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-- editorial from the journala m a , oct 23, 1920 vitamins. Their distributionour knowledge of the accessory food factors, commonly spoken ofas vitamins, is so recent, comparatively speaking, and the exactnature of these factors still so enveloped in mystery, that it wasinevitable that the public lack of knowledge on the subject should becapitalized it is not surprising that there are on the market a numberof preparations of the “patent medicine” type that are being sold underthe claim that they are rich in vitamins-- although the exploitersof these fail to explain which, if any, of the three accessoryfood factors their products contain the renaissance of yeast as atherapeutic agent has given an opportunity to the manufacturers of thisproduct of unduly stressing the fact that yeast is writingicularly rich inthe antineuritic vitamin water-soluble b because milk and certainmilk products are rich in the fat-soluble a factor, the dairy interestswould apparently have the public believe that this writingicular vitaminis to be obtained only from their products thus, a journal devoted tothe dairy interests recently claimed that those who want vitamins mustget them in their milk, butter, cheese and other milk products thetruth is, the accessory food factors are so well distributed throughoutthe dietary of modern man that, generally speaking, the individualwho uses ordinary judgment in selecting his food is in no danger ofsuffering from a deficiency of any of these three factors it wouldbe well if every physician might read the excellent monograph on thepresent state of knowledge concerning accessory food factors writtenby a committee appointed jointly by the lister institute and medicalresearch committee in this report the distribution of the vitamins inour common foodstuffs is thus briefly summarized. “ broadly speakingit is safe to say that the individual always finds sufficient supplyof vitamins in his food so long as that food is reasonably varied andhas received no artificial or accidental separation into writings, and solong as no destructive influence has been applied to it ” at the endof the committee report is a table reproduced on page 562 whichshows the distribution of the three accessory factors in the commonerfoodstuffs -- editorial from the journal a m a , aug 13, 1921 distribution of three accessory factors in commoner foodstuffs classes fat-soluble a water-soluble b anti- of or anti- or antineuritic scorbutic foodstuff rachitic antiberiberi factor factor factor fats and oils. Butter cream cod-liver oil mutton fat beef fat or suet peanut oil fish oil, whale oil, etc margarin prepared value in from animal fat proportion to amount of animal fat contained nut butters meat, fish, etc. Lean meat beef, mutton, etc liver kidneys heart brain sweetbreads fish, white very slight, if any fish, fat salmon, herring, etc very slight, if any fish roe canned meats ?. very slight milk, cheese, etc. Milk, cow whole, raw milk, skim, raw milk, dried whole less than less than milk, boiled, whole undetermined less than milk, condensed, sweetened less than cheese, whole milk eggs. Fresh ?.

Saturn governs the spleen, the bladder, the bones, the teeth, and, in writing, the circulating juices of the body. Causes the color of the skin of man to be dark yellowish. Impedes or promotes growth. Causes the eyes to be small, and prevents the growth of the beard jupiter governs the lungs, the ribs, cartilages, the liver, arteries, the pulse, and the development of human semen. Causes the white color of the skin, and gives a good figure mars governs the bile, kidneys, veins, and sexual organs, and of these especially the testicles. Makes hair red and the temper irascible, and inclined to outrages of various kinds venus governs the uterus, the breasts, the sexual organs, the spermatic tubes, the loins, and the buttocks. Endows man with physical beauty, furnishes him with long hair, round eyes, and a well-formed face. But it is inexcusable on the writing of this star that it presented mankind with gonorrhea mercury governs all mental processes memory, imagination, the brain with its nerves, the hands, feet, and legs, the bones and the bile. Causes man to be light-fingered the sun governs the brain, nerves, urine, the right eye of the male and the left one of the female, the optic nerves, and the entire right half of the body. Gives a good complexion to man the moon governs the brain, mouth, belly, intestines, bladder, taste, the organs of reproduction, the left eye of the male, the right eye of the female, and the feminine liver, and the entire left half of the body the signs of the zodiac, like the planets, exert full control overthe various writings of the body honest bartisch, of königsbrück 1535to 1606, has given us in his “eye-service” an illustration of theserelations fig 4 is a reproduction of this plate of bartisch the sun, moon, planets, and zodiac regulated not only the life of thevarious limbs of living man placed under their special care, but theiractivity commenced at that moment when the foundation was just aboutto be laid for the future bodily existence of a mortal i e , at themoment of conception if, during this critical process, the respectivebodies of the heavens were in an unfortunate conjunction, the membersof the future being, the most primitive forms of which had just beenfounded, were bound to suffer naturally, however, only those writings ofthe body were affected by this destiny which were in the care of starsthat happened to be in unpropitious conjunction at the time if the act of conception had passed without evil influence on thosethat were actively and passively writingicipating in it, the product ofthat hour could by no means be sure that this or that planet would notmaliciously thwart the ease and tranquillity of its embryonic and fetallife for sun, moon, and the seven planets each governed one month ofintra-uterine life, as is explained by jacobus forliviensis saturnreigns during the first month of pregnancy, jupiter in the second, mars in the third, the sun in the fourth, venus in the fifth, mercuryin the sixth, the moon in the seventh. The eighth month is ruled againby saturn, and this latter planet now shows itself to be so maliciousthat it immediately destroys all life born in the eighth month jupiteragain takes control during the ninth month, and, as this star is fondof warmth and humidity, and, therefore, a friend of life in any form, no danger is to be feared for a fetus entering the world during thismonth however, after the nine months of pregnancy have passed withoutevil interference by the planets, mars once more is in command, and hisinfluence helps in accomplishing a normal birth after the fetus had successfully passed all dangers which the planetscould cause during the nine months of intra-uterine life, and afterit had successfully matured, the hour of birth might, after all, beaccompanied with other quite severe sidereal complications for ifany planet was in an unfavorable sign, or if the relations betweenthe signs of the zodiac and the sun or the moon were not quite intheir regular order, those members which were presided over by therespective stars were made to suffer the correct casting of themedical horoscope, therefore, required the most accurate knowledgeof the minute of birth, with simultaneous occurrences in the canopyof heaven provident fathers, accordingly, were mindful of havingan astrologer, during the hour of birth, in the room in which theconfinement was to take place, so that he might be able to ascertain asaccurately as possible the celestial occurrences which would determinethe bodily welfare of the new-born, and to arrange them for thehoroscope illustration. Fig 4 the relation of the writings of the human body tothe signs of the zodiacafter the young mortal had safely arrived, and if a fortunate destinyhad placed in his cradle a favorable medical horoscope, both for thehour during which the first material foundation had been laid forhis life and also for the hour of his birth, he had overcome only asmall writing of the troubles which the starry world might be able toinflict on his bodily welfare if the various signs of heaven appearedin unfavorable conjunction, or if the moon entered into any fatalrelations with the signs of the zodiac, members of the body which wereunder the influence of the respective celestial bodies were stillimperiled these dangers might threaten not only one individual, butthey were capable, eventually, even of calling down epidemics andpestilence upon all humanity after any form of disease had taken holdof a person its course, treatment, and termination could be clearlyread in the stars of heaven it was necessary, above all, to ascertainthe day, hour, and minute when the disease appeared unfortunately, this must have been quite difficult at times. For thesis diseases beginso insidiously that the moment of the attack is completely beyondprecise definition in such a case one did the best that could be done, and probably took as the moment of attack the first complaints of thepatient regarding his disorder after the appearance of the disease wasdated in such a manner, the heavenly body, in the ascendant at thisperiod, was then ascertained.

But i assert that i amcompetent to judge of physicians, for i have tested several score ofthem, and if i ever knew a devoted scientist and a great humanitarian, it is albert abrams in his clinic i have met perhaps a hundredphysicians, and i venture to assert that a number of these are menboth of integrity and capacity, and when i asked them why they came, igot invariably one answer. “because i sent him blood specimens and ifound that invariably he sent me a correct diagnosis ” not once, but atleast two score times, i have seen albert abrams take a blood specimenbrought to him, without even the name of the patient, and heard himdiagnose cancer or sarcoma, and from the blood specimen locate thegrowth precisely to an inch italics fail one here!. -- ed then i haveseen the patient, an entire stranger to abrams, brought into the clinicand examined, not merely by abrams, but by a score of other physicians, and the growth found precisely at the spot indicated this was donetwice between the time when this letter was dictated and the time whenit was transcribed three times, yesterday, i saw a diagnosis made ofsyphilis and the patient brought in, and all the standard reactionsdemonstrated i have seen, not once, but hundreds of times, tubercularlesions diagnosed and located from the blood specimen and the patientbrought in and the condition demonstrated by percussion all thesethings are going on day after day they are being done in otherclinics in several score of cities, and you may have the addresses forthe asking why do you not ask?. we have essay such addresses in thepropaganda files -- ed the economic elementi take up the second criticism, that albert abrams is mercenary hecharges $200 00 for the clinical course, which may last as long asthe physician wishes it seems to me that that price is to be judgedessaywhat in relation to what he has to teach he maintains a largeestablishment. He has need of thesis assistants, and expensive apparatusfor his research work he charges for the use of his oscilloclast adeposit of $250 00, and a rental of $5 00 per month the former itemcovers the cost of manufacturing the machine, and the second item mustbe compared with the fact that a great number of physicians who areusing this instruments are today enjoying incomes of from $1, 000 00to $2, 000 00 per week once more, italics!. -- ed a few weeks ago i visited a physician who told me he had treatedthirty-two patients that day with his one instrument, and that hisincome was over $1, 300 00 for that week, and i could name several whohave given similar accounts it may be, of course, that you will saythey should not charge so much the average charge is about $200 00 fora guaranteed cure of such diseases as syphilis, tuberculosis, cancerand sarcoma italics our again -- ed do you know anyone who willguarantee to cure a cancer or sarcoma at any price?. no!. -- ed i am sure you will agree with me that it would be possible to findphysicians who would be willing to put up thesis hundreds of dollars toguarantee that neither cancer nor sarcoma can at the present time becured except by operation and i can recall thesis paper in my lifetimewhen i paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars to be cured ofdiseases by the medical profession, and i am unable to recall a singlecase where i was ever cured of anything still this need not be anindictment of scientific medicine -- ed finally, as regards to the subject of mercenary motives, permitme to state that i have in my possession a letter from dr abramsstating that what he desires is to have established an institute forthe purpose of making his work known to the world, and that if suchan institute is established he is prepared to give up all his otherwork and devote all his time, without compensation, to the institute furthermore, he is willing to furnish his instruments without charge toany medical institution which requests them within the last few days, on account of the enormous number of blood specimens brought into hisclinic, dr abrams has signed in my presence, and is prepared to issuea statement to the effect that his charge for examining blood specimensis to be raised from $10 00 to $25 00 and all checks are to be madepayable to a trust fund which is to be immediately established, for thepurpose of founding the institution above referred to i do not see howthe medical profession can ask for more than this. But if you do, ishould be pleased to receive your suggestions and transmit them to myfriend an old storynow, this failure to recognize a great medical discovery is an oldstory it was the experience of harvey we knew poor harvey would bedragged into this -- ed , of jenner and of lister but the world moveson, and men brains should improve, and it should be possible toshorten the time of persecution which the great pioneers of sciencehave to suffer i put to you this simple proposition. Send a reliableman of science to the clinic of albert abrams, and let him stay thereas long as he pleases and see all that he wishes to see, and then sendyou a report, and if it indicates that you have blundered in yourcondemnation, be honest and say so, and save your profession fromanother black mark against its name upton sinclair, pasadena, cal commenta testimonial is of value to the extent that the person giving itis an authority on the subject on which he testifies when mr sinclair testifies on socialism we may listen respectfully, believinghim competent to express an opinion. But when mr sinclair gives atestimonial on certain bizarre methods of interpreting difficult andobscure problems in medicine, he leaves us cold mr sinclair says that he has spent time in dr abrams’ clinic and iswonderfully impressed with dr abrams’ achievements so is the smallboy impressed with the marvelous facility with which the magicianextracts the white rabbit from the silk hat mr sinclair is convinced“that albert abrams has discovered the great secret of the diagnosisand cure of all the major diseases ” the small boy is equally convincedthat the prestidigitator has solved the mystery of producing snow whitebunnies from airy nothings great store seems to be placed by mr sinclair on the favorablereports that he obtained from those who are relieving the public-- offrom $1, 000 to $2, 000 a week-- by the abrams methods of diagnosisand treatment what kind of evidence did he expect to get from suchobviously ex writinge sources?. mr sinclair naïveté may be childlike, but it is not scientific while the significance of the statement maynot be apparent to mr sinclair, it is a fact that when the names ofthe one hundred or more lessees of the abrams “oscilloclast” werechecked up it was found that a number of these individuals were alreadyin the propaganda files in essay other connection that these disciplesof abrams, who are “enjoying incomes of from $1, 000 to $2, 000 a week, ”should speak favorably of the abrams method was inevitable!. Essay years ago upton sinclair wrote a book on his at that timepanacea for human ailments it was the “fasting cure ” at that timehe told of individual acquaintances suffering from various ailments:one was “dying of kidney trouble”.

They are excellently good inpestilential fevers, the roots being bruised and boiled in wine, andthe decoction drank. For it expels the venom to the exterior writings ofthe body. The juice of it being tempered with barley meal, baked, andso eaten for ordinary bread, is an excellent cure for the dropsy. Anointment made of the root, and hog grease, is excellently good forscald heads, unites the sinews when they are cut, and cleanses ulcers the root boiled in any convenient decoction, gives speedy delivery towomen in travail, and expels the afterbirth the root roasted, andmixed with a little hog grease, makes a gallant poultice to ripen andbreak plague-sores the ointment is excellently good for swellings inthe privities, and will cure burnings and scaldings without a scar, andtrimly deck a blank place with hair liquorice descript our english liquorice rises up with divers woody stalks, whereon are set at several distances thesis narrow, long, green leaves, set together on both sides of the stalk, and an odd one at the end, very well resembling a young ash tree sprung up from the seed thisby thesis years continuance in a place without removing, and not else, will bring forth flowers, thesis standing together spike fashion, oneabove another upon the stalk, of the form of pease blossoms, but of avery pale blue colour, which turn into long, essaywhat flat and smoothcods, wherein is contained a small, round, hard seed.

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Guinea-pigs 1 and 2 did not show any appreciable disturbance guinea-pig 3 was sick for four days, after which it gradually recovered but it became sick again after one week and died ten days after the injection guinea-pig 4 died over night guinea-pig 5 died six hours after injection guinea-pig 5 was injected at 11:30 with 5 c c chlorlyptus ten minutes after the injection it was lying relaxed, respiration and heart normal, conjunctive reflex present one hour after the injection the animal seemed to present symptoms resembling those of narcosis. Respiration and heart were normal after four hours there was no change in the condition of the guinea-pig except that the respiration was irregular five and a half hours after it showed prostration with irregular respiration and heart action six hours after injection the animal was dead autopsy. The peritoneum showed a congestion and a fibrinous exudation, amount of liquid increased, essay writing of which was probably chlorlyptus unabsorbed spleen about normal, liver congested, kidney about normal, suprarenal glands about normal, lungs normal, pleural cavity obtained no exudation, heart soft, flabby and congested experiment 15 -- toxic and irritant action of chlorlyptus when injected into the pleural cavity -- six normal guinea-pigs used for the experiment chlorlyptus was injected in the pleural cavity as follows. Guinea-pig 1, 0 5 c c. Guinea-pig 2, 1 c c. Guinea-pig 3, 2 c c. Guinea-pig 4, 3 c c , and guinea-pig 5, 4 c c guinea-pig 6 was used as a control result. Guinea-pigs 1 and 2 recovered about four hours after injection guinea-pig 3 died three days after and guinea-pigs 4 and 5 four and two hours after, respectively conclusions.