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Lithium chloride, essay proposal example 0 035 per cent. Calcium hydrate, 0 010 per cent. Water to 100 writings ”the council asked the manufacturers for further information in regardto the composition or preparation of chloron and received this reply. “chlorine gas is prepared in the usual way and purified and passed into water until a saturated solution is made “water to the extent of three times the volume of the chlorine solution is used to dissolve the necessary amount of calcium chloride, and the two solutions are mixed “the necessary amounts of lithium and mercurous chloride are then intimately mixed and made into solution this solution is then added to the above and the whole is agitated for essay minutes ”a specimen of chloron was examined in the a m a chemical laboratoryand the chemists reported:qualitatively the presence of the following constituents was confirmed:calcium, mercury, lithium, chlorid, free chlorin the solution wasalkaline of course, the declaration that chloron contains mercurouschlorid calomel is obviously incorrect, as mercurous chlorid cannotexist in a solution containing active free chlorin, but is oxidizedto mercuric chlorid corrosive sublimate as the solution was alkalinein reaction, it seemed unlikely that all the active chlorin was presentin the free state, as declared on the label quantitative determinationof free chlorin and of total active “available” chlorin gave. Freechlorin, 0 036 gm per hundred c c.

In fact a certain essay proposal example few have hailed kalak as a possible solution of the annual hay fever problem of perhaps supreme importance, however, is the use of kalak throughout pregnancy as preventive medicine against the inevitable ‘toxemia of pregnancy ’”also this. “kalak has accomplished certain unexplainable things for the diabetic and nephritic, and if, in future years, diabetes and nephritis should prove to be constitutional diseases, based upon functionation or its lack, kalak therapy, the embodiment of physiological alkalescence may come into its own, for if acidity retards, alkalinity must normalize functionation ”it is not necessary to quote further in order to insure that everyonewill recognize the great need of kalak it is advised to test the urinefor acidity by means of a group of indicator solutions sent out to thephysicians methyl red is one of these and any urine showing an acidreaction with this is said to be open to suspicion paranitrophenol isanother of the indicators and the explanations given of the behavior ofthe two and the conclusions to be drawn are questionable the methylred solution furnished is too concentrated for proper use and perfectlynormal urines from normal individuals have given a rather marked colorwith it this indicator gives essay color at h 1 2 × 10^{-6} and astrong reaction at 3 × 10^{-3} to condemn a urine on such a finding isentirely unwarranted sodium bicarbonate is the main constituent of the water the valueof the phosphate in such a combination, with so much calcium, isproblematical in case an alkaline reaction in the intestine is reachedessay of it would be left as insoluble phosphate a few grams ofbicarbonate daily would have equal therapeutic value with this water the advice based on the indications of methyl red and the urine is bad the committee report was sent to the kalak water company for comment the company promised to withdraw the advertising circular referred toin the report and disclaimed responsibility for the accuracy and valueof the set of indicators which it sent out, but, on the whole, theprevious advertising claims were insisted on in view of the absurd and false claims made for the product the councildeclared kalak water inadmissible to n n r -- from reports ofcouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 148 minson soluble iodin “kelpidine” not admitted to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryminson soluble iodin “kelpidine” was submitted to the council byj j minson, washington, d c , trading as the kelpidine company, with the statement that in future “literature” it was to be known asminson soluble iodin, only the following statement of compositionwas furnished. “minson soluble iodin is essaywhat of an indefinite character, chemically its formula is, iodin 4 per cent , distilled water 6 per cent , and absolute alcohol q s 100 per cent by a process of chilling and heating an iodid of uncertain character is produced, and because of the extreme sensitiveness of the product to chemical tests, it is hard to determine so far as i have been able to judge, however, the result is about 3 or 3-1/2 per cent free iodin and from 1/2 per cent to 1 per cent iodid, possibly ethyl and hydrogen iodid in combination ”the a m a chemical laboratory reports that the preparation is analcoholic solution containing free iodin and iodid, probably hydrogeniodid and ethyl iodid, but that the free iodin content was only2 69 gm per 100 c c it is claimed that the “therapeutic indications” of minson solubleiodin are the “same as those of all iodin and iodid preparations, internally, externally, hypodermically and intravenously. Excepting, however, counter irritation ” it is admitted that there are no“clinical reports” as to the hypodermic and intravenous use, but thebelief is expressed “that in an emergency it is a safe remedy underproper dilution ” it is further claimed that “for all practicalpurposes it is nontoxic and nonirritating” and that “it has none ofthe undesirable features such as is the case with the iodids and theorganic preparations of iodin, proprietary or otherwise ”it was assigned for consideration to the committee on pharmacology, whose referee reported:“according to the information submitted, this is a tincture of iodin;differing from the official tincture in that it is more dilute and inthat hydrogen and ethyl iodid is the solvent in place of potassiumiodid it is practically immaterial for internal administration, whether the cation of the solvent iodid is hydrogen, ethyl, potassiumor sodium it would certainly be inadvisable to inject a preparationcontaining free iodin hypodermically it is not ‘a safe remedy’ forintravenous injection and it would not be nonirritant the statementthat ‘it has none of the undesirable features’ of other iodin compoundsis inherently impossible apparent freedom of any iodin preparationfrom undesirable effects is generally due to the use of small doses such claims are plainly therapeutic exaggerations and therefore inconflict with rule 6 even should these be removed, the preparationmust be held an unessential modification of the official tincture, andtherefore in conflict with rule 10 ”the report was agreed to by the committee and adopted by the counciland minson soluble iodin “kelpidine” declared inadmissible to newand nonofficial remedies -- from reports of council on pharmacy andchemistry, 1917, p 152 nutone report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrynutone nutone company, lowell, mass is a “nutritive tonic” said tohave the following complex composition. Cod liver oil, pure norwegian, 25 per cent malt extract, 9-1/3 per cent beef juice, glycerine, hypophosphite lime, hypophosphite soda, chemically pure, 1-1/2 grs each to the oz fl ext nux vomica, 3/64 of a minimum in each teaspoonful it is advertised with claims that will lead thoughtless physiciansand a confiding public to depend on it in paper in which fresh air, hygienic surroundings and nutritious food are of prime importance a sample package the phrase “as recommended by your physician” andother statements suggest that it is expected to be given the patientby the physician and thus effectively advertise nutone to the publicdescribes nutone as an “agreeable concentrated nutritive tonic emulsionof malt extract, beef juice and cod liver oil, combined with nervetonics and bone nutrients ” emphasizing the nutritive value of this“malt extract, beef juice, and cod liver oil” preparation, it isadvised, “as nutone is rich in nutritive properties, it is well tobegin with one-fourth teaspoonful, gradually increasing to regulardose, which is. Adults, 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls after meals and at bedtime children according to age ” it thus appears that adults are to takethis preparation as a “nutritive” in doses which represent from 3 to12 grains of sugar on the assumption that malt extract may contain asmuch as 50 per cent sugar and 8 to 30 minims of cod liver oil withunstated, but probably equally small, amounts of beef juice a consideration of the negligible food value of nutone as well asof the inefficiency of the other components and the claim that itis indicated in “malnutrition, ” “wasting diseases” and “incipientphthisis” classes nutone with that large group of shotgun mixtureswhich do harm in that dependence is placed on them in conditions inwhich the patient will probably be restored to health if proper medicaland hygienic measures are adopted in time the council declared nutone inadmissible to new and nonofficialremedies because it is an irrational shotgun mixture advertisedindirectly to the public with unwarranted therapeutic claims and anondescriptive therapeutically suggestive name -- from reports ofcouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 154 tri-arsenole, l o compound no 1 and l o compound no 2 report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrytri-arsenole -- according to the advertising of themedical supply company of atlanta, ga , “tri-arsenole” is“merco-arseno-benzo-chloride, ” and the claim is made. “this compound is the result of thesis years’ research the toxicity has been fully tested upon animals before using clinically, the latter having proven such complete success, we take pleasure in presenting it to the public ” “the manufacturers of tri-arsenol, before placing it upon the market, tested it biologically ”tri-arsenole is “recommended and suitable for the treatment of primary, secondary, tertiary and hereditary syphilis it has also been foundvery useful in pellagra and malaria ” the preparation is supplied inampules containing varying amounts of the dry substance it is to bedissolved in water and is to be administered intravenously in theadvertising attention is called to the yellow color of tri-arsenole;this, and the style of package suggest that it is a preparation similarto salvarsan in reply to a request sent the medical supply company for thequantitative composition and chemical formula of the compound“merco-arseno-benzo-chloride” and for the details of the biologic testby which its toxicity is claimed to have been determined and evidencefor its efficiency, the following statement was received. “tri-arsenole no 1 equals to each ampoule, gr sodium chlorid 4-1/2 hydrarg chlor -cor 1/4 arsenous acid 1/4 sodium benzoate 4 hydrastin resinoid 2 tri-arsenole no 2 equals to each ampoule, sodium chlorid 4 hydrarg chlor -cor 1/2 arsenous acid 1/2 sodium benzoate 4 hydrastin resinoid 2 tri-arsenole no 3 equals to each ampoule, sodium chlorid 3-1/2 hydrarg chlor -cor 3/4 arsenous acid 3/4 sodium benzoate 4 hydrastin resinoid 2 tri-arsenole no 4 equals to each ampoule, sodium chlorid 3 hydrarg chlor -cor 1 arsenous acid 1 sodium benzoate 4 hydrastin resinoid 2the request for information regarding the animal experiments said tohave determined the toxicity was ignored, nor were references suppliedto clinical reports demonstrating the value of the product the council declared tri-arsenole inadmissible to new and nonofficialremedies because of conflict with the rules as follows:in the absence of details of the method used, the claim that thepreparation has been tested biologically is in conflict with rule 2, which requires that for preparations claimed to be physiologicallystandardized the method of testing must be published so as to permit ofcontrol by independent investigators the claims that “merco-arseno-benzo-chloride” is “the result of thesisyears research, ” that its “toxicity has been fully tested upon animalsbefore using clinically” and that clinical use has “proven suchcomplete success” have not been substantiated by evidence and must beheld as unwarranted the name is in conflict with rule 8, which requires that pharmaceuticalmixtures shall bear names descriptive of their composition further, the name “tri-arsenole” by its similarity to diarsenol, the canadianbrand of arseno-phenolamin hydrochlorid, suggests that thispharmaceutical mixture is a chemical compound similar to salvarsan moreover, the danger of confusion is increased by the addition ofthe hydrastis preparation which imwritings a yellow color like that ofsalvarsan to the solution obtained when the colorless mercury andarsenic compounds of the mixture are dissolved again, the synonym“merco-arseno-benzo-chloride” conveys the false impression thattri-arsenole is a definite chemical compound the label does not declare the poisonous constituents claimed tobe contained in the mixture. Namely, “arsenous acid” and corrosivemercuric chlorid rule 7 there is no evidence that arsenous acid arsenic trioxid usedintravenously is efficient and safe as a spirocheticide, and theadministration of this drug in conjunction with mercuric chloridin fixed proportion is irrational and dangerous-- writingicularly sobecause of the implied similarity of tri-arsenole to arsenphenolaminhydrochlorid salvarsan, diarsenol rule 10 l o compound no 1 and l o compound no 2 -- in submitting thesepreparations to the council, the medical supply company stated that“no 1” was “composed of the following ingredients. Chloral, camphor, menthol, iodin, and oil of gualtheria, incorporated in a fatty base each ounce contains fifteen grains of chloral hydrate, nine grainsof resublimed iodine ” “no 2” was said to have the same compositionas “no 1” except that the oil of gaultheria had been omitted themedical supply company was informed that the rules of the councilrequired declaration of the amounts of each therapeutic constituentof pharmaceutical mixtures and that, therefore, in addition to theinformation furnished the amounts of camphor, menthol and oil ofgualtheria should be given for “no 1” and the amount of camphor andmenthol for “no 2 ” the following reply was received.

Affections of the testicles. Costal pains 53 ophthalmia. Dysmenorrhea. Amenorrhea. Skin eruptions such therapy, detached entirely from the actual requirements of thecase and based only upon observation of the sky, was bound to beattended with the most unfortunate results the suffering public wasfrequently but little cheered by the assistance of its physicians, andoften felt the desire to find out what another physician could do itappears that such a condition occurred quite frequently, for ptolemy, in number 57 of his “centiloquium, ” gives special directions underwhat astral conditions such a change of physician could take place hesays. “cum septimum locum atque ejus dominum in ægritudine afflictumvideris, medicum mutato ” it appears certain, accordingly, that ageneral change of physicians was inaugurated by the public so soon asthe above conjunction was noted in the sky those who desired to be very careful in the choice of their physiciandid not change only when the conjunction of the stars recommended it asadvisable, but they also attempted to ascertain the horoscope of thenewly chosen medical adviser, for medical wisdom was found in greatestabundance in a man whose aspects showed a certain form “perfectusmedicus erit, cui mars et venus fuerint in sexta, ” says almansor this condition of astrologia medica was such as to weigh likean oppressive nightmare upon mankind, not only for centuries butfor thousands of years, and in this way medical superstition hasslaughtered more human beings than the most bloody wars ever did however, astrology has not always ruled our kind with equal strength there were periods during which belief in the fate-determining power ofthe stars was more dominant, and others in which it was feebler theancient world, which was blindly devoted to all kinds of superstition, had also cherished and fostered astrology but when the ancient theoryof life was demolished later on, and the christian god of love hadtaken possession of the world, the belief in the fate-determining powerof the stars was shaken, and centuries, followed during which medicinaastrologica, altho it did not by any means disappear entirely, wasforced more or less to the rear astrology did not become resurrecteduntil scholasticism and dogmatism had held back the activity ofthe mind from independent investigation, thus bringing about theintellectual darkness which for centuries prevailed this use ofastrology truly forms one of the most wonderful pages in the history ofthe development of our race, for an actual furor astrologicus seizedupon the world in the course of the thirteenth century the movementoriginated at the court of emperor frederick ii the great ghibellinewas so positive and so enthusiastic an adherent of all astrologicdoctrines that he did not decide upon any undertaking until he hadfirst learned the opinion of the stars regarding his enterprise it washis firm belief that the stars prophesied for him a political rôlewhich was to shake the entire world, and of his astrological predictionhe apprised his adversary, the pope, in the following words. Fata volunt, stellaeque docent, animumque volatus, quod fridericus ego malleus orbis ero but if a ruler of high mental gifts is always destined to exert apowerful influence upon his epoch, how much more telling is thisinfluence when the contemporaries of such a monarch lead a mentallife, fettered by so thesis religious, philosophical, and physicalprejudices as undeniably dominated mankind during the reign ofthe great hohenstaufen if these conditions were of the greatestadvantage to astrology in general, circumstances shaped themselvesmost favorably for medicina astrologica in writingicular very soonafter the death of the star-learned hohenstaufen emperor, two highlytalented physicians bound themselves body and soul to astrology namely, arnald bachuone, called also, after his birthplace, villanueva, arnaldus villanovanus or arnald of villanova 1235-1312, and petrus, called also, after his birthplace, abano near padua, petrus de aponoor petrus aponensis 1250-1315 from that time until the seventeenthcentury the most eminent representatives of all the sciences andprofessions devoted themselves to the doctrines of astrology in theexcellent work of sudhoff is cited a notable number of physicians byno means the most unskilful of their day who confessed themselves tobe iatromathematicians i e , medici astrologici astrology, and with it medicina astrologica, reigned supreme at most of theprincely courts from the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries thehohenstaufen, frederick ii , was, as we have seen, an implicit adherentto astrologic doctrines. Likewise the visconti in milan the royalcourt of aragon in palermo offered a sheltering asylum to astronomyand to astrology alfonso x of castile was so enthusiastic a friendof scientific astronomy that he ordered the planet-tables of ptolemyto be restored, with an outlay of enormous costs, by fifty astronomerscalled by him to toledo german princes, such as elector joachim ofbrandenburg, albrecht, elector of mayence, landgrave william of hesse, duke albrecht of prussia, not only adhered to the predictions of thestars, but they also subscribed to the statements of astrologicalmedicine thus, for instance, thomas erastus died 1583 the well-knownopponent of paracelsus, tells us that, as body-physician to thereigning count of henneberg, he was not permitted to begin a courseof treatment until he had consulted the stars the german emperor, charles v , was quite as constant a friend of the astrologists. Hewas instructed in astrology by his teacher, the subsequent pope, hadrian vi the court of denmark was the center of astrologicalteachings under frederick ii , as no less a personage than tycho debrahe was active there but not only rulers favored astrology, it metwith implicit belief from highly enlightened scholars, statesmen, andnaturalists thus, melanchthon was so convinced an adherent of allastrological doctrines that he was incessantly active in their favor bymouth and by pen and when fatal disease had finally seized upon him, he was soon satisfied as to the issue, in that mars and saturn happenedto be in conjunction möhsen, vol ii , page 416 however, men were not wanting who courageously took up the battleagainst astrological delusions thus, for instance, the friend oflorenzo of medici, the learned count pico of mirandola 1463-1494;also girolamo fracastori 1483-1553, who is known by his didactic poemon syphilis, opposed astrology if we now ask how it was possible that a superstition like astrologycould for centuries dominate occidental medicine, and was even ableto influence the best minds in its favor, an answer to this questionwill not be as difficult as might appear at first glance the verybest and the most enlightened minds are always writingicularly affectedby what is enigmatical and mysterious in the phenomena of life theyperceive the narrow limits set to our cognition of nature much moreacutely and deeply than the average mind this consciousness of theinsufficiency of our own knowledge, joined with an ardent desire aftera broadening of our understanding, tends to turn the mind in strangedirections the result of clearer self-knowledge in this modern epochof ours is an adverseness to any form of romantic fancy, and is likelyto end in a sad resignation that may result in pessimism but themiddle ages, with their exuberant confidence and faith, their belief inwonders, and their romantic ideas, did not suffer to any great extentfrom scientific apathy a sharply defined, mystic tendency helped toovercome what was inadequate in the cognition of nature and for thisreason do we find this mystic tendency prominent, especially in thoserepresentatives of that period who, owing to their mental capacity, were bound to perceive their defective insight into the manifestationsof life much more intensely than this was felt by the average personsof narrower intellect the conditions thus described, as well as the diagnostico-theoreticalprinciples on which medicine and natural sciences were based inantiquity and in the middle ages, until late in the eighteenth centuryled thesis mentally gifted men to consider astrology rather a refuge fromthe current defective conception of natural phenomena than a falsedoctrine viinfluence exerted upon the development of superstition by medicineitselfas ancient, medieval, and essay more modern theories of medicine havetraveled over the same diagnostico-theoretical roads as did the naturalscience of those periods, they were naturally subject to the sameerrors and aberrations but the consequences of their errors differedmaterially whereas natural science, in the early and middle ages, with its faulty diagnostico-theoretical method, too frequently hadrecourse to supernatural factors to explain terrestrial phenomena, andthus created superstition instead of elucidation, the pathology ofancient as well as of medieval medicine avoided as much as possibleany recourse to miraculous agencies in explaining the pathologicalphenomena of the body this it was forced to do for the sake ofself-preservation for what would have become of the physicians withtheir art, which was of a purely material kind, working as it did withdrug and knife, if they themselves had traced disease to supernaturalcauses?. no one, under such conditions, would have had any dealingswith mundane medical science it is true, there have been times whensuch a state of things actually existed the physician, with hisearthly appliances, was always led astray as soon as metaphysical ideashad victoriously entered pathology history affords numerous examplesof this the cult of relics, the belief in astrology during half of themiddle ages, show plainly to what a degrading position the physicianwas reduced as soon as a pathology reckoning with earthly factors wasreplaced by a metaphysical theory of disease then the physician waseither completely thrust aside ἀλλ’ ὠθεῖται μὲν ἒξω νοσοῦντος ὁἰατρός, as says plutarch “superstition, ” vol i , page 412 or hewas forced to submit to a disgraceful interference all schools ofmedicine, therefore, from the humoral pathology of the followers ofhippocrates to the so-called parasitism of the nineteenth century, have avoided as much as possible the acknowledgment that supernaturalinfluences were active as pathological factors various as theprinciples of the countless medical schools may have been, they wereall united in assuming as the starting-point of their speculations essaymaterial process of the body itself, in accordance with which theyapplied their therapeutic agencies essaytimes, it is true, it would seem as tho medicine, under essaycircumstances, had recourse to supernatural factors in explainingvarious phenomena of physiological as well as pathological conditions;as, for instance, in the primeval pneuma-doctrine, or in thoseconceptions which attribute to a mental or psychical principle afar-reaching influence upon the performance of all bodily functions upon closer investigation, however, we shall find that the pneuma, or spirit, the soul, or whatever else the mysterious mainspringof all phenomena of life may be called, was by no means conceivedof by medicine as immaterial or supernatural on the contrary!. Medicine, as often as it required a spiritual essaything to explainthe manifestations of the body, has always regarded this unknownquantity as thoroughly substantial it has not, indeed, been possibleto determine more precisely the material nature of this great unknown, altho such attempts are by no means wanting in democritus, galen, andothers. Still it was always considered a corporeal thing supernaturalqualities were ascribed to it only after death, but so long as the soulanimated the body, united with the latter, it was a terrestrial being, and as such obeyed the laws of terrestrial substance it was possiblefor medical science, therefore, to reckon with it in the explanationof pathological processes without necessarily expecting a reproach thatsupernatural agencies were called in for assistance medicine, therefore, altho it has traveled the samediagnostico-theoretical road as natural science, has not, like thelatter, directly produced superstition it is true, it has calledforth innumerable erroneous hypotheses but a wrong hypothesis, althoit may be nonsensical to the utmost and give rise to the most seriouspractical consequences, is by no means superstition. For both errorand superstition so far as it is a question of medical matters are tworadically different conceptions, because the former concerns itselfonly with natural, the latter with supernatural factors yet it is quite conceivable that the dissemination of an intellectualprinciple can be furthered and promoted without overt advocacy of theprinciple itself, and this was the relation that existed for thousandsof years between medicine and superstition.

As amended by act offebruary 7th, 1889 fees - no special fees are enumerated in the statute the countyrecorder fees for services are prescribed in rev stats , 1887, s 2, 128 illinois qualification - no person can lawfully practise medicine in any ofits dewritingments unless he possesses the qualifications required if agraduate in medicine, he must present his diploma to the state boardof health for verification as to its genuineness if the diploma isfound genuine, and from a legally chartered medical institution in goodstanding, and if the person named therein be the person claiming andpresenting the same, the board must issue a certificate conclusive asto his right to practise medicine if not a graduate, the person mustpresent himself before the said board and submit to examination, andif the examination is satisfactory the board must issue certificate laws 1887, p 225, s 1 the verification of a diploma consists in the affidavit of the holderand applicant that he is the person therein named the affidavit may betaken before any person authorized to administer oaths, and attestedunder the hand and official seal of such officer if he have a seal swearing falsely is perjury graduates may present their diplomas andaffidavits by letter or proxy 3 all examinations of persons not graduates or licentiates are made bythe board. And certificates authorize their possessor to practisemedicine and, surgery 4 the certificate must be recorded in the office of the clerk of thecounty in which the holder resides within three months from its date, and the date of recording indorsed until recorded, the holder cannotlawfully exercise the rights and privileges conferred a personremoving to another county to practise must record his certificate inthe county to which he removes 5 examinations may be wholly or writingly in writing and shall be ofelementary and practical character, but sufficiently strict to test thequalifications of the candidate as a practitioner 8 the board may refuse to issue a certificate to a person guilty ofunprofessional or dishonorable conduct, and may revoke for like causes the applicant in case of a refusal or revocation may appeal to thegovernor and his decision will be final 9 definition - “practising medicine” is defined as treating, operatingon, or prescribing for any physical ailment of another the actdoes not prohibit services in case of emergency, nor the domesticadministration of family remedies, and does not apply to commissionedsurgeons of the united states army, navy, or marine hospital service inthe discharge of official duty 10 itinerant vender - an itinerant vender of drug, nostrum, ointment, orappliance intended for treatment of disease or injury, or professingby writing, printing, or other method to cure or treat disease ordeformity by drug, nostrum, manipulation, or other expedient, must paya license fee of $100 per month into the treasury of the board theboard may issue such license selling without a license is punishableby fine of from $100 to $200 for each offence the board may for causerefuse a license 11 penalty - practising medicine or surgery without a certificate ispunishable by a forfeiture of $100 for the first offence, and $200 foreach subsequent offence. Filing or attempting to file as his own thecertificate of another, or a forged affidavit of identification, is afelony, punishable as forgery exceptions - the act saves for six months after its passage the rightof persons who have practised continuously for ten years in the stateprior to its passage, to receive a certificate under former act butall persons holding a certificate on account of ten years’ practice aresubject to all requirements and discipline of this act in regard totheir future conduct. All persons not having applied for or receivedcertificates within said six months, and all persons whose applicationshave for the causes named been rejected, or their certificates revoked, shall, if they practise medicine, be deemed guilty of practising inviolation of law 12 penalty - on conviction of the offence mentioned in the act, the courtmust, as a writing of the judgment, order the defendant to be committed tothe county jail until the fine and costs are paid 13 fees - to the secretary of the board, for each certificate to agraduate or licentiate, $5 2 for graduates or licentiates in midwifery, $2 2 to county clerk, usual fees for making record to treasury of board, for examination of non-graduates. $20, inmedicine and surgery.

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Because they say, that if you put out the eyes ofyoung swallows when they are in the nest, the old ones will essay proposal example recovertheir eyes again with this herb this i am confident, for i have triedit, that if we mar the very apple of their eyes with a needle, she willrecover them again. But whether with this herb or not, i know not also i have read and it seems to be essaywhat probable that the herb, being gathered as i shewed before, and the elements draw awriting from itby art of the alchymist, and after they are drawn awriting rectified, theearthly quality, still in rectifying them, added to the terra damnata as alchymists call it or terra sacratisima as essay philosopherscall it the elements so rectified are sufficient for the cure of alldiseases, the humours offending being known and the contrary elementgiven. It is an experiment worth the trying, and can do no harm the lesser celandine, usually known by the name of pilewort and fogwort i wonder what ailed the ancients to give this the name celandine, which resembles it neather in nature nor form. It acquired the name ofpilewort from its virtues, and it being no great matter where i set itdown, so i set it down at all, i humoured dr tradition so much, as toset him down here descript this celandine or pilewort which you please doth spreadthesis round pale green leaves, set on weak and trailing branches whichlie upon the ground, and are flat, smooth, and essaywhat shining, and inessay places though seldom marked with black spots, each standing on along foot-stalk, among which rise small yellow flowers, consisting ofnine or ten small narrow leaves, upon slender foot-stalks, very likeunto crowsfoot, whereunto the seed also is not unlike being thesis smallkernels like a grain of corn essaytimes twice as long as others, of awhitish colour, with fibres at the end of them place it grows for the most writing in moist corners of fields andplaces that are near water sides, yet will abide in drier ground ifthey be a little shady time it flowers betimes, about march or april, is quite gone bymay. So it cannot be found till it spring again government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars, and beholdhere another verification of the learning of the ancients, viz thatthe virtue of an herb may be known by its signature, as plainly appearsin this. For if you dig up the root of it, you shall perceive theperfect image of the disease which they commonly call the piles it iscertain by good experience, that the decoction of the leaves and rootswonderfully helps piles and hæmorrhoids, also kernels by the ears andthroat, called the king evil, or any other hard wens or tumours here another secret for my countrymen and women, a couple of themtogether. Pilewort made into an oil, ointment, or plaister, readilycures both the piles, or hæmorrhoids, and the king evil. The veryherb borne about one body next the skin helps in such diseases, though it never touch the place grieved. Let poor people make much ofit for those uses. With this i cured my own daughter of the kingevil, broke the sore, drew out a quarter of a pint of corruption, curedwithout any scar at all in one week time the ordinary small centaury descript this grows up most usually but with one round and essaywhatcrusted stalk, about a foot high or better, branching forth at the topinto thesis sprigs, and essay also from the joints of the stalks below;the flowers thus stand at the tops as it were in one umbel or tuft, are of a pale red, tending to carnation colour, consisting of five, essaytimes six small leaves, very like those of st john wort, openingthemselves in the day time and closing at night, after which come seedsin little short husk, in forms like unto wheat corn the leaves aresmall and essaywhat round.