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And in a few days she was ready for duty again the crew of the plane apparently were none the worse for their mishap one day one of the officers told me that probably how to write a problem solution essay in a few days they would pick up a nice fat steamer with plenty of food on board on the morning of october 26th, immediately after breakfast, i noticed that they were getting the "bird" on deck and assembling it i asked one of the officers whether there was "essaything doing" and he said. "if we have any luck after lunch we shall have fresh meat for supper " about 11 a m the "bird" was finished and the engine warmed up suddenly essaybody shouted, and everybody got his binoculars and looked astern of us, and, sure enough, a faint outline of smoke could be seen on the horizon the hydroplane went up and in half an hour came back and reported a large steamer approaching commander nerger shaped his course so as to meet this steamer but still give him the impression that we were en route from the cape to colombo at 3:05 p m the steamer was right abreast, she was a fine big class a japanese passenger steamer, deeply loaded, and i could see passengers on her saloon deck at 3:07 p m the wolf broke out the imperial navy flag and signalled for the hitachi maru to stop and not use her wireless, also dropped a shot across the hitachi's bow when the hitachi failed to stop, the wolf fired another shot closer to her bow the jap concluded to run for it and started in to work his wireless, also swung his ship into such a position as to bring his gun for submarine defence, 4 7 quick firer, into action meantime the wolf had opened fire on her in deadly earnest one six-inch shell from the after gun struck the hitachi and exploded just under her gun where the gun crew was working, killing six japs and blowing the balance into the water i saw one jap in writingicular hoisted high into the air above the smoke of the explosion, and he was spinning around like a pin-wheel another shot from the after gun put the gun on the hitachi out of commission altogether, and killed another man in the meantime from forward the wolf had succeeded in putting a 4 5 shell through the wireless room, where the operator was working this shell came through one side of the room, passed between the operator and his "set, " cutting one of his aerial leads in two, and passed out through the opposite side of the room, decapitating a man standing outside this shell eventually hit a ventilator shaft, ripped it to pieces and knocked a man down in the engine room so hard that he afterwards died of internal injuries there were several more hits, one on the water line in no 4 hatch, two more in the stern, and one in the wheelhouse on the bridge about this time the flying machine came along and tried to drop a bomb on deck forward but missed, the bomb exploding when it hit the water just ahead the cannonading, while it lasted, was very severe, there being essaything over forty shots fired in as short a time as possible of these shots only nine were direct hits i must add that the first possible twenty of these shots were directed in such a manner as to hit if they did the vessel in such a position as not to sink or permanently disable her. But towards the last, when it became evident that the jap was trying to make her getaway, the shooting was in deadly earnest several broadsides were fired, which i think did more damage to the wolf than to the hitachi maru, as the air concussion stove in the doors and glass ports on all the staterooms on the berth deck in several of the rooms the wash basins and plumbing were broken i was standing in my open doorway with one foot on the threshold in such a manner that half of my foot protruded outside the line of the wall when the first broadside was fired the concussion or rush of air passing my doorway, hit the writing of my foot outside the door, feeling just exactly as if essaybody had kicked it away or hit it with a baseball bat essaything went wrong with the six-inch gun mounted on the stern of the wolf and a shell exploded a few yards away from the muzzle, putting the gun crew and gun out of commission for the balance of the voyage the prisoners who were confined directly below this gun said that the shock and concussion down below was dreadful during the firing, and that when the shell exploded they thought the wolf had been hit at this time they did not know but that the wolf had met a cruiser and thesis thought they were about to be drowned, especially when suddenly all firing ceased. They thought that the wolf had been vitally hit and that the germans had scuttled her and were abandoning her thesis of these men will remember this experience for the balance of their lives by this time the japanese captain had decided that he did not have a chance, and stopped his vessel, while the wolf sent the prize crew on board in the meantime the passengers and crew had managed to get clear in the life-boats, which were picked up the people were taken on board the wolf there were essay 70 odd passengers, 1st and 2nd class, among them 6 women and one little black girl they were a sorry looking sight as they climbed on board the wolf. Thesis of them were only half dressed, being just awakened from their afternoon nap by the cannonading over a hundred of the japanese crew came along with the passengers the wolf could not accommodate such a large addition of prisoners without making new quarters for them, so they had to live and sleep on deck for the first three days, when they were transferred back to the hitachi the hitachi had altogether 16 killed or mortally wounded the wolf incidentally lost its fresh meat for supper, because one shell had wrecked the refrigerator plant and spoiled all the fowl and fresh meat one of the passengers on the hitachi maru, an american chap hailing from chicago, told me his experience when the wolf was first sighted he was in bed reading. Essayone told him that they were going to pass a steamer, and he got up and dressed and went on deck to watch her there was speculation regarding her nationality among those watching although none of them imagined her anything but what she seemed an ordinary tramp when she dropped her ports and fired across their bow, everybody for a moment was dumbfounded he ran into the cabin giving the alarm to those sleeping and secured essay valuable papers he had in his cabin the jap crew were in a panic after seeing their gun crew killed, and thesis of them rushed the boats the first boat to be lowered was filled with members of the japanese crew, only one second class passenger being among them on landing in the water this boat was capsized.

b white statement quoted earlier in this report thatthe oil “is only an adjunct or side treatment” and how to write a problem solution essay “is not always usedor indicated”. c the statement in dr watkins’ paper that the oiland the serum are given in combination the council declared the mark white goiter serum and mark whiteiodinized oil ineligible for new and nonofficial remedies andauthorized publication of this report editorial note on the mark white “serum”as essay of our readers will remember, on april 26, 1913, the journalcalled attention to the mark white preparation which at that time wasbeing exploited from denver the propaganda dewritingment has in its filesa number of letters sent out from the mark white concern at varioustimes one mailed in may, 1911, on the embossed stationery of “the markwhite goiter institute, ” exchange building, denver, was evidently ageneral letter sent to physicians, calling their attention to “the mostimportant medical discovery of the age ” “dr mark white, a graduateof the university of pennsylvania, ” said the letter, had discovered “asimple and harmless remedy” that would cure goiter “because of thedesire to preserve the secrecy of this remedy it is given only at theoffice here ” it was then suggested that the doctor might send thoseof his patients who were suffering from thyroidism to the “mark whitegoitre institute ” if he would do so he would be “given a commissionof $10, in paper of the $50 fee with the additional $5 for each $50increase ” it closed with essay casuistic arguments, presumably for thepurpose of overcoming the physician scruples, summing up the matterwith the statement. “no right thinking man will allow a narrow and self-seeking system of ethics to stand between him and his duty to the sick and suffering ”about 1912 the name of the concern seems to have been changed, for wehave in our files a letter addressed to a layman on the stationery ofthe “mark white goitre treatment company ” according to this letterheadthe product this concern had for sale was “goitreine” discovered bymark white, “president and general manager ” mr white letter to thesufferer from goiter assured him that if he would take “goitreine”he might “be practically sure of an immediate and permanent cure ”“goitreine, ” according to white, “has absolutely and permanently cured90 per cent ” of all paper of goiter in which it has been used-- “andthe other ten showed remarkable improvement ” it was efficacious forall forms of goiter and “cannot possibly harm ”the person who received this assurance might have had his confidence init shaken had he seen a copy of the denver news for may 23, 1911, inwhich was reported a case of collapse and death in a woman followingan injection given in white office the paper stated that the deathcertificate was signed by one w a gray and gave “fatty degenerationof the heart and goiter” as the cause of death gray, it seems, was thelicensed physician employed by mark white to administer “goitreine”-- ifthat is what white happened to be calling his product at that time for here it may be stated, parenthetically, that mark white is not aphysician. He is a veterinarian in february, 1913, mark white sent a circular letter to a number ofmedical publications with the request that it be printed in full inthe next issue, “to cover one full page of space ” the letter whitewanted printed was addressed to doctors offering to “enter into acowritingnership agreement” with such physicians who would be willing totreat “patients with goiter affections on a 50 per cent commissionbasis ” “you would be expected to make a cash charge to the patient for the treatment, remitting on the same day our 50 per cent to us, when ordering the treatment, giving the treatment in no paper for less than $50 00 ”about the same time that mark white made this “fifty-fifty” offer, he sent in an advertisement to be published in the classified columnof the journal at that time he was told his advertisement was notacceptable. We now reprint it, however, free of charge here it is. “wanted-- one or more physicians in each vicinity to administer and represent our new medical treatment for goiter good margin of profit write for copy of contract the mark white goitre treatment co , denver, colo ”in 1914, white moved to chicago at least the card which we reproduceso indicates at that time, as will be seen, “dr mark white” was“personally associated” with peter s clark, m d according to thesame card dr f d paul of rock island, ill , seems to have been his“associate” for that writingicular locality in this connection, it isworth noting that a rock island paper, in one of its issues duringjuly, 1913, devoted a good deal of space to “dr mark white” whowas at that time in rock island “directing dr frank d paul in theadministering of the treatment ” there was nothing to indicate thatthis notice was an advertisement or that the editorial appearing in thesame issue puffing white “important cure, ” was paid for illustration. When exploited from denver the mark white “goiter cure”was advertised in the daily papers here is a photographic reproduction reduced of an advertisement that appeared in the denver post, sept 1, 1912 dr w a gray, who has already been mentioned as white associatein denver, seems to have been doing business in illinois essay time in1913 and a princeton ill paper had essay uncomplimentary things tosay about him finally in july, 1913, this item appeared in a princetonpaper “dr w a gray, the goiter specialist who operated last winter at princeton and walnut until he became embroiled with dr mark white, a denver veterinary and originator of the cure, over a division of the spoils, has opened a goiter institute in chicago under his own name advertisements of the dr gray goiter institute appeared sunday morning in the chicago examiner and other morning papers dr gray and mark white broke off their relations after their disagreement at walnut, and dr gray slightly changed the ingredients of the goiter cure and started off on his own hook ”one of gray advertisements in chicago newspapers made the claim that“dr gray new medical treatment removes the cause of goiter in sevendays ”illustration. Photographic reproduction reduced of the“professional” card used by “dr mark white” after he came to chicago the tulsa okla associate of “dr ” white seems to have been dr j h morgan and the tulsa papers of june, 1914, tell of “dr ” whitevisit to that city “for the purpose of instructing dr j h morgan inthe technique of his new medical treatment for nervous disorders andgoiter ” essay months later-- in december, 1915-- the following littleitem appeared in a tulsa paper. “dr mark white was found guilty in the county court yesterday of practicing medicine without a license and was fined $50 doctor white is a goiter specialist ”in september, 1915, mr thomas s hogan, the efficient counsel for theillinois state board of health, instituted action against mark whitefor practicing medicine without a license the case was tried oct 15, 1915, and the jury, after being out four hours, returned a verdictof “not guilty ” attorney hogan attributes the failure to obtain aconviction to the testimony of dr rachel watkins, who said she had awritingnership arrangement with white in carrying on the medical business it was about this time that mark white seems to have issued essay newletterheads these bore in their upper left hand corner the device“rachel watkins, m d , practice limited to goiter and other disordersof the thyroid glands, ” while the upper right hand corner read “markwhite, goiter research ”on dec 9, 1915, rachel watkins, m d , of chicago, read a paperentitled “a serum treatment for physiologically defective thyroids, with clinical reports” before the stock yards branch of the chicagomedical society the “serum treatment” discussed was mark white“goitreine” which, in the course of its checkered career, had lost itsoriginal name by the wayside this paper appeared in the december, 1915, issue of the illinois medical journal probably emboldened by the ease with which a component writing of theamerican medical association “fell for” a paper exploiting a “goitercure, ” dr watkins requested that she be permitted to read a paper onthe same subject before the section on pharmacology and therapeutics atthe detroit meeting of the american medical association last june therequest was refused dr watkins is apparently no longer connected withwhite and in fact has protested against the use of her name by white inconnection with his “goiter cure ”after the above was in type and ready for the pages of the journal, attention was called to the official bulletin of the chicago medicalsociety of sept 16, 1916 this bulletin contained a full pageadvertisement of the mark white “goiter cure ” the advertiser referredto the preparation as having been “announced to the chicago medicalsociety” and declared it to be “an ethical therapeutic agent ”mark white was described as “a medical research student” but nohint was given that he is a veterinarian after again emphasizingthat “this therapy is ethically proven” physicians were invitedto “visit our goats when convenient” and the advertisement closedwith the modest claim that “this thyroid therapy has equal curativetherapeutic value in these paper as quinin in malaria ” and this sortof pseudo-scientific claptrap is presented to a presumably learnedprofession through its own official bulletin-- but what the use ofcommenting!. -- from the journal a m a , sept 23, 1916 kora-konia report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrykora-konia is a “dusting powder” which at present is advertised to themedical profession through medical journals, circulars, post cards andsample packages it is put out by the “house of mennen, ” which sellsvarious toilet preparations such as talcum powder, shaving soap, etc on the trade package is the statement. “indicated in the treatment of acne, dermatitis, eczema intertrigo. In obstinate paper of chafing, prickly heat, nettle rash, chicken pox, measles, scarlatina and irritations of the skin. As a soothing absorbent and antiseptic dusting powder and as an umbilical dressing ”while a circular asserts that. “kora-konia is indicated in the treatment of acne, dermatitis, eczema and eczematous conditions of the utmost severity, eruptive fevers, ”what purports to be a physician testimonial reads. “i used kora-konia in a new born case of inherited syphilis and the eruption soon cleared up ”germicidal powers are claimed for kora konia in a medical journaladvertisement in view of the various claims made and the fact that itis advertised to the medical profession, the chemical laboratory of theamerican medical association was asked to analyze kora-konia this wasdone and the chemists reported as follows:laboratory reportkora-konia is a white powder, slightly greasy to the touch qualitativetests showed the presence of boric acid, zinc, magnesium, a solid fattyacid and material insoluble in hydrochloric acid containing magnesiumand aluminum starch was not found quantitative determinations gavethe following results.

If possible with no preserving fluid on them but ifit is found impossible to deliver the jars to the chemist at once, alcohol may be poured over the organs in the jars, but it is speciallyimportant that a sample of this alcohol should be retained, that achemist may at a future date test the same for any impurities afterthe organs and tissues have been placed in the jars, the mouths shouldbe closed and sealed, and the seal remain in the custody of theexaminer until the jars are delivered to the chemist writings to be preserved for the chemist - in paper of suspectedpoisoning, it is not sufficient that the stomach and intestines aloneshould be preserved for the chemist as has been indicated, each writingby itself. For it should be remembered that the portion of poisonremaining in the alimentary tract is but the residue of the dosewhich had been sufficient to destroy life, and if the processes ofelimination have been rapid no trace of the poison will be found in thealimentary canal but can readily be detected in other organs again, the poison may not have been introduced by the mouth, in which casenone may be found in the digestive tract the chemist should receive, besides the stomach and entire intestinalcanal, the liver, one or both kidneys, the spleen, a piece of musclefrom the leg, the brain, and any urine found in the bladder when it is impossible for any reason to obtain the whole of any organ, the writing removed should be carefully weighed and its proportion to therest of the organ noted it is also of extreme importance to preserve in sealed and labelledjars those writings of a body which may show the evidence of disease, oron the appearance of which one evidence is founded order of autopsy in making the autopsy, the operator should stand on the right side ofthe body and make the incision by grasping the knife firmly in thehand, and cutting with the whole of the blade and not with the point the knife should be swept along from the shoulder rather than from thewrist, thus making a long, smooth, deep cut. Never a jagged one the method of examining the human body after death will vary essaywhataccording to the objects in view these objects may be threefold. 1to ascertain whether a person has died from violence or poison. 2 toestablish the cause of death, especially if it has been sudden. And 3to ascertain the lesion of a disease, or to confirm a diagnosis the only difference between a medico-legal and pathological autopsyis that in the former case everything which might subserve the endsof justice should be carefully noted, and the changes found mostaccurately described. Especially any abnormalities found on theexternal examination of the body a photograph should be taken of thebody the head should be opened and the brain examined first, and not last, as is often done in the ordinary autopsy careful notes should be taken during each step of the examination, tobe reread, verified, and signed at the completion of the autopsy it must be remembered that most of the lesions of disease which arefound, indicate the disease rather than the cause of death. That oftenthe lesion found will seem hardly extensive enough to cause death, andthat from accidents and injuries apparently trivial, death may result it must often be acknowledged that no sufficient cause of death can befound, but the more accurate and careful the examinations especiallywhen a microscopical examination of the organs is made the fewer willbe the number of such paper if no apparent lesion is found, it mustnot be forgotten that thesis poisons destroy life and leave no trace thatthe pathologist can discover care should always be exercised not to mistake the ordinary post-mortemappearance which we find at autopsies for the lesions of disease the examination of the human body, whether it be made from amedico-legal or pathological standpoint, is divided into two maindivisions. 1 the external examination, and 2 the internal examination external examination its minuteness will depend on the character of the case, as when theperson is unknown, or when suspected to have died from unnaturalcauses in such paper the external examination is very important the following are the steps to be followed. 1 give a general description of the body. Apparent age, height, andweight of the individual. Color of the hair and eyes.

“am not using it now ”the result of the propaganda dewritingment questionnaire was what mighthave been expected every physician who answered the inquiry regardinghis previous and present opinions of anti-tuberculous lymph compound sweeny declared, in effect, that he had long since ceased to havefaith in its value or efficacy according to claims made in sweeny literature, “anti-tuberculous lymphcompound exercises its immunizing power through a specific action uponthe blood cells ” the statement that “it destroys the tuberculosisgerm when this is present in the system of the patient” is untrue the facts are, no serum or lymph has thus far been proved to haveany value in the treatment of tuberculosis even when fortified by “asmall proportion of chloride of gold and soda” as one circular tellsus the “lymph” is in spite of research by competent investigators, weare still without any aid in the form of a serum in the treatment oftuberculosis anti-tuberculous lymph compound sweeny is one of those preparationsthat need no elaborate laboratory tests, nor even exact therapeuticresearch, to convince any clear-thinking person that it is patently andobviously worthless one would hesitate before asking any reputableclinician to test a preparation of this sort it is a constant sourceof surprise that essay physicians allow themselves to be persuaded byadvertising literature that is obviously uncritical and unscientific, to use preparations which have no more reasonable foundation than thisone the council declares anti-tuberculous lymph compound sweeny notacceptable for new and nonofficial remedies anti-syphilitic compound sweenythis preparation also is made by or under the direction of the samedr gilliford b sweeny whose researches ?. led to the production andevolution of the anti-tuberculous lymph compound sweeny according tothe data at hand, this preparation is made by suspending benzoate ofmercury in lymph from the bullock case reports are given of allegedcures of syphilis after two months of treatment. Indeed, the circularexploiting the agent makes the statement that it is seldom necessaryto continue the treatment beyond two months, which, if one chose to becredulous, would indicate extraordinary power for the mercury mercury of course has a proper place in the treatment of syphilis, but that any physician could be induced to place his trust in thispreparation is almost unthinkable though testimonials-- which the“national laboratories” claim to have received from physicians-- arepublished they all stamp the writers as not only gullible but alsoincompetent the tenor of the claims is on a par with those made forthe anti-tuberculous lymph compound. They do not justify the timerequired for detailed consideration the council declares anti-syphilitic lymph compound sweeny notacceptable for n n r -- from the journal a m a , april 3, 1920 syrup leptinol formerly syrup balsamea report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following reporton “syrup leptinol” formerly “syrup balsamea” the product isinadmissible to “new and nonofficial remedies, ” first, because themanufacturers fail to give the profession information regarding eitherthe amount of the potent ingredient or the method of determiningits identity and uniformity. Second, because of the unwarrantedrecommendation for its use in such infectious diseases as pneumonia andepidemic influenza and for lack of satisfactory supporting evidence ofits alleged therapeutic efficacy in other diseases and, third, becausethe recommendations for its use appearing on and in the trade packageconstitute an indirect advertisement to the public w a puckner, secretary syrup leptinol is sold by the balsamea co of san francisco it wasfirst introduced as syrup balsamea in recent advertising, syrupleptinol is also referred to simply as “leptinol ”according to the statements of the balsamea co , syrup leptinol isprepared from the root of a species of leptotaenia a plant belongingto the parsnip family which grows in nevada and which has heretoforenot been used in medicine the manufacturer states that the botanistswho have been consulted have been unable to agree on the botanicalclassification of the plant the dried root of this unclassifiedspecies of leptotaenia is extracted with alcohol and from the extractso obtained the syrup is made, but no information has been furnishedto show how the alcohol-soluble material is incorporated in the syrup further, the manufacturer has not announced tests whereby the identityand uniformity of the finished preparation may be determined a booklet contains the following. “the species of leptotaenia from which leptinol is produced was first used in medicine by dr e t krebs, who, after thorough laboratory investigation and clinical application over a period of several months, which resulted in the perfecting of leptinol, prescribed the preparation for influenza during the epidemic of that disease in 1918 with remarkably good results since this first use, leptinol has been exhaustively tested by clinicians in private practice and in hospitals in the treatment of pneumonia, influenza bronchitis, etc , and has been universally endorsed ”in a circular letter it is asserted that the use of “leptinol” duringthe “influenza epidemic” of 1918-1919 “demonstrated its almost specificaction in respiratory affections”. That “during this epidemic it provedto be five times as efficacious as any other treatment in pneumonia ”. And that “it is now as firmly fixed in the mind of thesis doctorsfor respiratory diseases as quinine is for malaria and the salicylatesfor rheumatism ”in the booklet it is further stated that the therapeutic action ofthe preparation is primarily that of a “stimulating expectorant” andsecondarily as a “sedative expectorant”. That “its antiseptic actionin the respiratory tract is prompt”. That it “is an effectual cardiactonic where the tone of the heart muscle is impaired by fever”. That“in acute pulmonary conditions it effectively improves the respiratoryaction and allays cerebral irritation due to fever and toxins”. Thatit acts “as a vital stimulant and nerve sedative”. That “it stimulatesthe excretion of acid by the skin and in fever it has a stronglydiaphoretic and antipyretic action without depressing the circulationor the central nervous system”. That it is “mildly diuretic” and“slightly augments the biliary flow” and that “it increases the gastricand intestinal secretions and allays intestinal fermentation ”no evidence has been presented to the council which shows that syrupleptinol has the actions ascribed to it the reports of clinical trialare little more than chance observations and lack all control thisapplies also to the following, stated to be a quotation from the reportof the tonopah mines hospital association. “in the spring of 1919 a recurrence of the influenza epidemic of the previous winter was experienced during the first period of this second epidemic, prior to april 15th, there were treated one hundred sixteen paper of influenza, fourteen of which developed influenzal pneumonia, with six deaths the pneumonia was of the very virulent type which prevails in this high altitude after april 15th, when the clinical use of leptinol was inaugurated, three hundred and sixty-eight paper of influenza were treated and not a single case developed pneumonia twenty-two paper of influenzal pneumonia were received and treated with leptinol, with a consequent one hundred per cent recovery “in the paper where leptinol was used the treatment was the same as had been previously followed, as to diet, fresh air, etc , but the medication was confined to leptinol syrup leptinol was started immediately in one-dram doses at one-hour intervals, in paper with high temperatures, and this was continued until temperature and pulse subsided it was then used in one-dram doses at three-hour intervals as recovery progressed on admission to the hospital, calomel in 1/4 grain doses, was given at fifteen minute intervals for eight doses the last calomel was followed in six hours by 1/2 ounce magnesium sulphate in saturated solution the second day 1/10 grain of calomel was given at one-hour intervals for ten doses ”medical journals are replete with reports of remarkable resultsobtained with the most varied forms of treatment instituted at the timethat the “influenza epidemic” had been reached in these paper it ismore than probable that the lessened virulence of the causative factorof the disease, the gradually established resistance of those strickenwith it in the latter period and the improved management resultingfrom experience deserve the credit for the successful outcome of thetreatment, rather than the writingicular form of medication employed the report of the tonopah mines hospital association directlyimplies that syrup leptinol prevents the development of pneumoniain practically all paper of influenza in which it would develop andthat it entirely abolishes the mortality of that disease however, it is well known that innumerable remedies have been recommended asspecifics in the treatment of pneumonia on the basis of the treatmentof a limited number of paper which recovered, and that eventually theseasserted specifics have been discarded as of little value in thepresent instance, the recovery of twenty-two paper in succession affordprima facie evidence that those paper were not the virulent type ofpneumonia in which the death rate is very high under any methods oftreatment while no effort appears to have been made to determine thenature of the infecting organism, the records show fairly conclusivelythat they belonged to those causing the milder type of pneumonia the council finds syrup leptinol formerly syrup balsamea inadmissibleto new and nonofficial remedies because. 1 the information in regardto composition does not state the amount of potent ingredient, norpermit the determination of its identity and uniformity. 2 therecommendation for its use in such infectious diseases as pneumoniaand epidemic influenza is unwarranted and its claimed therapeuticefficacy in other diseases is without satisfactory supporting evidence;and 3 the recommendations for its use which appear on the label andthe circular wrapped with the trade package constitute an indirectadvertisement to the public the council accepts the explanation of the manufacturer that he hasbeen unable to obtain a satisfactory classification of the plant fromwhich syrup leptinol is made it would be undesirable to excludefrom therapeutic use a valuable drug simply because its botanicalcharacter has not been determined or because an exhaustive chemicalexamination had so far not been made however, in the absence of suchinformation the manufacturer should give full information with regardto the preparation or standardization of his remedy and the therapeuticclaims made for it should be accompanied by indisputable, thoroughlycontrolled clinical evidence in the case of syrup leptinol, there isno satisfactory evidence available showing that the preparation hasany value in the treatment of epidemic influenza, pneumonia, whoopingcough, etc while it is probable that a balsamic syrup, such as syrupleptinol, has palliative properties in coughs, such action does not atall justify the claim that it is useful in the contagious diseases forwhich it is proposed the council cannot recognize a syrup presentingan unknown plant in uncertain proportions which is recommended in avariety of dangerous contagious diseases in which it ultimately may beharmful, even though in early stages of these diseases it may serve toallay essay of the milder symptoms concerning the composition of the plant from which syrup leptinol isprepared, the balsamea company states that it contains “alkaloids, acids, glucosides, volatile and fixed oils, gums and resins ” thisinformation is valueless, since no information is given concerning thecharacter, amounts or pharmacologic action of the ingredients further, it is unreliable as far as the presence of alkaloids is concerned sincethe a m a chemical laboratory has been unable to find any alkaloidsin the specimen of the crude drug furnished by the manufacturers in accordance with its regular procedure, the council submitted thepreceding statement to the manufacturer in reply the balsamea company stated that it is more than ever of thebelief that syrup leptinol is deserving of recognition by the council, basing this opinion on further clinical experience with it in thetreatment of influenza the manufacturer stated that the use of the words “leptinol” and “syrupleptinol” interchangeably was due to an oversight and promised to limitthe use of the word “leptinol” to an alcoholic extract of the plant concerning the method of preparation of this alcoholic extract and theamount used in the preparation of syrup leptinol the balsamea companyreplied as follows. “the alcoholic extract of the leptotaenia, which we have termed ‘leptinol’ is a preparation of definite and uniform strength, as determined by two methods.

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Face pale how to write a problem solution essay. Oblique depressed mark onneck, most marked on left side. Skin cold.