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Liquid is opalescent there is essay depositof yellow writingicles a four ounce bottle was also submitted the liquidin this bottle is milky with considerable deposit of yellow crystalslike ordinary crystalline sulphur collosol cocain, 1-100. Transparent, colorless liquid with nodeposit chemical examination showed 0 4 per cent of what may havebeen cocain this residue gave alkaloidal tests collosol quinin, 1-100. Slightly opalescent, colorless liquid, withno deposit gives alkaloidal reactions -- from the journal a m a , june 7, 1919 pulvoids calcylates compound report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following report, notso much because the preparation with which it deals is of any greatimportance, but as a protest against the large number of similarirrational complex mixtures which are still offered to physicians w a puckner, secretary pulvoids calcylates compound the drug products co , inc are tabletseach of which is claimed to contain. “calcium and strontium disalicylate, 5 grs. Resin guaiac, 1/2 gr. Digitalis, 1/4 gr. Cochium colchicum?. seed, 1/4 gr.

In all herbs of that quality, the safest way iseither to distil the herb in an alembick, in how to start an essay examples what vehicle you please, or else to press out the juice, and distil that in a glass still, insand it scours and cleanses the internal writings of the body mightily, and it clears the external writings also, being externally applied, fromfreckles, morphew, and sun-burning. Your best way to use it externally, is to mix it with vinegar. An ointment of it is held to be good inwounds and ulcers. It consumes cankers, and that flesh growing in thenostrils, which they call polypus. Also the distilled water beingdropped into the eyes, takes away spots there, or the pin and web, andmends the dimness of sight. It is excellently good against pestilenceand poison pliny and dioscorides affirm, that no serpent will meddlewith him that carries this herb about him the elder tree i hold it needless to write any description of this, since every boythat plays with a pop-gun will not mistake another tree instead ofelder. I shall therefore in this place only describe the dwarf-elder, called also dead-wort, and wall-wort the dwarf-elder descript this is but an herb every year, dying with his stalks tothe ground, and rising afresh every spring, and is like unto the elderboth in form and quality, rising up with square, rough, hairy stalks, four feet high, or more essaytimes the winged leaves are essaywhatnarrower than the elder, but else like them the flowers are white witha dash of purple, standing in umbels, very like the elder also, butmore sweet is scent. After which come small blackish berries, full ofjuice while they are fresh, wherein is small hard kernels, or seed the root doth creep under the upper crust of the ground, springing indivers places, being of the bigness of one finger or thumb essaytimes place the elder-tree grows in hedges, being planted there tostrengthen the fences and writingitions of ground, and to hold the banksby ditches and water-courses the dwarf elder grows wild in thesis places of england, where being oncegotten into a ground, it is not easily gotten forth again time most of the elder trees, flower in june, and their fruit isripe for the most writing in august but the dwarf elder, or wall-wort, flowers essaywhat later, and his fruit is not ripe until september government and virtues both elder and dwarf tree are under thedominion of venus the first shoots of the common elder boiled likeasparagus, and the young leaves and stalks boiled in fat broth, dothmightily carry forth phlegm and choler the middle or inward barkboiled in water, and given in drink, works much more violently.

these are samples of the claims made forbell-ans let us inquire into the nature of the conditions for whichthe preparation is recommended and the treatment advised by well knownclinicians the subject of indigestion is discussed by robert hutchison and robertsaundby under the general title of dyspepsia in the “index of treatmentby various writers, ” edition 6, 1912, pp 260-265 hutchison says:“in the first place it must be remembered that in thesis patients whocomplain of ‘indigestion’ the seat of the trouble is not in the stomachat all ”illustration. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - | a philadelphia doctor writes. | | | | “your bell-ans for ingestion do just what you claim and more | | too i, personally, had a bad case of intestinal indigestion | | with gastric vertigo i had taken almost everything and got no | | relief, until i commenced to take bell-ans-- four to six tablets | | in a large glassful of hot water after each meal you have my | | permission to use this statement, with my name and address if | | you wish i prescribe bell-ans constantly” | | | | bell-ans | | for indigestion | | 25c package at every drug store in the u s | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -newspaper advertisement of bell-ans, capitalizing the statements ofphysicians the general principles to be observed in the treatment of functionaldyspepsia, as given by hutchison, are. 1 to remove the cause.

D s lamb, m how to start an essay examples d. W b outten, m d. Hon wm a poste. Edward s wood, m d. e v stoddard, m d. Hon goodwin brown. J c cameron, m d. E d fisher, m d. H p loomis, m d.

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It is altogether likethe common wormwood, save only in bigness, for it is smaller. In taste, for it is not so bitter. In smell, for it is spicy place it grows upon the tops of the mountains it seems ’tisaspiring there ’tis natural, but usually nursed up in gardens for theuse of the apothecaries in london time all wormwoods usually flower in august, a little sooner orlater government and virtues will you give me leave to be critical alittle?. i must take leave wormwood is an herb of mars, and if pontanussay otherwise, he is beside the bridge. I prove it thus. What delightsin martial places, is a martial herb. But wormwood delights in martialplaces for about forges and iron works you may gather a cart-loadof it, ergo, it is a martial herb it is hot and dry in the firstdegree, viz just as hot as your blood, and no hotter it remedies theevils choler can inflict on the body of man by sympathy it helpsthe evils venus and the wanton boy produce, by antipathy. And it dothessaything else besides it cleanses the body of choler who dares saymars doth no good?. it provokes urine, helps surfeits, or swellingsin the belly. It causes appetite to meat, because mars rules theattractive faculty in man. The sun never shone upon a better herb forthe yellow jaundice than this. Why should men cry out so much uponmars for an infortunate, or saturn either?.