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Take a small handful of this herb, and half somuch bay salt, beaten together, and applied to the contrary wrist ofthe hand, for 24 hours, doth remove it in thrice dressing if the rootthereof be roasted under the embers, wrapped in double wet paper, untilit be soft and tender, and then applied to the gout in the hands orfingers, it will quickly help this evil if any through mistake eatthe herb hemlock instead of parsley, or the roots instead of a parsnip both of which it is very like whereby happens a kind of frenzy, orperturbation of the senses, as if they were stupid and drunk, theremedy is as pliny saith to drink of help with writing essays for scholarships the best and strongest purewine, before it strikes to the heart, or gentian put in wine, or adraught of vinegar, wherewith tragus doth affirm, that he cured a womanthat had eaten the root hemp this is so well known to every good housewife in the country, that ishall not need to write any description of it time it is sown in the very end of march, or beginning of april, and is ripe in august or september government and virtues it is a plant of saturn, and good foressaything else, you see, than to make halters only the seed of hempconsumes wind, and by too much use thereof disperses it so much thatit dries up the natural seed for procreation. Yet, being boiled inmilk and taken, helps such as have a hot dry cough the dutch make anemulsion out of the seed, and give it with good success to those thathave the jaundice, especially in the beginning of the disease, if therebe no ague accompanying it, for it opens obstructions of the gall, and causes digestion of choler the emulsion or decoction of the seedstays lasks and continual fluxes, eases the cholic, and allays thetroubleessay humours in the bowels, and stays bleeding at the mouth, nose, or other places, essay of the leaves being fried with the bloodof them that bleed, and so given them to eat it is held very good tokill the worms in men or beasts. And the juice dropped into the earskills worms in them. And draws forth earwigs, or other living creaturesgotten into them the decoction of the root allays inflammations ofthe head, or any other writings. The herb itself, or the distilled waterthereof doth the like the decoction of the root eases the pains of thegout, the hard humours of knots in the joints, the pains and shrinkingof the sinews, and the pains of the hips the fresh juice mixed with alittle oil and butter, is good for any place that hath been burnt withfire, being thereto applied henbane descript our common henbane has very large, thick, soft, woollyleaves, lying on the ground, much cut in, or torn on the edges, ofa dark, ill greyish green colour. Among which arise up divers thickand short stalks, two or three feet high, spread into divers smallbranches, with lesser leaves on them, and thesis hollow flowers, scarceappearing above the husk, and usually torn on one side, ending in fiveround points, growing one above another, of a deadish yellowish colour, essaywhat paler towards the edges, with thesis purplish veins therein, and of a dark, yellowish purple in the bottom of the flower, with asmall point of the same colour in the middle, each of them standing ina hard close husk, which after the flowers are past, grow very likethe husk of asarabacca, and essaywhat sharp at the top points, whereinis contained much small seed, very like poppy seed, but of a dusky, greyish colour the root is great, white, and thick, branching forthdivers ways under ground, so like a parsnip root but that it is not sowhite that it has deceived others the whole plant more than the root, has a very heavy, ill, soporiferous smell, essaywhat offensive place it commonly grows by the way-sides, and under hedge-sides andwalls time it flowers in july, and springs again yearly of its own seed i doubt my authors mistook july for june, if not for may government and virtues i wonder how astrologers could take onthem to make this an herb of jupiter. And yet mizaldus, a man ofa penetrating brain, was of that opinion as well as the rest. Theherb is indeed under the dominion of saturn, and i prove it by thisargument. All the herbs which delight most to grow in saturnine places, are saturnine herbs both henbane delights most to grow in saturnineplaces, and whole cart loads of it may be found near the places wherethey empty the common jakes, and scarce a ditch to be found without itgrowing by it ergo, it is an herb of saturn the leaves of henbane docool all hot inflammations in the eyes, or any other writing of the body;and are good to assuage all manner of swellings of the privities, orwomen breast, or elsewhere, if they be boiled in wine, and eitherapplied themselves, or the fomentation warm.

He lost his senses all at once the instant the rope got in the wrong place he felt as if he could not get his breath, as if essay great weight was at his feet. And could not move only to draw himself up. Felt as if he wanted to loosen himself but never thought of his hands he said. “you cannot move your arms or legs to save yourself. You cannot raise your arms. You cannot think ” taylor823 mentions the case of scott, the american diver, who was in the habit of making public exhibitions of hanging the last time he hung for thirteen minutes, the spectators not suspecting that he had died it is supposed that the ligature had slipped taylor also reports a case from dr elliott of a boy, age 11, who, to frighten his parents, tied a knot in a handkerchief and put it around a knob and his neck in one continuous ligature the pressure against the trachea was so effective that he became unconscious and died before he could relieve himself second stage. The subject is unconscious and convulsions usuallyoccur the convulsed face, however, is a writing of the general agitationand does not indicate pain in judicial paper the face is coveredwith a cap essaytimes there are no spasms urine, fæces, and semenmay be discharged in any stage jaquemin, however, in forty-onepaper of hanging, noted discharge of urine and fæces only twice semen has, however, been found in the urethra where none was ejectedexternally 824third stage. All is quiet except the beating of the heart as a rule, the pulse may be felt for ten minutes blankenship825 reports an execution of a man by hanging after the rope was adjusted the pulse was 121. First minute after drop, pulse 54. Second minute 52. Third 39. Fourth 20.

Vomitings also, and the gonorrhea, being taken any ofthe ways aforesaid it doth also most assuredly help those that havethe stranguary, or are troubled with the stone or gravel in the reinsor bladder help with writing essays for scholarships the same also helps stitches in the sides, griping painsof the stomach or belly, the obstructions of the liver, and cures theyellow jaundice. Likewise it kills also the worms in children beingoutwardly applied, it conglutinates wounds notably, and helps much tostay defluctions of rheum from the head to the eyes, nose, and teeth, being bruised green and bound thereto. Or the forehead, temples, or thenape of the neck behind, bathed with the decoction of the dried herb it also dries up the moisture of fistulous ulcers, or any other thatare foul and spreading rushes although there are thesis kinds of rushes, yet i shall only here insistupon those which are best known, and most medicinal. As the bulrushes, and other of the soft and smooth kinds, which grow so commonly inalmost every writing of this land, and are so generally noted, that isuppose it needless to trouble you with any description of them:briefly then take the virtues of them as follows:government and virtues the seed of the soft rushes, saithdioscorides and galen, toasted, saith pliny being drank in wine andwater, stays the lask and women courses, when they come down tooabundantly. But it causes head-ache. It provokes sleep likewise, but must be given with caution the root boiled in water, to theconsumption of one third, helps the cough thus you see that conveniences have their inconveniences, and virtue isseldom unaccompanied with essay vices what i have written concerningrushes, is to satisfy my countrymen questions. Are our rushes goodfor nothing?. yes, and as good let them alone as taken there areremedies enough without them for any disease, and therefore as theproverb is, i care not a rush for them. Or rather they will do you asmuch good as if one had given you a rush rye this is so well known in all the counties of this land, and especiallyto the country-people, who feed much thereon, that if i did describeit, they would presently say, i might as well have spared that labour its virtue follows government and virtues rye is more digesting than wheat. The breadand the leaven thereof ripens and breaks imposthumes, boils, and otherswellings. The meal of rye put between a double cloth, and moistenedwith a little vinegar, and heated in a pewter dish, set over a chafingdish of coals, and bound fast to the head while it is hot, doth muchease the continual pains of the head matthiolus saith, that the ashesof rye straw put into water, and steeped therein a day and a night, andthe chops of the hands or feet washed therewith, doth heal them saffron the herb needs no description, it being known generally where it grows place it grows frequently at walden in essex, and in cambridgeshire government and virtues it is an herb of the sun, and under thelion, and therefore you need not demand a reason why it strengthens theheart so exceedingly let not above ten grains be given at one time, for the sun, which is the fountain of light, may dazzle the eyes, andmake them blind. A cordial being taken in an immoderate quantity, hurtsthe heart instead of helping it it quickens the brain, for the sun isexalted in aries, as he hath his house in leo it helps consumptions ofthe lungs, and difficulty of breathing it is excellent in epidemicaldiseases, as pestilence, small-pox, and measles it is a notableexpulsive medicine, and a notable remedy for the yellow jaundice myopinion is, but i have no author for it that hermodactyls are nothingelse but the roots of saffron dried. And my reason is, that the rootsof all crocus, both white and yellow, purge phlegm as hermodactyls do;and if you please to dry the roots of any crocus, neither your eyesnor your taste shall distinguish them from hermodactyls sage our ordinary garden sage needs no description time it flowers in or about july government and virtues jupiter claims this, and bids me tell you, it is good for the liver, and to breed blood a decoction of the leavesand branches of sage made and drank, saith dioscorides, provokes urine, brings down women courses, helps to expel the dead child, and causesthe hair to become black it stays the bleeding of wounds, and cleansesfoul ulcers three spoonfuls of the juice of sage taken fasting, witha little honey, doth presently stay the spitting or casting of bloodof them that are in a consumption these pills are much commended;take of spikenard, ginger, of each two drams. Of the seed of sagetoasted at the fire, eight drams. Of long pepper, twelve drams. Allthese being brought into powder, put thereto so much juice of sageas may make them into a mass of pills, taking a dram of them everymorning fasting, and so likewise at night, drinking a little pure waterafter them matthiolus saith, it is very profitable for all manner ofpains in the head coming of cold and rheumatic humours. As also forall pains of the joints, whether inwardly or outwardly, and thereforehelps the falling-sickness, the lethargy, such as are dull and heavyof spirit, the palsy.

Ethyl alcohol 12 5%. And aromatics ”although the claim is made that the “formula” of wheeler tissuephosphates has been “suggested by professor dusart, ” such of dusartpapers as were available in this country111 failed to disclose any“formula” that was at all comparable to this product 111 dusart, l. Recherches expérimentales sur le rôle physiologiqueet thérapeutique du phosphate de chaux, paris, 1870. Quel est l’acidedu suc gastrique?. lille, 1874, unbound, 8 pages. Notice sur l’emploi etles proprietés du lacto-phosphate de chaux, clichy, 1868, unbound, 8pages dusart and blache. Recherches sur l’assimilation du phosphate dechaux, paris, 1868, unbound, 15 pages editorial note -- the investigation verifies facts that must be obviousto every physician who has given the matter thought “wheeler tissuephosphates” is an unscientific, shotgun mixture whose most active andpowerful drug is the alcohol it contains that it was not years agorelegated to the realms of obsolete and discarded preparations is acommentary alike on the lack of scientific discrimination and thepersuasive power of advertising while in the past “wheeler tissuephosphates” has been advertised extensively in medical journals, it seems that now the chief, if not the only beneficiary of theadvertising appropriation for this product is the new york medicaljournal, which weekly heralds the “delicious” and “sustaining”qualities of “the ideal tonic for fastidious convalescents ”-- fromthe journal a m a , may 5, 1917 the claimed galactagogue effects of nutrolactis and goat rue not substantiated report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryspecific lactagogues-- drugs which stimulate the secretion ofmilk-- are unknown to science yet medical publications give spaceto advertisements of a proprietary-- “nutrolactis”-- which is said toincrease the milk supply of nursing mothers since dependence ona preparation of this kind is likely to cause neglect of the onlymeans of increasing a scanty milk supply of nursing mothers-- care ofthe general health and a sufficient quantity of proper food-- thisproprietary and the drug “goat rue, ” galega officinalis which theproprietors hint as being the potent constituent, were subjected to acritical study to determine their possible influence on milk secretion for this purpose the council secured the help of a j carlson, ph d , professor of physiology, university of chicago dr carlson, withthe aid of a woelfel, m d , and marian lewis, sc m , undertook toestimate the effect of nutrolactis and of goat rue on nursing dogsand goats with the intention of extending the study to nursing mothersif the animal experiments so warranted the contribution, “the allegedgalactagogue action of galega and nutrolactis, ” by marian lewis anda j carlson from the hull physiological laboratory of the universityof chicago, which appears below, shows that nutrolactis and goat rueare without influence on the milk secretion in nursing animals the council endorsed the work of lewis and carlson and held that theclaimed galactagogue effects of nutrolactis and goat rue are notsubstantiated w a puckner, secretary the alleged galactagogue action of galega and nutrolactisd marian lewis, sc m , and a j carlson, ph d chicagod from the hull physiological laboratory of the university of chicago d this investigation was begun in 1915 by drs a woelfel and a j carlson it is well established that the food best adapted to the energy andgrowth requirements of the infant is normal mother milk any decreasein quantity or deterioration in quality of the maternal secretion issoon followed by a parallel impairment of growth, loss of weight, or lowered resistance to infection in the infant the widespreadoccurrence of deficient milk secretion is a matter of common knowledge the discovery of true lactagogues, or specific substances whichincrease the quantity and quality of the milk on being administered tonursing mothers, would therefore be of very great importance in viewof this great medical and economic interest in true lactagogues it isnot surprising to find that the medical and biologic literature recordsdiscoveries of lactagogues based on hope rather than demonstration, andthat spurious lactagogues are on the market essay of the factors known to affect milk secretion are general health, food supply, psychic state, and heredity the mechanism of secretionand the method by which these factors affect it are imperfectlyunderstood in general it has been observed that milk yield improvesboth in quantity and in quality with improvement in general health, better food supply, and more favorable psychic state the influence ofheredity is taken advantage of by dairymen who are well acquainted withthe potential milk production of the different breeds of cattle among the substances which have been reported to stimulate milksecretion may be mentioned the extract of the posterior lobe of thehypophysis but pituitary extract is not a true lactagogue, becauseits action is confined to the smooth musculature of the gland ducts, causing a more or less complete ejection of the milk already formed;it has no effect on the gland cells or the actual secretory process inthe direction of increasing the milk yield extracts of thymus, corpusluteum, ovaries, uterus, placenta, fetus, and the mammary gland itselfhave also been reported to have a temporary stimulating effect on thequantity of milk secreted, but when these extracts are given by mouththey are apparently without specific influence on the mammary gland galega, or goat rue galega officinalis, is an herb described inthe national formulary as being slightly bitter and astringent in1873, gillet-damotti, 112 in a communication to the french academy, stated that this plant when fed to cows increases the secretion ofmilk from 35 to 50 per cent other french writers have affirmed thatgoat rue is a lactagogue in gerthesis, fragner113 made a preparationcalled galegal, using galega as the active principle and combining itwith lactose to give it a pleasant taste and make it soluble in water, milk, coffee, and tea this preparation was reported on favorablyby scherer, 114 who asserts that he obtained positive results infifty-four of the eighty paper in which he used it 112 gillet-damotti. Comp rend acad d sc , july 7, 1873 113 fragner. Wien med wchnschr 60:1033-1036, 1910 114 scherer. Wien med wchnschr 60:1033-1036, 1910 more recently huët115 tested the effects of theinhardt hygiamalactogene on four lactating women this preparation is said to becomposed of hygiama, 116 galega and anise analysis showed that itcontains albumins, fat, soluble and insoluble carbohydrates, saltsand water huët could not observe any influence from the use of thispreparation, either on the quantity or on the composition of the milksecreted 115 huët. Nederlandsch tijdschr v geneesk 1:1353-1370, 1914 116 hygiama is said to be a food consisting of condensed milk, with fatless cocoa and cereals added to it encyclopedia and dictionary ofmedicine and surgery, 1907 nutrolactis117 is a commercial preparation sold by the nutrolactiscompany of new york at $1 a bottle the label states that it contains5 per cent of alcohol.

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Fig 9 - angular stab-wounds of the anterior chest wallcaused by a strong pocket-knife dupuytren remarks that stab-wounds are smaller than the weapon owingto the elasticity of the skin, but a lateral motion of the weapon maycause considerable enlargement of the wound if a stab-wound hastraversed a writing of the body, the wound of exit is smaller than that ofentrance the depth of a punctured wound may be any writing of the length of theweapon, or it may even be deeper than the length of the weapon owing toa depression of the surface by the force of the blow, or the pressureof the handle of the weapon or the hand holding it we have alreadyseen that this may occur in a marked degree in penetrating wounds ofthe abdomen involving one of the movable viscera, also in wounds ofthe thorax, writingly from depression of the surface and writingly from anexpansion of the thorax when opened at the autopsy, thus increasing themeasured depth of the wound punctured wounds of the third class madeby instruments with ridges or edges, like foils, files, etc , presentmore or less the shape of the weapon if the edges are cutting, butnot always so if the direction of the wound be oblique or the writingsunevenly stretched if the edges are not cutting they cause wounds moreor less like the first class of punctured wounds, but we can oftendistinguish them from the latter by little tears in the edges theentrance and exit wounds may not be alike wounds made by bits of glass and earthenware have irregular anduneven edges taylor637 relates a case, reg v ankers warwicklent ass , 1845, where the wound was attributed to a fall on essaybroken crockery, but the wound was cleanly incised and the prisonerwas convicted as it may be alleged in defence that a given wound wascaused by a fall on broken crockery or other substances capable ofproducing a punctured wound, it is important to notice whether theedges are lacerated and irregular or smooth and clean the authorquoted above cites another case which occurred to watson, where theprisoner alleged that a deep, clean-cut wound of the genitals of awoman which had caused her death was due to a fall on essay brokenglass the character of the wound disproved this defence anotherfeature of such wounds, especially if they be deep in comparison totheir length, is that they are very apt to contain small writingicles ofthe glass or earthenware which caused them in fact, in all wounds itis well to search for any small fragments which will throw light uponthe weapon used wounds caused by scissors are often of characteristic shape if thescissors were open we find two symmetrical, punctured diverging wounds, presenting more or less clearly the form of the blades of the scissors if the blades have been approximated there is a triangular intervalbetween the punctures, the apex of which is truncated if any skinremains between the punctures lacerated wounds may not indicate the weapon used as clearly aspunctured wounds, but the agent which produced them is often indicatedby the appearance of the wound they are generally accidental butwhere they occur, as they not infrequently do, on the bodies ofnew-born children, they may give rise to the charge of infanticide in essay paper the weapon which caused the wound fits the woundproduced, and thus important evidence may be furnished the prosecution taylor638 cites the case of montgomery omagh sum ass , 1873, wherea bill-hook which fitted the injuries on the skull of the deceased wasfound buried in a spot to which the prisoner was seen to go thesefacts connected the prisoner with the weapon and the weapon with themurder in other paper the wounds may be so lacerated or contused thatthe indications of the weapon are obscured contusions and contused wounds - the shape of a contusing body isessaytimes reproduced by the contusion and the ecchymosis thus we areenabled to distinguish the marks of a whip, the fingers, the fist, etc this is best seen when the ecchymosis is fresh, for soon the edgesextend and the outline is less clearly marked plaques parcheminées, which we have already described as the marks of contused erosions, may show the form of finger-nails, etc contused wounds like simplecontusions may show the shape of the weapon if the contusing body has a large area, the whole of this area cannotoften strike the body at once, so that the outline of the contusiondoes not represent that of the weapon but in general, severecontusions present greater difficulties than the preceding classes ofwounds we must generally be content if we can determine whether thewound was caused by a weapon, including the fist, or by a fall, andwe are often unable to say even this a fall is often alleged by thedefence as the cause of the injury, but of course if the prisonerwas responsible for the fall he is responsible for the results of thefall if there are contusions or contused wounds on several writingsof the head, or if the wounds are on the vertex of the head, it ispresumptive of the use of weapons we cannot often swear that eachand every wound on the head was due to the use of a weapon on theother hand, the presence of grass, sand, gravel, etc , in a wound ispresumptive of a fall and of the origin of the wound in this manner in case of a fall from a height the wound or wounds might be in almostany writing of the body, on the vertex or elsewhere such a fall may bethe result of accident, suicide, or murder it is not unusual forfemale complainants to ascribe their wounds to a fall to exculpatethe prisoner, especially if this happens to be her husband we shouldremember that in the scalp or over the eyebrows a contused wound causedby a blunt instrument may resemble an incised wound as already stated, however, if the wound is fresh careful examination will lead to acorrect opinion, and the use of a sharp instrument may be disproved if the wound is not recent there is great difficulty in judging ofthe cause it is well to caution against accepting the interestedstatements of others in regard to the use of a weapon, unless thecharacter of the wound bears them out very strongly there may be a badmotive for imputing the use of a certain weapon to the assailant it isfar better to rely solely upon the evidence furnished by the wound insuch paper it would be useful if we could lay down essay general rules todiscriminate between wounds caused by the blow of a weapon and thosecaused by falls, but this we are unable to do so as to cover all paper each case must be judged by itself if the question is asked which of two weapons caused certaincontusions or contused wounds, we are still less likely to be able toanswer it in such a case we must make an accurate examination of theform of the wound and compare it closely with that of the weapon insuch paper also the second source of information on which we base ouropinion as to the relation of a weapon to the wound may be of use, namely, the examination of the weapon the presence of blood, hair, cotton or woollen fibres on one of two weapons indicates that this wasthe weapon used the presence of blood is writingicularly to be lookedfor, and in those writings of the weapon from which it could be washed offleast easily we should further note the condition of the point andedge of the weapon, and if the edge is broken or nicked at all, whetherthis condition is old or recent the sharpness of the edge shouldfurther be noted, and if the edge is sharp note whether it has recentlybeen sharpened all these points have a certain bearing on the case also the location, shape, depth, etc , of the wound should be carefullynoted to see if an accidental fall would be likely to account for it for these features of the wound may be such that no fall could cause it we see, therefore, that in incised and punctured wounds the use of aweapon may not be hard to make out, but that in general the questionwhether a writingicular instrument caused the wound is often difficult orimpossible to answer often the best we can do is to say that the woundcould have been produced by the weapon v was a wound self-inflicted or was it inflicted by another?. In other words, was it suicidal or homicidal?. speaking of suicidein general, its most common cause is alcoholism it is not infrequentin youth lutaud639 states that in fifteen years, presumably infrance, there were 1, 065 paper of suicide between the ages of tenand fifteen years this seems to be only explicable on the ground ofheredity or of cerebral affections among 27, 737 paper of suicide, observed in france, the same author gives the following commonestcauses in the order of greatest frequence.