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One is valiant, example of analytical essay the other effeminate. One loves the light, theother hates it. One loves the field, the other sheets.

Also nine of the matunga's passengers and the balance of her crew quarters were provided for these prisoners on the same deck where i was there was a colonel and a major with his wife, belonging to the australian medical corps. Three australian military captains. Three civilian planters, who were en route for the plantations on the island, and the stewardess of the matunga this addition of prisoners to the top side was a welcome change to myself and family, as it gave us essaybody else to talk to, and i was also able to get news of the war from another source than the german i was anxious to learn what steps america had taken or contemplated taking to hear those australian chaps talk you would have thought that the war was a high lark, and that just as soon as great britain got around to it she, ably assisted by the australian forces, would chase fritzy off the map the addition of these passengers to the top deck squad made it necessary for commander nerger to make certain rules and regulations to be observed regarding the distance we could go from our rooms we were allowed a seventy-foot run-way also when anything was going on, such as gun practice, boarding drill, fire and boat drill, we were chased into our rooms this caused a lot of grumbling but no doubt it was justified i may add that there was nearly always essaything doing on the wolf they drilled and practised almost continually practised sinking imaginary ships, indulged in "battle practice, " and even practised abandoning the wolf in boats and sinking their own ship while lying at pirate cove we had an exciting experience it seems that essay of the germans had a suspicion that essay of the prisoners were going to try to escape by swimming ashore they doubled the guards both below and on deck and in addition had twenty-four marines sleep on the afterdeck with their muskets alongside of them on this writingicular night the german sailors had stolen a couple of paper of whiskey from the cargo of the matunga and thesis of them were pretty badly intoxicated at 11:30 p m one of the guards down below aft imagined that he saw essayone making a sneak for the stairs leading on deck next moment he shouted "help!. help!. " and blazed away with his revolver in the general direction of the stairway naturally the prisoners sleeping on the far side of the stairs made a rush to get out of the line of fire the guard saw this crowd rushing his way and ran on deck immediately a general alarm was sounded and men and officers poured on deck from all directions just then a shoal of fish essay little distance away in the water made a disturbance and the german crew, thinking that essaybody was attempting to swim ashore, opened fire on the fish with two machine guns also everybody who had a rifle or a revolver opened fire at essaything one officer, who stood in front of my room, emptied his revolver into the air, just shooting because everybody else was doing it meanwhile, chief officer schmell and three sailors had jumped into the launch and also mistaking the shoal of fish for prisoners trying to swim ashore, made for the spot and were enthusiastically fired upon by the german machine guns in the dark it sure was bum team work and a miracle that schmell and his men were not killed the launch was punctured in several places as soon as the big searchlight was put into commission, it became apparent that there was nobody in the water all the prisoners were then mustered out and counted, and as there were none missing, the germans decided that it must have been a false alarm and everybody blamed everybody else when schmell got back on the wolf he was raving mad at having been fired at by the machine guns he wasn't red, but green with anger, and he talked so fast that i couldn't make out what he said, but i heard afterwards that he wanted to court-martial everybody, including the cook it always will remain a miracle to me that essay of our own fellows weren't shot as the frenzied guard emptied his gun before running on deck on account of the high hills surrounding our anchorage the wolf's wireless was not of much account, so the members of the wireless squad erected a station on the top of one of the highest hills here they would pick up any news that was flying around and transfer it to the wolf by means of an ordinary flash light this was easily readable with a pair of glasses, but unfortunately there was nothing of interest excepting the "press". However, it gave me an insight of just how much reliance to put into the press reports that the germans would let us see from time to time this, of course, was all british press and reports were given as to advances and repulses on the various fronts and also the weekly sinkings should the allied forces advance or the germans lose a position, their press did not note it, but on the other hand, if the germans had a victory or there were any political reports in their favour, the news was given us in full detail from one of the officers who had been ashore i learned that the native settlement, which at one time evidently had been quite large, must have been visited by essay dreadful plague, as the houses in the village were deserted, not a single native living on that side of the bay he also said that in thesis of the houses the skeletons of the dead still lay, essay inside and essay outside of the huts, leading a person to believe that this sickness struck them down suddenly and that they died nearly instantly, as on the porch of one of these huts there was a skeleton with essay kind of a dish alongside of it, making it appear that death had come suddenly here at pirate cove the doctors were greatly worried on account of fever and malaria and dosed us vigorously with quinine lord!. i ate enough quinine to last me the rest of my life there were no capsules on board and we had to eat the raw article, and there was no way of dodging it each morning and evening all hands, officers, crew and prisoners, were marched past the hospital steward's office and each was handed his little bit on a spoon, with a glass of water to wash it down the only satisfaction i had was that it tasted just as rotten to the germans as it did to me strangely my little girl did not dislike it a great deal and i was greatly pleased as i anticipated a riot when she got a taste of the first dose my wife's share, she being still confined to her room, i used to throw overboard, giving her only an occasional small dose the quinine used to cause a drumming in my ear and make me halfway deaf undoubtedly it had the same effect on the german sailors yet they were forced to work transferring coal from one vessel to the other they usually worked three shifts in the twenty-four hours they would go down in the hold with nothing but a breech cloth on and when they came up they would resemble negroes and their bare bodies would be just running in sweat at these times i used to feel sorry for them. Then they would sink one of our vessels and i would wish them doomed to eternal labour of this kind among the matunga's heterogeneous cargo were two large horses and one small pony these were taken care of by the butcher dewritingment and i suppose i ate my share i afterwards told my wife about her eating horse flesh and nearly lost a handful of hair for my information on august 26th both wolf and matunga proceeded to sea and at 1:20 p m the matunga was sunk by three bombs from the time of the first explosion until she disappeared beneath the waves was just six and a half minutes she sank stern first, and as she made the final dive the rush of air below decks blew out the forecastle bulkhead, making it appear as if there had been a fourth bomb concealed there here i am convinced was the only time during the eight months that i was a prisoner on the wolf that there was ever any serious thought on nerger's writing regarding landing the women, children and medical officers before taking the matunga to sea to sink her, they transferred one of her large life-boats to the wolf, also a small gasoline launch these were hoisted on deck and placed in such a manner that they could be put overboard again easily, also they were in such a position that it interfered with the movements of the gun crew, thus proving that they were there only temporarily one of the officers asked me if i had ever had any experience with gas engines and was familiar with this writingicular make i told him i was, having owned at one time an engine of this make after giving the officer this information he was overheard by one of the womenfolk repeating it to the chief officer we top side prisoners were essay worked up, believe me we had it all "doped out" that after sinking the matunga we should proceed off essay island that was inhabited but had no wireless or cable connections, there the women, children and medicos would be put in the life-boat and i would tow them with the launch to essay nearby harbour this would have been the logical thing to do if commander nerger wanted to conform to the articles of the geneva convention, which specifically states that medical officers in event of capture shall be set free at the first available opportunity nerger also told me and my wife that he would land us in essay safe place at the first opportunity, provided he could do so without jeopardising his own safety he also told the medical officers and the rest of the women the same thing i maintain that at this time nerger could have landed us with perfect safety to himself and his ship as the wolf was about to leave the pacific ocean, having finished her activities in that locality at that time nobody had information regarding the wolf's previous movements nor any knowledge of her mine-laying operations however, at the last minute he must have concluded that this was too "humane" a procedure and ordered the boats over the side. They were fastened to the matunga and went down with her i claim this to have been the acme of inhumanity he might just as well have condemned the women and children to death right there, because at that time there were ninety-nine and a half chances to a hundred that they would be either killed in action or drowned i don't believe that there were five men in all the crew of the wolf, officers included, who ever expected the wolf to win safely into gerthesis there is another point to consider. Why did nerger and his officers continually assure us that the womenfolk should be landed shortly?. if he had told the truth like an officer and a man and said he had no intention to land us, then we would have had more respect for him and would not have suffered the bitter disappointment that we did writing twoa prisoner on a passenger steamerfrom new guinea the wolf steamed southwest through the malay archipelago, then between borneo and java and sumatra, thence through the java sea. And on the night of september 6th the wolf laid over one hundred mines across the northwest approach to the entrance of the singapore harbour going up the java sea, we were continually sighting vessels, and it was only the barefaced gall of the wolf that saved her from destruction less than a month previous to this the australian government had sent wireless messages broadcast stating that there was a raider essaywhere in the south pacific or indian oceans, and giving a complete description of the wolf yet here we were, steaming calmly along as if bound for singapore, meeting thesis merchantmen, and at one time one of the officers said he could see the smoke from five torpedo boats steaming along in squadron section when the wolf would pass another vessel close to, she would usually have only a couple of men about the decks doing odd jobs of painting and repairing i believe that it was the innocent appearance of the wolf which led to her safety she ignored all signals which is characteristic of the merchantman the night before the wolf mined singapore harbour we had a narrow escape from being discovered at 11:30 p m , just as i was dozing off to sleep on my bed on the floor, i heard the call to stations and sprang up to see what it was all about i looked out-of-doors and saw the two ship's surgeons passing aft, both with their first aid kits strapped to their waists slipping to the rail i saw that all four cannon were swung into position, clear for battle, and i could also see that both of the wolf's torpedo tubes were protruding over the side just on the port bow was a small cruiser or battleship from where i stood i could see her funnels and two masts, also the outline of her hull she was travelling without lights, the same as we were i slipped back into my room, closed the door and switched on the light i dressed my little girl while my wife got into her clothes this did not take long as we always slept with our clothes in such a position that we could get into our "emergency outfit" in short order every moment while dressing i expected to hear and feel the crash of the wolf's guns, but fortunately the other fellow didn't see us, and in a few minutes the signal was given to swing the guns in the danger was past, but there was a mighty nervous crew of men on board the wolf that night on the other hand, it was perhaps just as well for the japanese cruiser that he did not spot us, because the minute he had made any signal and given us any indication that he had seen us, the wolf would have launched both torpedos and given him a broadside, and at that short range they could not have missed very well personally i was satisfied the way things turned out, as i did not like my chances of getting the family into a boat under the circumstances, neither did i have any wish to be present when the actual firing began while counting my chances of getting the family safely into the boats, should an engagement ensue, i thought of just how much chance the poor devils down in the hell hole had of being saved they would have been battened down and probably would have gone down with the vessel, should she have been sunk, without a fighting chance for their lives even if the german crew had released them at the last moment, what chance did they have of being saved?.

With syrup of the juice of fennel make it into a mass according toart culpeper it purges mixt humours from the head, and clears it ofsuch excrements as hinder the sight pills of spurge fernelius college take of the bark of the roots of spurge the less, steepedtwenty-four hours in vinegar and juice of purslain, two drams, grainsof palma christi torrified, by number, forty, citron myrobalans onedram and an half, germander, chamepitys, spikenard, cinnamon, of eachtwo scruples, being beaten into fine powder with an ounce of gumtragacanth dissolved in rose water, and syrup of roses so much as issufficient, let it be made into a mass pills of euphorbium mesue college take of euphorbium, colocynthis, agarick, bdellium, sagapenum, of each two drams, aloes five drams, with syrup made of thejuice of leeks, make it into a mass culpeper the pills are exceeding good for dropsies, pains in theloins, and gouts coming of a moist cause take not above half a dram ata time and keep the house pilulæ scribonii college take of sagapen, and myrrh, of each two drams, opium, cardamoms, castorium, of each one dram, white pepper half a dram, sapaso much as is sufficient to make it into a mass according to art culpeper it is appropriated to such as have phthisicks, and such asspit blood, but ought to be newly made, a scruple is sufficient takengoing to bed troches trochisci de example of analytical essay absinthio or troches of wormwood college take of red roses, wormwood leaves, annis seeds, of eachtwo drams, juice of maudlin made thick, the roots of asarabacca, rhubarb, spikenard, smallage seeds, bitter almonds, mastich, mace, ofeach one dram, juice of succory so much as is sufficient to make itinto troches according to art culpeper they strengthen the stomach exceedingly, openobstructions, or stoppings of the belly and bowels. Strengthendigestion, open the passages of the liver, help the yellow jaundice, and consume watery superfluities of the body they are essaywhat bitter, and seldom taken alone. If your pallate affect bitter things, you maytake a dram of them in the morning. They cleanse the body of choler, but purge not, or not to any purpose agaricus trochiscatus or agarick trochiscated college take of agarick sifted and powdered, three ounces, steep itin a sufficient quantity of white wine, in which two drams of gingerhave been infused, and make it into troches trochisci albi rhasis or white troches college take of ceruss washed in rosewater ten drams, sarcocolthree drams, white starch two drams, gum arabic and tragacanth, of eachone dram, camphire half a dram, either with rosewater, or women milk, or make it into troches according to art trochisci alexiterii college take of zedoary roots, powder of crab claws, of each onedram, and an half, the outward citron preserved and dried, angelicaseeds, pills, of each one dram, bole-amoniac half a dram, with theirtreble weight in sugar make them into powder, and with a sufficientquantity of mussilage of gum tragacanth, made into treacle waterdistilled, make it into paste, of which make troches culpeper this preserves the body from ill airs, and epidemicaldiseases, as the pestilence, small pox, &c and strengthens the heartexceedingly, eating now and then a little. You may safely keep anytroches in your pocket, for the drier you keep them, the better theyare trochisci alhandal college take of coloquintida freed from the seeds and cut small, and rubbed with an ounce of oil of roses, then beaten into fine powder, ten ounces, gum arabic, tragacanth, bdellium, of each six drams steepthe gums three or four days in a sufficient quantity of rose-water tillthey be melted, then with the aforesaid pulp, and writing of the saidmussilage, let them be dried in the shadow, then beaten again, and withthe rest of the mussilage, make it up again, dry them and keep them foruse culpeper they are too violent for a vulgar use trochisci aliptæ moschatæ college take of labdanum bruised three ounces, styrax calamitisone ounce and an half, benjamin one ounce, wood of aloes two drams, ambergris one dram, camphire half a dram, musk half a scruple, with asufficient quantity of rose-water, make it into troches according toart culpeper it is singularly good for such as are asthmatic, and canhardly fetch their breath.

Outwardly it helpsthe shingles and st anthony fire hyppoglossum horse-tongue, tongue-blade or double-tongue the rootshelp the stranguary, provoke urine, ease the hard labour of women, provoke the menses, the herb example of analytical essay helps ruptures and the fits of the mother:it is hot in the second degree, dry in the first. Boil it in white wine hyppolapathum patience, or monk rhubarb. See the root hypposclinum alexanders, or alisanders. Provoke urine, expel theplacenta, help the stranguary, expel wind sage either taken inwardly or beaten and applied plaister-wise to thematrix, draws forth both menses and placenta horminum clary. Hot and dry in the third degree. Helps the weaknessin the back, stops the running of the reins, and the fluor albus, provokes the menses, and helps women that are barren through coldnessor moisture, or both. Causes fruitfulness, but is hurtful for thememory the usual way of taking it is to fry it with butter, or make atansy with it hydropiper arsmart hot and dry, consumes all cold swellings andblood congealed by bruises, and stripes.

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Quartonol tablets, said tocontain “sodium and lime-tonols, each 2-1/4 grains, quinine tonol1/2 grain, strychnine-tonol 1/200 grain”. Sextonol tablets, said tocontain “sodium and lime-tonols, each 2 grains, iron-tonol, 1/2 grain, manganese and quinine-tonols, each 1/4 grain, strychnine-tonol, 1/200grain ”the name “tonols” is objectionable in that it is not onlynondescriptive of the composition, but also therapeutically andfalsely suggestive the composition of the more elaborate tonols iswritingicularly unscientific. There is no justification for combiningquinin, strychnin, iron, manganese, etc , in one formula phosphorcin compoundphosphorcin compound, called “the elementary phosphorus indicated inall forms of nervous diseases” and the “perfect formula, ” is said tobe manufactured by the organic products company, wetzlar an der lahn, gerthesis, and greenwich, conn it is sold in the united states by eimerand amend, new york, according to whom. “each two fluidrachms contain. “acidulated bone phosphor o p co 2 grains “calcium glycerinophosphate, merck & co 1-1/2 grains “magnesium glycerinophosphate, merck & co 1-1/2 grains “sodium glycerinophosphate, merck & co 2-1/2 grains “lactated pepsin 2 grains “ignatia extract 1/20 grain “c p glycerin special process o p co 50 per cent “acidulated bone phosphor” presumably is acid phosphate of calcium this formula is an unscientific shotgun combination robinolrobinol, manufactured by john wyeth and brother, philadelphia, iscalled a “universal tonic ” it is said to be. “a preparation of the glycerophosphates of lithium, calcium, sodium, iron, manganese, quinine, with 1-16 gr strychnine glycerophosphate in each fluidounce ”this is a semisecret preparation, since the quantities of most of theingredients are not given and the vehicle is not named this complexcombination, too, is unwarranted phosphoglycerate of lime chapoteautthis is said to be prepared by the laboratories de pharmacologiegénérale, dr ph chapelle, paris and new york it is sold in thiscountry by e fougera and co , inc , new york it is offered in severalforms, especially in that of wine, which is called the “medicinal wineand tonic par excellence ” the alcohol is no doubt the constituentto which this preparation is indebted for such popularity as it hasattained, for it is much more freely advertised than the syrup, capsules or granulated form the usual claims are made with regard tothe efficacy of calcium glycerophosphate “during convalescence, inpaper of enfeebled vitality, and nervous affections associated with anexcessive elimination of phosphates ” elixir glycerophosphates, nux vomica and damianathis is manufactured by sharp and dohme, baltimore the manufacturers’statement of composition is. “each fluidounce represents nux vomica 8 grains, damiana 64 grains, combined with glycerophosphates of calcium and sodium ” “alcohol 20 per cent ”sharp and dohme call this mixture a “reconstructive nerve stimulant, aphrodisiac, ” and claim that. “phosphorus in elemental form has long been prescribed under the title of elixir phosphorus, nux vomica and damiana, but due to the rapidity of chemical change occurring in preparations containing this form of phosphorus, much of the physiologic action is lost the glycerophosphates present phosphorus in its most available form-- the form in which it exists in the brain and nervous system they powerfully stimulate the functions of nutrition and are rapidly assimilated by the system “nux vomica is a general nerve tonic damiana exerts a stimulant effect upon the sexual appetite and function ”the claim that the glycerophosphates may be substituted for elementaryphosphorus is, at least, novel the elixir is an unscientific semisecret combination recommendationsall of the preparations mentioned violate rule 6 unwarrantedtherapeutic claims in addition, robinol and elixir glycerophosphates, nux vomica and damiana violate rule 1 secrecy of composition inthat not all the quantities of the ingredients are declared.