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in such syrups as purge, asdamask roses, peach flowers, &c the usual, and indeed the best way, isto repeat this infusion, adding fresh flowers to the same liquor diverstimes, that so it may be the stronger having strained it out, put theinfusion into a pewter bason, or an earthen one well glazed, and toevery pint of it add two pounds of sugar, which being only melted overthe fire, without boiling, and scummed, will produce you the syrup youdesire 2dly, syrups made by decoction are usually made of compounds, yet mayany simple herb be free writing help online thus converted into syrup. Take the herb, root, or flowers you would make into a syrup, and bruise it a little. Thenboil it in a convenient quantity of spring water. The more water youboil it in, the weaker it will be. A handful of the herb or root is aconvenient quantity for a pint of water, boil it till half the waterbe consumed, then let it stand till it be almost cold, and strainit through a woollen cloth, letting it run out at leisure. Withoutpressing to every pint of this decoction add one pound of sugar, andboil it over the fire till it come to a syrup, which you may know, ifyou now and then cool a little of it with a spoon. Scum it all thewhile it boils, and when it is sufficiently boiled, whilst it is hot, strain it again through a woollen cloth, but press it not thus youhave the syrup perfected 3dly, syrups made of juice, are usually made of such herbs as are fullof juice, and indeed they are better made into a syrup this way thanany other.

To the editor:-- i am enclosing circular free writing help online letter that i received this morning which seems to me almost a crime i do not suppose that there is any way to prevent anything of this sort, but it is certainly a shame to attempt to deceive people in this way as i recollect, glyco-thymoline is almost inert, practically no more efficient than dobell solution e fletcher ingals, m d , chicago the circular letter referred to was on the stationery of kress & owencompany, manufacturers of glyco-thymoline it read. Dear doctor:-- regarding infantile paralysis, it is conceded that the source of infection is through the nose, mouth and throat taking this measure to be correct, we believe that there is no safer prophylactic measure than the use of glyco-thymoline, with three writings of water, as a mouth, tooth and nasal wash, by means of the k & o nasal douche and the toothbrush glyco-thymoline tends to promote exosmosis, and prevents the absorption of the germ or toxic matter we would be glad to send you samples of both glyco-thymoline and the douche should you so desire with best wishes, we beg to remain, yours very truly, kress & owen company glyco-thymoline has been discussed in these pages a report of thecouncil on pharmacy and chemistry pointed out that this “patentmedicine” is simply a weak antiseptic, so feeble that even in fullstrength it does not kill staphylococcus aureus in four hoursand is of little, if any, greater therapeutic value than sterilesalt solution yet, glyco-thymoline has been recommended by itsmanufacturers, either directly or inferentially, for such diseasesas diphtheria, ophthalmia neonatorum and consumption today itsmanufacturers put it forward as one of the safest prophylacticmeasures against infantile paralysis and have the effrontery to makethis suggestion, not to the uninstructed public but to the medicalprofession presumably, as a business organization, the concernbelieves it will convince a sufficient number of physicians of thetherapeutic efficacy of its product to pay for the cost of thisadvertising campaign if it appraises the situation correctly thereneed no longer be any wonder expressed that in the recent suit againstthe journal, “patent medicine” makers were able to enlist the help ofmedical men -- from the journal a m a , sept 16, 1916 glykeron. Cold storage testimonialskk glyco-herointhe law which limits the length of time that food products may be keptin cold storage could with advantage have its scope extended to include“patent medicine” testimonials physicians recently received throughthe mails-- at a time when the mails were frightfully congested withchristmas business-- a sixteen page pamphlet sent out in a plain envelopas first class matter the caption of the pamphlet reads. “cough andits treatment in pulmonary and laryngeal tuberculosis. By henry levien, m d , while medical director and physician-in-charge of the libertysanitarium, liberty, n y from the buffalo medical journal ” thepamphlet is devoted to the alleged virtues of that dangerous and widelyadvertised nostrum, “glyco-heroin smith, ” whose more recent andless descriptive name is now “glykeron ” physicians might assume, anddoubtless will assume, from the pamphlet that this reprint represents arecent pronouncement on the subject with which it deals the facts arethat the “liberty sanitarium” has, apparently, been out of existencefor at least fifteen years, while the article itself originallyappeared more than eighteen years ago-- september, 1901 one of thesisphysicians who sent in the copies received called attention to the factthat he had left the address to which the pamphlet was directed, morethan six years ago even at that, the mailing lists of the concern thatsells this heroin-containing nostrum are more than twelve years aheadof its “clinical reports ”-- editorial from the journal a m a , jan 17, 1920 gray glycerine tonic. “whose bread i eat his song i sing”last september the united states dewritingment of agriculture issueda press bulletin describing the work of the bureau of chemistry inprosecuting the venders or manufacturers of fraudulently exploited“patent medicines ” at the end of the bulletin was a tabulated list of“other preparations against which the government charge that theywere falsely or fraudulently labeled was sustained by the federalcourts ” tucked away in the list was a product often euphemisticallydescribed as an “ethical proprietary” but none the less essentiallya “patent medicine”-- “gray glycerine tonic ” the editor of theatlanta journal of medicine, apparently not having read the bulletinwith any great degree of care, published it verbatim thus it wasthat the atlanta journal-record of medicine for september, 1915, presented the interesting sight of a half-page advertisement of “grayglycerine tonic” in the same issue that contained the governmentarticle classifying “gray glycerine tonic” among the false andfraudulent products!. what happened?. in the very next issue the atlantajournal-record of medicine apologized thus editorially. “in our september issue, gray glycerine tonic comp was inadvertently included in a list that seemed to be under the ban of the government and very likely an injustice has been done the purdue frederick company which we desire to undo as far as possible ”did the editor mean by “inadvertently included, ” that he would haveomitted “gray glycerine tonic” from the government list had henoticed it in time?. if so, on what grounds?. it is a fact that “grayglycerine tonic” was one of the “fifty falsely labeled medicines”. Itis also a fact that it is one of the products that government officialsand the federal courts have declared to be sold under claims that are“false, fraudulent and misleading ” if “gray glycerine tonic” wasfraudulently exploited-- and the government and the courts have sodeclared it-- why is it necessary for the editor of a medical journal toapologize to his subscribers for having told them so?. -- editorial fromthe journal a m a , jan 1, 1916 hagee cordial of cod liver oil“under the deceptive heading ‘making cod liver oil palatable, ’ thecharlotte medical journal in its december issue prints a boost for‘cord ext ol morrhuae comp hagee, ’ or, as it is generally knownto the drug trade, ‘hagee cordial of cod liver oil ’“the boost intimates that this is a preparation in which cod liver oilhas in essay way been rendered palatable, and then goes on to say thatthis is a cod liver oil product which has not suffered the least lossof those essential elements which make the crude oil such a high-classreconstructive “at first sight one might question whether a cod liver oil productwhich contains absolutely no cod liver oil had not suffered the lossof essential elements but a closer reading discloses a significantqualification, namely, the phrase, ‘those elements which make thecrude oil such a high-class reconstructive ’“the boost is misleading from beginning to end the manufacturers havenot succeeded in this preparation in ‘making cod liver oil palatable, ’nor does their preparation in any way possess the virtues of cod liveroil these claims have again and again been refuted, but they continueto be published-- at a price but rarely in reputable medical journals ”the above is quoted from the weekly bulletin of the dewritingmentof health of the city of new york the bulletin is issued for theenlightenment of the public -- from the journal a m a , jan 8, 1916 hypno-bromic compounda physician in vermont writes.

They are free writing help online dull witted, my herb shallfortify their apprehensions. And yet among astrologers all this doesnot deserve a good word. Oh the patience of mars!. felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere caucas, inque domus superum scandere cura facit o happy he that can the knowledge gain, to know the eternal god made nought in vain to this i add, i know the reason causeth such a dearth of knowledge. ’tis because men love the earth the other day mars told me he met with venus, and he asked her, whatwas the reason that she accused him for abusing women?. he never gavethem the pox in the dispute they fell out, and in anger writinged, andmars told me that his brother saturn told him, that an antivenereanmedicine was the best against the pox once a month he meets with themoon mars is quick enough of speech, and the moon not much behindhand, neither are most women the moon looks much after children, andchildren are much troubled with the worms. She desired a medicine ofhim, he bid her take his own herb, wormwood he had no sooner writingedwith the moon, but he met with venus, and she was as drunk as a hog;alas!. poor venus, quoth he.

Also to knit and free writing help online join brokenbones in any writing of the body, the roots being bruised and applied tothe places. Yea, it hath been found by experience, and the decoctionof the root in wine, or the bruised root put into wine or otherdrink, and after a night infusion, strained forth hard and drank, hath helped both man and beast, whose bones hath been broken by anyoccasion, which is the most assured refuge of help to people of diverscounties of the land that they can have it is no less effectual tohelp ruptures and burstings, the decoction in wine, or the powder inbroth or drink, being inwardly taken, and outwardly applied to theplace the same is also available for inward or outward bruises, fallsor blows, both to dispel the congealed blood, and to take away both thepains and the black and blue marks that abide after the hurt the samealso, or the distilled water of the whole plant, used to the face, orother writings of the skin, cleanses it from morphew, freckles, spots, ormarks whatsoever, leaving the place fresh, fair, and lovely. For whichpurpose it is much used by the italian dames samphire descript rock samphire grows up with a tender green stalk abouthalf a yard, or two feet high at the most, branching forth almostfrom the very bottom, and stored with sundry thick and almost round essaywhat long leaves of a deep green colour, essaytimes two together, and essaytimes more on a stalk, and sappy, and of a pleasant, hot, andspicy taste at the top of the stalks and branches stand umbels ofwhite flowers, and after them come large seed, bigger than fennel seed, yet essaywhat like it the root is great, white, and long, continuingthesis years, and is of an hot and spicy taste likewise place it grows on the rocks that are often moistened at the least, if not overflowed with the sea water time and it flowers and seeds in the end of july and august government and virtues it is an herb of jupiter, and was in formertimes wont to be used more than now it is. The more is the pity it iswell known almost to every body, that ill digestions and obstructionsare the cause of most of the diseases which the frail nature of manis subject to. Both which might be remedied by a more frequent use ofthis herb if people would have sauce to their meat, they may take essayfor profit as well as for pleasure it is a safe herb, very pleasantboth to taste and stomach, helps digestion, and in essay sort openingobstructions of the liver and spleen. Provokes urine, and helps therebyto wash away the gravel and stone engendered in the kidneys or bladder sanicle this herb is by thesis called butter-wort descript ordinary sanicle sends forth thesis great round leaves, standing upon long brownish stalks, every one essaywhat deeply cut ordivided into five or six writings, and essay of these also cut in essaywhatlike the leaf of crow-foot, or dove-foot, and finely dented aboutthe edges, smooth, and of a dark shining colour, and essaywhat reddishabout the brims. From among which arise up small, round green stalks, without any joint or leaf thereon, saving at the top, where it branchesforth into flowers, having a leaf divided into three or four writings atthat joint with the flowers, which are small and white, starting out ofsmall round greenish yellow heads, thesis standing together in a tuft, in which afterwards are the seeds contained, which are small roundburs, essaywhat like the leaves of clevers, and stick in the same mannerupon any thing that they touch the root is composed of thesis blackishstrings or fibres, set together at a little long head, which abideswith green leaves all the winter, and perishes not place it is found in thesis shadowy woods, and other places of thisland time it flowers in june, and the seed is ripe shortly after government and virtues this is one of venus herbs, to cure thewounds or mischiefs mars inflicts upon the body of man it heals greenwounds speedily, or any ulcers, imposthumes, or bleedings inward, alsotumours in any writing of the body. For the decoction or powder in drinktaken, and the juice used outwardly, dissipates the humours. And thereis not found any herb that can give such present help either to manor beast, when the disease falleth upon the lungs or throat, and toheal up putrid malignant ulcers in the mouth, throat, and privities, by gargling or washing with the decoction of the leaves and roots madein water, and a little honey put thereto it helps to stay womencourses, and all other fluxes of blood, either by the mouth, urine, orstool, and lasks of the belly. The ulcerations of the kidneys also, andthe pains in the bowels, and gonorrhea, being boiled in wine or water, and drank the same also is no less powerful to help any ruptures orburstings, used both inwardly and outwardly. And briefly, it is aseffectual in binding, restraining, consolidating, heating, drying andhealing, as comfrey, bugle, self-heal, or any other of the vulneraryherbs whatsoever saracen confound, or saracen woundwort descript this grows essaytimes, with brownish stalks, and otherwhiles with green, to a man height, having narrow green leavessnipped about the edges, essaywhat like those of the peach-tree, orwillow leaves, but not of such a white green colour the tops of thestalks are furnished with thesis yellow star-like flowers, standing ingreen heads, which when they are fallen, and the seed ripe, whichis essaywhat long, small and of a brown colour, wrapped in down, istherefore carried away with the wind the root is composed of fibresset together at a head, which perishes not in winter, although thestalks dry away and no leaf appears in the winter the taste hereof isstrong and unpleasant. And so is the smell also place it grows in moist and wet grounds, by wood-sides, andessaytimes in moist places of shadowy groves, as also by the water side time it flowers in july, and the seed is soon ripe, and carriedaway with the wind government and virtues saturn owns the herb, and it is of a sobercondition, like him among the germans, this wound herb is preferredbefore all others of the same quality being boiled in wine, and drank, it helps the indisposition of the liver, and freeth the gall fromobstructions. Whereby it is good for the yellow jaundice and for thedropsy in the beginning of it.

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Microcephalic 1, 150 c c and below it would seem that theskulls of the insane are below the type, a measurement of sixteen free writing help online maleskulls giving an average of only 1, 449 c c scotchmen head the listwith the most voluminous skulls, and according to a tabular statementmade up from welcker, aitken, broca, and meigs, the english come next, with a capacity of 1, 572 c c then follow eskimo, 1, 483 c c. Germans, 1, 448 c c. French, 1, 403 to 1, 461 c c. South african negroes, 1, 372c c. Ancient peruvians, 1, 361 c c. Malay, 1, 328 c c. Mexican, 1, 290c c.