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Outwardly applied, they help the bitings ofmad-dogs. Yet they hinder conception memtha aquatica water mints. Ease pains of the belly, head-ache, andvomiting, gravel in the kidnies and stone methastrum horse-mint i know no difference between them and watermints mercurialis, mas, fœmina mercury male and female, they are both hotand dry in the second degree, cleansing, digesting, they purge wateryhumours, and further conception mezereon spurge-olive, or widdow-wail a dangerous purge, better letalone than meddled with millefolium yarrow meanly cold and binding, an healing herb forwounds, stanches bleeding. And essay say the juice snuffed up the nose, causeth it to bleed, whence it was called, nose-bleed. It stops lasks, and the menses, helps the running of the reins, helps inflammations andexcoriations of the priapus, as also inflammations of wounds galen muscus mosse is essaything cold and binding, yet usually retains asmatch of the property of the tree it grows on. Therefore that whichgrows upon oaks is very dry and binding serapio saith that it beinginfused in wine, and the wine drank, it stays vomiting and fluxes, asalso the fluor albus myrtus myrtle-tree the leaves are of a cold earthly quality, dryingand binding, good for fluxes, spitting and vomiting of blood. Stop thefluor albus and menses nardus see the root nasturtium, aquaticum, hortense water cresses, and garden-cresses garden-cresses are hot and dry in the fourth degree, good for thescurvy, sciatica, hard swellings, yet do they trouble the belly, easepains of the spleen, provoke lust dioscorides water-cresses arehot and dry, cleanse the blood, help the scurvy, provoke urine and themenses, break the stone, help the green-sickness, cause a fresh livelycolour nasturtium alhum, thlaspie treacle-mustard hot and dry in the thirddegree, purges violently, dangerous for pregnant women outwardly it isapplied with profit to the gout nicorimi tobacco it is hot and dry in the second degree, and ofa cleansing nature.

Cultures of streptococcus in blood agar three days old were suspended in olive oil sterile, and chlorlyptus was added in the proportions of 1, 5 and 10 per cent and inoculated in trypsinized bouillon at different intervals, namely. At once, after five minutes, after ten minutes, after fifteen minutes, after thirty minutes, and after one hour tubes were incubated at 37 c for forty-eight hours result. All tubes remained sterile the germicidal action of chlorlyptus on streptococcus suspended in oil was almost at once and with certainty after five minutes when added in the proportion of 1, 5 and 10 per cent experiment 8 -- germicidal action of chlorlyptus on staphylococcus, suspended in sterile olive oil -- the technic employed was the same as in experiment 5, except that a culture of staphylococcus was used result. All tubes remained sterile the germicidal action of chlorlyptus was almost at once in the proportions of 1, 5 and 10 per cent remarks. By repeating this experiment the result showed essay variations the discrepancy was probably due to an imperfect suspension of the micro-organism in the oil experiment 9 -- germicidal action of carbolic acid on streptococcus suspended in olive oil -- the technic employed was the same as in experiment 5, except that carbolic acid was used instead of chlorlyptus result. The germicidal action of carbolic acid of streptococcus suspended in olive oil was almost at once in the proportions of 1, 5 and 10 experiment 10 -- germicidal action of chlorlyptus on staphylococcus -- the technic employed was the same as in experiment 6 except that the carbolic acid was used instead of chlorlyptus result. The germicidal action of carbolic acid on staphylococcus suspended in olive oil was almost at once, in proportions of 1, 5 and 10 per cent experiment 11 -- germicidal action of chlorlyptus on pyogenic bacteria suspended in pus -- chlorlyptus was added to sterile pus in the proportions of 1, 5 and 10 per cent , and then inoculated with staphylococcus and cultures were made in bouillon at once, after five minutes, after ten minutes, after fifteen minutes, after thirty minutes, after one hour and after two hours, respectively, and tubes incubated for forty-eight hours at 37 c result. Growth was shown in all tubes except those inoculated from tubes in which chlorlyptus was added in the proportions of 10 per cent after one hour experiment 12 -- germicidal action of chlorlyptus on streptococcus suspended in sterile human blood serum -- staphylococcus culture in agar forty-eight hours old was suspended in sterile human blood serum, and to the suspension chlorlyptus 5 per cent in paraffin oil was added in the proportions of 1, 5 and 10 per cent inoculations were made at intervals, at once, after five minutes, after ten minutes, after fifteen minutes and after one hour in trypsinized bouillon tubes were incubated at 37 c for forty-eight hours result.

“clinical tests, ” it issaid, “covering a period of several years have proved that neither thecondition in the stomach during digestion nor those in the intestineprevent the secretin from entering intact into the circulation ” whenwe meet claims such as this, should we not scrutinize the “tests” aswell as the men who make them?. We are indebted to dr j h moorehead for assistance in writing of thesurgical work -- from the journal a m a , jan 15, 1916 articles refused recognition report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrybelow appear abstracts of the council action on articles refusedrecognition which were not deemed of sufficient importance to requirelengthy reports. Radio-remthe radium therapy company, schieffelin & co , selling agents, submitted to the council radium emanation generators called “radio-remoutfits, ” designed to generate respectively 200, 1, 000, 2, 000, 5, 000and 10, 000 mache units per twenty-four hours those who are well informed on the subject of radium therapy are of theopinion that the administration of small amounts of radium emanationsuch as generated by certain outfits is without therapeutic value ithas been stated that at the radium institute of london the minimumpreliminary dose is 185 microcuries 500, 000 mache units, and as thesisas 555 microcuries 1, 500, 000 mache units are employed in consideration of these facts the council voted not to accept anyradium emanation generator which produces less than 2 microcuriesof emanation during twenty-four hours accordingly, while acceptingradio-rem outfit no 5, claimed to produce 10, 000 mache units 3 7microcuries and radio-rem outfit no 4, claimed to produce 5, 000 macheunits 1 8 microcuries, the council voted not to accept radio-remoutfit no 3, claimed to produce 2, 000 mache units 0 74 microcurie, radio-rem outfit no 2, claimed to produce 1, 000 mache units 0 37microcurie, and radio-rem outfit c, claimed to produce 200 mache units 0 07 microcurie this report having been submitted to schieffelin & co and their replyconsidered, the council authorized publication of the report see alsoreports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1916, p 631 olio-phlogosisolio-phlogosis, a liquid preparation to be applied externally by meansof a cotton pad, is advertised by the mystic chemical company, kansascity, mo , thus. “doctor. Don’t fail to use olio-phlogosis liberally for pneumonia, bronchitis and pleurisy it works quickly olio-phlogosis is as far ahead of all medicated kaolin plasters as these plasters were ahead of the old-time moist and soggy poultices ”a pamphlet advises the use of olio-phlogosis in “ all paper of inflammation and congestion, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, croup, boils, carbuncles, rheumatism, swollen glands, peritonitis, ovaritis, as a surgical dressing, mamitis mastitis ?. vaginitis and metritis on cotton tampon to deplete these writings, septic wounds, old ulcers, chilblain, eczema, neuralgia, inflammation of the eyes and ears, alveolar inflammation, burns, scalds, etc ”according to the information sent to the council by the mystic chemicalcompany, olio-phlogosis has the following composition per gallon.

Cuts, andcasts out thick and gross humours essay test in the breast, eases pains in thebowels, and consumes flegm the water of lovage distilled in may, eases pains in the head, andcures ulcers in the womb being washed with it. Inwardly taken it expelswind, and breaks the stone the tops of hops when they are young, being distilled, the watercleanses the blood of melancholy humours, and therefore helps scabs, itch, and leprosy, and such like diseases thence proceeding. It opensobstructions of the spleen, helps the rickets, and hypochondriacmelancholy the water of borrage and bugloss distilled when their flowers areupon them, strengthens the heart and brain exceedingly, cleanses theblood, and takes away sadness, griefs and melancholy dodder water cleanses the liver and spleen, helps the yellow jaundice tamarisk water opens obstructions, and helps the hardness of thespleen, and strengthens it english tobacco distilled, the water is excellently good for such ashave dropsy, to drink an ounce or two every morning. It helps ulcers inthe mouth, strengthens the lungs, and helps such as have asthmas the water of dwarf elder, hath the same effects thus you have the virtues of enough of cold waters, the use of which isfor mixtures of other medicines, whose operation is the same, for theyare very seldom given alone. If you delight most in liquid medicines, having regard to the disease, and writing of the body afflicted by it, these will furnish you with where withal to make them so as will pleaseyour pallate best compounds spirit and compound distilled waters culpeper before i begin these, i thought good to premise a fewwords. They are all hot in operation, and therefore not to be meddledwith by people of hot constitutions when they are in health, for fearof fevers and adustion of blood, but for people of cold constitutions, as melancholy and flegmatic people if they drink of them moderatelynow and then for recreation, due consideration being had to the writingof the body which is weakest, they may do them good. Yet in diseasesof melancholy, neither strong waters nor sack is to be drank, for theymake the humour thin, and then up to the head it flies, where it fillsthe brain with foolish and fearful imaginations 2 let all young people forbear them whilst they are in health, fortheir blood is usually hot enough without them 3 have regard to the season of the year, so shall you find them morebeneficial in summer than in winter, because in summer the body isalways coldest within, and digestion weakest, and that is the reasonwhy men and women eat less in summer than in winter thus much for people in health, which drink strong waters forrecreation as for the medicinal use of them, it shall be shewed at the latterend of every receipt, only in general they are due respect had tothe humours afflicting, and writing of the body afflicted medicinal fordiseases of cold and flegm, chilliness of the spirits, &c but that my countrymen may not be mistaken in this, i shall give themessay symptoms of each complexion how a man may know when it exceeds itsdue limits signs of choler abounding leanness of body, costiveness, hollow eyes, anger without a cause, atesty disposition, yellowness of the skin, bitterness in the throat, pricking pains in the head, the pulse swifter and stronger thanordinary, the urine higher coloured, thinner and brighter, troubleessaysleeps, much dreaming of fire, lightning, anger, and fighting signs of blood abounding the veins are bigger or at least they seem so and fuller thenordinary. The skin is red, and as it were swollen. Pricking pains inthe sides, and about the temples, shortness of breath, head-ache, thepulse great and full, urine high coloured and thick, dreams of blood, &c signs of melancholy abounding fearfulness without a cause, fearful and foolish imaginations, the skinrough and swarthy, leanness, want of sleep, frightful dreams, sournessin the throat, the pulse very weak, solitariness, thin clear urine, often sighing, &c signs of flegm abounding sleepiness, dulness, slowness, heaviness, cowardliness, forgetfulness, much spitting, much superfluities at the nose, little appetite to meatand as bad digestion, the skin whiter, colder and smoother than it waswant to be. The pulse slow and deep. The urine thick and low coloured:dreams of rain, floods, and water, &c these things thus premised, i come to the matter the first the college presents you with, is spiritus et aqua absinthis minus composita or, spirit and water of wormwood, the lesser composition college take of the leaves of dryed wormwood two pounds, annisseeds, half a pound. Steep them in six gallons of small wine twentyfour hours, then distil them in an alembick, adding to every pound ofthe distilled water two ounces of the best sugar let the two first pound you draw out be called spirit of wormwood, those which follow, wormwood water the lesser composition culpeper i like this distinction of the college very well, becausewhat is first stilled out, is far stronger than the rest, and thereforevery fitting to be kept by itself. You may take which you please, according as the temperature of your body, either to heat or cold, andthe season of year requires it hath the same virtues wormwood hath, only fitter to be used by suchwhose bodies are chilled by age, and whose natural heat abates youmay search the herbs for the virtues, it heats the stomach, and helpsdigestion the college after the same manner only omitting the annis seedsis distilled spirit and water of angelica, both herb and root, bawm, mints, sage, &c the flowers of rosemary, clary, clove-gilliflowers, &c the seeds of caraway, &c juniper-berries, orange pills, lemons, citrons, &c cinnamon, nutmegs, &c spiritus et aqua absynthii magis composita or spirit and water of wormwood, the greater composition the college take of common and roman wormwood, of each a pound;sage, mints, bawm, of each two handfuls. The roots of galanga, ginger, calamus, aromaticus, elecampane, of each three drachms.

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“in answer to your letter of january 25th, will state that no antiphlogistine has been purchased or used in this hospital for years past, and i cannot imagine why the representative essay test of the denver chemical company should make such a statement as attributed to him ”he adds that “antiphlogistine has never been used” in his dewritingment“on an open wound, abrasion or burn ” is there not essay way that suchexploitation of our large companies can be prevented?. a g gould, m d , akron, ohio plant physician, the goodyear tire & rubber co - from the journala m a , feb 23, 1918 “auto-hemic serum” a cure for laziness, ugliness, frigidity and thesis other thingsthe following letters are typical of thesis that have been receivedasking for information regarding dr l d rogers and his “auto-hemicserum ” this from a physician in new york state. “can you give me any information in reference to dr rogers of chicago, ill , who has an auto-hemic institute?. ”and this from kansas. “just received a letter from a dr l d rogers, 2812 north clark st , who is anxious to sell me a course in ‘auto-hemic therapy ’ would you kindly inform me what he has to sell?. he did not tell me what it consisted of. Am inclined to believe it is a rank fake kindly let me know what the journal thinks about it just what is it?. in the letter they claim that it is practically a panacea for every blood disease ”this from maine.