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Alcoholinjected into rectum. Galvanization of phrenic nerves she finallycoughed up a piece of thick mucus and recovered 9 duffy. Trans med soc no car , 1874, p 126 - boy, age 8, swallowed a cow-pea it lodged in the trachea essay months afterward, laryngotomy performed the boy seemed to die at once artificialrespiration used after a while he expelled first essay mucus, then thepea recovered 10 tardieu. Op cit , p 290 - man, age 50, found dead on the floor at base of neck and front of chest were thesis punctated ecchymoses brain and lungs much congested. The latter showed subpleural spots tongue and lips bitten death was due to cerebral and pulmonarycongestion from an epileptic seizure 11 oesterlen. Vier f ger med und öff san , 1876, xxiv , p 10 - woman, age 30, epileptic found dead examination showed signsof asphyxia. Blood-vessels engorged, marked œdema of lungs, etc opinion given that she died in epileptic paroxysm, and certain injuriesobserved were caused by a fall 12 tardieu. Op cit , p 322 - two children, one 2 months old, theother 18 months old.

Mitigates the rigour of agues, helps dropsies, provokes sweat, breaks carbuncles, and plague-sores, being applied to how to write a college application essay them. It is veryprofitable being given inwardly in bruises isotidis, glasti of woad i know no great physical virtue in theroot see the herb labri veneris, dipsaci fullers-thistle, teazle the root beingboiled in wine till it be thick quoth dioscorides helps by unctionthe clefts of the fundament, as also takes away warts and wens galensaith, they are dry in the second degree. And i take it all authorshold them to be cold and dry unslacked lime beaten into powder, andmixed with black soap, takes away a wen being anointed with it lactucæ of lettice i know no physical virtue residing in the roots lauri of the bay-tree the bark of the root drunk with wine, provokes urine, breaks the stone, opens obstructions of the liver andspleen but according to dioscorides is naught for pregnant women galen lapathi acuti, oxylapathi sorrel, according to galen. Butsharp-pointed dock, according to dioscorides the roots of sorrelare held to be profitable against the jaundice of sharp-pointed dock;cleanse, and help scabs and itch levistici of lovage they are hot and dry, and good for any diseasescoming of wind lillij albi of white lillies the root is essaything hot and dry, helps burnings, softens the womb, provokes the menses, if boiled inwine, is given with good success in rotten fevers, pestilences, and alldiseases that require suppuration. Outwardly applied, it helps ulcersin the head, and amends the ill colour of the face malvœ of mallows they are cool, and digesting, resist poison, andhelp corrosions, or gnawing of the bowels, or any other writing. As alsoulcers in the bladder see marsh-mallows mandragoræ of mandrakes a root dangerous for its coldness, beingcold in the fourth degree. The root is dangerous mechoachanæ of mechoacah it is corrected with cinnamon, istemperate yet drying, purges flegm chiefly from the head and joints, it is good for old diseases in the head, and may safely be given evento feverish bodies, because of its temperature. It is also profitableagainst coughs and pains in the reins. As also against venerealcomplaints. The strong may take a dram at a time mei, &c spignel the roots are hot and dry in the second or thirddegree, and send up unwholeessay vapours to the head mezerei, &c of spurge, olive, or widow-wail see the herb, if youthink it worth the seeing merorum celci of mulberry tree the bark of the root is bitter, hotand dry, opens stoppings of the liver and spleen, purges the belly, andkills worms, boiled in vinegar, helps the tooth-ache morsus diaboli, succisæ, &c devil-bit see the herb norpi spicæ, indicæ, celticæ, &c of spikenard, indian, and cheltic cheltic nard wonderfully provokes urine they are both hot and dry theindian, also provokes urine, and stops fluxes, helps windiness of thestomach, resists the pestilence, helps gnawing pains of the stomach;and dries up rheums that molest the head the celtic spikenard performsthe same offices, though in a weaker measure nenupharis, nymphæ of water-lilies they are cold and dry, and stoplust. I never dived so deep to find what virtue the roots have ononidis, arrestæ bovis, &c of cammock, or rest-harrow, so calledbecause it makes oxen stand still when they are ploughing the rootsare hot and dry in the third degree. It breaks the stone viz the bark of it the root itself, according to pliny, helps thefalling-sickness. According to matthiolus, helps ruptures. You maytake half a dram at a time ostrutij masterwort, given once before under the name ofimperitoria but i have essaything else to do than to write one thingtwice as they did pastinatæ, sativæ, and silvestris garden and wild parsnips theyare of a temperate quality, inclining essaything to heat. The gardenparsnips provoke lust, and nourish as much and more too, than any rootordinarily eaten.

They are all hot in operation, and therefore not to be meddledwith by people of hot constitutions when they are in health, for fearof fevers and adustion of blood, but for people of cold constitutions, as melancholy and flegmatic people if they drink of them moderatelynow and then for recreation, due consideration being had to the writingof the body which is weakest, they may do them good. Yet in diseasesof melancholy, neither strong waters nor sack is to be drank, for theymake the humour thin, and then up to the head it flies, where it fillsthe brain with foolish and fearful imaginations 2 let all young people forbear them whilst they are in health, fortheir blood is usually hot enough without them 3 have regard to the season of the year, so shall you find them morebeneficial in summer than in winter, because in summer the body isalways coldest within, and digestion weakest, and that is the reasonwhy men and women eat less in summer than in winter thus much for people in health, which drink strong waters forrecreation as for the medicinal use of them, it shall be shewed at the latterend of every receipt, only in general they are due respect had tothe humours afflicting, and writing of the body afflicted medicinal fordiseases of cold and flegm, chilliness of the spirits, &c but that my countrymen may not be mistaken in this, i shall give themessay symptoms of each complexion how a man may know when it exceeds itsdue limits signs of choler abounding leanness of body, costiveness, hollow eyes, anger without a cause, atesty disposition, yellowness of the skin, bitterness in the throat, pricking pains in the head, the pulse swifter and stronger thanordinary, the urine higher coloured, thinner and brighter, troubleessaysleeps, much dreaming of fire, lightning, anger, and fighting signs of blood abounding the veins are bigger or at least they seem so and fuller thenordinary. The skin is red, and as it were swollen. Pricking pains inthe sides, and about the temples, shortness of breath, head-ache, thepulse great and full, urine high coloured and thick, dreams of blood, &c signs of melancholy abounding fearfulness without a cause, fearful and foolish imaginations, the skinrough and swarthy, leanness, want of sleep, frightful dreams, sournessin the throat, the pulse very weak, solitariness, thin clear urine, often sighing, &c signs of flegm abounding sleepiness, dulness, slowness, heaviness, cowardliness, forgetfulness, much spitting, much superfluities at the nose, little appetite to meatand as bad digestion, the skin whiter, colder and smoother than it waswant to be. The pulse slow and deep.

Face blue. Breathingstertorous died piece of tendon found under epiglottis 4 ibid - boy, age 5 years button in larynx aphonia, dyspnœa, stridulous breathing distress gradually subsided thesis years afterwardfound mucous membrane of larynx thickened. Vocal cords red and uneven 5 ibid - man, drunk, swallowed a half-sovereign urgent dyspnœa;pain in throat. Aphonia. Stridulous breathing. Dysphagia. Cough;copious mucous expectoration laryngoscopic examination showed coinin œsophagus the crico-thyroid membrane was incised and coin pushedupward and ejected 6 med times and gaz , 1874, i , p 486 - man, age 20, had severedyspnœa in taking a living fish in his teeth it was about four incheslong and had large dorsal fin, the fish passed into the pharynx andlay doubled up impossible to remove it because of spines tracheotomyat once twenty-four hours afterward the fish had decomposed enough tobe writingly removed patient died of exhaustion 7 littlejohn. Edin med jour , 1875, xx , p 780 - woman founddead in bed suffocated by pus from abscess of tonsil which burstduring sleep found pus in air-passages down to smallest bronchi. Lungscongested. Right side of heart distended with dark fluid blood. Leftside contracted and nearly empty blood everywhere fluid essay lividityof face the woman had died quietly lying beside her husband, who wasnot awakened 8 sayre. New york med jour , 1874, xix , p 420 - girl, age7, swallowed a bead had continuous cough. Much pain under middleof sternum the bead moved upward and downward in respiration tracheotomy four days afterward she coughed the bead out, inspiredonce, and apparently died artificial respiration used. Alcoholinjected into rectum. Galvanization of phrenic nerves she finallycoughed up a piece of thick mucus and recovered 9 duffy.

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But ofthese more anon chapter iii how to write a college application essay of loosening medicines by loosening here, i do not mean purging, nor that which is oppositeto astringency. But that which is opposite to stretching. I knewnot suddenly what fitter english name to give it, than loosening orlaxation, which latter is scarce english the members are distended or stretched divers ways, and ought to beloosened by as thesis, for they are stretched essaytimes by dryness, essaytimes by cold, essaytimes by repletion or fullness, essaytimes byswellings, and essaytimes by essay of these joined together i avoidterms of art as much as i can, because it would profit my countrybut little, to give them the rules of physic in such english as theyunderstand not i confess the opinion of ancient physicians hath been various aboutthese loosening medicines galen opinion was, that they might bereferred either to moistening, or heating, or mollifying, or evacuatingmedicines, and therefore ought not to be referred to a chapter bythemselves it is likely they may, and so may all other medicines be referred toheat, or coldness, or dryness, or moisture. But we speak not here ofthe writingicular properties of medicines, but of their joined properties, as they heat and moisten others, they question how they can be distinguished from such asmollify, seeing such as are loosening, and such as are emolient, areboth of them hot and moist to that, thus. Stretching and loosening are ascribed to the moveablewritings of the body, as to the muscles and their tendons, to theligaments and membranæ. But softness and hardness to such writingsof the body as may be felt with the hand.