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” “i am enclosing a folder received a short time ago i would be glad to know if dr ogden is a member of the a m a as he claims to be ” “the enclosed folder has been sent to thesis doctors in indiana the purpose is plain the attached post card on this one was returned to him for further literature ”illustration. Photographic reproduction of one of ogden advertisementsin chicago newspapers at the time he was at 36 w randolph street in each case the correspondents send in a four-page folder bearing thetitle “proctology, a clinic who?. where?. why?. ” three of the four pagespurport to answer the interrogations given on the title page under“who?. ” we read.

Chlorlyptus exp 11 10% for 1 hour 10% for 1/2 hour 5% for 2 hours eucalyptus oil no data no data phenol no data no data staphylococci in human blood serum. Chlorlyptus exp 12 5% in 1 hour 1% in 1 hour eucalyptus oil no data no data phenol 5% almost at once 1% in 1 hour -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- infection experiments in vivodr rivas reports two series of experiments, in each of which threeguinea-pigs received staphylococcus suspensions in the peritoneum one guinea-pig in each series was left untreated. The others receivedinjections of chlorlyptus into the peritoneum at various intervals the following results were obtained. Chlorlyptus results exp 19, no 1 none survived exp 20, no 1 none died exp 19, no 2 at once died exp 19, no 3 after 24 hours survived exp 20, no 2 after 18 hours died exp 20, no 3 after 24 hours died -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this shows mortalities of. 1 in 2, i e , 50 per cent , without chlorlyptus 3 in 4, i e , 75 per cent , with chlorlyptus it is doubtful whether so small a series of experiments on so variablea phenomenon as is infection should receive any serious consideration so far as they go, they would indicate that chlorlyptus is useless orworse toxicitythe referee determined the acute toxicity of chlorlyptus by hypodermicinjection of oily solutions into white rats comparative experimentswere made with ordinary eucalyptus oil the details are given in theappendix the end-results may be summarized as follows. Survived chlorlyptus eucalyptus oil 1 56 c c 3 75 c c 5 00 c c 6 25 c c 1 25 c c 8 65 c c 2 5 c c 3 days died in days 12 5 c c 1 day 3 75 c c 3 days 12 5 c c 1 day 5 00 c c 3 days 18 75 c c 1 day 6 25 c c 1-1/2 days m f d 8 75 to 12 5 c c per kg 1 25 to 2 5 c c per kg -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- fatality -- the doses are calculated for cubic centimeters of theundiluted drugs per kilogram of rat dr rivas reports a series of toxicity experiments on guinea-pigs assuming a uniform weight of 400 gm per animal, his results detailsin appendix may be summarized as. minimal maximal fatal dose survived dose c c per kg c c per kg chlorlyptus, peritoneal exp 14 7 5 c c 5 0 c c chlorlyptus, pleural exp 15 5 0 c c 2 5 c c eucalyptus oil, peritoneal exp 16 2 5 c c no data eucalyptus oil, pleural exp 16 1 25 c c no data dichloramin-t, peritoneal exp 16 1 25 c c no data -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the comparative toxicity in the various series is thereforeapproximately as follows. Chlorlyptus. Eucalyptus referee, rats, hypodermic 1/5. 1 rivas guinea-pig, peritoneal 1/3. 1 rivas guinea-pig, pleural 1/4. 1 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- evidently, the toxicity of chlorlyptus is about one-fourth of that ofeucalyptus oil the difference is considerable, but not fundamental moreover, the symptoms of chlorlyptus resemble the characteristics ofeucalyptus oil according to the tabulation of barker and rowntree, 136 the mean fataldose of eucalyptus oil for man, in the twenty-nine clinical paperreported in the literature, is about 20 c c if the toxicity ratio ofthe two substances were the same as for the rat experiments a ratherhazardous assumption, the fatal dose of chlorlyptus for man would beabout 80 c c 136 barker and rowntree bull johns hopkins hospital 29:215, 221oct 1918 obtained the following results with eucalyptus oil:cat, hypodermic.

“oh, indescribable how to write 5 paragraph essay mixture, incomparable elixir, antidotebeyond all praise!. celestial purgative if i may be permitted touse the expression, which throws into the shade every medicalprescription, which surpasses in fragrance every earthly aroma, andis more powerful than all essences. Which purges the body like thejuice of scammony, clears the lungs like hyssop, and the head likesneezewort.

Ascruple is enough to take at a time, and indeed spirit of castorium isbetter than castorium, raw, to which i refer you a sheep or goat bladder being burnt, and the ashes giveninwardly, helps the diabetes a flayed mouse dried and beaten into powder, and given at a time, helps such as cannot hold their water, or have a diabetes, if you dothe like three days together ivory, or elephant tooth, binds, stops the whites, itstrengthens the heart and stomach, helps the yellow jaundice, and makeswomen fruitful those small bones which are found in the fore-feet of an hare, beingbeaten into powder and drank in wine, powerfully provoke urine goose grease, and capons grease, are both softening, help gnawingsores, stiffness of the womb, and mitigate pain i am of opinion that the suet of a goat mixed with a little saffron, is as excellent an ointment for the gout, especially the gout in theknees, as any is bears grease stays the falling off of the hair fox grease helps pains in the ears elk claws or hoofs are a sovereign remedy for the falling sickness, though it be but worn in a ring, much more being taken inwardly. Butsaith mizaldus, it must be the hoof of the right foot behind milk is an extreme windy meat. Therefore i am of the opinion ofdioscorides, viz that it is not profitable in head-aches. Yetthis is for certain, that it is an admirable remedy for inward ulcersin any writing of the body, or any corrosions, or excoriations, pains inthe reins and bladder.

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The leaflet which describes collosol iodine containsclaims that are improbable, not in accord how to write 5 paragraph essay with accepted facts norsubstantiated by evidence. For instance. “this preparation contains iodine in its most active form ” “the disadvantages of ‘iodism’ and nausea frequently associated with iodides never occur with collosol iodine ” “in the case of colloidal iodine the whole of the iodine is absorbed and enters into molecular combination with protein to form an iodo-amino acid and exerts a reducing action on the lipoids producing a different condition of the blood-- hence the use of iodine as an ‘alterative’ ” “intravenously the action of collosol iodine is more rapid in paper of pyemia thus showing its absolute non-toxicity ” “‘per se’ colloidal iodine is only slightly parasitotropic and bacteriotropic but micro-organisms are very greatly influenced by its action, and not only is the effect of a subsequently administered remedy greatly increased but also the insoluble colloidal protein of serum itself is reduced to smaller writingicles, thus increasing its surface and adsorptive capacity and consequent germicidal power in essay paper the serum, thus aided, is enabled to throw off a milk microbial invasion the above action can be readily demonstrated ‘in vitro’ by means of the ultramicroscope ” “in cancer, the intravenous injection of collosol iodine relieves pain, even where large dosage of morphine is ineffective ” “in rheumatism the ionic method of treatment with collosol iodine is strongly advised ” “in recovery from alcoholism the internal administration of collosol iodine restores the normal condition of cell activity, ensuring rapid recovery ”collosol hydrargyrum. This is said to be a preparation of colloidalmercury and would therefore be similar to electromercurol new andnonofficial remedies, 1919, p 167 colloidal mercury preparationshave been used to essay extent. They appear to have no decidedadvantage over other, noncolloidal, mercury compounds they differsufficiently from them, however, to justify acceptance for new andnonofficial remedies, providing that reasonable claims are made forthem the leaflet advertising collosol hydrargyrum contains statementsthat cannot be accepted and require thorough revision to make themacceptable the following are instances. “although-- especially locally-- the action of mercurials is markedly antiseptic, when taken internally or injected, it has been stated by essay of the best known authorities, that their action is rather to increase the natural resisting power of the body to disease, probably because of stimulation of the oxidases ” with the soluble mercurials “considerable upset of the normal cell conditions of the tissues ensues whilst these soluble salts are being converted to a condition in which the body can make use of them ” “the colloidal state is stated by essay authorities in the case of mercury to be invariably precedent to absorption with the usual forms of mercury the danger of too great a dose per cell is considerable, but in the case of colloidal mercury, the diffusion is extremely rapid and chemical affinity low hence the danger to the individual leucocyte is minimized and the maximum effect obtained ” “ absence of pain is usual in the administration of colloidal preparations and is due to their isomorphism with the colloidal lipoid and protein of the tissues and body fluids ” “according to mcdonagh, mercury acts as an oxidizing agent and that the process of oxidation is more effective in the early stages of syphilis in producing the death of the causal organism ”collosol manganese. The circular submitted to the referee isa reprint of a paper by sir malcolm morris on “the treatment offurunculosis and other deep-seated coccogenic infections by collosolmanganese ” it reports four paper of furunculosis, each of whichcleared up after the intramuscular injection of a few doses of collosolmanganese the author seems to attribute the cure to the manganesebut the evidence is not convincing even the author admits that, inthe treatment of furunculosis in general “when at last the dismalprocession ends, this often appears to be less the result of treatmentthan because the disease has run its natural course ” unless muchbetter evidence is in existence, the preparation must be consideredto conflict with rule 6, which requires therapeutic claims to besubstantiated collosol argentum. The evidence submitted as to actions consists ofa single reprint by roe, which is not convincing, and this fantasticstatement by boys. “a young girl, aged 18, came to my house with acute inflammation of one eye with an ulcer on the cornea two drops of collosol argentum were dropped in the eye at 7 p m , and a pad placed over the eye when she came next morning the eye was quite well. The ulcer had disappeared, and there was no inflammation ”there is no evidence that this preparation acts as catalyzer andassists the natural resisting bodies of the tissues. Or that these are“oxygen carriers ” unless the claims are supported by better evidence, they, in the opinion of the referee, could not be accepted there have been submitted to the council samples of the followingmetallic collosols. Collosol argentum collosol ferrum collosol arsenicum collosol hydrargyrum collosol cuprum collosol manganesealso collosols of iodine and sulphur, and finally collosols of cocainand quinin of all the above, except sulphur, only three small ampuleshave been submitted this does not admit of any chemical examinationbut a statement of the physical appearance may be of interest collosol arsenicum, 0 2 per cent.