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Whethersuch study was in an institution of learning and, if so, its name andlocation. If not in such institution, where and under whose tutorshipsuch study was prosecuted, the time engaged in the actual practice, if at all, of medicine and surgery or either, and where, and the ageof the applicant at the time of the application, such applicationand affidavit to be filed and preserved of record in the office ofthe secretary of the board at the time and place designated bythe board or at a regular meeting of the board, applicants must beexamined in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, histology, materia medica, therapeutics, preventive medicines, the practice of medicine, surgery, obstetrics, diseases of women and children, of the nervous system, ofthe eye and ear, medical jurisprudence, and such other branches asthe board deem advisable the examination must be both scientific andpractical, and of sufficient severity to test the candidate fitnessto practise medicine and surgery, by written or printed, or writinglywritten and writingly printed, questions and answers, and the same arerequired to be filed and preserved of record in the said secretaryoffice after the examination, if it be satisfactory, the board shallgrant a license, by the consent of not less than five members, exceptas hereinafter provided refusal or revocation - the board may refuse or revoke a license forunprofessional or dishonorable conduct, subject to the right of appeal3 “unprofessional or dishonorable conduct” means. Procuring or aidingor abetting in procuring a criminal abortion. Or employing what arepopularly known as cappers or steerers. Or obtaining any fee on theassurance that a manifestly incurable disease can be permanentlycured. Or wilfully betraying a professional secret.

The root is a thick bush of strings andshreds, growing from the head place it grows by the ditch side, brooks and other water-courses, generally through this land, and is seldom found far from thewater-side time it flowers about july, and the seed is ripe in august government and virtues water betony is an herb of jupiter incancer, and is appropriated more to wounds and hurts in the breastthan wood betony, which follows. It is an excellent remedy for sickhogs it is of a cleansing quality the leaves bruised and applied areeffectual for all old and filthy ulcers. And especially if the juice ofthe leaves be boiled with a little honey, and dipped therein, and thesores dressed therewith. As also for bruises and hurts, whether inwardor outward the distilled water of the leaves is used for the samepurpose. As also to bathe the face and hands spotted or blemished, ordiscoloured by sun burning i confess i do not much fancy distilled waters, i mean such waters asare distilled cold. Essay virtues of the herb they may haply have itwere a strange thing else. But this i am confident of, that beingdistilled in a pewter still, as the vulgar and apish fashion is, bothchemical oil and salt is left behind unless you burn them, and then allis spoiled, water and all, which was good for as little as can be, bysuch a distillation wood betony descript common or wood betony has thesis leaves rising from theroot, which are essaywhat broad and round at the end, roundly dentedabout the edges, standing upon long foot stalks, from among which riseup small, square, slender, but upright hairy stalks, with essay leavesthereon to a piece at the joints, smaller than the lower, whereonare set several spiked heads of flowers like lavender, but thickerand shorter for the most writing, and of a reddish or purple colour, spotted with white spots both in the upper and lower writing the seedsbeing contained within the husks that hold the flowers, are blackish, essaywhat long and uneven the roots are thesis white thready strings.

Free iodine 3 per cent iodine combined with fat 1 per cent potassium iodide 4 per cent benzoinated lard containing iodine 80 per cent the u s pharmacopeia requirement that iodine ointment shall befreshly prepared when wanted appears to be unnecessary probably mostpharmaceutical manufacturers are aware of this, for thesis of theminclude the preparation in their trade lists the presence of an iodideappears to be necessary, to prevent practically all of the iodine fromentering into combination with the fat 199-- from the americanjournal of pharmacy, august, 1917 199 in order to determine whether the iodine which is in combinationwith fat is absorbed through the skin, a few experiments were carriedout the dark-colored iodine-containing fat obtained from the ointmentand washed free from potassium iodide by the method described abovewas rubbed thoroughly into the skin of the forearm it was allowed toremain for four hours, after which the limb was scoured with soap suds beginning at the time of the application the urine was collected forforty-eight hours this was evaporated to small bulk and the residuetested for iodine by kendall method small amounts of iodine werefound these findings were taken to indicate that the iodine-containingfat is absorbed to essay extent by the skin it is generally believedthat potassium iodide is not absorbed by the unbroken skin thereforeit seems reasonable to suppose that the principal iodine effectsobtainable from iodine ointment are those due to the free iodinecontained in the preparation, supplemented to a slight extent bythe iodine which is contained in the fatty ointment base -- jour biochem , 1914, 19, 251 iodolene and the solubility of iodin in liquid petrolatumthe council on pharmacy and chemistry was asked to examine apreparation submitted with the statement that it was “iodin crystalsincorporated in a petroleum product ” the name example synthesis essay “iodolene” was proposedby the promoters, providing the product was found eligible for new andnonofficial remedies iodolene was stated to have been prepared by treating a liquidpetrolatum, obtained from gulf coast petroleum, with an excess ofiodin. The mixture was subsequently “placed in an oven for threehours ” the claim was made that this method of procedure produced apreparation containing more iodin than market specimens which had beenexamined, namely. “over 1 50 per cent free iodine ”two specimens of the product were submitted, one stated to have beenunfiltered, and the other filtered both of the specimens emitted astrong odor of hydrogen sulphide upon removing the stopper from therespective containers iodin content of iodolene -- the iodin content of the filteredspecimen was determined thus.

Pricking pains inthe sides, and about the temples, shortness of breath, head-ache, thepulse great and full, urine high coloured and thick, dreams of blood, &c signs of melancholy abounding fearfulness without a cause, fearful and foolish imaginations, the skinrough and swarthy, leanness, want of sleep, frightful dreams, sournessin the throat, the pulse very weak, solitariness, thin clear urine, often sighing, &c signs of flegm abounding sleepiness, dulness, slowness, heaviness, cowardliness, forgetfulness, much spitting, much superfluities at the nose, little appetite to meatand as bad digestion, the skin whiter, colder and smoother than it waswant to be. The pulse slow and deep. The urine thick and low coloured:dreams of rain, floods, and water, &c these things thus premised, i come to the matter the first the college presents you with, is spiritus et aqua absinthis minus composita or, spirit and water of wormwood, the lesser composition college take of the leaves of dryed wormwood two pounds, annisseeds, half a pound. Steep them in six gallons of small wine twentyfour hours, then distil them in an alembick, adding to every pound ofthe distilled water two ounces of the best sugar let the two first pound you draw out be called spirit of wormwood, those which follow, wormwood water the lesser composition culpeper i like this distinction of the college very well, becausewhat is first stilled out, is far stronger than the rest, and thereforevery fitting to be kept by itself. You may take which you please, according as the temperature of your body, either to heat or cold, andthe season of year requires it hath the same virtues wormwood hath, only fitter to be used by suchwhose bodies are chilled by age, and whose natural heat abates youmay search the herbs for the virtues, it heats the stomach, and helpsdigestion the college after the same manner only omitting the annis seedsis distilled spirit and water of angelica, both herb and root, bawm, mints, sage, &c the flowers of rosemary, clary, clove-gilliflowers, &c the seeds of caraway, &c juniper-berries, orange pills, lemons, citrons, &c cinnamon, nutmegs, &c spiritus et aqua absynthii magis composita or spirit and water of wormwood, the greater composition the college take of common and roman wormwood, of each a pound;sage, mints, bawm, of each two handfuls. The roots of galanga, ginger, calamus, aromaticus, elecampane, of each three drachms. Liquorice, anounce, raisins of the sun stoned, three ounces, annis seeds, and sweetfennel seeds, of each three drachms. Cinnamon, cloves, nutmegs, of eachtwo drachms. Cardamoms, cubebs, of each one drachm. Let the thingsbe cut that are to be cut, and the things be bruised that are to bebruised, all of them infused in twenty four pints of spanish wine, fortwenty four hours, then, distilled in an alembick, adding two ounces ofwhite sugar to every pint of distilled water let the first pint be called spirit of wormwood the greater composition culpeper the opinion of authors is, that it heats the stomach, and strengthens it and the lungs, expels wind, and helps digestion inancient people spiritus et aqua angelica magis composita or spirit and water of angelica, the greater composition the college take of the leaves of angelica eight ounces, of carduusbenedictus six ounces, of bawm and sage, of each four ounces, angelicaseeds six ounces. Sweet fennel seeds nine ounces let the herbs, beingdryed, and the seeds be grossly bruised, to which add of the speciescalled aromaticum rosarum. And of the species called diamoschu dulce, of each an ounce and a half, infuse them two days in thirty two pintsof spanish wine, then distil them with a gentle fire, and with everypound mix two ounces of sugar dissolved in rose-water let the three first pounds be called by the name of spirit, the rest bythe name of water culpeper the chief end of composing this medicine, was tostrengthen the heart and resist infection, and therefore is verywholeessay in pestilential times, and for such as walk in stinking air i shall now quote you their former receipt in their former dispensatory angelica water the greater composition the college take of angelica two pounds, annis seed half a pound, coriander and caraway seeds, of each four ounces, zedoary bruised, three ounces. Steep them twenty four hours in six gallons of smallwine, then draw out the spirit, and sweeten it with sugar culpeper it comforts the heart, cherishes the vital spirits, resists the pestilence, and all corrupt airs, which indeed are thenatural causes of epidemical diseases, the sick may take a spoonfulof it in any convenient cordial, and such as are in health, and havebodies either cold by nature, or cooled by age, may take as much eitherin the morning fasting, or a little before meat spiritus lavendula compositus matthiæ or compound spirit of lavender matthias the college take of lavender flowers one gallon, to which pourthree gallons of the best spirits of wine, let them stand togetherin the sun six days, then distil them with an alembick with thisrefrigeratory take of the flowers of sage, rosemary, and bettony, of each onehandful.

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Are good example synthesis essay to ease pains inthe sides and bowels. Also being boiled, the decoction is said to begood to wash green wounds and ulcers with dictiamni of dittany. Is hot and dry in the third degree, hastenstravail in women, provokes the menses see the leaves doronici of doronicum, a supposed kind of wolf bane. It is hotand dry in the third degree, strengthens the heart, is a sovereigncordial, and preservative against the pestilence.