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Pupils normal tongue protruding and bitten;not swollen fluid harvard supplement essay 2015 blood oozing from mouth and nose clotted bloodunder scalp of left temple skin beneath cord had the color andconsistence of parchment muscles not torn hyoid, thyroid, and cricoidnot injured larynx, trachea, and bronchi empty. Congested lungs muchcongested essay dark fluid blood in right side of heart. Left sideempty liver, spleen, and kidneys congested small patch of congestionin stomach intestines normal bladder normal, contained essay urine brain congested 7 ibid , p 234 - hindoo woman, age about 40 broad, circular, depressed “parchment” mark, one inch broad, around the neck, betweenhyoid bone and thyroid cartilage. Made by two pieces of cloth, eachthree feet seven inches long and one inch broad, twisted into a singlecord and tied tightly by three ordinary knots on right side of neck superficial wound on left side of head above ear face turgid, swollen eyes closed tongue between teeth and bitten. Not swollen muscles ofneck uninjured trachea uninjured lungs congested right side of heartfull of dark fluid blood. Left side empty liver and spleen congested other organs, including brain, normal 8 ibid , p 235 - hindoo woman, age about 25 piece of cloth twistedtightly twice around mouth double cord made of two twists of thin coirrope tied tightly around middle of neck just below thyroid cartilage;beneath the cord the skin was “parchment” like no injury to muscles ofneck nor windpipe eyes closed face not flushed tongue not rupturednor bitten hands not clinched larynx, trachea, and lungs congested right side of heart full of dark fluid blood.

"velly sorry, but captain write his name each day on paper that speaks how much you eat " this was the fact, as i have seen the paper the german chief engineer and chief mate used to eat at the same table as we did, and used to complain of the food as being inadequate. And one night the chief engineer took the matter up with rose and told him a few truths rose said that it was "too bad, " that he did not know anything about it before but now he would straighten it up the engineer told rose that if he cut out a lot of his private champagne suppers and looked into what the rest of us were getting it would not be necessary to make these complaints this is a condition that could not exist on the wolf because there we were under the charge of a gentleman and an officer and we got square treatment, but on the hitachi and later on the igotz mendi we were under a sub-lieutenant, a snob and a man who did not know the meaning of the word gentleman in my opinion it is this class of "under officer" that gives the germans the unenviable reputation that they have my wife at this time was convalescing rapidly and regaining her strength. And it was of the utmost importance that she be provided with sufficient food luckily i was able to purchase from one of the stewards a couple of large cans of biscuits, essay preserved ginger and an occasional piece of cheese this helped out a whole lot, although even at that she was under-nourished little juanita did not fare so badly as she was given as much as her elders, and being only a child did not require so much as they at this time it was possible to purchase stout on the hitachi, which was a godsend to us a few days after coming on board, when ordering stout, i was told that it had all gone on making inquiries afterwards i found out that lieut rose had stopped its sale and was reserving it along with all the beer and wine for his own use, and for the use of his writingicular friends, who were all able-bodied persons there were three women, in addition to my wife, who actually needed essaything of this description the jap stewards on board were being paid their regular wages by the german government, but as their captain was a prisoner on board the wolf, and they were away from his authority, they paid absolutely no heed to any of the prisoners' needs, merely contenting themselves with keeping the lieutenant well supplied with booze and anything else he wanted afterwards rose told me that the service of the japs on the hitachi was splendid i told him that it was rotten and told him why. Rose merely pulled that prussian smile of his and said. "what do you expect?. you're not first class passengers, you know " to this i agreed and told him all i wanted was an even break with the rest of the prisoners, or "ex-passengers, " as he used to call us there were essay sixty of us occupying the first class cabins, among whom were thesis of the original passengers of the hitachi we were, with one or two exceptions, all young people, and despite the short rations we had and the rough experience we'd undergone, we managed to have essay very enjoyable times, playing deck billiards, quoits, cricket and various card games in the dining saloon was a piano essay of the australian chaps were great mimics and had good voices, so we had essay very enjoyable evenings the last night we were on the hitachi, in writingicular, the japs came to life and were almost human one of them unlocked a large closet that was filled with masks, costumes, false beards, hair, etc , which were used for amateur theatricals we all dressed up as various characters, and we had a regular variety show among the offerings were clog dancing, sword dancing, highland fling, the good old cake walk, and the texas tommy the last number was what we called the "hitachi rag" and was danced by everybody it consisted of the regulation "rag" varied by every conceivable step, including high and lofty tumbling all during the performance the german sailors on the hitachi were peering in through the portholes and lining the alley ways and steps, enjoying the show almost as much as the rest of us but this "hitachi rag" was more than the disciplined teutons could stand first two of them tried it, and in a few minutes all the germans were dancing the news spread to the wolf and there was a general stampede of teuton guards and sailors, in our direction for a few minutes we had full charge of the ship, as the teutons wouldn't stop when their petty officers called them shortly afterwards the chief officer appeared and made us all stop, saying that it was the commander's orders, and that we were "stopping the work of the ship" to say nothing of undermining german discipline on the hitachi, thesis of us lost things out of our rooms, such as razors, a camera, combs and various toilet articles and articles of clothing one day, one of the british chaps caught a jap steward in his room using his safety razor as this writingicular jap had pimples and sores all over his face, the british ally and owner of the razor was very hostile i asked him what he was going to do about it "i shall report the bally rotter to the management, " the briton replied not being used to such violent outbursts of emotion i beat it all the time that we were lying here among the maldive islands, 12 days in all, transferring cargo, the flying machine made regular observation trips twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening on three different occasions it reported seeing steamers passing not more than 50 or 60 miles off, and once it reported seeing a fast cruiser, probably british, travelling along at full speed this island where we were lying was only 50 or 60 miles off the regular trade route and i had hopes that essay patrolling vessel would blunder on to us, but no such luck. Although one night our hopes were raised to a great height just shortly after sunset, my wife imagined that she saw essaything on the western horizon i got my glasses and concealing myself so that i could not be discovered i had a look i, too, could see essaything, but at that time could not make it out. Although in another ten minutes i had another look and sure enough it was bigger and plainer shortly after, it was discovered by the germans, and an alarm sounded everybody was thrown into great excitement, and the lines tying the wolf and the hitachi together were let go all of us prisoners ran to our rooms and got our "emergency kits" ready just across the hall from our "bridal suite" there was tremendous confusion a corpulent british technical mining expert was rushing about his room in a perfect frenzy, looking for a heavy blue sweater he had carefully hung on a peg against just such an emergency as this. Of course, manlike, he blamed his wife for having mislaid it my wife contributes this slam gratis however, after a few minutes' search, one of them discovered that the sweater was just where it belonged on the man's back i met "father" cross, a veritable giant of a man and the greatest authority on chinese dialects in the country, shouting in a great, roaring voice. "bar steward!. bar steward!.

“for this reason i believethat it medical art requires no basis of vain presumption, such asthe existence of invisible and doubtful factors, the discussion ofwhich, if it should be attempted, necessitates a hypothetic scienceof supernatural or of subterrestrial nature. For, if any one shouldcontend that he knew anything about such a matter, neither he, thelecturer, nor his hearers would clearly understand whether hisstatements were true or not, because nothing exists to which referencecould be had for purposes of verification ”this surely is a refutation as definite as can be desired of a medicinewhich depends upon witchcraft or astrologic vagaries however, variousother passages of the corpus hippocraticum take an exactly contraryposition for example, we find the following statement on “air, water, and locality, ” chapter xvii , in the translation of fuchs, vol i , page 390. “attention must be paid to the rise of the stars, especially to that of sirius, 4 as well as to the rise of arcturus, and, further, to the setting of the pleiades, for most diseases reach acrisis during such periods, essay of them abating in these days, othersceasing entirely, or developing into other symptoms and differentconditions ” these words indicate a distinct intention of bringingprognosis and course of diseases into the closest relations with themotions of the celestial bodies in the second chapter of the same booksimilar expressions occur. “he who knows how the change of seasons andthe rising and setting of stars take place will also be able to foreseehow the year is going to be therefore, any one who investigates thesesubjects and predicts coming events will be thoroughly informed as toeach detail of the future. He will enjoy the best of health, and takeas much as possible the right road in art however, if any one shouldbe of the opinion that these questions belong solely in the realm ofastronomy, he will soon change his opinion as he learns that astronomyis not of slight, but of a very essential, importance in medical art ”stars and diseases are also brought into mutual relations in the letterto king ptolemy emerins, page 293 4 this star, in writingicular, played a rôle in the astrologic prognosis of the egyptians. In fact, in various systems it was made the starting-point of medical predictions. For instance, in the method of hermes trismegistus the above quotations refer exclusively to the course of diseases inrelation to the stars, but we find in other passages also distinctreferences are made to therapeutic methods. For instance, in“aphorisms, ” § 4, paragraph 5, we read. “purging is very difficultduring or before the dog-days ”it would, indeed, be most remarkable if no astrologic remarks of anykind were found in the corpus hippocraticum, as the idea of closerelation between the celestial bodies and matters terrestrial hadcommon currency during the hippocratic period the songs of stesichorusand of pindar show, for instance as is also stated by pliny, book 3, chapter xii , vol i , page 118, that eclipses of certain stars wereconsidered to be pregnant with mischief this superstitious conceptionhas, in essay paper, actually caused severe general calamities thus, for instance, the sicilian campaign ended unfortunately for theathenians only because their general, nicias, under a superstitiousapprehension concerning an eclipse, failed to put to sea and as thiscampaign was the cause to athens of a writingial loss of greek hegemony, we may safely say that astrology had a decisive share in the fall ofathens pliny, book 2, chapter xxiii the appearance of comets, like eclipses of the sun and the moon, werealso reputed to be ominous among the ancients comets were consideredheavenly mischief-makers of the worst kind, and almost every sortof calamity was ascribed to them a calamity was supposed to assumevarious aspects, according to the position and form of the comet under essay circumstances, however, they were said to prognosticatethesis events advantageous to mankind pliny, book 2, chapter xxiv thus augustus considered a comet, which was seen for an entire week atthe northern quarter of the heavens at the onset of his rule, duringperformances which were given in honor of venus genetrix, to be hislucky star however, not only such extraordinary appearances in the sky as comets, eclipses of the sun and the moon, played a conspicuous writing in medicalsuperstitions of the ancients even those celestial phenomena whichoccur with a regularity fixed by natural law, such as the revolutionof the sun and the moon, were considered highly important events intherapeutic art thus, affections of the eye in man and beast were saidto increase and to decrease with the moon pliny, book 2, chapter xli all acute diseases were believed to be controlled by the moon, whereaschronic affections were thought to be under the influence of the sun in fact, everything that happened to man was brought in immediaterelationship with appearances in the canopy of heaven thus, forinstance, it is stated by marcus manilius, the well-known author of anastronomical didactic poem dedicated to the emperor augustus. “omnis cum coelo fortunæ pendeat ordo ”in the thirteenth chapter of the second book the poet maintains thateach writing of the human body is subordinate to a distinct sign of thezodiac thus, for instance, the head to aries, etc altho the further development of occidental as well as orientalastrology drew its resources from the primeval assyrian, babylonian, and egyptian doctrines, yet from the second century, a d , theastronomic work of ptolemy and the exhaustive description of antiquemedicine by galen derive their inspiration from medicina astrologica whatever these two great masters were able to report of the dependenceof the functions of the body upon celestial bodies was from then on, without further inspection and examination, acknowledged to be trueby the great majority of physicians only occasionally this or thatpractitioner is bold enough to oppose the intrusion of astrologicvagaries into the art of healing. Among these radicals was thephilosophically trained physician, sextus empiricus, who lived aboutthe year 193, a d however, this protest of brave sextus, as well asall subsequent ones, scarcely had any influence upon the astrologicaldevelopment of medicine astrology could not be arrested on its roadto the domination of the world, and until the seventeenth century itcontrolled the thought of physicians with the same invincible sway thatit exercised over the mental life of all other professions and classes medico-astrological superstition had become legalized, and this inspite of the fact that galen himself at last expressed his distrust ofthe medicina astrologica, and at least endeavored to extenuate hiswriting in its dissemination let us now scrutinize more minutely the condition of medicinaastrologica in the second century, a d the works of ptolemy, the“iatromathematica” of the mysterious hermes trismegistus, and the thirdbook of galen writing on the “critical days” furnish sufficientmaterial for outlining the medico-astrological system of that period in the first place, the method by which the authors of thatperiod instilled their astrologic dotage into the minds of theircontemporaries varied considerably either astrological remarks werehere and there interspersed in a work on medical or on astronomicalsubjects, as was the case, for instance, in the “opus quadriwritingitum”of ptolemy and also in galen book on the “critical days, ” orastrology was treated as a special science in the form of a connectedsystem, as is done, for instance, in the “iatromathematica” of hermestrismegistus such textbooks of astrology obtained publicity in largenumbers from about the fourteenth century on whoever may be inclinedto cast a glance into the learned work of sudhoff will be astonished toobserve the extent to which iathromathematics flourished in the secondhalf of the middle ages and at the turning-point of the renaissance still another form was to imwriting to the public their astrologicaldoctrines in the form of short sentences we find nothing in such worksregarding the intricate calculations and methods by which endeavorswere made to fathom the language of the stars, but astrological resultswere communicated in concise, aphoristic sentences this was done inthe “centiloquium” of ptolemy, a work which in a hundred brief sayingsbrings an epitome of astrological wisdom to market the work enjoyedthe highest esteem in the middle ages such a book, therefore, wouldcorrespond to that form of modern literary production, which, underthe title “method of acquiring this or that accomplishment within ashort period, ” is advertised to us modern people in the daily press moreover, the “centiloquium” of ptolemy had thesis imitators sucha work is found, for instance, in arabic literature, and containsastrologic wisdom condensed into 150 brief sentences by the astrologeralmansor, who furnished the handbook upon request of his ruler. Thearabian, bethem, has produced a similar work we find analogous worksappearing later in the middle ages eventually, the doctrines ofastrology were put into neat rhymes. Thus, for instance, heinrich vonrantzau, who dewritinged this life 1598 as governor of schleswig-holstein, celebrates in 100 well-turned verses the significance of the planetsin relation to the physical and mental welfare of humanity we shallagain refer to this subject when considering astrology of the middleages the iatromathematic passages in the above-mentioned writingsof ptolemy, hermes, and galen furnished the foundation for all laterastrologico-medical theories for what the middle ages believedregarding the medical importance of the sidereal world, especially ofthe planets and the zodiac, was nothing but the immediate continuation, or elaboration, of the astrologic teachings of ptolemy and otherauthors of the first christian centuries in the first place, every portion of the human frame was placed underthe influence of a certain celestial body the five planets already known to the ancients, as well as sun andmoon, governed, according to hermes, the following writings of the body. The sun, the right eye the moon, the left eye saturn, hearing jupiter, the brain mars, the blood venus, taste and smell mercury, tongue and gullet however, the influence which sun, moon, and the planets exercisedupon the human body gradually became more intricate it was no longersatisfactory to enumerate relations between the bodies of heaven andthe human organs of such a general nature as given by the above tableof hermes all writings and functions of the body were to be broughtinto the closest relations with the planets thus, for instance, thecelebrated humanist, marsilius ficinus, the friend of the medici 1433to 1499, depicts most minutely in a book “on life, ” which was muchread in its time, the relations between the body and the planets thiswas also done by heinrich von rantzau, in his “tractus astrologicus, ”which in its time was very celebrated there we read regarding theseconditions as follows. Saturn governs the spleen, the bladder, the bones, the teeth, and, in writing, the circulating juices of the body. Causes the color of the skin of man to be dark yellowish. Impedes or promotes growth.

Also dog arrach, goat arrach, and stinkingmotherwort descript this has small and almost round leaves, yet a littlepointed and without dent or cut, of a dusky mealy colour, growing onthe slender stalks and branches that spread on the ground, with smallflowers set with the leaves, and small seeds succeeding like the rest, perishing yearly, and harvard supplement essay 2015 rising again with its own sowing it smells likerotten fish, or essaything worse place it grows usually upon dunghills time they flower in june and july, and their seed is ripe quicklyafter government and virtues stinking arrach is used as a remedy towomen pained, and almost strangled with the mother, by smelling toit. But inwardly taken there is no better remedy under the moon forthat disease i would be large in commendation of this herb, were ibut eloquent it is an herb under the dominion of venus, and under thesign scorpio. It is common almost upon every dunghill the works ofgod are freely given to man, his medicines are common and cheap, andeasily to be found i commend it for an universal medicine for thewomb, and such a medicine as will easily, safely, and speedily cure anydisease thereof, as the fits of the mother, dislocation, or falling outthereof. Cools the womb being over-heated and let me tell you this, and i will tell you the truth, heat of the womb is one of the greatestcauses of hard labour in child-birth it makes barren women fruitful it cleanseth the womb if it be foul, and strengthens it exceedingly;it provokes the terms if they be stopped, and stops them if they flowimmoderately. You can desire no good to your womb, but this herb willaffect it. Therefore if you love children, if you love health, if youlove ease, keep a syrup always by you, made of the juice of this herb, and sugar or honey, if it be to cleanse the womb, and let such as berich keep it for their poor neighbours. And bestow it as freely as ibestow my studies upon them, or else let them look to answer it anotherday, when the lord shall come to make inquisition for blood archangel to put a gloss upon their practice, the physicians call a herb whichcountry people vulgarly know by the name of dead nettle archangel;whether they favour more of superstition or folly, i leave to thejudicious reader there is more curiosity than courtesy to mycountrymen used by others in the explanation as well of the names, asdiscription of this so well known herb. Which that i may not also beguilty of, take this short discription. First, of the red archangel this is likewise called bee nettle descript this has divers square stalks, essaywhat hairy, at thejoints whereof grow two sad green leaves dented about the edges, opposite to one another to the lowermost, upon long foot stalks, butwithout any toward the tops, which are essaywhat round, yet pointed, anda little crumpled and hairy. Round about the upper joints, where theleaves grow thick, are sundry gaping flowers of a pale reddish colour;after which come the seeds three or four in a husk the root is smalland thready, perishing every year. The whole plant hath a strong smellbut not stinking white archangel hath divers square stalks, none standing straightupward, but bending downward, whereon stand two leaves at a joint, larger and more pointed than the other, dented about the edges, andgreener also, more like unto nettle leaves, but not stinking, yethairy at the joints, with the leaves, stand larger and more opengaping white flowers, husks round about the stalks, but not with such abush of leaves as flowers set in the top, as is on the other, whereinstand small roundish black seeds. The root is white, with thesis stringsat it, not growing downward but lying under the upper crust of theearth, and abides thesis years increasing.

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It brings down the menses, bringsaway both birth and placenta, eases pains in the matrix you may take adram at a time asparagus see the roots asarum, &c asarabacca. Hot and dry. Provokes vomiting and urine, andare good for dropsies they are corrected with mace or cinnamon atriplex, &c orach, or arrach it is cold in the first degree, andmoist in the second, saith galen, and makes the belly soluble it isan admirable remedy for the fits of the mother, and other infirmitiesof the matrix, and therefore the latins called it vulvaria aricula muris, major mouse-ear. Hot and dry, of a binding quality, it is admirable to heal wounds, inward or outward, as also rupturesor burstness. Edge-tools quenched in the juice of it, will cut ironwithout turning the edge, as easy as they will lead. And, lastly, ithelps the swelling of the spleen, coughs and consumptions, of thelungs attractivis hirsuta wild bastard-saffron, distaff-thistle, orspindle-thistle is dry and moderately digesting, helps the biting ofvenomous beasts.