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“the scope of the present national formulary is the same as in previous issues, and is based on medical usage rather than on therapeutic ideals the committee consists entirely of pharmacists, or of men with a pharmaceutical training, and it cannot presume either to judge therapeutic practice or to follow any writingicular school of therapeutic practice the question of the addition or deletion of any formula was judged on the basis of its use by physicians and its pharmaceutical soundness the considerable use by physicians of any preparation was considered sufficient warrant for the inclusion of its formula in the book, and a negligible or diminishing use as justifying its exclusion ”writing i of the volume contains formulas, good, bad and indifferent, including the equivalents of a large number of shotgun proprietaries writing ii contains descriptions of drugs this is a new feature thepurpose is to provide standards for those drugs not essay potna described inthe pharmacopeia but used in n f preparations thesis of these drugswere described in the u s pharmacopeia viii, but have not beenincluded in the ninth revision practically all are either worthlessor superfluous writing iii contains descriptions of special tests andreagents among the therapeutically useful formulas are those for aromatic castoroil, emulsion of castor oil, sprays or nebulae, solution of aluminumacetate, solution of aluminum subacetate and wine of antimony the twolast named are also included in “useful drugs ” several formulas fornew classes of preparations which may or may not be found superiorto old forms are paste pencils for the application of medicaments tolimited areas of the skin, mulls, which are ointments spread likeplasters, and fluidglycerates, which are fluidextracts in whichglycerin takes the place of alcohol it should be noted also that, as aresult of criticism, the alcohol content of essay preparations has beenreduced as a whole, the present edition of the national formulary, like itspredecessors, is “pharmaceutically useful but not a therapeuticnecessity ” to say that it is not a therapeutic necessity is tostate the matter mildly, since most of the formulas and almost allof the drugs described have been discarded long since by rationaltherapeutists so long as there are physicians who prescribetherapeutic monstrosities, however, the druggist should have theaid that is furnished by this book in compounding them from thepharmacist point of view, therefore, the book is a valuable one physicians who have a scientific training in the pharmacology of drugswill not want it. Others will be better off without the temptationsoffered by its thesis irrational formulas -- book review in the journala m a , sept 2, 1916 nonspecific protein therapythe treatment by nonspecific methods in a series of paper of influenzalpneumonia has been the subject of two recent papers 295 these methodsare a development of the work of ichikawa, kraus, lüdke, jobling andpetersen, and others on the treatment of typhoid fever and of millerand lusk work on arthritis in the original work in this field itwas recognized that there were certain inherent dangers in the methodand that wide application would be permissible only with the greatestcaution and under careful control 295 roberts, dudley, and cary, e g. Bacterial protein injectionsin influenzal pneumonia, j a m a 72:922 march 29 1919 cowie, d m , and beaven, p w. Nonspecific protein therapy in influenzalpneumonia, j a m a 72:1117 april 19 1919 when vaccines and other toxic protein substances are injectedintravenously a train of reactions takes place that includes. aa primary leukopenia, followed by a leukocytosis. b a primarylessening of the coagulability of the blood, followed after essayinterval by a reduction of the coagulation time. c a pronouncedlymphagogue effect, the flow of lymph from the thoracic duct beingincreased threefold.

And we throat-wort, because itis appropriated to the throat venus owns the herb, and the celestialbull will not deny it. Therefore a better remedy cannot be for theking evil, because the moon that rules the disease, is exalted there the decoction of the herb taken inwardly, and the bruised herb appliedoutwardly, dissolves clotted and congealed blood within the body, coming by any wounds, bruise, or fall. And is no less effectual for theking evil, or any other knobs, kernel, bunches, or wens growing inthe flesh wheresoever. And for the hæmorrhoids, or piles an ointmentmade hereof may be used at all times when the fresh herb is not to behad the distilled water of the whole plant, roots and all, is usedfor the same purposes, and dries up the superfluous, virulent moistureof hollow and corroding ulcers. It takes away all redness, spots, and freckles in the face, as also the scurf, and any foul deformitytherein, and the leprosy likewise filipendula, or drop-wort descript this sends forth thesis leaves, essay larger, essay smaller, set on each side of a middle rib, and each of them dented about theedges, essaywhat resembling wild tansy, or rather agrimony, but harderin handling. Among which rise up one or more stalks, two or three feethigh, with the leaves growing thereon, and essaytimes also divided intoother branches spreading at the top into thesis white, sweet-smellingflowers, consisting of five leaves a-piece, with essay threads in themiddle of them, standing together in a pith or umble, each upon asmall foot stalk, which after they have been blown upon a good while, do fall away, and in their places appear small, round, chaffy headslike buttons, wherein are the chaffy seeds set and placed the rootconsists of thesis small, black, tuberous pieces, fastened together bythesis small, long, blackish strings, which run from one to another place it grows in thesis places of this land, in the corners of dryfields and meadows, and the hedge sides time they flower in june and july, and their seed is ripe in august government and virtues it is under the dominion of venus iteffectually opens the passages of the urine, helps the stranguary. Thestone in the kidneys or bladder, the gravel, and all other pains of thebladder and reins, by taking the roots in powder, or a decoction ofthem in white wine, with a little honey the roots made into powder, and mixed with honey in the form of an electuary, doth much help themwhose stomachs are swollen, dissolving and breaking the wind which wasthe cause thereof. And is also very effectual for all the diseases ofthe lungs, as shortness of breath, wheezing, hoarseness of the throat, and the cough.

Flour of beans and fenugreekmixed with honey, and applied to felons, boils, bruises, essay potna or blue marksby blows, or the imposthumes in the kernels of the ears, helps themall, and with rose leaves, frankincense and the white of an egg, beingapplied to the eyes, helps them that are swollen or do water, or havereceived any blow upon them, if used with wine if a bean be writinged intwo, the skin being taken away, and laid on the place where the leechhath been set that bleeds too much, stays the bleeding bean flourboiled to a poultice with wine and vinegar, and essay oil put thereto, eases both pains and swelling of the privities the husk boiled inwater to the consumption of a third writing thereof, stays a lask. And theashes of the husks, made up with old hog grease, helps the old pains, contusions, and wounds of the sinews, the sciatica and gout the fieldbeans have all the aforementioned virtues as the garden beans beans eaten are extremely windy meat. But if after the dutch fashion, when they are half boiled you husk them and then stew them i cannottell you how, for i never was a cook in all my life, they arewholeessay food french beans descript this french or kidney bean arises at first but with onestalk, which afterwards divides itself into thesis arms or branches, butall so weak that if they be not sustained with sticks or poles, theywill be fruitless upon the ground at several places of these branchesgrow foot stalks, each with three broad round and pointed green leavesat the end of them. Towards the top comes forth divers flowers madelike to pease blossoms, of the same colour for the most writing that thefruit will be of, that is to say, white, yellow, red, blackish, or ofa deep purple, but white is the most usual. After which come long andslender flat pods, essay crooked, essay straight, with a string runningdown the back thereof, wherein is flattish round fruit made like akidney. The root long, spreads with thesis strings annexed to it, andperishes every year there is another sort of french beans commonly growing with us in thisland, which is called the scarlet flower bean this rises with sundry branches as the other, but runs higher, tothe length of hop-poles, about which they grow twining, but turningcontrary to the sun, having foot-stalks with three leaves on each, as on the others. The flowers also are like the other, and of a mostorient scarlet colour the beans are larger than the ordinary kind, ofa dead purple colour turning black when ripe and dry. The root perishesin winter government and virtues these also belong to dame venus, and beingdried and beat to powder, are as great strengtheners of the kidneys asany are. Neither is there a better remedy than it. A dram at a timetaken in white wine to prevent the stone, or to cleanse the kidneysof gravel or stoppage the ordinary french beans are of an easydigestion. They move the belly, provoke urine, enlarge the breast thatis straightened with shortness of breath, engender sperm, and inciteto venery and the scarlet coloured beans, in regard of the gloriousbeauty of their colour, being set near a quickset hedge, will muchadorn the same, by climbing up thereon, so that they may be discerned agreat way, not without admiration of the beholders at a distance butthey will go near to kill the quicksets by cloathing them in scarlet ladies bed-straw besides the common name above written, it is called cheese-rennet, because it performs the same office, as also gailion, pettimugget, andmaiden-hair. And by essay wild rosemary descript this rises up with divers small brown, and square uprightstalks, a yard high or more. Essaytimes branches forth into diverswritings, full of joints, and with divers very fine small leaves atevery one of them, little or nothing rough at all. At the tops of thebranches grow thesis long tufts or branches of yellow flowers very thickset together, from the several joints which consist of four leaves apiece, which smell essaywhat strong, but not unpleasant the seed issmall and black like poppy seed, two for the most writing joined together:the root is reddish, with thesis small threads fastened to it, which takestrong hold of the ground, and creep a little. And the branches leaninga little down to the ground, take root at the joints thereof, wherebyit is easily increased there is another sort of ladies bedstraw growing frequently in england, which bears white flowers as the other doth yellow.

Dry in the third degree, and cold. The ordinarymeadow trefoil, cleanses the bowels of slimy humours that stick tothem, being used either in drinks or clysters. Outwardly they take awayinflammations tussilago colt-foot. Essaything cold and dry, and therefore goodfor inflammations, they are admirably good for coughs, and consumptionsof the lungs, shortness of breath, &c it is often used and with goodsuccess taken in a tobacco-pipe, being cut and mixed with a little oilof annis seeds see the syrup of colt-foot valeriana valerian, or setwall see the roots verbascum, thapsus barbatus mullin, or higtaper it is essaythingdry, and of a digesting, cleansing quality, stops fluxes and thehemorrhoids, it cures hoarseness, the cough, and such as are brokenwinded verbena vervain. Hot and dry, a great opener, cleanser, healer, ithelps the yellow jaundice, defects in the reins and bladder, pains inthe head. If it be but bruised and hung about the neck, all diseases inthe privities. Made into an ointment it is a sovereign remedy for oldhead-aches, as also frenzies, it clears the skin, and causes a lovelycolour veronica see betonica pauli violaria violet leaves. They are cool, ease pains in the headproceeding of heat and frenzies, either inwardly taken, or outwardlyapplied. Heat of the stomach, or inflammation of the lungs vitis viniseria the manured vine. The leaves are binding and coolwithal. The burnt ashes of the sticks of a vine, scour the teethand make them as white as snow. The leaves stop bleeding, fluxes, heart-burnings, vomitings. As also the longings of pregnant women thecoals of a burnt vine, in powder, mixed with honey, doth make the teethas white as ivory, which are rubbed with it vincitoxicum swallow-wort a pultis made with the leaves helps sorebreasts, and also soreness of the matrix virga pastoris a third name for teazles see dipsatus virga aurea see consolida ulmaria see the root meadsweet umbilicus veneris navil-wort. Cold, dry, and binding, thereforehelps all inflammations. They are very good for kibed heels, beingbathed with it and a leaf laid over the sore urtica nettles.

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“when a great daily newspaper takes a stand for honest advertising it seems worthy that acknowledgement should be made on april 14 the illustrated sunday supplement of the new york tribune, together with thesis of the other papers of the country, published a duplicate of the enclosed advertisement essay potna of ‘aspirin ’ your own instructive editorial on ‘acetylsalicylic acid, or what in a name?. ’ had appeared in the copy of the journal of the day preceding “believing in the sincerity of the tribune in its effort for honest advertising, i sent them a copy of your editorial together with the page of advertisement, also calling attention to the statements in the advertisement which seemed questionable among the questionable matters in the advertisement were the statements, ‘the one genuine aspirin, ’ ‘no other is genuine, ’ ‘that which is genuine possesses qualities of excellence never found in imitations, ’ ‘for your protection every package and tablet is marked with the bayer cross, ’ ‘your guarantee of purity, ’ and ‘refuse substitutes as they may prove ineffective and harmful ’ “the tribune was requested to investigate into the standing of the bayer company and its product a few days later the enclosed letter was received from the paper bureau of investigations ”and here is the new york tribune answer, signed by r r baer, assistant director of that paper bureau of investigations. “we have your letter of april 14th, which was acknowledged on the 22nd, in re aspirin for your information. Our rotogravure supplement is printed a number of days in advance of the sunday paper when these copies which have already been printed are used, no further aspirin copy will appear this means a loss of essay four pages ”how thesis of the numerous medical journals that are still carrying the“aspirin bayer” advertising would make such a financial sacrifice formere principle?. -- from the journal a m a , may 25, 1918 “aspirin”-- a common name“aspirin” as a trademark will no longer exist if the recommendationof the examiner of interferences of the united states patent officeis upheld, as it probably would be, should the matter be taken to thecourts the opinion of the patent office was the result of a petitionby the united drug company in the case of that company against thebayer company, or, as it was called at the time the suit was brought, the farbenfabriken of elberfeld company the stand taken by the patentoffice is directly in line with that that has been held in this andother paper by the journal, which has for years insisted that it wasagainst public policy to permit patentees to extend the seventeen-yearmonopoly, which the patent laws grant, to a perpetual monopoly bythe simple device of obtaining a trademark for the name of the thingpatented it is a fundamental principle in law that “no one can have amonopoly in the name of anything ” this, of course, has been recognizedand admitted even by those manufacturers who have attempted to invokethe trademark laws to obtain an unwarranted advantage the manufacturers of aspirin have held that the chemical name“monoaceticacidester of salicylic acid” was the true name of thepatented article, and was the only name which became public propertywhen the patent right expired the patent office points out, however, that for years the only name that the public ever saw on the brandof monoaceticacidester of salicylic acid made by the holders of thepatent on this product was “aspirin ” the examiner of interferencesin his decision points out that, previous to 1915, the bayer companysold no tablets to the retail-purchasing public, but marketed itsproduct as a powder. Further, that it did sell vast quantities of thepowder to tablet-makers, who sold “aspirin tablets, ” and that theconsuming public knew the product only by the name “aspirin ” thisname, then, had a significance to the purchaser, similar to that of theword “quinin” on a package of quinin tablets, or the word “calomel”on a package of calomel tablets as the patent office says. “in otherwords, the prima facie significance of this word ‘aspirin’ to suchpurchasers was that of a name”-- and as a name it is “necessarilyincapable of exclusive use by any one ”the patent office decision also brings out the fact that, until theowners of the aspirin patent commenced making tablets themselves, theaspirin tablets on the market were not uniform, and that this lack ofuniformity was a fraud on the public which the owners of the aspirinpatent should have prevented the concern did prevent it when it beganto make the tablets itself, but maintained in its contention againstthe united drug company that it was unable to control the matterpreviously-- a contention to which the patent office gives short shrift it is further pointed out that the bayer company evidently recognizedthe weakness of its contention by the emphasis it placed through itsadvertising on the “bayer cross ”when the bayer company began manufacturing its own aspirin tablets, it made a pretense of complying with the letter of the law, whileviolating its spirit, by placing on the label under the word “aspirin, ”the statement that “the monoaceticacidester of salicylic acid in thesetablets is the reliable bayer manufacture ” says the patent office:“with regard to the expression ‘monoaceticacidester of salicylicacid, ’ a mere inspection of it is sufficient to apprise any one of itsinherent unsuitability for use as a name by the lay purchasing public ”this attempt on the writing of the company to “beat the devil arounda stump” tended, in the opinion of the patent office decision, “toshow that the respondent was familiar with the methods of essay moderntraders to meet the trend of the law ” and, discussing such methods, the examiner of interferences says. “a very popular one is for a traderto seemingly bend to the necessity of the situation by placing on thelabel a notation which in theory, but not in practice, may be used bythe public to identify the article after the monopoly has expired tothe examiner this practice seems to be merely a manifestation of thatkeen commercial instinct which endeavors to keep just ahead of the law this instinct is fairly common in traders, and is clearly disclosed intrademark infringement paper ”summed up, the decision is to the effect that, as in any case priorto 1915, the public had been driven to look on the word “aspirin”as the name of a thing, and as the bayer company had not used theword as a “trademark” within the meaning of the law, the patentoffice recommends that the registration of “aspirin” as a trademarkbe canceled if no appeal is taken from this decision, or in casean appeal is taken, should the opinion be sustained, the attempt onthe writing of the patentees of aspirin to get a perpetual monopoly ontheir product through the trademark laws will have been definitelydefeated -- editorial from the journal a m a , jan 11, 1919 “aspirin bayer” and the sterling products companya correspondent, who asks that his name be not published, writes:“your editorial on ‘aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid-- an important courtdecision’ is timely too often, i fear, physicians forget ‘what ina name ’ i have been told that the sterling products co , the presentowners of the aspirin-bayer rights, are manufacturers of other ‘patentmedicines ’ are they interested in the winthrop chemical company, whichfirm seems to be using the much vaunted ‘bayer cross’ on the labels ofthe products formerly imported from gerthesis by ‘the bayer company’?. ifyou answer this in the journal, kindly omit my name ”the recent history of bayer & co , is essaywhat as follows. Shortlyafter the united states entered the war, the alien property custodiantook over the property of bayer & co inc and its subsidiary, thesynthetic patents co in his report to congress the custodian said. “the stock of bayer & co inc and of synthetic patents co was sold by me at public auction, the successful bidder being the sterling products co , a west virginia corporation dealing in proprietary medicines this company had previously agreed to dispose of the dye plant and patents, in case it secured the property, to grasselli chemical co , one of the largest makers of heavy chemicals in the country the price paid was $5, 310, 000, plus back taxes and other obligations of thesis hundred thousands more ”after the sterling products company had acquired the pharmaceuticalend of the business, the winthrop chemical co was incorporated inthe state of new york this concern seemingly secured control of allthe bayer pharmaceutical specialties except “aspirin ” the bayerco , it was announced, had been merged with the sterling productsco , and “aspirin-bayer” added to the latter firm list of “patentmedicines”. Cascarets, danderine, pape diapepsin, california syrup offigs, neuralgine and dodson livertone the business is apparently apaying one financially as witness the following excerpt from a recentannouncement in a drug journal.