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From among which arise one or more tender, smooth, hollowstalks half a foot high, with two or three small leaves thereon, usually not round as those below, but essaywhat long, and divided atthe edges. The tops are essaywhat divided into long branches, bearinga number of flowers, set round about a long spike one above another, which are hollow and like a little bell of a whitish green colour, after which come small heads, containing very small brownish seed, which falling on the ground, will plentifully spring up before winter, if it have moisture the root is round and most usually smooth, greyishwithout, and white within, having small fibres at the head of the root, and bottom of the stalk place it grows very plentifully in thesis places of this land, butespecially in all the west writings thereof, upon stone and mud walls, upon rocks also, and in stony places upon the ground, at the bottom ofold trees, and essaytimes on the bodies of them that are decayed androtten time it usually flowers in the beginning of may, and the seedripening quickly after, sheds itself. So that about the end of may, usually the stalks and leaves are withered, dry, and gone untilseptember, then the leaves spring up again, and so abide all winter government and virtues venus challenges the herb under libra thejuice or the distilled water being drank, is very effectual for allinflammations and unnatural heats, to cool a fainting hot stomach, ahot liver, or the bowels. The herb, juice, or distilled water thereof, outwardly applied, heals pimples, st anthony fire, and other outwardheats the said juice or water helps to heal sore kidneys, torn orfretted by the stone, or exulcerated within. It also provokes urine, is available for the dropsy, and helps to break the stone being usedas a bath, or made into an ointment, it cools the painful piles orhæmorrhoidal veins it is no less effectual to give ease to the painsof the gout, the sciatica, and helps the kernels or knots in the neckor throat, called the king evil. Healing kibes and chilblains ifthey be bathed with the juice, or anointed with ointment made thereof, and essay of the skin of the leaf upon them.

Of which one take this essay writing company reviews description. Ithath a great and thick root, of a reddish colour, long, narrow, hairyleaves, green like the leaves of bugloss, which lie very thick upon theground. The stalks rise up compassed round about, thick with leaves, which are less and narrower than the former. They are tender, andslender, the flowers are hollow, small, and of a reddish colour place it grows in kent near rochester, and in thesis places in thewest country, both in devonshire and cornwall time they flower in july and the beginning of august, and theseed is ripe soon after, but the root is in its prime, as carrots andparsnips are, before the herb runs up to stalk government and virtues it is an herb under the dominion of venus, and indeed one of her darlings, though essaywhat hard to come by ithelps old ulcers, hot inflammations, burnings by common fire, and st anthony fire, by antipathy to mars. For these uses, your best way isto make it into an ointment. Also, if you make a vinegar of it, as youmake vinegar of roses, it helps the morphew and leprosy. If you applythe herb to the privities, it draws forth the dead child it helps theyellow jaundice, spleen, and gravel in the kidneys dioscorides saithit helps such as are bitten by a venomous beast, whether it be takeninwardly, or applied to the wound. Nay, he saith further, if any onethat hath newly eaten it, do but spit into the mouth of a serpent, theserpent instantly dies it stays the flux of the belly, kills worms, helps the fits of the mother its decoction made in wine, and drank, strengthens the back, and eases the pains thereof. It helps bruisesand falls, and is as gallant a remedy to drive out the small pox andmeasles as any is. An ointment made of it, is excellent for greenwounds, pricks or thrusts adder tongue or serpent tongue descript this herb has but one leaf, which grows with the stalka finger length above the ground, being flat and of a fresh greencolour. Broad like water plantain, but less, without any rib in it;from the bottom of which leaf, on the inside, rises up ordinarilyone, essaytimes two or three slender stalks, the upper half whereofis essaywhat bigger, and dented with small dents of a yellowish greencolour, like the tongue of an adder serpent only this is as useful asthey are formidable the roots continue all the year place it grows in moist meadows, and such like places time it is to be found in may or april, for it quickly perisheswith a little heat government and virtues it is an herb under the dominion of the moonand cancer, and therefore if the weakness of the retentive faculty becaused by an evil influence of saturn in any writing of the body governedby the moon, or under the dominion of cancer, this herb cures it bysympathy. It cures these diseases after specified, in any writing of thebody under the influence of saturn, by antipathy it is temperate in respect of heat, but dry in the second degree thejuice of the leaves, drank with the distilled water of horse-tail, isa singular remedy for all manner of wounds in the breast, bowels, orother writings of the body, and is given with good success to those thatare troubled with casting, vomiting, or bleeding at the mouth or nose, or otherwise downwards the said juice given in the distilled waterof oaken-buds, is very good for women who have their usual courses, or the whites flowing down too abundantly it helps sore eyes of theleaves infused or boiled in oil, omphacine or unripe olives, set in thesun four certain days, or the green leaves sufficiently boiled in thesaid oil, is made an excellent green balsam, not only for green andfresh wounds, but also for old and inveterate ulcers, especially if alittle fine clear turpentine be dissolved therein it also stays andrefreshes all inflammations that arise upon pains by hurts and wounds what writings of the body are under each planet and sign, and also whatdisease may be found in my astrological judgment of diseases. And forthe internal work of nature in the body of man.

It kills worms, and cleanses the body ofsharp humours, which are the cause of itch and scabs. The herb beingburnt, the smoke thereof drives away flies, wasps, &c it strengthensthe lungs exceedingly country people give it to their cattle when theyare troubled with the cough, or broken-winded alehoof, or ground-ivy several counties give it different names, so that there is scarcelyany herb growing of that bigness that has got so thesis. It is calledcat-foot, ground-ivy, gill-go-by-ground, and gill-creep-by-ground, turn-hoof, haymaids, and alehoof descript this well known herb lies, spreads and creeps upon theground, shoots forth roots, at the corners of tender jointed stalks, set with two round leaves at every joint essaywhat hairy, crumpledand unevenly dented about the edges with round dents. At the jointslikewise, with the leaves towards the end of the branches, come forthhollow, long flowers, of a blueish purple colour, with small whitespots upon the lips that hang down the root is small with strings place it is commonly found under hedges, and on the sides ofditches, under houses, or in shadowed lanes, and other waste grounds, in almost every writing of this land time they flower essaywhat early, and abide a great while. Theleaves continue green until winter, and essaytimes abide, except thewinter be very sharp and cold government and virtues it is an herb of venus, and therefore curesthe diseases she causes by sympathy, and those of mars by antipathy;you may usually find it all the year long except the year be extremelyfrosty. It is quick, sharp, and bitter in taste, and is thereby foundto be hot and dry. A singular herb for all inward wounds, exulceratedlungs, or other writings, either by itself, or boiled with other the likeherbs. And being drank, in a short time it eases all griping pains, windy and choleric humours in the stomach, spleen or belly. Helps theyellow jaundice, by opening the stoppings of the gall and liver, andmelancholy, by opening the stoppings of the spleen. Expels venom orpoison, and also the plague. It provokes urine and women courses. Thedecoction of it in wine drank for essay time together, procures easeto them that are troubled with the sciatica, or hip-gout. As also thegout in hands, knees or feet. If you put to the decoction essay honeyand a little burnt alum, it is excellently good to gargle any soremouth or throat, and to wash the sores and ulcers in the privy writings ofman or woman. It speedily helps green wounds, being bruised and boundthereto the juice of it boiled with a little honey and verdigrease, doth wonderfully cleanse fistulas, ulcers, and stays the spreading oreating of cancers and ulcers. It helps the itch, scabs, wheals, andother breakings out in any writing of the body the juice of celandine, field-daisies, and ground-ivy clarified, and a little fine sugardissolved therein, and dropped into the eyes, is a sovereign remedyfor all pains, redness, and watering of them. As also for the pin andweb, skins and films growing over the sight, it helps beasts as well asmen the juice dropped into the ears, wonderfully helps the noise andsinging of them, and helps the hearing which is decayed it is good totun up with new drink, for it will clarify it in a night, that it willbe the fitter to be drank the next morning.

As also theherb kept dry in the house, that so with other convenient simples, youmay make it into an electuary with honey, according as the diseaseis you shall be taught at the latter end of my book the arabianphysicians have extolled the virtues thereof to the skies. Although thegreeks thought it not worth mentioning seraphio says, it causes themind and heart to become merry, and revives the heart, faintings andswoonings, especially of such who are overtaken in sleep, and drivesaway all troubleessay cares and thoughts out of the mind, arising frommelancholy or black choler. Which avicen also confirms it is very goodto help digestion, and open obstructions of the brain, and hath somuch purging quality in it saith avicen as to expel those melancholyvapours from the spirits and blood which are in the heart and arteries, although it cannot do so in other writings of the body dioscorides says, that the leaves steeped in wine, and the wine drank, and the leavesexternally applied, is a remedy against the stings of a scorpion, andthe bitings of mad dogs. And commends the decoction thereof for womento bathe or sit in to procure their courses. It is good to wash achingteeth therewith, and profitable for those that have the bloody flux the leaves also, with a little nitre taken in drink, are good againstthe surfeit of mushrooms, helps the griping pains of the belly. Andbeing made into an electuary, it is good for them that cannot fetchtheir breath. Used with salt, it takes away wens, kernels, or hardswelling in the flesh or throat. It cleanses foul sores, and easespains of the gout it is good for the liver and spleen a tansy orcaudle made with eggs, and juice thereof while it is young, putting toit essay sugar and rose-water, is good for a woman in child-birth, whenthe after-birth is not thoroughly voided, and for their faintings uponor in their sore travail the herb bruised and boiled in a little wineand oil, and laid warm on a boil, will ripen it, and break it barberry the shrub is so well known by every boy or girl that has but attainedto the age of seven years, that it needs no description government and virtues mars owns the shrub, and presents it tothe use of my countrymen to purge their bodies of choler the innerrind of the barberry-tree boiled in white wine, and a quarter of apint drank each morning, is an excellent remedy to cleanse the body ofcholeric humours, and free it from such diseases as choler causes, suchas scabs, itch, tetters, ringworms, yellow jaundice, boils, &c it isexcellent for hot agues, burnings, scaldings, heat of the blood, heatof the liver, bloody-flux. For the berries are as good as the bark, and more pleasing. They get a man a good stomach to his victuals, bystrengthening the attractive faculty which is under mars the hairwashed with the lye made of the tree and water, will make it turnyellow, viz of mars’ own colour the fruit and rind of the shrub, the flowers of broom and of heath, or furz, cleanse the body of cholerby sympathy, as the flowers, leaves, and bark of the peach-tree do byantipathy, because these are under mars, that under venus barley the continual usefulness hereof hath made all in general so acquaintedherewith that it is altogether needless to describe it, several kindshereof plentifully growing, being yearly sown in this land the virtuesthereof take as follow government and virtues it is a notable plant of saturn.

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There were a few dilated air-cells toward essay writing company reviews the anterior border. Hemorrhages irregularly dispersed over the surface of the lung, varying in number and size the right cavities of the heart contained dark fluid blood, the left were empty the pulmonary artery and systemic veins, even the smallest branches, were gorged with dark blood page adds that when the great vessels of the neck are interfered with death may occur “by coma, syncope, and even asthenia ” colin734 made twenty-five experiments on horses, and records three of them as follows. They were all strangled with a hempen cord at the middle of the neck the first was quiet till the second or third minute, then there were violent movements and strong efforts to dilate the chest. At four minutes, spasms. Four and one-half minutes, quiet. Six minutes, pupils dilated, tongue hanging out, limbs flaccid.