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Essay are preposterous, therapeuticmonstrosities which excite the contempt of educated physicians, as help is school papers inthe case of “tongaline”. Essay are merely useless mixtures of well knowndrugs, sold under grotesquely exaggerated claims, as in the case of“peacock bromides ”various formulas have been given for bromidia the manufacturers appearto be more cautious under those circumstances in which falsehood mightlead them into collision with the federal authorities, than when givingreign to fancy and considering only the best means of winning the favorof the physician it is said to consist of hydrated chloral, potassiumbromid, indian cannabis, and hyoscyamus it is impossible to determinefrom the published formulas just how much hydrated chloral andpotassium bromid it contains, but is probable that there are about 15grains of each of these two drugs to the fluidram, and variable amountsof indian cannabis and a small amount of either extract or tincture ofhyoscyamus this much is certain. Bromidia is a distinctly dangerous mixture forindiscriminate use the claim of the manufacturers, implied, ratherthan directly stated, that it is superior to an extemporaneouslyprepared mixture of those drugs is especially reprehensible because ittends to create the impression that the nostrum is safer in effectivedoses, conducing to a false sense of security on the writing of thosewho are deluded into prescribing it in larger doses than they would amixture of the same drugs prepared extemporaneously a report of the council on pharmacy and chemistry published in thejournal, may 16, 1914, p 1573, mentions three instances in which deathis reported to have followed the use of bromidia the manufacturersof bromidia have no magic power to render hydrated chloral harmless, while it retains its hypnotic action it depresses the central nervoussystem, and it is nothing less than monstrous for any one to pretendto rob this drug of its dangerous properties while it retains itshypnotic effects if the patient requires a hypnotic, the physicianshould choose that one which his judgment and experience dictate asthe best for that writingicular patient if he needs hydrated chloral, the physician should prescribe exactly as much as he believes thepatient needs if the effect is slightly greater or slightly less thananticipated, no harm is done and the physician has gained experiencethat will be valuable in future prescribing if bromidia is prescribedand unexpected effects are induced, it is impossible to know whetherthese were due to the hydrated chloral or to one of the other narcoticsor to a synergistic action. And there is nothing to guide in thefurther use of the nostrum, for mixtures of narcotics commonly havemuch less uniformity of action than a single drug the irritant action of hydrated chloral on the stomach can be avoidedby the use of bland fluids or dilute solutions the following serves asan example of the way in which it may be prescribed conveniently. Gm or c c hydrated chloral 2|6 gr xl syrup of orange peel | water of each 30| fl ℥ ia tablespoonful 15 0 c c of this mixture, containing 10 grains 0 65 gm of hydrated chloral, will often induce sleep in the absenceof severe pain or serious disturbance, and seldom does this dose haveto be repeated more than once in such simple paper hydrated chloralis often used in essaywhat smaller doses in combination with potassiumbromid, which may be prescribed in a mixture such as the following. gm or c c hydrated chloral 1|3 gr xx potassium bromid 3|9 gr lx syrup of orange peel | water of each 30| fl ℥ iin producing sleep when severe pain is absent this is as effective asthe preceding, in similar doses the use of repeated doses of hydratedchloral in such a mixture as this, or in the form of bromidia or othernostrum when sleeplessness is due to severe pain is highly dangerous it should be remembered that while hydrated chloral is an effectivehypnotic in case of simple sleeplessness, it is not actively analgesicexcept in distinctly dangerous doses bromidia in repeated doses willinduce sleep even in the presence of pain, of course. But any activenarcotic does that, and it is correspondingly dangerous small doses ofmorphin given alone are preferable when sleeplessness is due to severepain tongaline“tongaline” is an example of the type of “shotgun” nostrum thatwould be merely ludicrous if we could look on anything that degradestherapeutics so lightly a report was made to the council on pharmacyand chemistry, and published in the journal, july 17, 1915, p 269, andin this report it is stated that tongaline is said to consist of tonga, cimicifuga racemosa, sodium salicylate, colchicum, and pilocarpin whether the formula was cut short just there because the office boyran out of breath at that point, or because the discoverers of thiswonderful combination had not heard of the eminently potent substancesthat the witches added to their cauldron, we can leave to the readerimagination, for it is manifestly impossible to present an orderlydiscussion of the pharmacology and therapeutics of such a preposterousjumble of drugs peacock’s bromides“peacock bromides” belongs to a slightly different class it is saidto consist of the bromids of sodium, potassium, ammonium, calcium andlithium in the absence of a logical explanation of the pretendedsuperiority of this mixture over one that is made extemporaneously, theexploiters seem to have been driven to the necessity of pretending thatits freedom from contaminating chlorids explains its claimed advantagesover mixtures of the official or commercial bromids the truth is thatthe chlorids are used as antidotes in bromid poisoning disregard the claims made for peacock bromides, and ask yourself thequestion whether you have ever actually seen any ill results followingthe use of the official bromids that you could reasonably attribute tocontaminating chlorids furthermore, carefully consider the relativeadvantage of a single bromid say the bromid of potassium, or bromidof sodium, if you prefer it, with the opportunity of observing itseffects and adjusting the dose in accordance with the results of yourexperience, and a mixture such as peacock bromides, the compositionof which you do not know, and which the manufacturer can alter to suithis own convenience while it is true that the therapeutic art will not degenerate in itsentirety merely because essay physicians continue to use the mostfraudulent and worthless nostrums, yet, on the other hand, to theextent that a physician continues to be guided by the false teachingsof nostrum venders who have no therapeutic training, he is plunged intotherapeutic chaos -- from the journal a m a , march 2, 1918 article viii tyree antiseptic and aseptinolit may seem paradoxic to say that recent progress in the medicalsciences has made therapeutic chaos possible, but it is truenevertheless revolutions are essaytimes slow and orderly, essaytimessudden and attended with confusion the revolutionary changes inthe medical sciences have been so numerous and so rapid that thegeneral practitioner has been unable to keep pace with them, and inthe resulting confusion the nostrum maker has seen his opportunityfor exploiting his useless, dangerous or unscientific preparations the greater the confusion, the greater his opportunity. And it isno exaggeration to say that he has been the most potent factor inmaintaining the chaos of therapeutics the majority of our readers would probably say that the existingscientific medical literature insures the permanence of establishedbeliefs, but every one who has delved into the literature has foundinstances of truths that had been established and forgotten-- buriedunder the ever-increasing avalanche of contributions to that literature illustration.

Umbilical cord hadnot been tied. Subcutaneous hemorrhage in right temporal region. Brownbruised surface and contused wounds of pharynx, where writingicles likeashes and vomited matter were found lungs filled the pleural cavities, were rose-colored and showed abundant punctated subpleural ecchymoses;bloody, frothy mucus in trachea and bronchi. Essay serum in pericardium;respiration had been complete opinion given, that the infant had beensuffocated by obstruction of pharynx, probably by fingers 61 tardieu. Op cit , p 323 - new-born infant found under a cask, writingly eaten by a dog the head showed transverse flattening andsubcutaneous hemorrhage lungs voluminous, rosy. Abundant subpleuralecchymoses. Hemorrhage in left lung heart filled with fluid blood coagulated blood in abdomen opinion given, suffocation by pressure onhead, chest, and abdomen the mother confessed that she had placed thechild under the cask 62 ibid , p 325 - new-born infant found buried in the earth. Graveland earth in pharynx and œsophagus down nearly to stomach, and intrachea and right bronchus lungs congested, crepitant opinion given, that the child had been buried while living 63 ibid , p 326 - new-born infant found in ashes. Nose and lipsobstructed, mouth filled. Ashes in œsophagus and stomach. None inlarynx or trachea lungs distended with air, emphysematous. Subpleuralecchymoses. Fluid blood in heart 64 ibid , p 327 - new-born infant, buried in bran. Nose and mouthfilled. Essay in trachea. None in œsophagus or stomach lungs distendedwith air, emphysematous.

The external senses, viz seeing, help is school papers hearing, smelling, tastingand feeling. The virtuous, attractive, retentive, digestive, expulsive, &c under the dominion of what planets they are, may be found in myephemeris for the year 1651 in both which you shall find the chaffof authors blown away by the fame of dr reason, and nothing butrational truths left for the ingenious to feed upon lastly to avoid blotting paper with one thing thesis times, and alsoto ease your purses in the price of the book, and withal to make youstudious in physic. You have at the latter end of the book, the wayof preserving all herbs either in juice, conserve, oil, ointment orplaister, electuary, pills, or troches agrimony descript this has divers long leaves essay greater, essay smallerset upon a stalk, all of them dented about the edges, green above, andgreyish underneath, and a little hairy withal among which arises upusually but one strong, round, hairy, brown stalk, two or three feethigh, with smaller leaves set here and there upon it at the topthereof grow thesis small yellow flowers, one above another, in longspikes. After which come rough heads of seed, hanging downwards, whichwill cleave to and stick upon garments, or any thing that shall rubagainst them the knot is black, long, and essaywhat woody, abiding thesisyears, and shooting afresh every spring. Which root, though small, hatha reasonable good scent place it grows upon banks, near the sides of hedges time it flowers in july and august, the seed being ripe shortlyafter government and virtues it is an herb under jupiter, and the signcancer. And strengthens those writings under the planet and sign, andremoves diseases in them by sympathy, and those under saturn, mars andmercury by antipathy, if they happen in any writing of the body governedby jupiter, or under the signs cancer, sagitarius or pisces, andtherefore must needs be good for the gout, either used outwardly in oilor ointment, or inwardly in an electuary, or syrup, or concerted juice:for which see the latter end of this book it is of a cleansing and cutting faculty, without any manifest heat, moderately drying and binding it opens and cleanses the liver, helpsthe jaundice, and is very beneficial to the bowels, healing all inwardwounds, bruises, hurts, and other distempers the decoction of the herbmade with wine, and drank, is good against the biting and stinging ofserpents, and helps them that make foul, troubled or bloody water this herb also helps the cholic, cleanses the breast, and rids awaythe cough a draught of the decoction taken warm before the fit, first removes, and in time rids away the tertian or quartan agues the leaves and seeds taken in wine, stays the bloody flux. Outwardlyapplied, being stamped with old swine grease, it helps old sores, cancers, and inveterate ulcers, and draws forth thorns and splintersof wood, nails, or any other such things gotten in the flesh it helpsto strengthen the members that be out of joint. And being bruised andapplied, or the juice dropped in it, helps foul and imposthumed ears the distilled water of the herb is good to all the said purposes, either inward or outward, but a great deal weaker it is a most admirable remedy for such whose livers are annoyed eitherby heat or cold the liver is the former of blood, and blood thenourisher of the body, and agrimony a strengthener of the liver i cannot stand to give you a reason in every herb why it cures suchdiseases. But if you please to pursue my judgment in the herb wormwood, you shall find them there, and it will be well worth your while toconsider it in every herb, you shall find them true throughout the book water agrimony it is called in essay countries, water hemp, bastard hemp, and bastardagrimony, eupatorium, and hepatorium, because it strengthens the liver descript the root continues a long time, having thesis long slenderstrings the stalk grows up about two feet high, essaytimes higher they are of a dark purple colour the branches are thesis, growing atdistances the one from the other, the one from the one side of thestalk, the other from the opposite point the leaves are fringed, and much indented at the edges the flowers grow at the top of thebranches, of a brown yellow colour, spotted with black spots, havinga substance within the midst of them like that of a daisy. If you rubthem between your fingers, they smell like rosin or cedar when it isburnt the seeds are long, and easily stick to any woollen thing theytouch place they delight not in heat, and therefore they are not sofrequently found in the southern writings of england as in the northern, where they grow frequently. You may look for them in cold grounds, byponds and ditches’ sides, and also by running waters. Essaytimes youshall find them grow in the midst of waters time they all flower in july or august, and the seed is ripepresently after government and virtues it is a plant of jupiter, as well as theother agrimony, only this belongs to the celestial sign cancer itheals and dries, cuts and cleanses thick and tough humours of thebreast, and for this i hold it inferior to but few herbs that grow it helps the cachexia or evil disposition of the body, the dropsy andyellow-jaundice it opens obstructions of the liver, mollifies thehardness of the spleen, being applied outwardly it breaks imposthumesaway inwardly.

It provokes urine, and menses, strengthens the liver, and is good against the dropsy fraxini of ash-tree i know no great virtues in physic of the roots galangæ, majoris, minoris galanga, help is school papers commonly called galingal, thegreater and lesser. They are hot and dry in the third degree, andthe lesser are accounted the hotter, it strengthens the stomachexceedingly, and takes away the pains thereof coming of cold or wind;the smell of it strengthens the brain, it relieves faint hearts, takesaway windiness of the womb, heats the reins, and provokes amorousdiseases you may take half a dram at a time matthiolus gentiana of gentian. Essay call it felwort, and baldmoney it ishot, cleansing, and scouring, a notable counterpoison, it opensobstructions, helps the biting of venemous beasts, and mad dogs, helps digestion, and cleanseth the body of raw humours. The root isprofitable for ruptures, or such as are bursten glycyrrhizæ of liquorice. The best that is grows in england:it is hot and moist in temperature, helps the roughness of thewindpipe, hoarsness, diseases in the kidneys and bladder, and ulcers inthe bladder, it concocts raw humours in the stomach, helps difficultyof breathing, is profitable for all salt humours, the root dried andbeaten into powder, and the powder put into the eye, is a specialremedy for a pin and web gramminis of grass, such as in london they call couch grass, and squitch-grass. In sussex dog-grass it gallantly provokesurine, and easeth the kidneys oppressed with gravel, gripings of thebelly, and difficulty of urine let such as are troubled with thesediseases, drink a draught of white wine, wherein these roots beingbruised have been boiled, for their morning draught, bruisedand applied to the place, they speedily help green wounds galen, dioscorides hermodactyli of hermodactils they are hot and dry, purge flegm, especially from the joints, therefore are good for gouts, and otherdiseases in the joints their vices are corrected with long pepper, ginger, cinnamon, or mastich i would not have unskilful people toobusy with purges hyacinthi of jacinths the roots are dry in the first degree, andcold in the second, they stop looseness, bind the belly iridis, vulgaris, and florentine, &c orris, or flower-de-luce, boththat which grows with us, and that which comes from florence theyare hot and dry in the third degree, resist poison, help shortness ofthe breath, provoke the menses. The root being green and bruised, takes away blackness and blueness of a stroke, being applied thereto imperitoriæ, &c of master-wort the root is hot and dry in the thirddegree. Mitigates the rigour of agues, helps dropsies, provokes sweat, breaks carbuncles, and plague-sores, being applied to them. It is veryprofitable being given inwardly in bruises isotidis, glasti of woad i know no great physical virtue in theroot see the herb labri veneris, dipsaci fullers-thistle, teazle the root beingboiled in wine till it be thick quoth dioscorides helps by unctionthe clefts of the fundament, as also takes away warts and wens galensaith, they are dry in the second degree. And i take it all authorshold them to be cold and dry unslacked lime beaten into powder, andmixed with black soap, takes away a wen being anointed with it lactucæ of lettice i know no physical virtue residing in the roots lauri of the bay-tree the bark of the root drunk with wine, provokes urine, breaks the stone, opens obstructions of the liver andspleen but according to dioscorides is naught for pregnant women galen lapathi acuti, oxylapathi sorrel, according to galen. Butsharp-pointed dock, according to dioscorides the roots of sorrelare held to be profitable against the jaundice of sharp-pointed dock;cleanse, and help scabs and itch levistici of lovage they are hot and dry, and good for any diseasescoming of wind lillij albi of white lillies the root is essaything hot and dry, helps burnings, softens the womb, provokes the menses, if boiled inwine, is given with good success in rotten fevers, pestilences, and alldiseases that require suppuration. Outwardly applied, it helps ulcersin the head, and amends the ill colour of the face malvœ of mallows they are cool, and digesting, resist poison, andhelp corrosions, or gnawing of the bowels, or any other writing. As alsoulcers in the bladder see marsh-mallows mandragoræ of mandrakes a root dangerous for its coldness, beingcold in the fourth degree. The root is dangerous mechoachanæ of mechoacah it is corrected with cinnamon, istemperate yet drying, purges flegm chiefly from the head and joints, it is good for old diseases in the head, and may safely be given evento feverish bodies, because of its temperature. It is also profitableagainst coughs and pains in the reins. As also against venerealcomplaints. The strong may take a dram at a time mei, &c spignel the roots are hot and dry in the second or thirddegree, and send up unwholeessay vapours to the head mezerei, &c of spurge, olive, or widow-wail see the herb, if youthink it worth the seeing merorum celci of mulberry tree the bark of the root is bitter, hotand dry, opens stoppings of the liver and spleen, purges the belly, andkills worms, boiled in vinegar, helps the tooth-ache morsus diaboli, succisæ, &c devil-bit see the herb norpi spicæ, indicæ, celticæ, &c of spikenard, indian, and cheltic cheltic nard wonderfully provokes urine they are both hot and dry theindian, also provokes urine, and stops fluxes, helps windiness of thestomach, resists the pestilence, helps gnawing pains of the stomach;and dries up rheums that molest the head the celtic spikenard performsthe same offices, though in a weaker measure nenupharis, nymphæ of water-lilies they are cold and dry, and stoplust. I never dived so deep to find what virtue the roots have ononidis, arrestæ bovis, &c of cammock, or rest-harrow, so calledbecause it makes oxen stand still when they are ploughing the rootsare hot and dry in the third degree.

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Mucous membrane congested lungs help is school papers muchcongested. Pink frothy mucus in bronchi. No emphysema nor apoplexies right side of heart full of dark blood. Left side empty liver, spleen, and kidneys congested stomach and intestines normal bladder empty internal genitals normal brain congested 6 mackenzie. Ibid , august, 1888, p 232 - hindoo man, age about30 strangled by soft cloth cord necroscopy. Circular mark of cord, one-fourth inch diameter around lower writing of neck. Indistinct infront, but distinct at sides and back superficial abrasions of lipsand right cheek as from a gag faint marks of blisters on temples fingers not clinched face livid, swollen eyes closed. Conjunctivæcongested. Corneæ hazy. Pupils normal tongue protruding and bitten;not swollen fluid blood oozing from mouth and nose clotted bloodunder scalp of left temple skin beneath cord had the color andconsistence of parchment muscles not torn hyoid, thyroid, and cricoidnot injured larynx, trachea, and bronchi empty. Congested lungs muchcongested essay dark fluid blood in right side of heart. Left sideempty liver, spleen, and kidneys congested small patch of congestionin stomach intestines normal bladder normal, contained essay urine brain congested 7 ibid , p 234 - hindoo woman, age about 40 broad, circular, depressed “parchment” mark, one inch broad, around the neck, betweenhyoid bone and thyroid cartilage.