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Found hanging, sitting position suicide or homicide opinion, suicide 38 ibid , p 156 - woman, age 30. Found hanging opinion, suicide 39 ibid , p 165 - man, age 63 suicide by hanging, or homicide bystrangling?. opinion, suicide 40 berliner. Viert f ger med und öff san , 1874, xx , pp 245-253 - woman, age 30. Found hanging opinion, suicide 41 deininger. Friedreich blät ger med , 1884, xxxv , pp 47-59 - woman, age 61. Found hanging opinion given, suicide 42 mader. Bericht d k k rud stift , wien 1875, 1876, p 378 - woman, age 43. Tried to hang herself she was at once cutdown, bled, and taken to hospital unconscious next day, face red;pulse and temperature normal third day, conscious and could speak, but not aloud.

Helps the sciatica, pains in the breast, expels wind in anywriting of the body, resists fearfulness and melancholy, continual painsin the head, and is profitable for such as have the falling-sickness tosmell to thymælea the greek financial assignment help name for spurge-olive. Mezereon being thearabick name tithymallus, esula, &c spurge hot and dry in the fourth degree:a dogged purge, better let alone than taken inwardly. Hair anointedwith the juice of it will fall off. It kills fish, being mixed withany thing that they will eat. Outwardly it cleanses ulcers, takes awayfreckles, sunburning and morphew from the face tormentilla see the root trinitatis herba pansies, or heart-ease. They are cold and moist, both herbs and flowers, excellent against inflammations of the breastor lungs, convulsions or falling-sickness, also they are held to begood for venereal complaints trifolium trefoil. Dry in the third degree, and cold. The ordinarymeadow trefoil, cleanses the bowels of slimy humours that stick tothem, being used either in drinks or clysters.

Sucrose c₁₂h₂₂o₁₁ glucose and galactose c₆h₁₂o₆ ”the package contained ampules of thin, fragile, brown colored glass, containing approximately 2-1/2 c c of light, clear, amber colored, thick, sticky fluid, having a distinct caramel odor reactionp↓{h} 5 0 a reducing substance probably glucose amounting to 7 4per cent was found by using benedict method for estimating glucosequantitatively. After hydrolysis with hydrochloric acid, 55 5 percent glucose was found there was no reaction for albumin no attemptwas made to identify the sugars, as it seemed probable that in thepreparation caramel had been produced the circular which accompanied the package of aphlegmatol contained thefollowing information spelling and composition as in original aboutits use and effects. To be emploied where a large bronchial secretion is present in the respiratory branches disease the secretion will diminish and, in non complicated paper, it will completely disappear fever, cough, hemottisis, night perspiration, vomiting and difficulty of breathing are, in the meantime, diminuished aphlegmatol acts also as a riconstituent, being itself a nurrishing composition, improves the digestive function of the body and increases the arterial pressure 5 c c 2 phials of aphlegmatol per day must be injected intramuscularly in the gluteus if the patient wishes two injections may be made, one at the right immediately followed by a second one at the left the cure must not be interrupted untill essaytime after expectoration has disappeared, which result may be obtained only after fifty or sixty days, in the meantime the patient must be controlled by his home physician, especialy when thermal elevation of the body takes place improvement will be manifested on or about the tenth day of the first injection in the advertising circular, which is apparently intended for generaldistribution, much the same information is given as in the sheetenclosed with the ampules, except that in the directions we find:“if the injections are painful-- especially in paper where patientsare very emaciated-- physicians are advised to inject together withaphlegmatol, as an anesthetic, a vial with 1 c c solution of stovainat 3% ” the advertising for aphlegmatol contains thesis misspelled wordsand appears to be the work of those ignorant of the english language tuberculosis is a widespread disease and a majority of the uninformedare only too willing and ready to try such a “cure ” the preparationsappear to be nothing more than concentrated solutions of sugar itis probable that a small amount of the cane sugar might be invertedto glucose and fructose, but experiments have shown that cane sugarsubcutaneously administered in the small amounts used in thisinstance is largely excreted in the urine unchanged less is knownabout galactose, but the evidence available would indicate thatgalactose is largely excreted in the urine unchanged when givensubcutaneously glucose would be absorbed as such, and in the amountsunder consideration, used by the system much the same as when given bymouth -- from the journal a m a , aug 21, 1920 supsalvs not admitted to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following reportdeclaring supsalvs anglo-french drug company inadmissible to new andnonofficial remedies w a puckner, secretary supsalvs are advertised by the anglo-french drug company as “stablesuppositories of ‘606’ of french manufacture” with the claim thatby the rectal administration of these suppositories the effects ofarsphenamine may be obtained the asserted efficacy of supsalvsmedication is based in writing on the claim that for these suppositoriesan excipient was found which mixes with the cocoa butter base “to forman assimilable emulsion ” “the active principle and the vehicle being bound to one another, the mucous membrane is able to absorb both simultaneously and progressively in the form of an organic emulsion ”as no information was furnished the council by the anglo-french drugcompany on the origin or quality of the arsphenamine used in thepreparation of supsalvs or the character of the vehicle which was“bound” to the arsphenamine in such a way as to permit the absorptionof this combination in the form of an “organic emulsion, ” the firmwas requested to furnish. 1 evidence that the arsphenamine used insupsalvs complies with the n n r standards and that deteriorationof it does not occur in the preparation of the suppositories or onkeeping 2 the identity of the ingredients composing the suppository the anglo-french drug company did not supply the requested evidenceand consequently the council judged the preparation on the basis ofthe information received from the company, and that contained in theavailable advertising and circulars it found supsalvs inadmissibleto new and nonofficial remedies, first because the quality of themedicament contained in the suppositories has not been established, andsecond because the claimed efficacy of this preparation as a means ofsecuring the effects of arsphenamine lacks substantiating proof during the past few years essay french physicians have reportedfavorably on the intrarectal administration of arsphenamine boyd andjoseph at panama published the journal, aug 17, 1918, p 521 anenthusiastic report on intrarectal injection of arsphenamine but didnot refer to its use in the form of suppositories in a comprehensivereport, on the “treatment of syphilis” quarterly journal of medicine, july, 1917 l w harrison stated that arsphenamine salvarsan in theshape of an enema is definitely less effective than intravenously andthat “neisser and the vast majority of workers can see no value in therectal method ” schamberg and hirschler a safe and efficient intensivemethod of treating syphilis, therapeutic gazette, november, 1919, p 761 have given a rather thorough trial of this method. The resultswere most disappointing. “a certain or rather uncertain amount ofarsphenamine is absorbed into the blood, but the quantity is obviouslytoo small to be at all comparable in its effect with the intravenousadministration our conclusions are that the rectal administrationof arsphenamine or neoarsphenamine is an extremely feeble method ofadministering these drugs ”the report of the special committee on the manufacture, biologicalhistory and clinical administration of salvarsan and other substancesof the british national health insurance medical research committeecontains the following.

Act 1877-78, c 918, s 7 former practitioners - holders of certificates theretofore granted bythe board of examiners existing by the appointment of the californiastate medical society of homœopathic practitioners are excused by theact 1877-78, c 918, s 7, from obtaining new certificates rejected applicant - a certificate issued by one board to an applicantrejected by another within a year is null and void 9 fees - to secretary of board, for examining genuine diploma, $5 if diploma fraudulent or property of another, $20 act 1877-78, c 576, s 3. Amending act 1875-76, c 518, s 4 to county clerk, for recording certificate, usual recording fees act1875-76, c 518, s 6 colorado board of examiners - the state board of medical examiners is composedof nine practising physicians of known ability and integrity, graduatesof medical schools of undoubted respectability, six of the regularschool, two of the homœopathic, and one of the eclectic school orsystem, appointed by the governor mills’ “annotated statutes” 1891, s 3, 547 qualification - every person practising medicine must possess therequired qualifications if a graduate in medicine, he must presenthis diploma to the state board of medical examiners for verification, or furnish other evidence conclusive of his being a graduate of alegally chartered medical school in good standing the board issuesits certificate, and such diploma or evidence and certificate areconclusive if not a graduate of a legally chartered medical schoolin good standing, the person must present himself before the boardfor examination all persons who have made the practice of medicineand surgery their profession or business continuously for ten years, and can furnish satisfactory evidence thereof to the state medicalexaminers, shall receive a license to continue 3, 550 examinations of persons not graduates are made by the state board, wholly or writingly in writing, in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, pathology, surgery, obstetrics, and practice of medicine exclusive ofmateria medica and therapeutics 3, 553 the holder of a certificate should have it recorded in the office ofthe clerk of the county in which he resides, and the record indorsedthereon, and on removing to another county to practise should procurean indorsement to that effect on the certificate from the countyclerk, and record this certificate in the county to which he removes3, 554 the board may refuse certificates to persons convicted of conduct ofcriminal nature. And may revoke certificates for like cause s 3, 356 definition - professing publicly to be a physician and prescribe forthe sick, or attaching to name “m d , ” or “surgeon” or “doctor” in amedical sense, is regarded as practising medicine gratuitous servicesin case of emergency are not prohibited 3, 557 penalty - the penalty for violation of the act is a fine of from $50 to$300, or imprisonment in the county jail from ten days to thirty days, or fine and imprisonment for each offence. Filing or attempting to filethe diploma or certificate of another, or false or forged evidence, isa felony punishable the same as forgery 3, 558 system of medicine - certificates are issued without prejudice, writingiality, or discrimination as to schools or systems of practice ormedicine, including the electropathic school 3, 561 fees - to treasurer of board by graduates and practitioners of tenyears’ standing, $5 by candidates for examination, $10 s 3, 552 to county clerk, for recording certificate, $1 3, 554 connecticut qualification, exceptions - after october 1st, 1893, no personshall for compensation, gain, or reward, received or expected, treat, operate, or prescribe for any injury, deformity, ailment, or disease, actual or imaginary, of another person, nor practisesurgery or midwifery unless or until he has obtained a certificate ofregistration, and then only in the kind or branch of practice statedin the certificate, but the act does not apply to dentists practisingdentistry only, nor to any person in the employ of the united statesgovernment while acting in the scope of his employment, nor to medicalor surgical assistance in paper of sudden emergency, nor to anyperson residing out of the state who shall be employed to come intothe state to assist or consult with any physician or surgeon who hasbeen registered in conformity with the act, nor to any physician orsurgeon then actually residing out of the state who shall be employedto come into the state to treat, operate, or prescribe for any injury, deformity, ailment, or disease from which any person is suffering atthe time when such non-resident physician or surgeon is so employed, nor to any actual resident of this state recommending by advertisementor otherwise the use of proper remedies sold under trade-marks issuedby the united states government, nor to any chiropodist or clairvoyantnot using in his practice any drugs, medicines, or poisons, nor to anyperson practising the massage method or swedish movement cure, suncure, mind cure, magnetic healing, or christian science, nor to anyother person who does not use or prescribe in his treatment of mankinddrugs, poisons, medicine, chemicals, or nostrums act 1893, c 148, s 1 any resident of the state who, at the time of the passage of theact, was or previously had been actually engaged in the state in thepractice of medicine, surgery, midwifery, or any alleged practice ofhealing, may, before october 1st, 1893, file with the state board ofhealth duplicate statements subscribed and sworn to by him upon blanksfurnished by said board, giving his name, age, and place of birth andpresent residence, stating whether he is a graduate of any medicalcollege or not, and of what college, and the date of graduation, andif practising under a license from any of the medical societies of thestate, which society and the date of such license and the length oftime he has been engaged in practice in the state, and also elsewhere, and whether in general practice or in a special branch of medicine orsurgery, and what branch on receipt of such statements, the boardshall issue a certificate of registration which shall state the kind orbranch of practice in which he is engaged 2 any person who shall, subsequent to october 1st, 1893, file with saidboard such duplicated statements, showing that he is a graduate ofa medical college recognized as reputable by any chartered medicalsociety of the state, shall receive a certificate of registration whichshall state the kind or branch of practice in which the person namedtherein is engaged or is to be engaged 3 any person residing in any town in another state which town adjoinsthe boundary line of connecticut, who was actually engaged in suchtown, at the time of the passage of the act, in the practice ofmedicine, surgery, or midwifery, or any branch of practice, may beforeoctober 1st, 1893, obtain from the said board a like certificate onfiling such duplicated statements also showing that he is entitled tosuch certificate under this section 4 except as above provided, no person shall after october 1st, 1893, obtain a certificate of registration until he has passed a satisfactoryexamination before a committee appointed by said board, nor until hehas filed with the said board duplicate certificates as aforesaid, signed by a majority of one of said examining commissioners, statingthat they have found him qualified to practise either medicine, surgery, or midwifery, and any person filing said certificates shallreceive from said board a certificate of registration 5 the state board of health, in january, 1894, is to appoint threeexamining commissions, each of five physicians nominated respectivelyby the connecticut medical society, the connecticut homœopathicmedical society, and the connecticut eclectic medical association, andrecommended by the said societies respectively as persons competent toserve upon the said examining commissions appointments are to be madethereafter from time to time by similar nominations 6 and 7 the state board of health shall designate when and where thecommissions shall hold examinations, but shall call a meeting of acommission within thirty days after the receipt of an application forexamination applicants shall be examined in anatomy, physiology, medical chemistry, obstetrics, hygiene, surgery, pathology, diagnosis, and therapeutics, including practice and materia medica eachcommission shall frame its own questions and conduct its examinationsin writing, and both questions and answers shall be placed on file withthe board each applicant may choose by which of the commissions hewill be examined after rejection by any examining commission, the applicant shall notbe eligible to examination by another commission until after theexpiration of twelve months 8 on the receipt of duplicate statements, the board shall transmit oneof them with a duplicate certificate of registration to the town clerkof the town where the person filing the statement resides, and if hedoes not reside in the state to the town clerk of the town in the statenearest to his place of residence, and said clerk shall record the sameand return them to the person who filed them with the board s 9 the secretary of each medical society shall file with the secretary ofthe state board of health a list of medical colleges or institutionsrecognized as legal and reputable by his society or all of suchsecretaries may agree upon a single list, and such list may becorrected from time to time 10 penalty - the violation of sec 10 shall be a misdemeanor, punishablewith a fine of from $100 to $300 for the first offence, and for eachsubsequent offence by a fine of from $200 to $500 or imprisonment inthe county jail for from thirty to ninety days, or both 11;swearing falsely to a statement is perjury 12 fees - to the state board of health, on filing statements orcertificates, $2 2, 3, 4, 5 to examining commission, before examination, their expenses notexceeding $10 8 to the town clerk, by state board of health out of the amount paid toit, for recording, 25 cents 9 delaware qualification - it is unlawful to practise medicine or surgery withouta license laws 1887, vol 18, c 35, s 1, as amended by laws 1889, vol 18, c 518 the medical board of examiners for the state must grant a licenseto any person applying therefor who shall produce a diploma froma respectable medical college, or shall, upon full and imwritingialexamination, be found qualified for such practice rev stats , c 47, s 3 the board consists of as thesis fellows of the medical society ofdelaware as the society deems proper 3 the clerk of the peace of a county, on presentation of a licenseissued by the board of examiners of the homœopathic medical societyof delaware state and peninsula, under its corporate seal, signed byits president and countersigned by its secretary, or of the licenseprovided by sec 3, c 47, of the revised statutes, or on the affidavitof a person that he or she has practised medicine or surgery for eightyears continuously in the state, and upon such person registering hisname, the date of his graduation and college if a graduate, and hisplace of intended residence, must issue a license 2 a person opening a transient office or assigning a transient officeby printed or written advertisement, must comply with the foregoingprovisions and pay special license fee for a license good only for oneyear laws 1887, vol 18, c 35, s 5 penalty - the violation of this law is a misdemeanor punishable by afine of from $100 to $300 7 exceptions - the present law exempts those who complied with the act ofapril 19th, 1883, and also regular practitioners of another state inconsultation with a lawful practitioner of medicine and surgery of thisstate 4, 6 fees - to clerk of the peace, for issuing license to practise, $10 50 laws 1887, vol 18, c 35, s 4 for issuing annual license forrevenue of the state, $10 50 laws, vol 13, c 117, as amended, vol 14, c 16 to secretary of board, for license, $10 rev stats , c 47, s 5 a license fee to practise medicine, for the revenue of the state, isalso required 8. Vol 13, c 117, as amended, vol 14, laws, c 16 district of columbia registration - it is the duty of every physician, accoucheur, andmidwife practising medicine, or doing business, to register at theoffice of the board of health, giving full name, residence, and placeof business, and in case of removal from one place to another in thedistrict to make a change in the register regulation of board ofhealth, august 28th, 1874, s 8, legalized by resolution of congress, no 25, s 2, april 24th, 1880 violation - the violation of the foregoing provision is punishable by afine of from $25 to $200 for every offence 9 qualification - all physicians required to register must do so upon alicense from essay chartered medical society or upon a diploma from essaymedical school or institution 11 first florida boards of examiners - the governor appoints a board of medicalexaminers for each judicial circuit, and a board of homœopathicexaminers for the state rev stats , 1892, s 801 the circuit board is composed of three practising physicians of knownability, graduates in good standing of a medical college, recognizedby the american medical association, residents of the circuit;the homœopathic board is composed of three practising homœopathicphysicians of known ability, graduates in good standing of a medicalcollege recognized by the american institute of homœopathy s 802 qualification - it is the duty of the board of examiners to examinethoroughly every applicant, upon the production of a medical diplomafrom a recognized college, upon anatomy, physiology, surgery, gynæcology, therapeutics, obstetrics, and chemistry, but no preferenceis given to any school of medicine. And it is the duty of the board ofhomœopathic medical examiners to examine thoroughly every applicant, upon the production of his diploma from a college recognized by theamerican institute of homœopathy, on anatomy, physiology, surgery, gynæcology, materia medica, therapeutics, obstetrics, and chemistry, but no preference is given to any school of medicine rev stats , 1892, s 806 when the board is satisfied as to the qualifications of the applicant, they grant a certificate which entitles him to practise medicine in anycounty, when recorded 807 any two members of the boardmay grant a certificate any member may grant a temporary certificate, upon examination, until the next regular meeting, at which time thetemporary certificate ceases to be of effect 808 before heshall be entitled to practise, the certificate must be recorded in theoffice of the clerk of the circuit court of the county in which he mayreside or sojourn. And the clerk must certify thereon, under officialseal, the fact and date of the record, and return the certificate809 a practitioner engaged in the practice of medicine in any dewritingmentprior to may 31st, 1889, upon the production of a diploma from amedical college recognized by the american medical association, isgranted a certificate, without further examination and without charge811 exceptions - this act is not applicable to persons who have compliedwith prior laws, nor to females practising midwifery, strictly as such no other person shall practise medicine in any of its branches ordewritingments, without having obtained and recorded a certificate s 812 penalty - practising as a physician without a certificate is punishableby imprisonment not exceeding six months, or a fine not exceeding $2002, 669 fees - to clerk, legal fee for recording 809 to board, $10 from each applicant whether certificate granted or not810 georgia the code of 1882, s 1, 409 a as amended by chap 413, laws 1882-83, provides that qualification - no person is to practise medicine, unless he wastheretofore legally authorized, or is hereafter authorized by a diplomafrom an incorporated medical college, medical school or university, orhas after attending one or more full terms at a regularly charteredmedical college, been in active practice of medicine since the year1866, or was by law authorized to practise medicine in 1866, and bycompliance with the statute definition - to “practise medicine” means to suggest, recommend, prescribe, or direct, for the use of any person, any drug, medicine, appliance, apparatus, or other agency, whether material or notmaterial, for the cure, relief, or palliation of any ailment or diseaseof mind or body, or for the cure or relief of any wound, fracture, orother bodily injury, or any deformity, after having received or withthe intent of receiving therefor, either directly or indirectly, anybonus, gift, or compensation 1, 409 b registration - every person now lawfully engaged in practice mustregister on or before december 1st, 1881. Every person hereafter dulyqualified shall, before commencing to practise, register in the officeof the clerk of the superior court of the county wherein he resides andis practising, or intends to practise, his name, residence, and placeof birth, together with his authority. He shall subscribe or verify, by oath or affirmation, before a person duly qualified to administeroaths under the laws of this state, an affidavit containing such facts, and whether such authority is by diploma or license, and the date ofthe same, and by whom granted, which shall be exhibited to the countyclerk, before the applicant is allowed to register, and which, ifwilfully false, is punishable as false swearing 1, 409 c removal - a registered physician changing his residence from countyto county must register in the clerk office of the county to whichhe removes and wherein he intends to reside and to practise medicine1, 409 d penalty - the violation of this law or practising, or offering topractise, without lawful authority, or under cover of a diploma orlicense illegally obtained, is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine offrom $100 to $500, or imprisonment from thirty to ninety days, or both1, 409 e exceptions - commissioned medical officers of the united states army ornavy, or united states marine hospital service, and women practisingonly midwifery, are not affected 1, 409 f medical boards - all medical boards are abolished, and only thequalifications of practitioners of medicine set forth above arerequired 1, 409 g fees - to county clerk, fifty cents for each registration s 1, 409 c tax - on practitioners of physic, $5 per annum 809 idaho qualification - no person can lawfully practise medicine or surgery whohas not received a medical education, and a diploma from a regularlychartered medical school, having a bona fide existence when thediploma was granted rev stats , 1887, s 1, 298 a physician or surgeon must file for record with the county recorderof the county in which he is about to practise, or where he practises, a copy of his diploma, at the same time exhibiting the original, ora certificate from the dean of a medical school certifying to hisgraduation 1, 298 a when filing the copy required, he must be identified as the personnamed in the papers, by the affidavit of two citizens of the county, orby his affidavit taken before a notary public or commissioner of deedsfor this state.

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Jordan v overseers, etc , 4 ohio, 295 courts may compel granting of license - a person who is financial assignment help qualifiedand complies with reasonable rules of a licensing body, can compelsuch body to license him this was held to be the law in the case ofthe people ex rel bartlett v the medical society of the countyof erie, which is also an important authority in respect to a vexedquestion of medical ethics it appeared in that case that under thegeneral laws of new york in regard to the organization of medicalsocieties, a medical society had refused to receive as a member aperson otherwise qualified, because he had advertised in the publicprints a certain cure, including a mechanical appliance used intreating throat troubles. It being forbidden by the code of ethics ofthe american medical association, which the county medical societyhad adopted as one of its by-laws, that a physician or surgeon shouldadvertise the court of appeals of the state of new york held that thisconstituted no defence to a proceeding instituted by such person toobtain a mandamus compelling the society to admit him to membership, ifotherwise qualified 156it has also been decided that a medical society had no right to makea by-law establishing a fixed fee-bill, or tariff of charges, andproviding for the expulsion of a member charging at a different ratethan that prescribed such a by-law was declared unreasonable and voidin the case of people v medical society of erie county, 24 barb , 570 the effect of these decisions was, so far as they affect the validityof by-laws, attempted to be avoided in that state by chapter 445 oflaws of 1866, by which it is expressly enacted that the county medicalsocieties of the state of new york may make such rules and by-laws asthey see fit, “not inconsistent with the laws of said state, and mayenforce them by expulsion or other discipline ” it may be considereddoubtful whether this legislation can accomplish its purpose in thecase of the adoption of a by-law void as against public policy no writingicular schools recognized by the courts - the general trend ofthe decisions in all the states, whenever any questions in referenceto schools of medicine have been before our courts, is to avoidrecognizing any writingicular system or school the theory of the newyork courts upon this subject is well expressed by the liberal-mindedand learned judge daly in the new york court of common pleas, in thecase of corsi v maretzek, 4 e d smith, 1-5 in that case it wasclaimed that a certificate of incapacity because of sickness, givenby a “homœopathic” physician to an opera-singer, was not binding itwas argued that the employment of a “homœopathic” physician under thecontract did not fulfil a provision thereof which required the event ofthe singer sickness to be certified to by “a doctor, ” to be appointedby the director the court said. “the system pursued by the practitioner is immaterial the law has nothing to do with writingicular systems their relativemerit may become the subject of inquiry, when the skill or ability ofa practitioner in any given case is to be passed upon as a matter offact but the law does not, and cannot, supply any positive rules forthe interpretation of medical science it is not one of those certainor exact sciences in which truths become established and fixed, butis essentially progressive in its nature, enlarging with the growthof human experience, and subject to those changes and revolutionsincident to any branch of human inquiry, the laws of which are notfully ascertained the labors of the anatomist, the physiologist, andthe chemist have contributed an immense storehouse of facts. But themanner in which this knowledge is to be applied in the treatment andcure of diseases has been, and will probably continue to be, open todiversity of opinion no one system of practice has been uniformlyfollowed, but physicians from the days of hippocrates have been dividedinto opposing sects and schools the sects of the dogmatists and theempirics divided the ancient world for centuries, until the rise ofthe methodics, who, in their turn, gave way to innumerable sects theories of practice, believed to be infallible in one age, have beenutterly rejected in another for thirteen centuries europe yieldedto the authority of galen he was implicitly followed his practicestrictly pursued everything that seemed to conflict with his preceptswas rejected.