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It is veryprofitable being given inwardly in bruises isotidis, glasti of woad i know no great physical virtue in theroot see the herb labri veneris, dipsaci fullers-thistle, teazle the root beingboiled in wine till it be thick quoth dioscorides helps by unctionthe clefts of the fundament, as also takes away warts and wens galensaith, they are dry in gay marriage argumentative essay the second degree. And i take it all authorshold them to be cold and dry unslacked lime beaten into powder, andmixed with black soap, takes away a wen being anointed with it lactucæ of lettice i know no physical virtue residing in the roots lauri of the bay-tree the bark of the root drunk with wine, provokes urine, breaks the stone, opens obstructions of the liver andspleen but according to dioscorides is naught for pregnant women galen lapathi acuti, oxylapathi sorrel, according to galen. Butsharp-pointed dock, according to dioscorides the roots of sorrelare held to be profitable against the jaundice of sharp-pointed dock;cleanse, and help scabs and itch levistici of lovage they are hot and dry, and good for any diseasescoming of wind lillij albi of white lillies the root is essaything hot and dry, helps burnings, softens the womb, provokes the menses, if boiled inwine, is given with good success in rotten fevers, pestilences, and alldiseases that require suppuration.

A study of sodium cacodylate in the treatment ofsyphilis, j gay marriage argumentative essay a m a 67. 2012 dec 30 1916 animal experiments carried out in the u s hygienic laboratory byvoegtlin and smith143 show that mon-arsone is devoid of any practicaltrypanocidal action thus the “therapeutic ratio” the ratio of theminimal effective dose to the lethal dose was about 1, that is, itwas effective therapeutically only in approximately fatal doses. Thetherapeutic ratio for arsphenamine in similar conditions was 17, andthat of neoarsphenamine, 28 143 voegtlin, carl, and smith, h w. J pharmacol and exper therap 16. 449, 1921 the findings that sodium dimethylarsenate sodium cacodylate, sodiummethylarsenate, and sodium ethylarsenate are devoid of any practicaltrypanocidal action and the conclusion that sodium cacodylate isinefficient in the treatment of human syphilis does not provethat mon-arsone is without effect on the disease these findings, however, certainly demand convincing therapeutic evidence to warrantthe recommendation for the use of the drug in the treatment ofsyphilis-- writingicularly because the drug is proposed as a substitute forarsphenamine, the value of which is established when the council first took up the consideration of mon-arsone, theonly evidence for the claim that it “has a therapeutic value at leastequal to that of arsphenamine” consisted, with one exception, ofreports from those who had experimented with the drug for the harmerlaboratories company, including a report by b l wright, l a kennell, and l m hussey, 144 the latter of the harmer laboratoriescompany these reports appeared to show that the administration ofmon-arsone caused less reaction than arsphenamine, and that theimmediate effects, judged by clinical symptoms and the response to thewassermann test, appeared to be good these trials extended over tooshort a period of time to permit judgment as to the permanence of theresults a report by an independent observer seemed to indicate thatmon-arsone does not have the sterilizing action on syphilitic lesionswhich it is usually believed arsphenamine exercises 144 wright, b l. Kennell, l a , and hussey, l m. M rec 97. 607 april 10 1920 after examining the available evidence, the council advised the harmerlaboratories company that the claim that mon-arsone has a therapeuticvalue equal to arsphenamine appeared unwarranted. That, in the opinionof the council, mon-arsone should not be used except under conditionsthat justify the experimental trial of an unproved drug, and should notbe used in a routine way until the permanence of its effects has beenestablished. And consequently any advertising propaganda for the drugby the harmer laboratories company was to be deprecated in its reply the harmer laboratories company admitted that itsadvertising claim, that mon-arsone was at least equal to arsphenaminetherapeutically, had been based on reports on fifty paper and onadditional reports that were beginning to come in at that time the harmer laboratories company submitted a list of hospitals andphysicians using mon-arsone a letter of inquiry sent by the council tothose who, according to the names in the list supplied by the harmerlaboratories company, had used mon-arsone, brought seven replies the clinical evidence contained in these replies was to the effect thatmon-arsone had been used in the various types of syphilis and thatthere was a certain beneficial effect, both clinically and as shown bythe wassermann reaction in certain instances the wassermann reactionchanged from a four plus to a negative reaction the reports showedthat the efficiency of mon-arsone as compared with that of arsphenaminepreparations has not been adequately studied one physician who hasused mon-arsone extensively reports that in thesis of the paper treatedthere seemed to be nearly as good results from the use of mon-arsone asis frequently obtained in the use of arsphenamine he reports, however, that it was necessary in eleven out of one hundred paper to change frommon-arsone to neoarsphenamine in view of the fact that there is definite lack of evidence to showthat mon-arsone is the equal of arsphenamine therapeutically, andbecause of the reports that in essay paper it is inferior, mon-arsoneshould not be used in the treatment of syphilis generally until itstherapeutic status has been more rigidly investigated and conclusiveevidence of its superiority to arsphenamine preparations obtained the council voted not to admit mon-arsone to new and nonofficialremedies and reaffirmed its conclusion that the claim that mon-arsonehas a therapeutic value equal to that of arsphenamine is premature andunwarranted.

Cold and dry, helps thebitings of venomous beasts, either taken inwardly, or applied to thewound. Helps the cholic, breaks the stone ægineta coronaria hath got thesis english names cottonweed, cudweed, chaffweed, and petty cotton of a drying and binding nature. Boiled inlye, it keeps the head from nits and lice. Being laid among clothes, itkeeps them safe from moths, kills worms, helps the bitings of venomousbeasts. Taken in a tobacco-pipe, it helps coughs of the lungs, andvehement headaches cruciata crosswort. there is a kind of gentian called also by thisname, which i pass by is drying and binding, exceeding good for inwardor outward wounds, either inwardly taken, or outwardly applied. And anexcellent remedy for such as are bursten crassula orpine very good. Outwardly used with vinegar, it clearsthe skin. Inwardly taken, it helps gnawings of the stomach and bowels, ulcers in the lungs, bloody-flux, and quinsy in the throat, for whichlast disease it is inferior to none, take not too much of it at a time, because of its coolness crithamus, &c sampire hot and dry, helps difficulty of urine, theyellow jaundice, provokes the menses, helps digestion, opens stoppingsof the liver and spleen galen cucumis asininus wild cucumbers see elaterium cyanus major, minor blue bottle, great and small, a fine coolingherb, helps bruises, wounds, broken veins. The juice dropped into theeye, helps the inflammations thereof cygnoglossam hound-tongue, cold and dry. Applied to the fundamenthelps the hemorrhoids, heals wounds and ulcers, and is a present remedyagainst the bitings of dogs, burnings and scaldings cypressus, chamœ cyparissus cypress-tree the leaves are hot andbinding, help ruptures, and polypus or flesh growing on the nose chamæ cyparissus is lavender cotton resists poison, and kills worms disetamnus cretensis dictamny, or dittany of creet, hot and dry, brings away dead children, hastens delivery, brings away the placenta, the very smell of it drives away venomous beasts, so deadly an enemyit is to poison. It is an admirable remedy against wounds and gunshot, wounds made with poisoned weapons, it draws out splinters, brokenbones, &c the dose from half a dram to a dram dipsacus, sativ sylv teazles, garden and wild, the leaves bruisedand applied to the temples, allay the heat in fevers, qualify the ragein frenzies. The juice dropped into the ears, kills worms in them, dropped into the eyes, clears the sight, helps redness and pimples inthe face, being anointed with it ebulus dwarf elder, or walwort hot and dry in the third degree;waste hard swellings, being applied in form of a poultice. The hair ofthe head anointed with the juice of it turns it black.

there are other revolutions thanpolitical the public can be wronged just as certainly by the abuse ofits confidence in clinicians as by the usurpers of political power, andwhen the public is thoroughly aroused the heavy hand of retributionis not likely to be too discriminating that the sins of cliniciansare standing out plain for any one who wishes to read is becoming moreand more evident there is but one short and ugly word that properlycharacterizes the physician who accepts a fee for prescribing thatabout which he has no more knowledge than has the one for whom heprescribes it are you with the nostrum makers or with decent medicine?. The article below is the first of a series written for the journalby one who is thoroughly conversant with the work of the council onpharmacy and chemistry and can speak authoritatively on questionsdealing with the action of drugs and the treatment of diseases webelieve that these articles will prove of interest and profit and thatthey will help physicians to answer the questions just propounded article i bell-ans pa-pay-ans bellhh see also ?. ?. ?. ?. {sic}bell-ans, for years advertised only in medical journals under the name“pa-pay-ans bell, ” is now advertised in newspapers as a remedy that“absolutely removes indigestion ” as it is still being advertised tophysicians, we propose to analyze the claims made for it with as muchcare as would be exercised in the discussion of the newest discovery inmedicine, because we believe that it is desirable to show the trend ofexploitation of a certain type of preparation in the medical press in the new york medical journal the following advertisement recentlyappeared on the front cover:illustration. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - | acute indigestion | | | | yesterday a great soldier and today the head of a big trust | | succumbed to an attack of acute indigestion, and every day | | we hear from essay physician of essay case he has saved with | | bell-ans by giving six 6 tablets dissolved in a glass of | | hot water and repeating if necessary can any doctor who | | reads this fail to provide himself with the free supply of | | bell-ans which we will gladly send for his emergency case?. | | | | bell & co inc mfg chemists orangeburg new york u s a | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -typical of bell-ans advertisements as appearing in medical journals a recently purchased package of bell-ans contained a circular in whichit was stated that bell-ans removes flatulence, vertigo, weakness andother symptoms of indigestion quickly and pleasantly. That it aidsthe digestion of food and tends to restore the digestive tract to anormal condition. That it relieves vomiting in pregnancy, alcoholism, seasickness and cholera morbus, besides being pleasant, harmless andeffective for colic, sour stomach, feverishness, and wakefulness ofinfants and children the circular contained paragraphs purportingto be taken from various medical journals, including the new yorkmedical journal, wisconsin medical recorder, the lancet clinic, international journal of surgery, and massachusetts medicaljournal no exact references were given to permit verification or todetermine whether or not the quotations were from “reading notices” advertisements or from the scientific writing of the journals inquestion to quote one of the statements given. “the results from the use of bell-ans pa-pay-ans bell in the treatment of indigestion are so prompt and so generally good-- and the evidence of this fact is accumulating so rapidly and from such reliable sources-- that we venture to suggest to our readers who have not tried this remedy that they prescribe one original sealed package of bell-ans pa-pay-ans bell and that they carefully note the results from its use “we suggest an original sealed package because the preparation is widely and badly imitated, and unless such a package is specified an imitation of little value may be substituted and the experiment be thus rendered useless ”it is possible that bell-ans has been imitated, but it is not truethat it is widely imitated, for no such imitation has ever been calledto our attention, and we strongly suspect that the main reason fordesiring that an original package be dispensed is that the patient maysee for himself the name bell-ans plainly blown in the glass the circular in question states that there is no derangement of thedigestive organs on which the proper dose of bell-ans will not actquickly and pleasantly!. these are samples of the claims made forbell-ans let us inquire into the nature of the conditions for whichthe preparation is recommended and the treatment advised by well knownclinicians the subject of indigestion is discussed by robert hutchison and robertsaundby under the general title of dyspepsia in the “index of treatmentby various writers, ” edition 6, 1912, pp 260-265 hutchison says:“in the first place it must be remembered that in thesis patients whocomplain of ‘indigestion’ the seat of the trouble is not in the stomachat all ”illustration.

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As also other tortures and griping pains of the bowels thedecoction thereof with succory and centaury is held very effectualto help the dropsy, and them that are inclining thereunto, and thediseases of the spleen it stays the fluxes of blood, either at themouth or nose, and inward bleeding also, for it is a singular woundherb for wounds both inward and outward. It helps the bloody flux, andhelps the abundance of women courses there is a syrup made of thejuice hereof and sugar, by the apothecaries of italy, and other places, which is of much account with them, to be given to those that aretroubled with the cough or phthisic the same also is singularly goodfor ruptures or burstings the green herb bruised and presently boundto any cut or wound, doth quickly solder the lips thereof and thejuice, decoction, or powder of the dried herb is most singular to staythe malignity of spreading and fretting cankers and ulcers whatsoever, yea in the mouth and secret writings the distilled water of the plant isavailable in all the diseases aforesaid, and to wash outward wounds andsores, by applying tents of cloths wet therein mugwort descript common mugwort hath divers leaves lying upon the ground, very much divided, or cut deeply in about the brims, essaywhat likewormwood, but much larger, of a dark green colour on the upper side, and very hoary white underneath the stalks rise to be four or fivefeet high, having on it such like leaves as those below, but essaywhatsmaller, branching forth very much towards the top, whereon are setvery small, pale, yellowish flowers like buttons, which fall away, andafter them come small seeds inclosed in round heads the root is longand hard, with thesis small fibres growing from it, whereby it takesstrong hold on the ground. But both stalks and leaves do lie down everyyear, and the root shoots anew in the spring the whole plant is of areasonable scent, and is more easily propagated by the slips than theseed place it grows plentifully in thesis places of this land, by thewater-sides. As also by small water courses, and in divers other places time it flowers and seeds in the end of summer government and virtues this is an herb of venus, thereforemaintains the writings of the body she rules, remedies the diseases ofthe writings that are under her signs, taurus and libra mugwort is withgood success put among other herbs that are boiled for women to applythe hot decoction to draw down their courses, to help the delivery ofthe birth, and expel the after-birth as also for the obstructions andinflammations of the mother it breaks the stone, and opens the urinarypassages where they are stopped the juice thereof made up with myrrh, and put under as a pessary, works the same effects, and so does theroot also being made up with hog grease into an ointment, it takesaway wens and hard knots and kernels that grow about the neck andthroat, and eases the pains about the neck more effectually, if essayfield daisies be put with it the herb itself being fresh, or the juicethereof taken, is a special remedy upon the overmuch taking of opium three drams of the powder of the dried leaves taken in wine, is aspeedy and the best certain help for the sciatica a decoction thereofmade with camomile and agrimony, and the place bathed therewith whileit is warm, takes away the pains of the sinews, and the cramp the mulberry-tree this is so well known where it grows, that it needs no description time it bears fruit in the months of july and august government and virtues mercury rules the tree, therefore are itseffects variable as his are the mulberry is of different writings.