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Heartbeating feebly how to write a research essay. Died in about a minute after being cut down “the pointof suspension was forty-seven inches from the ground, the positionof the noose twenty-eight inches, and the feet were forty-two inchesaway from the door supported on the toes ” experiment showed that theturban could not have borne the full weight of the body he died fromstrangulation 2 ibid , p 3 - insane man, age 60 put his neck in a v-shaped forkof a tree and let his body swing a broad abrasion found on each sideof neck scalp, brain, and membranes much congested. Reddish serumin lateral ventricles. Two ounces clear fluid in pericardium lungscongested. All the heart cavities contained blood 3 ibid , p 5 - woman, age 28 two marks of ligature on neck. Onedeep and circular passed up behind left ear.

A any university in the united kingdom, or any medical corporationlegally qualified at the time of the passage of this act to grant suchdiploma or diplomas in respect of medicine or surgery. Or b any combination of two or more medical corporations in the samewriting of the united kingdom, who may agree to hold a joint examinationin medicine, surgery, and midwifery, and of whom one at least iscapable of granting such diploma as aforesaid in respect of medicine, and one at least is capable of granting such diploma in respect ofsurgery. Or c any combination of any such university as aforesaid with anyother such university or universities, or of any such university oruniversities with a medical corporation or corporations. The bodiesforming such combination being in the same writing of the united kingdom3 1 the standard of proficiency at said examinations shall be such assuffices to guarantee the possession of knowledge and skill requisitefor the efficient practice of medicine, surgery, and midwifery itis the duty of the general council to secure the maintenance of suchstandard of proficiency, and it may appoint such number of inspectorsas it may determine who shall attend at all or any of the saidexaminations 3 2 the inspectors are not to interfere with the conduct of anyexamination, but to report to the general council their opinion asto the sufficiency or insufficiency of every examination which theyattend, and such other matters in relation thereto as the generalcouncil may require 3 3 if it appears to the general council that the standard of proficiencyin medicine, surgery, and midwifery, or in any of those subjects orany branch thereof required at such examinations by any such body, isinsufficient, the privy council, on a report from the general councilafter considering such report, and any objection thereto by any bodyto which it relates, may by order declare that the examination ofsuch body or bodies shall not be deemed a qualifying examination forregistration, and her majesty, with the advice of the privy council, may revoke such order if upon further report from the general council, or any body to which it relates, it seems to her expedient 41 during the continuance of such order, the examinations held by thebody or bodies to which it relates shall not be deemed qualifyingexaminations, and a diploma granted to a person passing suchexaminations shall not entitle such person to registration 42 if a medical corporation represent to the general council that itis unable to enter into a combination for holding a qualifyingexamination, and the general council is satisfied that the saidcorporation has used its best endeavor to do so on reasonable terms, the general council may on the application of such corporation appointany number of examiners to assist at the examinations for granting adiploma conferring on the holder the right of registration 51 it is the duty of the said assistant examiners to secure at the saidexaminations the maintenance of such standard of proficiency inmedicine, surgery, and midwifery as is required from candidates atqualifying examinations, and any examination held subject to thissection shall be deemed a qualifying examination 5 2 practitioner rights - a registered medical practitioner shall beentitled to practise medicine, surgery, and midwifery in the unitedkingdom, and subject to any local law, in any other writing of hermajesty dominions, and to recover in due course of law in respectof such practice, any expenses or charges in respect of medicamentsor other appliances, or any fees to which he may be entitled, unlesshe is a fellow of a college of physicians, the fellows of which areprohibited by by-law from recovering at law their expenses, charges orfees, in which case such prohibitory by-law, so long as it is in force, may be pleaded in bar of any legal proceeding instituted by such fellowfor recovery of expenses, charges, or fees 6 members of general council - the constituent members of the generalcouncil are designated by this act in sec 7 members of the general council representing the registered medicalprofession must themselves be registered medical practitioners, andmembers of the branch council for the writing of the united kingdom inwhich they are elected 8 colonial and foreign practitioners - when a person shows to thesatisfaction of the registrar of the general council that he holdsessay recognized colonial medical diploma or diplomas granted to himin a british possession to which this act applies, and that he is ofgood character, and is by law entitled to practise medicine, surgery, and midwifery in such british possession, he shall on application tothe said registrar, and on the payment of such fee not exceeding £5, as the general council may determine, be entitled without examinationin the united kingdom to be registered as a colonial practitioner inthe medical register. Provided he proves to the satisfaction of theregistrar. 1 that the said diploma or diplomas was or were granted to him at atime when he was not domiciled in the united kingdom, or in the courseof a period of not less than five years during the whole of which heresided outside of the united kingdom. Or 2 that he was practising medicine or surgery or a branch of medicineor surgery in the united kingdom on the prescribed day, and that he hascontinued practising the same either in the united kingdom or elsewherefor not less than ten years immediately preceding the prescribed day11 when a person shows to the satisfaction of the registrar of thegeneral council that he holds essay recognized foreign medical diplomaor diplomas granted in a foreign country, to which this act applies, and that he is of good character, and is by law entitled to practisemedicine, surgery, and midwifery in such foreign country, he shallon application to said registrar, and on payment of such fee, notexceeding £5, as the general council may determine, be entitled withoutexamination in the united kingdom to be registered as a foreignpractitioner in the medical register. Provided he proves to thesatisfaction of the registrar. 1 that he is not a british subject. Or 2 that, being a british subject, the said diploma or diplomas was orwere granted to him at a time when he was not domiciled in the unitedkingdom or in the course of a period of not less than five years, during the whole of which he resided out of the united kingdom. Or 3 that, being a british subject, he was practising medicine orsurgery, or a branch of medicine or surgery in the united kingdom onthe prescribed day, and that he has continued practising the samein the united kingdom or elsewhere, for not less than ten yearsimmediately preceding the said prescribed day 12 the medical diploma granted in a british possession or foreign countryto which this act applies, which is to be deemed requisite, shallbe such a diploma as may be recognized by the general council asfurnishing a sufficient guarantee of the possession of the requisiteknowledge and skill for the efficient practice of medicine, surgery, and midwifery when the general council have refused to recognize any such diploma, the privy council may, on appeal, after communicating with the generalcouncil, order the general council to recognize such diploma if the refusal of the registration of a colonial or foreignpractitioner be on any other ground, the registrar of the generalcouncil shall, if required, state in writing the reason for therefusal, and the person refused may appeal to the privy council, which, after communicating with the general council, may dismiss the appealor order the general council to enter the name of the applicant on theregister a person may be registered both as a colonial and foreign practitioner13 the medical register shall contain separate lists of the names andaddresses of colonial and foreign practitioners, and the provisionsof 21 and 22 vict , c 90, relating to persons registered and to themedical register, and to offences, shall apply in the case of colonialand foreign practitioners registered under this act so far as may be14 any registered practitioner on the list of colonial or foreignpractitioners who is in possession of or obtains any recognizedcolonial or foreign medical diploma granted in a british possession orforeign country to which this act applies may cause a description ofsuch diploma to be added to his name in the medical register s 15 any registered medical practitioner on the medical register by virtueof english, scotch, or irish qualifications, and in possession of aforeign degree in medicine, may cause a description of such foreigndegree to be added to his name as an additional title in the medicalregister, provided he satisfy the general council that he obtained suchdegree after a proper examination and prior to the passage of this act16 her majesty may from time to time, by order in the council, declarethat this act be deemed to apply to any british possession or foreigncountry which in the opinion of her majesty affords the registeredmedical practitioners of the united kingdom such privileges of practicein the said british possessions or foreign countries as to her majestymay seem just.

That mon-arsone should not be used except under conditionsthat how to write a research essay justify the experimental trial of an unproved drug. And that theadvertising propaganda for the drug by the harmer laboratories companyis to be deprecated * * * * *when the preceding report was sent to the harmer laboratories company, the firm submitted a reply in which it was stated:1 that in certain instances patients improved under mon-arsone who, previously, had not improved under arsphenamine, and that this shouldbe taken to offset the report of the one hundred paper in which the useof mon-arsone had to be abandoned in 11 per cent of the paper 2 that the harmer laboratories company has abandoned the claim thatmon-arsone is therapeutically equal to arsphenamine and that it nowfurnishes the drug to such men as care to use it simply on the basis ofits special and useful characteristics the council heartily endorses the recent warning against the useof untried medicaments which was issued by the u s public healthservice 145145 j a m a june 12, 1920, p 1654 since the council report was prepared a report on the effects ofmon-arsone on experimental syphilis has been published by nichols, 146from the division of laboratories, army medical school, which concludes:1 disodium-ethylarsinate, or mon-arsone, tested on rabbits infectedwith syphilis shows no spirocheticidal power the tissues are fatallypoisoned as soon as or before the spirochetes are affected “2 for its practical use in syphilis there is no such germicidal basisas exists in case of the arsphenamine group ”-- from the journala m a , june 18, 1921 146 nichols, h j. The spirocheticidal value of disodium ethylarsenate mon-arsone, j a m a 76. 1335 may 14 1921 oxyl-iodide not admitted to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistry“oxyl-iodide” eli lilly and co is said to be the hydroiodid ofcinchophen and the claim is made that it exerts the effects ofcinchophen and of iodid because of inquiries which have been receivedthe council decided to determine the eligibility of “oxyl-iodide” fornew and nonofficial remedies dr p j hanzlik-- formerly associateprofessor of pharmacology at western reserve university school ofmedicine, now professor of pharmacology at leland stanford junioruniversity medical school-- who has made a study of the action ofsalicylates and cinchophen, was asked to report on the therapeuticvalue and the rationality of “oxyl-iodide ” this he consented to do andhis report appears below after considering doctor hanzlik report, the council declared“oxyl-iodide” inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies because itis an irrational combination, marketed under claims that are unprovedand consequently unwarranted w a puckner, secretary “oxyl-iodide, ” marketed by eli lilly & co , is claimed to be thehydroiodid of phenylcinchoninic acid, containing 33 per cent of iodinand 67 per cent of phenylcinchoninic acid cinchophen its solubilityresembles that of cinchophen, being low in water and acid mediums, andhigher in the presence of alkalis whether “oxyl-iodide” is decomposedinto its constituents in the presence of alkalis does not appear tohave been determined however, if this were the case, the intestine, after administration of “oxyl-iodide, ” would contain cinchophen andsodium iodid in the same forms as if these agents were administeredindividually so that nothing would be gained by administering“oxyl-iodide ” being, like cinchophen, practically insoluble in acidmediums, “oxyl-iodide” would have no advantage over the latter so faras gastric irritation is concerned dosagethe dosage advised is from one to three tablets containing 3 grains 0 2 gm each of “oxyl-iodide ” the total dosage would depend onthe condition to be treated in rheumatic fever, which requires afull therapeutic or so-called, “toxic” dose of cinchophen, about 12to 13 gm would be administered intensively since each tablet of“oxyl-iodide” contains 0 13 gm of cinchophen, the total number oftablets of “oxyl-iodide” required would be 100, or two and one-halfbottles of forty tablets each at the same time the patient wouldreceive 6 6 gm of iodin as iodid this might be distinctlyobjectionable because of the production of the disagreeable symptoms ofiodism in essay persons, and indicates that the fixed proportion of theiodin constituent would be objectionable even a smaller dosage, such as 5 gm of cinchophen, which gives writingialrelief in rheumatism and similar conditions, would still require apatient to take a full bottle, or forty tablets, of “oxyl-iodide, ” andat the same time about 2 7 gm of iodin would have to be ingested furthermore, rheumatic fever, the arthritides, gout and relatedconditions in which cinchophen is indicated do not require iodid therefore, “oxyl-iodide” would not be the remedy of choice in theseconditions, and its use would be irrational and illogical actionsno data on the pharmacologic actions of “oxyl-iodide” are presentedin the manufacturer literature presumably, the compound wouldexhibit the actions of its individual components, i e , cinchophen andiodin as iodid, though probably less efficiently, owing to its lowsolubility this is also indicated by the following statements of themanufacturer. “the analgesic action of ‘oxyl-iodide’ is gradual a wordof caution is necessary to those who may expect immediate relief frompain ” therefore, why use “oxyl-iodide” in place of more dependableanalgesics, such as salicylate or cinchophen the following statementsappear far-fetched. “there is a stimulation of the endocrines whichis perhaps more marked in the thyroid gland, although it is probablyshared by the pituitary and other glands which function in a chain-likecontrol there is stimulation of cells with increased flow ofsecretion, visibly demonstrated by the nasal mucous membrane after‘oxyl-iodide’ has been taken for essay time the general action onmucous membranes favors elimination of toxins and waste products ”it is probable that “oxyl-iodide” acts as a uric acid eliminant, thoughthere is no reason to suppose that it is more effective than cinchophenalone no data are given for this in the manufacturer literature usessuccessful use of “oxyl-iodide” is claimed in brachial and sciaticneuritis, lumbago, muscular rheumatism, arthritis deformans, chronicarthritis “ in essay instances were apparently cured”, subacutebronchitis, circumflex neuritis, traumatic orchitis, eczema andrheumatism however, a careful reading of the protocols of seven paper, representing these conditions, gives an unfavorable impression as tothe real contribution to the recovery by, or value received from, “oxyl-iodide ” summarized, the opinions as quoted by the manufacturersin support of their claims for “oxyl-iodide” are briefly as follows:case 1 “of course, the case is not complete yet, but i am looking forcontinued betterment ”case 2 “for two weeks past her improvement has been marvelous ”case 3 “the joints are still enlarged and we do not hope to clear thementirely ”case 4 “undoubtedly, removal of the kidney had much to do withimprovement ”case 5 “i think i have gotten very good results ”case 6 “essay apparent benefit ”case 7 “she is practically free from pain, and the muscle and jointstiffness is now slight ”these inconclusive opinions certainly do not agree with the favorableimpression which other portions of the manufacturer literaturecreate if the factor of natural recovery in the conditions representedby these seven paper is given due weight, little, if anything, isleft to the credit of “oxyl-iodide ” such clinical evidence as issupplied by the manufacturer indicates that the therapeutic efficiencyof “oxyl-iodide” is doubtful, and not an improvement over eithercinchophen or iodid iodismiodism cannot be avoided by the use of “oxyl-iodide, ” for themanufacturer literature states that “the dosage of ‘oxyl-iodide’may be pushed to iodism as manifested by skin symptoms to avoidiodism there should be an occasional interruption of treatment ”“oxyl-iodide, ” therefore, has no advantage over ordinary sodium iodidto avoid iodism usually, the conditions which require cinchophendo not require the simultaneous administration of iodids, and viceversa if administration of iodid and cinchophen together should beindicated or desirable, these can be given separately with the addedadvantage that the iodid can be easily reduced or withdrawn in caseiodism supervenes, and the cinchophen could be continued if necessary since conditions do not arise frequently enough to warrant the useof iodid and cinchophen together, the existence of such a product as“oxyl-iodide” is unwarranted finally, the manufacturer himself recognizes that phenylcinchoninicacid cinchophen can take the place of “oxyl-iodide ” under“dosage, ” the circular states. “a few patients may be idiosyncraticto the iodides and find they cannot take ‘oxyl-iodide ’ for thelatter chloroxyl, the hydrochloride of phenylcinchoninic acid, isrecommended ” the action of the hydrochlorid of phenylcinchoninic aciddoes not differ, of course, from that of cinchophen the difficultiesof assigning a clear-cut, definite, therapeutic rôle to “oxyl-iodide”in order to justify its existence, alongside well-known and triedremedies are self-evident conclusion“oxyl-iodide” is pharmacologically and therapeutically an illogical, irrational and unjustified substitute for cinchophen and iodids theconditions which require the administration of cinchophen do not asa rule require the administration of iodid and vice versa if it isdesirable to secure the effects of iodid and cinchophen together, thesecan be more conveniently and advantageously administered as separateagents, permitting in that way a better control of their actions thiscannot be accomplished with “oxyl-iodide, ” in which the proportion ofiodid and cinchophen are fixed symptoms of iodism cannot be avoidedby the administration of “oxyl-iodide ” the objective evidences forits actions and uses are totally lacking. And the clinical opinionsconcerning its therapeutic benefits in different disease conditionsare inconclusive and hedging, and, if anything, contradictory to thefavorable impressions which the language of the advertising matter islikely to create -- from the journal a m a , july 2, 1921 quassia compound tablets report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following report, declaring that quassia compound tablets flint, eaton and company areinadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies w a puckner, secretary quassia compound tablets, marketed by flint, eaton and company, decatur, ill , according to the label on a trade package submitted tothe council, contain in each tablet. Quassia 3/4 grain aloin 1/4 grain chionanthus 1 grain ipecac 1/16 grain wahoo 3/4 grain podophyllin 1/4 grain nux vomica 1/2 grain gingerine q s cascara 1/3 grainin the advertising the “cascara” of the label is replaced by theindefinite term “cascarin” and the “gingerine q s ” by “carminativeantigripe q s ” flint, eaton and company informed the council that“carminative antigripe is c p sodium sulphite of which each tabletcontains 1/4 grain ” the tablets were treated with dilute hydrochloricacid and the odor of sulphur dioxid became apparent this shows thatthe company statement to the council, that the tablets contain asulphite, is correct and the formula on the label is incorrect in the advertising for this preparation we read. “a careful study of this formula which formula?. that on the label or that in the general advertising?. -- council will reveal the outstanding fact that, while there are several drugs employed, each ingredient is there for a purpose and all do splendid teamwork if your patient is constipated because the stomach is not sufficiently energetic, the quassia stimulates that organ to an increased secretion of digestive fluids and sets it to working normally if the liver be sluggish, the chionanthus and wahoo prompt it to increased activity chionanthus has no superior for producing a sustained healthy hepatic condition should the bowels be slow and uncertain, the small doses of aloin, cascarin and podophyllin stimulate to free peristaltic action, while the nux vomica sets the nervous system right we use an effective antigripe so that there is no griping ”it is absurd to suppose that a complex mixture of drugs in fixedproportions can have the actions claimed for quassia compound tablets as regards the claim that “chionanthus has no superior for producing asustained healthy hepatic condition, ” it was brought out in a reportof the council on “essay unimportant drugs” reports of council onpharmacy and chemistry, 1912, p 36 that the “claims for this remedychionanthus are not supported by experimental evidence and theclinical reports of its use fail to show indications of discriminatingcritical observation it is not noticed by most pharmacologicauthorities ”of wahoo euonymus n f the “epitome of the u s p and n f ”says. “actions and uses -- obsolete cathartic. Toxic digitaliseffects caption. The uncertain absorption of this drug makes its useinadvisable ”quassia compound tablets flint, eaton and company are inadmissibleto new and nonofficial remedies because 1 they contain drugs ofunproved value. 2 their composition is needlessly complex, and, therefore irrational. 3 unwarranted therapeutic claims are madefor them.

Indeed, a number of the articles do not discuss treatmentat all, but are devoted entirely to the consideration of etiologyof the disease thesis of the papers are by those who are obviouslyoverenthusiastic on the subject of the use of biologic preparations one paper-- not included in the references submitted by the abbottlaboratories-- records an alarming reaction following a dose of mixedvaccine. No claim is made that improvement followed the following comments on the submitted references are offered:m catarrhalis-combined-bacterin -- only four of the nine referencesgiven deal with the therapeutic use of the vaccine the reportedresults in general were favorable, but essaytimes in the discussionevoked by certain of the papers, views the reverse of those expressedby the author were brought forward the enthusiasm of one writer isshown in his statement that following the use of vaccine in paper ofcarbuncle complicating diabetes the sugar in the urine disappearedor was reduced one observer, who reports excellent results in nasalpharyngeal catarrh, speaks of certain vaccines as “bulk goods, ” whileanother considers “-- -- no 7” as the proper thing it is evidentthat the reports are not based on careful, scientific data, or suchunscientific definition of the product employed would not be used b coli-combined-bacterin -- in the references cited in support ofthis preparation the following general statements are noted. Oneenthusiastic writer says, “it must be recognized that we have nosatisfactory explanation of the action of vaccines, and their useat present is empirical ” one author dwelt on the superiority ofautogenous vaccines but admits that occasionally stock vaccines areindicated one vaccine therapist in concluding an article states, “itis simply impossible to practice modern urology without our modernbiologic products ” yet it is a well-known fact that thesis successfuland capable genito-urinary surgeons avoid the use of vaccines, mixed orsimple pertussis-combined-bacterin -- these reports are uniformly favorable, but are not controlled and their value is not to be compared witha recent report from the new york city dewritingment of health whichindicates that the vaccine is practically valueless it is noted, further, that one of the articles cited which dealt rather fully withthe treatment of pertussis did not mention vaccines streptococcus-rheumaticus-combined-bacterin -- the references citedin support of the preparations by the manufacturer give no supportwhatever for the use of mixed stock vaccines the first reference dealswith the relation of streptococcus viridans to arthritis deformans andendocarditis and reports the following paper. Case 1 -- vaccine case-- improvement after eight months case 2 -- slight improvement following use of vaccine case 3 -- slight improvement following use of vaccine case 4 -- marked improvement case 5 -- prompt improvement case 6 -- vaccine not mentioned case 7 -- vaccine followed by slight improvement in each of the paper other methods of treatment were used the papershows the etiologic relation of streptococcus viridans rather thanthe value of vaccines there is no indication that stock vaccineswere used, though the paper is not clear on this point the secondpaper deals with the application of vaccine therapy in the treatmentof arthritis this paper is by a man who is avowedly an enthusiast onvaccine therapy the indications are that he generally used a mixedautogenous vaccine, but the reports of paper are not always clear this writer apparently makes no serious attempt at the classificationof the joint conditions he treats the third reference is a purelyexperimental study and has no bearing on the use of vaccines intreatment the fourth article was admitted by the manufacturer to be“negative as regards evidence ” the fifth reference specifically statesthat “the vaccine must be autogenous ” the sixth reference deals withthe experimental production of appendicitis by the use of diplococci, and has not the most remote bearing on the use of vaccines in thetreatment of rheumatism streptococcus-viridans-combined-bacterin -- the article which bearsevidence of more care than the others admits that we are not inposition to state the value of vaccines in pyorrhea but the authorbelieves they may have value supplementary to local treatment it is not surprising that a large number of favorable reports canbe accumulated when we appreciate how promptly men report what theyconsider to be their successes and how commonly they leave theirfailures unrecorded bearing in mind the fact that these stock mixedvaccines, though before the profession for thesis years, have notbeen used, or continued in use, in hospitals where work is rigidlycontrolled and that they are used practically not at all in the largegovernment hospital service, a candid critic must hold that there isno substantial evidence in favor of the therapeutic use of a mixedvaccine, certainly not for stock “goods” and that probably there is buta limited field for the employment of autogenous vaccines the referee calls attention to a shift in the advertising matter onvaccines-- the tendency to recommend vaccines to be used in conjunctionwith drugs a heading in the abbott booklet reads, “the biologics donot replace drugs”. And the paragraph speaks of serums and bacterins as“new tools, supplemental to those we already have, but not replacingthem ” “we need them both ”the referee recommends that the several mixed vaccines discussed inthis report be not accepted on the grounds that satisfactory evidenceof their value is wanting having been endorsed by the committee on serumsand vaccines the council adopted the report anddeclared m catarrhalis-combined-bacterin, b coli-combined-bacterin, pertussis-combined-bacterin, streptococcus-rheumaticus-combined-bacterin andstreptococcus-viridans-combined-bacterin ineligible for admission tonew and nonofficial remedies catarrhal vaccine combined-lilly and influenza mixed vaccine-lillybecause of inquiry received, the council requested eli lilly andcompany to aid in determining the acceptability of the followingproducts for new and nonofficial remedies. “catarrhal vaccinecombined, ” said to contain killed cultures of the bacillus offriedländer, micrococcus catarrhalis, staphylococcus aureus andalbus, pneumococcus and streptococcus. “influenza mixed vaccine, ”said to contain killed cultures of staphylococcus albus and aureus, streptococcus, pneumococcus, micrococcus catarrhalis and bacillusinfluenzae lilly and company sent the circulars, etc , used in advertising theseproducts a circular for “catarrhal vaccine combined” contained thefollowing claim. “catarrhal vaccine has been especially useful in thesis respiratory infections, including bronchitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, chronic catarrh and in the mixed infections of pulmonary tuberculosis ”a circular for “influenza mixed vaccine” contained the following. “the vaccine is useful in the treatment of influenza and ordinary colds, and in any infection in which the bacillus influenzae is the causative agent ”an advertising pamphlet contained the following.

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Lungs congested;larynx, above level of pressure, congested. Below was normal fibrinclots in both ventricles of heart liver, spleen, stomach, andintestines congested brain essaywhat congested bladder contained urine 50 liégey. Jour de méd chir et pharm , brussels, 1868, xlvi , pp 339-342 - infant, age 8 months, accidentally strangled. It hadbeen placed in its cradle. Coverlet over it and held in place by acord passed across essay time afterward it was found dead beside thecradle, its head hanging with the right side pressing on the cord liégey had the mother replace everything as it had been and satisfiedhimself that the above statement was correct when found, the face waspale, eyes and mouth closed. Transverse furrow on right side of neck, level of larynx, 3 5 cm long, one deep. Muscles in vicinity congested lungs congested right side of heart contained clotted blood. Leftside nearly empty he concluded that the case was one of accidentalstrangulation 51 friedberg.