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“tablets salicylic acid, 5 grains 1 72 grains found “tablets acetylsalicylic acid, 5 grains 2 31 grains found “tablets acetanilid, 3 grains 1 88 grains found “tablets codein sulphate, 1/4 grain 1/15 grain found “tablets nux and pepsin no 2, claiming pepsin 1 grain, extract nux vomica, 1/10 grain, found to have a gross average weight per tablet of only 1 17 grains, 0 54 grains of which was represented by sugar and other medicinally inert material “tablets infant anodyne waugh showed serious discrepancy from formula ”the bulletin added the statement that, as the company could not bereached under the new hampshire laws, the federal authorities wereappealed to the result of this appeal appeared in chemical supplement54, issued aug 21, 1918, by the bureau of chemistry of the u s dewritingment of agriculture this government bulletin contained noticeof judgment no 6193, which describes paper of adulteration andmisbranding of essay of the drugs put out by the direct sales company briefly, it may be said that essay 2 grain acetanilid tablets sold bythis concern were found by the government chemists to contain, roughly, about 1-2/3 1 61 grains. Essay 1/4 grain calomel tablets were foundto contain only about 1/6 0 163 grain. Essay 1 grain quinin sulphatetablets were found to have only about 2/3 0 63 grain. Essay 2-1/2grain salol tablets contained only about 1-1/3 1 39 grain. Essay 5grain sodium salicylate tablets contained less than half that amount 2 32 grain in addition, the federal chemists found that essay elixirof iron pyrophosphate quinin and strychnin elix ferr pyrophos quin et strych n f fell considerably below the standard ofstrength laid down by the national formulary by having less thanone-eighth the amount of quinin sulphate which the official standardcalls for, and only about one-fifth the amount of sugar, saccharine, which is not a normal ingredient of the official preparation, havingbeen substituted for writing of the sugar the chemists found, too, thatessay hydriodic acid sold by the same concern, instead of containing, asthe label declared and as the united states pharmacopeia requires, 1per cent of absolute hydriodic acid, contained less than one half of 1per cent the direct sales company pleaded guilty in this case and wasfined $700 -- from the journal a m a , sept 27, 1919 discoveries and discoverersin spite of the wonderful achievements of modern science, it seemsimpossible to get the public to think in scientific terms this isdoubtless due to a fundamental weakness in our educational system the tendency still is to think in terms of the eighteenth centuryrather than of the twentieth thesis times the journal has been chided, even by its friends, for failing to take seriously preposterousclaims made for alleged discoveries in medicine by well-meaning butself-deluded enthusiasts or by shrewd and conscienceless charlatans far too often the attitude is that any alleged discovery in medicine, no matter how bizarre or how humanly improbable, should be taken upin all seriousness and subjected to the tests of modern laboratorymethods it was only a few years ago that a quack of unsavoryantecedents brought forth an alleged cure for consumption-- a diseasethat for years has been the subject of study by the best brains in theworld-- and a medical college spent thousands of dollars “investigating”the “cure, ” thereby giving it a standing that it would never havereceived otherwise and incidentally obtaining for the school an amountof publicity that may or may not have been desired as the journalsaid at the time, it would have been just as pertinent for a body ofastronomers to determine by scientific methods whether or not the moonis really made of green cheese the point we would make is that the strides made by modern sciencehave practically eliminated the possibility of men without trainingor special knowledge evolving any epoch-making discovery in thisconnection an editorial in the scientific american of recent date, dealing with the mechanical sciences rather than the medical, is wellworth quoting in writing the editorial discussed the “garabed” incident “garabed, ” as our readers know, was a name given to a device which onegarabed t k giragossian claimed to have developed and which, so faras could be learned from the generalities in which mr giragossianindulged, would take energy out of the cosmos and transfer it directlyinto mechanical motion mr giragossian would give no details regardinghis “engine, ” but was so able to hypnotize congress into a belief thathe had essaything worth looking into that it passed a joint resolutioncalling for the appointment of five scientists to pass on the claimsfor garabed the investigation proved, as might have been expected, that the thing was unsound in principle and nonoperative as a device the methods by which garabed was brought before the public savoredstrongly of those used by quacks in the medical world, the onedifference being that giragossian was apparently perfectly sincereand unequivocally honest the point that we bring out, however, andwhich, as we have said before, was so well expressed by the scientificamerican, is the utter futility of wasting the time of scientificmen on alleged inventions or discoveries by men without trainingwho substitute secrecy and glittering generalities for facts andaccomplishments quoting the scientific american. Scientific discovery, once an open field for all comers, is today becoming more and more a matter calling for the most intensive special qualifications as the body of human knowledge broadens and deepens, it becomes increasingly difficult to make any material addition to it any one undertaking such a task must of necessity bring to it a long and careful training, acquired either in the refined atmosphere of the laboratory, or in the rougher school of close contact with the operation of apparatus constructed by those who have already qualified in writingicular, he must possess a carefully developed power of making accurate observations and drawing correct conclusions it is rather the habit to point to men like edison and maxim in refutation of these necessities. But they are not to be so refuted these men are examples, raised to the nth power, of the great inventor who has qualified in the university of hard knocks and long experience on these grounds, when a man comes before us in the self-assigned rôle of a great inventor, it is incumbent upon him to answer, not necessarily the bald question “who are you?. ” but certainly the more searching one, “what are your qualifications to undertake this work?. ” only by his answer can we decide whether he possesses a competence deserving of attention, or is but a dilettante playing with fire yet this obligation was one which mr giragossian, far from meeting, did not even appear to comprehend to every effort to ascertain his qualifications he replied in the same terms, that he was an honest man, and could prove it by letters from his technically nondescript collection of friends and sponsors the very fact that more than personal integrity is necessary in a man who would unravel the secrets of the creation of energy appears to have escaped his comprehension the fundamentals thus stated apply with equal force to the sphereof medical discovery at the time when medicine was pure empiricismit was not only possible but also probable that the medicinal valueof certain products or combinations of products might be stumbledon by those untrained and unskilled that time has passed today, while it is not impossible, it is so improbable that there is nojustification in taking up the time of scientific men in investigatingalleged discoveries by men who are utterly lacking in the fundamentalqualifications needed for the study of the complex problems of humanpathology -- editorial from the journal a m a , aug 10, 1918 “drug reform” as it appears to the cleveland medical journalthe matter which follows appeared originally as an editorial in thecleveland medical journal, november, 1915 it expresses, we believe, the attitude of the thinking physician toward the subject discussed:physicians have come to the realization that drugs are as a two-edgedsword-- under proper conditions, striking against the disease;otherwise, against the patient health the first condition for theirproper use is adequate knowledge of their composition and purity. Oftheir actions and malefactions.

“ help to prevent the infection of spanish influenza, pneumonia, grip colds and to guard against sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, etc ”the a m a chemical laboratory reported that cin-u-formlozenges contained essay formaldehyde or help with finance homework paraformaldehyde and nohexamethylenamin it is obvious that the mouth and throat cannot be“disinfected” by these lozenges they would be totally ineffectiveagainst bacteria that enter through the nose. They cannot preventinfluenza, pneumonia, etc -- from the journal a m a , oct 4, 1919 lavoris report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrylavoris was considered by the council in 1913, and its proprietors-- thelavoris chemical company-- were advised that the preparation wasinadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies because of conflict withrules 1, 4, 6, 8 and 10 no report was published at that time as thepreparation is still widely advertised to physicians, the council hasagain examined lavoris and authorized publication of the followingreport w a puckner, secretary in recent years lavoris has been widely advertised as “the ideal oralantiseptic, ” writingicularly to the dental profession a printed cardsent out by the lavoris chemical company in 1913 read. “lavoris, thepyorrhea remedy the original zinc chloride mouth wash one grain zincto each ounce ” the card also gave a “formula” to the effect that eachpint of lavoris contained. Zinc chloride 1 040 resorcin 0 520 menthol 0 400 saccharin 0 195 formalin 0 195 ol cassia zeyl 0 780 ol caryophyl 0 195advertisements now appearing in medical journals repeat the older“formula” except that resorcin is omitted the formula while seeminglyfrank and open is in reality indefinite and misleading in that nodenomination of weight is given for the various constituents it isuncertain, for example, if the figures in the formula are intended torepresent grains, grams or percentages of the several constituents in view of the indefinite statement of composition, a chemicalexamination of lavoris was undertaken in the a m a chemicallaboratory the report of the laboratory follows:zinc -- this was determined electrolytically fifty c c gave0 026 gm zinc and 100 c c gave 0 0531 gm zinc the average is0 0526 gm zinc in 100 c c this is equivalent to 0 1102 gm anhydrouszinc chlorid in 100 c c chlorid -- after decolorizing essay of lavoris with chlorid-free animalcharcoal, the chlorid was determined by the volhard method twenty-fivec c lavoris required 4 328 c c tenth-normal silver nitrate solutionequivalent to 0 01535 gm chlorid chloridion or 0 0614 gm in100 c c a second 25 c c of lavoris required 4 112 gm tenth-normalsilver nitrate solution equivalent to 0 01458 gm chlorid chloridionor 0 05832 gm in 100 c c average is 0 05985 gm this is equivalentto 0 1150 gm zinc chlorid in 100 c c this agrees closely with theforegoing zinc determination resorcin -- the method of the u s pharmacopeia was used the totalbromin absorption of 25 c c lavoris was 3 68 c c tenth-normalbromin solution this would be equivalent to 0 00675 gm resorcinin 25 c c or 0 02700 gm in 100 c c in a duplicate test, 25 c c lavoris required 3 8 c c tenth-normal bromin solution equivalent to0 00697 gm resorcin or 0 02788 gm in 100 c c since oil of cinnamonabsorbs bromin, 50 c c of lavoris was boiled until very little orno odor of the oil was noted, keeping the volume nearly constant byadding a little water from time to time, and the bromin absorption thentaken in one experiment, 0 36 c c of tenth-normal bromin solution wasconsumed, and in a duplicate no bromin was absorbed this shows theabsence of resorcin residue -- on evaporating 25 c c lavoris on a steam bath andsubsequent drying of the residue at 100 c , 0 0455 gm of residue wasobtained this is equivalent to 0 1820 gm in 100 c c saccharin -- saccharin was detected in the residue and ether-extractof the residue by its intense sweet taste when a little sodiumbicarbonate was added to it formaldehyd -- this could be detected by the jarrison test the colorwas not very pronounced and the quantity of formaldehyd was small oil of cinnamon -- the odor and taste of lavoris is characteristic ofcinnamon menthol and oil of cloves -- the odor of menthol and of oil of clovescould not be detected, but no tests were made to demonstrate theirpresence the analysis thus indicates that the lavoris of today contains noresorcin but does contain a small amount of formaldehyd, a littlesaccharin, and oil of cinnamon menthol and oil of cloves could not bedetected by the odor, but were not tested for the analysis showedthat the principal constituent of lavoris is zinc chlorid, of whichthere is about 0 1 gm per 100 c c about 1/2 grain to the ounce the amount of zinc chlorid given in the published formula, i e , 1 04, is meaningless because the unit of weight or measure is notgiven. Furthermore, the analysis shows that it is inaccurate for anyunit of weight that might be assumed from the published figures sincethe amount of the most active medicinal ingredient is both indefiniteand inaccurate, the composition of the preparation is essentiallysecret lavoris is indirectly advertised to the public by havingincluded in the package a circular giving a list of diseases for whichthe preparation was recommended the combination of zinc chlorid, formaldehyd and oil of cinnamon assuming the menthol and oil of clovesto be present as flavors in a mixture is irrational and likely to leadits users to ascribe a false and exaggerated value to the preparation the name is objectionable in that it does not indicate the compositionof the potent ingredients of the mixture, but instead suggests its useas a mouth wash from a standpoint of public safety, the most serious objection tolavoris, however, lies in the thesis unwarranted therapeutic claimsand suggestions it is generally held that zinc chlorid solutionswhich possess a strength of from 1 to 200 up to 1 to 500 exercise aweak antiseptic action the strength of zinc chlorid in lavoris isapproximately 1 to 1, 000 the directions for its use recommend thatlavoris should be diluted a dilution of 1 to 4 is recommended for avariety of mouth conditions while for cystitis irrigations and as avaginal douche, it is recommended that one tablespoonful be added toa quart of warm water or salt solution the strength of zinc chloridin the last suggested dilution would approximate 1 to 64, 000 it isevident that no antiseptic action could be expected from such dilutions the recommendation that diluted lavoris be used for the treatmentof coryza, nasal catarrh, hay fever, inflamed eyes, hemorrhoids andleucorrhea is objectionable and irrational especially dangerous isthe recommendation that members of a family exposed to diphtheriaor scarlet fever should use lavoris freely as a preventive suchrecommendations can but give a false sense of security and lead to theneglect of proved methods for preventing the spread of these diseases equally unwarranted is the recommendation that in gonorrhea oneteaspoonful of lavoris to eight of warm water be used with a blunt endsyringe the use of lavoris as recommended would not only prove valueless inthesis instances but might lead to serious consequences because reallyvaluable methods of prevention or treatment might be neglected forthese reasons the preparation is in conflict with rule 6 the council declared lavoris ineligible for new and nonofficialremedies -- from the journal a m a , nov 1, 1919 medinal report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following report onmedinal schering and glatz, inc w a puckner, secretary medinal is a proprietary name applied to barbital sodium sodiumdiethylbarbiturate the sodium salt of barbital diethylbarbituricacid the latter was first introduced as veronal medinal was deleted from new and nonofficial remedies in 1916 becausethe advertising issued by schering and glatz who then acted asagents for chemische fabrik auf actien vorm e schering, the germanmanufacturer contained misleading and unwarranted therapeutic claims the council did not publish its report because by the time the reportwas ready for publication the product was practically off the americanmarket, and it was hoped that when medinal again became available, schering and glatz would revise the claims and thus permit itsreacceptance medinal, said to be manufactured in the united states, is now marketedby schering and glatz, inc in october, 1918, the firm sent to thecouncil a typewritten copy of a proposed circular for medinal the firmwas informed that this leaflet was subject to the objections that hadbeen raised when medinal was deleted from new and nonofficial remedies in april, 1919, the firm submitted a printed circular which it wassending out this contained numerous misleading statements, among them, these. “medinal removes its diethylbarbituric acid one objectionable feature-- insufficient solubility-- and thus fulfills the three prerequisites of a truly rational hypnotic. Quick absorption, insuring prompt action, rapid and complete excretion, affording protection from cumulative toxic after effects, and the choice of rectal and subcutaneous administration ”there is no justification for the claim that diethylbarbituric acid barbital has only one objectionable feature and that a minor matterof “insufficient solubility ” the council has called the attention ofschering and glatz, inc , to the fact that the difference in the timeof absorption between medinal barbital sodium and barbital is, at themost, but one of minutes and that there is no evidence that medinal isexcreted more rapidly than barbital hence the claims that the dangerof toxic side-actions and that cumulative after-effects are avoided inthis product, are wholly unwarranted it is also claimed, and the claim is unsupported by satisfactoryevidence, that medinal is useful in the insomnia of tuberculosis inwhich condition it is said to have a double advantage owing to itsfavorable effects on the night-sweats it is claimed that medinalis used in the withdrawal treatment of morphin addiction with greatsuccess. There is no evidence that medinal has any special usefulnessin this treatment of the morphin habit it is claimed further thatsuccess has been reported with medinal in the treatment of whoopingcough the council knows of no satisfactory evidence to show thatmedinal is of special value in whooping cough. On the contrary, it iscapable of doing a great deal of harm the recommendations that medinalbe used for the control of labor pains and in acute neuralgic painsthat resist other forms of treatment are wholly unwarranted as thevalue of the drug in such conditions is inherently improbable and untilsatisfactory evidence in support of them is forthcoming, must be deemedmisleading -- from the journal a m a , nov 15, 1919 omission of cotarnin salts stypticin and styptol from n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following report w a puckner, secretary salts of the base cotarnin have been used as local and systemichemostatics the hydrochlorid was first introduced as “stypticin, ”and is now in the pharmacopeia as cotarnin hydrochlorid cotarninae hydrochloridum, u s p the phthallic acid salt ofcotarnin-- cotarnin phthallate-- was introduced as “styptol ” bothstypticin and styptol were admitted to new and nonofficial remedies in1918 the council voted to omit stypticin because the former americanagents were no longer offering it for sale styptol was retained and isdescribed in n n r , 1919 as was pointed out in the description n n r , 1918, the evidencefor the usefulness of the cotarnin salts has been contradictory andunsatisfactory. But since the available data against the efficiencywere at least equally unreliable, the council deemed it best to retainthem in n n r pending a thorough investigation of the subject thiswas undertaken by p j hanzlik, at the suggestion of the therapeuticresearch committee of the council a reliable judgment of hemostatic efficiency can be formed only on abasis of strictly controlled conditions, which can best be furnished inthe laboratory hanzlik repeated the principal experiments publishedby previous investigators, and applied a number of new or improvedmethods the results published in the journal of pharmacologyand experimental therapeutics 10:523, 1918. 12:71, 1919 show thefollowing:direct application to wounds -- the widely quoted results of thegynecologist k abel, on the footpad of cats, were found to be quiteunreliable when the experiment is properly controlled, the resultsare either negative or the bleeding may be increased quantitativeexperiments on wounds of the footpad of dogs showed that cotarnininvariably increased the bleeding equally negative or unfavorableresults were obtained with wounds to the comb of roosters, and to theliver and spleen direct action on vessels -- the results of perfusion experiments werevariable, but, in general, showed a vasodilation action instead ofconstriction this holds true also of the uterine vessels the vesselsin the living animal rabbit ear were also unaffected systemic administration -- the bleeding from an irrigated wound wasnot modified directly by intravenous injection of cotarnin salts, butvaried merely with the state of the blood pressure the evidence for the inefficiency of cotarnin salts as hemostaticsseemed so conclusive as to warrant the council in rescinding theacceptance of styptol, and directing the omission of the generalarticle on cotarnin salts and the description of styptol from new andnonofficial remedies -- from the journal a m a , nov 22, 1919 micajah wafers and micajah suppositories report of the council on pharmacy and chemistry“micajah medicated wafers” and “micajah suppositories, ” sold bymicajah & co , warren, pa , are declared inadmissible to “new andnonofficial remedies” because 1 their composition is essentiallysecret rule 1. 2 name of neither of these mixtures is indicativeof its composition rule 8.

The sun, the right eye the moon, the left eye saturn, hearing jupiter, the brain mars, the blood venus, taste and smell mercury, tongue and gullet however, the influence which sun, moon, and the planets exercisedupon the human body gradually became more intricate it was no longersatisfactory to enumerate relations between the bodies of heaven andthe human organs of such a general nature as given by the above tableof hermes all writings and functions of the body were to be broughtinto the closest relations with the planets thus, for instance, thecelebrated humanist, marsilius ficinus, the friend of the medici 1433to 1499, depicts most minutely in a book “on life, ” which was muchread in its time, the relations between the body and the planets thiswas also done by heinrich von rantzau, in his “tractus astrologicus, ”which in its time was very celebrated there we read regarding theseconditions as follows. Saturn governs the spleen, the bladder, the bones, the teeth, and, in writing, the circulating juices of the body. Causes the color of the skin of man to be dark yellowish. Impedes or promotes growth. Causes the eyes to be small, and prevents the growth of the beard jupiter governs the lungs, the ribs, cartilages, the liver, arteries, the pulse, and the development of human semen. Causes the white color of the skin, and gives a good figure mars governs the bile, kidneys, veins, and sexual organs, and of these especially the testicles. Makes hair red and the temper irascible, and inclined to outrages of various kinds venus governs the uterus, the breasts, the sexual organs, the spermatic tubes, the loins, and the buttocks. Endows man with physical beauty, furnishes him with long hair, round eyes, and a well-formed face. But it is inexcusable on the writing of this star that it presented mankind with gonorrhea mercury governs all mental processes memory, imagination, the brain with its nerves, the hands, feet, and legs, the bones and the bile. Causes man to be light-fingered the sun governs the brain, nerves, urine, the right eye of the male and the left one of the female, the optic nerves, and the entire right half of the body. Gives a good complexion to man the moon governs the brain, mouth, belly, intestines, bladder, taste, the organs of reproduction, the left eye of the male, the right eye of the female, and the feminine liver, and the entire left half of the body the signs of the zodiac, like the planets, exert full control overthe various writings of the body honest bartisch, of königsbrück 1535to 1606, has given us in his “eye-service” an illustration of theserelations fig 4 is a reproduction of this plate of bartisch the sun, moon, planets, and zodiac regulated not only the life of thevarious limbs of living man placed under their special care, but theiractivity commenced at that moment when the foundation was just aboutto be laid for the future bodily existence of a mortal i e , at themoment of conception if, during this critical process, the respectivebodies of the heavens were in an unfortunate conjunction, the membersof the future being, the most primitive forms of which had just beenfounded, were bound to suffer naturally, however, only those writings ofthe body were affected by this destiny which were in the care of starsthat happened to be in unpropitious conjunction at the time if the act of conception had passed without evil influence on thosethat were actively and passively writingicipating in it, the product ofthat hour could by no means be sure that this or that planet would notmaliciously thwart the ease and tranquillity of its embryonic and fetallife for sun, moon, and the seven planets each governed one month ofintra-uterine life, as is explained by jacobus forliviensis saturnreigns during the first month of pregnancy, jupiter in the second, mars in the third, the sun in the fourth, venus in the fifth, mercuryin the sixth, the moon in the seventh. The eighth month is ruled againby saturn, and this latter planet now shows itself to be so maliciousthat it immediately destroys all life born in the eighth month jupiteragain takes control during the ninth month, and, as this star is fondof warmth and humidity, and, therefore, a friend of life in any form, no danger is to be feared for a fetus entering the world during thismonth however, after the nine months of pregnancy have passed withoutevil interference by the planets, mars once more is in command, and hisinfluence helps in accomplishing a normal birth after the fetus had successfully passed all dangers which the planetscould cause during the nine months of intra-uterine life, and afterit had successfully matured, the hour of birth might, after all, beaccompanied with other quite severe sidereal complications for ifany planet was in an unfavorable sign, or if the relations betweenthe signs of the zodiac and the sun or the moon were not quite intheir regular order, those members which were presided over by therespective stars were made to suffer the correct casting of themedical horoscope, therefore, required the most accurate knowledgeof the minute of birth, with simultaneous occurrences in the canopyof heaven provident fathers, accordingly, were mindful of havingan astrologer, during the hour of birth, in the room in which theconfinement was to take place, so that he might be able to ascertain asaccurately as possible the celestial occurrences which would determinethe bodily welfare of the new-born, and to arrange them for thehoroscope illustration.

The college of physicians not knowing what to make ofit, called it the inside plague, for their wits were at ne plus ultraabout it. My son was taken with the same disease, and the excoriationof his bowels was exceeding great. Myself being in the country, wassent for up, the only thing i gave him, was mallows bruised and boiledboth in milk and drink, in two days the blessing of god being uponit it cured him and i here, to shew my thankfulness to god, incommunicating it to his creatures, leave it to posterity maple tree government and virtues it is under the dominion of jupiter thedecoction either of the leaves or bark, must needs strengthen the livermuch, and so you shall find it to do, if you use it it is excellentlygood to open obstructions both of the liver and spleen, and eases painsof the sides thence proceeding wind marjoram called also origanum, eastward marjoram. Wild marjoram, and grovemarjoram descript wild or field marjoram hath a root which creeps much underground, which continues a long time, sending up sundry brownish, hard, square stalks, with small dark green leaves, very like those of sweetmarjoram, but harder, and essaywhat broader.

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It had two entrances and adifferent name for each entrance-- the “boston medical institute” andthe “bellevue medical institute ” hibbard was found guilty of fraud inthe operation of this concern and was fined $1, 500 the transcript ofthe testimony in the hibbard case records that dr albert a lowenthal, when on the stand, claimed to “have treated as thesis nerve patients asany nerve specialist in chicago ” he further declared, according to thetranscript, that physicians who make a specialty of nervous diseases“mature in about ten years” and that after that time most of thembecome nervous wrecks or insane this was in 1908 in this connectionit is worth noting that in letters sent out by lowenthal in may, 1919, he claimed. “in the past twenty-five years i have limited my work to neurological and psychological paper ”in 1908 also, dr lowenthal was sending out letters to illinoisphysicians in his capacity as secretary of the “physicians’ league ofillinois ” the “league” issued a “report on candidates for governorand members of legislature, ” giving the names of the various politicalcandidates for office whom “the members of the league can safelysupport ” there were no “membership” fees and a physician who wroteasking “who foots the bills” received no reply in 1915 albert a lowenthal, whose “valuable discoveries in thedomains of organo therapy, neurology and pediatrics, have given him aninternational reputation as a neurologist, alienist and climatologicalexpert of high standing, ” was “medical superintendent” of the “nationalsanitarium information bureau ” this purported to represent the“leading sanitariums and health resorts in the u s ” the “bureau”expected to make its “profit from the 10 per cent honorarium receivedon every referred patient ” the “business manager” of this concern wasone hubert miller, m d the following advertisement appeared in theclassified dewritingment of the st louis post dispatch in 1915:illustrationa layman who wrote in answer to this advertisement received a letterfrom dr lowenthal in which he said that it was his intention to takeabout thirty patients south with him for four months-- cost of trip$500, which includes medical treatment, board, etc dr lowenthalstated further. “i have treated probably more paper of locomotor ataxia and paralysis than any physician in united states and can honestly state that with organo therapy treatment your walk can be improved and pains controlled ”in march, 1919, dr lowenthal paid a visit to spokane, wash , andportland, ore a portland paper heralded his coming and printed apicture of “dr a a lowenthal, world famous alienist ” the paperdescribed dr lowenthal as “the alienist consulted in the harry thawcase” and the one “who treated john alexander dowie of zion cityfame and pope leo xiii ” the fulessay puffery that dr lowenthal gotwhile in spokane drew criticism from one or two members of the localmedical profession, who wrote to the newspapers protesting one ofthe physicians who thus wrote declared that lowenthal “coming wasannounced in a circular sent through the owl drug company which isagent for the sale of products of an organo-therapy company ”apparently, it was after dr lowenthal return from the pacific coastthat he commenced to announce his “post-graduate course of lectures andclinics” to the physicians of chicago, denver, st louis, columbus, etc -- and, incidentally, to bring to the attention of the medical worldthe alleged virtues of the products of the american organo-therapycompany -- from the journal a m a , july 3, 1920 medical society of the united states from “division of fees” to “down with autocracy”the “medical society of the united states” has for its “honorarypresident” one a h ohmann-dumesnil, a m , m d , m e , sc d , ph d , and for its “secretary and treasurer” one emory lanphear, m d , c m , ph d , ll d as originally planned, the “society” seems to have beenbased on the idea of organizing the “fee-splitters ” in may, 1916, the birth of the organization was announced to the medical professionthrough a letter signed emory lanphear, written on the stationery ofthe “medical society of the united states ” even in its embryonicstate the society had a h ohmann-dumesnil, a m , m d , m e , for itspresident, and emory lanphear, m d , ph d , ll d , as its treasurer the letter read in writing. “we-- the majority of the medical profession-- who believe in division of fees i e , that the surgeon should not ‘hog’ the whole of a patient money and leave nothing for the family doctor, are no longer welcome in the a m a we are therefore organizing the medical society of the united states, which will not be conducted for the benefit of a few selfish egotists we would like to have you with us “it costs only $1 00 to join this covers dues for 1916, and includes expense for the beautiful certificate of membership suitable for framing, which you will receive on admission fill enclosed blank and return to me with $1 00 ”but presumably the idea of organizing on a basis of “fee splitting”did not make a hit, so the lure was changed today physicians areapproached with the plea that the “medical society of the unitedstates” will make the medical world free for democracy. It is, we areassured, a “society of protest against the autocracy of the a m a , ”and a “society of medical democracy ”membership costs “only $1 00 including the cost of a beautifulcertificate of membership ” no penalties or punishments are involvedfor belonging to other societies, and. “joining our body need not affect your membership in any other society-- even the a m a , if you wish to belong to it, and be ‘bossed’ by the ‘simmons gang’ ”the dollar for the “beautiful certificate” and membership is solicitedby means of circular letters signed “emory lanphear, ” coming from 3447pine st , st louis, mo , the address of what has been variouslycalled the “american polyclinic, ” the “american hospital, ” and later, the “german hospital ” the “surgeon-in-charge” of the “german hospital”is emory lanphear, m d , c m , ph d , ll d when running under thename of the “american hospital, ” lanphear solicited operative work ona “division of fees” basis, which, the general practitioner was told, meant that “you are to have 40 per cent of all fees received from yourpatients sent to our staff for operation or treatment ”with the change in name from “american hospital, ” to “german hospital, ”lanphear appealed for a “portion of your operative work on a basis ofpure reciprocity ” this “pure reciprocity” seems to have been a stillmore liberal distribution of the patient money, for from a 40 percent basis it was raised to an even fifty-fifty said lanphear, in aletter sent out a few months ago:illustration. The “medical society of the united states, ” wasoriginally organized on a basis of “fee-splitting, ” as is shown by thereduced facsimile of a letter sent broadcast in 1916, announcing thebirth of the new “society ” apparently, “fee-splitting” as a rallyingpoint did not bring in the desired returns, so today the “medicalsociety of the united states” is alleged to be a “society of protestagainst the autocracy of the a m a ” “i wish also to inform you in spite of the despicable opposition of the hypocritical gang in charge of the a m a , and the no less contemptible action of the st louis medical society, i am going to remain in st louis and continue to do surgical work upon a ‘division of fee’ basis to be more explicit, if you bring me a case for operation i shall allow you one half of the fee for your time, trouble, responsibility and help in the management of the case ”before leaving the interesting professional personality of lanphear, and carefully avoiding any details of a personal nature, we may remindour readers that as long ago as 1908 lanphear was the “dean” of the“hippocratean college of medicine, ” with a h ohmann-dumesnil, a m , m d , m e , sc d , “vice-dean ” at that time lanphear sent out lettersto physicians proposing the organization of a “post graduate faculty”on the following basis. “those who hold full professorships shall purchase stock in the corporation to the amount of $1, 000 00. Those who become lecturers or instructors shall pay in the sum of $500 00.