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Forlaryngitis, for bronchitis, and for asthma no acceptable evidence was submitted as to the value of the product inthe treatment of any of the foregoing conditions in view of what isknown about non-specific reactions, it seems likely that any influencewhich this vaccine may have on the diverse conditions enumerated bythe manufacturer, is due to this, rather than to the combination oforganisms used in its preparation on the recommendation of the committee on serums and vaccines, thecouncil declared “sherman mixed vaccine no 40” ineligible to newand nonofficial remedies because the therapeutic claims made for itare unwarranted rule 6 and because the combination, in view ofits complexity, is irrational and detrimental to sound therapy rule10 -- from the journal a m a , june 23, 1918 ophthalmol-lindemann report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryophthalmol-lindemann was taken up for consideration by the councilbecause of inquiries received the following report, declaringophthalmol inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies, was adopted bythe council and its publication authorized w a puckner, secretary ophthalmol-lindemann innis, speiden and co , new york is advertisedas a treatment for eye diseases by “hyperemia ” the circularadvertising the product is written essaywhat in the style of “patentmedicine” advertisements it contains testimonials of dubious value the principle underlying the use of ophthalmol is that employedto a considerable extent by ophthalmologists, through the use ofethylmorphine “dionin”, etc , viz , the production of conjunctivalirritation in inflammatory eye diseases ophthalmol is, therefore, merely a special agent for the production of such ophthalmic irritation the advertising circular contains no evidence that ophthalmol is in anyrespect superior to the established agents for producing conjunctivalhyperemia on the other hand, there are obvious objections to theuse in the eye of a substance of unknown and apparently indefinitecomposition and uncertain activity ophthalmol is said to be an oilysolution of “glandular extract of the fish cobitis fossilis ” cobitisfossilis is a small fish said to be common in gerthesis according tokochs, who analyzed ophthalmol arb a d pharm inst d univ berl , 4:140, 1907, this fish is popularly believed to predictweather, but medical virtues are not ascribed to it this “fishy”extract is indefinite, to say the least the activity of the preparation is described by the manufacturer thus:“it seems probable that the typical action of ophthalmol is due tocertain organic acids which may have formed during manufacture throughthe decomposition of protein bodies contained in the crude material ”the profession is not told whether this important decomposition is, or, in fact, can be controlled so as to produce a material of uniformactivity kochs concluded from his analysis that ophthalmol had the propertiesof rancid olive oil containing about 6 to 7 per cent mineral oil theoil contained no nitrogen, left no ash on ignition and though traces ofiodin were claimed to be present, no iodin could be found it is recommended that ophthalmol be rejected first, because the usein the eye of an irritant of secret composition and uncertain activityis unscientific and against the interest of public health. Second, because ophthalmol is of secret composition the composition claimedbeing practically meaningless, and, third, because no evidence hasbeen submitted to substantiate its claimed superiority over establishedmethods of treatment the council declared ophthalmol inadmissible tonew and nonofficial remedies -- from the journal a m a , july 6, 1918 silvol ineligible for n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe following report on silvol parke, davis & company was adopted bythe council and its publication authorized w a puckner, secretary the council took up the consideration of silvol parke, davis &company because of inquiries received the following report wassubmitted by the referee in charge of silver preparations:silvol parke, davis & company is a silver-protein preparation of theargyrol type like argyrol, it is said to contain about 20 per cent of silver the referee finds that, like argyrol, it is nonirritant tothe nasal mucosa in a 10 per cent solution. Does not precipitate withchlorid. Dissolves in water readily. A 25 per cent solution has a highspecific gravity silvol, 1 137 at 20 c. Argyrol, 1 147 at 20 c , andis not very viscid viscosity, 1 25 a 1:1, 000 solution of silvol isclear and about 50 per cent deeper in color than a solution of argyrolof the same strength silvol differs from argyrol mainly in that its solutions yield a fineprecipitate with egg albumin under suitable conditions, while argyrolis nonprecipitant. And in that silvol solutions are not so effectivelydecolorized by lloyd reagent the manufacturers did not reply to an inquiry with regard to thebasis for the claims made for silvol see appendix the referee wastherefore obliged to deduce these claims from the firm advertisingmatter about the same claims are made for the local use of silvol asare generally made for argyrol these may be accepted without detailedevidence in view of the similarity of the two preparations its usefulness, as suggested in the advertising, when given by mouth“in the treatment of acute or chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, orgastro-enteritis, ” or the efficacy of very dilute solutions 0 2 percent against dysentery, etc , is doubtful and requires substantiationby evidence the claims that silvol is astringent, though nonirritantand noncoagulant, that it is a “powerful germicide” or even that itis a “powerful antiseptic, ” and that it may be used with advantagewherever “a silver salt is indicated, ” need substantiation there is noproof of the assertions that silvol is “the most efficacious of silversalts”. “the most efficient antiseptic, ” and “the most remarkableorganic silver compound ”as the manufacturers have not presented any evidence for their highlyimprobable claims, and as they have not signified any intention ofmaking their claims agree with substantiated facts, it is recommendedthat silvol be declared inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies the council adopted the report of its referee and authorized itspublication appendixthe following letter from the secretary of the council was sent toparke, davis & company, march 20, 1917 no reply to it has beenreceived. The referee of the council who is conducting an investigation of silver preparations asked me to inquire if you are willing to submit your evidence for the following claims which are made in your circulars for silvol.

The affidavit must how to quote a person in an essay contain the full name ofthe person making the same, the date and place of his birth, and thenames of the places where he may have previously practised medicine orsurgery. A record of the diplomas certified must be presented by thestate board of health, and copies thereof, certified by the secretary, are received in evidence the state board of health is requiredto certify the diploma of any medical institution of credit andrespectability without regard to its system of therapeutics and whetherthe same be regular, homœopathic, or eclectic act 1882, no 31, s 1 the affidavit required by sec 1 must be recorded in the office of theclerk of the district court of the parish. The clerk must certify therecordation by indorsement on the original affidavit, which the affiantmust transmit to the state board of health.

Aphonia. Stridulous breathing. Dysphagia. Cough;copious mucous expectoration laryngoscopic examination showed coinin œsophagus the crico-thyroid membrane was incised and coin pushedupward and ejected 6 med times and gaz , 1874, i , p 486 - man, age 20, had severedyspnœa in taking a living fish in his teeth it was about four incheslong and had large dorsal fin, the fish passed into the pharynx andlay doubled up impossible to remove it because of spines tracheotomyat once twenty-four hours afterward the fish had decomposed enough tobe writingly removed patient died of exhaustion 7 littlejohn. Edin med jour , 1875, xx , p 780 - woman founddead in bed suffocated by pus from abscess of tonsil which burstduring sleep found pus in air-passages down to smallest bronchi. Lungscongested. Right side of heart distended with dark fluid blood. Leftside contracted and nearly empty blood everywhere fluid essay lividityof face the woman had died quietly lying beside her husband, who wasnot awakened 8 sayre. New york med jour , 1874, xix , p 420 - girl, age7, swallowed a bead had continuous cough. Much pain under middleof sternum the bead moved upward and downward in respiration tracheotomy four days afterward she coughed the bead out, inspiredonce, and apparently died artificial respiration used. Alcoholinjected into rectum. Galvanization of phrenic nerves she finallycoughed up a piece of thick mucus and recovered 9 duffy. Trans med soc no car , 1874, p 126 - boy, age 8, swallowed a cow-pea it lodged in the trachea essay months afterward, laryngotomy performed the boy seemed to die at once artificialrespiration used after a while he expelled first essay mucus, then thepea recovered 10 tardieu. Op cit , p 290 - man, age 50, found dead on the floor at base of neck and front of chest were thesis punctated ecchymoses brain and lungs much congested. The latter showed subpleural spots tongue and lips bitten death was due to cerebral and pulmonarycongestion from an epileptic seizure 11 oesterlen. Vier f ger med und öff san , 1876, xxiv , p 10 - woman, age 30, epileptic found dead examination showed signsof asphyxia. Blood-vessels engorged, marked œdema of lungs, etc opinion given that she died in epileptic paroxysm, and certain injuriesobserved were caused by a fall 12 tardieu.

Yet there is one sort growing ordinarily here wild, which i esteem to be little inferior to the other, if at all i shallnot deny you the description of them both descript common pellitory is a very common plant, and will not bekept in our gardens without diligent looking to the root goes downright into the ground bearing leaves, being long and finely cut uponthe stalk, lying on the ground, much larger than the leaves of thecamomile are at the top it bears one single large flower at a place, having a border of thesis leaves, white on the upper side, and reddishunderneath, with a yellow thrum in the middle, not standing so close asthat of camomile the other common pellitory which grows here, hath a root of a sharpbiting taste, scarcely discernible by the taste from that beforedescribed, from whence arise divers brittle stalks, a yard high andmore, with narrow leaves finely dented about the edges, standing oneabove another up to the tops the flowers are thesis and white, standingin tufts like those of yarrow, with a small yellowish thrum in themiddle the seed is very small place the last grows in fields by the hedge sides and paths, almostevery where time it flowers at the latter end of june how to quote a person in an essay and july government and virtues it is under the government of mercury, andi am persuaded it is one of the best purgers of the brain that grows an ounce of the juice taken in a draught of muskadel an hour before thefit of the ague comes, it will assuredly drive away the ague at thesecond or third time taken at the farthest either the herb or rootdried and chewed in the mouth, purges the brain of phlegmatic humours;thereby not only easing pains in the head and teeth, but also hindersthe distilling of the brain upon the lungs and eyes, thereby preventingcoughs, phthisicks and consumption, the apoplexy and falling sickness it is an excellently approved remedy in the lethargy the powder ofthe herb or root being snuffed up the nostrils, procures sneezing, andeases the head-ache. Being made into an ointment with hog grease, ittakes away black and blue spots occasioned by blows or falls, and helpsboth the gout and sciatica pellitory of the wall descript it rises with brownish, red, tender, weak, clear, andalmost transparent stalks, about two feet high, upon which grow at thejoints two leaves essaywhat broad and long, of a dark green colour, which afterwards turn brownish, smooth on the edges, but rough andhairy, as the stalks are also at the joints with the leaves from themiddle of the stalk upwards, where it spreads into branches, stand thesissmall, pale, purplish flowers in hairy, rough heads, or husks, afterwhich come small, black, rough seed, which will stick to any clothor garment that shall touch it the root is essaywhat long, with smallfibres thereat, of a dark reddish colour, which abides the winter, although the stalks and leaves perish and spring every year place it grows wild generally through the land, about the bordersof fields, and by the sides of walls, and among rubbish it will endurewell being brought up in gardens, and planted on the shady side, whereit will spring of its own sowing time it flowers in june and july, and the seed is ripe soon after government and virtues it is under the dominion of mercury thedried herb pellitory made up into an electuary with honey, or thejuices of the herb, or the decoction thereof made up with sugar orhoney, is a singular remedy for an old or dry cough, the shortness ofbreath, and wheezing in the throat three ounces of the juice thereoftaken at a time, doth wonderfully help stopping of the urine, and toexpel the stone or gravel in the kidneys or bladder, and is thereforeusually put among other herbs used in clysters to mitigate pains inthe back, sides, or bowels, proceeding of wind, stopping of urine, thegravel or stone, as aforesaid if the bruised herb, sprinkled withessay muskadel, be warmed upon a tile, or in a dish upon a few quickcoals in a chafing-dish, and applied to the belly, it works the sameeffect the decoction of the herb being drank, eases pains of themother, and brings down women courses. It also eases those griefsthat arise from obstructions of the liver, spleen, and reins the samedecoction, with a little honey added thereto, is good to gargle asore throat the juice held a while in the mouth, eases pains in theteeth the distilled water of the herb drank with essay sugar, worksthe same effects, and cleanses the skin from spots, freckles, purples, wheals, sun-burn, morphew, &c the juice dropped into the ears, easesthe noise in them, and takes away the pricking and shooting painstherein. The same, or the distilled water, assuages hot and swellingimposthumes, burnings and scaldings by fire or water. As also allother hot tumours and inflammations, or breakings-out, of heat, beingbathed often with wet cloths dipped therein.

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That which grows upon time, is hotter and dryer than that which grows upon flax, even in the thirddegree, opens obstructions, helps infirmities of the spleen, purgethmelancholy, relieves how to quote a person in an essay drooping spirits, helps the rickets. That whichgrows on flax, is excellent for agues in young children, strengthensweak stomachs, purgeth choler, provokes urine, opens stoppings inthe reins and bladder that which grows upon nettles, provokes urineexceedingly the way of using it is to boil it in white wine, orother convenient decoction, and boil it very little ætias, mesue, actuarius, serapio, avincena eruch rocket, hot and dry in the third degree, being eaten alone, causeth head-ache, by its heat procures urine galen eupatorium see ageratum euphragia eyebright is essaything hot and dry, the very sight of itrefresheth the eyes. Inwardly taken, it restores the sight, and makesold men eyes young, a dram of it taken in the morning is worth apair of spectacles, it comforts and strengthens the memory, outwardlyapplied to the place, it helps the eyes filix fœmina } filicula, polypidium } see the roots filipendula }malahathram indian-leaf, hot and dry in the second degree, comfortsthe stomach exceedingly, helps digestion, provokes urine, helpsinflammations of the eyes, secures cloaths from moths fæniculum fennel, encreaseth milk in nurses, provokes urine, breaksthe stone, easeth pains in the reins, opens stoppings, breaks wind, provokes the menses. You may boil it in white wine fragaria strawberry leaves, are cold, dry, and binding, a singularremedy for inflammations and wounds, hot diseases in the throat. Theystop fluxes and the terms, cool the heat of the stomach, and theinflammations of the liver the best way is to boil them in barleywater fraxinus, &c ash-trees, the leaves are moderately hot and dry, curethe bitings of adders, and serpents. They stop looseness, and stayvomiting, help the rickets, open stoppages of the liver and spleen fumaria fumitory. Cold and dry, it opens and cleanses by urine, helps such as are itchy, and scabbed, clears the skin, opens stoppingsof the liver and spleen, helps rickets, hypochondriac melancholy, madness, frenzies, quartan agues, loosens the belly, gently purgethmelancholy, and addust choler. Boil it in white wine, and take this onegeneral rule all things of a cleansing or opening nature may be mostcommodiously boiled in white wine remember but this, and then i neednot repeat it galega goat-rue.