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Would you know the reason?. it is this, a manflesh is repaired by blood, by a third concoction, which transmutes theblood into flesh, it is well i said, concoction say i, if i had said boiling every cook would have understood me the liver makes blood, and if it be weakened that if it makes not enough, the flesh wastes;and why must flesh always be renewed?. because the eternal god, when hemade the creation, made one writing of it in continual dependency uponanother. And why did he so?.

Drop three essay pay feet;knot under left ear. For two minutes at intervals, slight motion ofabdomen, like effort at respiration, and at same time knees drawn upa little death speedy and quiet cut down at end of thirty minutes necroscopy thirty-five minutes after drop body and head moist andwarm. Emission of semen. Face livid.

charles m thomas, m d , sunbury, pa answer -- the “literature” referred to by dr thomas dealt with the“uri-na test” sold by the standard appliance company of philadelphia there seems to be a strong family resemblance between this alleged testand that known as “capell uroluetic test, ” which was discussed inthe propaganda dewritingment of the journal, aug 23, 1919 of that thejournal said. “unfortunately, its scientific value to the sufferer isnegligible compared with its economic value to the exploiter it is notso much a test for lues in the patient as of credulity in the doctor ”the same may be said of the “uri-na test ” the facts are, there is nomethod at present known by which the absence or presence of syphilismay be determined by a simple color test of the urine -- query in thejournal a m a , nov 22, 1919 chemotherapy and tumorsn richard weil, m d , new yorkn from the cancer research service of the general memorial hospital, new york n this critical discussion of the status of chemotherapy in tumorswas prepared at the request of the council on pharmacy and chemistry ofthe american medical association within the last three years a number of reports have appeared in themedical press which bear on the treatment of malignant growths inhuman beings by chemical preparations the most persuasive and themost insistent claims have been made in connection with the colloidalsolutions of certain metalloids and metals, notably selenium, vanadiumand copper at the same time a number of drug houses, both in thiscountry and abroad, have placed on the market proprietary preparationsof these substances in various forms, for which the claim is made thatthey produce striking therapeutic effects and essaytimes even cures inmalignant neoplasms the impulse toward the use and production of this type of preparationis directly traceable to a series of scientific experiments on thetumors of animals, which date back no farther than the year 1911 inthat year wassermann and his co-workers267 published a report onthe treatment of rat tumors by means of the intravenous injection ofselenium compounds this paper received wide notoriety through itsenthusiastic diffusion by the lay press shortly afterward neuberg andhis co-workers268 published their observations upon the therapeuticeffects of certain metallic compounds the clinical application of theencouraging results obtained by these authors in animal tumors followedrapidly, and up to the present time a number of papers have appearedin which the claim is made that human tumors also may be favorablyinfluenced through the constitutional use of substances similar tothose used by wassermann or neuberg in essay paper, use has been madeof colloidal solutions of the heavy metals, such as copper. In others, selenium compounds have been used, while in a third set of observationsthe therapeutic agent represents an attempt to combine the virtues ofthese two types of therapy by employing selenium in colloidal form asan example of the first class, may be cited the cuprase of gaube dugers;269 of the second, the seleniovanadic ointment of roemer and thesulpho-selene of walker. Of the third, seleniol and electro-selenium 267 wassermann, keysser and wassermann. Deutsch med wchnschr 37:2389, 1911 wassermann and hansemann. Berl klin wchnschr 49:4, 1912 268 neuberg and caspari. Deutsch med wchnschr 38:375, 1912 neuberg, caspari and löhe. Berl klin wchnschr 49:1405, 1912 269 gers, gaube du. La cuprase et le cancer, paris, 1913 inasmuch as this new type of cancer therapy derives its origin, its justification and its support, in very large measure, from thelaboratory results obtained in animals, it is a matter of considerableimportance to examine those results with care, in order to determinewhether they furnish a satisfactory basis for human therapy, andwhether they justify the hopes to which they have given rise it is safe to assert that the application of chemotherapy to thetreatment of tumors practically dates from the publications ofwassermann he stated the principle that a rational therapy of tumorsmust be based on constitutional treatment it appears evident thatlocal treatment can have only local effects the lymphatic extensionsof tumorous growths, and the often unsuspected metastases in distantorgans must of necessity escape the effects of purely local treatment hence, wassermann reached the conclusion that all treatment of cancerwhich was to be effective, and not merely palliative, must be carriedto all writings of the body by means of the blood stream he thereforeintroduced the use of intravenous injections in the experimentaltherapy of rat and mouse tumors an accidental observation led himto believe that selenium was a substance possessing a high degree ofaffinity for tumor cells in order to insure the penetration of the tumor in the live animal bythis substance, however, he considered it essential to combine it withessay other highly diffusible substance this type of substance, whichwas to act as a carrier of the selenium, he described under the name“cytotrochin, ” from the greek word τροχιά {trochia}, meaning road forthis purpose he selected eosin the eosin and the selenium were thencombined by a method and in a form the details of which have neverbeen published all that we know of this preparation is contained inthe statement that it is very difficult to produce, and that it isextremely unstable and difficult to keep mice can be given amounts offrom 2 to 3 mg of this substance in solution wassermann experimentedwith mice inoculated with transplanted tumors of the types of carcinomaand sarcoma after from three to five intravenous injections of thedrug, he noted that the tumors become softer and fluctuate after stillfurther injections the fluid mass undergoes absorption, and the tumorgives the impression of an empty sac if it is possible to carry theinjections up to the number of ten or twelve, recovery ensues in suchcured animals there remain only the unabsorbed portions of the fibrouscapsule recurrences were not observed in the cured animals wassermannfurther stated that two spontaneous tumors in mice which had beentreated by this method presented favorable results wassermann original presentation gave few experimental details, andhas not been followed by the promised scientific report from hisarticle it is impossible to determine what proportion of his animalswere cured and what proportion failed to survive the treatment from alater paper by keysser270 we learn that by far the larger portion ofthe animals perished during the treatment in the stage of softening, so that a cure was accomplished in from only 3 to 5 per cent of theanimals this is a point of great importance, inasmuch as it furnishesan indication of the highly dangerous character of this mode oftreatment fatal results are attributed by keysser to the absorption oftoxic products from the tumor this contention, however, is supportedby no observations, and it is certainly equally fair to assume thatdeath results from the toxic effects of the compound a microscopicstudy of tumors taken from animals undergoing treatment was made byhansemann he found that the death of the cells was the result ofnuclear destruction 270 keysser. Wien klin wchnschr 26:1664, 1913 within a very few months after wassermann publication, neubergand caspari268 published a paper which was the first of a seriesof studies on the therapeutic effects of the heavy metals on theanimal tumors they used zinc, platinum, tin, selenium, copper, silver and cobalt in the form of certain complex organic compounds, the composition of which is not revealed owing to the fact thatintravenous injections of these compounds produced a specific effect onthe tumors, they are described as “tumoraffin” substances immediatelyafter the intravenous injection of these preparations, there followeda marked hyperemia of the tumor, whereas the remainder of the mousebody appeared markedly anemic the hyperemia was often attendedby hemorrhage into the tumor this first stage was succeeded byliquefaction and absorption followed by recovery in favorable paper the authors failed to state in what proportion of their experiments theanimals died, and in what proportion recovery ensued the second paper on this subject is by neuberg, caspari and löhe, 268in which further details are vouchsafed they state that with thecompounds used by them the toxic and the therapeutic doses approximatevery closely, from which it follows that the treatment, as with thewassermann method, results in a very high mortality smaller dosesproduce no therapeutic effect.

Held in the mouth, it is a present remedyfor the fits of the mother. Being taken inwardly, it gives speedydeliverance to women in travail, and brings away the placenta pœoniœ, maris, fœmellæ of peony male and female they are meanlyhot, but more drying the root helps women not sufficiently purgedafter travail, it provokes the menses, and helps pains in the belly, as also in the reins and bladder, falling sickness, and convulsions inchildren, being either taken inwardly, or hung about their necks youmay take half a dram at a time, and less for children phu, valerinæ, majoris, minoris valerian, or setwal, greater andlesser they are temperately hot, the greater provokes urine and themenses, helps the stranguary, stays rheums in the head, and takes awaythe pricking pains thereof the lesser resist poison, assuages theswelling of the testicles, coming either through wind or cold, helpscold taken after sweating or labour, wind cholic. Outwardly it drawsout thorns, and cures both wounds and ulcers pimpinellæ, &c of burnet it doth this good, to bring forth a gallantphysical herb plantaginis of plantane the root is essaything dryer than the leaf, but not so cold, it opens stoppages of the liver, helps the jaundice, and ulcers of the reins and bladder a little bit of the root beingeaten, instantly stays pains in the head, even to admiration polypodij of polypodium, or fern of the oak it is a gallant thoughgentle purger of melancholy. Also in the opinion of mesue as famousa physician as ever i read for a galenist, it dries up superfluoushumours, takes away swellings from the hands, feet, knees, and joints, stitches and pains in the sides, infirmities of the spleen, rickets;correct it with a few annis seeds, or fennel seeds, or a little ginger, and then the stomach will not loath it your best way of taking it, isto bruise it well, and boil it in white wine till half be consumed, youmay put in much, or little, according to the strength of the diseased, it works very safely poligonati, sigilli solomonis, &c of solomon seal stamped andboiled in wine it speedily helps being drank all broken bones, and isof incredible virtue that way. As also being stamped and applied to theplace, it soon heals all wounds, and quickly takes away the black andblue marks of blows, being bruised and applied to the place, and forthese, i am persuaded there is not a better medicine under the sun porri of leeks they say they are hot and dry in the fourth degree;they breed ill-favoured nourishment at the best, they spoil the eyes, heat the body, cause troubleessay sleep, and are noiessay to the stomach:yet are they good for essaything else, for the juice of them droppedinto the ears takes away the noise of them, mixed with a little vinegarand snuffed up the nose, it stays the bleeding of it, they are betterof the two boiled than raw, but both ways exceedingly hurtful forulcers in the bladder. And so are onions and garlic prunellorum silvestrium of sloe-bush, or sloe-tree i think thecollege set this amongst the roots only for fashion sake, and i did itbecause they did pyrethri salivaris, &c pelitory of spain it is hot and dry inthe fourth degree, chewed in the mouth, it draws away rheum in thetooth-ache. Bruised and boiled in oil, it provokes sweat by unction;inwardly taken, they say it helps palsies and other cold effects in thebrain and nerves rhapontici, rhupontick, or rhubarb of pontus it takes away windinessand weakness of the stomach, sighings, sobbings, spittings of blood, diseases of the liver and spleen, rickets, &c if you take a dram at atime it will purge a little, but bind much, and therefore fit for foulbodies that have fluxes rhabarbari of rhubarb it gently purges choler from the stomachand liver, opens stoppings, withstands the dropsy, hypocondriacmelancholly. A little boiling takes away the virtue of it, andtherefore it is best given by infusion only. If your body be any thingstrong, you may take two drams of it at a time being sliced thin andsteeped all night in white wine, in the morning strain it out and drinkthe white wine. It purges but gently, it leaves a binding qualitybehind it, therefore dried a little by the fire and beaten into powder, it is usually given in fluxes rhaphani, domesticœ and sylvestris of raddishes, garden and wild garden raddishes provoke urine, break the stone, and purge by urineexceedingly, yet breed very bad blood, are offensive to the stomach, and hard of digestion, hot and dry in quality wild, or horseraddishes, such as grow in ditches, are hotter and drier than theformer, and more effectual rhodie rad rose root stamped and applied to the head it mitigatesthe pains thereof, being essaywhat cool in quality rhabarbari monachorum monks rhubarb, or bastard-rhubarb, it alsopurges, and cleanses the blood, and opens obstructions of the liver rubiæ tinctorum of madder it is both drying and binding, yet notwithout essay opening quality, for it helps the yellow jaundice, andtherefore opens obstructions of the liver and gall. It is given withgood success, to such as have had bruises by falls, stops looseness, the hemorrhoids, and the menses rusci of knee-holly or butchers-broom, or bruscus they are meanlyhot and dry, provoke urine, break the stone, and help such as cannotevacuate urine freely use them like grass roots sambuci of elder i know no wonders the root will do sarsæ-parigliæ of sarsa-parilla, or bind-weed. Essaywhat hot and dry, helpful against pains in the head, and joints. They provoke sweat, andare used familiarly in drying diet drinks satyrij utriusque of satyrion, each sort they are hot and moist intemper, provoke venery, and increase seed. Each branch bears two roots, both spongy, yet the one more solid than the other, which is of mostvirtue, and indeed only to be used, for essay say the most spongy rootis quite contrary in operation to the other, as the one increaseth, theother decreaseth saxifragiæ albæ of white saxifrage, in sussex we call themlady-smocks the roots powerfully break the stone, expel wind, provokeurine, and cleanse the reins sanguisorbæ a kind of burnet scabiosa of scabious the roots either boiled, or beaten intopowder, and so taken, help such as are extremely troubled with scabsand itch, are medicinal in the french disease, hard swellings, inwardwounds, being of a drying, cleansing, and healing faculty scordij of scordium, or water-germander see the herb scillæ of squills see vinegar, and wine of squills, in the compound scropulariæ, &c of figwort the roots being of the same virtue withthe herb, i refer you thither scorzoneræ of vipers grass the root cheers the heart, andstrengthens the vital spirits, resists poison, helps passions andtremblings of the heart, faintness, sadness, and melancholy, opensstoppings of the liver and spleen, provokes the menses, ease women ofthe fits of the mother, and helps swimmings in the head seseleos of seseli, or hartwort the roots provoke urine, and helpthe falling-sickness sisari, secacul of scirrets they are hot and moist, of goodnourishment, essaything windy, as all roots are. By reason of which, they provoke venery, they stir up appetite, and provoke urine sconchi of sow-thistles see the herb spinæ albæ, bedeguar the arabians called our ladies-thistles bythat name. The roots of which are drying and binding, stop fluxes, bleeding, take away cold swellings, and ease the pains of the teeth spatulæ fœtidæ stinking gladon, a kind of flower-de-luce, calledso for its unsavory smell it is hot and dry in the third degree;outwardly they help the king evil, soften hard swellings, draw outbroken bones.

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On incision the vessels were essay pay engorged blood, fluid. Brain, congested there were no vesications from the burns and no sign ofinflammation 19 alguie. “étude méd and exp de l’homicide réel ou simulé parstrangulation, relativement aux attentats dont maurice roux a étél’objet, ” montpellier, 1864, p 121 - this essay contains the reportsof thesis interesting experiments on animals and the cadaver hisconclusions in this case were that the victim had first been struck onthe neck by a club.