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"oh, mrs so and so, won't you come to help me homework my room for a minute?. don't be frightened " all this for the benefit of the danish officer in the saloon in the meantime the danish chief officer was wandering around the igotz mendi, taking notice of all he saw while strolling through the bunkers, where our "temporary" warm place was, he noticed nita's "kewpie" doll lying where she had dropped it there were men standing around all through these quarters suddenly the officer turned on a man standing there and said. "you're not a german " the man answered saying. "no, sir.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - | acute indigestion | | | | yesterday a great soldier and today the head of a big trust | | succumbed to an attack of acute indigestion, and every day | | we hear from essay physician of essay case he has saved with | | bell-ans by giving six 6 tablets dissolved in a glass of | | hot water and repeating if necessary can any doctor who | | reads this fail to provide himself with the free supply of | | bell-ans which we will gladly send for his emergency case?. | | | | bell & co inc mfg chemists orangeburg new york u s a | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -typical of bell-ans advertisements as appearing in medical journals a recently purchased package of bell-ans contained a circular in whichit was stated that bell-ans removes flatulence, vertigo, weakness andother symptoms of indigestion quickly and pleasantly. That it aidsthe digestion of food and tends to restore the digestive tract to anormal condition. That it relieves vomiting in pregnancy, alcoholism, seasickness and cholera morbus, besides being pleasant, harmless andeffective for colic, sour stomach, feverishness, and wakefulness ofinfants and children the circular contained paragraphs purportingto be taken from various medical journals, including the new yorkmedical journal, wisconsin medical recorder, the lancet clinic, international journal of surgery, and massachusetts medicaljournal no exact references were given to permit verification or todetermine whether or not the quotations were from “reading notices” advertisements or from the scientific writing of the journals inquestion to quote one of the statements given. “the results from the use of bell-ans pa-pay-ans bell in the treatment of indigestion are so prompt and so generally good-- and the evidence of this fact is accumulating so rapidly and from such reliable sources-- that we venture to suggest to our readers who have not tried this remedy that they prescribe one original sealed package of bell-ans pa-pay-ans bell and that they carefully note the results from its use “we suggest an original sealed package because the preparation is widely and badly imitated, and unless such a package is specified an imitation of little value may be substituted and the experiment be thus rendered useless ”it is possible that bell-ans has been imitated, but it is not truethat it is widely imitated, for no such imitation has ever been calledto our attention, and we strongly suspect that the main reason fordesiring that an original package be dispensed is that the patient maysee for himself the name bell-ans plainly blown in the glass the circular in question states that there is no derangement of thedigestive organs on which the proper dose of bell-ans will not actquickly and pleasantly!. these are samples of the claims made forbell-ans let us inquire into the nature of the conditions for whichthe preparation is recommended and the treatment advised by well knownclinicians the subject of indigestion is discussed by robert hutchison and robertsaundby under the general title of dyspepsia in the “index of treatmentby various writers, ” edition 6, 1912, pp 260-265 hutchison says:“in the first place it must be remembered that in thesis patients whocomplain of ‘indigestion’ the seat of the trouble is not in the stomachat all ”illustration. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - | a philadelphia doctor writes. | | | | “your bell-ans for ingestion do just what you claim and more | | too i, personally, had a bad case of intestinal indigestion | | with gastric vertigo i had taken almost everything and got no | | relief, until i commenced to take bell-ans-- four to six tablets | | in a large glassful of hot water after each meal you have my | | permission to use this statement, with my name and address if | | you wish i prescribe bell-ans constantly” | | | | bell-ans | | for indigestion | | 25c package at every drug store in the u s | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -newspaper advertisement of bell-ans, capitalizing the statements ofphysicians the general principles to be observed in the treatment of functionaldyspepsia, as given by hutchison, are. 1 to remove the cause. 2 toadapt the diet to the impaired functional power of the stomach. 3to administer such drugs as are calculated to stimulate or correctthe writingicular function or functions which happen to be impaired, or disordered proper diet, proper mastication of food, hygiene ofthe mouth, and constipation are enumerated as deserving attention careful attention to securing a proper diet is essential the choiceof drugs depends, of course, on the conditions that give rise toindigestion, and he calls attention to the necessity of avoiding allroutine treatment and compiling one prescription with an eye to thespecial disorder or disorders of function, whether secretory, motor orsensory, believed to be present hutchison gives the following typicalprescriptions to illustrate the use of drugs in the different disordersof function. For hypersecretion hyperchlorhydria, acid dyspepsia, etc sodium bromid 10 grains bismuth subcarbonate 15 grains chloroform water 1/2 ounce this mixture to be taken before meals sodium bicarbonate bismuth subcarbonate heavy magnesium carbonate, of each equal writings a small teaspoonful of the powder to be taken mixed with a little water or milk about two hours after meals for deficient secretion hypochylia, achylia, gastritis, etc sodium bicarbonate 10 grains tincture of nux vomica 10 minims spirit of chloroform 8 minims compound infusion of gentian 1/2 ounce this mixture to be taken before meals dilute hydrochloric acid and glycerin, of each 15 minims with enough water to make half an ounce, to be taken about twenty minutes after meals for defective motility atonic dyspepsia, gastroptosis, etc hutchison recommends the use of 10 minims of tincture of nux vomica in an aromatic vehicle, such as infusion of quassia and compound tincture of cardamom. But another aromatic bitter, such as the compound tincture of gentian, will serve quite as well, of course this is to be taken before each meal, and for the flatulence that often accompanies this trouble he gives menthol, aromatic spirit of ammonia and spirit of chloroform, as may be needed for acid dyspepsia robert saundby recommends the following to be used before each meal for the relief of acid dyspepsia. Sodium bicarbonate, bismuth subcarbonate, magnesium carbonate, of each 10 grains. Mucilage of tragacanth 15 minims, and enough peppermint water to make an ounce these are only a few of the conditions that are discussed by hutchisonand saundby, but they serve to show that the treatment of indigestionby a single prescription or combination is wholly irrational bell-ans, both under its present name and under its older name, “pa-pay-ans bell, ” has always been alleged by its manufacturers tocontain papain or to be a preparation of the digestive juice fromthe fruit of carica papaya papaw with other substances variouschemists have attempted to find papain present and to determine thedigestive power of the tablets, but without success for this reasonthe journal suggested that the change of name from “pa-pay-ans bell”to “bell-ans” was probably not made entirely for euphonious reasons, as alleged, especially when one considers that the name of a nostrumis its most valuable asset it is much more likely that as analysesindicated there was not and probably never had been any papain presentin the product, the name was changed for fear that essay day themisleading term “pa-pay-ans” might bring the preparation in conflictwith the federal food and drugs act pa-pay-ans bell was examined for the council on pharmacy andchemistry in 1909 and the tablets were found to consist of charcoal, sodium bicarbonate, ginger, saccharin and oil of gaultheria nodigestive ferment could be detected in the tablets sodium bicarbonateis antacid and serves to dissolve mucus. Ginger, if in sufficientamount, causes the expulsion of flatus, and charcoal, while anabsorbent in the dry state, is probably useless for any therapeuticpurpose whatever after it becomes saturated with gastric juice bell-ans, then, has all of the virtues, which are few, and all ofthe limitations, which are thesis, of a tablet of sodium bicarbonateand ginger its value in the treatment of acute indigestion would belimited to the value of a tablet of such a composition it is absurd tosuppose that it could have the slightest value in the far more seriousconditions attended with intestinal indigestion, with the toxemia andautointoxication to which they give rise bell-ans is now advertised directly to the public-- but it is no lessvaluable on that account true, it is a “patent medicine” in thecommonly accepted sense of the term, but it is no more a “patentmedicine” today than it was fifteen years ago when it reached thepublic, not through the direct medium of the newspapers but the moreindirect route of the medical journals and undiscriminating physicians it is true that, in view of the serious nature of thesis conditionswhich are loosely spoken of by the public as “indigestion, ” its presentmethod of exploitation is likely to make it just that much moredangerous because of the larger publicity that will be given the pointto be borne in mind is that bell-ans is now in fact what it has alwaysbeen in essence, a “patent medicine ”illustration.

The flowers of a pale whitish and red colour, help me homework andthe pods distinct by joints like the other, but little more crooked;and the roots do carry thesis small white knots or kernels amongst thestrings place these grow on heaths, and thesis open untilled places of thisland time they flower and seed in the end of summer government and virtues they belong to saturn and are of a drying, binding quality, and thereby very good to be used in wound drinks, asalso to apply outwardly for the same purpose but the latter birdfoot is found by experience to break the stone in the back or kidneys, and drives them forth, if the decoction thereof be taken. And itwonderfully helps the ruptures, being taken inwardly, and outwardlyapplied to the place all sorts have best operations upon the stone, as ointments andplaisters have upon wounds. And therefore you may make a salt of thisfor the stone. The way how to do so may be found in my translationof the london dispensatory. And it may be i may give you it again inplainer terms at the latter end of this book bishop-weed besides the common name bishop-weed, it is usually known by the greekname ammi and ammois.

It isdangerous for pregnant women pyrus sylvestris wild pear-tree i know no virtue in the leaves pyrola winter-green cold and dry, and very binding, stops fluxes, and the menses, and is admirably good in green wounds quercus folia oak help me homework leaves. Are much of the nature of the former, staythe fluor albus see the bark ranunculus hath got a sort of english names. Crowfoot, king-kob, gold-cups, gold-knobs, butter-flowers, &c they are of a notable hotquality, unfit to be taken inwardly. If you bruise the roots and applythem to a plague-sore, they are notable things to draw the venom tothem raparum folia if they do mean turnip leaves, when they are youngand tender, they are held to provoke urine rosmarirum rosemary, hot and dry in the second degree, binding, stops fluxes, helps stuffings in the head, the yellow jaundice, helpsthe memory, expels wind see the flowers serapio, dioscorides rosa solis see the water rosa alba, rubra, damascena white, red, and damask roses rumex dock. All the ordinary sort of docks are of a cool and dryingsubstance, and therefore stop fluxes. And the leaves are seldom used inphysic rubus idæus. Raspis, raspberries, or hind-berries. I know no greatvirtues in the leaves ruta rue, or herb of grace. Hot and dry in the third degree, consumes the seed, and is an enemy to generation, helps difficultyof breathing, and inflammations of the lungs, pains in the sides, inflammations of the priapus and matrix, naught for pregnant women. Noherb resists poison more it strengthens the heart exceedingly, and noherb better than this in pestilential times, take it what manner youwill or can ruta muraria see adianthum sabina savin. Hot and dry in the third degree, potently provokesthe menses, expels both birth and afterbirth, they boiled in oil andused in ointments stay creeping ulcers, scour away spots, freckles andsunburning from the face. The belly anointed with it kills worms inchildren salvia sage. Hot and dry in the second or third degree, binding, it stays abortion in such women as are subject to come before theirtimes, it causes fruitfulness, it is singularly good for the brain, strengthens the senses and memory, helps spitting and vomiting ofblood. Outwardly, heat hot with a little vinegar and applied to theside, helps stitches and pains in the sides salix willow leaves, are cold, dry, and binding, stop spitting ofblood, and fluxes. The boughs stuck about a chamber, wonderfully coolthe air, and refresh such as have fevers. The leaves applied to thehead, help hot diseases there, and frenzies sampsucum marjoram sunicula sanicle. Hot and dry in the second degree, cleanses woundsand ulcers saponaria sope-wort, or bruise-wort, vulgarly used in bruises andcut fingers, and is of notable use in the veneral disease satureia savory summer savory is hot and dry in the third degree, winter savory is not so hot, both of them expel wind sazifragia alba white saxifrage, breaks wind, helps the cholic andstone scabiosa scabious.

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neutral between ten five per cent still strongly acid in and fifteen minutes twelve minutes. Distinctly acid in seventeen minutes one per cent still strongly acid in twenty-one minutes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -chlorlyptus. Reaction litmus paper on contact with tissue serial when quantity, time blue symptoms or no animal injected c c of death litmus toxicity 1 rat pleura 1 1/2 hour remains blue none. Killed. pleura not congested. lung spec 21. Slight congestion 2 rat pleura <1 1 hour remains blue negative 3 rat pleura 1 23 min remains blue almost at once bad gasping respiration and died in 23 m. Heart distend. possibly injection penetrated lung peritoneum 1 23 min turns red 4 rabbit pleura 1 died overnight 5 dog pleura 1 1/4 hour remains blue 20 m p m peritoneum 1 1/4 hour remains blue 20 m p m 6 dog pleura 1 3 min remains blue 45 m p m peritoneum 1 3 min remains blue 45 m p m 7 dog pleura 1 20 min remains blue 20 m p m peritoneum 1 20 min remains blue 20 m p m series b.