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And that the reason such as have it ascending in their genesis, are such greedy eaters if you cannot stay till the moon be in oneof them, let one of them ascend when you administer the extended essay online help medicine the digestive virtue is hot and moist, and is the principal of themall, the other like handmaids attend it the attractive virtue draws that which it should digest, and servescontinually to feed and supply it the retentive virtue, retains the substance with it, till it beperfectly digested the expulsive virtue casteth out, expels what is superfluous bydigestion it is under the influence of jupiter, and fortified by hisherbs and plants, &c in fortifying it, let your moon be in gemini, aquary, or the first half of libra, or if matters be come to thatextremity, that you cannot stay till that time, let one of them ascend, but both of them together would do better, always provided that themoon be not in the ascendent i cannot believe the moon afflictsthe ascendent so much as they talk of, if she be well dignified, and ina sign she delights in the retentive virtue is in quality cold and dry. Cold, because thenature of cold is to compress, witness the ice. Dry, because the natureof dryness, is to keep and hold what is compressed it is under theinfluence of saturn, and that is the reason why usually saturnine menare so covetous and tenacious in fortifying of it, make use of theherbs and plants, &c of saturn, and let the moon be in taurusor virgo, capricorn is not so good, say authors, i can give noreason for that neither. Let not saturn nor his ill aspect molestthe ascendent the expulsive faculty is cold and moist. Cold because that compassesthe superfluities. Moist, because that makes the body slippery andfit for ejection, and disposes it to it it is under the dominion ofluna, with whom you may join venus, because she is of the samenature also in whatsoever is before written, of the nature of the planets, take notice, that fixed stars of the same nature, work the same effect in fortifying this, which ought to be done in all purgations, letthe moon be in cancer, scorpio, or pisces, or let one of thesesigns ascend although i did what i could throughout the whole book to expressmyself in such a language as might be understood by all, and thereforeavoided terms of art as much as might be, yet, 1 essay words ofnecessity fall in which need explanation 2 it would be very tediousat the end of every receipt to repeat over and over again, the way ofadministration of the receipt, or ordering your bodies after it, or toinstruct you in the mixture of medicines, and indeed would do nothingelse but stuff the book full of tautology to answer to both these is my task at this time to the first. The words which need explaining, such as are obvious tomy eye, are these that follow 1 to distil in balneo mariæ, is the usual way of distillingin water it is no more than to place your glass body which holds thematter to be distilled in a convenient vessel of water, when the wateris cold for fear of breaking put a wisp of straw, or the like underit, to keep it from the bottom, then make the water boil, that so thespirit may be distilled forth. Take not the glass out till the water becold again, for fear of breaking.

These were designatedrespectively, a56, a57, a63, and a67 the first two specimens werelabeled “manufactured by the farbwerke-hoechst co at the h a metz laboratories ” the third specimen not in original containerwas labeled “h a metz laboratories” and the fourth was marked“manufactured by the h a metz laboratories ”3 procain-rector, 3 specimens. Each bore the statement “manufacturedby the rector chemical company” but had no “lot number ”from this examination it appears that all the specimens of procainreceived complied satisfactorily with all tests of identity and puritywith the following exceptions. 1 one specimen of procain-abbott hada melting point slightly below the permitted range. However, the lastfive specimens had the required melting point 2 five specimens ofprocain-abbott and the last three specimens of procain-rector were notentirely colorless, but had a yellow or light brown tinge the toxicity experiments, which were carried out by dr r a hatcherof the cornell pharmacologic laboratory, were reported as beingsatisfactory when the council on pharmacy and chemistry referred the matter ofthe discolored specimens of procain to the rector chemical companyfor explanation, the firm wrote that for a short time for essayunexplainable reason its procain had been slightly yellowish in color, but that every batch had been carefully tested and found to answer allchemical requirements the firm stated that the product which it hadsent out for essay time past had been white and yielded a colorlesssolution to a like inquiry from the council the abbott laboratories replied thatthe five samples which were found discolored were products manufacturedby the rector chemical company and represented goods which it hadpurchased to assist in filling delayed orders, because the firm hadfound itself unable to keep pace with the demand on account of delay insecuring needed apparatus the firm submitted protocols to show thatthe procain made by it, by rector and by metz were of equal toxicity in the accompanying table the results of the examination are given for comparison the findings for the specimens examined previously areincluded date melting ash brand received color point, c % procain abbott, from committee on synthetic drugs 12/21/17 white 154-155 none procain abbott, submitted to council p and c 1/29/18 white 153 5-154 5 none procain abbott, gen pur off u s army 8/31/18 white 152 5-153 5 none procain abbott, gen pur slight off u s army, no 89999 9/30/18 brownish 153 5-154 5 none tint procain abbott, gen pur slight off u s army, no 89998 9/30/18 brownish 153-154 5 0 005 tint procain abbott, gen pur slight off u s army, no 89997 10/ 8/18 brownish 153-154 none tint procain abbott, gen pur slight off u s army, no 89996 11/ 4/18 brownish 153 5-154 5 none tint procain abbott, gen pur slight off u s army, no 810995 11/ 4/18 brownish 153 5-154 5 none tint procain farbwerke hoechst co , submitted to council 10/24/17 white 153-154 none procain farbwerke hoechst co , submitted to council 12/10/17 white 153-154 5 none procain farbwerke hoechst co , submitted to council, market spec “a56” 8/ 9/18 white 153 5-154 5 none procain farbwerke hoechst co , submitted to council, market spec “a57” 9/ 9/18 white 153 5-154 5 none procain h a metz lab , market spec “a63” 8/23/18 white 153-154 none procain h a metz lab , market spec “a67” 9/23/18 white 153-154 0 018 procain rector, from com on synthetic drugs 12/18/17 white 153-154 5 none procain rector, market slight spec 8/20/18 brownish 153-155 none tint procain rector, market slight spec 8/23/18 brownish 153-155 none tint procain rector, market slight spec 8/23/18 brownish 153-154 5 none tint -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so far as the evidence goes, there was nothing to indicate that theyellowish or brownish colored specimens of procain were seriouslyimpure on the contrary, the compliance with the chemical andtoxicologic tests indicated that the color was due to an insignificanttrace of essay colored substance produced in the manufacturing process in view of this, the council considered the use of the discoloredproduct to be justified in the present emergency, although it urgedthat the future supply of procain should be free from color and alsocomply to the tests of purity it made this request in the interest ofthe medical and dental professions, which use the drug, and also in adesire that in the manufacture of synthetic drugs, the united statesshould occupy a high place -- from the journal a m a , jan 11, 1919, with additions deterioration of sodium hypochlorite solutions “chlorinated soda” solutionsthe following note on two hypochlorite solutions is published as aslight addition to the inconclusive available information concerningthe rate of deterioration of solutions containing sodium hypochlorite:hyclorite -- this is a solution of chlorinated soda, 100 gm ofwhich is said to contain sodium hypochlorite 4 05 gm , sodium chlorid3 20 gm , calcium hydroxid 0 25 gm , inert ingredients 0 92 gm it isdeclared to contain, when placed on the market, not less than 3 85 percent of available chlorin, and to deteriorate at the rate of about12 per cent per year in order that the available chlorin contentat the time of use may be judged, the date of bottling is stamped oneach package the solution is prepared by decomposing chlorinated limesuspended in water with sodium carbonate and adding to the solutionobtained a freshly prepared solution of electrolyzed sodium chlorid the composition and keeping qualities of hyclorite were reported onby this laboratory ann rep chem lab , a m a 9:123, 1916 hyclorite is fully described in new and nonofficial remedies, 1918, p 153 to further check the keeping qualities of hyclorite, a specimenreceived from the manufacturer in june, 1918, and said to have beenbottled in april, 1918, was examined in september, 1918 it was foundto contain 3 6 per cent, “available chlorin” equivalent to 3 79 gm sodium hypochlorite in 100 gm this indicated a loss of 6 2 per cent during five months equivalent to 14 9 per cent per year on theassumption that it contained the amount of “available chlorin” declaredon the label concentrated solution sodium hypochlorite-mulford -- this is describedas a 5 per cent, aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite containingfree chlorin equivalent to from 0 2 to 1 per cent sodium hypochlorite it is prepared by treating a solution of sodium carbonate and sodiumbicarbonate with chlorinated lime the solution is filtered andstandardized by determining the “available chlorin” and adjusting it tocontain the equivalent of 5 per cent of sodium hypochlorite it is proposed for use in the irrigation treatment of infected woundsafter dilution with nine times its volume of water and the additionof a determined amount stated on the label of each bottle of boricacid to render it neutral to phenolphthalein the manufacturer hasfound that development of a red color due to formation of permanganatefrom the manganese contained in the chlorinated lime is indicativeof deterioration, and therefore warns against any solution which hasbecome pink a specimen of concentrated solution of sodium hypochlorite-mulford wassent the council on pharmacy and chemistry in june, 1917, with a viewof having the product admitted to new and nonofficial remedies atthat time it was found to contain 4 18 per cent “available chlorin” equivalent to 4 4 gm sodium hypochlorite in 100 gm anotherspecimen received at the same time and kept unopened in a dark place, was examined in september, 1918, and was found to contain 2 88 percent available chlorin equivalent to 3 gm sodium hypochlorite per100 gm on the assumption that the second specimen contained, atthe time of its receipt, the amount of “available chlorin” found inthe first, this second specimen lost 31 per cent of its “availablechlorin” during fifteen months at the time the specimens were received from the mulford company, the firm reported experiments which were under way to determine thekeeping qualities of the solution these experiments indicated markeddeterioration of the specimens, which had become red from permanganateformation, and also that one specimen, which had not become red, hadlost 5 per cent of its available chlorin in one month the mulfordcompany explained that when sufficient data had been accumulated, a decision would be made either as to placing a time limit on thesolution or making a claim as to the rate of deterioration when theextreme deterioration found by this laboratory was reported to themulford company, the firm replied that this was a much greater lossthan the average deterioration found in its chemical laboratory, namely, an average of 10 or 12 per cent per year it advised thatbecause of the instability of concentrated solution of sodiumhypochlorite, its manufacture had been discontinued -- from reportsa m a chemical laboratory, 1918, p 81 syphilodolthe shortage of arsphenamin salvarsan has made the sale ofsubstitutes a profitable business in thesis of these substitutes theearmarks of dishonesty have been obvious, so that detection of theirfalsity was relatively simple in the case of “syphilodol” marketedby the french medicinal company, inc , new york, the deception hasbeen practiced more skilfully in the circular announcing theirpreparations, we read. “it seems fitting at this time, when the american physicians are doing so much for france, that there should be a reciprocation in essay way “attempting to enhance essaywhat this mutual interchange, we are presenting essay of those scientific products, which have been so successfully used in france, -- -- ” “the effect of syphilodol is very similar to salvarsan and neosalvarsan, but it has the advantage of being more lasting in its results and more pleasing in the manner of its preparations, in that it is put up in the form of tablets, and, also, in hermetically closed glass syringes or ampules, so that it may be administered either by the mouth, intravenously or intramuscularly, at the discretion of the physician patients averse to the use of the hypodermic needle may be treated expeditiously by the use of the tablet form of the medicine ”in addition to syphilodol, the french medicinal co also sells “vichifruti, ” a combination of salts, “urodol, ” an “alkaline salt of thefamous european springs which is noted for breaking up and dissolvinguric acid rapidly” and “syloiodol, ” “french preventive, ” which isdescribed as “a solution of iodol incorporated into bougie ”“syphilodol, ” we are told, is “a synthetic chemical product ofsilver, arsenic and antimony, scientifically prepared afterthe formula of the late dr alfred fournier of paris ” italicsours-- ed it is also claimed that “prof metchnikoff and other notedfrench scientists have made exhaustive tests of syphilodol and found itsuperior to the other products, in the treatment of syphilis ” in theadvertisements, fournier and metchnikoff are the only names given ofalleged endorsers. Both of these men are dead and cannot protest true, fournier did considerable work on a legitimate synthetic of antimony, silver and arsenic having a general chemical constitution similar toarsphenamin, but so far as we are aware, there has been no publicationby these men on “syphilodol ” it would seem that the valuable work andhigh reputation of fournier and metchnikoff are being capitalized bythe french medicinal company in their endeavor to foist a nostrum onthe medical profession of this country “syphilodol” comes in two forms-- ampules and tablets an order fortwo 0 4 ampules brought an elaborate case, much like those used tohold the popular style safety razors the ampule itself was a “classy”affair evidently made by a glass expert. The hypodermic needle wasenclosed in a novel sealed glass device the price of each ampule is$3 no such fancy garnishments came with the tablets, although they arelisted at $4 50 for twenty-five-- 18 cents a tablet!. in the “syphilodol”advertising it is emphasized that both the tablets and ampules are tobe administered for example. “syphilodol is dispensed in the form of tablets and also hermetically closed glass syringes or ampules so that it may be used either by the mouth, intravenously or intramuscularly at the discretion of the physician an advantage of the tablets is that they can and should be given during the interim between the injections ” laboratory report on syphilodolseveral samples of “syphilodol” were sent to the american medicalassociation chemical laboratory by readers of the journal an originalbottle of tablets was ordered direct from the french medicinal company the bottle contained 25 yellow tablets, having an average weight of0 276 gm 4-1/4 grains after being powdered, “syphilodol” was foundto be only writingially soluble in water the excipient is soluble andto be neutral in reaction these findings contradict the claims onthe circular accompanying the bottle to the effect that “syphilodolis a yellow powder, soluble in water, and has an acid reaction ”qualitative tests indicated the presence of mercury, sucrose canesugar, iodid, calcium, sulphate, fatty material, a trace of silver, a trace of arsenic and a very minute trace of antimony.

The cavities of theskull, thorax, and abdomen carefully examined. The possibility of deathhaving occurred from other causes, even in strangulation, must beconsidered as taylor well says, our judgment must not be swayed to the extent ofabandoning what is probable for what is merely possible in all paper the cord or strangulating ligature should be carefullyexamined for marks of blood, for adherent hair or other substances the precise manner in which the cord has been tied should be noted strangulation. Accidental, suicidal, homicidal, simulated the question whether a case of strangulation is accidental, suicidal, or homicidal is very difficult to answer accidental strangulation is rare if the body has not been disturbed, there is usually no difficulty in arriving at a conclusion. But ifdisturbed a satisfactory conclusion may not be reached it is worthy of mention that the umbilical cord may be twisted aroundthe neck of a new-born infant and may have caused strangulation. Themark may give the appearance of death by violence suicidal strangulation is rare the experiments of fleischman suprasuggest that one may commit suicide by compressing his throat with hisfingers see case 48 where a ligature of any kind has been used it is important to noticethe number and position of the knots in a general way a single knoteither in front or at the back of the neck might suggest suicide. Morethan one would suggest homicide there are, however, exceptions suicide has been committed by mere pressure of a cord fixed at bothends a short distance from the ground. By twisting a rope several timesaround the neck and then tying it the coils may continue to compresseven after death. By tightening the cord with a stick or other firmsubstance. By tightening the cords or knots by means of the hands orfeet or essay portion of the lower limbs. By the use of a woollen garterpassed twice around the neck and secured in front by two simple knots, strongly tied one to another it is difficult to simulate suicide. Requires great skill andpremeditation on the writing of a murderer “the attitude of the body, the condition of the dress, the means of strangulation, the presenceof marks of violence or of blood on the person of the deceased, on hisclothes or the furniture of the room, or both, rope or ligature, arecircumstances from which, if observed at the time, important medicalinferences may be drawn ” the assassin either does too little or toomuch taylor795 cites a number of paper of simulation strangulation is generally homicidal the marks of fingers or of aligature on the neck suggest homicide this is true even if the markis slight. Because infants and weakly persons may be strangled bythe pressure of the hands on the throat even a strong man, suddenlyassaulted, may lose his presence of mind and, with that, his power ofresistance.

Hot and dry in the second degree, cleanse and openthe stomach, break the stone in the reins and bladder, extended essay online help help the greensickness let such as are troubled with heart-qualms or faintings, forbear it, for it weakens the heart and spirit vital see the flowers geranium cranebill, the divers sorts of it, one of which is thatwhich is called muscata. It is thought to be cool and dry, helps hotswellings, and by its smell amends a hot brain geranium columbinum doves-foot. Helps the wind cholic, pains in thebelly, stone in the reins and bladder, and is good in ruptures, andinward wounds i suppose these are the general virtues of them all gramen grass. See the root gratiola hedge-hyssop, purges water and flegm, but works verychurlishly gesner commends it in dropsies asphodelus fœm see the root hepatica, lichen liverwort, cold and dry, good for inflammations ofthe liver, or any other inflammations, yellow jaundice hedera arborea, terrostris tree and ground-ivy tree-ivy helpsulcers, burnings, scaldings, the bad effects of the spleen. The juicesnuffed up the nose, purges the head, it is admirable for surfeits orheadache, or any other ill effects coming of drunkenness ground-ivyis that which usually is called alehoof, hot and dry, the juice helpsnoise in the ears, fistulas, gouts, stoppings of the liver, itstrengthens the reins and stops the menses, helps the yellow jaundice, and other diseases coming of stoppings of the liver, and is excellentfor wounded people herba camphorata stinking ground-pine, is of a drying quality, andtherefore stops defluxions either in the eyes or upon the lungs, thegout, cramps, palsies, aches. Strengthens the nerves herbu paralysis, primula veris primroses, or cowslips, which youwill the leaves help pains in the head and joints. See the flowerswhich are most in use herba paris herb true-love, or one-berry it is good for wounds, falls, bruises, aposthumes, inflammations, ulcers in the privities herb true-love, is very cold in temperature you may take half a dramof it at a time in powder herba roberti a kind of cranebill herba venti, anemone wind-flower the juice snuffed up in the nosepurgeth the head, it cleanses filthy ulcers, encreases milk in nurses, and outwardly by ointment helps leprosies herniaria the same with empetron helxine pellitory of the wall cold, moist, cleansing, helps thestone and gravel in the kidnies, difficulty of urine, sore throats, pains in the ears, the juice being dropped in them. Outwardly it helpsthe shingles and st anthony fire hyppoglossum horse-tongue, tongue-blade or double-tongue the rootshelp the stranguary, provoke urine, ease the hard labour of women, provoke the menses, the herb helps ruptures and the fits of the mother:it is hot in the second degree, dry in the first. Boil it in white wine hyppolapathum patience, or monk rhubarb. See the root hypposclinum alexanders, or alisanders. Provoke urine, expel theplacenta, help the stranguary, expel wind sage either taken inwardly or beaten and applied plaister-wise to thematrix, draws forth both menses and placenta horminum clary. Hot and dry in the third degree. Helps the weaknessin the back, stops the running of the reins, and the fluor albus, provokes the menses, and helps women that are barren through coldnessor moisture, or both. Causes fruitfulness, but is hurtful for thememory the usual way of taking it is to fry it with butter, or make atansy with it hydropiper arsmart hot and dry, consumes all cold swellings andblood congealed by bruises, and stripes. Applied to the place, ithelps that aposthume in the joints, commonly called a felon. Strewedin a chamber, kills all the fleas there.

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Second minute 52. Third 39. Fourth 20. Fifth 0. Sixth 70. Seventh 73.