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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | hyperthermality a reality | | | | hyperthermality is a fact, however, through the | | agency of a keri-resinous product which has been | | used in france since 1900 under the name of | | l’ambrine hyperthermine, as the remedial agent | | will be known in this country, is a combination | | of several kinds of waxes and resins, scientific- | | ally blended and containing no medicinal elements | | whatever it comes in the form of waxy flakes it | | melts at 124° and on cooling resembles a dark | | colored wax | | | | hyperthermine is the discovery of dr barthe de | | sandfort, an eminent retired french naval surgeon | | and a member of numerous foreign medical societies | | he | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - “ambrine” has been exploited in the united states for essay time to physicians it was sold under the name “hyperthermine ” above isa photographic reproduction reduced of a portion of a bookletdescribing “hyperthermine, ” which has been in the journal office foressay years illustration. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | hyperthermine field | | | | hyperthermine can be used in practically all in- | | flammatory conditions during the past ten years, | | under the name of l’ambrine, our product has been | | widely used in the hospitals in france, as well as | | in private practice, and we have very thesis clinical | | reports on a variety of subjects its greatest use | | has been in such conditions as sciatica, lumbago, | | articular and muscular rheumatism, gout, arthritis, | | burns of all degrees, pneumonia, bronchitis, orchit-| | is, buboes, soft chancres, peritonitis, dysmenor- | | rhea, adenitis, mastitis, periostitis, synovitis, | | conjunctivitis, iritis, irido-choroiditis, abscess- | | es, bruises, furuncles, whitlow, paronychia, car- | | buncles, moist eczema and similar dermatological | | affections, and varicose and tubercular ulcers | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - photographic reproduction reduced from the “hyperthermine” “ambrine” booklet recommending it for use in rheumatism, gout, pneumonia, buboes, dysmenorrhea, eczema, tuberculous ulcers, etc it is said that de sandfort “stumbled on this treatment byaccident ”165 being a sufferer from rheumatism, he had been benefitedby hot mud baths. On returning home he sought a substitute, and finallymade a mixture of paraffin, oil of amber and amber resin this wasapplied hot, serving as a firm poultice “years later, he went onservice to a railway in china and was in yunnan at the time of theincendiary insurrection, and thesis badly burned chinese were broughtin for treatment remembering that ambroise paré treated such paperwith hot oil, he tried the effect of covering the burn with his meltedambrine, which at once glazes over, forming a coat impervious to theair, and his patients ceased to suffer ”166165 the outlook, jan 17, 1917, p 100 166 med rec , new york, jan 27, 1917, p 160 “ambrine” has been sold in america under two names. “hyperthermine, ” asexploited to physicians, and “thermozine, ” as advertised to the public physical comparison alone shows that ambrine as now sold differsfrom “hyperthermine” of a few years ago. The probable reason is that“ambrine” has changed its formula this is borne out by matas, 167who states that de sandfort “admitted that ambrine was a compound ofparaffin, oil of sesame and resins, but was not at liberty to divulgeits exact composition, as the formula and manufacture of this substancewas now the property of a private corporation, which was exploiting itas a proprietary and secret remedy ” the later formula differs from theoriginal 167 matas, rudolph. Burns treated with paraffin mixtures, new orleansmed and surg jour , april, 1917, p 681 besides the foregoing paraffin preparations, two others have recentlybeen placed on the american market, “parresine” nonsecret and“mulene” secret analysis of ambrine“ambrine” comes in rectangular cakes, about 1-1/2 inches wide, 6inches long and 1/2 inch thick it is moderately soft, but essaywhatbrittle at ordinary room temperature a black substance is present, which evidently settles out during the compounding, as in one side ofthe cake these writingicles can be clearly discerned by holding it up tothe light. In the other side there are no suspended writingicles whenmelted, the solution is not clear, and a sediment forms the meltingpoint u s p method. See later is 48 4 c the plasticity andductility168 are 27 and 30 5, respectively it is pliable and strongat body temperature the saponification number and acid number are bothvery low, but a fatty oil is present tests indicated oil of sesame ninety-eight per cent of “ambrine” is soluble in ether. This solubleportion may be treated with low-boiling ligroin petroleum ether, outof which, on standing, a black asphalt-like substance separates of theether-insoluble substance, 65 per cent is soluble in chloroform theremaining insoluble substance contains a small amount of silica andvegetable fiber the paraffin obtained from “ambrine” melted at 48 6 c as a result of various experiments, it appears that the composition of“ambrine” is essentially as follows. Paraffin m p 48 6 c 97 0 per cent fatty oil sesame?.

The burnt ashes of the sticks of a vine, scour the teethand make them as white as snow. The leaves stop bleeding, fluxes, heart-burnings, vomitings. As also the longings of pregnant women thecoals of a burnt vine, in powder, mixed with honey, doth make the teethas white as ivory, which are rubbed with it vincitoxicum swallow-wort a pultis made with the leaves helps sorebreasts, and also soreness of the matrix virga pastoris a third name for teazles see dipsatus virga aurea see consolida ulmaria see the root meadsweet umbilicus veneris navil-wort. Cold, dry, and binding, thereforehelps all inflammations. They are very good for kibed heels, beingbathed with it and a leaf laid over the sore urtica nettles. An herb so well known, that you may find them by thefeeling in the darkest night. They are essaything hot, not very hot. Thejuice stops bleeding. They provoke lust, help difficulty of breathing, pleurisies, inflammations of the lungs, that troubleessay cough thatwomen call the chincough. They exceedingly break the stone, provokeurine, and help such as cannot hold their necks upright boil them inwhite wine usnea moss. Once before flowers borage, and bugloss flowers strengthen the brain, and are profitable infevers chamomel flowers, heat and assuage swellings, inflammation of thebowels, dissolve wind, are profitably given in clysters or drink, tosuch as are troubled with the cholic, or stone stæchea, opens stoppings in the bowels, and strengthens the wholebody saffron powerfully concocts, and sends out whatever humour offendsthe body, drives back inflammations. Applied outwardly, encreasesvenery, and provokes urine clove-gilliflowers, resist the pestilence, strengthen the heart, liver, and stomach, and provoke venery schœnanth which i touched slightly amongst the herbs provokes urinepotently, provokes the menses, breaks wind, helps such as spit or vomitblood, eases pains of the stomach, reins, and spleen, helps dropsies, convulsions, and inflammations of the womb lavender-flowers, resist all cold afflictions of the brain, convulsions, falling-sickness, they strengthen cold stomachs, and openobstructions of the liver, they provoke urine and the menses, bringforth the birth and placenta hops, open stoppings of the bowels, and for that cause beer is betterthan ale balm-flowers, cheer the heart and vital spirits, strengthen thestomach rosemary-flowers, strengthen the brain exceedingly, and resistmadness. Clear the sight winter-gilliflowers, or wall-flowers, help inflammation of the womb, provoke the menses, and help ulcers in the mouth honey-suckles, provoke urine, ease the pains of the spleen, and suchas can hardly fetch their breath mallows, help coughs red roses, cool, bind, strengthen both vital and animal virtue, restore such as are in consumptions, strengthen there are so thesiscompositions of them which makes me more brief in the simples violets, to wit, the blue ones, cool and moisten, provoke sleep, loosen the belly, resist fevers, help inflammations, correct the heatof choler, ease the pains in the head, help the roughness of thewind-pipe, diseases in the throat, inflammations in the breast andsides, plurisies, open stoppings of the liver, and help the yellowjaundice chicory, or succory as the vulgar call it cools and strengthens theliver, so doth endive water lilies, ease pains of the head coming of choler and heat, provoke sleep, cool inflammations, and the heat in fevers pomegranate-flowers, dry and bind, stop fluxes, and the menses cowslips, strengthen the brain, senses, and memory, exceedingly, resist all diseases there, as convulsions, falling-sickness, palsies, &c centaury, purges choler and gross humours, helps the yellow jaundice, opens obstructions of the liver, helps pains of the spleen, provokesthe menses, brings away birth and afterbirth elder flowers, help dropsies, cleanse the blood, clear the skin, openstoppings of the liver and spleen, and diseases arising therefrom bean-flowers, clear the skin, stop humours flowing into the eyes peach-tree flowers, purge choler gently broom-flowers, purge water, and are good in dropsies the temperature of all these differ either very little or not at allfrom the herbs the way of using the flowers i did forbear, because most of them may, and are usually made into conserves, of which you may take the quantityof a nutmeg in the morning. All of them may be kept dry a year, andboiled with other herbs conducing to the cures they do fruits and their buds green figs, are held to be of ill juice, but the best is, we are notmuch troubled with them in england.

And my reason is, that the rootsof all crocus, both white and yellow, purge phlegm as hermodactyls do;and if you please to dry the roots of any crocus, neither your eyesnor your taste shall distinguish them from hermodactyls sage our ordinary garden sage needs no description time it flowers in or about july government and virtues jupiter claims this, and bids me tell you, it is good for the liver, and to breed blood a decoction of the leavesand branches of sage made and drank, saith dioscorides, provokes urine, brings down women courses, helps to expel the dead child, and causesthe hair to become black it stays the bleeding of wounds, and how to write an outline for an essay cleansesfoul ulcers three spoonfuls of the juice of sage taken fasting, witha little honey, doth presently stay the spitting or casting of bloodof them that are in a consumption these pills are much commended;take of spikenard, ginger, of each two drams. Of the seed of sagetoasted at the fire, eight drams. Of long pepper, twelve drams. Allthese being brought into powder, put thereto so much juice of sageas may make them into a mass of pills, taking a dram of them everymorning fasting, and so likewise at night, drinking a little pure waterafter them matthiolus saith, it is very profitable for all manner ofpains in the head coming of cold and rheumatic humours.

It is an admirable remedy against wounds and gunshot, wounds made with poisoned weapons, it draws out splinters, brokenbones, &c the dose from half a dram to a dram dipsacus, sativ sylv teazles, garden and wild, the leaves bruisedand applied to the temples, allay the heat in fevers, qualify the ragein frenzies. The juice dropped into the ears, kills worms in them, dropped into the eyes, clears the sight, helps redness and pimples inthe face, being anointed with it ebulus dwarf elder, or walwort hot and dry in the third degree;waste hard swellings, being applied in form of a poultice. The hair ofthe head anointed with the juice of it turns it black. The leaves beingapplied to the place, help inflammations, burnings, scaldings, thebitings of mad dogs. Mingled with bulls suet is a present remedy forthe gout. Inwardly taken, is a singular purge for the dropsy and gout echium viper-bugloss, viper-herb, snake bugloss, wal-bugloss, wild-bugloss, several counties give it these several names. It isa singular remedy being eaten, for the biting of venomous beasts:continually eating of it makes the body invincible against the poisonof serpents, toads, spiders, &c however it be administered. Itcomforts the heart, expels sadness and melancholy the rich may makethe flowers into a conserve, and the herb into a syrup, the poor maykeep it dry, both may keep it as a jewel empetron, calcifragra, herniaria, &c rupture-wort, or burst-wort the english name tells you it is good against ruptures, and so such asare bursten shall find it, if they please to make trial of it, eitherinwardly taken, or outwardly applied to the place, or both also thelatin names hold it forth to be good against the stone, which whosotries shall find true enula campana elicampane provokes urine see the root epithimum dodder of time, to which add common dodder, which isusually that which grows upon flax. Indeed every dodder retains avirtue of that herb or plant it grows upon, as dodder that growsupon broom, provokes urine forcibly, and loosens the belly, and ismoister than that which grows upon flax. That which grows upon time, is hotter and dryer than that which grows upon flax, even in the thirddegree, opens obstructions, helps infirmities of the spleen, purgethmelancholy, relieves drooping spirits, helps the rickets. That whichgrows on flax, is excellent for agues in young children, strengthensweak stomachs, purgeth choler, provokes urine, opens stoppings inthe reins and bladder that which grows upon nettles, provokes urineexceedingly the way of using it is to boil it in white wine, orother convenient decoction, and boil it very little ætias, mesue, actuarius, serapio, avincena eruch rocket, hot and dry in the third degree, being eaten alone, causeth head-ache, by its heat procures urine galen eupatorium see ageratum euphragia eyebright is essaything hot and dry, the very sight of itrefresheth the eyes. Inwardly taken, it restores the sight, and makesold men eyes young, a dram of it taken in the morning is worth apair of spectacles, it comforts and strengthens the memory, outwardlyapplied to the place, it helps the eyes filix fœmina } filicula, polypidium } see the roots filipendula }malahathram indian-leaf, hot and dry in the second degree, comfortsthe stomach exceedingly, helps digestion, provokes urine, helpsinflammations of the eyes, secures cloaths from moths fæniculum fennel, encreaseth milk in nurses, provokes urine, breaksthe stone, easeth pains in the reins, opens stoppings, breaks wind, provokes the menses. You may boil it in white wine fragaria strawberry leaves, are cold, dry, and binding, a singularremedy for inflammations and wounds, hot diseases in the throat. Theystop fluxes and the terms, cool the heat of the stomach, and theinflammations of the liver the best way is to boil them in barleywater fraxinus, &c ash-trees, the leaves are moderately hot and dry, curethe bitings of adders, and serpents. They stop looseness, and stayvomiting, help the rickets, open stoppages of the liver and spleen fumaria fumitory. Cold and dry, it opens and cleanses by urine, helps such as are itchy, and scabbed, clears the skin, opens stoppingsof the liver and spleen, helps rickets, hypochondriac melancholy, madness, frenzies, quartan agues, loosens the belly, gently purgethmelancholy, and addust choler.

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Thedecoction of how to write an outline for an essay it in wine drank for essay time together, procures easeto them that are troubled with the sciatica, or hip-gout. As also thegout in hands, knees or feet. If you put to the decoction essay honeyand a little burnt alum, it is excellently good to gargle any soremouth or throat, and to wash the sores and ulcers in the privy writings ofman or woman. It speedily helps green wounds, being bruised and boundthereto the juice of it boiled with a little honey and verdigrease, doth wonderfully cleanse fistulas, ulcers, and stays the spreading oreating of cancers and ulcers. It helps the itch, scabs, wheals, andother breakings out in any writing of the body the juice of celandine, field-daisies, and ground-ivy clarified, and a little fine sugardissolved therein, and dropped into the eyes, is a sovereign remedyfor all pains, redness, and watering of them. As also for the pin andweb, skins and films growing over the sight, it helps beasts as well asmen the juice dropped into the ears, wonderfully helps the noise andsinging of them, and helps the hearing which is decayed it is good totun up with new drink, for it will clarify it in a night, that it willbe the fitter to be drank the next morning. Or if any drink be thickwith removing, or any other accident, it will do the like in a fewhours alexander it is called alisander, horse-parsley, and wild-parsley, and the blackpot-herb. The seed of it is that which is usually sold in apothecaries’shops for macedonian parsley-seed descript it is usually sown in all the gardens in europe, and sowell known, that it needs no farther description time it flowers in june and july. The seed is ripe in august government and virtues it is an herb of jupiter, and thereforefriendly to nature, for it warms a cold stomach, and opens a stoppageof the liver and spleen.