Bloody froth in larynx and trachea.

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Tongue twisted and turned to how to write time in an essay right. Paralysis of righthypoglossal nerve uvula drawn to left skin of right limb felt“furry ” applied electricity and gave strychnine. Phonation was moredistinct during the use of the battery two months later she wasstill aphonic, but the vocal cords were in better action the righthemiparesis was lessened 43 grant. Lancet, 1889, ii , p 265 - man, age 48.