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thus. “the klebs-loeffler bacillus may find a suitable habitat in a malignant area of lung tissue and thrive therein the presence of the bacillus does not necessarily exclude the presence of cancer a chronic cough with blood-streaked sputum may be the result of tuberculosis and cancer ”-- from the journal a m a , may 28, 1921 tyree antiseptic powder again the “ethical and commercial requirements” of the drug business“i am fond of the retail drug business and follow it every day ofmy life i know and observe to the fullest extent its ethical andcommercial requirements ” this from a circular letter recently receivedby physicians, and signed j s tyree, who asks that he be forgiven forwriting you personally, but there are several reasons why he thinksthe circumstances warrant it all of which is preliminary to callingattention to an enclosure, which accompanies the circular letter, andis described as a “short memorandum” submitted for “your consideration ”the “memorandum” is a four-page leaflet of which three pages aredevoted to “tyree antiseptic powder ” one of these three pagesis a reproduction of a letter on the stationery of the surgeongeneral office of the war dewritingment, and signed “w m gray, m d , microscopist, army medical museum. Pathologist to providencehospital ” the letter describes a series of “bacteriological andcomparative tests” made by dr gray with tyree antiseptic powder the entire second page of the circular is given over to the results ofthese bacteriologic tests which compare various strengths of tyreeantiseptic powder with “mercuric bichlorid, ” phenol and formaldehyde the physicians who received this advertising material in april, 1919, might easily overlook the fact that dr gray has been dead severalyears, that the letter which is reproduced is dated jan 3, 1890, andthat the bacteriologic tests were made in 1889-- thirty years ago!. The council on pharmacy and chemistry in 1906258 published theresults of an analysis of tyree antiseptic powder which showed thatalthough the stuff was advertised as a mixture of borax and alum, itwas in fact essentially a mixture of zinc sulphate and boric acid thepublication of the council report in 1906, showing the falsity of theformula, brought out the admission that the composition had recentlybeen changed certain it is, however, that for at least a decade past, the tyree product has been a zinc sulphate-boric acid preparation yet, according to the manufacturer own statement, tyree antisepticpowder in 1889, when dr gray made his bacteriologic tests, was anentirely different substance from the present mixture 258 at this time tyree antiseptic powder was an “ethicalproprietary”-- heaven save the mark!. -- and advertised only to physicians later, as the journal has shown, it entered the “patent medicine”field as “ideal for douche” and the “best preventative known ” thearticles on this nostrum are reprinted in the ninth edition of “thepropaganda for reform ”here then we have a manufacturer publishing in 1919, in behalf ofa certain product, tests that were made in 1889 with a product ofdifferent composition, although of the same name!. is this observing “tothe fullest extent” the “ethical and commercial requirements” of the“retail drug business”?.

To drink the decoction i mean, not the elder help on a statistics paper the elm tree this tree is so well known, growing generally in all counties of thisland, that it is needless to describe it government and virtues it is a cold and saturnine plant the leavesthereof bruised and applied, heal green wounds, being bound thereonwith its own bark the leaves or the bark used with vinegar, curesscurf and leprosy very effectually. The decoction of the leaves, bark, or root, being bathed, heals broken bones the water that is foundin the bladders on the leaves, while it is fresh, is very effectualto cleanse the skin, and make it fair. And if cloaths be often wettherein, and applied to the ruptures of children, it heals them, ifthey be well bound up with a truss the said water put into a glass, and set into the ground, or else in dung for twenty-five days, themouth thereof being close stopped, and the bottom set upon a layer ofordinary salt, that the fœces may settle and water become clear, isa singular and sovereign balm for green wounds, being used with softtents. The decoction of the bark of the root, fomented, mollifies hardtumours, and the shrinking of the sinews the roots of the elm, boiledfor a long time in water, and the fat arising on the top thereof, beingclean skimmed off, and the place anointed therewith that is grownbald, and the hair fallen away, will quickly restore them again thesaid bark ground with brine or pickle, until it come to the form of apoultice, and laid on the place pained with the gout, gives great ease the decoction of the bark in water, is excellent to bathe such placesas have been burnt with fire endive descript common garden endive bears a longer and larger leaf thansuccory, and abides but one year, quickly running up to a stalk andseed, and then perishes. It has blue flowers, and the seed of theordinary endive is so like succory seed, that it is hard to distinguishthem government and virtues it is a fine cooling, cleansing, jovialplant the decoction of the leaves, or the juice, or the distilledwater of endive, serve well to cool the excessive heat of the liverand stomach, and in the hot fits of agues, and all other inflammationsin any writing of the body. It cools the heat and sharpness of theurine, and excoriation in the urinary writings the seeds are of thesame property, or rather more powerful, and besides are available forfainting, swoonings, and passions of the heart outwardly applied, theyserve to temper the sharp humours of fretting ulcers, hot tumours, swellings, and pestilential sores. And wonderfully help not only theredness and inflammations of the eyes, but the dimness of the sightalso. They are also used to allay the pains of the gout you cannot useit amiss. A syrup of it is a fine cooling medicine for fevers elecampane descript it shoots forth thesis large leaves, long and broad, lyingnear the ground, small at both ends, essaywhat soft in handling of awhitish green on the upper side, and grey underneath, each set upona short footstalk, from among which arise up divers great and stronghairy stalks, three or four feet high, with essay leaves thereupon, compassing them about at the lower end, and are branched towards thetops, bearing divers great and large flowers, like those of the cornmarigold, both the border of leaves, and the middle thrum being yellow, which turn into down, with long, small, brownish seeds amongst it, andis carried away with the wind the root is great and thick, branchedforth divers ways, blackish on the outside and whitish within, of avery bitter taste, and strong, but good scent, especially when they aredried, no writing else of the plant having any smell place it grows on moist grounds, and shadowy places oftener than inthe dry and open borders of the fields and lanes, and in other wasteplaces, almost in every county of this land time it flowers in the end of june and july, and the seed is ripein august the roots are gathered for use, as well in the springbefore the leaves come forth, as in autumn or winter government and virtues it is a plant under the dominion of mercury the fresh roots of elecampane preserved with sugar, or made into asyrup or conserve, are very effectual to warm a cold windy stomach, or the pricking therein, and stiches in the sides caused by thespleen. And to help the cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing inthe lungs the dried root made into powder, and mixed with sugar, andtaken, serves to the same purpose, and is also profitable for thosewho have their urine stopped, or the stopping of women courses, thepains of the mother and the stone in the reins, kidneys, or bladder;it resists poison, and stays the spreading of the venom of serpents, as also putrid and pestilential fevers, and the plague itself theroots and herbs beaten and put into new ale or beer, and daily drank, clears, strengthens, and quickens the sight of the eyes wonderfully the decoction of the roots in wine, or the juice taken therein, killsand drives forth all manner of worms in the belly, stomach, and maw;and gargled in the mouth, or the root chewed, fastens loose teeth, andhelps to keep them from putrefaction. And being drank is good for thosethat spit blood, helps to remove cramps or convulsions, gout, sciatica, pains in the joints, applied outwardly or inwardly, and is also goodfor those that are bursten, or have any inward bruise the root boiledwell in vinegar beaten afterwards, and made into an ointment with hogsuet, or oil of trotters is an excellent remedy for scabs or itch inyoung or old.

Cools the help on a statistics paper blood, helps ulcers inthe mouth. Hot defluxions upon the lungs, wounds, ulcers, &c alcea vervain mallow the root helps fluxes and burstness ætius, dioscorides allium garlick hot and dry in the fourth degree, troubleessay to thestomach. It dulls the sight, spoils a clear skin, resists poison, easesthe pains of the teeth, helps the bitings of mad dogs, and venomousbeasts, helps ulcers, leprosies, provokes urine, is exceedinglyopening, and profitable for dropsies althæa, &c marsh-mallows are moderately hot and drier than othermallows. They help digestion, and mitigate pain, ease the pains of thestone, and in the sides use them as you were taught in the roots, whose virtues they have, and both together will do better alsine chickweed is cold and moist without any binding, assuagesswelling, and comforts the sinews much. Therefore it is good for suchas are shrunk up. It dissolves aposthumes, hard swellings, and helpsmange in the hands and legs, outwardly applied in a pultis galen alchymilla ladies-mantle is hot and dry, essay say in the seconddegree, essay say in the third. Outwardly it helps wounds, reduceswomen breasts that hang down. Inwardly, helps bruises, and ruptures, stays vomiting, and the fluor albus, and is very profitable for suchwomen as are subject to miscarry through cold and moisture alkanna privet hath a binding quality, helps ulcers in the mouth, isgood against burnings and scaldings, cherishes the nerves and sinews;boil it in white wine to wash the mouth, and in hog grease forburnings and scaldings amaracus, majorana marjoram essay say ’tis hot and dry in the seconddegree, essay advance it to the third sweet marjoram, is an excellentremedy for cold diseases in the brain, being only smelled to helpssuch as are given to much sighing, easeth pains in the belly, provokesurine, being taken inwardly. You may take a dram of it at a time inpowder outwardly in oils or salves, it helps sinews that are shrunk;limbs out of joint, all aches and swellings coming of a cold cause angelica is hot and dry in the third degree. Opens, digests, makesthin, strengthens the heart, helps fluxes, and loathessayness of meat it is an enemy to poison and pestilence, provokes menses, and bringsaway the placanta you may take a dram of it at a time in powder anagallis, mas, femina pimpernel, male and female they areessaything hot and dry, and of such a drying quality that they drawthorns and splinters out of the flesh, amend the sight, cleanse ulcers, help infirmities of the liver and reins galen anethum dill is hot and dry in the second degree it staysvomiting, eases hiccoughs, assuages swellings, provokes urine, helpssuch as are troubled with fits of the mother, and digests raw humours apium smallage. So it is commonly used.

lung spec 21. Slight congestion 2 rat pleura <1 1 hour remains blue negative 3 rat pleura 1 23 min remains blue almost at once bad gasping respiration and died in 23 m. Heart distend. possibly injection penetrated lung peritoneum 1 23 min turns red 4 rabbit pleura 1 died overnight 5 dog pleura 1 1/4 hour remains blue 20 m p m peritoneum 1 1/4 hour remains blue 20 m p m 6 dog pleura 1 3 min remains blue 45 m p m peritoneum 1 3 min remains blue 45 m p m 7 dog pleura 1 20 min remains blue 20 m p m peritoneum 1 20 min remains blue 20 m p m series b. Serous membranesin these experiments, 1 c c of chlorlyptus was injected into thepleura or peritoneum after a stated time, the animal was killed, andthe reaction of the pleural or peritoneal surface was tested with bluelitmus paper the results are shown in the table c toxicity experiments by the referee technicwhite rats were injected hypodermically with chlorlyptus or witheucalyptus oil, diluted with olive oil in the ratio of 1:4 the largerdoses were divided between two or more sites of injection detailed protocolshypodermic injections in white rats drugs diluted with 3 writings ofolive oil doses are given as cubic centimeters of pure drug perkilogram of rat a eucalyptus series experiment 1 -- 1 25 c c. Injected vii 9 19. Active. Walks about no depression at any time vii 10 19 appears normal experiment 2 -- 2 5 c c. Injected vi 30 19. Quiet-- not very depressed, reflexes good six hours vii 1 19-- active-- reflexes good, eats moderately vii 2 19-- animal acts normal-- eats moderately, reflexes good. Active a m later in day, depressed vii 4 19-- died during night of vii 3 19 experiment 3 -- 3 75 c c. Injected vi 24 19. Quiet. Depressed. Pain reflex diminished animal lay on ventral surface, not supported by legs will get on to feet very sluggishly if turned on side twenty-four hours does not eat vi 26 19-- depressed slightly.

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Therefore, if you set an apple-kernelin the spring, you shall find the root to grow to a pretty bigness inthe summer, and be not a whit bigger next spring what doth the sap doin the root all that while?. pick straws?. ’tis as rotten as a rottenpost the truth is, when the sun declines from the tropic of cancer, the sapbegins to congeal both in root and branch. When he touches the tropicof capricorn, and ascends to us-ward, it begins to wax thin again, andby degrees, as it congealed but to proceed 3 the drier time you gather the roots in, the better they are. Forthey have the less excrementitious moisture in them 4 such roots as are soft, your best way is to dry in the sun, or elsehang them in the chimney corner upon a string. As for such as are hard, you may dry them any where 5 such roots as are great, will keep longer than such as are small;yet most of them will keep a year 6 such roots as are soft, it is your best way to keep them always nearthe fire, and to take this general rule for it. If in winter-time youfind any of your roots, herbs or flowers begin to be moist, as thesistimes you shall for it is your best way to look to them once a monthdry them by a very gentle fire.