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It brings forth filth though it lie in the bones, ittakes away salt and sour belchings, though a man be never so licentiousin diet, he shall feel no harm. It hath cured such as have thephthisic, that have been given over by all physicians. It cures suchas have the falling sickness, gouts, and diseases and swellings of thejoints.

“dr rahtjen studied in heidelberg, berlin, munich, marburg, and rostock, gerthesis, from which latter school in 1904, he graduated in chemical pathology as doctor of philosophy he became assistant professor of pathology at the imperial biological station at heligoland, and was later appointed assistant help on my paper to dr piorkowsky, head of the deutsche schutz und heilserum gesellschaft ”the same circular summarizes the potentialities of “rahtjen cure fortuberculosis” thus. “the remedy seems to cure tuberculosis in all its forms with equal celerity and certainty the evidences indicate that it does not matter how far the disease has progressed, if there be tissue of the attacked organ remaining sufficient to sustain life, the disease can be wholly eradicated and the patient restored to health this is indicated alike in tuberculosis of the lungs, of the throat, of the bladder, of the kidneys ”the booklet stated further that patients might be treated at one of twoplaces. At the offices of the sanatorium in the city of san francisco, or at the sanatorium itself near glenwood the cost of treatment atthe sanatorium was to be $1, 000, which would entitle “the patientto residence and attention there for four months ” according to theleaflet, “this is regarded as a period sufficient to restore thepatient to health whatever be the stage of his disease. Provided only, as we remark, that he has enough left of the infected organ to sustainlife with the t b expelled ” “at the end of four months the patient is sent to his home, not alone relieved of his disease, but in a highly vigorous state of health ”all this, as stated previously, was in 1917 and yet people are stilldying of tuberculosis!. In march, 1920, rahtjen so the newspapers have it was offering a“new-life fluid ” according to a san francisco paper, dr philiprahtjen “announces the discovery that by the injection of secretionsfrom the ductless glands the human body may be reinvigorated ” thepaper described the discovery “as a long step forward in the fightto counteract old age” and stated that a syndicate was being formedby rahtjen and others to “produce the extract in such quantity thatit may be available for every one ” the newspaper article showed thelearned doctor in a laboratory apron in the characteristic pose ofthe newspaper “scientist” pouring essaything from a beaker into a testtube-- and gazing intently at the camera while doing it!. this was inmarch, 1920. Yet people still grow old within the last month the los angeles examiner has heralded essay morewonderful accomplishments of rahtjen according to this paper rahtjenhas:1 isolated the “germ of pernicious anemia ”2 found the “serum” for the cure of this disease 3 discovered the secret of human virility 4 evolved a fluid “from the glands of selected bulls and cows” whichwill “restore ‘pep’ for worn-out human bodies!. give added weight, clearer eyes, brighter minds, quicker bodies and a generally ‘firmergrip’ on oneself!. ”this “amazing discovery” was, according to the los angeles paper, theculmination of “five years of continuous study” and had only just beenrevealed by rahtjen “dr rahtjen has for years been working silently in a bio-chemical laboratory in pasadena, surrounded by microscopes, scales, test-tubes, acids, alkalis, reagents and all the accompanying stage settings that spell bio-chemical science ”all of these wonders might still have been a closed book to the publichad not “friends” of dr rahtjen brought the matter to the attention ofthe examiner “dr rahtjen yesterday, with the usual reserve of the ethical scientist, was disinclined to talk of his work until publication of it in a scientific journal ”fortunately for a palpitating public, the los angeles examiner “wasable to learn the essence of his study” and pass the information on itseems from this newspaper report that rahtjen first made his extractsfrom the glands of goats and sheep but these extracts “were found tobe too strong ” as a result “dr rahtjen is now using the glands ofspecially selected mexican bulls and cows ” the male patients who are“weak, uninterested in life, unable to concentrate in thought” aregiven the extract of bull. The female patients who are in a similarlydeplorable condition receive an “injection of the cow gland extract ”we have not yet learned whether the los angeles examiner hasdeprecated dr rahtjen use of mexican bovines remembering theattitude of the hearst papers toward all things mexican, one may lookfor the suggestion that mr rahtjen use 100 per cent americanbull -- from the journal a m a , nov 26, 1921 sodium cacodylate in syphilisto the editor:-- i was much interested in the study of this subject bydr h n cole the journal, dec 30, 1916, p 2012 in 1913 i treated a series of paper of syphilis with sodium cacodylate;but, not getting the desired results, i discontinued its use in 1915, i became interested again because of the writings of dr j b murphy, and applied it in three paper in which the patients had initial lesions:case 1 -- j m , man aged 21, single, shoeworker, came to me withan initial lesion of the penis to the right of the frenum i beganintramuscular injections of sodium cacodylate, 5 grains, in ampulesmade by parke, davis & co , every day for ten days then i haltedfor ten days and repeated ten more injections the sore on the penisentirely disappeared about the ninth day there was a slight, faintlymacular eruption of the forearms and abdomen, which soon disappeared there was no alopecia when he returned, after the last series often injections, there were mucous patches in the throat and essayinvolvement of the left tonsil i put the patient on mixed treatment, which cleared his throat he had, at end of twenty doses of 5 grains ofsodium cacodylate each, a positive wassermann reaction after mercuryand potassium iodid for two months there was a positive wassermannreaction to date, after three salvarsan treatments intravenously therehave been two negatives case 2 -- f s , man, aged 28, married, machinist, had an initial lesionon the penis treatment with sixty injections of 5 grains of sodiumcacodylate gave results as follows. The initial sore on the penisdisappeared in ten injections. There were severe mucous patches of themouth.

In fact, thisphilological talent even extended to the languages of the animals, which he undertook to master we are scarcely surprised to learn, whenwe consider the powers bestowed upon him, that he knew the future, andwas thoroughly aware of what happened at the same time at the mostdistant writings of the world he also endeavored to bear witness to hisvocation as a man of god by his manner of living and of dressing thushe was always attired in white linen garments, and walked about withlong, flowing hair, followed by his disciples he never ate meat, neverwritingook of wine, and disdained love it would seem, however, that inthe last writingicular he was not quite consistent at least, variouserotic adventures are related of him the manner in which apollonius cast out a demon in india is extremelyamusing a woman came, lamenting and crying, to the medical miracleworker, and asked him to deliver her sixteen-year-old son from an evilspirit apollonius at once gave her a letter directed to the evilspirit which contained, as philostratus emphasizes writingicularly, themost terrible threats against the good-for-nothing tormentor but thebiographer does not tell us whether the reading of this letter causedthe demon to desist from his improper behavior but as even in a man of miracles the hour-glass of life finally isemptied, so also a time came when apollonius realized that he must payhis last debt to nature but the tyanian knew how to surround even theact of dying help on my paper with a halo of the extraordinary as a matter or fact, he did not die. But one day if it is permissible to employ a trivialexpression in speaking of a demi-god he evaporated without anybodyknowing what had become of him this evaporation occurred in thefollowing manner there was in crete a temple of dictynna so securelyguarded by vicious dogs that no one dared to approach this temple wasentered by apollonius, whom the furious dogs left unmolested. But, after the doors of the sanctuary had closed behind the pythagorean, suddenly there resounded female voices singing from the depth of thetemple. “leave the earth!. go heavenward!. ” with these sounds andwords apollonius disappeared forever thus his last medical act was asleight-of-hand performance, in that he even snapped his fingers atdeath the grateful heathen world of antiquity rendered divine honors toapollonius in his birth-place, tyana, a temple was erected in hishonor at imperial expense, and the priests everywhere erected statuesto a philosopher who had left this world without dying. In fact, eventhe emperor alexander severus set up an image of apollonius in hislararium, or domestic chapel and thus to medical superstition wasaccorded a triumph which no legitimate practitioner of any age has everenjoyed these theosophic vagaries reached their climax in neo-platonism, whichwas founded toward the end of the second century of the christian eraby the alexandrian porter, ammonius 175 to 242, and was furtherelaborated by plotinus 204 to 269 this religious, philosophicalsystem is of very writingicular interest in the history of medicinein that, in the first place, it stands in direct opposition to thephysico-mechanical conception of disease, and, explaining sickness froma theistic standpoint as a logical consequence, rejects the treatmentof disease by professional physicians now this theistic conception of disease was based primarily upon theassumption that the universe is filled with countless demons, spiritswhich, altho essentially superior to man, are inferior to god sucha demon was supposed to be the “spiritus rector” of all terrestrialoccurrences, especially all evil events were attributed to him ὂτιαὐτοὶ αἳτιοι γιγνόμενοι τῶν περὶ τὴν γῆν καθημάτων, οἷον λοιμῶν, ἀφοριῶν, σεισμῶν, αὐχμῶν καἳ τῶν ὁμοίων porphyrius de abst , lib 2, 40 as the demons played havoc with the condition of the humanbody, protection against them could not be expected from a professionalphysician, but only from essay one well versed in all their tricks anddevices, and, therefore, alone able to punish them thoroughly for theirmischievous behavior this taming of the demon could be accomplishedin various ways porphyrius enumerates three methods of gaining aninfluence over the host of demons the first and principal method theosophy attempted to attain themost intimate union with god prayer, abstraction of all thought fromthings earthly, and absorption in god were supposed to be the means ofwritingicipation in certain divine powers an individual thus favored wasenabled in a trice to restore health to incurable patients, such as theblind, the deaf, and the lame, and even the power of raising the deadwas conferred upon him however, the acquisition of such extraordinarypowers demanded certain qualifications of a rather exacting andterrestrial character it was incumbent upon such an applicant forthese special gifts to abstain from the use of meat, and, above all, from the society of women how thesis were deterred by these fastidiousrequirements from choosing the career of a famous man of miracles wedo not know nothing is reported on this subject by the pillars ofneo-platonism as, plotinus, porphyrius, damascius, jamblichus, nor dothey state whether they themselves absolutely abstained from meat andfrom the society of women theurgy was the second method of counteracting the evil influence ofdemons in this way good demons were urged by prayer and offerings toward off disease or other misfortune by the third method goety attempts were made to dispel the evildemons by conjurations and various kinds of mystical mummery thesemysterious accessories consisted mostly in muttering any number ofwords as meaningless as possible the more meaningless and the moreunintelligible were these words the more efficacious according to theassurance of jamblichus they would prove, especially when they weretaken from oriental languages for, as jamblichus says, the orientallanguages are the most ancient therefore, the most agreeable to thegods in such a manner words utterly nonsensical were drawled out atthe bedside, and, for greater security, written on tablets to be hunground the neck of the patient the magic word “abracadabra” enjoyedespecial respect to render its power certain it was written as thesistimes as it has letters, omitting the last letter each time until onlyone remained, and placing the words in such a succession as to forman equilateral triangle a tablet thus inscribed was worn around theneck of the sufferer as an amulet it may be that this wonder-workingword has arisen from the word “abraxas, ” with which the gnosticbasilides meant to designate the aggregate of the three hundred andsixty-five forms of revelation of divinity which he assumed to exist numerous other explanations are in vogue, however, with regard tothis medical, magic term compare häser, vol i , page 433 veryancient magic words which had originated in the earliest periods ofhellenism were revived thus, to banish disease, certain words wereemployed which were said to be derived from the temple of artemisin ephesus, and which read. Ασχι, κατάσχι, λίε, τετράε, δαμναμενεύς, αἲσσον the meaning of these words, according to the explanation of thepythagorean, androcydes, was. Darkness, light, earth, air, sun, truth besides, the attempt was made to obtain directly from the demons suchmagic words as were endowed with curative power for such purposessmall children were employed, in whom it was supposed that the demonspreferred to be present, and expressed themselves through their mouths such children, therefore, played a similar writing as does a medium withmodern spiritualists the senseless stuff babbled by such a child wasconsidered the immediate manifestation of a demon, and was accordinglyutilized to banish the demons which brought on disease moreover, the nonsensical practise which was carried on by the neo-platonistsby letter and word was to a certain extent accepted by professionalphysicians it had become a very common custom with physicians toapply various kinds of bombastic names to all their various plastersand ointments, powders, and pills it is necessary only to cast aglance upon the ancient pharmacopœia to find the most curious names galen mentions disapprovingly the fact that egyptian and babylonianexpressions were preferred in the nomenclature of medicine de simpl medicamentorum facult lib sic preface such were the methods with which the neo-platonists did not hesitateto treat the sick.

Let it then be gathered when the sun is help on my paper in leo, and themoon in aries, applying to this time. Let leo arise, then may you makeinto an oil or ointment, which you please, to anoint your sore eyeswith i can prove it doth both my own experience, and the experience ofthose to whom i have taught it, that most desperate sore eyes have beencured by this only medicine. And then, i pray, is not this far betterthan endangering the eyes by the art of the needle?. for if this doesnot absolutely take away the film, it will so facilitate the work, thatit might be done without danger the herb or root boiled in white wineand drank, a few anniseeds being boiled therewith, opens obstructionsof the liver and gall, helps the yellow jaundice. And often using it, helps the dropsy and the itch, and those who have old sores in theirlegs, or other writings of the body the juice thereof taken fasting, isheld to be of singularly good use against the pestilence the distilledwater, with a little sugar and a little good treacle mixed therewith the writingy upon the taking being laid down to sweat a little hasthe same effect the juice dropped into the eyes, cleanses them fromfilms and cloudiness which darken the sight, but it is best to allaythe sharpness of the juice with a little breast milk it is good inall old filthy corroding creeping ulcers wheresoever, to stay theirmalignity of fretting and running, and to cause them to heal morespeedily. The juice often applied to tetters, ring-worms, or other suchlike spreading cankers, will quickly heal them, and rubbed often uponwarts, will take them away the herb with the roots bruised and bathedwith oil of camomile, and applied to the navel, takes away the gripingpains of the belly and bowels, and all the pains of the mother. Andapplied to women breasts stays the overmuch flowing of the courses the juice or decoction of the herb gargled between the teeth that ach, eases the pain, and the powder of the dried root laid upon any aching, hollow or loose tooth, will cause it to fall out the juice mixed withessay powder of brimstone is not only good against the itch, but takesaway all discolourings of the skin whatsoever. And if it chance that ina tender body it causes any itchings or inflammations, by bathing theplace with a little vinegar it is helped another ill-favoured trick have physicians got to use to the eye, andthat is worse than the needle. Which is to take away the films bycorroding or gnawing medicine that i absolutely protest against 1 because the tunicles of the eyes are very thin, and therefore sooneaten asunder 2 the callus or film that they would eat away, is seldom of an equalthickness in every place, and then the tunicle may be eaten asunder inone place, before the film be consumed in another, and so be a readierway to extinguish the sight than to restore it it is called chelidonium, from the greek word chelidon, whichsignifies a swallow. Because they say, that if you put out the eyes ofyoung swallows when they are in the nest, the old ones will recovertheir eyes again with this herb this i am confident, for i have triedit, that if we mar the very apple of their eyes with a needle, she willrecover them again. But whether with this herb or not, i know not also i have read and it seems to be essaywhat probable that the herb, being gathered as i shewed before, and the elements draw awriting from itby art of the alchymist, and after they are drawn awriting rectified, theearthly quality, still in rectifying them, added to the terra damnata as alchymists call it or terra sacratisima as essay philosopherscall it the elements so rectified are sufficient for the cure of alldiseases, the humours offending being known and the contrary elementgiven. It is an experiment worth the trying, and can do no harm the lesser celandine, usually known by the name of pilewort and fogwort i wonder what ailed the ancients to give this the name celandine, which resembles it neather in nature nor form. It acquired the name ofpilewort from its virtues, and it being no great matter where i set itdown, so i set it down at all, i humoured dr tradition so much, as toset him down here descript this celandine or pilewort which you please doth spreadthesis round pale green leaves, set on weak and trailing branches whichlie upon the ground, and are flat, smooth, and essaywhat shining, and inessay places though seldom marked with black spots, each standing on along foot-stalk, among which rise small yellow flowers, consisting ofnine or ten small narrow leaves, upon slender foot-stalks, very likeunto crowsfoot, whereunto the seed also is not unlike being thesis smallkernels like a grain of corn essaytimes twice as long as others, of awhitish colour, with fibres at the end of them place it grows for the most writing in moist corners of fields andplaces that are near water sides, yet will abide in drier ground ifthey be a little shady time it flowers betimes, about march or april, is quite gone bymay. So it cannot be found till it spring again government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars, and beholdhere another verification of the learning of the ancients, viz thatthe virtue of an herb may be known by its signature, as plainly appearsin this. For if you dig up the root of it, you shall perceive theperfect image of the disease which they commonly call the piles it iscertain by good experience, that the decoction of the leaves and rootswonderfully helps piles and hæmorrhoids, also kernels by the ears andthroat, called the king evil, or any other hard wens or tumours here another secret for my countrymen and women, a couple of themtogether. Pilewort made into an oil, ointment, or plaister, readilycures both the piles, or hæmorrhoids, and the king evil. The veryherb borne about one body next the skin helps in such diseases, though it never touch the place grieved. Let poor people make much ofit for those uses.

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A dram thereof givenin oxymel, after essay walking or stirring of the body it helps alsothe sciatica, griping of the belly, the cholic, defects of the liver, and provokes women courses the fresh herb boiled and made intoa poultice, applied to the breasts of women that are swollen withpain and heat, as also the privy writings of man or woman, the seat orfundament, or the arteries, joints, and sinews, when they are inflamedand swollen, doth much ease them. And used with essay salt, helps todissolve knots or kernels in any writing of the body the juice of theherb, or as dioscorides saith the leaves and flowers, with essay finefrankincense in powder, used in wounds of the body, nerves or sinews, doth singularly help to heal them the distilled water of the herbperforms well all the aforesaid cures, but especially for inflammationsor watering of the eyes, by reason of the defluxion of rheum unto them heart-ease this is that herb which such physicians as are licensed to blaspheme byauthority, without danger of having their tongues burned through withan hot iron, called an herb of the trinity it is also called by thosethat are more moderate, three faces in a hood, live in idleness, cullme to you. And in sussex we call them pancies place besides those which are brought up in gardens, they growcommonly wild in the fields, especially in such as are very barren:essaytimes you may find it on the tops of the high hills time they flower all the spring and summer long government and virtues the herb is really saturnine, essaythingcold, viscous, and slimy a strong decoction of the herbs and flowers if you will, you may make it into syrup is an excellent cure forthe french pox, the herb being a gallant antivenereal.