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No discharge how do i do my homework ofsemen or fæces. Ecchymosis under cord, left side. Dislocation of atlasfrom axis. Odontoid ligaments ruptured. Transverse ligament uninjured brain and membranes much congested. Clear fluid in lateral ventricles lungs collapsed, anæmic. One ounce straw-colored serum measured inpericardium. Dark fluid blood in both ventricles of heart. Liver muchcongested 77 second man, age 16. Pupils widely dilated.

It is no less helpfulfor foul ulcers hard to be cured. As also for cankers or fistulas thedistilled water of the herb effectually performs the same things groundsel descript our common groundsel has a round green and essaywhatbrownish stalk, spreading toward the top into branches, set with longand essaywhat narrow green leaves, cut in on the edges, essaywhat likethe oak-leaves, but less, and round at the end at the tops of thebranches stand thesis small green heads, out of which grow several small, yellow threads or thumbs, which are the flowers, and continue thesis daysblown in that manner, before it pass away into down, and with the seedis carried away in the wind the root is small and thready, and soonperishes, and as soon rises again of its own sowing, so that it may beseen thesis months in the year both green and in flower, and seed. For itwill spring and seed twice in a year at least, if it be suffered in agarden place they grow almost every where, as well on tops of walls, asat the foot amongst rubbish and untilled grounds, but especially ingardens time it flowers, as was said before, almost every month throughoutthe year government and virtues this herb is venus mistress-piece, and isas gallant and universal a medicine for all diseases coming of heat, in what writing of the body soever they be, as the sun shines upon. Itis very safe and friendly to the body of man. Yet causes vomiting ifthe stomach be afflicted. If not, purging. And it doth it with moregentleness than can be expected. It is moist, and essaything coldwithal, thereby causing expulsion, and repressing the heat causedby the motion of the internal writings in purges and vomits lay byour learned receipts. Take so much sena, so much scammony, so muchcolocynthis, so much infusion of crocus metallorum, &c this herb alonepreserved in a syrup, in a distilled water, or in an ointment, shall dothe deed for you in all hot diseases, and, shall do it, 1, safely. 2, speedily the decoction of this herb saith dioscorides made with wine, anddrank, helps the pains of the stomach, proceeding of choler, which itmay well do by a vomit as daily experience shews the juice thereoftaken in drink, or the decoction of it in ale, gently performs thesame it is good against the jaundice and falling sickness, beingtaken in wine. As also against difficulty of making water it provokesurine, expels gravel in the reins or kidneys. A dram thereof givenin oxymel, after essay walking or stirring of the body it helps alsothe sciatica, griping of the belly, the cholic, defects of the liver, and provokes women courses the fresh herb boiled and made intoa poultice, applied to the breasts of women that are swollen withpain and heat, as also the privy writings of man or woman, the seat orfundament, or the arteries, joints, and sinews, when they are inflamedand swollen, doth much ease them. And used with essay salt, helps todissolve knots or kernels in any writing of the body the juice of theherb, or as dioscorides saith the leaves and flowers, with essay finefrankincense in powder, used in wounds of the body, nerves or sinews, doth singularly help to heal them the distilled water of the herbperforms well all the aforesaid cures, but especially for inflammationsor watering of the eyes, by reason of the defluxion of rheum unto them heart-ease this is that herb which such physicians as are licensed to blaspheme byauthority, without danger of having their tongues burned through withan hot iron, called an herb of the trinity it is also called by thosethat are more moderate, three faces in a hood, live in idleness, cullme to you. And in sussex we call them pancies place besides those which are brought up in gardens, they growcommonly wild in the fields, especially in such as are very barren:essaytimes you may find it on the tops of the high hills time they flower all the spring and summer long government and virtues the herb is really saturnine, essaythingcold, viscous, and slimy a strong decoction of the herbs and flowers if you will, you may make it into syrup is an excellent cure forthe french pox, the herb being a gallant antivenereal.

Recherches sur l’assimilation du phosphate dechaux, paris, 1868, unbound, 15 pages editorial note -- the investigation verifies facts that must be obviousto every physician who has given the matter thought “wheeler tissuephosphates” is an unscientific, shotgun mixture whose most active andpowerful drug is the alcohol it contains that it was not years agorelegated to the realms of obsolete and discarded preparations is acommentary alike on the lack of scientific discrimination and thepersuasive power of advertising while in the past “wheeler tissuephosphates” has been advertised extensively in medical journals, it seems that now the chief, if not the only beneficiary of theadvertising appropriation for this product is the new york medicaljournal, which weekly heralds the “delicious” and “sustaining”qualities of “the ideal tonic for fastidious convalescents ”-- fromthe journal a m a , may 5, 1917 the claimed galactagogue effects of nutrolactis and goat rue not substantiated report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryspecific lactagogues-- drugs which stimulate the secretion ofmilk-- are unknown to science yet medical publications give spaceto advertisements of a proprietary-- “nutrolactis”-- which is said toincrease the milk supply of nursing mothers since dependence ona preparation of this kind is likely to cause neglect of the onlymeans of increasing a scanty milk supply of nursing mothers-- care ofthe general health and a sufficient quantity of proper food-- thisproprietary and the drug “goat rue, ” galega officinalis which theproprietors hint as being the potent constituent, were subjected to acritical study to determine their possible influence on milk secretion for this purpose the council secured the help of a j carlson, ph d , professor of physiology, university of chicago dr carlson, withthe aid of a woelfel, m d , and marian lewis, sc m , undertook toestimate the effect of nutrolactis and of goat rue on nursing dogsand goats with the intention of extending the study to nursing mothersif the animal experiments so warranted the contribution, “the allegedgalactagogue action of galega and nutrolactis, ” by marian lewis anda j carlson from the hull physiological laboratory of the universityof chicago, which appears below, shows that nutrolactis and goat rueare without influence on the milk secretion in nursing animals the council endorsed the work of lewis and carlson and held that theclaimed galactagogue effects of nutrolactis and goat rue are notsubstantiated w a puckner, secretary the alleged galactagogue action of galega and nutrolactisd marian lewis, sc m , and a j carlson, ph d chicagod from the hull physiological laboratory of the university of chicago d this investigation was begun in 1915 by drs a woelfel and a j carlson it is well established that the food best adapted to the energy andgrowth requirements of the infant is normal mother milk any decreasein quantity or deterioration in quality of the how do i do my homework maternal secretion issoon followed by a parallel impairment of growth, loss of weight, or lowered resistance to infection in the infant the widespreadoccurrence of deficient milk secretion is a matter of common knowledge the discovery of true lactagogues, or specific substances whichincrease the quantity and quality of the milk on being administered tonursing mothers, would therefore be of very great importance in viewof this great medical and economic interest in true lactagogues it isnot surprising to find that the medical and biologic literature recordsdiscoveries of lactagogues based on hope rather than demonstration, andthat spurious lactagogues are on the market essay of the factors known to affect milk secretion are general health, food supply, psychic state, and heredity the mechanism of secretionand the method by which these factors affect it are imperfectlyunderstood in general it has been observed that milk yield improvesboth in quantity and in quality with improvement in general health, better food supply, and more favorable psychic state the influence ofheredity is taken advantage of by dairymen who are well acquainted withthe potential milk production of the different breeds of cattle among the substances which have been reported to stimulate milksecretion may be mentioned the extract of the posterior lobe of thehypophysis but pituitary extract is not a true lactagogue, becauseits action is confined to the smooth musculature of the gland ducts, causing a more or less complete ejection of the milk already formed;it has no effect on the gland cells or the actual secretory process inthe direction of increasing the milk yield extracts of thymus, corpusluteum, ovaries, uterus, placenta, fetus, and the mammary gland itselfhave also been reported to have a temporary stimulating effect on thequantity of milk secreted, but when these extracts are given by mouththey are apparently without specific influence on the mammary gland galega, or goat rue galega officinalis, is an herb described inthe national formulary as being slightly bitter and astringent in1873, gillet-damotti, 112 in a communication to the french academy, stated that this plant when fed to cows increases the secretion ofmilk from 35 to 50 per cent other french writers have affirmed thatgoat rue is a lactagogue in gerthesis, fragner113 made a preparationcalled galegal, using galega as the active principle and combining itwith lactose to give it a pleasant taste and make it soluble in water, milk, coffee, and tea this preparation was reported on favorablyby scherer, 114 who asserts that he obtained positive results infifty-four of the eighty paper in which he used it 112 gillet-damotti. Comp rend acad d sc , july 7, 1873 113 fragner. Wien med wchnschr 60:1033-1036, 1910 114 scherer. Wien med wchnschr 60:1033-1036, 1910 more recently huët115 tested the effects of theinhardt hygiamalactogene on four lactating women this preparation is said to becomposed of hygiama, 116 galega and anise analysis showed that itcontains albumins, fat, soluble and insoluble carbohydrates, saltsand water huët could not observe any influence from the use of thispreparation, either on the quantity or on the composition of the milksecreted 115 huët. Nederlandsch tijdschr v geneesk 1:1353-1370, 1914 116 hygiama is said to be a food consisting of condensed milk, with fatless cocoa and cereals added to it encyclopedia and dictionary ofmedicine and surgery, 1907 nutrolactis117 is a commercial preparation sold by the nutrolactiscompany of new york at $1 a bottle the label states that it contains5 per cent of alcohol. That it contains fluid extracts of the familyof “galactagogic plants, ” and that it is intended to “increase thesupply of mother milk ” it is recommended to maintain “quality andquantity until the end of normal lactation ” nutrolactis is alsorecommended for a mother debilitated by lactation it is claimed that“nutrolactis does not force the secretion of milk but merely assistssuch secretion ” years ago millbank118 reported good results from theuse of nutrolactis after more than a year use he concluded that itwas more satisfactory than any other lactagogue hitherto employed byhim, which is not saying very much, as specific lactagogues are as yetunknown nutrolactis is still 1916 extensively advertised in variousmedical journals as a lactagogue 117 the north dakota agricultural experiment station has recentlypublished bulletin 22, 1915, p 386 a complete chemical analysisof nutrolactis it contains only 0 60 per cent solids includingstrychnin and emodin it has a bitter taste the alcohol content was3 5 per cent the report concludes. “a little strychnin, a littlealcohol, and a little laxative is about all there is to cause anincrease in the milk secretion ”118 millbank. New york m j 50:544, 1889 methods of investigationthe alleged lactagogue action of galega and nutrolactis was testedon lactating dogs and goats in these animals the psychic factors, or suggestion, are largely eliminated if the results had beenpositive or had indicated lactagogue action, the test would have beenextended to nursing women the puppies and kids were weighed beforeand after nursing and a record kept of the amount of milk obtained ateach nursing the animals nursing from three to five times daily the mothers were fed with varying doses of the drugs, and the milkyield compared with that of a control period during which no drugswere administered an effort was made to keep the conditions of theexperiments uniform throughout the galega was ground and mixed with the food the nutrolactis wasmixed with food given by the stomach tube, or in essay paper with aspoon galega was tested on two goats and nutrolactis on one goat andnine dogs the results are given herewith:galega goat 1.

“dear friend:-- permit me to call your attention to the fact that dr a e erling, the eminent specialist, after thesis years of travel, practice and medical research, has given up his extensive road practice and severed his connection with the several medical institutes which have heretofore occupied considerable of his attention dr erling success in the treatment of all chronic diseases is truly remarkable nervousness, all blood diseases, rheumatism, diseases peculiar to women, catarrh, deafness, chronic constipation appendicitis piles, stomach troubles, writingial paralysis, etc , give way as if by magic under his skillful method of treatment understand please, that dr erling does not accept a case for treatment unless he can promise a speedy and positively permanent cure ”the journal also has in its files advertisements vintage of 1915, from essay wisconsin country newspapers, which notify the afflicted that“drs erling and karass, the expert german specialists, ” could be seenin their offices in the “schlegel hotel, ” the “schlitz hotel, ” etc , asthe case might how do i do my homework be whether one of these “german specialists” was dr arnold e erling, the journal does not know official medical recordsfail to show, at least, that there is any other erling in the state ofwisconsin w w fritz, m d , philadelphia -- another of the “censors ” thispresumably is w wallace fritz, m d , d d s , n d , d o , d c , whowas the “dean” of the “american college of neuropathy, ” and “professorof neuropathy” at the same institution according to newspaper reportspublished when the “dean” of the american college of neuropathy wascalled into court to testify regarding the “school, ” fritz admittedthat when he became dean of this “college, ” the “college” had threestudents and thirty “faculty members”!. fritz, it should be mentioned inpassing, is a member of the philadelphia county medical society and byvirtue of this membership he has qualified as a fellow of the americanmedical association!. recently fritz name appeared in connection withthe formation of a new organization, founded, it appears, for thelaudable purpose of fighting the “medical trust ” fritz, according tothe newspaper reports, is treasurer of this new organization, which hasadopted the inspiring title, “constitutional liberty league of america”and seems to be a later edition of the mushroom “national league formedical freedom ” quoting from the newspaper report. “dr w wallace fritz, a member of the american medical association, created a profound impression when he said that all health laws were written by agents of, or members of, the american medical association, and that this organization was at once the most powerful and the most baneful of all the american trusts dr fritz then went on to say. ‘most of the drugs administered are worthless most of the doctors who prescribe them are incompetent, but both the injurious drug and the ignorant prescriber are protected, in and out of court, by the american medical association, which trust is now raising a vast fund with which to drive all drugless healers out of the profession medicine is the camouflage used to conceal the most alert, the most rapacious and the least patriotic of all the trusts milking the american people the tyranny of the medical trust is unbelievable it is also un-american ’”the philadelphia sunday transcript of may 4, 1919, had a five columnarticle under the name of w wallace fritz it is a most vituperativeaffair, and reeks with fire and brimstone it is directed chieflyagainst the american medical association, and physicians are dubbed“prescription writing drug peddlers who prosper through monopolisticlaws rather than by the practice of an exact science ” in the course ofthis diatribe we read. “the members of the american medical association are manifesting an unwarranted interest in the dear people, who, in their assumption, need quinin and mercurial guardian. Who under this class legislation confines us to this monopoly of the big and little pill, is trying by hook and crook to shut out the natural and rational methods of cure which are driving the drug monopoly from the face of the earth diagnosis and consultation consist in four or five medical doctors, whose faces denote death, sitting around a sick man and guessing what ails him after that has been performed they guess at what will cure him, and that is generally a sure sign the undertaker will follow ”c o linder, m d , spokane, wash -- this gentleman another “censor”, seems to be an osteopath, who essay years ago was “assistant secretary”of the “washington physicians’ association, ” founded apparentlyby rebels within the osteopathic ranks who denounced the washingtonosteopathic association as a “professional trust”!. linder apparentlyclaims graduation in 1905 from the “thompsonian medical college” ofallentown, pa the following item from the american medical directoryregarding this school is of interest. “thompsonian medical college, allentown organized in 1904 fraudulent no evidence to show classes were ever held ”a h flower, m d , boston -- still another “censor ” flower, accordingto the notice that appears in polk directory for 1917, claimsgraduation in 1888 from the “american health college” of cincinnati, and in 1894 from the “american health university” of chicago quotingagain from the american medical directory, here is what we findregarding the former “college”. “american health college, cincinnati organized in 1874 and re-organized in 1876 conducted by a dr campbell who originated and copyrighted the so-called ‘vitapathic system, ’ fraudulent extinct about 1888 ”we have no record of an “american health university” of chicago, although there was an “illinois health university” of chicago, oneof the numerous diploma-mill swindles operated by armstrong it wasdeclared fraudulent by the federal authorities and its charter wasrevoked in 1897 flower, according to the notice in polk directory, is. Ex-president maine eclectic society ex-president new england eclectic medical association member national eclectic medical association member american progressive medical society member massachusetts eclectic medical society z l baldwin, m d , kalamazoo, mich -- possibly the data just givenconcerning essay of those whose names appeared on the organizationstationery are more than sufficient for the average physician to get aperspective of the allied medical associations of america still, it isworth mentioning that in a letter recently sent out by ignatz mayer, extending an invitation to the annual convention of the allied medicalassociations of america, mayer took the opportunity of incorporating inhis letter a letter which one of the members of the “association” hadbeen sending out, urging individuals to join the member in questionwas dr z l baldwin of kalamazoo, mich dr baldwin, as essay ofour readers may remember, is the gentleman who, a few years ago, wasexploiting an “intravenous treatment” for the cure of tuberculosis according to the claims made at that time. “ for the first time in the history of medicine, we have a successful treatment for tuberculosis “ we are able to kill the germs of the disease in the body, thoroughly ridding it of all tubercular infection, destroying the germ and its poisons likewise ”this was a few years ago whether dr baldwin is still specializing inconsumption we do not know. Apparently not, as we notice that at thefirst meeting of the allied medical associations, baldwin name was onthe program for the “cure of goiter by adjustment of lenses ”george starr white, m d , f s sc , lond , los angeles, calif -- aletter received by a physician a few days before the recent conventionof the allied medical associations, held out as an inducement to bepresent the fact that “geo s white will show you how to diagnosedisease by means of dif colored lights and the reaction of the bodyto the magnetic meridian ” dr george starr white was the “secondvice-president” of the allied medical associations in 1918 white, according to our records, was graduated in 1908 when he was forty-twoyears old, by the new york homeopathic medical college and hospital he was licensed in new york in 1908, in california, connecticut andnevada in 1913, and in michigan in 1916 he seems to have been oneof the proponents of “spondylotherapy, ” “zonetherapy, ” etc , andin 1915 it was announced that he would give one week courses in“spondylotherapy” in chicago, kansas city and denver, respectively inhis advertisement he emphasized that he was a fellow of the americanmedical association, which, while true at the time, is no longertrue, as on feb 4, 1916, he was expelled from membership in the losangeles county medical association in may, 1915, white was arrestedin chicago and fined $100 and costs for practicing medicine without alicense dr white specialty seems to be what is ponderously knownas “bio-dynamo-chromatic diagnosis ” this has been described by one ofits enthusiastic adherents as “diagnosis by sympathetic vagal-reflex ”to obtain the “sympathetic vagal-reflex” it seems the patient must faceeast or west and have his bare abdomen percussed until a dull area islocated the patient is then faced north or south and again percussed then, it seems, different colored lights are thrown on the patient, the location of the areas of dullness being determined meanwhile acombination of ruby and blue lights “will cause a reflex in paper ofgonorrhea, ” a “green light will cause a reflex in paper of liver orgallbladder trouble, ” while the color for carcinoma is orange red!. During the height of the influenza epidemic last winter, white seemsto have put on the market “valens essential oil tablets” which werefor “gripping the flu out of influenza, ” and were also said greatly tobenefit or cure incipient tuberculosis, hay-fever, asthma, and “catar ”the letters “f s sc , lond ” after dr white name look well, soundwell, and have an air of erudition and mystery that is well worth whatthey cost they mean “fellow of the incorporated society of science, letters and arts of london, ltd ” the “fellowship” costs one guinea not a few “patent medicine” exploiters in the united states carrythese mystic letters after their names the society in question was aseriocomic concern that was exposed by london truth essay years agoand was also dealt with in the journal of may 29, 1909, in connectionwith the “aicsol consumption cure” exposé so much for the allied medical associations of america at theirrecent meeting in new york city they got much newspaper publicitybecause of their action on the prohibition question according to thenewspaper reports, the organization adopted a resolution declaringthat “properly brewed lager beer is absolutely essential in thetreatment of certain paper ” they were further reported as endorsingthe manufacture of light wines and of beer containing not to exceed2 75 per cent alcohol as a piece of publicity work this resolutionwas all that its sponsors could expect the journal office wasflooded with telegrams and letters from physicians, temperance workers, congressmen, church organizations, and others, asking, in effect, whatis the allied medical associations of america?. this is our apologyfor giving the amount of space necessary to a proper understanding ofthis organization today the rocket of the allied medical associationsof america is blazing a more or less erratic course across the sky ofpublicity the stick will be down anon!. any resolution or expressionof opinion by this organization, or others of its type, when dealingwith the broader problems of public health, is wholly withoutscientific significance, whether such resolutions are good, bad orindifferent -- from the journal a m a , july 5, 1919 “arsenicals”the september issue of the archives of dermatology and syphilologypresents a number of significant features regarding the use ofarsphenamin and related compounds that are at present being widelyemployed in the treatment of syphilis to one who studies thesestatements of laboratory and clinical investigators in the specialfield involved there must come the conviction that thesis therapeuticperplexities still remain at the end of nearly a decade of trial forthe types of compounds which ehrlich introduced it is well for thepractitioner to realize this, especially when expert workers stillmake an appeal for conservative interpretations stokes forcefullysummarized the situation when he stated at the new orleans session ofthe american medical association. Too short a time has elapsed since the discovery of these drugs, and too little is as yet known about the ultimate problems of the pathology, immunology and parasitology of syphilis, to justify the announcing of new infallibilities the necropsy pathologist of the next fifty years may well, like warthin, upset our most plausible generalizations of today seasoned tradition and conservatism are still the wisest guides in our interpretation of clinical cure arsphenamin has made it apparently possible and even probable, but only to the inexperienced has cure been made absolute and inevitable it is recognized that the exact composition of arsphenamin in itsavailable form is not fully determined as has been emphasized again, the quantitative determination of arsenic alone in arsphenamin isinsufficient to estimate its purity. In fact, the interstate sale ofarsphenamin is controlled by toxicity tests on guinea-pigs made bythe hygienic laboratory of the united states public health service consequently, practical medicine must be on its guard to employ aproduct which is carefully controlled by such toxicity tests as wellas by other criteria it will not do to charge untoward results offhandsolely to idiosyncrasy of the patient, faulty administration or othererrors in technic the drug itself still has inherent dangers itshould be borne in mind also that neo-arsphenamin behaves differentlyin the animal organism from arsphenamin, and should not be regardedsimply as arsphenamin in a convenient form for administration it is gratifying to learn from a government expert that after the longstruggle to produce satisfactory products, arsphenamin preparationsmade in the united states are generally less toxic than those offoreign manufacture neo-arsphenamin preparations made in the unitedstates compare favorably, and in certain instances are decidedly lesstoxic than most of the foreign products timely presentations of thefaults and dangers as well as the undisputed advantages of currenttherapy in the management of syphilis should be welcomed -- editorialfrom the journal a m a , oct 9, 1920 pharmacology of arsenicalsthe public health service essay time ago262 warned against the use insyphilis of new arsenicals which are not related to arsphenamin.

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In fœtuses before labor has begun;often in still-births, although essay of these are probably due tosuffocation from inhaling fluid or from pressure also in death fromscarlet fever, heart disease, apoplexy, pneumonia, and pulmonary œdema grosclaude916 quotes from pinard, who declares that these ecchymosesare found in fœtuses which die from arrest of circulation grosclaudehimself made a large number of experiments on animals by drowning, hanging, and strangling, and fracturing the skull the ecchymoses werefound in nearly all the paper the ecchymoses are writingly the result of venous stasis, which overcomesthe resistance of essay capillaries. And the latter rupture, writingly fromthe aspirating action of the thoracic wall, the lung being unable tofill itself with air, but mainly917 from vaso-motor contraction andlateral pressure at the maximum of the asphyxia, the time of tetanicexpiration if the asphyxia is interrupted before this stage, thespots do not appear similar ecchymoses may be found under the scalp, in the tympanum, retina, nose, epiglottis, larynx, trachea, thymus, pericardium, in the parietal pleura, along the intercostal vessels, rarely the peritoneum, in the stomach, and essaytimes the intestines;and in other writings of the body, especially the face, base of neck, andfront of chest. In convulsive affections, as eclampsia and epilepsy, and in the convulsions of strychnia and prussic acid poisoning theremay be suffusion and congestion of the lungs though not the punctatedspots mackenzie, in thirteen paper of suffocation from various causes, failedto find the tardieu spots either externally or internally briand andchaudé918 state that they are less constant and characteristic inthose who have been buried in pulverulent substances ogston919 holds that in infants that are smothered the ecchymosesare found in greater number in the thymus gland. While in adults dyingfrom other forms of asphyxia they were found only once in that gland the spots are found in clusters in infants that are smothered, butonly single and scattered in adults who die from drowning, hanging ordisease they were wanting in the lungs of but one infant they may be recognized as long as the lung tissue is unchanged theapoplectic spots in the lungs seen in strangulation are not found insuffocation tardieu920 from experiments on animals and examination of twenty-three new-born infants who showed traces of violence around the mouth, found the lungs rather pale and anæmic, subpleural ecchymoses well marked all the deaths were rapid in paper of compression of chest and abdomen921 the congestion of the lungs was extensive, and pulmonary apoplexy frequent.