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wax, † standard detaches easily oil co of ind b fairly strong at 38 c * on being heated, it readily loses eucalyptol, and a small amount of resinous substance forms in the bottom of the beaker if “cerelene” is heated to 145 c and cooled, the resulting product no longer has the properties of the original “cerelene ” † accepted by the council on pharmacy and chemistry for inclusion in new and nonofficial remedies iodine ointment is officialized also in several foreign pharmacopeias, although the iodine strength of the several preparations is notuniform the formula in the british pharmacopeia is exactly like thatin the u s pharmacopeia except that pure lard is directed to be usedinstead of benzoinated lard essay of the foreign pharmacopeias alsospecify that the preparation must be freshly prepared when wanted inthe earlier editions the u s pharmacopeia directed the how to write a process analysis essay ointment tobe prepared by using water as the solvent for the potassium iodide inthe u s pharmacopeia viii the formula was changed so as to employglycerin, and that solvent is now official water is still prescribedas the potassium iodide solvent by the pharmacopeias of the netherlandsand of france from the examination of the literature it seems probable that iodineointments which contain petrolatum products only as the ointment basesare apt to be relatively stable, so far as the content of free iodineis concerned on the other hand, ointments the bases of which containfats of the unsaturated fatty acid series, such as oleic acid, do notsatisfactorily preserve the iodine in the free state in the latterclass it seems likely that the iodine enters into combination withthe unsaturated fatty acids accordingly, on theoretical grounds, an ointment base composed of pure stearin if such substance wereavailable but softened by an admixture of liquid petrolatum wouldpreserve the iodine satisfactorily cocoanut oil iodine no 8 oughtto be suitable also if mixed with hard paraffin since the literature was not sufficiently concordant to warrantpositive conclusions concerning the stability of ointments containingfree iodine, it seemed worth while to conduct experiments withpreparations of known origin accordingly, a number of preparationscontaining free iodine were made under varying conditions and each wasassayed for its free iodine content immediately after its manufactureand from time to time later leaf lard of the best quality obtainable was purchased from a butcher this was rendered in an open dish on the steam bath the preparationwas of a fine color, and uniform consistence and had a faint butnot unpleasant odor two specimens of lard were furnished by theresearch dewritingment of armour and company an effort was made toprocure specimens of lard having iodine absorption numbers as farawriting as possible, i e , one with a low and the other with a highiodine value this was done in order to determine whether the keepingqualities of the ointments prepared from the two would be alike one of the specimens a was described as “natural lard. Iodine value, 57 1 leaf lard used exclusively for butterine and benzoinated lard ”the other specimen was described as “prime steam lard good, commercial grade of lard for general use. Iodine value, 69 0 ”the iodine absorption numbers of the three specimens were determined bythe u s p process to be as follows. Laboratory rendered specimen 57 1 armour specimen a 57 65 armour specimen b 67 55each specimen was benzoinated according to the process described inthe u s p ix and 100 gm of iodine ointment were prepared from eachaccording to the u s p process another specimen was made frombenzoinated lard and iodine only194 without the addition of eitherglycerin or potassium iodide this was made to contain 4 per cent ofiodine 194 in order to facilitate the incorporation of the iodine with thefatty base the iodine was first powdered by trituration with alcoholand drying the powder in the air immediately after preparation each of these iodine ointments wasassayed for free iodine, and each was reassayed at intervals later the method for the determination of iodine in the ointment was thatemployed in this laboratory for the determination of iodine in iocamfenointment 195 it is essentially the same as was employed by pullenfor the determination of uncombined iodine in iodine ointment 196 ascarried out in this laboratory for iodine ointment it is as follows:195 rep chem lab , a m a , 1916, 9, 118 196 pharm jour , 1912, 89, 610 from 5 to 8 gm of the ointment were weighed in a small porcelain capsule, the capsule and contents placed in a 16 oz salt mouth bottle together with 20 c c of chloroform, 10 c c of potassium iodide solution and 40 c c of water tenth-normal sodium thiosulphate was slowly added with agitation until the pink color of the chloroform layer had nearly disappeared a little soluble starch was then added and the titration continued until a blue color in the aqueous layer could no longer be obtained by repeated shaking the findings for the several assays are tabulated herewith.

Or had a preliminaryeducation considered and accepted by the regents as fully equivalent;or had passed a regents’ examination in arithmetic, elementary english, geography, spelling, united states history, english composition, andphysics students who had matriculated in a new york medical schoolbefore june 5th, 1890, are exempt from this preliminary educationrequirement provided that the degree be conferred before august 1st, 1895 the regents may in their discretion accept as equivalent for any writingof the third and fourth requirements evidence of five or more years’reputable practice of medicine, provided such substitution be specifiedin the license 145 each board is required to submit to the regents as required lists ofsuitable questions for a thorough examination in anatomy, physiology, and hygiene, chemistry, surgery, obstetrics, pathology and diagnosisand therapeutics, including practice and materia medica from theselists the regents are required to prepare question papers for all thesesubjects, which at any examination are required to be the same for allcandidates, except that in therapeutics, practice, and materia medicaall questions submitted to any candidate shall be chosen from thoseprepared by the board selected by that candidate, and shall be inharmony with the tenets of that school as determined by its state boardof medical examiners 146 examinations for a license are required to be given in at least fourconvenient places in this state at least four times annually inaccordance with the regents’ rules, and exclusively in writing and inenglish each examination is conducted by a regents’ examiner who shallnot be one of the medical examiners at the close of each examinationthe regents’ examiner in charge is required to deliver the questionand answer papers to the board selected by each candidate, or its dulyauthorized committee, and such board, without unnecessary delay, isrequired to examine and mark the answers and transmit to the regents anofficial report stating the standing of each candidate in each branch, his general average, and whether the board recommends that a licensebe granted such report must include the questions and answers and isfiled in the public records of the university if the candidate failson a first examination, he may, after not less than six months’ furtherstudy, have a second examination without fee if the failure is fromillness or other cause satisfactory to the regents they may waive therequirement of six months’ study 147 on receiving from a state board an official report that the applicanthas successfully passed the examinations and is recommended forlicense, the regents are required to issue to him, if in their judgmenthe is duly qualified therefor, a license to practise medicine thecontents and execution of the license are regulated in detail by theact applicants examined and licensed by other state examining boardsregistered by the regents as maintaining standards not lower than thoseprovided by this article, and applicants who matriculated in a newyork state medical school before june 5th, 1890, and who shall havereceived the degree of “m d ” from a registered medical school beforeaugust 1st, 1895, may, without how to write a process analysis essay further examination, on the payment often dollars to the regents, and on submitting such evidence as they mayrequire, receive from them an indorsement of their license or diplomaconferring all the rights and privileges of a regents’ license issuedafter an examination if any person whose registration is not legal because of essay error, misunderstanding, or unintentional omission shall submit satisfactoryproof that he had all the requirements provided by law at the time ofhis imperfect registration, and was entitled to be legally registered, he may, on the unanimous recommendation of a state board of medicalexaminers, receive from the regents under seal a certificate of thefacts, which may be registered by any county clerk and shall make validthe previous imperfect registration before any license is issued, it must be numbered and recorded in abook in the regents’ office, and its number noted in the license thisrecord in all legal proceedings has the same weight as evidence that isgiven to a record of conveyances of land 148 every license to practise medicine is required, before the licenseebegins to practise, to be registered in the county clerk office, where such practice is to be carried on, with his name, residence, place and date of birth, and the source, number, and date of hislicense before registering, each licensee is required to file anaffidavit of the above facts, and that he is the person named inthe license, and had, before receiving the same, complied with allthe requisites as to attendance, terms, and amount of study andexaminations required by law and the rules of the university aspreliminary to the conferment thereof. That no money was paid for suchlicense except the regular fees paid by all applicants therefor. Thatno fraud, misrepresentation, or mistake in any material regard wasemployed by any one or occurred in order that such license should beconferred every license, or if lost a copy, legally certified so as to beadmitted as evidence, or a duly attested transcript of the record ofits conferment, shall before registration be exhibited to the countyclerk, who, only in case it was issued or indorsed as a license underseal by the regents, shall indorse or stamp on it the date and his namepreceded by the words, “registered as authority to practise medicinein the clerk office, county ” the clerk is required thereuponto give to every physician so registered a transcript of the entriesin the register with a certificate under seal that he has filed theprescribed affidavit 149 a practising physician having registered a lawful authority topractise medicine in one county and removing such practice, or a writingthereof, to another county, or regularly engaged in practice or openingan office in another county, must show or send by registered mail tothe clerk of such other county his certificate of registration ifsuch certificate clearly shows that the original registration was ofan authority issued under seal by the regents, or if the certificateitself is indorsed by the regents as entitled to registration, theclerk is required thereupon to register the applicant in the lattercounty, and to stamp or indorse on such certificate the date, and hisname preceded by the words, “registered also in county, ” and returnthe certificate to the applicant 150 every unrevoked certificate and indorsement of registration ispresumptive evidence that the person named is legally registered no person can register any authority to practise medicine unlessissued or indorsed as a license by the regents no such registrationis valid unless the authority registered constituted at the time ofregistration a license under the laws of the state then in force nodiploma or license conferred on a person not actually in attendance atthe lectures, institution, and examinations of the school conferringthe same, or not possessed, at the time of its conferment, of therequirements then demanded of medical students in this state asa condition of their being licensed, and no registration not inaccordance with this article, shall be lawful authority to practise, nor shall the degree of doctor of medicine be conferred causa honorisor ad eundum, nor if previously conferred shall it be a qualificationfor practice 151 exceptions - the law does not affect commissioned medical officersserving in the united states army, navy, or marine hospital servicewhile so commissioned. Or any one while actually serving on theresident medical staff of any legally incorporated hospital.

Tyree was said to be useful pulv aseptinol comp was said to in the treatment of. be useful in the treatment of. Leucorrhea leucorrhea gonorrhea gonorrhea vaginitis vaginal inflammation pruritus pruritus ulcerated conditions of ulceration of vagina or the mucous membrane cervix scrofulous ulcers chronic ulcers syphilitic ulcers prophylactic against specific disease disinfecting offensive cleansing pus cavities cavities deodorant deodorant profuse and offensive checks abnormal secretion perspirationwe stated that the formula furnished by tyree was that given above, butthe council was never able to learn when tyree actually employed theformula except for advertising purposes. And analysis of the powdershowed that tyree antiseptic powder was essentially a mixture ofboric acid and zinc sulphate, with insignificant amounts of odorousprinciples a remarkable fact brought out in the course of the consideration ofthe preparation by the council was that tyree admitted that he hadchanged the formula without having published the new one the councilthen showed that a specimen of the “antiseptic” that had been kept ina retail drug store for several years was essentially similar to thatsold at the later date thus it would seem that mr tyree had beenmaking his powder by one formula and publishing an entirely differentone for years before the council published the facts in the case if tyree found it necessary to change the formula of his powder-- ifindeed, he ever used the published formula-- why did the aseptinolmanufacturing company adopt it, or one so closely resembling it?. It is obvious that both of these twin nostrums are utterly unfitfor treating the various conditions for which they are or have beenrecommended. And in view of the misrepresentation in one case, itis difficult to understand why it should be taken as the model forthe other do physicians believe that a simple mixture of boric acidand zinc sulphate, or a mixture such as that given in the formula of“aseptinol” powder, is in any way superior to a prescription such asany physician could write?. There is a far more important question to consider than the relativemerits of such nostrums and a prescription of the physician owndevising that question is whether the medical profession is goingto help perpetuate the chaotic conditions that the use of suchnostrums fosters or to assist in therapeutic progress by maintainingits independence of such false teachers, and seeking to aid in theestablishment of a rational use of drugs and remedial measures -- fromthe journal a m a , march 30, 1918 article ix neurosine and the original package evilwe called attention recently to the skill which the nostrum venderdisplays in avoiding the writingicular thorn that pricks him, and hisdevelopment of the art of impressively saying, “nothing in general, ” asexemplified in the advertisements of fellows’ syrup nostrum sellersare more canny than original. And when once an idea finds lodgment withone of them, it is made to serve thesis masters formerly exploiters ofeither vicious or worthless nostrums were wont to boast that theirpreparations were exploited in a “strictly ethical manner ” recentperusal of as choice a lot of advertisements as can be found in themost degraded of medical journals failed to disclose this claim in asingle instance, although the claim that a preparation is “advertisedonly to physicians” is still common the advertisement of “neurosine, ” which we reproduce, was the firstone which came to our attention when we searched through essay medicaljournals for one that would illustrate a discussion of the “originalpackage” evil this is the only reason for selecting neurosine ratherthan another such half page advertisements and others of similarsize in various medical journals cost a good deal of money and theypresuppose that the dios chemical company is interested in havingoriginal bottles of neurosine dispensed every time that nostrum isprescribed why should the firm have any such deep interest in seeing that anoriginal bottle gets to the patient?. why should it be necessaryto do anything more than see that the genuine mixture reaches thepatient?. does it seem within the bounds of reason that substitutionis so commonly practiced by pharmacists that this firm must go tolarge expense to prevent the substitution of spurious mixtures for itsproduct?. is dishonesty the rule among pharmacists?. common sense rejectsthe plea as placing too great a strain on one credulity obviously, then, the advertisement does not tell the whole truth, though it doesindeed tell exactly what the nostrum maker wishes to have done, thatis, to have only original bottles dispensed when physicians prescribethat nostrum the fact we have. The reason is not far to seek illustrationwhen the pharmacist puts up an ordinary, nonproprietary prescription, the patient gets no clue from the package as to the nature of theprescription employed but when an original bottle of neurosine isdispensed, even though the pharmacist puts his own prescription labelon it, the patient sees the difference at once and knows just whythe usual prescription bottle was not employed he also knows thathe can get the medicine with its original wrapper or label by merelyshowing the bottle to the druggist, for the words “neurosine” and “dioschemical co ” are blown in the glass here, then, may be a plausiblereason for desiring that only original bottles be dispensed you may ask, “what difference does it make if the patient does learnthe name of the nostrum, he must go to his physician for adviceconcerning its use?.

Are good to ease pains how to write a process analysis essay inthe sides and bowels. Also being boiled, the decoction is said to begood to wash green wounds and ulcers with dictiamni of dittany. Is hot and dry in the third degree, hastenstravail in women, provokes the menses see the leaves doronici of doronicum, a supposed kind of wolf bane. It is hotand dry in the third degree, strengthens the heart, is a sovereigncordial, and preservative against the pestilence. It helps the vertigoor swimming of the head, is admirable against the bitings of venomousbeasts, and such as have taken too much opium, as also for lethargies, the juice helps hot rheums in the eyes. A scruple of the root in powderis enough to take at one time dracontii, dracunculi divers authors attribute divers herbs to thisname it is most probable that they mean dragons, the roots of whichcleanse mightily, and take away proud, or dead flesh, the very smell ofthem is hurtful for pregnant women. Outwardly in ointments, they takeaway scurf, morphew, and sun-burning. I would not wish any, unless verywell read in physic, to take them inwardly matthiolus, dioscorides ebuli of dwarf elder, walwort, or danewort. Hot and dry in the thirddegree, the roots are as excellent a purge for the dropsy as any underthe sun you may take a dram or two drams if the patient be strong inwhite wine at a time echij of viper bugloss, or wild bugloss this root is cold anddry, good for such as are bitten by venemous beasts, either beingboiled in wine and drank, or bruised and applied to the place. Beingboiled in wine and drank, it encreaseth milk in nurses ellebori, veratri, albi nigri of hellebore white and black the rootof white hellebore, or sneezewort, being grated and snuffed up thenose, causeth sneezing. Kills rats and mice being mixed with theirmeat black hellebore, bears-foot or christmas flower. Both this and theformer are hot and dry in the third degree this is neither so violentnor dangerous as the former enulæ campanæ helenij of elecampane it is hot and dry in thethird degree, wholeessay for the stomach, resists poison, helps oldcoughs, and shortness of breath, helps ruptures, and provokes lust. Inointments, it is good against scabs and itch endivæ, &c of endive, garden endive, which is the root herespecified, is held to be essaywhat colder, though not so dry andcleansing as that which is wild. It cools hot stomachs, hot livers, amends the blood corrupted by heat, and therefore is good in fevers, it cools the reins, and therefore prevents the stone, it opensobstructions, and provokes urine. You may bruise the root, and boil itin white wine, ’tis very harmless eringij of eringo or sea-holly. The roots are moderately hot, essaything drying and cleansing, bruised and applied to the place. Theyhelp the scrophula, or disease in the throat called the kingevil, they break the stone, encrease seed, stir up lust, provoke theterms, &c esulæ, majoris, minoris of spurge the greater and lesser, theyare both taken inwardly too violent for common use. Outwardly inointments they cleanse the skin, take away sunburning filicis, &c fearn, of which are two grand distinctions, viz male and female both are hot and dry, and good for the rickets inchildren, and diseases of the spleen, but dangerous for pregnant women filipendulæ of dropwort the roots are hot and dry in the thirddegree, opening, cleansing, yet essaywhat binding.

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As diseases of jupiter by herbs ofmercury, and how to write a process analysis essay the contrary. Diseases of the luminaries by the herbsof saturn, and the contrary. Diseases of mars by herbs of venus, and the contrary fifthly, there is a way to cure diseases essaytimes by sympathy, andso every planet cures his own disease. As the sun and moon bytheir herbs cure the eyes, saturn the spleen, jupiter the liver, mars the gall and diseases of choler, and venus diseases in theinstruments of generation nich culpeper from my house in spitalfields, next door to the red lion, september 5, 1653 to his dearest consortmrs alice culpeper my dearest, the works that i have published to the world though envied by essayilliterate physicians have merited such just applause, that thoumayest be confident in proceeding to publish anything i leave thee, especially this master-piece. Assuring my friends and countrymen, thatthey will receive as much benefit by this, as by my dispensatory, and that incomparable piece called, semiotica uranica enlarged, andenglish physician these are the choicest secrets, which i have had thesis years locked upin my own breast i gained them by my constant practice, and by them imaintained a continual reputation in the world, and i doubt not but theworld will honour thee for divulging them. And my fame shall continueand increase thereby, though the period of my life and studies be athand, and i must now bid all things under the sun farewell farewell, my dear wife and child. Farewell, arts and sciences, which i so dearlyloved. Farewell, all worldly glories.