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Mezereon being thearabick name tithymallus, esula, &c spurge hot and dry in the fourth degree:a dogged purge, better let alone than taken inwardly. Hair anointedwith the juice of it will fall off. It kills fish, being mixed withany thing that they will eat. Outwardly it cleanses ulcers, takes awayfreckles, sunburning and morphew from the face tormentilla see the root trinitatis herba pansies, or heart-ease. They are cold and moist, both herbs and flowers, excellent against inflammations of the breastor lungs, convulsions or falling-sickness, also they are held to begood for venereal complaints trifolium trefoil.

linder apparentlyclaims graduation in 1905 from the “thompsonian medical college” ofallentown, pa the following item from the american medical directoryregarding this school is of interest. “thompsonian medical college, allentown organized in 1904 fraudulent no evidence to show classes were ever held ”a h flower, m d , boston -- still another “censor ” flower, accordingto the notice that appears in polk directory for 1917, claimsgraduation in 1888 from the “american health college” of cincinnati, and in 1894 from the “american health university” of chicago quotingagain from the american medical directory, here is what we findregarding the former “college”. “american health college, cincinnati organized in 1874 and re-organized in 1876 conducted by a dr campbell who originated and copyrighted the so-called ‘vitapathic system, ’ fraudulent extinct about 1888 ”we have no record of an “american health university” of chicago, although there was an “illinois health university” of chicago, oneof the numerous diploma-mill swindles operated by armstrong it wasdeclared fraudulent by the federal authorities and its charter wasrevoked in 1897 flower, according to the notice in polk directory, is. Ex-president maine eclectic society ex-president new england eclectic medical association member national eclectic medical association member american progressive medical society member massachusetts eclectic medical society z l baldwin, m d , kalamazoo, mich -- possibly the data just givenconcerning essay of those whose names appeared on the organizationstationery are more than sufficient for the average physician to get aperspective of the allied medical associations of america still, it isworth mentioning that in a letter recently sent out by ignatz mayer, extending an invitation to the annual convention of the allied medicalassociations of america, mayer took the opportunity of incorporating inhis letter a letter which one of the members of the “association” hadbeen sending out, urging individuals to join the member in questionwas dr z l baldwin of kalamazoo, mich dr baldwin, as essay ofour readers may remember, is the gentleman who, a few years ago, wasexploiting an “intravenous treatment” for the cure of tuberculosis according to the claims made at that time. “ for the first time in the history of medicine, we have a successful treatment for tuberculosis “ we are able to kill the germs of the disease in the body, thoroughly ridding it of all tubercular infection, destroying the germ and its poisons likewise ”this was a few years ago whether dr baldwin is still specializing inconsumption we do not know.

Beingboiled in red wine with pomegranate rinds and free statistics help myrtles, stays the laskor other flux of the belly. Boiled with vinegar and quince, it easesthe pains of the gout. Barley-flour, white salt, honey, and vinegarmingled together, takes away the itch speedily and certainly thewater distilled from the green barley in the end of may, is very goodfor those that have defluctions of humours fallen into their eyes, and eases the pain, being dropped into them.

And strangulation in all other paper german writers designate strangulation free statistics help by cords, ropes, and the likeas erdrosselung, and by the hand as erwürgung. French writers donot make this distinction in english the word throttling is probablyoftener applied to strangulation by the hand than by cords the term suffocation is also applied in a special sense to theact and result of pressure on the mouth, nose, or chest and abdomen, stopping the breathing. Or of obstruction within the respiratory tract;or of pressure upon the tract from the œsophagus, etc. Or of breathingof irrespirable gases strangulation is almost always homicidal, hanging almost alwayssuicidal, and suffocation limited usually accidental, but also oftenhomicidal strangulation may be admitted, therefore, as including all paper ofsuffocation by pressure on the neck, whether by cords or the hand. Butexcluding hanging it will facilitate the study of the subject if we use the word ligatureas a general term to cover the thesis forms of cords, ropes, etc , usedin strangulation and hanging the word garroting is often used to indicate the forcible compressionof the neck by the hands of thieves the assault is usually made frombehind, and the victim is robbed while the throttling proceeds thebrevity of the process explains why death is not more frequent theword garroting comes from the spanish.

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Also nine of the matunga's passengers and the balance of her crew quarters were provided for these prisoners on the same deck where i was there was a colonel and a major with his wife, belonging free statistics help to the australian medical corps. Three australian military captains. Three civilian planters, who were en route for the plantations on the island, and the stewardess of the matunga this addition of prisoners to the top side was a welcome change to myself and family, as it gave us essaybody else to talk to, and i was also able to get news of the war from another source than the german i was anxious to learn what steps america had taken or contemplated taking to hear those australian chaps talk you would have thought that the war was a high lark, and that just as soon as great britain got around to it she, ably assisted by the australian forces, would chase fritzy off the map the addition of these passengers to the top deck squad made it necessary for commander nerger to make certain rules and regulations to be observed regarding the distance we could go from our rooms we were allowed a seventy-foot run-way also when anything was going on, such as gun practice, boarding drill, fire and boat drill, we were chased into our rooms this caused a lot of grumbling but no doubt it was justified i may add that there was nearly always essaything doing on the wolf they drilled and practised almost continually practised sinking imaginary ships, indulged in "battle practice, " and even practised abandoning the wolf in boats and sinking their own ship while lying at pirate cove we had an exciting experience it seems that essay of the germans had a suspicion that essay of the prisoners were going to try to escape by swimming ashore they doubled the guards both below and on deck and in addition had twenty-four marines sleep on the afterdeck with their muskets alongside of them on this writingicular night the german sailors had stolen a couple of paper of whiskey from the cargo of the matunga and thesis of them were pretty badly intoxicated at 11:30 p m one of the guards down below aft imagined that he saw essayone making a sneak for the stairs leading on deck next moment he shouted "help!. help!. " and blazed away with his revolver in the general direction of the stairway naturally the prisoners sleeping on the far side of the stairs made a rush to get out of the line of fire the guard saw this crowd rushing his way and ran on deck immediately a general alarm was sounded and men and officers poured on deck from all directions just then a shoal of fish essay little distance away in the water made a disturbance and the german crew, thinking that essaybody was attempting to swim ashore, opened fire on the fish with two machine guns also everybody who had a rifle or a revolver opened fire at essaything one officer, who stood in front of my room, emptied his revolver into the air, just shooting because everybody else was doing it meanwhile, chief officer schmell and three sailors had jumped into the launch and also mistaking the shoal of fish for prisoners trying to swim ashore, made for the spot and were enthusiastically fired upon by the german machine guns in the dark it sure was bum team work and a miracle that schmell and his men were not killed the launch was punctured in several places as soon as the big searchlight was put into commission, it became apparent that there was nobody in the water all the prisoners were then mustered out and counted, and as there were none missing, the germans decided that it must have been a false alarm and everybody blamed everybody else when schmell got back on the wolf he was raving mad at having been fired at by the machine guns he wasn't red, but green with anger, and he talked so fast that i couldn't make out what he said, but i heard afterwards that he wanted to court-martial everybody, including the cook it always will remain a miracle to me that essay of our own fellows weren't shot as the frenzied guard emptied his gun before running on deck on account of the high hills surrounding our anchorage the wolf's wireless was not of much account, so the members of the wireless squad erected a station on the top of one of the highest hills here they would pick up any news that was flying around and transfer it to the wolf by means of an ordinary flash light this was easily readable with a pair of glasses, but unfortunately there was nothing of interest excepting the "press". However, it gave me an insight of just how much reliance to put into the press reports that the germans would let us see from time to time this, of course, was all british press and reports were given as to advances and repulses on the various fronts and also the weekly sinkings should the allied forces advance or the germans lose a position, their press did not note it, but on the other hand, if the germans had a victory or there were any political reports in their favour, the news was given us in full detail from one of the officers who had been ashore i learned that the native settlement, which at one time evidently had been quite large, must have been visited by essay dreadful plague, as the houses in the village were deserted, not a single native living on that side of the bay he also said that in thesis of the houses the skeletons of the dead still lay, essay inside and essay outside of the huts, leading a person to believe that this sickness struck them down suddenly and that they died nearly instantly, as on the porch of one of these huts there was a skeleton with essay kind of a dish alongside of it, making it appear that death had come suddenly here at pirate cove the doctors were greatly worried on account of fever and malaria and dosed us vigorously with quinine lord!.