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Being applied to the temples, stops the rheums that flow to theeyes, helps green wounds, and fills hollow ulcers with flesh, stopsthe bleeding of wounds, though the arteries be cut. Being made into anointment with vinegar and hog-grease, helps the itch, pains in theears, inflammations in women breasts commonly called agues in thebreast. Beware of taking it inwardly, lest it cause madness turpentine is hot in the second degree, it heals, softens, itdiscusses and purges, cleanses the reins, provokes urine styrax calamitis is hot and dry in the second degree, it heals, mollifies, and concocts.

too bad the lamented f f f with his mock turtlesor those prominent eugenists of scopolamin-morphin fame could not takea lesson in advertising it was not very long ago that we were invitedto come east and learn how to use “autolysin, ” or else pay the ratherheavy fee for an imported tutor now all we need is a “gun” and essay ofthe “dope ” all this is interesting in view of the recent article onthe failure of “autolysin” in mouse tumor it is a foregone conclusionthat a lot of “autolysin” will be used, so cancer patients, who havebeen told that they have cancer, will get better through suggestion, and a lot of enthusiastic reports will pour in from medical brethrenwho have never studied psychology then the thing will slump and weshall all be ready for the next fad nevertheless, each one of these things furnishes us with a text foranother sermon on ethics of medical advertising, so i suppose they donot live in vain j w force, m d , berkeley, calif assistant professor of epidemiology, university of california comment -- with each of the foregoing communications how to make an essay outline is a circularletter from the goodhue company, advertising dr henry smith williams’book on “the autolysin treatment of cancer ” with this circular is abooklet entitled “notes on the treatment of inoperable cancer withthe new remedy autolysin horowitz-beebe issued by the autolysinlaboratory ” similar circular letters and pamphlets have been sent tothe journal from various writings of the country the goodhue company, publishers, therefore are apparently killing two birds with onestone-- advertising the book as well as “autolysin ”the journal has been informed that henry smith williams in essay of hismagazine articles uses the pen name “stoddard goodhue, ” and that henrysmith williams is a writing owner of the goodhue publishing company articles on “autolysin” will be found in the journal, nov 6, 1915, pp 1641, 1647 and 1662 the article on “action of ‘autolysin’ on mousetumors, ” by dr francis carter wood, appeared in the journal, jan 8, 1916, p 94 -- ed -- correspondence in the journal a m a , jan 29, 1916 “basic cancer research” and “cosmopolitan cancer research society”medical journals, and essay other technical publications, havereceived recently what purport to be items of news value sent out bythe “medical news bureau, ” 77 seventh ave , brooklyn, new york the“manager” of this alleged bureau is given as d e woolley these “newsitems” are undated but are marked. “ for immediate release” one ofthese starts with the statement, attributed to mme curie, that cancercan be cured by radium and then continues. “cancer can be cured by the use of selenium and tellurium, more plentiful and less costly elements, ” says f w humphreys of brooklyn, an american born student of chemistry and science who has devoted years to the study of the cause of cancer and the discovery of methods for relief “for the purpose of further developing methods of control and treatment of disease by the use of selenium and tellurium discovered by a number of local scientists, chemists and physicians, the basic cancer research has been organized and an efficient laboratory established at 847 union street, brooklyn ” “through the education of the people and special instruction to physicians it is hoped it may soon be possible to gain control of and eradicate the disease which now appears so great a menace mr f w humphrey, one of the organizers of the new institution, estimates that within ten years, or perhaps less time, cancer will no longer be considered a fatal disease ”evidently the joker here is the “basic cancer research” of 847 unionstreet, brooklyn!. Newspapers are approached from a different angle they receive freepublicity matter on stationery reading “cosmopolitan cancer researchsociety” d e woolley, secretary, 847 union st , brooklyn, n y with this matter is a letter from woolley addressed to the editor ofthe paper to which the stuff is sent and asking. “in the interest of suffering humanity will you please give space to the enclosed?. “no object of greater importance has ever been presented for your helpful consideration thousands are dying whom you can help save ”according to the “news item” that accompanies this letter the“cosmopolitan cancer research society” has been founded for the purposeof “investigating and developing methods” by which cancer “may besuccessfully combated and eventually eradicated ” it states furtherthat the “society” will “disseminate information concerning symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and methods of prevention” of cancer furthermore, the membership of the society “includes physicians, scientists andchemists of prominence, laymen of means, and the sympatheticallyinclined from all walks of life ” nor is this all!. “doctor frederick klein the eminent authority on urinology and the chemistry of cancer, has evolved a new colorimetric test which is a most wonderful and valuable discovery in the diagnosis of cancer and various other diseases this test will be writingicularly valuable in all life extension work because it determines, even in children the possibility of predisposition toward any writingicular disease, whether tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes or any of the diseases which in later life may become fatal it determines also the vitality of the subject enabling the physician to accurately determine the condition of any of the vital organs ”we learn in closing that memberships in the “society” are “graduatedfrom $1 00 upwards according to the ability and disposition of thosewho may be interested ”located at 77 seventh avenue, from which the press agent material ofthe “medical news bureau” is sent, is the “basic chemical corporationof america ” according to such information as we have been able toget, the president of this concern is f w humphreys, the “student ofchemistry and science who has devoted years to the study of the causeof cancer and the discovery of methods of relief ” we are informed thatmr humphreys was for a while in the employ of a “chemical company” ofphiladelphia, and has been in the photographic line down in virginiaand later was connected with a real estate concern in brooklyn anotherofficer of the basic chemical corporation is said to have been in thegrocery line in a small village in missouri, selling out and latercoming to brooklyn and entering the insurance business still anotherofficer, it seems, was in the fish business in addition to these threeofficers, there are two directors, one of whom is in the fancy groceryline, and the other is a local practicing physician whose name we findin the propaganda dewritingment testimonial file under sanmetto andarsenauro the dr frederick klein, who is described as the “eminent authority onurinology and the chemistry of cancer, ” is not a physician but claimsa ph d from munich, bavaria klein claims to have developed certainurinary tests one of these, according to him, “indicates the bodyvitality with great accuracy, ” another proves the presence of cancer, a third is the “syphilis test” and a fourth is the “pregnancy test ”and these are not all!. Those who read the reports of the council on pharmacy and chemistry mayremember that frederick klein is the gentleman who made “sulfo-selene, ”which the council, in refusing it recognition, described as a “mixturecontaining a selenium compound of undetermined composition producedby reduction of nitro-selenous acid with sulphurous acid, mixed withbile salts and diluents ” sulfo-selene was widely exploited in thenewspapers in 1916 as a remedy for cancer, and klein got a good deal ofpublicity at that time just what product the basic chemical corporation of america isputting, or is about to put, on the market we do not know from therather vague talk about selenium and frederick klein marvelousdiagnostic discoveries, it might be inferred that “sulfo-selene” wasto be resurrected be that as it may, it seems fairly obvious that thematerial being sent out by d e woolley-- whether as “manager” of the“medical news bureau” or as “secretary” of the “cosmopolitan cancerresearch society”-- is advertising matter in the guise of news in this connection it is worth noting that the american newspaperpublishers’ association, in a special bulletin issued in 1909, published a very complete list of press agents and the interests theseagents represented this list contains the name d e woolley, who thenwas sending out press notices for the national association of pianodealers of america is this the gentleman who is now acting as pressagent for the basic chemical corporation of america?. if it is, it maybe that the slump in the piano trade has caused mr woolley to turnfrom musical instruments to cancer cures -- from the journal a m a , sept 3, 1921 seleni-basccain the issue of september 3 the journal called attention to a campaignof free publicity that was being instituted by a brooklyn concern that, apparently, had for sale an alleged remedy for cancer the press agentmaterial was of two kinds-- for medical journals and for newspapers that which went to the medical journals was sent out on the stationeryof the “medical news bureau, ” 77 seventh ave , brooklyn the “manager”of the bureau was given as d e woolley the items sent out to medicaljournals stated that the “basic cancer research” had been organized todevelop a treatment of cancer by the use of selenium and tellurium the material received by newspapers was sent out by the “cosmopolitancancer research society, ” 847 union st , brooklyn the same addressas the “basic cancer research” the “secretary” of the “cosmopolitancancer research” was d e woolley!. The name of one “dr frederick klein” loomed large in the matter sentout by the “cosmopolitan cancer research society ” klein, we were told, is “the eminent authority on urinology and the chemistry of cancer ”the journal called attention to the fact that frederick klein namewas not unknown in the propaganda files, as he was the gentleman whomanufactured “sulfo-selene, ” a product that was widely heralded in thenewspapers in 1916 as a remedy for cancer it was also brought outthat klein, who is not a physician, claims to have evolved certainremarkable urinary diagnostic tests whereby the presence of cancer, syphilis, etc , may be determined more than a month after the publication of the journal article, a letter was received october 8 from frederick klein to quoteliterally from writing of the letter. “in the above journal dated sept 3th, vol 77, on page 805, regarding the ‘cosmopolitan cancer research society’ you have amongst others, mentioned my name dr frederick klein “i wish to inform you that i have given my legal adviser the order to write a note to the above cosmopolitan cancer research society, 847 union st , brooklyn, forbidden them to the effect that my name should not be used by above society in any form or writing in any of their transactions, this has been done essay time ago to prevent unethical conceptions concerning myself ”shortly after the article of september 3 another item appeared inthe newspapers throughout the country to the effect that the cancerresearch society was offering a “$100, 000 cancer prize” for a“medicinal cure for cancer ” thesis of the newspapers of the countryseemed to bite on this piece of free publicity this was in the firstweek of october in the third week of the same month a brooklyn paperannounced that 3, 000 people had submitted formulas for curing cancerto the cosmopolitan cancer research society the article containingthis announcement gave interesting descriptions of essay of the “cures”submitted and closed with the statement that the cosmopolitan cancerresearch society was establishing “clinics” in various cities it endedwith the statement. “all treatments are confidential in this respect the society had the cooperation of the brooklyn bureau of charities it also has the cooperation of the american medical association ”the closing sentence is, of course, unequivocally false at the time of the journal article the name of the writingicularpreparation which the basic chemical corporation of america was puttingout was unknown shortly after the article appeared it was learnedthat the product was on the market as “seleni-bascca ” a physician, himself a sufferer from carcinoma, after reading the article ofseptember 3, sent the journal essay correspondence he had receivedfrom the cosmopolitan cancer research society regarding the allegedcure one piece was a letter signed “f w humphrey, acting director;dictated by dr george d barney, ” which read in writing. “our claim is a very simple one indeed, namely that the use of a proper preparation of selenium seleni-bascca restores the sulphur metabolism to normal.

Also being beaten intopowder, and strewed upon foul ulcers, it consumes the dead flesh, andinstantly heals them. Nay, it will help gangrenes in the beginning twenty grains taken inwardly is a sufficient dose for one time, andlet that be corrected with half so much cinnamon. Country people usedto rowel their cattle with it if a beast be troubled with a cough, or have taken any poison, they bore a hole through the ear, and puta piece of the root in it, this will help him in 24 hours time thesisother uses farriers put it to which i shall forbear herb robert the herb robert is held in great estimation by farmers, who use it indiseases of their cattle descript it rises up with a reddish stalk two feet high, havingdivers leaves thereon, upon very long and reddish foot-stalks, dividedat the ends into three or five divisions, each of them cut in onthe edges, which essaytimes turn reddish at the tops of the stalkscome forth divers flowers made of five leaves, much larger than thedove-foot, and of a more reddish colour. After which come blackheads, as in others the root is small and thready, and smells, as thewhole plant, very strong, almost stinking place this grows frequently every where by the way-sides, uponditch banks and waste grounds wheresoever one goes time it flowers in june and july chiefly, and the seed is ripeshortly after government and virtues it is under the dominion of venus herbrobert is commended not only against the stone, but to stay blood, where or howsoever flowing, it speedily heals all green wounds, andis effectual in old ulcers in the privy writings, or elsewhere you maypersuade yourself this is true, and also conceive a good reason for it, do but consider it is an herb of venus, for all it hath a man name herb true-love, or one-berry descript ordinary herb true-love has a small creeping root runningunder the uppermost crust of the ground, essaywhat like couch grassroot, but not so white, shooting forth stalks with leaves, essay whereofcarry no berries, the others do. Every stalk smooth without joints, and blackish green, rising about half a foot high, if it bear berries, otherwise seldom so high, bearing at the top four leaves set directlyone against another, in manner of a cross or ribband tied as it iscalled in a true-loves knot, which are each of them awriting essaywhatlike unto a night-shade leaf, but essaywhat broader, having essaytimesthree leaves, essaytimes five, essaytimes six, and those essaytimesgreater than in others, in the middle of the four leaves rise up onesmall slender stalk, about an inch high, bearing at the tops thereofone flower spread open like a star, consisting of four small and longnarrow pointed leaves of a yellowish green colour, and four otherslying between them lesser than they. In the middle whereof standsa round dark purplish button or head, compassed about with eightsmall yellow mealy threads with three colours, making it the moreconspicuous, and lovely to behold this button or head in the middle, when the other leaves are withered, becomes a blackish purple berry, full of juice, of the bigness of a reasonable grape, having within itthesis white seeds the whole plant is without any manifest taste place it grows in woods and copses, and essaytimes in the corners orborders of fields, and waste grounds in very thesis places of this land, and abundantly in the woods, copses, and other places about chislehurstand maidstone in kent time they spring up in the middle of april or may, and are inflower soon after the berries are ripe in the end of may, and in essayplaces in june government and virtues venus owns it. The leaves or berries hereofare effectual to expel poison of all sorts, especially that of theaconites. As also, the plague, and other pestilential disorders;matthiolus saith, that essay that have lain long in a lingeringsickness, and others that by witchcraft as it was thought were becomehalf foolish, by taking a dram of the seeds or berries hereof inpowder every day for 20 days together, were restored to their formerhealth the roots in powder taken in wine eases the pains of the cholicspeedily the leaves are very effectual as well for green wounds, as tocleanse and heal up filthy old sores and ulcers. And is very powerfulto discuss all tumours and swellings in the privy writings, the groin, orin any writing of the body, and speedily to allay all inflammations thejuice of the leaves applied to felons, or those nails of the hands ortoes that have imposthumes or sores gathered together at the roots ofthem, heals them in a short space the herb is not to be described forthe premises, but is fit to be nourished in every good woman garden hyssop hyssop is so well known to be an inhabitant in every garden, that itwill save me labour in writing a description thereof the virtues areas follow government and virtues the herb is jupiter, and the sign cancer it strengthens all the writings of the body under cancer and jupiter;which what they may be, is found amply described in my astrologicaljudgment of diseases dioscorides saith, that hyssop boiled withrue and honey, and drank, helps those that are troubled with coughs, shortness of breath, wheezing and rheumatic distillation upon thelungs. Taken also with oxymel, it purges gross humours by stool. Andwith honey, kills worms in the belly. And with fresh and new figsbruised, helps to loosen the belly, and more forcibly if the root offlower-de-luce and cresses be added thereto it amends and cherishesthe native colour of the body, spoiled by the yellow jaundice. Andbeing taken with figs and nitre, helps the dropsy and spleen. Beingboiled with wine, it is good to wash inflammations, and takes away theblack and blue spots and marks that come by strokes, bruises, or falls, being applied with warm water it is an excellent medicine for thequinsy, or swellings in the throat, to wash and gargle it, being boiledin figs.

Being dropped into the ear ithelps the tooth-ache, helps the phthisicks, dropsy and fluxes, and isan admirable remedy for ulcers in the reins and bladder, to be used ascommon drink. The herb is in its prime in may strawberry water cools, quenches thirst, clarifies the blood, breaksthe stone, helps all inward inflammations, especially those in thereins, bladder and passages of the urine. It strengthens the liver andhelps the yellow jaundice the distilled water of dog grass, or couch grass, as essay call it, cleanses the reins gallantly, and provokes urine, opens obstructions ofthe liver and spleen, and kills worms black cherry water provokes urine, helps the dropsy it is usuallygiven in diseases of the brain, as convulsions, falling-sickness, palsyand apoplexy betony is in its prime in may, the distilled water thereof is verygood for such as are pained in their heads, it prevails against thedropsy and all sorts of fevers. It succours the liver and spleen, and helps want of digestion and evil disposition of the body thencearising. It hastens travail in women with child, and is excellentagainst the bitings of venomous beasts distil sage whilst the flowers be on it, the water strengthens thebrain, provokes the menses, helps nature much in all its actions marjoram is in its prime in june, distilled water is excellent forsuch whose brains are too cold, it provokes urine, heats the womb, provokes the menses, strengthens the memory and helps the judgment, causes an able brain distil camomel water about the beginning of june it eases thecholick and pains in the belly. It breaks the stone in the reins andbladder, provokes the menses, expels the dead child, and takes awaypains in the head fennel water strengthens the heart and brain. Dilates the breast, thecough, provokes the menses, encreases milk in nurses, and if you washyour eyes with it, it clears the sight the hooves of the fore feet of a cow dried and taken any away, encrease milk in nurses, the smoke of them drives away mice mizaldus calaminth water heats and cleanses the womb, provokes the menses, andeases the pains of the head, distil it in may the distilled water of rosemary flowers, helps such as are troubledwith the yellow jaundice, asthmas, it cleanses the blood, helpsconcoction, strengthens the brain and body exceedingly water of the flowers of lilies of the valley, strengthens the brainand all the senses the water of cowslip flowers helps the palsey. Takes away pains inthe head, the vertigo and megrim, and is exceeding good for pregnantwomen the eyes being washed every morning with eyebright water, moststrangely clears and strengthens the sight maidenhair distilled in may, the water cleanses both liver and lungs, clarifies the blood, and breaks the stone hyssop water cleanses the lungs of flegm, helps coughs and asthmas, distil it in august the water of hore-hound, helps the cough and straitness of thebreast. It strengthens the breast, lungs and stomach, and liver, distilit in june carduus water succours the head, strengthens the memory, helps suchas are troubled with vertigoes and quartan agues, it provokes sweat, strengthens the heart, and all other fevers of choler it is in itsprime in may and june scabious water helps pleurises and pains, and pricking in the sides;aposthumes, coughs, pestilences, and straitness of the breast water of flower-de-luce is very profitable in dropsies, an ouncebeing drank continually every morning and evening. As also pains andtorments in the bowels bawm water distilled in may, restores memory, it quickens all thesenses, strengthens the brain, heart, and stomach, causes a merry mindand a sweet breath the water of comfrey solders broken bones, being drank, helpsruptures, outwardly it stops the bleeding of wounds, they being washedwith it wormwood water distilled cold, about the end of may, heats andstrengthens the stomach, helps concoction, stays vomiting, kills wormsin the stomach and bowels, it mitigates the pains in the teeth, and isprofitably given in fevers of choler mint water strengthens the stomach, helps concoction and staysvomiting, distil it in the latter end of may, or beginning of june, asthe year is in forwardness or backwardness, observe that in all therest chervil water distilled about the end of may, helps ruptures, breaksthe stone, dissolves congealed blood, strengthens the heart and stomach the water of mother of time strengthens the brain and stomach, gets aman a good stomach to his victuals, provoke urine and the menses, heatsthe womb it is in its prime about the end of june the water of marigold flowers is appropriated to most cold diseasesof the head, eyes, and stomach.

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“ the how to make an essay outline only systemic treatment that is considered necessary today is rest, plenty of water and neutralize the acidity of the urine with bicarbonate of soda or essay sodium salt ”dr y , mass , wrote:“sandal wood oil during the acute stage of gonorrhea certainly tends tomake the patient more comfortable and undoubtedly does lend essay tho ibelieve slight gonococcidal action that it plays any considerablewriting in actual cure i think is doubtful the statement as quotedis true in so far as it states that local treatment plus internalmedication with a balsam comprises most of the modern treatment ofgonorrhea but it is grossly misleading in that it lets one draw theinference that the balsam plays a large if not the principal writing ”dr h , new york, wrote. “for a period of at least three years in my hospital, dispensary and private practice, i conscientiously tried out most of the balsamics on the market including gonosan, which i favored for essay time both alone, and combined with local injections as a result of this study, i have come to the conclusion that the balsamics have little, if any value in the treatment of gonorrhea during the past few years i have relied almost entirely on local therapy, and seldom prescribed any of the balsams in my private practice, certainly in not more than 5 per cent of the paper my results i find are just as satisfactory, and my patients appreciate the fact that they are not loaded up with disagreeable medication instead of the balsamics, i am using sodium bicarbonate more and more, and feel convinced that the proper use of this drug is of more value than all of them combined ”dr k , cal , wrote. “the statement that the combined treatment with local injections and internal administration of natural balsamic products completely eliminates modern gonorrheal therapy, would at present not be justifiable even with reference to the initial or acute stage of gonorrhea, while in the subacute and chronic forms of the disease local injections and balsams play an almost insignificant rôle as compared with various other recognized therapeutic measures ”-- from the journal a m a , oct 13, 1917 alcresta ipecac report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted the following report and authorized itspublication w a puckner, secretary in 1915 alcresta ipecac tablets eli lilly and co were admittedto new and nonofficial remedies as a preparation of ipecac thatis insoluble in the stomach but soluble in the intestines it wassupposed that this property would permit the administration of ipecacwithout the accompanying nausea and vomiting, and that this would beof especial advantage when using the drug in amebic dysentery thesystemic effects, of course, would be those of ipecac more recently, the manufacturers of alcresta ipecac have been advisingits use in conditions which were not contemplated by the council whenthe preparation was accepted for new and nonofficial remedies theynow claim that ipecac alkaloids have been shown to be useful in thetreatment of typhoid fever, flatulence, diarrhea and constipationand that alcresta ipecac has these properties such a statementis misleading while it is true that at one time ipecac was usedpromiscuously against “flatulence, diarrhea and constipation” therenever has been and is not now any scientific evidence of its efficiencyin such conditions except, of course, in diarrhea of the amebic type as to the alleged usefulness of ipecac in typhoid fever. This has noteven the sanction of tradition and the claim certainly should not beaccepted until there is strong evidence to support it the advertising matter on alcresta ipecac also contained statementsto the effect that ipecac alkaloids have a demonstrated usefulnessin pyorrhea such an unequivocal statement is unwarranted in spiteof the enthusiastic advocacy, in the past, of ipecac alkaloids asa specific in pyorrhea alveolaris the preponderance of scientificevidence indicates that ipecac is of questionable value in thiscondition neither is there any substantial evidence to warrant theclaim that ipecac alkaloids, when absorbed through the intestines, aredemonstrably useful in amebic infections of the tonsils the reputation of the best drugs, whether unofficial or official, is bound to suffer if extravagant claims for them are permitted togo unchallenged the referee of the council, therefore, believed itnecessary to call the attention of the manufacturers of alcresta ipecactablets to the statements made for the product and suggested that theysubmit evidence to substantiate the claims this the manufacturers haverefused to do their attitude in the matter, as well as their attitudetoward the council work is expressed in the following letter. “responding to your letter of march 10th, we beg to suggest that literature covering the different matters at issue are readily available to your referee, and all statements emanating from us are made advisedly “if you cannot satisfy yourselves that this preparation is a scientific product, ethically advertised, and a desirable advance in therapeutics, you can only delete it from your next issue of new and nonofficial remedies ”it is to be regretted that eli lilly and co refuse either to withdrawor modify their claims or to substantiate these claims by scientificevidence the statements as they stand are exaggerated, misleadingand harmful as such they conflict with rule 6 of the council andnecessitate the omission of alcresta ipecac from new and nonofficialremedies the referee recommended the adoption and publication of thisreport -- from the journal a m a , oct 20, 1917 iodeol and iodagol report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryiodeol and iodagol formerly called iodargol are products of viel andcompany, rennes, france, widely advertised in this country by david b levy, incorporated, new york the claim made for both preparations isthat they depend on “colloidal iodin” for their action they are put upin a number of forms, for instance. “iodeol ampoules each containing 1 c c 20 centigrammes colloidal iodin in an oily vehicle ” “iodeol external, containing 50 per cent colloidal iodine ” “iodagol ampoules, each containing 2 c c 50 centigrammes colloidal iodine in an oily vehicle ”the claim is, that, the iodin being in the colloidal state, it has theproperties of elementary iodin and thus the preparations may be used inconcentrations and under conditions which would make the use of freeiodin impossible the products have been extensively and extravagantlyadvertised for use in a wide range of conditions thus iodeol has beenproposed in the treatment of. “pulmonary tuberculosis” “laryngeal tuberculosis, ” “glandular tuberculosis” “tuberculosis of the bones” “pneumonia, broncho-pneumonia, and congestive conditions” “whooping cough, influenza, asthma” “typhoid fever” “syphilis” “obesity ”iodagol, which is for external use, has been advised in the treatmentof. “gonorrhea and its sequelæ” “cystitis” “tetanus” “wounds complicated by gaseous gangrene” “burns” “old suppurations, ulcers, abscesses, etc ” “articular rheumatism” “abscess alveolar” “pyorrhea alveolaris” “stomatitis canker-sores ”nearly two years ago the american agents requested the council toconsider iodeol and iodagol for admission to new and nonofficialremedies the information submitted in regard to their character andcomposition was vague and indefinite, the pharmacologic informationpractically nil and the clinical data as voluminous as it wasunconvincing on the basis of chemical, pharmacologic, bacteriologic and clinicalinvestigation carried out under the direction of the referee and astudy of the submitted evidence, the referee reported:1 iodeol and iodagol do not contain the amount of iodin claimed 2 the iodin is not present as elementary iodin, but instead thepreparations behave similarly to the well-known organic iodin compoundssuch as iodized fats 3 the therapeutic claims made for the preparations are exaggerated andunwarranted in view of his findings he recommended that iodeol and iodagol bedeclared inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies for conflictwith rules 1 and 2 misleading statements regarding composition andidentification and rule 6 unwarranted therapeutic claims thecouncil adopted the recommendation of the referee, directing inclusionof the full report in the annual council reports after submission tothe manufacturer, and recommending publication of an abstract of thisreport in the journal this report was brought to the attention of the american agent, davidb levy, inc , and through them to the french manufacturers, e vieland company the manufacturers have intimated that they will not filea reply to the report the firm of david b levy, inc , has decided tosever its connection with these products and to discontinue their sale w a puckner, secretary summary of referee reportiodeol and iodagol were submitted to the council nearly two years agoas “electro-colloidal iodine” and with the claim that they producedall the antiseptic and other effects of ordinary iodin without anyof its side actions the referee has done much work on the subject, conducted a large amount of correspondence and has contended withlong delays he feels that the consideration of these products shouldbe brought to a conclusion and accordingly he submits this report oftheir consideration the following is a summary of the report, which isappended:i discrepancy in iodin percentage -- the examination at the chemicallaboratory of the american medical association, as well as that of thereferee, shows that the various samples of iodeol and iodagol examinedcontained a little less than one-half of the total iodin claimed thesefacts were reported to the american agent after a lengthy delay areply was received which presented a double excuse. 1 that the fullamount of iodin had been added, whatever had become of it later.