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A dram thereof givenin oxymel, after essay walking or stirring of the body it helps alsothe sciatica, griping of the belly, the cholic, defects of the liver, and provokes women courses the fresh herb boiled and made intoa poultice, applied to the breasts of women that are swollen withpain and heat, as also the privy writings of man or woman, the seat orfundament, or the arteries, joints, and sinews, when they are inflamedand swollen, doth much ease them. And used with essay salt, helps todissolve knots or kernels in any writing of the body the juice of theherb, or as dioscorides saith the leaves and flowers, with essay finefrankincense in powder, used in wounds of the body, nerves or sinews, doth singularly help to heal them the distilled water of the herbperforms well all the aforesaid cures, but especially for inflammationsor watering of the eyes, by reason of the defluxion of rheum unto them heart-ease this is that herb which such physicians as are licensed to blaspheme byauthority, without danger of having their tongues burned through withan hot iron, called an herb of the trinity it is also called by thosethat are more moderate, three faces in a hood, live in idleness, cullme to you. And in sussex we call them pancies place besides those which are brought up in gardens, they growcommonly wild in the fields, especially in such as are very barren:essaytimes you may find it on the tops of the high hills time they flower all the spring and summer long government and virtues the herb is really saturnine, essaythingcold, viscous, and slimy a strong decoction of the herbs and flowers if you will, you may make it into syrup is an excellent cure forthe french pox, the herb being a gallant antivenereal. And thatantivenereals are the best cure for that disease, far better and saferthan to torment them with the flux, divers foreign physicians haveconfessed the spirit of it is excellently good for the convulsions inchildren, as also for the falling sickness, and a gallant remedy forthe inflammation of the lungs and breasts, pleurisy, scabs, itch, &c it is under the celestial sign cancer artichokes the latins call them cinera, only our college calls them artichocus government and virtues they are under the dominion of venus, andtherefore it is no marvel if they provoke lust, as indeed they do, being essaywhat windy meat. And yet they stay the involuntary course ofnatural seed in man, which is commonly called nocturnal pollutions andhere i care not greatly if i quote a little of galen nonsense in histreatise of the faculties of nourishment he saith, they contain plentyof choleric juice, which notwithstanding i can scarcely believe, ofwhich he saith is engendered melancholy juice, and of that melancholyjuice thin choleric blood but, to proceed. This is certain, that thedecoction of the root boiled in wine, or the root bruised and distilledin wine in an alembic, and being drank, purges by urine exceedingly hart-tongue descript this has divers leaves arising from the root, everyone severally, which fold themselves in their first springing andspreading. When they are full grown, are about a foot long, smooth andgreen above, but hard and with little sap in them, and streaked on theback, athwart on both sides of the middle rib, with small and essaywhatlong and brownish marks. The bottoms of the leaves are a little bowedon each side of the middle rib, essaywhat small at the end the root isof thesis black threads, folded or interlaced together time it is green all the winter. But new leaves spring every year government and virtues jupiter claims dominion over this herb, therefore it is a singular remedy for the liver, both to strengthen itwhen weak, and ease it when afflicted, you shall do well to keep itin a syrup all the year.

|general | | 2 | 2 | ms | | | | aortitis | condition| | 2 | 3 | ms | | | | | improved | 18 | 4 | 2 | oomm | 9 5 |13 da |- to |latent | | | 2 | 1 | mm | | | | |markedly | | | | | | | | | improved | 19 | 2 | 3 | mu | 2 5 | 5 da | |gumma | | 20 | 5 | 2 | mmmmo | 9 |14 da | to |latent |marked |small | 2 | 3 | ms | | | | | general | induration | | | | | | | | improve- | following | | | | | | | | ment | no 3 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- corpora lutea soluble extract, parke, davis & co report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryfollowing inquiries, the council took up for consideration “corporalutea soluble extract, ” marketed by parke, davis & co in the form ofampules and proposed for hypodermic administration the report whichappears below was submitted to the council by a committee, and wasadopted by the council corpora lutea soluble extract was declaredinadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies, and publication of thereport authorized w a puckner, secretary corpora lutea soluble extract has not been submitted by themanufacturer the information of the referee is based, therefore, onthe claims made in the trade package, and on the statements in theprice list these show that the product is essentially secret andclaims made for the actions and uses of the preparation do not makeclear the essentially experimental status of the article, and aretherefore misleading conflict with rule 1 -- no definite statement of composition appearsbeyond the indefinite claim that it is an aqueous solution of “solublecorpora lutea extract, ” each ampule corresponding to 0 2 gm ofdesiccated gland how these soluble products are obtained, whether theyrepresent all the water-soluble principles, or whether essay have beeneliminated, are questions that are not answered yet such informationis essential to intelligent and scientific use, for, as there is nomethod of standardization, the method of preparation is the only markof identity for instance, we do not know at this time whether proteinshave anything to do with the supposed value of corpora lutea it is, therefore, essential to know whether or not the proteins have beeneliminated conflict with rule 6 -- the circular in the package advises thehypodermic use of this extract, not only in functional amenorrheaand the ordinary reflex consequences of physiologic or artificialmenopause, but also in. “‘neurasthenic’ symptoms during menstrual life”. “sterility, not due to pyogenic infection or mechanical obstruction”. “repeated abortions, not due to disease or mechanical factors”. “hyperemesis in the early months of pregnancy ”these are not stated merely as conditions in which various enthusiastshave tried corpus luteum, but as conditions “for which it will be foundserviceable ”it is not necessary to inform the medical profession that thisstatement is calculated to raise expectations which cannot possibly befulfilled even the manufacturers seem to realize this. At least theyspeak essaywhat indefinitely of “suitable paper, ” “good judgment, ” “realindications, ” etc but they proceed to nullify this warning-- if it wasintended as a warning-- by their illustrations of unsuitable paper, for instance, “amenorrhea due to extreme anemia, dysmenorrhea due tocervical stenosis, ” etc finally, they sum up the case. “therefore, additional emphasis on the necessity for the proper selection of paper is essential in order that this useful preparation may not be unjustly discredited ”how these paper of sterility, abortions, etc , are to be selectedis not revealed in other words, the restriction is no more than aconvenient device by which every improvement is to be attributed to themedicine, and every failure to the physician the referee recommends that corpora lutea soluble extract, parke, davis & co , be held ineligible to n n r , because it is a secretpreparation advertised under extravagant claims editorial comment -- was it not in weir mitchell “adventures offrançois” that the itinerant promised to pull teeth without anypain, if the patient would hold absolutely still?. and, mirabiledictu, the ones who suffered were those who had not held absolutelystill!. -- from the journal a m a , april 7, 1917 wheeler tissue phosphates report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council held that the contribution from the a m a chemicallaboratory, “wheeler tissue phosphates, ” demonstrates that this is asemisecret, complex and irrational preparation, sold with misleadingclaims concerning its medicinal constituents and therapeutic properties the council directed that the report be included with the annualcouncil reports and declared wheeler tissue phosphates in conflictwith rules 1, 6, 8 and 10 w a puckner, secretary wheeler tissue phosphates l e warren, ph c , b s “wheeler tissue phosphates, ” known also as “compound elixir ofphosphates and calisaya, ” is advertised as a nerve food and anutritive tonic the label states that it contains calcium, iron, sodium trihydrogen phosphates, alkaloids of peruvian bark with 12-1/2per cent of alcohol the preparation is sold by the t b wheeler, m d co , of rouses point, new york according to the manufacturer, wheeler tissue phosphates “ is an inorganic combination of the phosphates of iron and calcium and hydrogen phosphoric acid together with hydrochloric acid, hydrocyanic acid, and quinine, cheerful coloring, and a delicious, cordial-like flavoring ” “ the iron is the green, inorganic phosphate and the calcium the simple white phosphate of your early student days ”the preparation is a red liquid, having an acid reaction, asweet-bitter taste and the odor of wild cherry qualitative testsindicated the presence of calcium, iron, a phosphate, a chlorid, asulphate, quinin or cinchona alkaloids, alcohol, sodium, cochinealcoloring and invert sugar ammonium salts, glycerol, citrates orlactates were not found from the quantitative values obtained thepreparation may be taken to represent. Sp gr at 25c /25c 1 1087 alcohol per cent, by volume 11 35 gm per 100 c c calcium phosphate ca₃ po₄₂*  0 397 iron phosphate fepo₄ 4h₂o* 0 068 chlorid as hydrochloric acid 0 407 sodium sulphate na₂so₄ 10h₂o  0 043 quinin sulphate u s p 0 041 sodium phosphate na₂hpo₄ 12h₂o  0 065 invert sugar 26 824 water, cochineal and flavor, to make 100 c c * it should be understood that the calcium and iron salts are held in solution by the hydrochloric acid the dose of wheeler tissue phosphates recommended by the manufactureris a tablespoonful or about 15 c c 1/2 oz the total calcium in adose of the preparation is equivalent to about one-sixth of an averagedose of the official calcium chlorid, and the total phosphate to eachdose is equivalent to about one-fourth of a dose of the officialdiluted phosphoric acid each prescribed dose of the preparationcontains about 0 01 gm 2/13 grain of iron phosphate or about onetwenty-fifth of the average dose, and to obtain a pharmacopeial dose ofiron phosphate the patient would be obliged to take three-fourths ofthe contents of an entire bottle-- or 12 ounces-- of the preparation ifit be assumed that all of the chlorid present is in the form of freehydrochloric acid, each dose of the preparation contains the equivalentof about two-thirds of one pharmacopeial dose of diluted hydrochloricacid each dose of the preparation contains about 0 0062 gm 1/10grain of quinin sulphate, or about one-sixteenth of the average tonicdose in other words, to obtain the amount of quinin sulphate given inthe u s pharmacopeia as the tonic dose, the patient would be requiredto swallow 7-1/2 fluidounces of the proprietary preparation, or thecontents of nearly half a bottle the fallacy of prescribing wheelertissue phosphates either for its quinin or its iron content is apparent wheeler tissue phosphates is, then, a mildly bitter flavored syrupwhich contains nearly 12 per cent of alcohol, small quantities each ofcalcium phosphate and hydrochloric acid and insignificant amounts ofiron and quinin salts in other words, essentially it is a sweetenedsolution of small quantities of calcium phosphate in very dilutehydrochlorid acid together with 12 per cent of alcohol bearing in mind the analysis of the preparation, how ludicrous essay ofthe claims appear. “tissue phosphates is not a hypophosphite preparation. It is not a combination of glycerophosphates or other organic salts, or so-called peptonates and manganates, all recently condemned by the best therapeutic opinion here and in europe, as much slower and less active than the simpler salts the iron is the green, inorganic phosphite and the calcium the simple white phosphate of your early student days nature takes these simple salts and builds them rapidly into lecithin, bone, and other tissue, without the delay incurred by splitting up the organic salts before she can recombine them ” “tissue phosphates is in fact a chemical food ” “the formula, suggested by professor dusart, of paris, combines in an easily assimilable and agreeable cordial. Medium medicinal doses of phosphorus, the generator of nerve force.

Mark of free essay writer online cord above thyroid cartilage. No discharge ofsemen or fæces. Ecchymosis under cord, left side. Dislocation of atlasfrom axis. Odontoid ligaments ruptured. Transverse ligament uninjured brain and membranes much congested. Clear fluid in lateral ventricles lungs collapsed, anæmic. One ounce straw-colored serum measured inpericardium. Dark fluid blood in both ventricles of heart. Liver muchcongested 77 second man, age 16. Pupils widely dilated. Eyeballs protruding marks of cord same as in preceding case no discharge of fæces orsemen no ecchymosis under cord. Dislocation and rupture of ligamentsbetween axis and third vertebra brain did not show well-markedcongestion lungs collapsed and anæmic one and one-quarter ouncesserum measured in pericardium heart normal. Dark blood in bothventricles. Liver normal 78 third man, age 20.

He wishes free essay writer online he had it not, andso do i. But i will tell him a remedy, whereby he shall prevent it;take the herb of mars, wormwood, and if infortunes will do good, whatwill fortunes do?. essay think the lungs are under jupiter. And if thelungs then the breath. And though essaytimes a man gets a stinkingbreath, and yet jupiter is a fortune, forsooth. Up comes mars to him;come brother jupiter, thou knowest i sent thee a couple of trines tothy house last night, the one from aries, and the other from scorpio;give me thy leave by sympathy to cure this poor man with drinking adraught of wormwood beer every morning the moon was weak the otherday, and she gave a man two terrible mischiefs, a dull brain and a weaksight. Mars laid by his sword, and comes to her. Sister moon, saidhe, this man hath angered thee, but i beseech thee take notice he isbut a fool. Prithee be patient, i will with my herb wormwood cure himof both infirmities by antipathy, for thou knowest thou and i cannotagree. With that the moon began to quarrel. Mars not delighting muchin women tongues went away, and did it whether she would or no he that reads this, and understands what he reads, hath a jewel of moreworth than a diamond. He that understands it not, is as little fit togive physick there lies a key in these words which will unlock, if itbe turned by a wise hand the cabinet of physick. I have delivered itas plain as i durst. It is not only upon wormwood as i wrote, but uponall plants, trees, and herbs. He that understands it not, is unfit inmy opinion to give physic this shall live when i am dead and thusi leave it to the world, not caring a farthing whether they like itor dislike it the grave equals all men, and therefore shall equal mewith all princes. Until which time the eternal providence is over me:then the ill tongue of a prating fellow, or one that hath more tonguethan wit, or more proud than honest, shall never trouble me wisdom isjustified by her children and so much for wormwood yarrow, called nose-bleed, milfoil and thousand-leal descript it hath thesis long leaves spread upon the ground, finelycut, and divided into thesis small writings its flowers are white, but notall of a whiteness and stayed in knots, upon divers green stalks whichrise from among the leaves place it is frequent in all pastures time it flowers late, even in the latter end of august government and virtues it is under the influence of venus anointment of them cures wounds, and is most fit for such as haveinflammations, it being an herb of dame venus.

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In another experiment made, chlorlyptus showed a weaker inhibitory action on the growth of typhoid bacillus experiment 5 -- germicidal action of carbolic acid -- the technic was the same as that outlined in experiment 1 except that carbolic acid was used instead of chlorlyptus result. Carbolic acid showed a distinct germicidal action on typhoid bacillus in the proportions of 1 per cent in ten minutes experiment 6 -- action of nitrogen gas on the growth of typhoid bacillus in bouillon and nutrient agar when chlorlyptus was added to this culture medium -- chlorlyptus was added to the bouillon in the proportions of 1:100, 1:1, 000, 1:10, 000 and 1:100, 000, as outlined in experiment 2. Also to agar kept melted at 45 c tubes were inoculated with typhoid bacillus. Plates were made of the inoculated agar tubes. All plates and tubes were incubated at 37 c for forty-eight hours in an atmosphere of nitrogen gas duplicate experiments were made with cultures of typhoid bacillus as above in bouillon and agar plates containing the same amount of chlorlyptus and incubated at 37 c in ordinary atmosphere as control result. Nitrogen gas did not show any appreciable increase of the germicidal action of typhoid bacillus when grown in medium containing chlorlyptus growth was about the same in cultures supplied with nitrogen gas as in those growing in ordinary atmosphere experiment 7 -- germicidal action of chlorlyptus on pyogenic bacteria suspended in an oily medium -- experiment with streptococcus. Cultures of streptococcus in blood agar three days old were suspended in olive oil sterile, and chlorlyptus was added in the proportions of 1, 5 and 10 per cent and inoculated in trypsinized bouillon at different intervals, namely. At once, after five minutes, after ten minutes, after fifteen minutes, after thirty minutes, and after one hour tubes were incubated at 37 c for forty-eight hours result. All tubes remained sterile the germicidal action of chlorlyptus on streptococcus suspended in oil was almost at once and with certainty after five minutes when added in the proportion of 1, 5 and 10 per cent experiment 8 -- germicidal action of chlorlyptus on staphylococcus, suspended in sterile olive oil -- the technic employed was the same as in experiment 5, except that a culture of staphylococcus was used result. All tubes remained sterile the germicidal action of chlorlyptus was almost at once in the proportions of 1, 5 and 10 per cent remarks. By repeating this experiment the result showed essay variations the discrepancy was probably due to an imperfect suspension of the micro-organism in the oil experiment 9 -- germicidal action of carbolic acid on streptococcus suspended in olive oil -- the technic employed was the same as in experiment 5, except that carbolic acid was used instead of chlorlyptus result.