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"you don't get me into a life-boat without a bottle of essaything to keep me warm " this same man lost his trousers while climbing out of the life-boat onto the wolf when the hitachi was first captured essaybody sent him a package a few days afterwards harriet tubman essay containing an old pair of suspenders, and i think that "father" would have murdered the sender if he could have found out who it was i have often regretted that the sender did not enclose lieut rose's calling card just about the time i reached the deck there was an order given from the bridge of the wolf in a very disgusted voice, which was shortly followed by a very choice assortment of cuss words, essay of which were in english i looked to the westward and saw that our rescuing cruiser was only a cloud, and at that time was about five degrees up from the horizon later on i kidded essay of the german officers about it, and they each passed the blame on to essaybody else. But just as this cloud had fooled me it had fooled them as well "father" cross, however, averred that he knew what it was all the time, and that it was only a "sandy" on his writing to get an extra bottle of whiskey on october 7th both ships sailed from the maldive islands, the wolf going in search of a vessel loaded with coal, so that both wolf and hitachi could fill their bunkers with coal which would enable them to get "home" to gerthesis we on the hitachi loafed along at a slow speed in a southwesterly direction, meeting the wolf again on the 19th, when we both steamed to the chagos archipelago, arriving there on october 20th, when we both tied up together and dropped anchor during this time the wolf had not been able to pick up a vessel, but the "bird" came back one day from an observation trip and reported a large steamer essay 180 miles distant. Later in the day she again went up and reported this steamer to be a big b b liner of about 16, 000 tons, and that she was equipped with 4 or 5 big guns needless to say, the wolf wasn't looking for anything that could bite back, so the commander decided to pass her up, and, returning to the chagos group, take the balance of the hitachi's coal and provisions on board the wolf and sink the hitachi, relying on getting another steamer in the atlantic to furnish him with enough coal to complete his voyage it was during this cruise that mr johnson, second officer on my vessel, died on board the wolf from heart trouble so they reported to me the germans gave him a burial at sea with full naval honours, capt oleson, of the american schooner encore, reading the burial service, the commander and his officers standing by in full dress uniforms the corpse was covered with an american flag and launched overboard from under the muzzle of one of the cannon burialthe burial of a johnson, second officer of the american bark "beluga, " who died on the "wolf" before shifting all the prisoners from the hitachi to the wolf, essay arrangement for accommodation had to be made the germans cleaned out and fitted up no 3 hold between decks for the ex-passengers of the hitachi and also for the japanese crew, a total of 170 odd persons iron berths were taken from the hitachi along with washstands and other furnishings. And one corner of this "glory hole" was set aside for the whites and the fittings installed there the japs had wooden bunks built in the opposite corner for them, and rough wooden tables were knocked together for all hands to eat from and to play cards on also one of the pianos from the hitachi was installed there to the best of my knowledge this piano was never played, and my chief mate, mr buckard, who was quartered there, used the top of the piano to keep his clothes in, while the cover of the keyboard was used as a kind of mantelpiece or shelf by all hands the whole place below was lighted by three clusters of electric light, at night, and three fans were installed and the whole given a coating of white paint the ventilation down below was very poor, and it was tough on the white men being forced to breathe this air as it was full of all kinds of oriental odours, and no doubt also oriental germs a couple of armed sentinels were on guard below, continually, and also four on deck in the immediate vicinity of the hatch, at such times when the german crew were not at their almost continual gun drill and practice. At which times all hands were chased below, as also on the appearance of any vessel the greatest hardship these men had to contend with was the lack of drinking water, as there seemed to be an unequal division of it between the japs and the whites, with the latter getting the worst of it immense quantities of iron piping and pipe fittings were taken from the hitachi to be used later in fitting the prisoners' quarters under the poop and in no 3 hatch, with heaters against the cold weather that was to be encountered before they finally reached gerthesis auction bridge, poker and a german game called "mussel" were the favourite card games and the stakes were very small.

For thereis harriet tubman essay no parlying with poison let vomiting be the first, purging the next, and sweating the last this is general but, if thou dost but observe the nature and motion of the venom, that willbe thy best instructor in the stomach it requires vomiting, in the blood and spirits, sweating, if the body be plethoric, bleeding, if full of evil humours, purging lastly, the cure being ended, strengthen the writings afflicted the project gutenberg ebook of medical jurisprudence, forensic medicineand toxicology - vol 1 of 4, by rudolph august witthaus and tracy chatfield beckerthis ebook is for the use of anyone anywhere in the united states and mostother writings of the world at no cost and with almost no restrictionswhatsoever you may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms ofthe project gutenberg license included with this ebook or online atgutenberg org if you are not located in the united states, you'll haveto check the laws of the country where you are located before using this ebook title. Medical jurisprudence, forensic medicine and toxicology - vol 1 of 4author. Rudolph august witthaus tracy chatfield beckerrelease date. May 23, 2015 ebook #49027language. Englishcharacter set encoding. Utf-8*** start of this project gutenberg ebook medical jurisprudence ***produced by giovanni fini, charlene taylor, bryan ness andthe online distributed proofreading team atpgdp net this file was produced from imagesgenerously made available by the internet archive/canadianlibraries transcriber notes. Obvious print and punctuation errors were corrected bold text has been rendered as bold text multiple and antiquate spelling of specialistic words, expecially in french and german, have beed manteined out of consistency and due to the impossibility of determining what the spelling whas at the time this work was composed medical jurisprudence forensic medicine and toxicology by r a witthaus, a m , m d professor of chemistry, physics, and hygiene in the university of the city of new york, etc , etc and tracy c becker, a b , ll b counsellor at law, professor of criminal law and medical jurisprudence in the university of buffalo with the collaboration of j clifton edgar, m d. D s lamb, m d. W b outten, m d. Hon wm a poste.

Their difference is easily knownon the places where they grow, viz place essay grow in fields, essay in meadows, and essay among thecorn. Others on heaths, greens, and waste grounds in thesis places time they flower in june and august and their seed is ripe quicklyafter government and virtues surely mars rules it, it is such a pricklybusiness all these thistles are good to provoke urine, and to mendthe stinking smell thereof. As also the rank smell of the arm-pits, orthe whole body. Being boiled in wine and drank, and are said to help astinking breath, and to strengthen the stomach pliny saith, that thejuice bathed on the place that wants hair, it being fallen off, willcause it to grow speedily the melancholy thistle descript it rises up with tender single hoary green stalks, bearingthereon four or five green leaves, dented about the edges. The pointsthereof are little or nothing prickly, and at the top usually but onehead, yet essaytimes from the bosom of the uppermost leaves there shootsforth another small head, scaly and prickly, with thesis reddish thrumbsor threads in the middle, which being gathered fresh, will keep thecolour a long time, and fades not from the stalk a long time, while itperfects the seed, which is of a mean bigness, lying in the down theroot hath thesis strings fastened to the head, or upper writing, which isblackish, and perishes not there is another sort little differing from the former, but that theleaves are more green above, and more hoary underneath, and the stalkbeing about two feet high, bears but one scaly head, with threads andseeds as the former place they grow in thesis moist meadows of this land, as well in thesouthern, as in the northern writings time they flower about july or august, and their seed ripensquickly after government and virtues it is under capricorn, and therefore underboth saturn and mars, one rids melancholy by sympathy, the other byantipathy their virtues are but few, but those not to be despised.

Chlorideof methyl, 35 per cent , and bromide of ethyl, 5 per cent federalchemists found, however, that it contained no bromide of ethyl noticeof judgment no 571 it is a question, therefore, whether a givenreport applies to a mixture containing 5 per cent bromide of ethyl, 1per cent of this substance, or none at all the present advertising booklet for somnoform does not presentacceptable evidence of the therapeutic value of the preparation an ignorance concerning the elementary facts of physiology andpharmacology is evident in the second sentence. When having stated that“somnoform is the result of several years of study and investigation bydr george rolland, dean of the bordeau dental school, ” the pamphletcontinues. “he sought an anesthetic which would enter, dwell in, andleave the body in the same manner that oxygen does ”the claim as to the value of the 1 per cent of ethyl bromide in themixture is highly improbable. Certainly no evidence in support of theclaimed value of this constituent is available to the referee no evidence is submitted which proves the claim of superiority ofsomnoform over similar preparations, asserted in the following. “the peculiar manner in which the elements are combined is what makes somnoform at once so efficient and so safe ”the council declared somnoform inadmissible to new and nonofficialremedies because, in the absence of acceptable evidence showing itsexceptional safety and value, the claims are unwarranted rule 6, andbecause the name of the mixture is not descriptive of its composition rule 8 -- from reports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1919, p 90 tablets formothalates report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following report whichdeclares tablets formothalates tailby-nason company, boston, mass ineligible for new and nonofficial remedies w a puckner, secretary tablets formothalates are sold by tailby-nason company, boston, mass on the label a formula is given. “constituents. Acetanilid2 gr. Phenolphthalein 1/2 gr in a balanced combination withhexamene a name essaytimes applied to hexamethylenamin and oil ofcinnamon indications. Influenza, colds, grippe, headache, neuralgia, rheumatism ” the same formula is given in advertisements and in thisadvertisement it is claimed that they are “for influenza and grip” andif “given in the acute stage may avert a serious attack” boston m & s j , oct 3, 1918 the dose is given as one to two tablets at6 p m and repeat at bedtimes the a m a chemical laboratory reported that the tablets weigh anaverage of 0 4882 gm , or 7-1/2 grains. That they have the odor andtaste of cinnamon. And that they contain hexamethylenamin, are neutraland therefore give up no formaldehyde in the presence of water alone the laboratory further reported that they contain phenolphthalein andacetanilid these tablets were directed to be taken internally andtherefore their effect was not intended to be local the amount of hexamethylenamin was not determined, but in any casecould not exceed 5 grains per tablet it is evident that 4 grainsof acetanilid and 10 grains of hexamethylenamin and 1 grain ofphenolphthalein in two tablets “if given in the acute stage” ofinfluenza would not “avert a serious attack, ” as claimed in theadvertisements the council declared tablets formothalates inadmissible to new andnonofficial remedies -- from reports of council on pharmacy andchemistry, 1919, p 92 triple arsenates with nuclein report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has declared triple arsenates with nuclein no 1 andtriple arsenates with nuclein no 2, tablets marketed by the abbottlaboratories, inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies becauseunwarranted therapeutic claims rule 6 are made for them and becausethey present an illogical combination of drugs rule 10 thepublication of the following report has been authorized by the council w a puckner, secretary the following claims are made for triple arsenates with nuclein. “puts ‘pep’ and strength back into that patient recovering from spanish influenza, pneumonia, typhoid, or surgical operation an extremely powerful reconstructive tonic try it for that ‘run down’ feeling ”triple arsenates with nuclein is said to contain “strychnin arsenategr 1/128, quinin arsenate gr 1/64, iron arsenate gr 1/64, nucleinsolution mins 4 ” a second preparation, of double strength-- triplearsenates with nuclein no 2-- is also advertised the council voted notto accept these preparations for new and nonofficial remedies on thefollowing grounds:the quantities of quinin, iron and nuclein in the doses represented inthese mixtures are negligible. Thus, one tablet of triple arsenateswith nuclein containing 1/64 grain of quinin arsenate contains onlyabout 1/90 grain of anhydrous quinin. The tablet containing 1/64grain of iron arsenate contains 1/210 grain of iron. 4 minims of thenuclein solution assuming it to be the “nuclein solution-abbott”would contain but 2/5 of a grain of nuclein-- a substance which even inlarge doses is of questionable therapeutic value the amounts of ironand nuclein contained in doses of this preparation are insignificantin comparison with the amounts present in ordinary foods the onlysubstances present in even small therapeutic doses are strychnin andarsenic the effects of arsenic and strychnin are very differentand there are comparatively few conditions in which they should beprescribed at the same time hence a preparation containing thesetwo in fixed proportions is illogical -- from reports of council onpharmacy and chemistry, 1919, p 92 “anti-pneumococcic oil” and the use of camphor in pneumonia report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted and authorized publication of the report whichappears below this report declares “anti-pneumococcic oil” a solutionof camphor in oil sold by eimer and amend, new york ineligible fornew and nonofficial remedies because 1 the recommendations for itsuse in pneumonia are not warranted by the evidence, 2 the name isnot descriptive of its composition but is therapeutically suggestive, and 3 the sale of a solution of camphor in oil under a namenondescriptive of its composition is unscientific and a hindrance totherapeutic progress w a puckner, secretary the council having decided to consider anti-pneumococcic oil eimerand amend, new york, the preparation was assigned to the committee ontherapeutics for report the report that follows was made by a memberof this committee:according to the advertising, anti-pneumococcic oil is a “twenty-fiveper cent solution of camphor in a thin oil” which was “originated” byaugust seibert, m d the following directions are given for its use. “10 c c 150 minims to every 100 pounds of body weight, to be injected hypodermically every eight to twelve hours in pneumococcic pneumonia, as soon after the initial chill as possible ”it is claimed that the prescribed dose one hour before generalanesthesia begins, “safeguards against postoperative pneumonia, ” and, that “animals can so be immunized against later and otherwise fatalintravenous pneumococcic infection boehnke, institute for experimentaltherapy, frankfort ” the advice is given.

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“in erysipelas, septicemia, pyemia, the acute fevers, puerperal infection, furunculosis, carbuncles, malaria, acute rheumatism, pneumonia, typhoid fever, and in various skin diseases, harriet tubman essay such as eczema, psoriasis, herpes zoster, etc , the results have been prompt and gratifying ”it is “no less effective” in such “chronic ailments” as. “ diabetes, chronic bright disease, goiter, pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic rheumatism, the severe anemias, arterio-sclerosis sic, various nervous disorders, locomotor ataxia, varicose and indolent ulcers ”evidence of the virtues of hemo-therapin is submitted as a seriesof “case reports”-- unsigned-- which bear a striking likeness to thetestimonials of “patent medicine” almanacs a specimen of the “casereports” is the following. “blood poisoning due to snake bite -- case 9. Mrs -- --. Age, 52. Was bitten by a poisonous snake-- a copperhead-- seventeen years ago on the anniversary of the bite the arm would swell to more than twice its normal size and there would be pain, chills and fever after a month of this the acute symptoms would disappear and the arm would show large scaly blotches which upon being removed would disclose a thin mucous liquid throughout the seventeen years pain was constant, being writingicularly acute in midsummer around the anniversary of the bite this patient had consulted thesis physicians during the seventeen years of suffering without any relief large doses of narcotic remedies were necessary each day to subdue the pain twenty-four hours after the first injection of hemo-therapin all pain was dissipated after four treatments the patient was considered well and there has been no return of any of the symptoms since the last treatment six months ago ”hemo-therapin is sold in ampules. 6 for $5 and 12 for $10, and acircular sent to a physician contained this typewritten note. “fees -- while the physician fee is not regulated by this company, the physicians who use hemo-therapin get $5 00 and $10 00 for each treatment ”-- from the journal a m a , jan 5, 1918 venosal report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe following report on venosal has been adopted by the council, andits publication authorized w a puckner, secretary “venosal” is one of the products of the intravenous products company, denver, colo its composition has been variously, and obscurely, described. “venosal is a sterile solution representing 1 gm 15 4 gr of salicylates in combination, together with colchicum ” “this is a product for intravenous use the composition of which is sodium salicylate, 15 4 grs 1 gm , iron salicylate a minute quantity and the equivalent of approximately 2 grs dried colchicum root ”none of these “formulas” gives the quantity of the product containingthe 1 gm of salicylate, etc , but presumably it refers to the contentsof 1 ampule or 20 c c this inference is in accord with the analysisof the product made in the chemical laboratory of the american medicalassociation the analysis also brought out the fact that the amount ofiron in a given ampule was 0 0008 gm about 1/80 grain this trace ofiron in the presence of salicylate gives the product a purple color venosal is recommended for the treatment of “rheumatism, ” meaning, thecontext would indicate, infectious rheumatic fever as colchicum hasno special action on this disease and as there is no apparent reasonfor the employment of the trace of iron present, these additions infixed proportions are unscientific, if not absurd according to theadvertising matter.