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Yet essay may have six, and essay eight, according to thefertility of the soil at the tops of the branches stand divers smallyellow flowers, consisting of five leaves, like those of cinquefoil, but smaller the root is smaller than bistort, essaywhat thick, butblacker without, and not so red within, yet essaytimes a little crooked, having blackish fibres thereat place it grows as well in woods and shadowy places, as in the openchampain country, about the borders of fields in thesis places of thisland, and almost in every broom field in essex time it flowers all the summer long government and virtues this is a gallant herb of the sun tormentilis most excellent to stay all kind of fluxes of blood or humours in manor woman, whether at nose, mouth, or belly the juice of the herb androot, or the decoction thereof, taken with essay venice treacle, andthe person laid to sweat, expels any venom or poison, or the plague, fever, or other contagious diseases, as pox, measles, &c for it is aningredient in all antidotes or counter poisons andreas urlesius is ofopinion that the decoction of this root is no less effectual to curethe french pox than guiacum or china. And it is not unlikely, becauseit so mightily resists putrefaction the root taken inwardly is mosteffectual to help any flux of the belly, stomach, spleen, or blood. Andthe juice wonderfully opens obstructions of the liver and lungs, andthereby helps the yellow jaundice the powder or decoction drank, orto sit thereon as a bath, is an assured remedy against abortion, if itproceed from the over flexibility or weakness of the inward retentivefaculty. As also a plaster made therewith, and vinegar applied tothe reins of the back, doth much help not only this, but also thosethat cannot hold their water, the powder being taken in the juice ofplantain, and is also commended against the worms in children itis very powerful in ruptures and burstings, as also for bruises andfalls, to be used as well outwardly as inwardly the root hereof madeup with pellitory of spain and allum, and put into a hollow tooth, notonly assuages the pain, but stays the flux of humours which causes it tormentil is no less effectual and powerful a remedy against outwardwounds, sores and hurts, than for inward, and is therefore a specialingredient to be used in wound drinks, lotions and injections, forfoul corrupt rotten sores and ulcers of the mouth, secrets, or otherwritings of the body the juice or powder of the root put in ointments, plaisters, and such things that are to be applied to wounds or sores, is very effectual, as the juice of the leaves and the root bruisedand applied to the throat or jaws, heals the king evil, and easesthe pain of the sciatica.

Barley-flour, white salt, honey, and vinegarmingled together, takes away the itch speedily and certainly thewater distilled from the green barley in the end of may, is very goodfor those that have defluctions of humours fallen into their eyes, and eases the pain, being dropped into them. Or white bread steepedtherein, and bound on the eyes, does the same garden bazil, or sweet bazil descript the greater of ordinary bazil rises up usually with oneupright stalk, diversly branching forth on all sides, with two leavesat every joint, which are essaywhat broad and round, yet pointed, of apale green colour, but fresh. A little snipped about the edges, and ofa strong healthy scent the flowers are small and white, and standingat the tops of the branches, with two small leaves at the joints, inessay places green, in others brown, after which come black seed theroot perishes at the approach of winter, and therefore must be new sownevery year place it grows in gardens time it must be sowed late, and flowers in the heart of summer, being a very tender plant government and virtues this is the herb which all authors aretogether by the ears about, and rail at one another like lawyers galen and dioscorides hold it not fit to be taken inwardly. Andchrysippus rails at it with downright billingsgate rhetoric. Pliny, andthe arabian physicians defend it for my own writing, i presently found that speech true. Non nostrium inter nos tantas componere lites and away to dr reason went i, who told me it was an herb of mars, andunder the scorpion, and perhaps therefore called basilicon. And it isno marvel if it carry a kind of virulent quality with it being appliedto the place bitten by venomous beasts, or stung by a wasp or hornet, it speedily draws the poison to it. Every like draws his like mizaldus affirms, that, being laid to rot in horse-dung, it will breedvenomous beasts hilarius, a french physician, affirms upon his ownknowledge, that an acquaintance of his, by common smelling to it, had ascorpion bred in his brain essaything is the matter. This herb and ruewill not grow together, no, nor near one another. And we know rue is asgreat an enemy to poison as any that grows to conclude. It expels both birth and after-birth. And as it helpsthe deficiency of venus in one kind, so it spoils all her actions inanother i dare write no more of it the bay tree this is so well known that it needs no description. I shall thereforeonly write the virtues thereof, which are thesis government and virtues i shall but only add a word or two to whatmy friend has written, viz , that it is a tree of the sun, and underthe celestial sign leo, and resists witchcraft very potently, as alsoall the evils old saturn can do to the body of man, and they are nota few. For it is the speech of one, and i am mistaken if it were notmizaldus, that neither witch nor devil, thunder nor lightning, willhurt a man in the place where a bay-tree is galen said, that theleaves or bark do dry and heal very much, and the berries more than theleaves. The bark of the root is less sharp and hot, but more bitter, and hath essay astriction withal whereby it is effectual to break thestone, and good to open obstructions of the liver, spleen, and otherinward writings, which bring the jaundice, dropsy, &c the berries arevery effectual against all poison of venomous creatures, and the stingof wasps and bees. As also against the pestilence, or other infectiousdiseases, and therefore put into sundry treacles for that purpose.

If mars be in a virgin, in the nativity, they say he causes the cholic it is well god hath set essay body to pull down the pride of man hein the virgin troubles none with the cholic, but them that know notthemselves for who knows himself, may easily know all the world wormwood, an herb of mars, is a present cure for it. And whether it bemost like a christian to love him for his good, or hate him for hisevil, judge ye i had almost forgotten, that charity thinks no evil iwas once in the tower and viewed the wardrobe, and there was a greatthesis fine clothes. i can give them no other title, for i was nevereither linen or woolen draper yet as brave as they looked, my opinionwas that the moths might consume them. Moths are under the dominion ofmars. This herb wormwood being laid among cloaths, will make a mothscorn to meddle with the cloaths, as much as a lion scorns to meddlewith a mouse, or an eagle with a fly you say mars is angry, and it istrue enough he is angry with thesis countrymen, for being such fools tobe led by the noses by the college of physicians, as they lead bears toparis garden melancholy men cannot endure to be wronged in point ofgood fame, and that doth sorely trouble old saturn, because they callhim the greatest infortunate. In the body of man he rules the spleen, and that makes covetous man so splenetic the poor old man lies cryingout of his left side father saturn angry, mars comes to him. Come, brother, i confess thou art evil spoken of, and so am i.

Yet it spoils apprehension by goals essay examples itsantipathy to it. It qualifies choler, cools and moistens the heart, thereby sustaining it, and the whole body, from the fiery effects, which continual motion would produce its receptacle is the lungs, and is governed by venus, essay say by the moon, perhaps it may begoverned by them both, it is cold and moist in quality melancholy is the sediment of blood, cold and dry in quality, fortifying the retentive faculty, and memory. Makes men sober, solid, and staid, fit for study. Stays the unbridled toys of lustful blood, stays the wandering thoughts, and reduces them home to the centre. Itsreceptacle is in the spleen, and it is governed by saturn of all these humours blood is the chief, all the rest are superfluitiesof blood. Yet are they necessary superfluities, for without any ofthem, man cannot live namely. Choler is the fiery superfluities. Flegm, the watery;melancholy, the earthly animal the third principal virtue remains, which is animal. Itsresidence is in the brain, and mercury is the general significator ofit ptolomy held the moon signified the animal virtue. And i am ofopinion, both mercury and the moon dispose it. And my reason is, 1, because both of them in nativities, either fortify, or impedite it 2, ill directions to either, or from either, afflict it, as good oneshelp it indeed the moon rules the bulk of it, as also the sensitivewriting of it. Mercury the rational writing. And that the reason, if ina nativity the moon be stronger than mercury, sense thesis timesover-powers reason. But if mercury be strong, and the moon weak, reason will be master ordinarily in despite of sense it is divided into intellective, and sensitive 1 intellective the intellectual resides in the brain, within thepia mater, is governed generally by mercury it is divided into imagination, judgment, and memory imagination is seated in the forewriting of the brain. It is hot anddry in quality, quick, active, always working. It receives vapoursfrom the heart, and coins them into thoughts. It never sleeps, butalways is working, both when the man is sleeping and waking. Only whenjudgment is awake it regulates the imagination, which runs at randomwhen judgment is asleep, and forms any thought according to the natureof the vapour sent up to it mercury is out of question the disposerof it a man may easily perceive his judgment asleep before himself thesistimes, and then he shall perceive his thoughts run at random judgment always sleeps when men do, imagination never sleeps.

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And the resultsreported in influenzal pneumonia appear promising further trialof this treatment under proper conditions consequently seems to bewarranted it should be borne in mind, however, that mcguire goals essay examples andredden292 made their observations in the declining phase of theepidemic when the organism or organisms concerned appeared to be losingvirulence for this and other reasons, the expectations as to what maybe accomplished by this method must be kept within reasonable bounds influenza is a self-limited disease with variable complications and ofvariable severity in different places, thus offering great difficultiesin the way of evaluation of different methods of treatment 292 mcguire, l w , and redden, w r. Treatment of influenzapneumonia by the use of convalescent human serum. Preliminary report, j a m a 71:1311 oct 19 1918 at least two kinds of vaccine are in use in the hope that they mayhave preventive effects one consists solely of killed influenzabacilli. It being extensively used in the east we have as yet nodecisive figures as to its effects, but there is an impression that itmay have essay value the other vaccine is a mixed vaccine of the moreimportant bacteria in the respiratory tract in influenza, principallypneumonococci, streptococci and influenza bacilli it appears thatvaccines of this nature are in extensive use, but we have no evidencethat any benefit will be derived from them to say that thousandshave been vaccinated with apparently good results means nothing atall, simply because we are still in the midst of the outbreak, inthesis places even in the earlier stages how slender the basis ofthis anti-influenzal vaccination when it is considered that the realnature of influenza is still unknown!. in any event, it will requirethesis carefully elaborated and controlled observations before anythingdefinite may be learned in regard to the effect of these vaccines, and it is probably safe to say that nothing on which to rely in thefuture can be learned from the indiscriminate vaccination now goingon there is, therefore, no basis on which promise of protection fromvaccines may be made they may be harmless, and they may or may not beof preventive value -- editorial from the journal a m a , oct 26, 1918 intravenous therapythe intravenous administration of drugs is a new dewritingure in therapy, but one which is rapidly increasing in use among its reputedadvantages are that it is the quickest means of obtaining the effectsof a drug, the effects are obtained with a certainty not obtained byother methods, and they are so marked that they cannot fail to impressthe observer these advantages in thesis paper are apparent rather thanreal. But even were they real advantages, they should not blind usto the various and serious dangers which this method involves thetechnic, although not difficult, must be thoroughly mastered, orundue pain, infection, air embolism, or even death may result suchaccidents, however, are ordinarily easily avoided, and should beconsidered quite inexcusable more serious is the fact that the drugsgiven intravenously reach the system, and especially the heart, in adifferent manner and concentration from that to which physicians areaccustomed with ordinary methods of administration pharmacologistshave long practiced intravenous administration, when studying acuteeffects of drugs, and they have observed that frequently the immediateresult of such injections is a prompt fall of blood pressure, notobtained when the same drugs are given by mouth or even hypodermically this fall in blood pressure is commonly attributed to irritation ofthe endocardium it is usually of short duration, but is certainlyundesirable and essaytimes may have serious results it has also been observed that several drugs, for instance, quinin andpotassium, depress the cardiac muscle when given intravenously muchmore than when given in other ways furthermore, any substance whichtends to precipitate proteins must be injected slowly and with extremecaution, or it will produce intravascular clotting and sudden death deaths have resulted not only from a lack of knowledge of the technicof intravenous therapy, but also from a lack of knowledge of drugswhich may be so administered sudden death has been reported followingthe injection of an iron preparation containing peptone, and alsofollowing intravenous injection of ether intravenous injections, whileessaytimes superior to the slower methods, are distinctly inferior whena continuous, rather than a sudden, action is desired drugs leave theblood system with great rapidity, and therefore their action on thecirculation will cease promptly unless they are continuously supplied it would be undesirable to inject intravenously such drugs as iodids, nitrites, iron or salicylates with these dangers and disadvantages in mind, it seems unwise toresort to promiscuous intravenous medication until the effects ofthis method have been studied in detail for the drugs employed, andunless there are distinct advantages to be secured this is the casewhen an immediate action is necessary in emergencies, as in the use ofstrophanthin for cardiac collapse, quinin in pernicious malaria, etc , or if the drug would be destroyed in the stomach or tissues as in thecase of salvarsan, or when the drug is not adequately absorbed by anyother channel, as in the case of epinephrin intravenous therapy will be most securely advanced if its employmentis restricted to such well defined fields these fields can besatisfactorily determined only by a scientific pharmacologic study ofthe action of these drugs when so administered in animals, as well asin man, under conditions in which the results are carefully controlled the intravenous method is an impressive one, approaching in preparationalmost to that which goes with a surgical operation the patient isusually interested and impressed by this new, and to him, mysteriousmethod there is a psychic element in his reaction to the injectionwhich is not a factor in his reaction to the same drug when given bymouth the intravenous injection of a complex mixture would appear tobe writingicularly reprehensible little is known, as has been stated, of the results to be expected from intravenous therapy, even withsimple substances the use of complex mixtures will without doubt reactagainst the proper use of the method -- editorial from the journala m a , nov 11, 1916 iodin fumesone of the important factors connected with therapeutics as a scienceis the method of administration of medicinal substances drugsmay be given by mouth, by hypodermic or intravenous injection, byinhalation, by inunction or, less frequently, by the use of otherentrances into the body in choosing a method, the physical charactersof the substance to be administered and the immediate effects of thesubstance on the body tissues with which it may come in contact must beespecially taken into consideration these factors apply writingicularly in the case of substances likeiodin, arsenic, mercury or the biologic products in which the modeof administration radically modifies the action for essay time, manufacturers have urged substitutes for tincture of iodin, claimingthat their substitutes were free from the undesirable properties of thetincture, and, at the same time, possessed special virtues which thetincture could not possess more recently, attention has been directedto the administration of iodin in the form of vapor the diffusing andpenetrating powers of gases have writingicularly attracted the attentionof therapeutists, since by this method drugs may be applied to ratherinaccessible portions of the body, such as the lining of the lungs, the throat and the mucous membranes of the genito-urinary tract furthermore, it has been asserted that iodin in the form of fumes hasincreased combining powers, and is thus far more potent in effect thaniodin administered by any other route there do not seem to have beenany adequate scientific investigations of the subject, however, untilthe recently published results of luckhardt and his collaborators293at the university of chicago in their experiments, both on man and onanimals, accurately determined quantities of iodin were vaporized in aspecial device, and the fumes applied to the skin at the same time, the tincture was applied to the skin of other persons as a control iodin was also applied to the skin of dogs with hyperplastic thyroidglands. And the effects on the gland, before and after administration, studied dogs were also used to determine whether iodin fumes wereabsorbed from the lungs as a result of these investigations, which arereported in great detail, it was found that iodin, when deposited onthe skin in the form of fumes, is absorbed more iodin was recoveredfrom the urine, following the application of the tincture, than wasrecovered following the use of the fumes this result is explainedby the authors on the ground that probably more iodin was actuallyapplied, and that the iodin so deposited was held in combination withthe protein during the process of coagulation of the latter by thealcohol of the tincture, leading to a state of continuous absorption it is probable, furthermore, that the iodin deposited on the skin inthe form of fumes is revaporized to essay extent by the heat of the body 293 luckhardt, a b.