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Detaches well asphalt, 4 drops b pliable and strong 23 “mulene” 51 0 36 0 28 0 a adheres but detaches with difficulty b pliable but not strong 24 “parresine, ” 46 0 29 5 26 0 a adheres well essay writting services. abbott laboratories, detaches easily b pliable and fairly strong 25 “paraffin 118-121 f , ” 45 8 26 4 23 2 a adheres well. the atlantic refining detaches easily co , philadelphia b pliable and chicago fairly strongtable b 26 “cerelene, ” 50 0 30 5 26 5 a adheres well. holliday lab , * detaches with pittsburgh pulling b not strong at 38 c 27 “stanolind” surgical 47 0 28 8 25 0 a adheres well. wax, † standard detaches easily oil co of ind b fairly strong at 38 c * on being heated, it readily loses eucalyptol, and a small amount of resinous substance forms in the bottom of the beaker if “cerelene” is heated to 145 c and cooled, the resulting product no longer has the properties of the original “cerelene ” † accepted by the council on pharmacy and chemistry for inclusion in new and nonofficial remedies iodine ointment is officialized also in several foreign pharmacopeias, although the iodine strength of the several preparations is notuniform the formula in the british pharmacopeia is exactly like thatin the u s pharmacopeia except that pure lard is directed to be usedinstead of benzoinated lard essay of the foreign pharmacopeias alsospecify that the preparation must be freshly prepared when wanted inthe earlier editions the u s pharmacopeia directed the ointment tobe prepared by using water as the solvent for the potassium iodide inthe u s pharmacopeia viii the formula was changed so as to employglycerin, and that solvent is now official water is still prescribedas the potassium iodide solvent by the pharmacopeias of the netherlandsand of france from the examination of the literature it seems probable that iodineointments which contain petrolatum products only as the ointment basesare apt to be relatively stable, so far as the content of free iodineis concerned on the other hand, ointments the bases of which containfats of the unsaturated fatty acid series, such as oleic acid, do notsatisfactorily preserve the iodine in the free state in the latterclass it seems likely that the iodine enters into combination withthe unsaturated fatty acids accordingly, on theoretical grounds, an ointment base composed of pure stearin if such substance wereavailable but softened by an admixture of liquid petrolatum wouldpreserve the iodine satisfactorily cocoanut oil iodine no 8 oughtto be suitable also if mixed with hard paraffin since the literature was not sufficiently concordant to warrantpositive conclusions concerning the stability of ointments containingfree iodine, it seemed worth while to conduct experiments withpreparations of known origin accordingly, a number of preparationscontaining free iodine were made under varying conditions and each wasassayed for its free iodine content immediately after its manufactureand from time to time later leaf lard of the best quality obtainable was purchased from a butcher this was rendered in an open dish on the steam bath the preparationwas of a fine color, and uniform consistence and had a faint butnot unpleasant odor two specimens of lard were furnished by theresearch dewritingment of armour and company an effort was made toprocure specimens of lard having iodine absorption numbers as farawriting as possible, i e , one with a low and the other with a highiodine value this was done in order to determine whether the keepingqualities of the ointments prepared from the two would be alike one of the specimens a was described as “natural lard. Iodine value, 57 1 leaf lard used exclusively for butterine and benzoinated lard ”the other specimen was described as “prime steam lard good, commercial grade of lard for general use.

In such, use temperate medicines which may neitherencrease the fever by their heat, nor condensate essay writting services the flegm by theircoldness besides, because contraries are taken away by their contraries, and every like maintained by its like, they are of great use, topreserve the constitution of the body temperate, and the body itselfin strength and vigour, and may be used without danger, or fear ofdanger, by considering which writing of the body is weak, and using suchtemperate medicines as are appropriated to that writing of medicines hot the care of the ancient physicians was such that they did not labourto hide from, but imwriting to posterity, not only the temperature ofmedicines in general, but also their degrees in temperature, that sothe distempered writing may be brought to its temperature, and no further;for all things which are of a contrary temperature, conduce not tocure, but the strength of the contrariety must be observed, that so themedicine may be neither weaker nor stronger, than just to take awaythe distemper. For if the distemper be but meanly hot, and you applya medicine cold in the fourth degree, it is true, you may soon removethat distemper of heat, and bring another of cold twice as bad galen, de simp med facul lib 3 cap 12 then, secondly, not only the distemper itself, but also the writing ofthe body distempered must be heeded. For if the head be distempered byheat, and you give such medicines as cool the heart or liver, you willbring another disease, and not cure the former the degrees then of temperature are to be diligently heeded, whichantient physicians have concluded to be four in the qualities, viz heat and cold, of each we shall speak a word or two severally of medicines hot in the first degree those are said to be hot in the first degree, which induce a moderateand natural heat to the body, and to the writings thereof. Either cold bynature, or cooled by accident, by which natural heat is cherished whenweak, or restored when wanting effect 1 the first effect then of medicines hot in the first degree, is, by their sweat and temperate heat to reduce the body to itsnatural heat, as the fire doth the external writings in cold weather, unless the affliction of cold be so great that such mild medicines willnot serve the turn effect 2 the second effect is, the mitigation of pain arising fromsuch a distemper, and indeed this effect hath other medicines, essaythat are cold, and essay that are hotter than the first degree, theybeing rationally applied to the distemper these medicines the greekscall anodyna, and shall be spoken of in their proper places in thisplace let it suffice that medicines hot in the first degree, makethe offending humours thin, and expel them by sweat, or insensibletranspiration, and these of all others are most congruous or agreeableto the body of man, for there is no such equal temperature of heatand cold in a sound man, but heat exceeds, for we live by heat andmoisture, and not by cold medicines then which are hot in the first degree, are such as justcorrespond to the natural heat of our bodies.

Which that i may not also beguilty of, take this short discription essay writting services. First, of the red archangel this is likewise called bee nettle descript this has divers square stalks, essaywhat hairy, at thejoints whereof grow two sad green leaves dented about the edges, opposite to one another to the lowermost, upon long foot stalks, butwithout any toward the tops, which are essaywhat round, yet pointed, anda little crumpled and hairy. Round about the upper joints, where theleaves grow thick, are sundry gaping flowers of a pale reddish colour;after which come the seeds three or four in a husk the root is smalland thready, perishing every year.

It provokes venery, and makes barrenwomen fruitful, essay writting services if coldness and moisture or weakness be the causeimpediting assafœtida being smelled to, is vulgarly known to repress the fits ofthe mother. A little bit put into an aching tooth, presently eases thepain, ten grains of it taken before dinner, walking half an hour afterit, provokes appetite, helps digestion, strengthens the stomach, andtakes away loathing of meat, it provokes lust exceedingly and expelswind as much borax, besides the virtues it has to solder gold, silver, copper, &c inwardly given in small quantities, it stops fluxes, and the running ofthe reins. Being in fine powder, and put into green wounds, it curesthem at once dressing gambuge, which the college calls gutta gamba i know no good of it caranna outwardly applied, is excellent for aches and swellings inthe nerves and joints. If you lay it behind the ears, it draws backhumours from the eyes. Applied to the temples as they usually domastich, it helps the tooth-ache gum elimi, authors appropriate to fractures in the skull and head see arceus’ liniment gum lacca being well purified, and the quantity of half a dram takenin any convenient liquor, strengthens the stomach and liver, opensobstructions, helps the yellow jaundice and dropsy. Provokes urine, breaks the stone in the reins and bladder liquid amber is not much unlike liquid styrax. By unction it warmsand comforts a cold and moist brain, it eases all griefs coming ofa cold cause, it mightily comforts and strengthens a weak stomach, being anointed with it, and helps digestion exceedingly, it dissolvesswellings it is hot in the third degree, and moist in the first i think it would do the commonwealth no harm if i should speak a wordor two on manna here, although it be no gum. I confess authors makeessay flutter about it, what it is, essay holding it to be the juiceof a tree. I am confident it is the very same condensated that ourhoney-dews here are, only the contries whence it comes being farhotter, it falls in great abundance let him that desires reason forit, be pleased to read butler book of bees, a most excellentexperimental work, there he shall find reason enough to satisfy anyreasonable man choose the driest and whitest. It is a very gentlepurger of choler, quenches thirst, provokes appetite, eases theroughness of the throat, helps bitterness in the throat, and oftenproneness to vomit, it is very good for such as are subject to becostive to put it into their drink instead of sugar, it hath noobnoxious quality at all in it, but may be taken by a pregnant womanwithout any danger. A child of a year old may take an ounce of it ata time dissolved in milk, it will melt like sugar, neither will it beknown from it by the taste myrrh is hot and dry in the second degree, dangerous for pregnantwomen, it is bitter, and yet held to be good for the roughness ofthe throat and wind-pipe. Half a dram of it taken at a time helpsrheumatic distillations upon the lungs, pains in the sides.

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Being made into anointment with vinegar and hog-grease, helps the itch, pains in theears, inflammations in women breasts commonly called agues in thebreast. Beware of taking it inwardly, lest it cause madness turpentine is hot in the second degree, it heals, softens, itdiscusses and purges, cleanses the reins, provokes urine styrax calamitis is hot and dry in the second degree, it heals, mollifies, and concocts. Being taken inwardly helps the cough, anddistillations of the lungs, hoarseness and loss of voice, helps thehardness of the womb, and provokes the menses ammoniacum, hot and dry in the third degree, softens, draws, andheats. Being dissolved in vinegar, strained and applied plaister-wise, it takes away carbuncles and hardness in the flesh, it is one of thebest remedies that i know for infirmities of the spleen, being appliedto the left side. Being made into an ointment with oil, it is good toanoint the limbs of such as are weary. A scruple of it being taken inthe form of a pill loosens the belly, gives speedy delivery to women intravail, helps diseases of the spleen, the sciatica and all pains inthe joints, and have any humour afflicting their breast camphire, it is held by all authority to be cold and dry in thethird degree, it is of very thin subtile writings, insomuch that beingbeaten into very fine powder it will vanquish away into the air, being beaten into powder and mixed with oil, and the temples anointedtherewith, eases headaches proceeding of heat, all inflammationswhatsoever, the back being anointed with the same, cools the reins, and seminal vessels, stops the running of the reins and fluor albus, the moderate use of venery, the like it doth if it be drank inwardlywith bettony-water, take but a small quantity of it at a time inwardly, it resist poison and bitings by venomous beasts. Outwardly, appliedas before, and the eyes anointed with it, stops hot rheums that flowthither opopanax purges thick flegm from the most remote writings of the body, viz the brain, joints, hands, and feet, the nerves and breast, andstrengthens all those writings when they are weak, if the weakness proceedof cold, as usually it doth. It helps weakness of the sight, old rottencoughs, and gouts of all sorts, dropsies, and swellings of the spleen, it helps the stranguary and difficulty of making urine, provokes themenses, and helps all cold afflictions of the womb. Have a care yougive it not to any pregnant women the dose is one dram at most, corrected with a little mastich, dissolved in vinegar and outwardlyapplied helps the passions of the spleen * * * * * in the next place the college tells you a tale concerning liquid, juices, and tears, which are to be kept for present use, viz college vinegar, juice of citrons, juice of sour grapes, oranges, barberries, tears of a birch-tree, juice of cherries, quinces, pomegranates, lemons, wood-sorrel, oil of unripe olives, and ripeolives, both new and old, juice of red and damask roses, wine tears ofa vine culpeper the virtues of the most of these may be found in thesyrups, and are few of them used alone * * * * * then the college tells you there are things bred of plants college agarick, jew-ears, the berries of chermes, the spungysubstance of the briar, moss, viscus quercinus, oak, apples culpeper as the college would have you know this, so would i knowwhat the chief of them are good for jew-ears boiled in milk and drank, helps sore throats moss is cold, dry, and binding, therefore good for fluxes of allsorts misleto of the oak, it helps the falling sickness and theconvulsions. Being discreetly gathered and used oak apples are dry and binding.