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The fraction comes liquid distilled over at 178 c. at 173 c. The distillate has distillate did sharp odor, is not have much acid, but frees odor. No hcl very little gas detected.

Hesaid that “they should welcome an opportunity to let any manufacturertry out or test his products in their clinics, laboratories, etc ”a test as to whether there is a difference between the action ofglycerophosphates and ordinary poisonous yellow phosphorus, especiallywhen the former are mixed with extracts of nux vomica and damiana, would not be likely to appeal to thesis hospitals and laboratories asa very promising field of research at this day since, as has beenstated, the scientific evidence at present available does not furnishany warrant for the therapeutic use of glycerophosphates -- editorialfrom the journal a m a , april 15, 1916 290 organic phosphoruscompounds, editorial, j a m a 40. 1958 june 21 1913 marshall, e k. The therapeutic value of organic phosphorus compounds, j a m a 44. 573 feb 13 1915 291 marshall, e k. The therapeutic value of organic phosphoruscompounds, j a m a 44. 573 feb 13 1915 influenza vaccineswith the appearance of the epidemic of influenza, reports began toappear, chiefly in newspapers, as to new serums, vaccines, drugs andother methods for checking and even for curing the disease a fewsamples of such as have come to the journal appear in our tonicsand sedatives dewritingment this week in massachusetts, commissionere r kelly appointed two committees to investigate the value ofinfluenza vaccines as a preventive agent and as a treatment ofthe disease the first committee, a special board for scientificinvestigation, consisting of dr m j rosenau, chairman, and frederickp gay and george w mccoy, was appointed to consider the evidenceavailable on the prophylactic and therapeutic use of vaccines againstinfluenza this committee presented the following conclusions. 1 the evidence at hand affords no trustworthy basis for regarding prophylactic vaccination against influenza as of value in preventing the spread of the disease, or of reducing its severity the evidence from the present epidemic, though meager, suggests that the incidence of the disease among the vaccinated is smaller than among the nonvaccinated the board, therefore, concludes that further experimental evidence should be collected 2 the evidence at hand convinces the board that the vaccines we have considered have no specific value in the treatment of influenza 3 there is evidence that no unfavorable results have followed the use of the vaccines the second committee, known as the special board of statisticalinvestigation, consisted of dr george c whipple, chairman, william h davis and f c crum this committee reported. 1 the weight of such statistical evidence as we have been able to accumulate indicates that the use of the influenza vaccine which we have investigated is without therapeutic benefit exceptional paper where apparent benefit has resulted from the use of the vaccine can be matched by other paper where similar recoveries have been made without vaccination 2 the statistical evidence, as far as it goes, indicates a probability that the use of this influenza vaccine has essay prophylactic value 3 there is also essay evidence to the effect that other methods of protection, such as open-air treatment and the use of proper masks, are effective in protecting exposed attendants, and the use of vaccine should not be taken as an excuse for omitting such safeguards as a result, the following recommendations were made. That the state encourage the distribution of influenza vaccine intended for prophylactic use, but in such manner as will secure scientific evidence of the possible value of the agent the use of such vaccine is to be regarded as experimental that the state shall neither furnish nor endorse any vaccine at present in use for the treatment of influenza these reports are conservative, and offer to other health commissionersand their communities a reliable guide as to procedures that shouldbe adopted before subjecting or trying out on the public any methodof prevention or treatment that may be offered these matters are thedomain of medical science, and medical scientists of recognized abilityshould be called on to make the decision -- editorial from the journala m a , oct 19, 1918 serums and vaccineswith respect to serums and vaccines in influenza, there are certainsimple facts and considerations that physicians will do well to keepin mind at this times the main point to keep always in sight is thatunfortunately we as yet have no specific serum or other specific meansfor the cure of influenza, and no specific vaccine or vaccines for itsprevention such is the fact, all claims and propagandist statementsin the newspapers and elsewhere to the contrary notwithstanding thisbeing the case, efforts at treatment and prevention by serums andvaccines, now hurriedly undertaken, are simply experiments in a newfield, and the true value of the results cannot be predicted by anyone indeed, the exact results can be determined if at all only after atime, in most paper probably not until the epidemic is past and all thereturns fully canvassed consequently, the physician must keep his headlevel and not allow himself to be led into making more promises thanthe facts warrant this warning applies especially to health officersin their public relations as to serum treatment, the only noteworthy new method so far is theinjection in severe paper of influenzal pneumonia of the serum ofpatients who have recovered from such pneumonia 292 the principle ofthis method is rational. Analogous procedures have given seeminglygood results in scarlet fever and other diseases. And the resultsreported in influenzal pneumonia appear promising further trialof this treatment under proper conditions consequently seems to bewarranted it should be borne in mind, however, that mcguire andredden292 made their observations in the declining phase of theepidemic when the organism or organisms concerned appeared to be losingvirulence for this and other reasons, the expectations as to what maybe accomplished by this method must be kept within reasonable bounds influenza is a self-limited disease with variable complications and ofvariable severity in different places, thus offering great difficultiesin the way of evaluation of different methods of treatment 292 mcguire, l w , and redden, w r. Treatment of influenzapneumonia by the use of convalescent human serum.

“it will be apparent that the ingredients which enter into the composition of hemo-therapin, a remedy used intravenously exclusively, have been selected with the utmost care with the object of assuring not only maximum therapeutic potency but also absolute safety and freedom from all dangers of toxic or other unpleasant or harmful action ” italics in the original the advertising does not explain, however, why the complex preparationshould be therapeutically efficient or why the intravenousadministration of this mixture should be absolutely safe and free how to write a good conclusion for an essay fromtoxic or harmful action of the origin of hemo-therapin it is said. “for thesis years dr e b witte, a prominent physician of trenton, n j apparently owner of the hemo-therapin laboratories has devoted himself to the study of the blood as a result of his researches, he early determined that when the blood is close to normal standards, the body is well nourished, the natural waste products are properly eliminated, an effective resistance is offered to the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, and the various functions of the body are kept normally active but when, for one reason or another, the blood falls away from normal standards, the nutrition of the body suffers, the elimination of waste products is impaired, the resistance to germ attack is weakened, and the various functions of the body become sadly deranged and perverted in other words, instead of the physiologic processes of the body being normally active, as soon as the blood is depreciated, they become depressed or deranged, with a loss of the physiologic harmony or equilibrium that constitutes a state of health “recognizing the relation of clinical conditions to these various phenomena, dr witte reached the conclusion that the correction of thesis aberrant or diseased conditions depended on restoring the blood to as near to its normal state as possible he accordingly applied himself especially to investigation of the chemistry of the blood, with the object of evolving a substance in liquid form that would so closely approximate normal blood in its essential chemical characteristics that when introduced into the circulation it would bring the blood nearer to the condition in which it exists in health ”after the usual “thesis years of hard painstaking labor, ” dr witteelaborated a “fluid meeting the foregoing conditions” and now thehemo-therapin laboratories inform us that 5 to 10 c c of thissynthetic blood administered once in one, two or three days in “acuteaffection” and at longer intervals in “chronic ills”-- once a week issaid to be usually sufficient-- will restore blood to a normality andempower it to overcome most ills while disclaiming that “hemo-therapinis an infallible panacea, ” the medical profession is asked to believethat. “in erysipelas, septicemia, pyemia, the acute fevers, puerperal infection, furunculosis, carbuncles, malaria, acute rheumatism, pneumonia, typhoid fever, and in various skin diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis, herpes zoster, etc , the results have been prompt and gratifying ”it is “no less effective” in such “chronic ailments” as.

And alsoin poultices for the same purpose, and to assuage swelling tumours inthe spleen or other writings, and helps inflammations in any writing of thebody the juice dropped into the eyes, is a singularly good medicine totake away the film or skin that clouds or dimns the eye-sight the headoften washed with the distilled water of the herb and flower, or a lyemade therewith, is effectual for those that suddenly lose their senses;as also to strengthen the memory, to comfort the head and brain, and topreserve them from pain, and the apoplexy french and dog mercury descript this rises up with a square green stalk full of joints, two feet high, or thereabouts, with two leaves at every joint, and thebranches likewise from both sides of how to write a good conclusion for an essay the stalk, set with fresh greenleaves, essaywhat broad and long, about the bigness of the leaves ofbazil, finely dented about the edges. Towards the tops of the stalkand branches, come forth at every joint in the male mercury twosmall, round green heads, standing together upon a short foot stalk, which growing ripe, are seeds, not having flowers the female stalk islonger, spike-fashion, set round about with small green husks, whichare the flowers, made small like bunches of grapes, which give noseed, but abiding long upon the stalks without shedding the root iscomposed of thesis small fibres, which perishes every year at the firstapproach of winter, and rises again of its own sowing. And if once itis suffered to sow itself, the ground will never want afterwards, evenboth sorts of it dog mercury having described unto you that which is called french mercury, i comenow to shew you a description of this kind also descript this is likewise of two kinds, male and female, havingthesis stalks slender and lower than mercury, without any branches at allupon them, the root is set with two leaves at every joint, essaywhatgreater than the female, but more pointed and full of veins, andessaywhat harder in handling. Of a dark green colour, and less deniedor snipped about the edges at the joints with the leaves come forthlonger stalks than the former, with two hairy round seeds upon them, twice as big as those of the former mercury the taste hereof is herby, and the smell essaywhat strong and virulent the female has much harderleaves standing upon longer footstalks, and the stalks are also longer;from the joints come forth spikes of flowers like the french femalemercury the roots of them both are thesis, and full of small fibreswhich run under ground, and mat themselves very much, not perishingas the former mercuries do, but abide the winter, and shoot forth newbranches every year, for the old lie down to the ground place the male and female french mercury are found wild in diversplaces of this land, as by a village called brookland in rumney marshin kent the dog mercury in sundry places of kent also, and elsewhere. But thefemale more seldom than the male time they flower in the summer months, and therein give their seed government and virtues mercury, they say, owns the herb, but irather think it is venus, and i am writingly confident of it too, fori never heard that mercury ever minded women business so much:i believe he minds his study more the decoction of the leaves ofmercury, or the juice thereof in broth, or drank with a little sugarput to it, purges choleric and waterish humours hippocrates commendedit wonderfully for women diseases, and applied to the secret writings, to ease the pains of the mother. And used the decoction of it, both toprocure women courses, and to expel the after-birth. And gave thedecoction thereof with myrrh or pepper, or used to apply the leavesoutwardly against the stranguary and diseases of the reins and bladder he used it also for sore and watering eyes, and for the deafness andpains in the ears, by dropping the juice thereof into them, and bathingthem afterwards in white wine the decoction thereof made with waterand a cock chicken, is a most safe medicine against the hot fits ofagues it also cleanses the breast and lungs of phlegm, but a littleoffends the stomach the juice or distilled water snuffed up into thenostrils, purges the head and eyes of catarrhs and rheums essay use todrink two or three ounces of the distilled water, with a little sugarput to it, in the morning fasting, to open and purge the body of gross, viscous, and melancholy humours matthiolus saith, that both the seedof the male and female mercury boiled with wormwood and drank, curesthe yellow jaundice in a speedy manner the leaves or the juice rubbedupon warts, takes them away the juice mingled with essay vinegar, helpsall running scabs, tetters, ringworms, and the itch galen saith, thatbeing applied in manner of a poultice to any swelling or inflammation, it digests the swelling, and allays the inflammation, and is thereforegiven in clysters to evacuate from the belly offensive humours the dogmercury, although it be less used, yet may serve in the same manner, tothe same purpose, to purge waterish and melancholy humours mint of all the kinds of mint, the spear mint, or heart mint, being mostusual, i shall only describe as follows:descript spear mint has divers round stalks, and long but narrowishleaves set thereon, of a dark green colour the flowers stand in spikedheads at the tops of the branches, being of a pale blue colour thesmell or scent thereof is essaywhat near unto bazil. It encreases by theroot under ground as all the others do place it is an usual inhabitant in gardens. And because it seldomgives any good seed, the seed is recompensed by the plentiful increaseof the root, which being once planted in a garden, will hardly be ridout again time it flowers not until the beginning of august, for the mostwriting government and virtues it is an herb of venus dioscorides saithit hath a healing, binding and drying quality, and therefore the juicetaken in vinegar, stays bleeding. It stirs up venery, or bodily lust;two or three branches thereof taken in the juice of four pomegranates, stays the hiccough, vomiting, and allays the choler it dissolvesimposthumes being laid to with barley-meal it is good to repress themilk in women breasts, and for such as have swollen, flagging, orgreat breasts applied with salt, it helps the biting of a mad dog;with mead and honeyed water, it eases the pains of the ears, and takesaway the roughness of the tongue, being rubbed thereupon it suffersnot milk to curdle in the stomach, if the leaves thereof be steepedor boiled in it before you drink it briefly it is very profitable tothe stomach the often use hereof is a very powerful medicine to staywomen courses and the whites applied to the forehead and temples, it eases the pains in the head, and is good to wash the heads of youngchildren therewith, against all manner of breakings-out, sores orscabs, therein it is also profitable against the poison of venomouscreatures the distilled water of mint is available to all the purposesaforesaid, yet more weakly but if a spirit thereof be rightly andchymically drawn, it is much more powerful than the herb itself simeonsethi saith, it helps a cold liver, strengthens the belly, causesdigestion, stays vomits and hiccough. It is good against the gnawing ofthe heart, provokes appetite, takes away obstructions of the liver, andstirs up bodily lust. But therefore too much must not be taken, becauseit makes the blood thin and wheyish, and turns it into choler, andtherefore choleric persons must abstain from it it is a safe medicinefor the biting of a mad dog, being bruised with salt and laid thereon the powder of it being dried and taken after meat, helps digestion, andthose that are splenetic taken with wine, it helps women in their soretravail in child-bearing it is good against the gravel and stone inthe kidneys, and the stranguary being smelled unto, it is comfortablefor the head and memory the decoction hereof gargled in the mouth, cures the gums and mouth that are sore, and mends an ill-savouredbreath. As also the rue and coriander, causes the palate of the mouthto turn to its place, the decoction being gargled and held in themouth the virtues of the wild or horse mint, such as grow in ditches whosedescription i purposely omitted, in regard they are well known areserviceable to dissolve wind in the stomach, to help the cholic, andthose that are short-winded, and are an especial remedy for thosethat have veneral dreams and pollutions in the night, being outwardlyapplied the juice dropped into the ears eases the pains of them, and destroys the worms that breed therein they are good against thevenemous biting of serpents the juice laid on warm, helps the kingevil, or kernels in the throat the decoction or distilled water helpsa stinking breath, proceeding from corruption of the teeth, and snuffedup the nose, purges the head pliny saith, that eating of the leaveshath been found by experience to cure the leprosy, applying essay ofthem to the face, and to help the scurf or dandriff of the head usedwith vinegar they are extremely bad for wounded people.

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$10, in midwifery only if the applicant fails to pass, the fees are returned if he passes, acertificate issues without further charge 7 indiana qualification - it is unlawful to practise medicine, surgery, orobstetrics without a license act april 11th, 1885, s 1 the license is procured from the clerk of the circuit court how to write a good conclusion for an essay of thecounty where the person resides or desires to locate to practise. Itauthorizes him to practise anywhere within the state. The applicantmust file with the clerk his affidavit stating that he has regularlygraduated in essay reputable medical college, and must exhibit to theclerk the diploma held by him, his affidavit, and the affidavit of tworeputable freeholders or householders of the county stating that theapplicant has resided and practised medicine, surgery, and obstetricsin the state continuously for ten years immediately preceding thedate of taking effect of this act, stating writingicularly the localityor localities in which he has practised during the said period, andthe date and length of time in each locality. Or his affidavit andthe affidavit of two reputable freeholders or householders of thecounty, stating that he has resided and practised medicine, surgery, and obstetrics in the state continuously for three years immediatelypreceding the taking effect of this act, and stating writingicularly thelocalities in which he practised during the said period, and the dateand length of time in each locality, and that he, prior to said date, attended one full course of lectures in essay reputable medical college the clerk must record the license and the name of the college in whichthe applicant graduated, and the date of his diploma 2, asamended by act march 9th, 1891 a license issued to a person who has not complied with the requirementsof sec 2, or one procured by any false affidavit, is void act april11, 1885, s 3 penalty - practising medicine, surgery, or obstetrics without a licenseis a misdemeanor punishable with a fine of from $10 to $200 s 4 no cause of action lies in favor of any person as a physician, surgeon, or obstetrician who has not prior to the service procured a license;and money paid or property paid for such services to a person not solicensed, or the value thereof, may be recovered back 5 exemptions - women practising obstetrics are exempted from theprovisions of the act 4 fees - to clerk, for license, $1 50 act april 11th, 1885, as amendedact march 9th, 1891 registration - it is the duty of all physicians and accoucheurs toregister their name and post-office address with the clerk of thecircuit court of the county in which they reside act 1881, p 37, s 10 fees - to the clerk, for registration, 10 cents 11 iowa qualification - every person practising medicine, surgery, orobstetrics, in any of their dewritingments, if a graduate in medicine, must present his diploma to the state board of examiners forverification as to its genuineness if the diploma is found genuine, and is by a medical school legally organized and of good standing, which the board determines, and if the person presenting be theperson to whom it was originally granted, then the board must issuea certificate signed by not less than five physicians thereof, representing one or more physicians of the schools on the board sic, and such certificate is conclusive if not a graduate, aperson practising medicine or surgery, unless in continuous practice inthis state for not less than five years, of which he must present tothe board satisfactory evidence in the form of affidavits, must appearbefore the board for examination all examinations are in writing;all examination papers with the reports and action of examiners arepreserved as records of the board for five years the subjects ofexamination are anatomy, physiology, general chemistry, pathology, therapeutics, and the principles and practice of medicine, surgery, andobstetrics each applicant, upon receiving from the secretary of theboard an order for examination, receives also a confidential number, which he must place upon his examination papers so that, when thepapers are passed upon, the examiners may not know by what applicantthey were prepared upon each day of examination all candidates aregiven the same set or sets of questions the examination papersare marked on a scale of 100 the applicant must attain an averagedetermined by the board. If such examination is satisfactory to atleast five physicians of the board, representing the different schoolsof medicine on the board, the board must issue a certificate, whichentitles the lawful holder to all the rights and privileges in the actprovided laws 1886, c 104, s 1 the board receives applications through its secretary five physiciansof the board may act as an examining board in the absence of the fullboard. Provided that one or more members of the different schoolsof medicine represented in the state board of health shall also berepresented in the board of examiners 2 the affidavit of the applicant and holder of a diploma that he is theperson therein named, and is the lawful possessor thereof, is necessaryto verify the same, with such other testimony as the board may require diplomas and accompanying affidavits may be presented in person or byproxy if a diploma is found genuine and in possession of the person towhom it was issued, the board, on payment of the fee to its secretary, must issue a certificate if a diploma is found fraudulent or notlawfully in possession of the holder or owner, the person presentingit, or holding or claiming possession, is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable with a fine of from $20 to $100 3 the certificate must be recorded in the office of the county recorderin the county wherein the holder resides, within sixty days after itsdate should he remove from one county to another to practise medicine, surgery, or obstetrics, his certificate must be recorded in the countyto which he removes the recorder must indorse upon the certificate thedate of record 4 any one failing to pass is entitled to a second examination withintwelve months without a fee. Any applicant for examination, by noticein writing to the secretary of the board, is entitled to examinationwithin three months from the time of notice, and the failure togive such opportunity entitles such applicant to practise without acertificate until the next regular meeting of the board the boardmay issue certificates to persons who, upon application, present acertificate of having passed a satisfactory examination before anyother state board of medical examiners, upon the payment of the feeprovided in sec 3 6, as amended c 66, laws 1888, 22 gen assembly the board may refuse a certificate to a person who has been convictedof felony committed in the practice of his profession, or in connectiontherewith. Or may revoke for like cause, or for palpable evidence ofincompetency, and such refusal or revocation prohibits such personfrom practising medicine, surgery, or obstetrics, and can only be madewith the affirmative vote of at least five physicians of the stateboard, in which must be included one or more members of the differentschools of medicine represented in the said board. The standing of alegally chartered medical college from which a diploma may be presentedmust not be questioned except by a like vote 7 definition, exceptions - any person is deemed practising medicine, surgery, or obstetrics, or to be a physician, who publicly professesto be a physician, surgeon, or obstetrician, and assumes the duties, or who makes a practice of prescribing, or prescribing and furnishingmedicine for the sick, or who publicly professes to cure or heal by anymeans whatsoever. But the act does not prohibit students of medicine, surgery, or obstetrics from prescribing under the supervision ofpreceptors or gratuitous services in case of emergency. Nor does itapply to women at the time of its passage engaged in the practice ofmidwifery, nor does it prevent advertising, selling, or prescribingnatural mineral waters flowing from wells or springs, nor does itapply to surgeons of the united states army, navy, or marine hospitalservice, nor to physicians defined therein who have been in practicein this state for five consecutive years, three years of which musthave been in one locality, provided such physician shall furnish thestate board with satisfactory evidence of such practice and shallprocure a proper certificate, nor to registered pharmacists fillingprescriptions, nor does it interfere with the sale of patent orproprietary medicines in the regular course of trade 8 penalty - a person practising medicine or surgery without complyingwith the act, and not embraced in the exceptions, or after beingprohibited as provided in sec 7, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishablewith a fine of from $50 to $100, or imprisonment in the county jailfrom ten to thirty days 9 filing or attempting to file as one own the diploma of another, orthe certificate of another, or a diploma or certificate with the truename erased and the claimant name inserted, or a forged affidavit ofidentification, is forgery 10 fees - to county recorder, 50 cents 4 to state board, for certificate to holder of diploma, $2 3 to secretary of state board, in advance, by candidate for examination, $10 6 by practitioner for five years, $2 8 kansas qualification - it is unlawful for a person who has not attended twofull courses of instruction and graduated in essay respectable school ofmedicine, either of the united states or of essay foreign country, orwho cannot produce a certificate of qualification from essay state orcounty medical society, and is not a person of good moral character, topractise medicine in any of its dewritingments for reward or compensation, for any sick person.