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“the scope of the present national formulary is the same as in previous issues, and is based on medical usage rather than on therapeutic ideals the committee consists entirely of pharmacists, or of men with a pharmaceutical training, and it cannot presume either to judge therapeutic practice or to follow any writingicular school of therapeutic practice the question of the addition or deletion of any formula was judged on the basis of its use by physicians and its pharmaceutical soundness the considerable use by physicians of any preparation was considered sufficient warrant for the inclusion of its formula in the book, and a negligible or diminishing use as justifying its exclusion ”writing i of the volume contains formulas, good, bad and indifferent, including the equivalents of a large number of shotgun proprietaries writing ii contains descriptions of drugs this is a new feature thepurpose is to provide standards for those drugs not described inthe pharmacopeia but used in n f preparations thesis of these drugswere described in the u s pharmacopeia viii, but have not beenincluded in the ninth revision practically all are either worthlessor superfluous writing iii contains descriptions of special tests andreagents among the therapeutically useful formulas are those for aromatic castoroil, emulsion of castor oil, sprays or nebulae, solution of aluminumacetate, solution of aluminum subacetate and wine of antimony the twolast named are also included in “useful drugs ” several formulas fornew classes of preparations which may or may not be found superiorto old forms are paste pencils for the application of medicaments tolimited areas of the skin, mulls, which are ointments spread likeplasters, and fluidglycerates, which are fluidextracts in whichglycerin takes the place of alcohol it should be noted also that, as aresult of criticism, the alcohol content of essay preparations has beenreduced as a whole, the present edition of the national formulary, like itspredecessors, is “pharmaceutically useful but not a therapeuticnecessity ” to say that it is not a therapeutic necessity is tostate the matter mildly, since most of the formulas and almost allof the drugs described have been discarded long since by rationaltherapeutists so long as there are physicians who prescribetherapeutic monstrosities, however, the druggist should have theaid that is furnished by this book in compounding them from thepharmacist point of view, therefore, the book is a valuable one physicians who have a scientific training in the pharmacology of drugswill not want it. Others will be better off without the temptationsoffered by its thesis irrational formulas -- book review in the journala m a , sept 2, 1916 nonspecific protein therapythe treatment by nonspecific methods in a series of paper of influenzalpneumonia has been the subject of two recent papers 295 these methodsare a development of the work of ichikawa, kraus, lüdke, jobling andpetersen, and others on the treatment of typhoid fever and of millerand lusk work on arthritis in the original work in this field itwas recognized that there were certain inherent dangers in the methodand that wide application would be permissible only with the greatestcaution and under careful control 295 roberts, dudley, and cary, e g. Bacterial protein injectionsin influenzal pneumonia, j a m a 72:922 march 29 1919 cowie, d m , and beaven, p w.

Skin of a red-violet color;face swollen. Eyes prominent and congested. Conjunctivæ a vinous red;lips violet. Tongue swollen, tip between teeth. Froth in air-passages;lungs congested. Brain congested. Blood fluid circular depressionaround neck with congestion of skin above and below. Ecchymosis insubcutaneous tissue on level of angle of jaw and about one centimetrein size, supposed to correspond to the knot tardieu reported thatthe marks rather resembled those of strangulation than hanging.

" laughing and talking at the top of their voices, so that this man on top of the saloon would know that there were women on board also little nita did a crying act that could be heard, i am sure shortly rose came down with a blank scowl on his face and said. "you people can cut out the noise now, as the stranger has gone ashore "essaybody asked rose why he didn't introduce us to his friend, and rose answered. "what do you think i am a fool?. " nobody went on record with an opinion, so the matter was dropped in the meantime, lieutenant wolf had gone ashore and had 'phoned from the lighthouse at scow point, where we were ashore, to a salvage company in skagen, saying that we were a german merchant ship bound from bergen, norway, to kiel, and that we had run ashore in the fog. And that if a tug was sent immediately we could be pulled off easily, but if we were allowed to lie any length of time, the ship would bed herself in the sand and it would mean a long delay in getting off i understand he offered 25, 000 kroner for the job. At any rate, the manager of the salvage company ordered his largest tug, the viking, around, but instructed his captain not to put a line on board until the manager had gone down overland and investigated a little lieutenant wolf in the meantime returned on board and reported to rose, who was immensely tickled and told us that about midnight a tug would arrive from "a nearby town" and pull us into deep water, and that by four o'clock in the morning at the latest we would be on our way to gerthesis once more this news led to great consternation among us, and essay great arguments regarding neutrality laws were carried on on all the trip the colonel had been quoting the geneva convention, until we had all concluded that this writingicular convention was held for the express benefit of the medical officers of the army i asked the colonel if he remembered anything in the geneva convention regarding the grounding of a belligerent's prize on neutral ground he answered by saying that clause so and so, paragraph so and so, expressly stated that all medical officers should be exempt from at this point i butted in and told him to "go to hell". That there were women and children and other prisoners on board as well as medical officers all throughout the trip this man had behaved like a dog in a manger, being the quintessence of egotistical selfishness, and despised by us, one and all the conclusion of all our argument was that might was right in this war, and that the germans would do just what they liked, provided they could hoodwink the danish officials the manager of the danish salvaging company, on arriving at the lighthouse and talking with the various people there, concluded that perhaps things were not just right with the igotz mendi and that he had better get in touch with the danish naval authorities before doing anything he called up the commander of the danish cruiser diana and stated the case, saying that things didn't appear to be just right the commander, a lieutenant lagoni, getting in touch with the authorities, 'phoned the manager of the salvage company that he would come right down to investigate at about midnight the diana arrived and lieutenant lagoni, being a gentleman and also a shrewd, wide-awake officer, took his chief officer on board the igotz mendi, telling him that he, the commander, would keep the captain of the igotz mendi busy answering questions in the saloon while the chief officer should have a good look around and gather what information he could as soon as the danish commander arrived on board we were all pushed and shoved into our rooms and the doors closed when rose started to take lieutenant lagoni into the chart room above the lieutenant said. "oh, no, captain, let's go into the saloon. It is not customary to entertain the commander of a cruiser in the chart room " so they came into the saloon just as he came through the door he saw essay of us being hustled out of sight but said nothing shortly one of the ladies would shout down the alleyway. "oh, mrs so and so, won't you come to my room for a minute?. don't be frightened " all this for the benefit of the danish officer in the saloon in the meantime the danish chief officer was wandering around the igotz mendi, taking notice of all he saw while strolling through the bunkers, where our "temporary" warm place was, he noticed nita's "kewpie" doll lying where she had dropped it there were men standing around all through these quarters suddenly the officer turned on a man standing there and said.

Theleft eye of a man, and the right eye of a woman, are privileges of themoon, how to write narrative essay wormwood, an herb of mars cures both. What belongs to the sunby sympathy, because he is exalted in his house. But what belongs tothe moon by antipathy, because he hath his fall in hers suppose a manbe bitten or stung by a martial creature, imagine a wasp, a hornet, a scorpion, wormwood, an herb of mars, gives you a present cure. Thatmars, choleric as he is, hath learned that patience, to pass by yourevil speeches of him, and tells you by my pen, that he gives you noaffliction, but he gives you a cure. You need not run to apollo, noræsculapius.

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{sic}bell-ans, for years advertised only in medical journals under the name“pa-pay-ans bell, ” is now advertised in newspapers as a remedy that“absolutely removes indigestion ” as it is still being advertised tophysicians, we propose to analyze the claims made for it with as muchcare as would be exercised in the discussion of the newest discovery inmedicine, because we believe that it is desirable to show the trend ofexploitation of a certain type of preparation in the medical press in the new york medical journal the following advertisement recentlyappeared on the front cover:illustration. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - | acute indigestion | | | | yesterday a great soldier and today the head of a big trust | | succumbed to an attack of acute indigestion, and every day | | we hear from essay physician of essay case he has saved with | | bell-ans by giving six 6 tablets dissolved in a glass of | | hot water and repeating if necessary can any doctor who | | reads this fail to provide himself with the free supply of | | bell-ans which we will gladly send for his emergency case?. | | | | bell & co inc mfg chemists orangeburg new york u s a | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -typical of bell-ans advertisements as appearing in medical journals a recently purchased package of bell-ans contained a circular in whichit was stated that bell-ans removes flatulence, vertigo, weakness andother symptoms of indigestion quickly and pleasantly. That it aidsthe digestion of food and tends to restore the digestive tract to anormal condition. That it relieves vomiting in pregnancy, alcoholism, seasickness and cholera morbus, besides being pleasant, harmless andeffective for colic, sour stomach, feverishness, and wakefulness ofinfants and children the circular contained paragraphs purportingto be taken from various medical journals, including the new yorkmedical journal, wisconsin medical recorder, the lancet clinic, international journal of surgery, and massachusetts medicaljournal no exact references were given to permit verification or todetermine whether or not the quotations were from “reading notices” advertisements or from the scientific writing of the journals inquestion to quote one of the statements given. “the results from the use of bell-ans pa-pay-ans bell in the treatment of indigestion are so prompt and so generally good-- and the evidence of this fact is accumulating so rapidly and from such reliable sources-- that we venture to suggest to our readers who have not tried this remedy that they prescribe one original sealed package of bell-ans pa-pay-ans bell and that they carefully note the results from its use “we suggest an original sealed package because the preparation is widely and badly imitated, and unless such a package is specified an imitation of little value may be substituted and the experiment be thus rendered useless ”it is possible that bell-ans has been imitated, but it is not truethat it is widely imitated, for no such imitation has ever been calledto our attention, and we strongly suspect that the main reason fordesiring that an original package be dispensed is that the patient maysee for himself the name bell-ans plainly blown in the glass the circular in question states that there is no derangement of thedigestive organs on which the proper dose of bell-ans will not actquickly and pleasantly!. these are samples of the claims made forbell-ans let us inquire into the nature of the conditions for whichthe preparation is recommended and the treatment advised by well knownclinicians the subject of indigestion is discussed by robert hutchison and robertsaundby under the general title of dyspepsia in the “index of treatmentby various writers, ” edition 6, 1912, pp 260-265 hutchison says:“in the first place it must be remembered that in thesis patients whocomplain of ‘indigestion’ the seat of the trouble is not in the stomachat all ”illustration.