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Besidesblood-wort is exceeding strengthening to the liver, and procures goodblood, being as wholeessay a pot herb as any growing in a garden. Yetsuch is the nicety of our times, forsooth, that women will not put itinto a pot, because it makes the pottage black. Pride and ignorance acouple of monsters in the creation preferring nicety before health dodder of thyme, epithymum, and other dodders descript this first from seed gives roots in the ground, whichshoot forth threads or strings, grosser or finer as the property ofthe plant wherein it grows, and the climate doth suffer, creepingand spreading on that plant whereon it fastens, be it high or low the strings have no leaves at all on them, but wind and interlacethemselves, so thick upon a small plant, that it takes away all comfortof the sun from it.

You cannot raise your arms. You cannot think ” taylor823 mentions the case of scott, the american diver, who was in the habit of making public exhibitions of hanging the last time he hung for thirteen minutes, the spectators not suspecting that he had died it is supposed that the ligature had slipped taylor also reports a case from dr elliott of a boy, age 11, who, to frighten his parents, tied a knot in a handkerchief and put it around a knob and his neck in one continuous ligature the pressure against the trachea was so effective that he became unconscious and died before he could relieve himself second stage. The subject is unconscious and convulsions usuallyoccur the convulsed face, however, is a writing of the general agitationand does not indicate pain in judicial paper the face is coveredwith a cap essaytimes there are no spasms urine, fæces, and semenmay be discharged in any stage jaquemin, however, in forty-onepaper of hanging, noted discharge of urine and fæces only twice semen has, however, been found in the urethra where none was ejectedexternally 824third stage. All is quiet except the beating of the heart as a rule, the pulse may be felt for ten minutes blankenship825 reports an execution of a man by hanging after the rope was adjusted the pulse was 121. First minute after drop, pulse 54. Second minute 52. Third 39. Fourth 20. Fifth 0. Sixth 70. Seventh 73. Eighth 0.

And being rubbed off, or fallen away, the head of the fruitis seen to be essaywhat hollow the homework help research paper fruit is very harsh before it ismellowed, and has usually five hard kernels within it there is anotherkind hereof nothing differing from the former, but that it hath essaythorns on it in several places, which the other hath not. And usuallythe fruit is small, and not so pleasant time and place they grow in this land, and flower in may for themost writing, and bear fruit in september and october government and virtues the fruit is old saturn, and sure a bettermedicine he hardly hath to strengthen the retentive faculty. Thereforeit stays women longings. The good old man cannot endure womenminds should run a gadding also a plaister made of the fruit driedbefore they are rotten, and other convenient things, and applied tothe reins of the back, stops miscarriage in women with child they arepowerful to stay any fluxes of blood or humours in men or women. Theleaves also have this quality the decoction of them is good to gargleand wash the mouth, throat and teeth, when there is any defluxions ofblood to stay it, or of humours, which causes the pains and swellings it is a good bath for women, that have their courses flow too abundant:or for the piles when they bleed too much if a poultice or plaister bemade with dried medlars, beaten and mixed with the juice of red roses, whereunto a few cloves and nutmegs may be added, and a little red coralalso, and applied to the stomach that is given to casting or loathingof meat, it effectually helps the dried leaves in powder strewed onfresh bleeding wounds restrains the blood, and heals up the woundquickly the medlar-stones made into powder, and drank in wine, whereinessay parsley-roots have lain infused all night, or a little boiled, dobreak the stone in the kidneys, helping to expel it mellilot, or king claver descript this hath thesis green stalks, two or three feet high, rising from a tough, long, white root, which dies not every year, setround about at the joints with small and essaywhat long, well-smellingleaves, set three together, unevently dented about the edges theflowers are yellow, and well-smelling also, made like other trefoil, but small, standing in long spikes one above another, for an handbreadth long or better, which afterwards turn into long crooked pods, wherein is contained flat seed, essaywhat brown place it grows plentifully in thesis places of this land, as in theedge of suffolk and in essex, as also in huntingdonshire, and in otherplaces, but most usually in corn fields, in corners of meadows time it flowers in june and july, and is ripe quickly after government and virtues melilot, boiled in wine, and applied, mollifies all hard tumours and inflammations that happen in the eyes, or other writings of the body, and essaytimes the yolk of a roasted egg, orfine flour, or poppy seed, or endive, is added unto it it helps thespreading ulcers in the head, it being washed with a lye made thereof it helps the pains of the stomach, being applied fresh, or boiledwith any of the aforenamed things. Also, the pains of the ears, beingdropped into them. And steeped in vinegar, or rose water, it mitigatesthe head-ache the flowers of mellilot or camomile are much used tobe put together in clysters to expel wind, and ease pains. And alsoin poultices for the same purpose, and to assuage swelling tumours inthe spleen or other writings, and helps inflammations in any writing of thebody the juice dropped into the eyes, is a singularly good medicine totake away the film or skin that clouds or dimns the eye-sight the headoften washed with the distilled water of the herb and flower, or a lyemade therewith, is effectual for those that suddenly lose their senses;as also to strengthen the memory, to comfort the head and brain, and topreserve them from pain, and the apoplexy french and dog mercury descript this rises up with a square green stalk full of joints, two feet high, or thereabouts, with two leaves at every joint, and thebranches likewise from both sides of the stalk, set with fresh greenleaves, essaywhat broad and long, about the bigness of the leaves ofbazil, finely dented about the edges. Towards the tops of the stalkand branches, come forth at every joint in the male mercury twosmall, round green heads, standing together upon a short foot stalk, which growing ripe, are seeds, not having flowers the female stalk islonger, spike-fashion, set round about with small green husks, whichare the flowers, made small like bunches of grapes, which give noseed, but abiding long upon the stalks without shedding the root iscomposed of thesis small fibres, which perishes every year at the firstapproach of winter, and rises again of its own sowing. And if once itis suffered to sow itself, the ground will never want afterwards, evenboth sorts of it dog mercury having described unto you that which is called french mercury, i comenow to shew you a description of this kind also descript this is likewise of two kinds, male and female, havingthesis stalks slender and lower than mercury, without any branches at allupon them, the root is set with two leaves at every joint, essaywhatgreater than the female, but more pointed and full of veins, andessaywhat harder in handling. Of a dark green colour, and less deniedor snipped about the edges at the joints with the leaves come forthlonger stalks than the former, with two hairy round seeds upon them, twice as big as those of the former mercury the taste hereof is herby, and the smell essaywhat strong and virulent the female has much harderleaves standing upon longer footstalks, and the stalks are also longer;from the joints come forth spikes of flowers like the french femalemercury the roots of them both are thesis, and full of small fibreswhich run under ground, and mat themselves very much, not perishingas the former mercuries do, but abide the winter, and shoot forth newbranches every year, for the old lie down to the ground place the male and female french mercury are found wild in diversplaces of this land, as by a village called brookland in rumney marshin kent the dog mercury in sundry places of kent also, and elsewhere. But thefemale more seldom than the male time they flower in the summer months, and therein give their seed government and virtues mercury, they say, owns the herb, but irather think it is venus, and i am writingly confident of it too, fori never heard that mercury ever minded women business so much:i believe he minds his study more the decoction of the leaves ofmercury, or the juice thereof in broth, or drank with a little sugarput to it, purges choleric and waterish humours hippocrates commendedit wonderfully for women diseases, and applied to the secret writings, to ease the pains of the mother. And used the decoction of it, both toprocure women courses, and to expel the after-birth. And gave thedecoction thereof with myrrh or pepper, or used to apply the leavesoutwardly against the stranguary and diseases of the reins and bladder he used it also for sore and watering eyes, and for the deafness andpains in the ears, by dropping the juice thereof into them, and bathingthem afterwards in white wine the decoction thereof made with waterand a cock chicken, is a most safe medicine against the hot fits ofagues it also cleanses the breast and lungs of phlegm, but a littleoffends the stomach the juice or distilled water snuffed up into thenostrils, purges the head and eyes of catarrhs and rheums essay use todrink two or three ounces of the distilled water, with a little sugarput to it, in the morning fasting, to open and purge the body of gross, viscous, and melancholy humours matthiolus saith, that both the seedof the male and female mercury boiled with wormwood and drank, curesthe yellow jaundice in a speedy manner the leaves or the juice rubbedupon warts, takes them away the juice mingled with essay vinegar, helpsall running scabs, tetters, ringworms, and the itch galen saith, thatbeing applied in manner of a poultice to any swelling or inflammation, it digests the swelling, and allays the inflammation, and is thereforegiven in clysters to evacuate from the belly offensive humours the dogmercury, although it be less used, yet may serve in the same manner, tothe same purpose, to purge waterish and melancholy humours mint of all the kinds of mint, the spear mint, or heart mint, being mostusual, i shall only describe as follows:descript spear mint has divers round stalks, and long but narrowishleaves set thereon, of a dark green colour the flowers stand in spikedheads at the tops of the branches, being of a pale blue colour thesmell or scent thereof is essaywhat near unto bazil. It encreases by theroot under ground as all the others do place it is an usual inhabitant in gardens.

It ismarketed under a therapeutically suggestive name, and advertised bymeans of unwarranted therapeutic claims it is therefore in conflictwith rules 1, 6, 8 and 10 the council held hydragogin ineligible fornew and nonofficial remedies -- from the journal a m a , sept 4, 1915 filudine report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryfiludine is said to be prepared by j l chatelain, paris, and issold in this country by geo j wallau, inc , new york it is offeredas a remedy for “biliary insufficiency, ” “hepatic insufficiency, ”“intestinal dyspepsia, ” “all affections of the liver diabetes, cirrhosis, cancer, etc , ” “malaria, ” “obesity” and “tuberculosis ”no quantitative information is furnished as to the composition of thepreparation and there are noteworthy discrepancies in the variousstatements regarding the ingredients in one number of “treatment, ”a self-styled “review” of medical literature actually devoted toadvertising the preparations sold by wallau, we are told that “this product filudine is a more concentrated and potent extract of the liver, with which is combined an extract of the spleen the liver and the spleen are so intimately interdependent, that the addition of a splenary extract to the liver extract is a signal improvement from which a synergistic action results thiarféine is also added, as it helps essaywhat to combat the anaemia from which all diabetics suffer more or less ”thiarféine is said to be “thiomethylarsinate of caffein, a new salt discovered by m chatelain ”another circular, which gives an imposing formula for “thiarféine” or“thiomethylarsinate of caffein, ” states that “sulphurated methylarsinate is an arsenical preparation devoid of all toxicity on account of the intimate joining of its composing writings ”and that “filudine can never be contraindicated ”a statement of composition in a later number of “treatment, ” however, says that biliary extracts are components, in addition to the liver andspleen extracts moreover, thiarféine, the “new salt discovered by m chatelain, ” is no longer “thiomethylarsinate, ” but “thiocinnamate ofcaffein”. And a new formula is furnished for it we are told that “methyl-arsinate cannot be used in paper where fever is present ” “m chatelain at first studied the action of thiomethylarsinate. Clinical and physiological experimentation led him, however, to adopt thiocinnamate of caffein, of greater activity and with no contraindications ”nevertheless the same absence of contraindications was urged infavor of filudine when it was said to contain the now discardedthiomethylarsinate of caffein the following are essay of the unwarranted and even absurd claims. “filudine restores the liver functions it is to the liver what digitalis is to the heart. It overcomes the insufficiency and stimulates the debilitated organ ” in malaria “it is the only true specific when associated with quinine ” “filudine is the ideal medication for tuberculosis, conforming as it does with the most recent researches in the therapeusis of this affection ” “we will not go as far as to say that opotherapy completely restores unhealthy livers, for although the lesions of the hepatic parenchyma may be obliterated by regeneration, the lesions of the connective tissues are permanent, and may be observed at the postmortem examination the new cells, however, do not present the same unhealthy conditions as those of the former diseased gland which they have replaced, and the liver can therefore function normally, so that the patient lives on. And he is satisfied with that ” “therefore, while regenerating the liver with filudine, we cleanse it and combat its congested state with urodonal we cause it to produce urea from the excess of uric acid which it contains ” “by the judicious and harmonious combination of the beneficial effects of filudine and urodonal, physicians not only possess the means of treating by rational methods cirrhosis of the liver in its various forms which is one of the most terrible diseases which can afflict anyone but what is still better, they can cure it ” “the liver of a person suffering from obesity being incapable of fulfilling its functions in regard to the fatty tissues, the rational and up-to-date method of treatment is therefore to restore to the system, in the form of filudine, the liver extracts which are lacking ”filudine is a mixture of semisecret composition the therapeuticclaims are manifestly unwarranted the name is not indicative of thecomposition, whatever that may be, and no rational excuse is offeredfor the combination of liver and spleen extracts with or without bileextracts with “thiomethylarsinate” or “thiocinnamate” of caffein the council therefore held filudine ineligible for new and nonofficialremedies -- from the journal a m a , sept 18, 1915 lactopeptine and elixir lactopeptine report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrymixtures of pepsin and pancreatin are therapeutically irrational;the two substances are not indicated in the same conditions, nor canthey act together under physiologic conditions, such mixtures arechemically impossible. In a liquid medium the ingredients destroy eachother lactopeptin is manufactured by the new york pharmacal association, yonkers, n y it is sold under the claim that it contains, pepsin, diastase, pancreatin, lactic acid and hydrochloric acid this productwas among the first proprietary preparations examined by the council onpharmacy and chemistry the report of the investigation was publishedin the journal, march 16, 1907, p 959 the preparation was found to bepractically inert-- “essentially a weak saccharated pepsin, ” devoid oftryptic activity six years later it was still widely advertised with the same irrationalclaims a referee a therefore examined lactopeptine powdered forthe council in 1913, and confirmed the previous findings the refereereport was published in the journal, aug 2, 1913, p 358 nearly four months after this publication, the manufacturer protestedagainst the report, maintaining, contrary to the findings of thecouncil, that lactopeptine possesses pancreatic activity and contains“loosely combined” hydrochloric acid referee a therefore repeatedhis examination, and a second referee b, independently, examinedspecimens of lactopeptine powder purchased on the open market for thepurpose shortly before a few specimens examined by these two referees showed a slight trypticactivity. Most of them showed none the amount of hydrochloric acidpresent was insignificant the reports of the two referees were referred to the manufacturers, whoagain protested vehemently against these findings, this time on theground that the specimens were old the manufacturers also cited thework of three chemists to disprove the findings of the referees, anddemanded that the council reexamine lactopeptine, making use of freshspecimens the council refused for the following reasons:1 so long as the packages of lactopeptine are not dated, the activityof specimens known to be fresh is of no practical importance theactivity of the actual market supply is the only question of interestto the profession the only fair test is that made on specimensrepresentative of the product sold to the ultimate consumer 2 the evidence presented by the manufacturers did not warranta reexamination, since the work of two of the chemists citedsubstantially corroborates the results obtained by the councilreferees from the fresher specimens the figures for tryptic activityobtained by the third chemist cited by the manufacturers could not beaccepted by the council, since it was at variance with all other knownresults of investigations of lactopeptine 3 as stated at the outset, whatever the tryptic activity of themixture, it is therapeutically useless a demonstration of trypticactivity in a mixture containing both pepsin and pancreatin is ofmerely theoretical interest such activity, of course, cannot be expected, even on theoreticalgrounds, in liquid mixtures like elixir lactopeptine the council therefore again declared lactopeptine powder and tabletsand elixir lactopeptine ineligible for new and nonofficial remedies andauthorized publication of the following statement w a puckner, secretary the council reportlactopeptine powder new york pharmacal association, yonkers, n y was examined by the council in 1907 at that time it was claimed tocontain “ the five active agents of digestion-- pepsin, diastase veg ptyalin, pancreatin, lactic acid and hydrochloric acid-- combined in the proper proportion to insure the best results ”the examination showed that the preparation was essentially “a weaksaccharated pepsin, ” containing but small amounts of pepsin, nohydrochloric acid, or mere traces only, and no diastase or pancreatin the journal, march 16, 1907 in 1913, the product was reexamined, because the claims, as to bothcomposition and therapeutic value, were still being made sampleswere tested both of the american product, and of a british productfrom john morgan richards & sons, london the original findings wereconfirmed and the results were published in the journal, aug 2, 1913, p 358 nearly four months later november 24 the new yorkpharmacal association wrote to the council, objecting to the findingsand maintaining that lactopeptine possesses pancreatic activity andcontains “in loose chemical combination” hydrochloric acid inaccordance with the custom of the council, the work was sent back forreview to the referee a, whose conclusions were then tested by asecond referee b, a physiologic chemist, not a member of the council, selected because of his special knowledge of the subject in december, 1913, referee a made a large number of new tests todetermine proteolytic and amylolytic power his results show thatthe ferment activity of the preparation is so low as to merit norecognition in practical use the tests also show that the amount oflactic acid or “loosely combined hcl” or both present is too small tohave any appreciable physiologic activity and therefore to be of anytherapeutic value nine samples of lactopeptine purchased in the open market in december, 1913, and january, 1914, were examined by referee b early in 1914 hisstudies show absence of amylase in all samples. Presence of pepsin, giving weak reactions even when compared with those of old pepsinpreparations. Complete absence of trypsin in seven out of nine samples, tryptic reaction being obtained in two samples, in one of which thereaction, “slight at best and of no practical import, ” was obtainedonly after treatment for twelve hours or more the presence of tryptic activity in two out of the nine samples maybe due to the fresher condition of these specimens, as indicatedby the serial numbers the evidence shows that it is a commercialimpossibility to market mixtures of pepsin, pancreatin and lactic acidso that they can display any material tryptic activity it should be reaffirmed that mixtures combining peptic and pancreaticactivities are not feasible, because pepsin cannot act except in thepresence of acid, and pancreatin is destroyed by acid and by pepticactivity furthermore, in conditions in which pancreatin is calledfor, pepsin is not, and vice versa.

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i ate enough quinine to last me the rest of my life there were no capsules on board and we had to eat the raw article, and there was no way of dodging it each morning and evening all hands, officers, crew and prisoners, were marched past the hospital steward's office and each was handed his little bit on a spoon, with a glass of water to wash it down the only satisfaction i had was that it tasted just as rotten to the germans as it did to me strangely my little girl did not dislike it a great deal and i was greatly pleased as i anticipated a riot when she got a taste of the first dose my wife's share, she being still confined to her room, i used to throw overboard, giving her only an occasional small dose the quinine used to cause a drumming in my ear and make me halfway deaf undoubtedly it had the same effect on the german sailors yet they were forced to work transferring coal from one vessel to the other they usually worked three shifts in the twenty-four hours they would go down in the hold with nothing but a breech cloth on and when they came up they would resemble negroes and their bare bodies would be just running in sweat at these times i used to feel sorry for them. Then they would sink one of our vessels and i would wish them doomed to eternal labour of this kind among the matunga's heterogeneous cargo were two large horses and one small pony these were taken care of by the butcher dewritingment and i suppose i ate my share i afterwards told my wife about her eating horse flesh and nearly lost a handful of hair for my information on august 26th both wolf and matunga proceeded to sea and at 1:20 p m the matunga was sunk by three bombs from the time of the first explosion until she disappeared beneath the waves was just six and a half minutes she sank stern first, and as she made the final dive the rush of air below decks blew out the forecastle bulkhead, making it appear as if there had been a fourth bomb concealed there here i am convinced was the only time during the eight months that i was a prisoner on the wolf that there was ever any serious thought on nerger's writing regarding landing the women, children and medical officers before taking the matunga to sea to sink her, they transferred one of her large life-boats to the wolf, also a small gasoline launch these were hoisted on deck and placed in such a manner that they could be put overboard again easily, also they were in such a position that it interfered with the movements of the gun crew, thus proving that they were there only temporarily one of the officers asked me if i had ever had any experience with gas engines and was familiar with this writingicular make i told him i was, having owned at one time an engine of this make after giving the officer this information he was overheard by one of the womenfolk repeating it to the chief officer we top side prisoners were essay worked up, believe me we had it all "doped out" that after sinking the matunga we should proceed off essay island that was inhabited but had no wireless or cable connections, there the women, children and medicos would be put in the life-boat and i would tow them with the launch to essay nearby harbour this would have been the logical thing to do if commander nerger wanted to conform to the articles of the geneva convention, which specifically states that medical officers in event of capture shall be set free at the first available opportunity nerger also told me and my wife that he would land us in essay safe place at the first opportunity, provided he could do so without jeopardising his own safety he also told the medical officers and the rest of the women the same thing i maintain that at this time nerger could have landed us with perfect safety to himself and his ship as the wolf was about to leave the pacific ocean, having finished her activities in that locality at that time nobody had information regarding the wolf's previous movements nor any knowledge of her mine-laying operations however, at the last minute he must have concluded that this was too "humane" a procedure and ordered the boats over the side. They were fastened to the matunga and went down with her i claim this to have been the acme of inhumanity he might just as well have condemned the women and children to death right there, because at that time there were ninety-nine and a half chances to a hundred that they would be either killed in action or drowned i don't believe that there were five men in all the crew of the wolf, officers included, who ever expected the wolf to win safely into gerthesis there is another point to consider.