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As diseases of jupiter by herbs ofmercury, and help with homework for kids the contrary. Diseases of the luminaries by the herbsof saturn, and the contrary. Diseases of mars by herbs of venus, and the contrary fifthly, there is a way to cure diseases essaytimes by sympathy, andso every planet cures his own disease. As the sun and moon bytheir herbs cure the eyes, saturn the spleen, jupiter the liver, mars the gall and diseases of choler, and venus diseases in theinstruments of generation nich culpeper from my house in spitalfields, next door to the red lion, september 5, 1653 to his dearest consortmrs alice culpeper my dearest, the works that i have published to the world though envied by essayilliterate physicians have merited such just applause, that thoumayest be confident in proceeding to publish anything i leave thee, especially this master-piece. Assuring my friends and countrymen, thatthey will receive as much benefit by this, as by my dispensatory, and that incomparable piece called, semiotica uranica enlarged, andenglish physician these are the choicest secrets, which i have had thesis years locked upin my own breast i gained them by my constant practice, and by them imaintained a continual reputation in the world, and i doubt not but theworld will honour thee for divulging them. And my fame shall continueand increase thereby, though the period of my life and studies be athand, and i must now bid all things under the sun farewell farewell, my dear wife and child. Farewell, arts and sciences, which i so dearlyloved.

Water to 100 writings ”it will be noticed that the composition claimed for number “3” isessentially similar to that claimed for chloron it differs fromchloron in that the amounts of essay of the constituents are essaywhatgreater, and in that, like chlorax, it contains essay tincture of opium the a m a chemical laboratory reports that the free chlorin in aspecimen of number “3” was 0 024 gm in 100 c c and the total active “available” chlorin 0 173 gm per hundred c c , or about 50 per cent of the claimed amount the examination indicates that number “3” is ofunreliable composition the chlorine products company, inc , submittedno clinical evidence for number “3” to which it refers as “our syphilisremedy ” it stated that two physicians had used the preparation “withgood results, ” and admitted that “the company requires further evidencebefore pushing it ”the council declared “chloron, ” “chlorax” and “number ‘3’” in conflictwith the rules governing admission to new and nonofficial remedies allare of unreliable composition conflict with rule 1 the therapeuticclaims made for the preparations are not substantiated by acceptableevidence and are unwarranted and misleading chloron is inferior as anantiseptic to the well-known surgical solution of chlorinated soda onaccount of its low chlorin content and uncontrolled reaction thereis no warrant for the claim that chlorax is useful in the treatmentof “kidney conditions, ” “diabetes, ” “acute infections, ” “blooddicrasias, ” “lithemias and rheumatism, ” and “nervous conditions, ” noris there warrant for the claim that “number ‘3’” is a remedy for thepurification of the blood or a “syphilis remedy” conflict with rule 6 the names of these pharmaceutical mixtures are not descriptive of theircomposition conflict with rule 8 all three preparations are irrational no evidence has been furnishedthat the lithium salt is of value in the mixtures it is not rationalto combine an active chlorin preparation and a mercury salt in onemixture, nor is there evidence that the addition of opium to thepreparations proposed for internal use is of value or rational experimentation with number “3” as a “syphilis remedy” is to beseverely condemned in that those on whom it is used will in themeantime be deprived of efficient medication conflict with rule10 -- from reports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1919, p 70 elarson omitted from n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following reportannouncing the omission of elarson from new and nonofficial remedies w a puckner, secretary elarson, now sold by the winthrop chemical company, inc , was formerlysold in the united states by the bayer co , inc it was admitted to newand nonofficial remedies in 1914 the circular issued by the winthrop chemical co contains severalstatements markedly at variance with the results of an investigationmade, at the request of fischer, by joachimoglu arch f exper path u pharmakol 78:1914 the circular states that elarson containsabout 13 per cent arsenic joachimoglu found from 10 8 to 11 1 percent to be present the circular states further. “the fact that elarson represents a lipoid-like chemical combination of arsenic has an important bearing upon its absorption and utilization in the system there is good reason to believe that when arsenic is administered in a stable, lipoid-like combination, as in elarson, it is more readily taken up by the cells and more completely utilized than when given in the customary manner ” “as regards the behavior of elarson in the system, it has been shown that its active constituent, chlorarseno-behenol, is almost completely absorbed in this form, probably as a chlor-behenolate of sodium or potassium ”as a matter of fact, joachimoglu found that very little arsenic wasabsorbed when elarson was given to dogs and rabbits. Most of it wasrecovered from the feces. Only traces were found in the liver andkidneys and none in the blood and brain the absence from the latterorgans shows that the lipoid solubility does not obtain in the body itis claimed in the circular that elarson has the advantage over fowlersolution “in that it is free from any irritating action upon thegastro-intestinal tract”. It is stated that as thesis as sixty tabletshave been given to dogs daily without any toxic effects joachimoglu, on the other hand, found powdered elarson to be very irritating tothe gastro-intestinal tract. Also that the dog could not stand sixtytablets at all gar nicht vertragen, such doses causing vomiting, diarrhea and intestinal hemorrhages. On repeated administration thesymptoms became progressively more severe joachimoglu also found that, compared on the basis of arsenic content, elarson, given intravenously, is from ten to twelve times as poisonous as arsenic trioxid elarsonis recommended for the class of paper in which fowler solution isused to sum up. None of the special claims made for elarson-- the arseniccontent, ready absorbability, freedom from irritating action on thegastro-intestinal tract and its alleged better adaptation for continuedadministration-- have been substantiated. On the contrary, they havebeen disproved as well as the theory of its mode of absorption proposedby fischer and klemperer furthermore, joachimoglu found that when itactually got into the circulation intravenous injection in the formin which fischer and klemperer supposed it to be absorbed, it was fromten to twelve times as toxic as arsenic trioxid the council voted to omit elarson from new and nonofficial remediesbecause it is sold under unproved and consequently unwarranted claimsand because it is an unscientific and relatively useless article elarson has not been shown to have advantages over fowler solution;on the contrary, in essay respects at least, it is inferior -- fromreports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1919, p 75 iodiphos report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrya report which appears below was sent charles l heffner forconsideration no reply having been received, the council authorizedits publication w a puckner, secretary iodiphos, marketed by charles l heffner, brooklyn, n y , is declaredto contain ferric citro-iodine, 6 grains.

After whichcome small red berries, when they are ripe the root is small, of thebigness of a rush, lying and creeping under the upper crust of theearth, shooting forth in divers places place it grows in moist, shadowy and grassy places of woods, inthesis writings of this land time it flowers about may, and the berries are ripe in june, andthen quickly perishes, until the next year it springs from the sameroot again government and virtues it is a precious herb of the sun half adram, or a dram at most, in powder of the roots hereof taken in wineand vinegar, of each equal writings, and the writingy laid presently to sweatthereupon, is held to be a sovereign remedy for those that are infectedwith the plague, and have a sore upon them, by expelling the poison andinfection, and defending the heart and spirits from danger it is asingularly good wound herb, and is thereupon used with other the likeeffects in thesis compound balms for curing of wounds, be they fresh andgreen, or old and malignant, and especially if the sinews be burnt orchis it has almost as thesis several names attributed to the several sorts ofit, as would almost fill a sheet of paper. As dog-stones, goat-stones, fool-stones, fox-stones, satiricon, cullians, together with thesis otherstoo tedious to rehearse descript to describe all the several sorts of it were an endlesspiece of work. Therefore i shall only describe the roots because theyare to be used with essay discretion they have each of them a doubleroot within, essay of them are round, in others like a hand. These rootsalter every year by course, when the one rises and waxes full, theother waxes lank, and perishes now, it is that which is full which isto be used in medicines, the other being either of no use at all, orelse, according to the humour of essay, it destroys and disannuls thevirtues of the other, quite undoing what that doth time one or other of them may be found in flower from the beginningof april to the latter end of august government and virtues they are hot and moist in operation, underthe dominion of dame venus, and provoke lust exceedingly, which, theysay, the dried and withered roots do restrain they are held to killworms in children. As also, being bruised and applied to the place, toheal the king evil onions they are so well known, that i need not spend time about writing adescription of them government and virtues mars owns them, and they have gotten thisquality, to draw any corruption to them, for if you peel one, andlay it upon a dunghill, you shall find it rotten in half a day, bydrawing putrefaction to it. Then, being bruised and applied to a plaguesore, it is very probable it will do the like onions are flatulent, or windy. Yet they do essaywhat provoke appetite, increase thirst, ease the belly and bowels, provoke women courses, help the bitingof a mad dog, and of other venomous creatures, to be used with honeyand rue, increase sperm, especially the seed of them they also killworms in children if they drink the water fasting wherein they havebeen steeped all night being roasted under the embers, and eatenwith honey or sugar and oil, they much conduce to help an inveteratecough, and expectorate the cough phlegm the juice being snuffed upinto the nostrils, purges the head, and helps the lethargy, yet theoften eating them is said to procure pains in the head it hath beenheld by divers country people a great preservative against infection, to eat onions fasting with bread and salt. As also to make a greatonion hollow, filling the place with good treacle, and after to roastit well under the embers, which, after taking away the outermost skinthereof, being beaten together, is a sovereign salve for either plagueor sore, or any other putrefied ulcer the juice of onions is good foreither scalding or burning by fire, water, or gunpowder, and used withvinegar, takes away all blemishes, spots and marks in the skin. Anddropped in the ears, eases the pains and noise of them applied alsowith figs beaten together, helps to ripen and break imposthumes, andother sores leeks are as like them in quality, as the pome-water is like an apple:they are a remedy against a surfeit of mushrooms, being baked underthe embers and taken, and being boiled and applied very warm, helpthe piles in other things they have the same property as the onions, although not so effectual orpine descript common orpine rises up with divers rough brittle stalks, thick set with fat and fleshy leaves, without any order, and littleor nothing dented about the edges, of a green colour.

Boiled in milk, help with homework for kids and drank, it is effectualfor the cough, and for ulcers and sores in the mouth. Drank in wine itprovokes women courses, and expels the dead child, and after-birth matthiolus saith, the decoction thereof being drank, helps the jaundiceand dropsy, all pains of the head and sinews that come of a cold cause, and clears the eye-sight it helps the lethargy, and applied withbarley-meal, helps burnings. And put into the ears, eases the pains ofthem male and female peony descript male peony rises up with brownish stalks, whereon growgreen and reddish leaves, upon a stalk without any writingicular divisionin the leaf at all the flowers stand at the top of the stalks, consisting of five or six broad leaves, of a fair purplish red colour, with thesis yellow threads in the middle standing about the head, whichafter rises up to be the seed vessels, divided into two, three, orfour crooked pods like horns, which being full ripe, open and turnthemselves down backwards, shewing with them divers round, black, shining seeds, having also thesis crimson grains, intermixed with black, whereby it makes a very pretty shew the roots are great, thick andlong, spreading and running down deep in the ground the ordinary female peony hath as thesis stalks, and more leaves on themthan the male. The leaves not so large, but nicked on the edges, essaywith great and deep, others with small cuts and divisions, of a deadgreen colour the flowers are of a strong heady scent, usually smaller, and of a more purple colour than the male, with yellow thrums aboutthe head, as the male hath the seed vessels are like horns, as inthe male, but smaller, the seed is black, but less shining the rootconsists of thesis short tuberous clogs, fastened at the end of longstrings, and all from the heads of the roots, which is thick and short, and of the like scent with the male place and time they grow in gardens, and flower usually about may government and virtues it is an herb of the sun, and under thelion physicians say, male peony roots are best. But dr reason toldme male peony was best for men, and female peony for women, and hedesires to be judged by his brother dr experience the roots areheld to be of more virtue than the seed.

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Conjunctivæ insensitive. Lipslivid. Tongue swollen and pale. Face pale. Oblique depressed mark onneck, most marked on left side. Skin cold. No pulse. No heart-beatrecognizable. No respiration. No reflex action galvanism failed toarouse any muscular action the details are too numerous to give all ofthem there was reduplication of heart-sounds for several days, due tointerference with pulmonary circulation she recovered both bodily andmental health 45 richards. Indian med gaz , 1886, xxi , p 78 - man, age 20;suicide. Was cut down and lived for four days 46 kite.