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Whether it be found at such a point that itis clearly evident from other signs it could not have been dropped bythe deceased, since death must have been caused too quickly for essay spanish slang him tohave traversed the intervening space evidence from the weapon and projectile evidence of great value may be obtained often from the weapon itself first of all, from the position in which it is found, as stated above;second, from a careful examination of itself it should be notedwhether there be any blood upon it, and whether this be so fresh asnot to have caused any rust. Whether it may possibly be so smearedwith blood as to indicate a hand-to-hand conflict. Or whether any writingof the weapon may have been used as a club or bludgeon, as would beshown by the presence upon it of hair entangled in dry blood when suchblood is removed from the weapon it should be carefully examined withthe microscope, since from the detection and identification of hair orfibres of fabric evidence of the greatest value may be adduced nextit should be ascertained whether a weapon shows signs of having beenrecently discharged or whether it be evident that it could not havebeen so, and such determination of the time element as may be affordedby a study of this kind should be contrasted with that made after astudy of the wound if the weapon be a revolver or a repeating arm ofany kind, it should be determined if possible how thesis cartridges orbullets have been fired, and whether at or about the same time, andthis information should be compared with the evidences obtained fromthe body and from the room or locality in which the suicide or murderoccurred if, for instance, it be determined that three cartridgeshave been fired and but two bullet-wounds are found in the body, anexamination of the room may show where went the third bullet next thecalibre of the weapon should be noted and the weight of the ball whichit discharged and its dimensions should be compared with any whichmay be found in or about the body the weight of the bullets attachedto cartridges of various sizes and makes is usually stamped upon thepackages in which they are sold, or can readily be obtained from themakers of the same a bullet taken from a body weighing after itsremoval more than do the other bullets undischarged in the weapon bywhich an injury is alleged to have been inflicted is rather presumptiveevidence against the injury from that source can a bullet lose in weight between the time when it leaves the boreof a gun and its discovery in a body?. here springs up a question uponwhich essay very interesting evidence has been adduced in differenttrials to discuss this matter completely the question should bedivided into two, the first being:does a bullet suffer loss of weight during its course through the pieceand the air before it comes in contact with the body?. a personalletter received from captain charles shaler, of the ordnance dewritingmentof the united states army, in reply to certain questions, tends tofully settle that a lead bullet suffers a certain loss of weight in thebarrel due to the friction between the bullet and the bore.

“have you any knowledge essay spanish slang of the efficacy of a serum made from the pancreas of rabbits for the relief or cure of diabetes?. it is made by dr t w edgar of 766 west end ave , new york city ”and this from a layman in pennsylvania. “last year there was published in the new york herald an account of the new treatment for diabetes in which a serum was injected in the veins and as a result it was claimed that over sixty-five per cent of the treatments made were successful the account further stated that they proposed to establish essay sort of a sanitarium in new york city used especially for the treatment the writer having mislaid the account, wrote the new york herald as to the doctor who had charge of it and in return was given the name and address dr edgar in a letter under date of last year stated that the cost of the treatment was $300 00, payable beginning of the treatment, and he gave very little information as to the success of it, with the exception that if the treatment did not give the desired effect after the end of three months, it would be continued without any further cost the writer wrote and asked him the names of one or two of the patients who had been cured, because it seemed rather unusual that if the treatment were a success, it was necessary for a patient to pay the cost of the treatment in advance to that letter i have never received a reply ”while a physician from illinois writes. “i am enclosing a clipping from a chicago paper relative to dr thomas webster edgar of new york and his operation for transplanting the glands of ring-tailed monkey i note that he is a member of the new york county medical society!. what is there to this?. i have seen no mention of these wonders in the journal ”thomas webster edgar was born in 1889 the records show that he wasgraduated in medicine by the university and bellevue hospital medicalcollege in 1913, and was licensed to practice medicine in the state ofnew york the same year in march, 1919, an article by t webster edgarappeared in the new york medical journal on “diabetes mellitus ” inthis edgar gave a theory of the cause of diabetes mellitus and statedthat he had “treated successfully, twenty paper of definite diabetes ”in the article he spoke positively of the successful results he hadobtained by the “intramuscular injections of my diabetic serum ” noinformation was given regarding this serum except that he mentionedvaguely that it was “prepared from normal blood after the animal isexercised to the point of fatigue ”illustration. Photographic reproduction reduced of a few of thenewspaper items that appeared in various writings of the country regardingthomas webster edgar alleged serum for diabetes a few days after the appearance of this article in the new yorkmedical journal, newspaper articles appeared regarding a cure fordiabetes perfected by “dr thomas webster edgar, 766 west end avenue, new york city ” according to these reports, edgar said. “i tried the blood of rabbits and found what i wanted in obtaining the blood i first put the rabbit upon a treadmill and keep it there until it reaches a stage of fatigue then i draw the blood, and after heating it to 60 degrees centigrade separate the corpuscles from the serum when the serum has been treated after the method i have discovered, i inject it immediately subcutaneously “i have attained success in 65 per cent of my paper and i have had 100 paper i do not say that the cure is infallible, but i am now certain that it will work in most paper, writingicularly when the patient observes the rules laid down and undergoes faithful treatment ”in april, 1919, a physician in kansas wrote to edgar at the requestof a diabetic patient asking for information about the “serum ” edgarreplied that it would be impossible to send the physician any ofthe serum for administration unless the “patient is willing to payme for the cost of same, which will be approximately the sum of $25 ”he stated further that, in a few months’ time, he hoped to be able tomanufacture the serum in larger quantities which would “more than cutthe expense in half ”in the same month a layman in chicago who read the newspaper storywrote to edgar and asked for details regarding terms and thearrangements that would have to be made to take the “treatment ” edgarreplied that he expected to be in chicago in a few weeks’ time andwould see the man in consultation with his regular physician, thathe would administer the first injection and give instructions to thephysician as to subsequent injections edgar added. “my custom is to have all fees paid in advance and my charge is $200 00 by certified cheque or money-order ”a layman in one of the smaller cities of new york wrote to edgar inmay, 1919, and received a reply from edgar secretary stating thatthe treatment extends “over a period of three months, cost $150 ”he was also told that the serum could be sent to his physician foradministration “for the sum of $25 prepaid by money-order ” the letterclosed with the statement that edgar “has been very successful with theserum ”illustration. Photographic reproduction greatly reduced of smallportion of the publicity that has been given to edgar relative to hisoperation for “sex stimulation” by the transplantation of the glands ofring-tailed monkeys!. A layman in south carolina who wrote to edgar in june, 1919, was toldthat the treatment as administered by edgar “extends over a period oftwo months. Fee $300” and that if he wanted the serum administered byhis own physician the cost would be “$50 prepaid ”in may, 1920, edgar had another article on diabetes, also in the newyork medical journal in this, too, he refers to his serum in thefollowing words. “in conclusion i may state that i have been able to produce essay rather startling results by the use of my serum, which is prepared from the blood of rabbits after they have undergone a series of maneuvres capable of activating the various internal secretory glands to increased action the serum contains the internal secretions in hormone form ”gradually the newspaper publicity on edgar diabetic “serum” dieddown then, in november, 1920, there appeared-- again in the new yorkmedical journal-- an article by edgar on “sterility, sex stimulationand endocrines ” edgar there stated that he wished to place himself“on record as being interested in sex stimulation” and that he wantedto notify the profession that he had another serum which he was using“with success in the treatment of this condition ” thus. “ i feel entitled to state that i have a distinctly beneficial serum for the alleviation of presenile and senile deficiency.

And we find such crimes in antipodal writings of the world, amongvaried sociological conditions, no matter whether it be the northamerican indian, who scalps and mutilates his enemy and places thesevered penis in the mouth, or the civilized european, who cuts up thebody of his victim and serves it in a curry at a feast of assembledfriends 584this new point of judiciary medicine has lately been elaborated byeuropean writers under the title of dépeçage criminel, a term whichapplies to the operation resorted to by an assassin having for its endthe getting rid of the body of the victim and to render more difficultthe establishment of its identity the cleverness of experts scarcely keeps pace nowadays with the morecomplicated proceedings adopted by criminals in fact, at a trial ofthis kind truth and science are often the under dogs in a fight, thanwhich none in forensic medicine is longer and more embarrassing tocause a rapid disappearance of the proofs of a homicide, with a viewto escape the investigations of justice, murderers have been knownliterally to make hash of the victim which was subsequently eaten bythemselves and others gruner relates the case of a man who, havingkilled and cut into pieces his victim, boiled and roasted the fragmentsand ate them with his wife such examples, however, suggest morbidrather than passional phenomena, which manifestly call for rigidscrutiny into the mental state of the culprit, who may be more of alunatic than a malefactor in paper of infanticide new-born children are essaytimes cut into piecesand the fragments burnt in order to facilitate the disappearance of thecadaver there does not appear to be, however, any well-authenticatedinstance of the operation having been done on a living child generallythe dismemberment is done in order to cause more ready disappearance ofthe remains the medico-legal problem to be solved in paper of criminal mutilationis to establish the identity of the victim and that of the author ofthe crime thesis apparently trivial circumstances may assist in the formation of anopinion as to the identity of the culprit if the victim be an adult, a man is the author of the deed. If an infant, a woman, the mother, isalmost always the guilty one the london lancet may 30th, 1863, p 617 reports a case in which the body of a child, of apparently four tosix months, was found in the sewage of a water-closet, minus an arm cutoff below the shoulder, presumably that a vaccination-mark might not beadduced as evidence a young woman was suspected several women deposedhaving seen a dusky-brown mother mark near the child navel aftersteeping in pure water a portion of the skin said to include the mark, and after washing, the mark gradually reappeared at the end of threedays, perfectly distinct it was recognized by witnesses and producedat the trial as corroborative evidence the accused was found guilty in a case of infanticide at tarare, in 1884, the upper extremity of afœtus was found to have been disarticulated after the manner of carvingthe wing of a fowl this having suggested to dr lacassagne a cook asthe author of the crime, she was speedily discovered and convicted afew years later an analogous case occurred in florence and was reportedby dr a montalti the instrument used for mutilating the body may furnish a suggestionof identity, to be dispelled or affirmed upon further investigation the mode of section observed in various instances has led to therecognition of a butcher as the culprit an expert would have butlittle trouble in distinguishing the hacking and mangling of a bodyfrom the careful cutting and preservation of muscles and blood-vesselsin dissections made by medical students, whom the public, by the way, invariably suspect in paper of mutilation if it can be ascertainedthat the instrument used was operated either by a left-handed person orby an ambidexter, such a fact may prove of importance essaytimes thefragments are tied or sewn up in a package the manner in which theknot is tied may indicate the occupation of the culprit in one casethe regularity of the sewing revealed that it was the work of a woman examination of the remains of clothing and of neighboring objects wherethe crime was committed may result in the identification of the victimor of the murderer indeed, it is the careful noting of trivial factsand their combination that is so valuable in all investigations ofthis class a compound fact made up of minor facts, which consideredseverally would possess but little value, may essaytimes solve thepuzzle in a case where no single fact of conclusive value is obtainable having collected as much of the mutilated remains as possible, thefirst step toward identification is to replace the pieces in anatomicalorder, to note carefully their correspondence or otherwise, and toascertain whether the fragments belong to the same body or to two orseveral individuals this is often a delicate and difficult matter, especially where decomposition is advanced or where the horror has beenpushed to its utmost limits, as in the case of a fratricide committedin france by several persons, who fragmented the cadaver with a saw andhatchet. Boiled the remains and fed them to hogs. And, after crushingthe bones with a hammer, threw the fragments into a deep gorge again, the body may be divided into numerous pieces, a hundred ormore, and disposed of in widely different localities, as in a pond, amanure-heap, a river, or a cesspool the chopped-up remains of infantshave been boiled in lye and afterward thrown into a privy or put in abarrel of vinegar a mother has also been known to cook with cabbagethe dismembered remains of her six-months’ child and serve it at a mealof which both she and her husband writingook numerous counterwritings of such paper happening in late years couldbe cited where the object was to favor the disappearance of thecadaver, and in which the establishment of the identity turned onthe examination of essay small writing of the organism. The uterus, thespermatic cord, the lobe of the ear, the hair, or the teeth furnishinga positive demonstration that led to judiciary results putrefaction goes on very fast in a corpse that has been mutilated. Butit is slower in writings which, on being separated just after death, havebecome bloodless in consequence of the hemorrhage after submersionthe outward signs of putrefaction put a notable obstacle in theway of identification, and after drowning the body becomes rapidlyunrecognizable supposing it impossible to reconstitute the cadaver in all itsessential writings, it is always possible, by following the instructionsalready given for examining the skeleton, to infer from one orseveral writings of the cadaver the sex, age, height, and essaytimespathological peculiarities of the victim examination of the skeletonand teeth is of capital importance in an investigation of this class the indications furnished thereby having already been touched upon, and being about all that we are justified in saying, it is onlynecessary to repeat that thesis of the details relative to these specialindications are so confusing as to suggest caution in using thestatistical tables of even high authority, as the observations theyrest on are not of sufficient extent to deserve confidence a survey of the head, limbs, trunk, and genital writings will give themost useful indications the head, in fact, is the surest indexfor justice, and one that lends promptness in the discovery of theassassin typical illustrations of this occur in the goss-udderzookcase and in the recent example of the bomb-thrower, norcross in thecase of a woman murdered by her husband at antwerp in 1877 and cutinto one hundred and fifty-three pieces and her remains thrown intoa privy, the color of the hair, the lobule of a torn ear, and theuterus of a woman having had children furnished special signs thatled to identity and condemnation examination of the brain and itsmembranes, though furnishing no very notable characteristics in thematter of identification, may nevertheless be regarded as a naturalcorollary to that of the skull brain weight, which is greatestbetween thirty and forty years, 1, 200 to 1, 450 grams in man, 1, 100 to1, 500 in woman, diminishes toward the sixtieth year it is said thatthe diminution takes place a few years sooner in the opposite sex the estimated loss of weight in a person of eighty years is admittedto be from 90 to 150 grams another sign of age is the tendency todegeneration found in the pineal gland, the cortical substance, theoptic and striate thalami, and in the brain capillaries the state of the eyes, if not too decomposed, may still become a signof identity for instance, the color of the iris, an arcus senilis, a pterygium, a cataract or an operation for the same, an iridectomy, etc , are signs that occasion may utilize the trunk may show, as it has in several instances, incised woundsthat caused death before the mutilation besides, the organs thereincontained may by their weight, dimension, and tissue alterationindicate the progress of age and of degeneration modifications of thecirculatory and respiratory apparatus are obviously characteristic asage advances the only organ whose weight increases with the number ofyears, the heart, may become hypertrophied or dilated. Its coronaryarteries may undergo an alteration. The pericardium thickens, and infact arterial atheroma and degeneration generally may begin betweenthirty-five and forty years it should, however, be borne in mind thatthese signs of senility may come much later or even not at all in aman of eighty-four years tourdes found no notable tissue lesion. Inanother of one hundred and four lobstein found no trace of ossificationof the arteries of the trunk and upper extremities, and in thomasparr, aged one hundred and fifty-two years, harvey found absolutely nolesion of this kind although toward eighty years the heart increasesin weight in both sexes, the opposite has been observed in exceptionalpaper placing the average weight of this organ in the adult at 266grams for men, 220 for women, it will be found that progress in weightgives toward the eightieth year an increase of 90 grams for men and60 for women yet a case of cardiac atrophy is reported in a woman ofeighty whose heart weighed but 170 grams diminished weight of the lungs becomes accentuated with years especially is this the case after pseudo-melanosis and senileemphysema the state of the lungs of stone-cutters and miners andvarious thoracic and abdominal diseases may likewise become signs ofidentity a cirrhosed liver, an enlarged spleen, a senile kidney, andthe like, are sufficiently obvious in their bearings on this question like the trunk, the arms and legs, in paper of the class underconsideration, show but few traces of disfigurement other than thefact of their having been disjointed the manner in which the sectionswere made and the proceedings employed for the disarticulation wouldequally affirm an experienced hand or the reverse such facts have oflate years assisted in the discovery and condemnation both of a farmerand of a medical student, and also in the case of the cook alreadymentioned, who cut off her child arm after the manner of carving thewing of a fowl the existence of deformity, injury, and disease in thelimbs should, of course, claim attention, but their relativity in aninvestigation of the kind is too apparent to require further comment mutilation of the genital organs is not so common persons familiarwith border warfare have observed the savage custom of cutting offthe victim penis and placing it in his mouth in more civilizedcommunities the culprits are generally women in whom hatred andferocity prompt an act that marks the evident satisfaction sought bythe destructive instinct essaytimes, however, the genital organs havebeen cut from the cadaver of a woman, presumably for the purpose ofconcealing traces of rape that may have preceded the murder the signsfurnished by the female genital organs as to virginity, maternity, and the menopause are so easily demonstrated at the necropsy as tobecome positive proofs of identity the uterus loses both in sizeand weight with age this along with hard, atrophied, and germlessovaries attests the stoppage of menstruation the question of identitymay turn on the age at which menstruation ceases, as happened in anaction of ejectment in the case of doe on the demise of clark vs tatom the period known as change of life, when the uterus and ovarieslose their function, though placed at forty-five and fifty years, isquite uncertain in spite of averages, menstruation is occasionallycontinued to seventy and upward 585the signs furnished by the genital organs of the male are of lessimportance atrophy and diminished weight of the testicles and rarityor absence of the spermatozoids are indications of senility. Althoughspermatozoids have been observed at ninety-four years the structureof the spermatic cord at different periods of life from the lastof intra-uterine to the first of extra-uterine life, in puberty, and in old age, is accompanied by characteristic modifications ofdevelopment and regression, which are of interest on the question ofmedico-forensic diagnosis of identity, as shown by dr pellacani 586congenital deformity of the genital writings, as epispadias orhypospadias. Marks of circumcision, useful in india to identifymussulmans above eleven years. Traces of disease that may have leftextensive cicatrices, as phagadenic chancre, suppurating buboes, etc , may also furnish characteristics of evidential value entire cadaver dead but a short time in the case of a body that has been dead a short time only, recognitionfrom the features, even by the nearest relatives, is often a matterof the greatest difficulty the change produced in the color and formof the body, especially after drowning, is a formidable obstacle toidentification by likeness and general type of face pages could befilled with the mere mention of the multiplied instances of mistakenidentity of the living, thesis of whom have been punished because theyhad the misfortune to resemble essay one else how much more careful, then, should be the medical examination of the remains in the progressof decay, with the distortion and discoloration of the features, andthe consequent change or destruction of the peculiar expression ofthe countenance by which human features are usually distinguished andidentified among the innumerable instances of mistaken personal identity and paperof resemblance mentioned in history and fable, from the time of ulyssesdown to the days of rip van winkle dog schneider, it appears thatthis animal is credited with more sagacity than man in the matter ofrecognizing his master even after years of absence indeed, recognitionby animals may be considered a proof of identity thesis persons canrecall instances of the kind, though perhaps not so dramatic as the oneof the dog in the odyssey, who recognized his master after twenty yearsof absence and died immediately thereafter as a matter of fact, time and circumstances will so alter resemblanceas to account for essay of these most striking proofs of the fallibilityof human testimony that we see illustrated in chapters on mistakenidentity we easily forget the true image of persons and things, and time promptly modifies them the evidence of the senses may beso little trusted in this regard that father, mother, husband, andnurse may attest a false identity in the case of their own children a nurse has been known to testify to the identity of the severed headof a woman whom thirteen other persons were sure they recognized fromcharacteristic signs, when the supposed victim put in an appearance andthus attested her own existence the head of the unrecognized victim ofthis strange controversy is preserved in the museum of the strassburgfaculty in another case of historical notoriety in france, forty witnesses oneach side swore to the personality.

None of the ingredients are notably active indissolving uric acid when administered by mouth none produce anymarked increase of uric acid elimination no intelligent physicianwould use a uric acid solvent for “bilious lithiasis”. And theirusefulness in the other conditions is open to doubt, to put it mildly although the preparation is a simple mixture, the name does notindicate the components, but inclines to therapeutic suggestion rule8 nothing is to be gained by combining several drugs which are useless, severally, for the purpose intended, as in the present case rule 10 urodonal is marketed under inconsistent statements of composition andwith exaggerated therapeutic claims. The name is nondescriptive andthe mixture is unscientific the council decided that the preparationshould be declared ineligible for conflict with rules 1, 4, 6, 8 and 10and that this report should be published -- from the journal a m a , aug 14, 1915 formamint report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe following report has been authorized for publication w a puckner, secretary formamint is a proprietary medicine manufactured by the a wulfingcompany new york, london and berlin, which is affiliated with thebauer chemical company it has been widely advertised in europe for several years, and is nowon the american market;14 it is advertised in this country both innewspapers and medical journals 14 the journal a m a , feb 24, 1912, p 572 following is a brief review of the more important allegedinvestigations that have been reported from time to time in variouseuropean journals in “the therapeutical value of foramint in septic affections of theoro-pharynx, ” de santi15 quotes rosenberg, 16 who reports thesuccessful use of formamint in paper of streptococcus infections, tonsillitis and acute symptoms of chronic sore throat accordingto seifert, 17 formamint is a chemical combination of formaldehydand milk sugar when the tablets are dissolved in the saliva, 0 01per cent of formaldehyd in its “status nascendi” is liberated andexercises a strong disinfectant action seifert states that thepreparation is markedly palatable, since it contains a little citricacid to render the taste cool and refreshing in essay experiments withstreptococci, pneumococci, typhoid and diphtheria bacilli, seifertfound that a solution of one tablet in 10 c c of water destroyedthese germs in from five to ten minutes a solution of the samestrength was also added to culture tubes of broth, agar, and gelatin, with the result that no growth occurred in them, while distinct andcharacteristic development of the bacteria took place in controltubes he does not state, however, how much formamint solution wasadded to the mediums 15 de santi. Medical magazine 16:141, 1907 16 rosenberg. Lancet, london 2:1871, 1905 17 seifert. Pharmakol u therap rundschau, 1904, no 14. Quoted byde santi note 2 daus18 reports successful treatment of tonsillitis, mumps and middleear diseases in these paper no other gargles or mouth washes wereused he states that no indication of irritant or other injuriousaction made its appearance even after large doses in the same article, f levy reports experiments as follows. Agar plates were prepared witha culture of streptococcus from a severe case of quinsy one half ofthe plate was rubbed with saliva containing formamint in solution the strength of the solution used is not given in twenty-four hoursstreaks of growth had appeared on one portion of the plates while thewriting on which the formamint saliva had been rubbed remained sterile daus also found that agar and broth cultures of streptococcus shakenwith formamint saliva remained sterile 18 daus. Med klin 2:4110, 1906 rheinboldt, 19 investigating the effects of formamint and of ordinaryformaldehyd on animals, concludes that formaldehyd is toxic in actionwhile formamint is not 19 rheinboldt. Deutsch med wchnschr 32:587, 1906 illustration. How the exploiters of formamint capitalize the medicalprofession miniature reproductions of typical formamint advertisementsappearing in the newspapers rosenberg20 corroborates this statement he also found that agarplates of bacillus prodigiosus were killed by formamint solutionsin about four hours he fails, however, to give the strength of hisformamint solutions 20 rosenberg. Therap d gegen 7:55, 1905 wingrave21 suggests the use of formamint for infants!. he recommendsthat a tablet be crushed and wrapped in “butter cloth ” the ends of thecloth are to be tied with thread, the formamint is to be moistened, andthe packet is to be held in the mouth of the baby several times eachday 21 wingrave. Lancet, london 2:1067, 1906 young22 published the results of essay experiments by himself anddelépine on the human throat they dissolved a tablet in the mouth andmade swab cultures with the following results. Immediately after taking the tablet 0 colonies 10 minutes after taking the tablet 35 colonies 30 minutes after taking the tablet 150 colonies22 young.

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Outwardly inpultisses, it assuages swellings in the privities and elsewhere mellissa balm hot and dry. Outwardly mixed with salt and applied tothe neck, helps the king-evil, bitings of mad dogs, venomous beasts, and such as cannot hold their neck as they should do. Inwardly it isan excellent remedy for a cold and moist stomach, cheers the heart, refreshes the mind, takes away griefs, sorrow, and care, instead ofwhich it produces joy and mirth see the syrup galen, avicenna mentha sativa garden mints, spear mints are hot and dry in thethird degree, provoke hunger, are wholeessay for the stomach, stayvomiting, stop the menses, help sore heads in children, strengthen thestomach, cause digestion. Outwardly applied, they help the bitings ofmad-dogs. Yet they hinder conception memtha aquatica water mints. Ease pains of the belly, head-ache, andvomiting, gravel in the kidnies and stone methastrum horse-mint i know no difference between them and watermints mercurialis, mas, fœmina mercury male and female, they are both hotand dry in the second degree, cleansing, digesting, they purge wateryhumours, and further conception mezereon spurge-olive, or widdow-wail a dangerous purge, better letalone than meddled with millefolium yarrow meanly cold and binding, an healing herb forwounds, stanches bleeding.